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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 18, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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in the news this saturday morning. a car slams into a big rig truck. what investigators are saying about this fatal collision. >> plenty of fog at our coast. in fact, dense areas. also mist and drizzle. more shower activity headed our way tomorrow. >> good morning. i'm theresa garcia. a memorial service will take place later today for one of the four people who died after a gas
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main exploded. the memorial for jessica starts at 7:00 at the church at the highlands at san bruno. many family and friends reflected on her life at a private vigil last night. >> she wasn't even supposed to be there. >> switched her day of work to go watch the game with her friend. but, yeah, she didn't live there. >> 20-year-old jessica morales was at her boyfriend's san bruno home when the explosion happened. 19-year-old joseph gomez was severely burned as he tried to save her. he's still in the hospital with second and third degree burns over 40% of his body. jessica's family tried to focus on her life and not how she died. >> the person she was and not think of tragedy and just hold
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her in our hearts. she's in a better place. >> her loved ones came together for a vigil. her parents decided to keep the service private. >> a beautiful girl. she would have loved it. she was into fashion, just a beautiful person. >> jessica's family says she was very good at making friends which was apparent at her vigil. >> she had this great personality. always brought you up when you were down. just a great person overall. you know. she's gonna be missed. >> jessica hoped to become a fashion journalist and was taking classes at academy of art university in san francisco. >> she had a lot going for herself and she went young. but we're gonna always remember her. >> i feel like i just lost my own daughter. i really, really -- i'm gonna miss her. tremendously. i just don't know words that can express how much i'm gonna miss her. >> she will be buried monday.
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>> for a thousand people attending the funeral mass in san francisco for a mother and daughter both killed in the san bruno fire. 44-year-old jacqueline and janess greg lived next to the blast site. their service was at the catholic in san francisco where jenessa attended school. students were given the day off to remember their school mate to played basketball and volleyball and was a student body president. >> everyone enjoyed having her around. >> very important for us to be here to support the family and just have closure to this terrible event. >> jackie greg worked for the california public utilities commission over 20 years which is one of the agencies investigating the explosion. so far there has been no public announcement for services for the fourth confirmed san bruno victim. pg&e has agreed to release the
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information just about everyone has been demanding since last week's san bruno pipeline blast. the utility has mapped its 100 most hazardous natural gas pipelines but has been keeping that information secret. two federal agencies and the state public utilities commission has laid on the pressure and it's working. >> the state public utilities commission sent this letter to pg&e specifically asking for its list of 100 most hazardous gas pipelines and their specific locations. that agency along with pg&e have been under pressure for a week by state and federal lawmakers and by the governor that the public and first responders need that information. >> it has to have the level of detail necessary so we can identify exactly where the pipe goes so people who have a right to know what's under their house. >> pg&e isn't saying what it plans to do although abc 7 news has learned the utility could release maps and the list on monday. >> what exactly is or is not provided in understanding exactly what the cpc is
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requesting is something we're currently working with with respect to pg&e will be in contact with the cpuc to make sure we completely understand the request and we'll be able to provide a response. but right now because we have recently received it, we're currently evaluating what we received. >> the pipelines have been mapped by a number of sources. this one was released by pg&e during a rate increase hearing in sacramento last year. state regulators also want pg&e to develop a plan for replacing pipelines with manual shutoff valves with automatic valving. the ruptured pipeline in san bruno was one of them. residents are anxious to get the maps from pg&e. >> you don't want to let the wrong people know that information, but in this case i really think that they need to let the homeowners know. >> what's more important, people -- saving people's lives or their security? i mean, are they concerned somebody's going to do something bad to them? >> a lot could happen between
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now and over the weekend until monday's expected release of the list. that's because there seems to be a disconnect what state officials are asking pg&e to do and the confusion by pg&e what it plans to do. jerry hill says that if pg&e is less than forth right in full disclosure, he will introduce a bill that will force pg&e to comply. in san bruno, david louie, abc 7 news. >> if you want to find out whether you live near a high pressure gas transmission line, all you have to do is call. the number is 1-800-743-5000. that's 1-800-743-5000. this isn't to find out to see if you live near one of the 100 gas lines, this is just to get a general location of the pipelines in your area. we have posted this at one of pg&e's highest risk gas lines runs right through
