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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 25, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ in the news this saturday morning, september 25th, cellphone video captures a san jose police officer's attempt to scare a teen straight but did he go too far. the case has the top brass rewriting the rule books. and this weekend the effort to begin to clean up the san bruno neighborhood leveled by the gas explosion. >> good morning. skies are clear. mid-50s north bay and 60s downtown. looking at a big warm-up over the weekend. >> good morning, everyone. i'm theresa garcia. a san jose police officer who intended to scare a teenager has the department's top brass rewriting the code of conduct for officers who get involved with people they know.
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it all began with a fake arrest recorded on cellphone video. it has led to a police department internal investigation plus a district attorney's investigation. we have the video and the cases shows juveniles so we blurred out their faces to protect the identities. >> the father of a 15-year-old boy accused of having sex with a san jose police officer's stepdaughter secretly took this cellphone video on august 30th. he gave it to our media partner, the san jose mercury news. and we showed it to the independent police auditor. she couldn't excellent directly because she's looking into all the allegations but did pinpoint two policies in the department manual that should be scrutinized. >> when an officer is on duty or is off duty, that officers will avoid becoming officially involved in quarrels or disputes
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occurring in their own neighborhoods. >> the other is an article that deals with an officer's code of conduct involving personal feelings. the teenager's parents insist the officer was out of line that night. >> does not bode well. know what that means? no. not a good thing. the person, the cop's daughter. >> but the officer's attorney paints a different picture, one of a concerned father who was actually given permission by the boy's parents to use scare straight tactics. >> at no time do you hear the parents of the young man objecting, getting upset, crying. so the video is absolutely exculpatory from the cop's perspective. >> the attorney even points to this moment when the father speaks to his son while he's cuffed. >> his department in the
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meantime is reviewing the duty manual which does not make specific mention of this type of behavior. >> we determined that there should be probably a very specific section that addresses this. several versions into actually creating one. >> sergeant lopez says the officer may have violated more than just those two policies. he is currently on administrative leave. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> the first execution of a new lethal injection procedure is scheduled for one minute after midnight wednesday morning. pending any last-minute appeals, albert brown will be put to death inside san quentin's new death chamber and he has a choice how his life will end by 6:00 this evening. he can be excused by a three-drug combination as used in the past or a dose of a sedative sodium pentothal. >> barring any last-minute appeals, executions will resume
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at san quentin prison next week. albert brown is scheduled to receive a lethal injection one minute past midnight wednesday morning. a victim's rights group citizens against homicide says it's about time. >> truth in sentencing needs to happen. and i think that moving forward so that these families can have some sort of closure is a positive thing. >> it will be california's first execution in nearly five years. a federal judge gave the go-ahead now that prison officials have complied with his order. they built a roomier death chamber and revised how the execution team is selected and trained. >> given that brown's attorneys bear the burden of coming in with evidence that there's about to be an unconstitutional execution, he finds that the evidence is just not there and there's no reason that he can find legally to bar this execution. >> albert brown was convicted of raping and murdering 15-year-old susan jordan of riverside county
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30 years ago. brown grabbed her, tied a shoelace around her neck and pulled her into an orange grove. later that night brown called jordan's mother telling her you'll never see your daughter again. jordan's family is counting on next week's execution. they say their 30-year wait has been long enough. >> we're a christian family. we believe we will see susan again and so will he. >> supporters of brown aren't giving up. attorneys with the aclu are helping with the legal challenges. >> there's much more litigation to come. much more legal chaos to come. all the more reason why we need to stop these proceedings. the stakes here really are too high and there are too many unanswered questions for this to continue. >> lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> monday attorneys will ask a marin county judge for a temporary restraining order suspending execution. they will also be taking their case to the 9th circuit court of appeals. there are 708 people on death row in california. 690 of them are men, all at san
