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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 7, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in richmond with the school year just beginning. a very different theme here in richmond as tonight the city council will vote whether it wants to save three schools from closing. the story's coming up in a live report. >> a police chief in oakland this morning ends with a crash and the arrest of a man with a gun. >> chaos in los angeles. police clash with angry protestors over the fatal shooting of an immigrant by an
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officer. >> you're looking live at the ever-increasing cloud deck as the marine layer's making a late push into our lives this morning. temperatures will drop 15 to 22 degrees today and there's more cooling in the forecast. >> and i'm keeping an eye. one in san jose northbound 280. an accident. sir frances drake a small grass fire. >> and if it seems to you like there are more crashes involving muni this year, a new study shows there are. >> good tuesday morning. 5:01. welcome back to work and welcome back to school, too. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news in the east bay, a police chase ends with the arrest of an armed parolee in west oakland. he drove his car into the grassy median at 28th street just before 1:00 this morning. officers are trying to stop the man for speeding but he tried to outrun them before his car
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became disabled. >> check revealed he was on parole and he's also currently out on bail for another offense. >> could he go to prison? >> he is under arrest at this point. officers have also recovered a firearm. >> paramedics examined the suspect for any injuries he might have suffered during the chase. officers then took him to alameda county's north county jail for booking. >> students at three richmond schools are going to class this morning knowing their school's futures will be decided tonight. the cash-strapped school district will close the schools next year until the city council saves them. terry mcsweeney is live at kennedy high school with details. terry? >> three schools including kennedy high school, 900 students, dozens of faculty members will be impacted by tonight's decision. the city council is being asked to come up with $1.5 million to keep kennedy high and grant and o'linda elementary open.
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so many around the bay area and state hit hard by state budget cuts, turning to the city for the money and the good news is the city does have the money, $114 million over ten years from chevron because of a utility tax settlement. >> i feel a small part of that money be allocated towards keeping the schools open. >> i can count on one hand probably the number of high schools in the east bay that have closed in the last 50 or 60 years. it's not common. >> it's been 23 years since they closed a high school. if the city council does not approve the money, 900 students will be affected. the city manager is recommending that the city provide the $1.5 million to keep these schools open. that way there will be time, an entire school year, to figure out exactly how to find funding on a more permanent basis to keep these schools open. the vote is tonight. live in richmond, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 5:03.
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environmentalists are monitoring the petaluma river following an soil spill estimated in the hundreds of gallons. an old tugboat was being chopped up for scrap metal when it leaked up to 600 gallons of oil yesterday. four booms were placed in front of the creeks to keep the oil from creeping into the downtown area. no dead wildlife has been found so far and most of the oil slick has broken up and washed away but environmentalists say the tides will likely continue to slosh the oil around in the estuary. >> it comes in and out like a washing machine twice a day. and will stick around until the sun and the air finally break it down. >> fish and game officials say they are now looking into the salvage operation to find south how long it was going on before the oil began to leak. the u.s. coast guard says it will resume its search later this morning for a woman that placed a may day call in the waters off the coast of tiburon. they conducted searches from the
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richmond san rafael bridge and to angel island but failed to locate the caller. officials also broadcast alerts to marine traffic in the area. >> it's now 5:05. investigators will resume their search for a fifth day this morning looking for a body that may have been dumbed at a pittsburgh landfill. they're focussed on a one-acre stretching hoping to find clues that led to the whereabouts of frederick salas. he may be the fifth victim in the string of murders all at the hands of valdemoro. police say so far the tedious search has yielded just one clue and it's not much. >> the only thing they have found is a piece of letterhead that had a hercules dress but it's not related to this case. >> investigators are searching in the right area where trash from hercules was dumped. possibly the same trash from the business park where valued marrow once worked and where the
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car he had was abandoned last week. a man killed in newark over the weekend has been suspected of murder two years ago. the body of 26-year-old contra costa county resident julia hughes was found. she couldn't get into a private party inside the hotel celebrating the start of the nfl season. when police arrived they reported hearing several shots fired but didn't find any victims. hughes was previously accused of gunning down a man during a robbery outside a san francisco cannibis club in 2008 but a grand jury refused to indict him. >> a new report says the collision rate for san francisco's muni vehicles has been rising and the agency is not meeting its own safety goals. two muni buses were involved in an accident just last month in china town from april through june. muni vehicles had a rate of about 6 accidents every hundred
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thousand miles. that's a 6% increase from the previous quarter after a 27% increase from the final quarter of last year. also the first time since last year that the accident rate has exceeded muni's benchmark for collisions. >> hopefully it will be a quiet morning for commuters and with everybody going back to work, kids back to school. kind of busy. >> we know it's going to be a cooler day out there, right, mike? >> just how much cooler, that's the big question. talking about temperatures now. still pretty comfortable, mainly upper 50s to low 60s. we have a 51 in santa rosa and the temperatures around the monterey bay are also running in the low to mid-50s. so what we're going to see as we head to the afternoon hours are temperatures that are going to really start to tumble. i mean, we're talking about 20, 25 degrees cooler than yesterday in most areas. in fact, if we look around just in the south bay, we're going to be in the low 70s to mid-70s most areas. may hit upper 70s in los gatos.