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fremont. it is 4 miles long and would cost an estimated $13 million to replace. fremont city leaders were not able to get much information about the lines of the utility but now pg&e has agreed to go before the city council a week from tuesday. >> we expect to get more information on that particular line in fremont. really just to discuss the line itself in general and the risk terminology. that will be important for all of us to have a clear understanding on. >> san bruno city officials have just started offering to clear debris from the property of 37 pipeline fire victims who lost their homes. the service will be free as long as the homeowners sign a waiver. residents whose homes are damaged are doing the cleanup themselves or hiring contractors to do it. alcohol may have played a roll in a crash yesterday that killed
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a boy and left his two classmates fighting for their lives. their bmw collided head-on with a tractor trailer on the boulevard on san marin drive. beer cans littered the scene. officers discovered a smashed liquor bottle in the car. they arrested the driver for driving without a valid license. >> a horrible learning opportunity what combination of alcohol, cars, and poor judgment can do. >> tragedy like this just shows us all how valuable is life. >> the crash occurred just before noon. lunch starts at 12:15 for novato high students. school administrators and parents want to know why the boys were off campus when this tragedy struck. up next we'll bring you up to date on the legal battle of california's ban on same sex marriage. also afghan's election day starts off with missile attacks
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ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. the legal battle over california's ban on same sex marriage. late last night supporters of the ban filed a brief urging appeal courts overturn judge vaughan walker's decision last month which found prop 8 unconstitutional. yesterday was the deadline for proponents to challenge the decision. secretary of state hillary clinton is calling for the release of the two remaining americans held in an iranian
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prison. sarah shourd freed after 13 months will arrive in new york this weekend. shourd will hold a news conference tomorrow. mahmoud ahmadinejad says she was released because of health issues, as he also heads to new york today to attend a new york trade summit. sarah's aunt lives in berkeley. she talked to sarah after her release. >> she said one thing constantly when she was in prison was she -- they treated her like a child. she had to continually say to them i'm a strong woman, i am not a child. >> karen said sarah told her she won't really feel she's free until the release of her fiancee shane bower and their friend josh fattal. they are risks their lives by going out and voting. two civilians have already been killed in a northern province where rocket attacks occurred as
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soon as voting began. a bomb near a pile of wood nest to a polling place. two were injured when it went off. this election is more of a test of courage, a major test of the government's ability to conduct a fair election after widespread fraud in last year's vote. one candidate was taking an extraordinary risk just by running. >> to run for election in afghanistan is to risk your life. a stump speech just like any candidate anywhere but she's driven by a policeman who is always armed and her rallies are always inside. it's too dangerous for her to campaign outside. sometimes she can only hold private events down back alleys. >> have you received any threats? have you received any intimidation at all? >> i think we have enough courage to just stepping back
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and go for the future of afghanistan. >> this year a record number of women are running for election but nearly every one has been threatened. her face was ripped off two posters. in radical islam, women aren't allowed to be photographed. >> five of her campaign workers were killed. after she won her last election, her husband beat her. >> i don't feel safe, she says. i always have two or three security guards with me and i would never dare to leave the city. >> there are a lot of security risks for you? >> yes. >> is it worth the risk. >> you have to be brave. >> positions all over the world are going to be facing difficulties. >> the question is whether the problems of violence and fraud will be limited or overwhelm an election where they have had to risk their lives to run.
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abc news, afghanistan. >> looking like we have a little different weekend this weekend. >> that's right. we've got plenty of clouds out there now. they're producing a lot of mist and drizzle. dense fog at our coast. a live shot from our roof camera. doesn't look too bad. we're going to hold on to the fog in the city for quite some time. i'll tell you when to expect some light rain coming up. >> listen to this. weather experts are confirming that at least two tornados were part of that severe storm that tore through new york city on thursday.