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quentin. 18 women are waiting for fair execution at the women's facility. governor schwarzenegger wants to amend the law so workers can't work as home caregivers. wants to make it illegal to work in the home healthcare program which provides care to the eld lid or disabled. while some say a person's past doesn't affect their ability to provide care, the governor says they pose a grave threat to vulnerable people. >> the equivalent of saying to a rapist or murderer come into my grandmother's home and take care of them. >> criminal background doesn't prevent them from providing good care for an individual like myself. >> state documents show there are 210 violent felons either working in the program or have applied for a job. cleanup is in full swing this weekend in the heart of a san bruno disaster zone. 29 of the 35 residents who lost their homes have signed a liability waiver which includes the guarantee they won't have
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any out of pocket expenses. pg&e says it will ultimately pick up the estimated $60,000 cost per house. the cleanup is being done according to strict environmental regulations. and as crews clean up the debris, many say good-bye to three victims of the fire. near 1,000 mourners paid tribute to three generations of one family yesterday. amy holyfield shares the story of the bullis family. (playing taps) >> almost a thousand people gathered to remember three members of the family. 85-year-old levon, her 50-year-old son greg and his 17-year-old son will. >> they lived here where one another, lived in the community. played together, laughed together. pretty great family. touched a lot of lives. >> the church and the neighborhood ran out of parking spaces. the buses ferried people from the parking lot at milless high
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school. outdoor seating and speakers were provided to handle the large crowd. >> friends remembered greg's sense of humor saying he was always playing practical jokes on people. his son will was a senior at mills high school and a youth deacon at church. he was remembered for his gentle presence and 85-year-old levon was described as a warm and patient woman who served as a deacon at church. friends say surviving members of the family at times feel overwhelmed by grief. >> they don't have anything to go by as far as how to just handle the normal sorting issues when it comes to the death of a loved one. everything was literally consumed in the fire. >> the family decided to keep the funeral private. but did step outside to watch members of the marine corps honor greg who served in the navy. (gunfire) >> the coroner's office wasn't
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able to confirm the deaths of the bullis family members until wednesday of this week, nearly two weeks after the fire, bringing the death toll to seven. in burlingame, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. congresswoman jackie spear wants to increase the federal government's rule in overseeing pipeline safety. the democrat plans to unveil her proposal near the scene of the tragic gas line explosion on monday. the proposed law would require automatic or remote shutoff valves on some transmission lines, give homeowners more information about the location and condition of pipelines as well as emergency plans. governor schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have required ski resorts to report fatal accidents. the governor issued a statement saying many ski resorts are on forest land and are already required to provide accident reports. another bill coauthored by another state senator required
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children to wear helmets on the slopes. the governor signed that one but since it was contingent on the either bill, neither becomes law. up next, the government wants to collect your old prescription drug before someone gets their hands on them. up next a reminder what you can do today to make sure that doesn't happen. also more on the frightening bank robbery in which the bad guys never hadadadadad [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacion, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it.
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would be blown up. >> once he was able to secure the money with the assistance of the branch manager, he gave it to the two individuals waiting in the parking lot. he was ordered back into the bank and the individuals left in a red mustang. >> this is the teller with police after the heist. f.b.i. investigators are sense cleared him and released him after hours of questioning. the drug enforcement agency is hoping that you can help solve a serious problem by taking action today. the dea says many prescription drugs end up being abused by friends or family or they're stolen so today is designated as the one day you can drop off your unused prescription medication at police and sheriff's offices around the bay. michael finney will have details in his "7 on your side" report in 30 minutes. we have a list of the participating agencies on our website. it's just click on the "see it on tv" section. all right. i think we're looking for a warm-up. you're delivering, right?
