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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 27, 2010 2:05am-3:00am PST

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afghanistan. the hunt continues for three men who pulled off a dramatic bank robbery in south florida. investigators got a break this weekend when the car used in the heist was found in coral gables. it began last week when three thieves burst inn a bank teller's apartment at gun point. they placed a bomb on the teller's body and forced him to withdraw a large amount of money. sources tell abc news the bomb was a fake. federal authorities are looking into a landing gear problem that resulted in a very frightening flight. video taken saturday night by a passenger on a delta flight captured the moments before the plane made an emergency landing. sparks were seen out the window when the flight from atlanta to white plains, new york, was diverted to jfk airport. the pilot was praised, as was the air traffic controller. >> we were lucky. the controller actually working that airplane last night is eight weeks away from retirement. and he's been working airplanes
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for 29 years. i mean, we couldn't have asked for a better person to be in that position. >> there's more of that interview this morning coming up on "good morning america." the passengers were taken to their final destination on a bus. some wisconsin residents who have been evacuated because of flooding may be out of their homes for up to a week. and at least one small community along the wisconsin river has been cut off because of a levee failure. long-time residents along the river have seen floods before but never luke the current one. linsey davis reports. >> reporter: in central wisconsin, rivers are still rising. and residents still reeling. >> this will be flooded like this for a mile in that direction. >> reporter: late saturday, tim kraus watched as the wisconsin river crested. >> what's behind me, it is absolutely scary. the river can change in a heartbeat. >> reporter: about 200 miles west, the water in owatonna, minnesota, is going down. the damage is adding up.
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>> you're probably looking at $25,000, $30,000. >> reporter: this view of maple creek from his living room is the reason eric moved to maple drive. >> not so lovely right now. >> reporter: he never anticipated seeing the creek four feet high in his basement. >> this is out of my entire house, all that i have left to save. >> reporter: for doreen it's not the dollar value as the things she can't put a price on. >> they really are wet here. >> yeah, yeah. pictures like that, you can't get them back. >> reporter: mike isn't in a position to even start assessing the damage. he's still wringing out. you have about a foot down here now. what was it? >> it was up to here. >> reporter: he says everything in the basement, including all their bedroom furniture, is moving to the curb for trash pickup. they, like most people on maple drive, don't have flood
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insurance. linsey davis, owatonna, minnesota. >> such a mess to clean up. >> floods are terrible. here's a look at your monday forecast. showers from minnesota up to the canadian border. rain for most of the east coast. heaviest in the south with gusty winds, hail and flooding from the carolinas to atlanta. downpours also in ohio valley. light rain from seattle to tacoma. >> heating up in the southwest. 97 in sacramento. 104 in phoenix. 91 in colorado springs. mostly 60s from the twin cities to detroit. 62 in boston. 70s from new york to atlanta. well, it was quite a wild scene in london over the weekend. hundreds of people going bananas at the same time. >> that's right, about 700 runners dressed in gorilla suits hit the streets for the seventh annual gorilla run. they snaked through a four-mile route, sporting tutus even, why not, right? >> the charity event is aimed at drawing attention to the shrinking gorilla population. this year's run raised almost
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$250,000. they said 700 took place, and that's about the remaining population of gorillas. >> what they wanted to do is raise attention. this is the seventh time they done this. >> you and rob do one of those in tutus. we'll be right back with more "world news now." n honking. a short time ago, this woman suffered from around his house. these people chose freedom over restrictions. independence over limitations. they chose mobility. they chosehe scooter store. and this is the team of mobility experts who made it all happen. ii great news, you've been approved for payment. dr. cruz, i'm calling on behalf ofmarie stanford. and they can make it happen for you. hi, i'm doug harrison, if you're living with limited mobility, call the scooter store today.
