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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 20, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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íd making news on this monday, september 20th. >> bermuda takes a bruising overnight. 1,000-mile igor taking aim at the island. with gusts of nearly 100 miles an hour. our reporter is there. will he free the hikers? the president of iran arrives in the u.s. dogged by question the of the fate of the two hikers held in iran. and the pets close down a major store on new york's fifth avenue. good morning, thanks for being with us on this monday. we are following a developing story this morning, as hurricane igor brings high winds, heavy surf and pelting rain to
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bermuda. >> the monster storm dwarfs the tiny island as it passes well east of the carolinas. we know there are extensive power outages and schools and businesses will be closed there today. >> but it also could be much worse. abc's david >> reporter: rob a >> reporter: rob and vinita, say hello to igor. this is it. gusts up to 85 mile an hour. the center of the storm about 40 miles west passing right by bermuda. it's a category 1 hurricane, but we are seeing the back side of it. heast rty side, the quadrant. it's the strongest part of the storm. they're used to strong storms here but this one is nearly a direct hit. >> it's spectacular but it's probably going to be horrifying. >> reporter: we were out earlier but not surprisingly it's nearly a ghost town as folks are batten down in their homes. it's going to be here a long time, what do you think? >> you better get in. >> reporter: they were really worried this was going to be an
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historic hurricane, one they've never seen before. downgraded to a category 1, the hope now is that the winds don't do the kind of damage they were fearing. we'll find out as soon as the sun comes up. rob and vinita. >> thanks, david. igor is expected to move northeast away from the u.s. today, but the powerful storm is still picking up huge waves and rip currents as far south as ft. lauderdale. swells that range from 4 to 8 feet. following igor, tropical storm julia is expected to dissipated by tomorrow. the forecasters say a tropical wave that developed overnight by cape verde islands could become tropical storm lisa. sam champion will have much more on "good morning america." and now to those americans still jailed in iran. the story here in the u.s. because iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad is here in new york for the general assembly. we'll hear more from the american freed just last week.
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emily schmidt joins us. good morning. >> reporter: sarah shourd is saying more about her release from the iranian prison but she's saying very little about her actual time in the prison. that because her fiance and best friend are still behind bars with little word as to when they may be freed. after 410 days in iranian custody, sarah shourd is back in the u.s. and thanking iran that she is. >> i want to begin by expressing my sincere thanks to the government and religious leaders of iran. >> reporter: shourd was arrested and accused of spying in 2009 when iran claimed that she, her fiance shane bauer and josh fattal crossed the border. with two others facing up to ten years in prison if convicted. >> my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and josh was crushing. >> reporter: as shourd returned to the u.s., so did iran's
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president, in new york for the annual united nations general assembly. he told abc's "this week" americans should release eight iranians held here in response to iran's release of shourd. >> translator: so i believe it would not be mistake to ask that u.s. government should make a humanitarian gesture to release the iranians. >> reporter: the families of the other two americans still in iran have now requested a meeting with ahmadinejad. >> we're hoping that we get one. >> reporter: so far, there is no word on whether iran's president is open to the idea. sarah shourd was released on $500,000 bail because of medical concerns but she says doctors have looked at her and determined that she is physically okay. rob? >> emily, any chance of that meeting between president ahmadinejad and the mothers will take place this week? >> reporter: at this point, it really does remain a request. the mothers did tell abc news if they had a chance to talk to him it would be warmly but directly.
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their biggest concerns are that their sons become bargaining chips in some international government ploy. >> thanks. now, politics involving the two of the republican party's most high profile woman these days. candidate christine o'donnell is trying to explain her experience with witchcraft. in 1999, o'donnell said she had dabbled with witchcraft and one of her first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar. at a picnic yesterday, o'donnell said she was in high school at the time and she questioned if others hadn't hung out, quote, with questionable folks in high school. meanwhile, sarah palin was in iowa at a big fund-raiser she calls the republican unity now that the divisive season is over. president obama and his family attended church in washington yesterday for the first time since easter. some speculated if it was politically motivated seeing 1 in 5 americans incorrectly believe mr. obama is muslim.
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the president took a bit of time off hitting the golf course at andrews air force base. possible voter fraud is being investigated in afghanistan. following saturday's parliamentary elections. the first official count is due in a couple days. officials hope to have the final results by the end of next month but that could be pushed back because of the number of fraud allegations that need to be looked into. taliban attacks killed at least 30 people during the voting. also, pope benedict is back in rome and the vatican says his four-day state visit to britain was a, quote, great success. on sunday, the pope praised british heroics against the nazis to mark the 70th anniversary of the battle of britain. prime minister david cameron said the pope, quote, challenged the whole country to sit up and think." in the gulf of mexico the work of killing the bp well is officially finished. workers have finished drilling a relief well into the damaged well and have filled the entire thing with cement.