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>> our first weekend of autumn. wouldn't you know, clear skies, temperatures mid-50s in the north bay. lower 60s san francisco. sun's up at 7:02. plenty of that today. how hot will it get? stay tuned. i'll let now next. >> even though it may be warm, there's a warning to stay out of this watsonville lake and we'll tell you why next. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you ma it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into sometng tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here w. hod you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announc ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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>> a high definition look from our cameras in emeryville. this is the cool before the warm-up we like to say because inland it could be in the 90s
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pushing upward there. higher than average temperatures for this first weekend of fall. looking pretty good and lisa argen is going to detail all the changes coming up. a warning to those who go to pinta lake because of an algy bloom. people should avoid swimming in the lake. the toxin in the blue-green algae has caused deaths in dogs in the country. it typically occurs in august or september when the weather warms up, and it can last into november when winter storms flush the lake or the cold chills off the algae. so doesn't look like the algae's going anywhere this weekend. it's warm. >> that's right. typically our warmest weather in san francisco this time of year. so we've been waiting, right, all summer long. we have a very warm weekend ahead. the heat continues to build day by day. a live look outside from ballmer
5:18 am
peak this morning. and we were looking at a clear sky all across the bay. so no fog to speak of and we'll have a light offshore flow but no fire advisories or watches at this time. maybe by monday when we see the cumulative effects of the heat over the next several days. could see a heat advisory. but for right now we're running warm in some parts of the bay area. in the 60s, 60 mountain view, 69 los gatos. don't know if i believe this one here. probably 60 in san francisco, 59 oakland. mainly in the lower 50s around the bay. and we will be looking for a quick warm-up today with temperatures 24 hours ago. a little cooler. in fact 6 degrees warmer san francisco, 7 degrees warmer in mountain view with 4 degrees warming since yesterday at this time in san jose. here are our highlights. even warmer today, holding steady tomorrow as the weak trough approaches from the northwest. that will allow for probably the
5:19 am
warmest day to be today and peak heat on monday when temperatures could perhaps head into the triple digits in some areas. so right now air quality for today pretty good around the bay. in the north bay along the coast. but as you head inland and down by the santa clara valley, we're looking at poor air quality. spare the air day today. be careful out there. not a good idea to mow the lawn. if you have to do that, do that early. 3 to 6 degrees of warming, 70s at our coast. a weak sea breeze today, just about 5 mph. so that should keep temperatures from getting too, too warm but notice 80s around the bay. plenty of 90s north bay, south bay and our east bay valleys. so high pressure building in from the great basin. this will allow warm weather today. very little sea breeze. then we do have a system that is to the north and west of us. that wants to come in tomorrow. it won't, but it just holds the
5:20 am
ridge in place, not allow for any warmer conditions. in fact, it will bring a brief pause to our warming trend tomorrow. maybe a patch of fog in the morning. so we will be looking at the ridge to rebuild then on monday. high temperatures today 91 in san jose. look for 92 in saratoga, 89 sunnyvale, redwood city 89. the fogfest in pacifica with sunny skies, 74 there. 84 downtown, nice afternoon in the city and the north bay getting quite warm through napa, 94 there. 95 sonoma and cloverdale. 87 berkeley, hayward for you today, 91 castro valley and over the hills plenty of mid-90s for livermore, pittsburgh. 96 pleasanton and down by the monterey bay 80 at the coast there and 96 in gilroy. the accu-weather seven-day forecast just as hot tomorrow and then by monday probably another 5 degrees of warming and after that only looking at a gradual cooldown.
5:21 am
so all through september which ends on thursday looking above normal. so if you like this kind of weather, it's gonna be warm for a little while. >> like you said, we were waiting for it most of the summer. here it comes! thanks, lisa. even though they played last night, jam packed, 64,000 people filled at&t park for a night at the opera. ♪ >> people of all ages filled the stands and the field as the san francisco opera's performance of ida played on the stadium's giant video screen. this is the fifth time the opera has simulcast one of its performances to the ballpark. the giants continue their playoff chase in colorado after getting off to great start in denver last night. rick explains. >> good morning. both the giants and padres won.
5:22 am
san francisco still a half game lead over san diego. team struggles at the plate but tim lincecum was just about perfect on the mound. stuart in the fifth. lincecum had a perfect game through five. the rockies got to them in the 6th. a two-out single. the giants would answer in the 7th. pat burrell connects and no doubt two-run shot to left, his 17th put san francisco on top to stay. lincecum good his 15th victory striking out nine over eight innings. the rockies fall four and a half back. catching texas just about gone. oakland finally gets on the board with this two-out single. mark ellis comes in but the rangers would erupt for a five-run 7th with the bases loaded.
