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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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and in 85 days we saw bills going unpaid and state services struggling with out funding. now, word from the governor is that there seems to be a consensus on how to zero out that deficit, but the devil is in the details. >> this is is monday, they'll come back together and reconvene and to hopefully have a final agreement. >> reporter: staff will work throughout the weekend to work out details. and now, if all goes well monday, leaders will call lawmakers back to review the final package in respective caucuses and possibly vote soon after. news could not come soon enough. the state doesn't pay bills from state park visitors might northbound for a real shock.
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>> this is almost unfathomable. >> whether you enjoy beaches or camp grounds, you might have to hold it, or bring your own toilet paper. the state budget so late a state sked kredit card used to buy supplies is being cancelled by the bank meaning the state parks department can no longer buy toilet paper for its rural sites. >> this is is out ragis. >> urban parks have advantage of going to state wear houses for supplies. it estimates it's nearly a third of the 300 parks. >> it isn't just toilet paper. it's fuel for cars and trucks and auto parks, lawn equipment. it's house keeping supply
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autos negotiations on how to close the deficit have been slow. and there is meetings taking place this week. the governor has been too sick to the travel to the capitol. credit card won't be good until there is a budget and some think the problem was funny. >> i'll have to carry a larger hand bag and make sure we take our own. >> others didn't realize what a late budget meant. >> this is how dire the situation s how real sit. too. this has gotten to the point they can't buy toilet paper? this is real. >> supporters seized an opportunity to push the governor ballot initiative he limb nailting funding from the general fund, replacing witness higher dmv fee autos it takes it out of the process in sacramento. we've seen what a mess this has become. >> now, state parks are also not paying their water bills. they're working with the water companies to see if there is
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somehow a grace period they can come up w if the water shuts off, the state parks will have to close down for health and safety reasons but again there is late word there is an agreement, a general budget agreement in works that may avoid this big mess. >> two weeks ago almost to the minute, it happened. pg&e gas line exploded setting a neighborhood on fire. and state regulators decided a panel will investigate the cause, and recommend how to protect the public. david, regulators calling for a review of management practices. >> yes. etc. not just p fw. and e management. state regulators and watch dogs are all in the cross hairs. the new fact finding panel embarks on the mission. it will be made up of business and safety experts and likely academics who vilwill have
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time to do this full time. it's the first meeting since the san bruin yochl plogs z a revolution shielding no one from kinger of blame. >> this bottom line is that we must restore the public confidence keeping all options on the table. >> with a commissioner absent the vote was 4-0. and the blue ribbon panel will be established within 30 day was three to five members appointed by the commission president. the costs expected to run upwards of $2 million. the resolution did not spes five if share holders or ratepayers should pick up the tab. two commissioners urged it should be shareholder autos we're prepared to fund the independent panel of the cpuc investigation. however, that direction is going to have to come from cpucz we'll comply with whatever direction they decide.
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>> it's implicit maintenance and management will come under scrutiny. the group turn is targeted today by commission president for jumping up in and attacking pg&e when jobs turn is to be a watch dog. >> we've complained over and over to the p.u.c. and complaints have fallen on deaf ear autos how much of findings will be made public is uncertain due to potential lawsuits. >> of course this, will be made public. >> all of it?. >> well, i can't answer that at this time. there could be redemptions. >> the panel will not have difficulty finding critics. >> who is minding the shop? who is looking out at the infrastructure at the core of the mission? when i believe is to deliver gas and electricity safely, reliably and affordably
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without death and destruction? >> this pg&e spokesman said they may be responsible for the cost of the national transportation safety board's investigation. the pipeline safety agency today came under fire on capitol hill for failing to do strong oversight. >> and demolition is now underway at the site that have blast. the massive clean up began this morning two dozen homeowners accepted the city offer of help. this process will take weeks. >> there is work stopped for the night. work behind me. they started on three homes today. and there is excavations began and will continue six days per week until finished with more to follow. in san bruno's fire zone they began measuring progress. >> to me, each is like a
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graveyard of a dead houts. >> this morning, heavy equipment rolled in, and through barricades and began a month long project to carry rea.way remains of 35 burned home autos when you see sites it will be a lock. >> accord together county 35 homeowners signed waivers to begin the work. and the county is covering that for now. dave tuitt welcomes assistance. >> there is one less thing to worry about. >> dave owns a quick stop and donating four cents per gallon of gas to the glenn view fire relief fund. >> people need help. more help than i need. >> today marks two weeks since the explosion rattling so many people. and even indirectly. >> every day. every day, just think about it. it sattens my heart. affecting many of us. >> now, trance yigs, phase two
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of a renewal that will rebuild, but not restore. >> like someone has got cancer. and you've got to do it. right? >> and one concern from the county and residents who live nearby, dust from this ends and ef caveation, hence water they've been putting on the dust to keep it down. keeping pollution out of the air. so far, they say so good, they've been monitoring the air since two days after the fire. they say they have not been problems. from san bruno abc 7 news. >> and important milestone, thank you. officials discussed a blast during a hearing today on clismt government officials and representatives of energy-related companies testified about the safety of oil and gas pipelines all over the united states. and ntsb vice chairman called on better oversight programs to prevent disasters. >> i accompanied our investigators to san bruno.