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upper 60s millbrae, san mateo and low 70s elsewhere. san francisco one of the biggest drops, 62 today. it was 84 yesterday. a big drop in santa rosa from 93 to 78. over in oakland, 67. that's about 18 degrees cooler than yesterday. look at the 70s and 80s in the inland valleys of the east bay where it was mid to upper 90s yesterday. a look at your seven-day forecast. as you can see that the coolest weather is still tomorrow with drizzle possible in the mornings and along the coast in the afternoon. once the cold front passes, it looks like we'll have high pressure, morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine and a slow warming trend into the weekend. frances, do you have an update. >> yeah, mike. we'll start in the north bay, that earlier grass fire southbound 101 near sir frances drag boulevard. some people drove by 4:30, did see the fire. the fire's been contained. no homes have been threatened but francis drake boulevard, it looks like the fire crews will
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block the right lane as they clean up and continue to contain this fire. so right now they're saying there's really no slowing and we do see traffic maybe moving a few miles slower than 68 mph so slowing down right to 63 as you approach the scene. we'll also head to the south bay and san jose northbound 280 at byrd, the on-ramp is blocked because of an accident. here's a live shot right now of the golden gate bridge. so elsewhere traffic is light at this point. eric, kristen. >> frances, welcome back from vacation. we missed ya! >> we'll update a wildfire in california that has already dells troyed dozens of homes. >> and los angeles police clash with protestors angered by the shooting deaths of an immigrant by an officer. >> the latest move by chevron to get around environmental restrictions at the richmond refinery.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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it's 5:12 this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. in los angeles police in riot gear are on alert off protestors express outrage over an immigrant shot and killed by an l.a. police officer on sunday. the protest escalated when people started throwing bottles and plastic crates at police last night. the demonstration began yesterday when they marched between the location of sunday's shooting and the bart police station. they were forced to shot the guatemala immigrant on sunday when he lunged at them with a knife. >> the president continues to announce parts of his recovery plan. rob has the "moneyscope" report. >> we begin area "moneyscope" report with president obama's new economic plans. today the president will propose letting businesses and corporations write off new investments and plants and equipment through next year. yesterday he proposed a massive infrastructure overhaul.
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b.p. is investing in online ads for p.r. damage against the gulf oil spill. in june b.p. spent $3.6 million on google search result ads. the justice department is investigating google's plans to buy i. t. a. software. top airlines use it but there are concerns whether google's rivals would have access to ita's services. the more people make the happier they are. the results level off after 75 grand a year. that's your "moneyscope" report. >> 5:14 now. chevron oil may be trying to orchestrate a deal with lawmakers in sacramento to invade state environmental laws. chevron has been trying to rebuild and upgrade its richmond refinery. commune groups have filed suit arguing the company was concealing plans to process heavier grades of crude which
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can increase pollution. a judge agreed and halted construction work last year. the san jose mercury news reports chevron lobbyists in the capital have been trying to craft a deal to give the company an exemption from a state law of major projects. >> a plan to keep golden gate park green and lush by using recycled waste water for irrigation. disinfecting 2 million gallons of sewage from a treatment plant near the zoo. it would carry the recycled water through sprinklers throughout the park. it would reduce the amount of pristine water they drive from the yosemite. the golf course would also use the recycled water. >> some of our plans from the heat the past few days, relief now. >> even drizzle along the coast. possibly a little farther inland tomorrow morning around the bay also. that will be different than what
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we dealt with yesterday. yeah. we put the heat to rest yesterday. and today all is back in the forecast. good morning to you. tuesday, about 5:16 as we look down at the ferry building from our roof cam and also the bay bridge. notice how you can see them this time tomorrow. probably not as easy with that cooler more damp air mass hanging around our sky. take a look at these temperatures. they continue to cool this morning. still holding on to 60s fairfield, antioch and los gatos. everybody else the mid to upper 50s. same thing around gilroy, low to mid-50s with cloudy conditions around that monterey bay. cooler and breeze today with clouds at the coast. even drizzle possible from time to time. you'll definitely get drizzle tonight and all of us will see the cloud cover and the coolest weather wednesday and thursday. looks like we'll have a pretty mild weekend. not too hot, not too cool. kind of comfortable.