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no oil has escaped since the temporary cap was put in place back i . and now for this morning's weather from around the country. up to 3 inches of rain in south texas, drenching abilene, san antonio, corpus christi and brownsville. showers and thunderstorms along the western new mexico and colorado. stormy also from the minnesota, north dakota and montana. showers in the pacific northwest and south florida. >> 89 in miami, 93 in atlanta, 70s from baltimore to boston. detroit, minneapolis and fargo hover near the 70-degree mark. kansas city will climb near 90. 63 in seattle. 73 in boise. and 83 in sacramento. your money news is next, including reports of a facebook phone. then a mysterious weekend disappearance of a religious group and their children, members explain why they went missing. and it's the talk of the nfl. a helmet lands in the stands. did a player aim at fans, or was it all just a mistake? we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] fact --
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the federal reserve gathers tomorrow for its final meeting before the midterm elections. its members are expected to debate various steps they can take to stimulate the economy. there's also speculation that to decide to buy more treasury securities. the idea there would be to keep interest rates low so businesses trying to expand would have easy access to money. toyota has settled with the relatives of a family killed an acceleration accident. the california patrolman and three others died in the crash last we're.
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an accelerator pedal stuck in the floor mat was to blame. foreign investors could soon buy a large stake in gm. it will court u.s. and foreign investors when the government sells all of the gm stock it acquired in the auto industry bailout. and time for a check on market activity. tokyo's nikkei stock exchange was closed for holiday. hong kong's hang seng was down in late trading. in london the ftse opened higher. wall street opened the day with the dow jones 10,607. after gaining 145 points last week. and the nasdaq index picked up 73 points last week to close at 2315. the internet is buzzing with a rumor that facebook is developing a mobile phone. tech crunch reported that facebook is building a software and wants a different company to build the hardware. the move would give facebook friends yet another new way to keep in touch. facebook says the report, though, is not true. "the town" at the box office
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this holiday weekend. the bank robber drama took in $23.8 million. in its opening weekend. "easy a" was in second. and "devil" a group of strangers trapped in annal elevator came in third. >> good reviews, should be pretty good, right? next on the monday morning, the latest on the top story which of course is hurricane igor which is tearing across bermuda overnight. and bedbugs continue to take manhattan with the new closure of a very popular store. plus two entrees equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share one of five appetizers, like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites, like our chicken crispers with new sweet & smoky sauce, our new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. grab a friend and get one appetizer plus two entrees
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morning road conditions. flooding in south texas on i-35 from austin to loredo. i-37 from corpus christi to san antonio. wet on i-94 from minneapolis, fargo, bismarck and billings. also slick on i-5 from seattle to portland. >> if you're flying, expect delays in seattle, denver, minneapolis and houston. the leader of a break-away religious sect in southern california is undergoing three days of psychological evaluation. >> it follows a weekend scare in which family members in the sect were concerned about a possible massu side. chuck sievertson reports. >> reporter: the small group of eight children and three adults was the break-away sect from a local church, described as a cult-like by a local sheriff. all salvadorian immigrants. concerns arose when husbands of two of the members found notes
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suggesting the members might be planning a group suicide. they contacted police. >> in essence, they indicated there may be a journey to the next life. but there was allegorical references, perhaps to jesus. perhaps do we want to visit our deceased relatives, things like that. >> reporter: police said the notes never mentioned mass suicide, but based on the fears of the relatives, they launched a wide search, bringing in off-road vehicles and deputies on horse back. then as the police were giving a briefing, word came that the group had been found. >> ladies and gentlemen, we just found them. >> alive? >> yes, they are alive and well. and they are at a park here in the antelope valley. >> reporter: the members seemed to resent the attention they got. >> we are okay, do you see me? i'm okay, my son, the dogs, everybody is okay. >> reporter: telling police they had told their spouses what they were doing. and had done it before. >> i don't know, they overreact because we left the cell phone
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saying we didn't call them. >> and you left your cell phones because? >> i don't want to interrupt when i'm doing stuff. >> reporter: chuck seibertson, abc news. the huge nike town store here in new york has now been closed indefinitely while a bedbug infestation is dealt with. shoppers were turned away over the weekend after the critters were discovered. the company says it hopes to reopen the store as soon as possible and that it's doing everything it can to make that happen. bedbugs have recently been found in several high-profile locations here in the big apple. the president of chile says his government doing all it can to free the miners now trapped 48 days underground. but he would not enter a guess as to when they would be pulled out. a third escape tunnel and boring through 90 feet of rock. and from sports news this monk, an hour after guiding his michigan state team to the most talked about win of the weekend, coach mark dantonio landed in the hospital. the coach suffered a heart attack after the conclusion of
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the spartans 34-31 win over notre dame. doctors characterized it as mild and he is expected to make a full recovery. it's still not clear, though, when he'll be back at work. and a rookie on the chicago cubs is at a miami hospital after this bizarre hospital. he was impelled in the chest by a splintered bat while running the bases. he did make it to home plate and was attended to by paramedics at the dugout. he is expected to miss the rest of the season. in the nfl, the saints visit the 49ers on "monday night football." and for highlights from yesterday's football action, here's adnan virk over at espn news. good morning, it's a matter of having luster being denial. chocolate versus vanilla. two different styles, but they're both clashing. midway through the fourth, jets, mark sanchez throwing to justin keller for the touchdown. the jets within 28-14. sanchez, three tds. other nfl action, the cowboys and the bears.