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and the 28 foot section of pipe you can see in this picture was thrown 100 feet from where it was buried in the ground and it will be tested in our labs. >> and heart says the investigation is just beginning he expects owe fishes to focus on a number of factors including emergency response, as well as pipeline inspection and maintenance. >> a jury in san francisco handed down a guilty verdict today for the man accused of killing a police officer. dozens of police attended the hearing. they were there to support their fallen comrade officer burko and his family. a 24-year-old was found guilty of four counts. he and two others fled in the stolen car after a robbery on bay shore boulevard in july, 2006. he crashed into officer burko's car, killing the officer. >> and they came forward with a verdict based on the fact and evidence.
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and not just to protect police officers but citizens. and that is where i called a street here that night. >> this weing forrive you. you're just human. >> he will be sentenced next month. >> still ahead here tonight, proposition 23. putting fight on global warming on hold. a long awaited position sfaimt from meg whitman. >> get ready for toasty temperatures and i'm sandhya patel what. temperatures will be nearing triple digit mark coming up. >> and a ground breaking look at information in his tiniest possible form. we'll show you what is fit on we'll show you what is fit on an atom.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. increasingly intense governor's race. meg whitman says she opposes prop 23. republican ended weeks of speculation about where she stood on the measure. and so what does jerry brown say? mark matthews is live with a fund-raiser for brown being held on whitman's ballot. >> and we're here in atherton. that is where money s jerry brown is in a fund-raiser here with about 50 guests described as significant contribute yoirs. there was a bit of a protest.
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we've got tape to show you. they shot it about 15 minutes or so. then drove away. and the fund-raiser expected to raise undisclosed amount of cash. we may know, but the big news is meg whitman's decision to oppose prop 23. last week, meg whitman said she hadn't made up her mind mind on prop 23. suspending the global climate change law autos we'll come out with positions on all prob sigss probably in the next week to 10 day autos now, she's saying she'll vote against prop 23 rolling back carbon emissions standards as long as unemployment in california was above 5.5%. and she believes the state global warming laws are hurting more than helping. >> today in california only 1% of the jobs are green jobs. 99% are in the rest of the
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economy. while we newer tour green economy, we can't hurt the rest of the economy. >> whitman favors suspending green house gas laws for a year. >> we changed implementation schedule. so we don't hurt truckers and farmers. >> speaking in a solar installation company, brown said whitman's position makes no sense. >> this is what people hate about government. they can never keep going. >> brown told >> reporter:ers california has to send a clear message. >> you want to create certainty and a framework of confidence. so people will invest. >> and people are coming to invest in the brown campaign. tonight there is a recognized ron dear dgs den and gloria duffy and steve wesley come in. he himself ran for governor in
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2006 and lost in the democratic primary. and so far, we expect jerry brown any minute. >> thank you, mark. meg whitman took positions on other ballot measures today as well. prop 19 to legalize marijuana. she said no. prop 22 prohibiting state from borrowing local tax revenue, yes. prop 24 repeeling corporate tax benefits, too. -- no. and there is a link to the list for you at abc 7 and with just five and a half weeks to go before the election whit nan a dead heat 41% they're neck and neck among women voters and hispanic who's tend to vote democratic. >> first full day of fall. hot out there, too. >> yes. nice weather out there. warm up continues. >> absolutely today we saw a nice warm up.
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and this is nudging in comparison to what is still to come. we're going see temperatures soaring towards weekend and into monday. if you like steamy weather get ready for it. it's going to feel like summer. and we do get some warm fall weather here in the way bay area there. is a live picture from our emeryville camera. towards san francisco, clear skies. not expecting any fog tonight. numbers right now looking like this. 60s in beaches and 80s inland compared to 24 hours ago still running 14 degrees warmer in concord. 17 degrees warmer in livermore. mountain view up 7. novato up 14 degrees. heat builds over the weekend. hottest days sunday and monday. we're expecting warm beach weather as well. here is the satellite picture. high pressure is starting to develop. and it's going to strengthen over the next couple days. air mass warm as a result. temperatures startsing to coming up.