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most of the south bay with sunshine this afternoon. 75 in san jose. 76 in campbell. on the peninsula we'll have the coolest weather around millbrae and san mateo and your neighbors in the mid to upper 60s, mainly upper 60s. low to mid-70s from redwood city as you look to the south around los altos. temperatures upper 50s downtown south san francisco, sausalito pockets of sunshine, low to mid-60s for you. northbound mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. calistoga in the low to mid-80s. san leandro, hayward, you can see the temperatures by the green stuck in the upper 50s. everyone else yellow. that means low 70s for you. upper 70s walnut creek, dublin, pleasanton. the rest of the east bay valleys in the low to mid-80s. hollister the cool spot inland 72. morgan hill mid to upper 70s and cloudy around the monterey bay and mid to upper 60s for you.
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tonight temperatures are going to be a lot like this morning's. we'll have the cloud cover that will roll over. low to mid-50s the north bay and along the coast. the strip of green where the drizzle will be thickest. let's take a look what's going to happen over the next several days. we're going to have a cool front slide through tonight and into tomorrow morning reinforcing the cool weather and bringing some of that moist mist, if you will, to our neighborhood tomorrow morning. temperatures will drop another 5 to 8 degrees and then a slow warming trend, about 4 degrees warmer thursday. about another 4 degrees warmer friday and we hold those temperatures in the low 80s inland, low 70s around the bay and near 60 around the coast from friday all the way through monday. have a great day. here's frances with an update. >> back to san jose where we have a better location from the chp of this accident where they're sending an ambulance on the byrd avenue off-ramp. the ramp blocked and trying to
5:19 am
get towards the area, you may want to consider raze street as an alternate. the north bay following this earlier grass fire, sir frances drake boulevard. the right lane will be blocked until about 5:30. the fire's contained. it's the cleanup that continues. very minor slowing if any at all as you drive through. we'll show you a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays right now for folks heading back to work this tuesday. you can always get the latest traffic information for your route by going to you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. see, you come back, things get busy. everything back to normal. >> have you googled today, by the way? >> yeah. >> so you know about the surprise. >> yeah. >> that most of us will see next time we move our mouse and the mystery surrounding it. >> the campaign heats up with democratic jerry brown's first answer to meg whitman's summer ad.
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad. 5:23 on this tuesday. california will elect a new governor nine weeks from today and you'll see both major candidates between now and then. >> got rid of the mansion and the limo. >> jerry brown launched statewide tv ads over the labor day weekend. brown served as governor from 1975 until 1983 and he hopes to lure voters based on his experience in sacramento. but that ad follows a summer-long electronic barrage from republican meg whitman, the former e-bay chairwoman has turned her role into an economic heavy weight while poking holes in brown's legacy. >> future ads don't go negative
5:24 am
on whitman. >> i leave that to my volunteer campaign. >> not saying you won't do it. >> not saying that. >> i think he's made it very clear that he expects the union bosses to carry the negative message against meg whitman. in fact, he's on tape saying that several months ago. >> whitman's campaign responded to brown's commercial by accusing him of, quote, kicking off his campaign with a misleading historic renovation of his own record. >> must reads, let's start with the health epidemic in california, the whooping cough. the l.a. times says state analysis says diagnoses were the eight deaths in the state. all were babies, taken to a clinic several times before doctors made an accurate diagnosis. had doctors figured it out sooner, the infants might are lived. 3600 cases have been reported in california with the worst still to come possibly now that school has started. >> "the new york times" looks at why the tech sector is slow to
5:25 am
hire despite once being a dynamo. government figures show employment in data process and software publishing has fallen in the past year and analysts and computer programers have jobless rates around 6% in the second quarter. experts say reasons include automation and cheaper skilled workers overseas. >> our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports some pg&e customers say smart meters are interfering with baby monitors. they're causing erratic behavior in security systems and wireless head sets. the utility indicated in the past that a smart meter can interfere with consumer electronics. we posted a link to the complete articles on our website just look under the must reads tab. when you visit google's home page today, maybe you'll be greeted by a new mystery. this time the home page has