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>> good morning, everyone. looking at a live picture from one of our cameras in emeryville. you can see the lights twinkling not through the fog there but the weather is going to be a little different this weekend. might call for you to pull out an umbrella, sprinkles and pick up a little more beyond that from the north bay to the south. our meteorologist lisa argen will tell all the weather coming up. it turns out that two tornados tore through parts of new york city thursday night. the national weather service says the worst damage was done by a fierce microburst eight miles long and five miles wide. it packed winds of up to 125 mph, and these storms toppled hundreds of trees in brooklyn and queens including one that killed a woman sitting in her parked car. and that is quite unusual
5:19 am
weather for new york city. i mean, they had to go out and say we confirm this. >> that's absolutely right. wild there yesterday and today we're going to have some unusual weather. not wild but talking about it all week long and that's the chance of rain coming our way not only for the north bay overnight tonight but we could see a couple hundredths in the east bay and maybe a few drops in the south bay. a live look outside, our roof camera, cloudy skies and with all the clouds temperatures quite mild. we're in the 60s but we do have not only dense fog at you're coast but mist and drizzle. you need the wipers if you're headed out this morning around san francisco. so very damp out there. this will translate into light rain by this time tomorrow. look at that, 66 oakland. 62 in antioch with 65 concord. so 60s pretty much everywhere. we are looking at the 24-hour change with temperatures much more mild. in fact, on the muggy side with 4 degrees warmer this morning in san francisco. and napa. with 2 degrees warmer in concord
5:20 am
and 5 degrees warmer in novato. our highlights, drizzle with coastal fog this morning. it will be muggy. we'll clear up partially today so a little sunshine and showers swing on through tomorrow. here it is. a cold front that's sitting offshore and some of the rain falling now along the north coast. we'll get the tail end of it swinging on through overnight tonight into the afternoon tomorrow. the real rain maker is down here. and as this pushes on through, it will weaken. so most of that activity is favored for the north bay overnight tonight into the early portion of tomorrow. here's our time line. you'll notice throughout the afternoon today mild with seeing partly cloudy skies and by tonight clouding up and through the overnight hours tomorrow the rain begins in the north bay. by 5:00, looking at sonoma county into marin county looking at the showers. notice throughout the early afternoon across the east bay and by 4:00 it swings on out of here. but we're looking at rainfall amounts. kind of impressive this time of
5:21 am
year, anywhere from a tenth to a quarter of an inch through the north bay 5:00 tomorrow. partly cloudy skies late tomorrow. a double hundredths tomorrow in the east bay. even as far south as the santa cruz mountains. should see wet pavement around here this time tomorrow, especially the north bay. temperatures, partly cloudy upper 70s santa clara, 78 san jose. a cloud cover this morning. we'll look for temperatures cool here and on the muggy side when the sun begins to filter through, 76 redwood city. 72 millbrae. san francisco with all that moist air, it will be a mild afternoon with 67. north bay numbers ranging from low 70s. plenty of cloud cover up near cloverdale this afternoon with increasing high and mid level close. 75 napa. near east bay look for 69 richmond, 70 oakland and for the last week of the summer, you'll see the high clouds and mild numbers. a little muggy danville. by the monterey bay, look for 81
5:22 am
gilroy. we are looking at the clouds increasing overnight after we clear out a little bit today. lots of mist and drizzle and then the showers swing through tomorrow. and actually partly cloudy for monday and fall begins on wednesday with some cooler numbers. >> so soon! >> yeah! >> still hanging on to summer. >> although we never really settled on to summer. >> not really. so bring on fall. talking sports, the giants got shut down last night against milwaukee brewers but somehow managed to keep their first-place standing. here's larry beil with your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. nothing lost, nothing gained one night after exploding against the dodgers, the giant offense went back into a drought against milwaukee. giants still in first place. this is taking orange friday through a new level. a commitment there. brewers getting to work against madison baumgartner.