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so tomorrow, count on clear skies. sun is out early. air mass warms a good six to 12 degrees foremost locations. so 90s inland. 70s in beaches. just a pleasant day. not too uncomfortable yet. we head towards monday. heat peeks. we'll see temperatures near 100 along beaches we're going see numbers into 80s. tonight, count on a comfortable night. upper 40s to mid-50s with no fog or clouds. 87 for new san jose. 86 in cupertino. 84 in mountain view. if you don't like warm weather there is a place here to go. pacifica. half moon bay low to mid-70s. going to be pleasant beach weather for you. sunset district 74 degrees. downtown san francisco, 81, a warm day. north bay there is upper 80s,
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taking a look at stintson beach, low 70s, east bay communities 84 oakland. 85 in hercules. temperatures inland in a narrow range mainly low 90ses around fairfield. a warm afternoon in santa cruz. 87 degrees. and here is the accu-weather forecast. gets warm. fall-like weather here, it's low to mid 90s inland. low 70s in beaches. hottest days sunday through tuesday. mid to upper 90s, mid to upper 70s in beaches. mid week time period, temperatures don't fall very much. not until thursday we see a noticeable cooling beginning at the coast inland. >> we can fall and summer heat. >> right. >> just ahead tonight bad guys on bikes in berkeley.
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>> cracking down on two wheeled safety offenders coming up next. [ fema announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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vineyards. three european grape have been trapped and the state agriculture has propose aid quarantine. it would require fruits and farm equipment to be inspected. and this grape moth has been found in six other california counties. >> and there is bike riders in berkeley, beware. police are cracking down on cyclists who don't obey traffic laws. police say it's about safety. and some say it's just not fair. this is as if they didn't see the stop sign. one cyclist after the next, after the next. and rolling right through. today in berkeley, ignoring this brought a sound no cyclist wants or expects to hear.
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>> i stopped you for going through the stop sign. a crack down in bike safety. cyclists felt like there was neither let alone a break from police. >> the city is conductive. we have a lot of collisions. >> and over 26 years there have been four fatal accidents. might not sound like much. bus bu police say in all four it's cyclists at fault. >> we're hoping to educate and enforce bicyclists riding hazardously. we want people to slow down at intersections to look both ways. >> in two hours, police issued 19 pick tik yits. and it's a moving violation same as driving a car and can come with a hefty price tag up to $200. >> this is a cyclist. does it seem fair to you? >> no. >> it's about time.
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they're subject to the same laws and should be stopping at stop signs and yielding. >> this year 129 have been injured on berkeley streets. but whether the crack down is worth it depends on which side of the handle bars you sit. >> and still to come tonight at 6:30 a break through from silicon value yeechl a mystery with implexs for the future of technology. >> surviving breast cancer. a report indicates mammograms may not be as effective as you may have thought. may have thought. >> and there is health greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24.
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prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities. yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break... not the big corporations. you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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good evening once again. a break through on a tiny subject. researchers at ibm are studying behaviors of atoms
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and what they're finding could change competing as we know it. here is car rena rusk. >> reporter: this scientist will tell you it takes a big machine to study small matters of great importance. this highly refined, scanning tunneling microscope allows them to study behavior of atoms. >> single atoms are the smallest thing you're going to do engineering with. >> they were part of a team developing a break through technique just publishing research in the journal science z have ability to record the behavior inside atoms spinning at incredible speeds that. unlocked a mystery of how long information stays in a single atom. >> this is roughly one nanno
6:30 pm
second. it's a billionth of a second. >> and this scab scanning, tunneling microscope could move atoms. they used a model to show what happens. >> this is by chasing another close to it this increase goes through. >> they're enadvising storage that sounds like science fiction. keep in mind this can hold a thousand times more information than this hard trif invented in 1966. implexs of the ibm research range from an increase in the number of songs and movies on your ipod to a quantum leap in solar technology. >> there will be a cool and prototype may end up in product. >> it's been working on this project 12 years.