5:23 am
guerrero hits a solo shot. the rangers can clinch the west with a victory this afternoon. tomorrow in kansas city, the 49ers hope to claim their first one win in the season. despite being 0-2, san francisco comes in a slight favorite. that's because of their monday night showing against the saints. the offense came to life and came so close to upsetting the san francisco champs. they prepare for the unbeaten chiefs. >> what i said before, it's a building block. a step in the right direction. can't get overconfident. >> next week warriors insist keith smart is expected to replace don nelson as head coach. but yesterday no talk of baseball as smart and reggie williams met with victims of the san bruno fire. smart knows firsthand what they're going through. 1995 he lost a home in indiana
5:24 am
when a fire destroyed his entire neighborhood. taking on philadelphia for the professional soccer league championship. tiffany millbrent put on a clinic at reading elementary in san francisco. chicago defender natalie spillgear teamed up to work with kids from the local american scores chapter. american scores is an afterschool program that uses soccer to help students in urban communities. mike shumann has this preview. >> players four, sent in! left side! and it's in! >> the f. c. gold pride were regular season champions with a 16-3-5 record and got it before hosting the championship game. >> it's been a great season. we're glad we can host. can rest up and get ready for the big game. >> i think it's definitely an advantage for us and the fact we
5:25 am
get some good recovery which is good because people have some injuries that you want to heal up. >> how do you go from worst to first in one year? >> i that i we really have put in the hard work all season long. but it's the combination of different plays and different types of personality that is make it happen. having that variety i think is a winning combination. >> the best player in the world doesn't hurt either. led the league with 19 goals and 24 games and was named mvp for the second year in a row. >> just what she brings on and off the field. her work ethic and desire to compete and be the best. never come across a player like that in a men's or women's game. >> her english is limited but she knows where she's headed on sunday. >> i'm very excited for the championship game. >> time for us to paint our masterpiece. i think we're going to do that in the finals. >> in hayward, mike shumann, abc
5:26 am
7 sports. >> lots of college football today including oregon state at boise state. you can watch that contest at abc 7 at 5:00. be sure to stick around for after the game for all the scores and highlights. that's sports for our saturday morning. i'm rick qwan. >> next at 5:30, a story that is only on 7. two alameda county court workers are caught by authorities taking bribes in a ticket-fixing investigation. our vic lee reports on their arrest. why one@t@t@t@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@ú@úú
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and eliminates odors at their source better than febreze. so now a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. for tips on a healthy home, visit ♪ we begin with a story you'll see only on 7. two alameda court employees are under arrest accused of fixing tickets in exchange for cash. vic lee reports from fremont. >> juan hernandez was arrested in late august after deputies
5:29 am
and say he got caught in a sting set up by the sheriff's office in the fremont courthouse. a woman they're not identifying came up to the traffic window to pay a ticket. a source says it was a large fine. deputies and say hernandez offered to fix the ticket and return for cash. instead she reported the bribe offer. according to sources familiar with what happened, the deputies and gave the woman marked bills. one source tells us they were $100 bills. the woman then handed the money over to hernandez as deputies and watched. >> this is sheriff's spokesman j. d. melton. >> that person did in fact go forward and do that, had their record taken care of, basically a third less what it would have cost. >> chavez was arrested after an investigation was launched to see who else may have been involved. >> after we arrested mr. hernandez they did an audit
5:30 am
and found discrepancies. >> alameda county court administrators declined our request for an interview. they said according to judicial cannons of ethics and other restrictions were unable to comment on pending cases and related personnel issues. but appropriate administrative actions have been taken. >> how widespread it is. >> hernandez is charged with accepting a bribe, embezzlement and grand theft. chavez is also charged with embezzlement and grand theft. the big question now is just how widespread were these bribes and are they occurring in other courthouses. that is the focus of the investigation. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> well, san jose police chief is considering developing new
5:31 am
rules for his officers on how they interact with people they know. the call for new policies stems from this cellphone video. it shows an officer confronting a 15-year-old boy who had sex with the officer's 14-year-old stepdaughter. the boy's father secretly took the video and shared it with our media partner the san jose mercury news. the officer even handcuffed the youth. san jose's independent police automaticor is pinpointing two policies that should be scrutinized while the officer's lawyer insist the boy's parents gave him permission to use scared straight tactics. >> when an officer is on duty or off duty, that officers will avoid becoming officially involved in quarrels or disputes occurring in their own neighborhood. >> no time do you hear the parents objecting, getting upset, crying. so the video is absolutely exculpatory from the cop's perspective. >> the officer remains on
5:32 am
administrative leave. the santa clara district attorney is also reviewing this case. a judge has now temporary suspended criminal proceedings against the man aus cooed of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her prisoner for 18 years. her client may be mentally incompetent to participate in his defense. garrido faces charges include be rape and false imprisonment in the 1991 disappearance of dugard. >> what we're talking about here is whether or not a citizen is making -- able to make a decision about his case. um, when somebody wants to either go to trial for crazy reasons or wants to not go to trial for crazy reasons, that person is not competent. >> the judge said he based his decision on talks with garrido's attorney and observing the defendant in court over the past few months; however, he did not hold proceedings against garrido's wife nancy.