5:23 am
base hit. milwaukee up 1-0. top five, giant defense kind of sketchy here. carlos gomez grounds to rentree. wings it wide! affeldt first to the backstop, 3-0. randy wolf, magnificent three-hit shutout. fans offering up to end the giants' blues 3-0 but remain in first place by half a game with 14 to go. to minnesota, a's facing hottest team in baseball but twins put on a big kick at the end of the season. driving in coco crisp. in the 6th. long ball. 12th of the season. field blast. the a's back at 500 after a 3-1 twin. oh, boy. cal football team played a rare friday night game. they walked right into the buzz
5:24 am
saw against a really good nevada team on the road in reno. kevin reilly and company expecting a shoot-out and that's what this was. shane green, he'll make it his job at best. he was magnificent! gone! 59 yards to the house. and we're tied at 7. when you play the business t businebusines business -business -- business -- pistol, you get shot. the first touch down impressive? runs away from number 20 there all wait to the end zone. cal's within 3. stop me if you've seen this one before. picked off. 65 yards. reilly the fix in this context and cal has no answer who ran for through and threw for two
5:25 am
here. cal gets rolled in reno 52-31. if you like getting big air, there's a new attacks in san francisco is, the house of air. just opened at christy field. the ambassador, johnny mosley. and with that the ribbon was somewhat dangerously cut on the house of air. five trampoline structures where you can jump and slide to your heart's content. >> always in your face. anytime you're jumping on atrampoline, it's a fun activity. >> sits appropriately in an old airport hangar. kids are fearless, but anybody can bounce in at any age. >> we had a guy in her last night who was 69. >> come on! >> swear to god. it's on our he's doing a great job. >> for those of you with zero trampoline experience, lessons from olympic skier johnny mosley are helpful. when you land, you want to point
5:26 am
your tows and lock your knees. >> i mastered the tricks of a seven-year-old. show off. but you get to show off when you're a gold medallist skier. my dreams. to dunk on the high hopping mosley. >> i'm not sure we're ready for dunking yet, larry. >> trying to lower the rim but can't get it low enough for me. that's pathetic. >> saw the hoop. i can't wait to get up there! a little harder than it looks. >> i ended up being the dunkee instead of the dunker. a humbling experience. >> might have started you a little too high. this is more your speed. >> what have you got? >> the bouncy house. a nice job with that. you wanna try it? >> we have college football this afternoon. texas, texas at 5:00 followed by another edition of after the
5:27 am
game right at 8:30. hope to see you then. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> nice bouncing. next at 5:30, what the highway patrol is telling us about the mid-day crash that killed a novato high school student yesterday and injured a few others. a few more jobs but coming at a [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school.
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it kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces and eliminates odors at their source better than febreze. so now a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. for tips on a healthy home, visit ♪ police say drinking and driving are the likely factors leading to a terrible crash yesterday in novato. one north bay teenager is dead. four others are hurt after the car they were riding in smashed head on into a big rig. the chp isn't releasing their names due to their ages, but they are all students at novato high school where officials plan to make a statement on monday. abc 7's lillian kim reports. >> officers found beer cans in
5:30 am
and outside the wrecked bmw. also inside the car, a smashed bottle of liquor. it's unclear if and how much the passengers were drinking but the chp says the driver was above the adult legal limit of .08. the chp says he lost controlled on novato boulevard, about a half mile west of san marin drive as he rounded a curve hitting a big rig carrying a full load of cattle. >> the vehicle was traveling westbound. we believe it was a fairly high rate of speed due to the elongation or the length of the skid marks. >> all the boys are from novato high. one was pronounced dead at the scene. two others are being treated for major injuries while a driver and another passenger are being treated for minor injuries. the driver was arrested at the hospital for driving without a license and driving under the influence. >> there's an emergency announcement saying that all teachers have to meet up in the library. >> at novato high school, word spread through the end of the school day. many students and parents were
5:31 am
surprised to learn the accident happened just before noon. lunch doesn't begin until 12:15. >> that's what's really disturbing, if it happened at noon, what are kids doing drinking at 12:00 in the afternoon when they're supposed to be at school. >> these students say they know some of the boys involved in the crash. they are hoping for a speedy recovery. >> one of the guy's in my class. i like talking football with him a lot. he's cool. i like him a lot, you know. and i just hope the best for him really. >> school administrators declined to comment so soon after the crash but plan to make a statement monday, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> students from novato high have set up a group to support the teens in that car and their families. as news spread, well over 100 people joined the group in just a few hours' time. police have arrested a second suspect wanted in the killing of an employee at a medical marijuana club. the l.a. times reports officers and u.s. marshalls arrested the
5:32 am