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and this gives people a break at what is possible on atom storage. and abc 7 news. >> a study says many may not save as many lives as experts thought. the study in norway looked at dailta from more than 40,000 women in 50s and 06s and found it only only reduced the death rate by only 10%. >> benefits of early detection have become not as critical in the face of good treatment. this isn't that screening doesn't have benefits but it's less in the face of optimal treatment. >> the study points out awareness campaign is another reason why fewer women are dying from it. >> there first phase of health
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care reform, major changes in the system affecting nearly every family in america. with how one family will benefit here is terry mcsweeney. >> that is 2-year-old violet. her life has been a struggle because of a violent type of epilepsy. >> it's horrible. she doesn't breathe. she turns blue. and we don't know if she's going come out of it adding to that fear, astronomical medical bills. >> she's two and gone through a quarter that have. >> and we'd likely would have had to file bankruptcy. and would have lost our home. and would have had to relie on help from family. >> now, in a that won't be necessary. as of today insurance companies can no longer set a dollar limit over the course of a lifetime on hospital stays or benefits. other changes include adults
6:33 pm
under 26 will now be covered by their parents employer-based health insurance. >> preventative services like vaccinations and mammograms must be covered under new plans, existing plans remain as is. >> people don't realize how important sit until it happens to them. >> and they say the reform will save them from bankruptcy, and as you heard from losing their homes. >> republicans are vowing to repeel the health care plan. in a lumber yard today, house g.o.p. leaders unveiled their agenda for they're calling a pledge to america. and hoping to turn november vote into a referendum on president obama and policies of the democrats. >> to create jobs we need to end uncertainty for job creators and spending spree in washington, reform congress itself.
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>> and this calls for making tax cuts permanent and ending federal stimulus program. democrats dismissed this plan. >> president obama today called on world leaders to unite in an effort to find peace in the middle east. and mr. obama urged leader as tending un general assembly to move past years of pessimism and press forward towards peace. the challenge is just weeks after he helped relaunch peace talks between israelies and palestinians. >> if an agreement snot reached, palestinians will never know pride that comes with their own state. and israelies will never know security that come was neighbors who are committed to close it. >> and the president also extended an olive branch to iran over its nuclear program but later mahmoud ahmadinejad
6:35 pm
closed the door, defending his country's program accusing the u.s. of building up it's nuclear arsenal. >> i would like here to propose that the year 2011 be pro claimed a year of nuclear disarmment and nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none. >> members of several delegations walked out on mahmoud ahmadinejad when he said the united states had staged the september 11th attacks to ensure public support for israel. >> sarah shourd freed from jail last week hoped to meet with mahmoud ahmadinejad today and wants to win the release of their fiancee and their friend from a prison in tehran. they were taken into custody last year. today on the oprah show shourd called an innocent mistake saying they were there to learn about kurdish culture. >> investigators said sair yat investigation is over.
6:36 pm
and he said, you know, i could continue asking questions but we've been told the investigation is finished and at this point it's become political. and it doesn't matter if you're innocent or not this, is bigger than you shourd spent 14 months in solitary confinement. they she was released last week for humanitarian and health reason autos moving on to money scope headlines. signs of weakness in real estate. national association of reality tores said sales of existing homes rose, still, the second worst month for home sales in more than a decade. stock prices closed lower after an unexpected increase in first time unemployment claims. and hundreds of blockbuster stores are expected to close now that the company filed for bankruptcy protection. there are 3300 stores, 25,000 employies and a million and a
6:37 pm
half dollars of debt. and this graph shows confidence level bay area business owners have in the kmofr the past four years. this is down this time but most say conditions are the same. or moderately better. >> a bay area man takes a swing at selling a baseball collection. >> home run stockpile of celebrity signatures h h h h h h
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a unique subspecies of the great gray owl has been discovered in yosemite national park. scientists observed behavior yil differences, including differences in migration patterns, prey preference and nest site selection. that is strongly indicates this subspecies has been ice
6:41 pm
yol yait forward a long time. and this is also found in asia and europe. >> beautiful bird. >> and with celebrity and fame come obligations, among them, autographs. some sign all kinds of things but as wayne freedman found out a man had a better idea. >> we're about to show you the difference between filing and piling. >> there is a pool table under this. >> and there is bob, definitely a piler. and that means multiple layers of piles. >> there was a party here. and this would not believe the difference. >> looks like you never cleaned up. >> that is a thought. >> if you look, you'll find the theme. concept baseball season never ends.