5:33 am
killers and rapists can provide in-home care for those you love. now they want to prevent them from working as home care providers in california. >> they are some of california's most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and disabled who need state-subsidized in-home care. but hundreds of those caregivers have violent pasts. >> you can burn someone's house down? >> yes. >> murder somebody? >> yes. >> rape a three-year-old? >> yes. >> schwarzenegger wants background checks for service workers. he got that last year. data identified 1,000 convicted felons working or seeking jobs in the program. 800 were required but 200 continued to work because a court subsequently ruled the state can only disqualify those who committed just three specific crimes. physical child abuse, not sexual, elderly abuse, and defrauding public assistance
5:34 am
programs. there are still 70,000 workers needing background are checks. >> when you're talking about a population of people extremely vulnerable and in their own homes, of course it's concerting that people with criminal backgrounds could have contact with them. >> privacy laws prevent authorities from telling the elderly and disabled the caregiver has committed a violent or financial crime. but the union representing in-homeworkers say out of 400,000 caregivers, 200 is a small number. while the crimes do sound scary, john wilkins say two of his providers had criminal pasts and did a good job. >> someone's criminal background does not prevent them for providing good care for an individual like myself. >> the governor has only sent a letter to the legislature demanding a fix for the system. >> have a rapist or murderer come to my grandmother's home and take care of them. >> they're in a bind knowing a violent felon's past and not
5:35 am
being able to legally fire or deny them employment. in sacramento, nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> exceedian steven colbert testified on capitol hill yesterday about his brief experience as a migrant farm worker. he delivered his testimony in character. >> after working with these men and women picking beans, packing corn for hours on end side by side in the unforgiving sun, i have to say -- and i do mean this sincerely -- please don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. >> he was asked to testify based on his one day's experience working on a farm as part of the united farm workers take our jobs campaign. it was meant to show few americans would do the work that migrant farm workers do. the bill creates a path way for citizenship for illegal immigrants and the senate is tracking another version. congress could take up the version after the election. no plans to make any arrests at
5:36 am
this time after a series of raids in different locations in chicago, minneapolis. the teaches are part of a terrorism investigation. eric hong with our sister station in chicago tells us more. >> there was no answer tonight at this condo where this man lives with his wife and young daughter. but he was here at dawn when the f.b.i. came knocking. >> seven to ten f.b.i.'s. it took three hours, five hours. taking friends of friends investigating. >> seen here in a 2006 abc 7 interview is the executive director of the arab american action network, a chicago-based community group which has been a critic of u.s. support of israel. >> it's our tax dollars to support israel's invasion of lebanon and occupation of palestinian. >> very nice guy. go to work, comes home. typical american life. wife, family, that's it. never seen nothing suspicious. >> the f.b.i. isn't saying much,
5:37 am
only that its actions today are part of an ongoing investigation into activities supporting terrorism. a search warrant was also executed at the northwest side home of stephanie winer and joseph osbaker working as a student. >> we're being singled out for intimidation. >> we feel this is about harassment and silencing the voice of people who are angry about what's happened in countries like afghanistan or countries like iraq. >> the f.b.i. also raided five homes and an office in minneapolis. at least three belong to local anti-war activists, including jeff's son that organized this large demonstration during the convention. they took her cellphone and passport but she denies supporting terrorism. >> i have met with columbian rebels in columbia. political support to campaigns to get our government out.
5:38 am
>> and that was eric hong reporting from chicago. agents also served two of the activists with subpoenas calling them to testify before a grand jury next month. sarah shourd says she feels hopeful and optimistic after meeting in person with the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. yesterday she was able to make a personal plea for the release of her fiancee shane bauer and their friend josh fattal from an iranian prison. the three cal graduates were arrested while hiking near the iraqi/iran border and accused of spying. >> important for me to be able to tell him my story directly. i'm thankful and hopeful it will make a difference for shane and josh. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad did not comment publicly after their meeting. she spent 14 months in solitary confinemen! and was released seven days ago for health and humanitarian reasons. here in the bay area i believe the mercury's rising. >> had a spare the air day today. 8 degrees warmer than average
5:39 am
yesterday. today another 3 to 7 degrees of warming. where will it stop in stay tuned. i'll have your hot autumn forecast coming up. >> we'll update you on the effort tooooooooooooooooooooooox
5:40 am
♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors.