suspect in the san fernando valley yesterday. it stems from the june robbery in a neighborhood. other suspects pleaded not guilty to murder charges last month. california's unemployment rate went up from 12.3% in july to 12.4% in august but the bay area is fairing better. the jobless rate in the san francisco metro area stands at 9.3%. it includes marin, san francisco, and san mateo counties. the oakland metro area fell to 11.5%. it combines alameda and contra costa counties and the area covering santa clara and san benito counties dropped to 11.2. 2 million people are unemployed in california. if you are looking for work you might find it at the next job fair sponsored by abc 7 and job journal. it will be held tuesday, september 28th at the hotel whitcome in san francisco. we have all the details at
5:33 am despite the government's efforts to stimulate the economy, lagging unemployment numbers are a liability for democrats. here's political reporter mark matthews. >> the white house released a list of the top 100 stimulus-funded projects. making the list? $2.8 billion to retrofit the bay bridge. $198 million to expand the caldecott tunnel. but in spite of those projects, in california unemployment rose to 12.4% last month. in los angeles, senator barbara boxer said without the stimulus spending, it would be worse. >> we would have seen another 8 million jobs lost. >> boxer was asked about a report just released on $111 million in stimulus money given to the l.a. transportation department and the los angeles
5:34 am
department of public works. the city's controller reports that out of that money, just 55 jobs have been created so far because 87% of the funds are still tied up in bureaucratic red tape. also campaigning in los angeles, boxer's opponent, carly fiorina. >> how can you say you created all these jobs when the unemployment rate continues to go up? how can you say you created all these jobs when a city official here in l.a. says we can only find 50 of them. >> the report is red meat for fiorina leaving boxer to say it's the exception. >> are there issues that every single dollar that was spent was perfect? of course not. >> but boxer says she has seen for herself people hired with stimulus dollars. >> i've met them at construction projects. at the caldecott tunnel, all over the state. >> not a strong political position says abc 7's political
5:35 am
analyst. >> that's a hell of a campaign motto. if we hadn't done it, things would be worse. that doesn't persuade a lot of people. >> professor cain says voters will judge the success of the stimulus in very personal terms. >> people on the ground are going to judge these programs in terms of what it does for them and what it does for their neighbors and families. >> the latest abc poll says more americans believe the obama administration is hurting the american economy rather than helping. and the percentage that thought the administration was helping, that number has dropped since last spring. the president's re-election may have time to recover but not those incumbents facing re-election in less than seven weeks. in the news room, mark matthews, abc 7 news. >> former vice president presidential candidate sarah palin called on her fellow republicans to unite. she spoke to 1400 people at the iowa republican party's reagan
5:36 am
dinger last night in des moines. iowa attractions presidential hopefuls. one of the early bellwethers in the race for the white house. >> todd says i don't know, i think you should go downstairs, run on that treadmill. i said why would i wanna stay indoors. todd says i guarantee you if anybody spots you in the tennis shoes, the headlight is going to be vanity fair, they're going to say palin in iowa decides to run. >> she delivered her speech after endorsing several tea party candidates who scored victories in senate and house seats. it's election day in afghanistan where two people have died as insurgent attacks attempt to discourage afghan from voting for national leaders. afghans went to the polls under heavy security after insurgents threatened to target voters at polling places.
5:37 am
elections mark afghanistan's first election since claims of fraud arose after last year's presidential election. many perceive this as a test of afghanistan's ability to run a fair election after months of pledges for reform. take a look at this video from a security camera in turkey. the camera focuses on a one-year-old toddler. you can see him there crawling on to a highway completely startling drivers. they wave frantically for other motorists to get out of the way. the infant got away from his mother who had fallen asleep while begging to the sidewalk. police returned the baby to hits mother but only after she was held for questioning. a wet weekend in store, it seems. right, lisa? >> a lot of threat in the north bay with these fall-like systems. the last week of summer bringing some clouds and some and, yes, some rain. your forecast next.
5:38 am
>> and why talk of baseball coming to oakland's waterfront poses a threat to coffee lovers at jack london square? [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section
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time now 5:40. the waterfront jack london square in oakland has always been a dynamic place. built on the ebb and flow of port commerce. but there could be a deal in the works that amounts to trading one local tradition for another. that's coffee for baseball. wayne friedman reports. >> it seems to be a perpetual motion. produce row along 3rd street in oakland, a place of imports, experts, tradition and histories. but if you read the headlines, it may be a neighborhood in transition. >> i could not see a ballpark here but that's my personal opinion. >> spoken like a man with 85
5:41 am
employees and legions of loyal customers. >> i am willing to stand in line. this is not bad. even if they're ordering like five different coffee drinks, i'm willing to stand in line. >> peerless coffee is a three-generation family business. george sr. still works in the sales office next to his wife sonya and their kids work there, too, to george jr., the president and his sister that oversees finances. the yugoslavian immigrant founded this country in 1924. >> peerless, he wanted it to be the best coffee. >> how do you say peerless in yugoslavia? >> i don't know. >> sonya has assembled in the back an obscure but complete museum. stored with items small and large. >> it's in mint 1922 condition.