6:42 pm
>> there is 6400 autographed baseballs. ted williams, babe ruth. >> he bought that ball. >> but the rest is personal reqeefts post office love td me. >> he thod throe in a poety kind kindly asking they'd add them selfs to his collection. >> did you send these because? >> they're different but now, there is a twist. after three decades and 6400 signatures bob decided to put the collection up for sale. >> how can you watch this go? >> i'd tlik see it maybe in vegas or somewhere where i can visit it. >> bob estimates they might be worth millions if kept intact.
6:43 pm
it's so complete and quirky. he took a shot at john wayne, and got him, then, john wayne bobbit. >> i got the generation covered. >> covered. >> and filed we might add. and not piled. >> and remarkable. >> good stuff. that is neat. >> coming up next michael loug gas returns to wall street. >> fools make money and get slaughtered.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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follow up to michael douglas's "wall street" opens to. "money never sleeps" is part two, 0 plus years later. so, any good?
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>> he's spent eight years in prison for living the live. you remember gordon gecko and what he seed greed is good. now, it seems it's bell. everybody is drinking the same kool aid. >> he's back as gecko out with a new book. is greed good? this is a new generation. and a a cast looking like a giant cnbc promo. >> your show is a big, big hit in the can you watched knit prison? >> your show? and a lot of others. >> that name doesn't mean anything. >> her last name is gecko. she can't stand they are dad h is a film about nan nip laigs, stock, control and human emotion. he says he wants to reunite with his daughter. >> i learned in jail is that
6:48 pm
money is not the primary time of live. time is. >> oliver stone created stunning images and boy, is it topical. >> easy to get n hard to get out. >> is that a threat? >> absolutely. >> it's filled with monetary mantras. and just like stock market fluctuates, so, too, net worth of the film z there is a cop out hollywood ending. still, very to give it three quarters of a bucket. >> that looks fun. >> another check on the forecast. >> yes. >> and it looks great. especially if you want to head to the beach. mendocino, sunny skies,
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monterey low to mid-70s. heading up forwards redding area this is going to get hot. low to upper 90s in redding. sacramento low to mid-90s, plenty of sunshine there. and there is tahoe, upper 70s to low 80s. there is yosemite low to mid-90s and sunny. and it's going hold here as well. very warm over the next couple days. hottest weather coming sunday through tuesday with temperatures approaching triple digit mark. >> all right. woah, nely. a shake up
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join me tonight at 9:00, two plains come close to disaster as fed investigators have seen. another plane roars by. >> then at 11:00 there is new plans for going green. a rule going beyond anything we've seen so far is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> and on owe to sports. major news about the warriors. >> don nelson. >> yes. a plan for going smart. >> yes. >> he's going to resign as warriors head coach with an announcement expected to come by monday. and helly going to get $6 million left on his contract. the new owner wants a fresh start. nelson revitalized this franchise and says friction with many players. i was told he might rent a blimp with aloha nellie on it. there is also believed gm will stay on. he's had a good off season. and there is giants, call them schizophrenic. after scoring two runs they're up for 11 runs in three innings. and this is styling and
6:54 pm
profiling in wrigley. there is a two-run homer. giants up, bases loaded. uribe again. here it comes there. it goes. grand slam. number 22. a nine-run inning for giants. and the the carnage continues. buster posey is out of here, giants fans had a good night and got that ball with a huge lead. there is highlights courtesy of comcast. giants goring to win. and giants will be tied with them pending outcome of the late game. blue jays slugger hit his league-leading 50th homer of the year.
6:55 pm
and is he the just pujols? he reached 200 hits for the year hitting 200 for 10 seasons only other guy to do that is pete rose. and there is bruce gradcowski taking snaps for sill skprer black, status can change. jason campbell started first two games. and he brings a tangible energy to the offense. he knows in order to hang on he's going to have to keep making play autos i was excited. and this is no reason to be excited just yet this, is a long condition. i'm just getting excited. just going to take it one week at a time. >> and there is stanford rolling up 68 points.
6:56 pm
and there is stanford 3-0. and there is stanford figuring that too much firepower or irish stanford lost in south bend. >> i got to travel very much and has a lot of football history. and there is rudy so it will be an hon dwror play there. >> cal coming off a 21 point loss. take together road opening pac-10 play saturday night. tough game against arizona. >> nevada had a great environment and we're going get that and we know different quarterback in arizona. he's not a big runner. so more conventional. and so hopefully we'll do a
6:57 pm
better job. >> there is a lot of big games this week. >> yes. >> and that is fun, fun times ahead. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> stay connected 24-7. there are top seven stories you'll see there now. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. think like a fashionista.
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shop like a maxxinista. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities. yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break... not the big corporations.
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