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second quarter, chicago. down 14-10. first quarter, jay cutler to devin hester. tremendous grab in the corner of the end zone for the touchdown. taking a look, hester, the one-hander, controls it, gets both feet in. it's reviewed and upheld. the bears win, dallas, 0-2. brett favre and the vikings. an 0-2 start. third quarter, vikings down 7-0. vikings, the ball, inside their own 5. brett favre pops it up in the end zone. the dolphins recover for the touchdown. they win it 14-10. and matt schaub and the texans looking to come back against the redskins in washington. fourth quarter was down by seven. fourth and ten. schaub throws a bomb to andre johnson, leaping catch. he had 12 grabs for the day. 158 yards receiving. the game would be tied at 27-27 at this point, as the texans come all the way roaring back to win this in overtime, 30-27. neil rackers had the winning field goal.
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baseball action, the orioles spoil the return of andy pettitte earning the no decision. the rays a half game back. phillies three up on the braves. tight in the n.l. west. a game and a half up on the colorado rockies. you are up to date for now. back to you in new york. all right, from the sports highlights to an nfl lowlight. that is brandon jacobs of the giants on the bench last night against indianapolis. you might be wondering where is his helmet. >> well, there it is, actually, up in the crowd as fans battle for possession. jacobs said he was slamming his helmet down in frustration, but he wound up throwing it inside the stands instead. he got it back. but it didn't matter. the giants got wiped out. final score against the colts, 38-14. >> he apparently was upset from getting pulled from the game during the third quarter. he says the helmet got caught on his finger. >> should look into that one. >> yeah. up next, the stories we'll be following today, including an
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forecasters say that could become tropical storm lisa by later today. 140 world leaders including iran's ahmadinejad are descending on new york for this week's opening of the u.n. general assembly. also meeting this week is the clinton global initiative which gathers leaders together to discuss global concerns, including worldwide poverty. the fda has two days of hearings on whether to approve genetically engineered salmon. it could be the first approved for human consumption. lady gaga is expected to be among the activists in portland, maine, demanding the policy of don't ask don't tell. and the right here on abc, the 12 couples on "dancing with the stars" will perform either the viennese waltz or the cha-cha. sarah palin is expected to be there to see bristol's dancing debut. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, the end
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finally from us this morning, it is lights out for a great american invention. this week, ge will produce its very last incandescent light bulb.
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>> the very symbol of a good idea is now fading away to make room for a more efficient replacement. here now is jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: the bright idea that illuminated the world is reaching a less than glowing end. this week, ge is shutting this plant in winchester, virginia, its last u.s. factory producing plain old incandescent light bulbs. new energy standards will all but ban the bulbs over the next four years, forcing millions to switch to compact fluorescents, most of which are made overseas. seems the invention that thomas edison perfected 130 years ago is flickering and fading. >> this is edison's private experimental room, one of the things he was working on a lot in the late 1880s and early 1890s were ways of improving the electric lamp. >> reporter: paul israel says the great inventor would be torn about the change. >> on the one hand, he would have been disappointed. on the other hand, one of the things he was very interested in
4:29 am
was were there more efficient ways to generate electricity. so he would have seen that as the future. >>reporter: the incandescent bulb might be edison's most important innovation. notorious for getting by ofew h few hours' sleep, he wanted to transform the world into a 24-hour culture by lighting up the night. but the old incandescent bulb is inefficient. compact fluorescents use nearly 75% less energy and last ten times longer. but even those could soon be obsolete. the future, l.e.d. these bulbs barely use any energy, they can last 20 years, and they don't even need a standard fixture. imagine your entire wall as a light source. lighting from your coffee table or your floor. it is the mood lighting of tomorrow. and maybe one day with all that technology, they can replicate the nostalgic warm glow of those old bulbs we grew up with. jeremy hubbard, abc news, west orange, new jersey. >> end of an era, huh? >> certainly is. >> that is w


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