5:42 am
>> but as interesting as sonya's coffee museum is on its own, there's another one, an active working museum a few feet away. just like the rest of this neighborhood, it's a busy place. making coffee begins with big bags from all around the world. they're stacked from floor to ceiling in bins and barrels. this is no folgers, no starbucks. >> in terms of the coffee, we're small. >> but not the flavor. >> superb. aromatic. >> its specialty stuff chocked full of family secrets. for instance, did you know coffee beans need to cool completely within two minutes of roasting, then they're sealed in bags even though they're still venting. that's why coffee bags have little pressure valves. >> you have to have a way for the gases to leave the packaging.
5:43 am
otherwise we'd have blown up bags and beans everywhere. >> against this busy backdrop, the looming dilemma of possible trade of beans for baseball. >> the tradition. i think tradition can move, sure. it's just not easy. >> when they built this company, they did it a taste at a time, a generation at a time. they're living proof that in the coffee business at least, a family that cups and works together, stays today. but here? who knows. from oakland, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> that's what we all need, a good cup of coffee to wake up, maybe warm us up a little too. possible rain? >> definitely damp with the temperatures and all the moisture and clouds on the mild side. mid-60s in san francisco right now but the tradeoff is plenty of mist and drizzle. you need the wipers and a lot of look outside. you'll be waking up to lots of cloud cover this morning. in fact, with the cloud cover,
5:44 am
we'll look for it staying with us throughout the morning hours and maybe even the early afternoon. definitely the early afternoon hours in san francisco. this morning we are looking at temperatures all across the bay area, mainly in the 60s although half moon bay's at 59. 59 los gatos. here's a 66 oakland. 65 concord with 64 in san jose. why so mild? well, the cloud cover, the southwesterly winds allowing temperatures to be as much as 4 degrees warmer this morning than this time yesterday than we were in napa, san francisco. but a little cooler in some spots around fremont. not much though. overall the trend will be for a mild and muggy day today due to the cloud cover holding on and that moisture associated with it. watch for the dense fog at the coast. that will stay with us a while and then partly cloudy and a weak cold front swings through late tonight through the middle of the day tomorrow getting most bay area neighborhoods wet. here's what we're looking at. looks a little unusual for
5:45 am
september but it is a cold front that's holding together. most of the energy to the north around mendocino county and eureka. but here's the activity that continues to gain a little bit of energy and moisture off to the south and west of us. that's the rain maker that's gonna spread on through here later on tonight. here we are this morning with the drizzle, the cloud cover. east bay partly cloudy as well as the south bay and parts of the north bay this morning. san francisco, you will be stuck in the clouds. through the overnight hours, everyone clouds up again. by 5:00 tomorrow, we've got rain along the north coast. sonoma county. pushing into marin county. through the early afternoon, rain showers through the east bay and peninsula. by three, 4:00 in the afternoon, it presses out of here. but rainfall amounts, they're going to accumulate a little bit. wettest locations of the north bay from a tenth to a quarter of an inch here. tenth of an inch around the peninsula. a couple hundredths from the south bay to the east bay so
5:46 am
just wet pavement there. today under partly cloudy skies look for mid-70s sunnyvale, milpitas and peninsula low 70s for san mateo, menlo park. cloudy skies throughout much of the morning. early afternoon trying to filter out some of the cloudiness throughout partly cloudy sky with temperatures in the upper 60s for downtown san francisco. 68 in south city. expect some airport delays due to all the cloud cover, the low ceilings. low 70s for petaluma with afternoon sun. 77 calistoga. not a bad afternoon if you want to salvage a day for a bike ride, today would be it with 70 in oakland. 74 castro valley but not enough rain to cancel plans tomorrow. just to let you know we will be looking at better -- a drier day today in antioch with 80 there. 78 pleasanton and by the monterey bay, 69 santa cruz. lost of mist, drizzle and fog today. partly cloudy this afternoon and
5:47 am
the rain sweeps on through morning to afternoon tomorrow and then cooler but drying out. looks dry for the rest of the week. look at that, fall begins on wednesday. so this is the last weird weekend of summer. >> a nice start to it at least. >> yeah. but we're continuing in our unusual stretch of odd weather for the past several months. >> this year seems like it will go down a little different for sure. >> yeah, much cooler. >> thanks, lisa. actress lindsay lohan fears she could be called back into court. lohan told fans she did indeed fail a drug test after it was widely reported in several publications yesterday. the l.a. county d.a.'s office says it hasn't received any word on that and no hearing is scheduled. lohan could be sent back to jail for 30 days. she spent three weeks in drug rehab after spending three weeks in jail after violating the
5:48 am
plea. a recent arrest for cocaine possession, hilton agrees to plead guilty to two misdemeanors and serve one year probation. a las vegas newspaper says under the agreement hilton will plead guilty to drug possession and obstructing a officer. she'll pay a $2,000 fine and perform 200 hours of community service. she also must complete a drug abus program. "7 on your side" next. >> a man pays cash and was accused of the ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients.