5:26 am
bouncing ball that is you can move with your mouse. they gradually form the google logo. they often mark events but usually the mountain view-based company explains its design. this time not a word. google has an announcement to make tomorrow. meantime if you want to venture your guess, send me a tweet. we might share some of your ideas at 6:00 this morning although we just got on to google's home page and it's not doing the bouncy ball thing anymore. don't know if that was just a few hours. we'll keep you posted. >> we sure will. still ahead, the man arrested for shooting a fremont police officer gets his first day in court. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in richmond. it may be a new school year for most people but here in richmond they're talking about close being three schools. it would impact 900 students, a critical vote tonight. i'll tell you about it? a live report. >> are you worried about the economy. a new poll shows more americans
5:27 am
are and who they blame. i'm emily schmidt in washington. that story coming up. >> traveling today look at the cool conditions. we have 60 degree temperatures in seattle, portland, minneapolis. nice in chicago, 76. still kind of steamy in the south, new orleans and louisiana 90 with a touch of humidity. storms around houston up to dallas. could be delays there and minneapolis has flight arrival delays. those are the hot spots. most of the country pretty quiet but could be other reasons for delays. we'll have them with our flight tracker atatatatatatatatatatatat
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in richmond where three schools are on the chopping block but they may not be chopped depending on a vote tonight. i'll have a preview in a live report. >> a new abc news poll reveals what americans think about president obama's handling of the economy. >> here's a live look at pier 9.
5:30 am
you notice how it's flowing into the east. that's the sea breeze. it's back. temperatures drop sa to 22 degrees today and this won't even be the coolest day in the forecast. >> there's an early grass fire southbound 101 near sir frances drake. the right lane still blocked but a live shot. so far traffic unaffected and hopefully reopened for the morning commute shortly. >> and skyscraper man has a scrape with the law after scaling a san francisco high rise. 5:30 now on this tuesday. hope you had a nice long labor day weekend. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, the fates of three richmond schools hang on a vote later tonight with the city council. the district needs financial help with the city to keep the doors open in a high school and two elementary schools. terry mcsweeney is live at kennedy high school with more. terry, usually their fundings are separate, school districts and cities.
5:31 am
>> yeah. this is a little bit of a different kind of a twist to the story, but it is fairly straightforward. you've got three schools, about 900 students would be affected waiting to hear if they'll be open next year. the city council tonight is going to decide if it wants to give $1.5 million to the schools but west contra costa unified school district doesn't have that $1.5 million. it's only open is have city council come through with the money. >> if the city of richmond does not approve $1.5 million, then the board will take immediate action to close the schools and send kids off to other schools like richmond high or el cerrito high. >> these tight times you may be surprised to hear that. the city of richmond does have some money. it recently reached a settlement with chevron for $114 million to be paid over ten years in unpaid utility taxes. the ball is in the city council's court. if it does not approve the
5:32 am
money, 900 students would be affected including those at grant elementary school. the city manager is recommending the city council approve the $1.5 million. it keeps the schools open another year while everybody can sit down and figure out a long-term solution to this problem. they haven't closed a high school in richmond in 23 years. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. >> berrien tows will face charges in the shooting of a police officer. todd young has undergone several surgeries since shot august 25th while trying to serve a search washington. he's sedated in intensive care. san diego police captured barrientos approximate while he walked to the mexican border. the santa rosa police officer's association will hold a blood drive in officer young's honor today. the blood bank local red cross banks report a 50% increase in
5:33 am