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a san jose, california, cop is in hot water this morning after pretending to arrest his stepdaughter's boyfriend. and it was all caught on tape. >> yeah, the father was trying to scare the boy straight after learning the two teenagers were having sex. here's t.j. winick. >> reporter: in this cell phone video where faces have been blurred to protect the parties involved, we see a young man in handcuffs being lectured over and over again by a san jose police officer. >> the district attorney will probably file charges. >> reporter: for over five and a half minutes, the 15-year-old is dressed down for having section with a 14-year-old girl. not just any girl -- the
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policeman's stepdaughter. >> a cop's daughter is not someone you mess around with. >> reporter: the young man's father shot the video. at one point he seemingly joins in. >> use your head. think about what he's talking about. >> reporter: now the 15-year-old's family says the officer crossed the line, using his badge and handcuffs without their permission. >> they heard noise, they heard a thud. when they got in there they saw their son on the floor in handcuffs. >> reporter: one former cop calls it unprofessional. >> he used his profession to say, i'm a police officer, you don't do this to a police officer's daughter. as a parent, yeah, you know, he's acting as a parent. >> reporter: is family wants the officer brought up on charges and is considering a lawsuit. the officer's attorney says the tape shows a concerned father who is actually given permission by the boy's parents to use scare straight tactics. >> at no time do you hear the parents of the young man objecting, getting upset, crying.
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>> reporter: the overprotective parent is a pop culture cliche. in "meet the parents," robert de niro plays a retired cia agent who hooks his future son-in-law up to a lie detector. >> have you ever watched pornographic videos? >> reporter: is this an instant of abuse of authority or just a concerned dad? regardless of his motives it now looks as if it's the police officer in trouble with the law. >> this is such a tough issue. you have parents trying to figure out what they would do. really at the crux of the matter is the investigators are trying to figure out, one, how the officer's personal feelings got involved. two, whether or not the officer should get involved in incidents in the neighborhood that he lives in. two of those things they're looking at. >> i think you'd be hard-pressed amongst parents to say he acted totally professionally. the police chief says they are looking into all of this, trying to decide how the officers really interact with people. certainly we'll be hearing more
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about this case. harassment from debt collectors. >> how some ba@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x
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debt collectors have long been known for their harsh tactics. in fact, they are the number one complaint received by the federal trade commission. >> abc news has learned how far some collectors will go. some say they even use racist language. brian ross investigates. >> received august 7th at 8:10 p.m. >> what's up [ bleep ]? tell me, how do you stop two [ bleep ] kids from jumping on top of your bed? stick velcro on the ceiling. >> reporter: after bank of america reported 26-year-old allen jones had an overdue credit card bill of $81, its debt collectors went on the attack with a series of obscene, racist messages left on his phone. >> hi, y'all, my name is jamal smith and i'm looking for some watermelons.
3:18 am
i'm also interested in a couple of slaves. maybe you can go ahead and pick some of my cotton fields. go ahead and give me a call to lick my [ bleep ]. >> reporter: jones, a clothing salesman in dallas, says the debt collector's calls continue even after he told them his bank of america account was up to date. >> i checked with my bank, went online, please stop calling my phone. by that time the representative acted like we can call you as many times as we want. >> reporter: and the calls continued. each incredibly more obscene and disgusting than the one before it. 10:41 p.m. >> what's up, you [ bleep ], [ bleep ]? talking about going back to [ bleep ] mexico [ bleep ] mother [ bleep ] back to africa [ bleep ] or some [ bleep ] over there. >> reporter: jones' lars were able to track the calls to the debt collection company used by bank of america, advanced call
3:19 am
center technologies. a.c.t. and one of its employees in harlingen, texas, carlos oleva, who also worked as a supervisor there. >> what's up, [ bleep ]? >> mr. olivo, is that a voice mail message that you left? >> i guess if it's recorded, it sounds like me. that sounds like me a whole lot. >> reporter: in testimony for a lawsuit brought by allen jones, the debt collector said he had been hired by a.c.t. seven months after he left prison, where he said he developed racial attitudes. >> it was kind of hard to shake off six years of prison time. >> reporter: in another case involving another bank of america customer, the same debt collection company hounded geoff burke with similar phone tactics. >> saved message. wednesday.