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5:51 am
officer mark sailer borrowed a lexus from a dealer. it killed he, his wife and daughter-in-law. thousands pay cash for tolls and sometimes even drivers showing up with dollar bills get caught in the fas trak system. michael finney explains one driver's predicament. >> scott hardly ever crosses bay area bridges so he doesn't use fast track. naturally he pays cash when he crossed the carquinez bridge on the 4th of july. >> said paid, have a nice day, have a good 4th and continued to sacramento. >> it was all routine except a couple weeks later scott received this notice in the mail. fas trak claimed he whizzed through without paying. >> you're a toll evader, you must pay all this money on. i'm like what's going on.
5:52 am
>> the bay bridge camera snapped this picture of his license plate. that should happen only if you don't pay. it said you owe the $5 toll plus a $25 penalty. >> i said this isn't correct. >> fas trak said file an appeal. he explained he paid the toll taker. his wife was a witness in the passenger seat and his sister was also a witness in the car behind; however, fas trak didn't believe him. >> nope. we refuse. our documents and our data and you're still in violation. >> as a courtesy, however, fas trak said it would forego the penalty if he'd just pay the $5 toll. scott said that would have been easy but he didn't like being called a toll evader when he wasn't. >> so i called "7 on your side." i'm like i need some help, please. >> we contacted fas trak. the agency said when scott crossed the bridge, the system detected an invalid toll track. scott doesn't have a toll track,
5:53 am
he never did. fas trak dug deeper and here's what really happened. apparently the system was reading an invalid toll tag from the lane adjacent to scott's. it's called a cross read. it's a rare glitch but did occur 35 times on that bridge on that day. so fas trak dropped the charge entirely. >> we have dismissed the violation. it was a little relief when we got this. thank you so much. you guys are wonderful. >> so how can you prove you paid cash if you're mistakenly labeled as a violator? fas trak says get a fas trak tag, you won't have to worry. scott has the simpler solution. he asked for a receipt. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> from fas trak to the fast pace of ben aflac's new movie on theaters "on the town" is an action drama about big city bank
5:54 am
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>> ben aflac wears three hats in his new movie. he's the star, director and screen writer. how successful was he with the trifecta? here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez on the aisle. >> ben affleck and three friends carry out well-planned bank robberies. it's a way of life. >> there are over 300 bank robberies in boston every year. most of the professionaling live in a one-square mile in charlestown. >> affleck keeps peeling away layers of his town in this fascinating study. they take a hostage. affleck wants to know more about her and a romance ensues. >> they blindfolded me, pulled me around.
5:57 am
>> she doesn't recognize his voice? >> the relentless agent out to get them. like a '40 black and white crime in color. the loose cannon, you just wait for him to erupt. and he does. they keep pushing the limit. and affleck's character knows the road is a dead-end. he's looking for a way to break three. if he doesn't, it will only lead to mayhem. >> i want you to know you are gonna die. >> i really have to give ben affleck credit for this film. he comes into his own as director. moody, gritty, complex and filled with action-paced sequences. reminds me of a young clint eastwood both in front and behind the camera. i really like it. i give the town three-quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle!
5:58 am
>> what people have been demanding to know since the san bruno gas explosion. exactly where its most hazardous natural gas pipes run. chp investigators say alcohol was a factor in yesterday's was a factor in yesterday's fatal crash of a car man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater?
5:59 am
how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin! the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents.


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