donations since officer young was shot and the call went out for donors. >> investigators will resume the search for a missing hercules man in a pittsburgh landfill. he could be the fifth victim of a man who went on a murder spree last week. a man keeping explosives in his home hopes a judge will reduce his bail in solano county. they discovered bomb-making materials inside rittenhouse's home. he gave permission for detectives to search the property looking for his missing wife. they ended up finding her body and that of another woman. investigators believe both victims are connected to valdemoro. chp killed him after a high-speed chase. >> president obama is set to reveal another new proposal to help the sagging economy. this one would benefit business and corporations with tax breaks. but a new abc news poll released overnight shows just what a daunting challenge the democrats face heading into midterm
5:34 am
elections. emily is in washington. >> this week president obama is pitching a new economic plan. >> i personally think yes, we can is more inspiring than no, we can't. >> a poll finds more people saying about the president no, he hasn't. for the first time most voters, 52%, now disapprove of the way mr. obama is handling his job overall. more voters now say the president has made the economy worse. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around. >> the first idea, $50 billion for transportation projects. tomorrow the president will propose a $200 billion tax write-off on new investments for businesses and corporations. republican house lead remember john boehner saying we don't need more government stimulus spending. we need to end washington democrats' out of control spending spree. >> i don't think there's
5:35 am
anything president or congress can come up with that will give a big jolt by election day. >> the democrat-controlled federal government at its highest level in 18 years. reporters say give the president time. >> it's just like losing weight. the weight comes on really fast and easy. but when you're trying to correct it, it is a slow process. >> but the midterm elections are now just two months away. the poll shows likely voters now favor the republican candidate in their district by 53 to 40%. that's a record margin. abc news, washington. >> it's 5:35. a group of transit advocates will give $102 in cash to random passengers today. it's part of a protest against bart's plans to link the coliseum station to the oakland airport with a light rail system. the group transform claims in a recent report that each trip on
5:36 am
the line will cost taxpayers $102 for the first 35 years the connection is in operation. they claim buses can move passengers to and from the airport faster than bart's proposed rail link. bart expects the system to cost nearly $500 million. >> not every day that protestors give out cash. >> that's true. >> definitely unique. all right. you know, 102, boy, our temperatures are not going to come near that today. >> i wonder what the temperature is at the coliseum bart station. how quickly can we make it over there. >> mike! look into the forecast. i'll be right back. >> about 58 by the way. our 24 hour temperature change, a dramatic drop. that's concord and santa rosa from 95 to 80 and 93 to 78. san jose 18 degrees cooler today. oakland 19. redwood city 20 and san francisco drops from 84 to 52. that's a 22 degree drop in just 24 hours. all right. let's take a look how this
5:37 am
breaks down. we have clouds that are trying to move into the bay right now but mainly sunny around 8:00 this morning. still 50s and near 60 degrees. by noon you see the upper 50s around half moon bay, san francisco, the low 60s around oakland. upper 60s to low 70s for the rest of us. as we head towards 4:00, you start to see that spread develop for 51 san francisco, included and 58 half moon bay. mid to upper 60s around the bay. low to mid-70s in the south bay and also north bay valleys mid to upper 70s in the east bay valley. all that doesn't look all that cool compared to yesterday, it may feel like it, especially once the sun sets tonight because temperatures will be even cooler tomorrow by another 5 to 10 degrees. look out for drizzle tomorrow morning also. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine starting thursday and a slight warming trend through the weekend. hi, frances. >> let's head back to the north bay where we're watching this earlier grass fire. it's off southbound 101 near sir frances drake boulevard. the right lane has been blocked.
5:38 am
they were expecting to reopen it right around 5:35. that was the first estimate. it looks like they put down some more flares. it could be closed a little longer. we'll let you know if things slow down. so far moving well. traffic moving at 62 mph. northbound at 280, byrd, the off-ramp still blocked because of an earlier accident and a new crash westbound 580 at 680 but that's not blocking any lanes. >> thank you very much. it's 5:38. >> dozens of homes have already burned. up sext we'll update that raging wildfire in colorado. >> a florida pastor is burned in effigy by afghans angered by what the pastor plans to do on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.