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explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today. >> good morning, everyone, as you wake up with us saturday morning. another high definition look, this time from atop our station here along the embarcadero. you see the bay bridge in the background. the water looks so still there in the bay. today's quite a phenomenal autumn weekend. we're having a warm-up from the coast to inland and our meteorologist lisa argen will detail all that for you coming up. meanwhile heavy rains in venezuela have caused flooding and landslides of that killed several people. several streets were blocked by a river of mud that carried away cars and anything in its path. venezuela television says a
5:42 am
house collapsed from the flooding and that caused a break in the city's pipeline. the river overflowed the banks in the city triggers the evacuations from dozens of residents. a different picture from here. >> temperatures warmer than yesterday. hold steady tomorrow and our warmest day should be monday. so as we head into this first weekend of fall, very warm temperatures. you got a piece of that yesterday where temperatures climb into the 80s downtown. we saw plenty of 90s around the bay. today starting out fog-free. numbers in the 50s in the north bay. kind of cool there but elsewhere we're much more mild. fremont 67. 60 mountain view with lower 60s in san francisco. 50 napa and novato with some upper 40s along the coast. with those longer autumn nights, the sun coming up at 7:00. we'll get into that warming by about the 8:00 hour. quick warm-up today. yesterday we were 6 degrees cooler. so already starting out much warmer in santa rosa, mountain
5:43 am
view and san jose. we're on our way to a warmer day today. our highlights then, temperatures will climb another 5 degrees or so holding steady tomorrow as a trough of low pressure in the gulf of alaska wants to knock this ridge a little bit. not gonna move much. rebuild monday bringing warmer temperatures, may be triple digit heat and a few records on monday. today air quality goes down in the east bay, especially the santa clara valley so spare the air day still with good air quality around the bay but give us another couple of days of this hot, hot weather and the cumulative effects of the heat will probably bring some heat advisories on monday. so starting out with clear conditions. we're in the 60s so it won't take long until we warm up. in fact, we'll see plenty of 70s around the coast today. very light sea breeze is forecasted for the late afternoon. talking maybe 5 mph. so with that we'll keep numbers comfortable here at our coast so you don't have to head very far
5:44 am
inland until you climb into the 80s. so plenty of 80s around the bay and 90s for much of the bay area. so large-scale ridge building into the pacific northwest and that's allowing for much warming today. it's gonna continue through the weekend although this trough of low pressure in the gulf of alaska will pause it just a bit. so fairly similar temperatures tomorrow, maybe even a patch of fog along the shoreline for the early morning hours and then we'll rebuild that ridge for monday. 92 in campbell. look for 90 cupertino today. around milpitas, a warm afternoon. numbers upper 80s from menlo park with 90 palo alto. fog-free conditions for the fogfest, half moon bay. 75. san francisco warming through the 80s with 84 for you. 76 the sunset district. mild conditions to bodega bay to stinson beach so quite the beach weather. 92 petaluma.
5:45 am
near east bay look for upper 80s around bait for richmond, 87 hayward to 90 union city and our inland valleys another warm day with danville at 94. pleasanton 96 and monterey bay warming to 90 with santa cruz 92 degrees. the accu-weather seven-day forecast very warm today. tomorrow look for the heat to peak on monday with just some gradual cooling. may see a patch of fog here and there but overall we're not going to really get into major cooling until the middle to the end of next week. >> i thought that was amusing, too, the fogfest this weekend and this. pretty rare. >> usually late september you see the clear skies in the city. >> they can enjoy it. sounds good. thanks, lisa. bart service should be back to normal after a train struck a deer on the tracks outside the pleasant hill bart station late last night. the 10:45 incident damaged the
5:46 am
train enough to stop at the next station and transfer the passengers to another train. the service delayed 45 minutes. a replacement train connected directly to the damaged one so passengers didn't actually have to go outside. the train has since been moved to a service yard. the effort to save 74 stranded pilot whales stranded since wednesday on a remote new zealand beach has had little success. volunteers saved 14 whales by trucking them elsewhere and sending them back into deep water. two died in transit, seven more were euthanized after they quickly beached themselves again. scientists haven't been able to determine why the whales and dolphins frequently strand themselves in new zealand during migration in and out of the waters. we have "7 on your side" up next. >> police say never hang on to your old medicines. i'm michael finney ahead on
5:47 am
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>> heads up, everybody, you're in store for a nice autumn weekend from the coast to inland areas where we'll certainly be much hotter. if you're taking a live look from our rooftop along the embarcadero, light traffic now. things could pick up quite a bit when people probably decide to head outdoors and enjoy the day today. actress lindsay lohan is out of jail after spending less than 12 hours behind bars for violating her probation by failing a drug test. she was able to post $300,000 bail and walk out of jail last night after her attorney successful successfully challenged the judge's order she be without bail until her next hearing. a different judge overturned it last night.