5:39 am
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and eliminates odors at their source better than febreze. so now a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. for tips on a healthy home, visit >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, everyone. a live picture of san francisco international airport where things should start getting busier in the next hour or so. partly cloudy conditions right there right now. mike says a good chance we'll get through the morning without any delays caused by weather here. we will of course check for any delays and give you that information both on your tv and on our flight tracker on our website coming up. >> speaking of what fire officials say, a fire west of
5:42 am
boulder, colorado, has destroyed dozens of homes. they're waiting until sunrise to count the number of houses that burn. the blaze broke out yesterday and quickly spread across five square miles or 3500 acres. as many as 1,000 homes were evacuated. one couple lost their home and barely escaped the flames. >> took out the house on top of the ridge. took out the house next to us and then ours was third to go. >> flames coming up and over the bush. >> despite the fire's quick and destructive advance, no injuries were reported. the erratic winds sometimes pushed the fire in two directions at once through a rugged canyon in the foothills. >> the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan warns u.s. troops could be in danger if a florida church goes ahead with plans to burn copies of the karan, the muslim holy book. pastor harry jones leads a 50 member congregation at dove
5:43 am
world outreach in florida. he plans to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by burning copies of the karan on the lawn of his church too we're revealing again the violence of islam that is much, much deeper than we would like to admit. >> david petraeus says the burning would be use the by extremists who ignite violence. the former vice chief of staff of the army agreed. >> it is outrageous and it is insulting to muslims but it's also insulting to our soldiers in terms of what they stand for and what their commitment is to this country and to the muslims in this country. >> jones' plan has spread through afghanistan. yesterday a crowd of 500 people gathered in kabul chanting long live the karan. they burned an effigy of pastor jones draped with an american flag. some protestors chanted death to america and threw rocks at a u.s. military convoy. >> it's 5:43.
5:44 am
watch for help for underwater homeowners and tax breaks for businesses from the obama administration this week. >> also it's a done deal. the former chief executive at h. p. now has a top level job at oracle. >> skyscraper man is out of jail after san francisco police arrested him for a daring stunt. >> what do you get when you cross football with 3-d television? find out from these fans coming up. that's not football. you're right.
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welcome back. here's a look at your california forecast at 5:47 on this tuesday. clouds up and down the coast. even drizzle around eureka at 62, big sur same temperature. l.a., san diego cool with mid-70s there. cool weather moving into sacramento, 84 and chico at 89. still warmer fresno, 91.
5:48 am
palm springs the warmest spot at 96. breezy over the sierra, tahoe 75 degrees. >> thanks. 5:48. the former chief executive of hewlett-packard mark hurd has a new job. larry ellison has named his oracle's co-president, one of two, and the director of the company. hurd resigned after an investigation into his personal relationship with a contractor turned up questionable expenses. replaces charles phillips, a former marine and investment banker. phillips was in the news when his exmistress put pictures of the two of them around billboards in the country to embarrass him. >> the man who scaled the 60 story millennium tower in san francisco was arrested last month.
5:49 am
he says it was for a reason. goodwin believes skyscrapers are vulnerable for another terrorist attack and firefighters can't battle blazes at high altitudes. he's a survivor of stage 4 cancer, almost killed him ten years ago, and that's when he began planning this climb. >> in doing so, i felt like i was doing it for all the cancer survivors out there. believe me, being up there, you have to be so focussed on your every single move. there's no room for any error. just gotta be totally clear. >> goodwin now says he wants to go on a worldwide tour to climb legally to raise money to find a cure for cancer. >> millennium tower one of the highest buildings in san francisco. don't try this at home, kids. >> cooler day. fog. you won't see him this afternoon if the fog is as thick as i
5:50 am
think it is. take a look at outside. talk about that temperature drop today of 15 to 22 degrees. you can see some of the clouds trying to work through the east bay as we look from emeryville southbound and some of the haziness to the light. that's the moisture that's moving and will develop drizzle into tomorrow morning. the temperatures still holding on to the 60s around fairfield, antioch, san jose and los gatos. the rest of us in the 50s this morning. we have thicker clouds around the monterey bay and inland with temperatures low to mid-50s there. our highlight. going to be cooler and a little breezy today and cloudy at the coast. it will be cloudy everywhere tonight and some drizzle's possible at the coast. our coolest weather still wednesday into thursday. tomorrow thursday with a mild weekend and a minimal warming trend in the afternoon hours. here we are 5:00 in the morning. notice the surge of clouds through 8:00. and then they just kind of stop. they hang around san francisco, the coast, and they stay here from noon all the way through
5:51 am
the afternoon hours. so the breeze will be here, the clouds will be lurking at the coast keeping you in the 50s, mainly 60s around the bay, 70s as you head through the south bay and north bay and a few 80s showing up in the extreme east bay valleys. talking about places like concord and highway 4 ot brentwood and 84. 81 fairfield. on the east bay shore, 60 degree temperatures from 64 richmond, san leandro and hayward 59. low 70s elsewhere. sunnyvale 72, san jose 75. warmer los gatos and saratoga 77 to 78. millbrae, san mateo, all your neighbors will be in the upper 60s today with low to mid-70s from redwood city and menlo park southward. upper 50s along the coast. raw day for you. south san francisco, sausalito, pockets of sunshine and temperatures low to mid-60s. 10 degrees warmer in san rafael and novato and santa rosa. 20 degrees cooler at your
5:52 am
beaches. around the monterey bay, mid to upper 60s even into salinas and low to mid-70s hollister, gilroy. 78 morgan hill. heading to the game, nothing like yesterday. what a gorgeous day to be out at the coliseum in the afternoon. no, today will be cloudy, cool. the temperature 66 and dropping to 60 by the time the game is over. look at the drizzle along the coast. tonight temperatures low to mid-50s there. the rest of us mostly cloudy, even fog and mid to upper 50s. temperatures will drop again tomorrow afternoon, about another 2 degrees at the coast, 4 to 6 degrees around the bay and inland and then we start to worm slowly. by the time we get to friday through the weekend, low 80s inland, low 70s around the bay and near 60 at the coast. here frances. >> checking out the ride at 101 and san rafael because of an earlier grass fire at sir frances drake. traffic heading southbound on the right as you make your way towards sir frances drake, the right lane is still blocked but they expect to reopen it at 6:00. just another 8 minutes to go.
5:53 am
so far no slowing down at the golden gate bridge. no delays either at the bay bridge toll plaza and in the san jose area, an early accident, northbound 280 at cleared. headlights past highway 17. checking out the drive time also 580 from 205 to 680, a little sluggish, 25 minutes because of a couple earlier accidents but none blocking any lanes. you can always find out what your drive time is for your ride to work by signing up on you'll find it under the bay area traffic link, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:53. senator dianne feinstein is set to take part in the unveiling of a milestone in the sole pond restoration project. she will join state officials in celebrating completion of a restoration project near the western end of the dumbarton bridge in east palo alto. the former salt pond will broadway 237 acres of wed land habitat, a new trail and two
5:54 am
viewing platforms for the public. >> california's other senator barbara boxer will talk about clean energy jobs at a biofuel company in south san francisco today. boxer will tour solardyme. it has received several federal grants and contracts to help the u.s. navy reach its goal of operating 50% of its fleet on renewable fuels by the year 2020. >> if you're struggling to make those mortgage payments, help from the obama administration may be on the way. >> here's the curious new report about profit from page fighting. jane king has the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. if you owe more on your home than it's worth, help may be on the way. the obama administration launching a big effort to cut mortgage balances for underwater homeowners and keep them out of foreclosure. that's according to the "wall street journal." the paper says up to 1.5 million
5:55 am
loans could be refinanced into fha loans. president obama rolling out a bunch of new stimulus initiatives. yesterday it was a labor day announcement in milwaukee for $50 billion to fix roads and runways and modernize the air traffic control system. cleveland the president will propose a tax break for businesses that will allow them to deduct purchase of equipment, computers and solar panels. the stocks concern about the european debt crisis. oracle, a company to watch. the software giant hired mark hurd as president. he left hewlett-packard after accusations of sexual harassment and expense account irregularities. watch for cage-fighting t-shirts and expression of combat school folders. j. c. penney and macy's selling
5:56 am
arts gear and pay for fight boom. the owner of the authentic brands group is buying three labels with mixed martial arts where they cage fight in the arena octagon. >> a football game between boise state and virginia tech made tv history last night. it was the first college game televised using the new 3-d technology. earlier sports fans at ricky's sports theater and grill were amazed by a 3-d telecast atsy u.s. tennis open. at least one reached out and tried to grab a player. >> the perspective like you're right there, you can reach out and touch somebody. what we saw is just the beginning. we hear it comes out every six months like a cellphone, upgrade it. >> you might want to hold off a little while. >> to give some time. >> and he may be right. some technical standards haven't been adopted universally.
5:57 am
the brand of 3-d glasses may not work properly with the competing brand of television. >> so who is that. >> sharapova. a lot of people doing the same. >> wonder why. just ahead at 6 a.m. hearing concerns. the new report that says simply riding bart may be hazardous to your health. >> plus 7 on your side's michael finney with the truth of allergy-free sheets. >> some parents save our schools, three schools from the chopping block. an important vote tonight will go a long way towards decidingni
5:58 am
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