5:50 am
it was the third trip to the los angeles jail facility since her 2007 drug driving case. she still must wear an ankle bracelet and stay away from places serving alcohol. her next court date? october 22nd. police and drug agents say unused medicine is on the streets where it's used or sold. they're opening their doors just today in fair first nationwide day to take back your unused prescriptions. the details now from 7 on your side's michael finney. >> pills, pills and more pills. we use $250 billion worth every year. most americans have been prescribed at least some kind of medication and often they don't take every pill in the bottle. >> i still have a lot of it that i'm holding on to in case i need it one day. (laughter) >> one of the reasons people hold on to that stuff is that -- i'm not sure people actually believe that the sell
5:51 am
by date on that stuff. >> muscle relaxers. just pain medication, you know, from a surgery. >> some painkiller that i got to the dentist that was two years old. but i put it in the garbage. that was probably wrong, right? >> drugs that are not properly disposed of may wind up in our water supply or landfill. however, law enforcement officials say leaving them in your home is not a good idea either. >> three-quarters of the prescription medications that are abused in the united states actually come from family or friends and often times from family medicine cabinets. >> san francisco police sergeant michael annercheck say most prescription drug abusers today are obtaining the pills from unwhiting family members or friends who leave unused medicines in their cabinet. >> we're talking about vicodin, oxycontin and other types of medication some people would use to get high. >> some wind up being sold here on the streets and officials say teenagers are the most likely to
5:52 am
experiment with pharmaceuticals they find in a family home. according to the drug enforcement administration, one in seven teenagers admit they've used prescription drugs to get high. most teens say pharmaceuticals are easier to obtain than illegal drugs. overall 6.2 million americans abuse medication that is not prescribed to them. that's more than the number who use heroin, hallucinigins and cocaine combined. now, law enforcement agencies across the nation are asking everybody to empty their medicine cabinets tomorrow of unwanted pills. police and sheriffs across the bay area are opening their doors to let you drop off your drugs for free. legal drugs, that is. >> illegal drugs are not covered in this type of a thing, this program. so we will not be accepting cocaine and methamphetamine and things like that. >> consumers say up until now they've been uncertain what to
5:53 am
do with their unused pills. >> there's no place to recycle them. you can't go to whole foods and put them -- batteries but not for oxycontin. >> that's why there's a place in each county that you can dispose of prescription medicine for tomorrow alleys event. i posted a link where you can find a drop-off point closest to you and recycles that will take your pharmaceuticals year-round. you'll find it all at i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> say canadian man accomplish a feat that many tried but failed. we're going to show you his flying machine that runs on human power though it does need a little help getting off the ground. ñiñimxmx9s9s9s9swññ9sñ
5:54 am
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here are the winning numbers, 2, 28, 38, 42, 55 and the meganumber 25. but nobody in california correctly picked all six numbers so tuesday's jackpot is estimated at $23 million. a canadian college student is the first person to fulfill the dream of human-powered flight. this video shows his aircraft called the snowbird being towed off the ground like a glider but then it's powered by the pilot pumping his legs up
5:57 am
and down as if working out on a stairmaster. causes the wings to flex like a giant raptor. it traveled 145 yards, went 16 mph and stayed airborne almost 20 seconds. the flight was certified by an international organization that verifies aviation records. next at 6:00, cellphone video shows a san jose police officer attempting to scare a teen straight. the incident now has the police department rewriting the code of conduct for officers. and with a new protocol in place for california's death chamber, one sentenced man scheduled to die next week has a choice to make about how his own
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ in the news this saturday morning, september 25th, cellphone video captures a san jose police officer's attempt to scare a teen straight.


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