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1:58 p.m. >> yeah, that's what i thought, you're not going to pick up the phone, huh? i have you scared, don't want to pick up the phone now? is it because you're in bed with your sister? your mom, your cousin? huh? or what, little punk? >> reporter: it was a case of mistaken identity. burke said he received calls like that for months until they finally realized they had the wrong >> the calls came from a blocked number, the individual would not identify hims i had no way to put an end to the e ca >> reporter: both burke and allen jones sued a.c.t. a.c.t.'s chairman says it has since increased oversight and that the calls in question were made by rogue operators in violation of the company's values. >> i worked very hard to, you know -- to help build this company with our management team. and it's unthinkable that somebody would call somebody and do that. but obviously there was a personal agenda obviously tha >> it's more than just
3:21 am
person, th >> ther se b don't think that -- suggests, according ars for mr. jones, what they call a culture of thugs at your operation in texas. >> i don't know that, you know -- i can't speak to that, you know. >> what would you say to that? >> i would say that's absolutely false. >> reporter: but at trial a jury found both the callers and the company responsible. and awarded allen jones more than $1.5 million. >> hopefully this will motivate people around the country to actually do something about it and not just sit up and be subject to abuse from harassing companies. compeemve a dea earnk oea. even after the verdict, even after we sent the company copies of the obscene phone calls on its behalf, bank of america continued theet collection agenc overdue accounts. >> bank of america didn't really nt tode to spea when brian ross went the extra length of trying to find the chairman, a guy by the name of ron moynihan, he said he was
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welcome back. it is time for "insomniac theater." i saw the top grosser "wall street: money never sleeps." which i absolutely loved. you saw a movie that you -- >> did not love, no. really, frankly, it was terrible. i saw "you again." basically, it has big heavy hitter actresses, jamie lee curtis, sigourney weaver, kristen bell. it deals with two people who did not like each other in high school, fast forward a few years and their families end up becoming one as two of the younger people in the families end up marrying. let's watch a clip and i'll talk about it on the other side.
3:26 am
>> sadly, my dress was ruined and i had to find a replacement on very short notice. quick, somebody call "us weekly," let's find out who wore it best. c'est la vie. >> you liked that clip. >> i think that line is funny. go on. >> maybe you would like it. i tell you what, it was terrible. they had a lot of cameos. it was sort of funny. they had well intentions. "you again," how about never again. i gave it 1 kernel. it was just brutal. it was like a bad skit that went on for about an hour and 15 minutes too long. >> that's what people said about this show from time to time also. on the other hand, i saw "wall street" which you have to go see. it's really good. this is the sequel to that famous 1987 film. it's set in 2008 so it's in the
3:27 am
midst of the financial crisis. we are reintroduced to gordon gekko who's been freshly released from jail from securities fraud. he has one daughter and she is dating a successful and hungry trader played by shia labeouf. there are two blots. on one side you get an inside look at the collapse of two financial giants. on the other side you see this bizarre relationship between michael douglas and shia labeouf, sort of like mentor/enemy. >> what about money, jake. you like her? >> do i like her? >> yes. >> i've never thought about money as a she. >> oh, she lies there in bed at night with you. looking at you, one eye open. money never sleeps. and she's jealous. if you don't pay close, close attention. you wake up in the morning, she might be gone forever. >> i give it 5 of 5 kernels. i really liked it. some really good one-liners. rotten tomomomomomomomomomomomoe
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fl flight fright. airline passengers ready for the worst applaud the crew. >> i'm just really happy to be here. >> the pilot's life-saving actions. then, my three wives. daily life in the home of a polygamist. and, insect invasion. they're not bedbugs. these critters have a smell all their own. it's monday, september 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so if you're not disgusted enough by bedbugs, then now we have some other bug that smells bad. throw that into the mix, everybody's a little freaked out. >> i guess the upside to a stinky bug is at least you know how to detect it. versus a bedbug where you have
3:31 am
to get a dog in there or whatnot. >> i suppose. yeah, we'll get to that. >> talking all about bugs this monday morning. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm mike marusarz in for rob nelson. we begin with a terrifying end to a delta airlines flight. it left atlanta for white plains airport north of new york city. >> a landing gear problem forced an emergency landing at jfk airport. as linsey davis reports, passengers were taking video during a harrowing landing. >> reporter: inside the cabin, passengers with cell phones captured the announcement you never want to hear from a pilot. >> brace for impact. >> reporter: that was followed by this terrifying command from the flight attendant. >> heads down, stay down! heads down, stay down! >> reporter: as emergency crews arrived on the runway, the control tower gave this warning. >> rescue one, there are 64 souls on board and 3,000 pounds of fuel. >> reporter: the pilot told the control tower -- >> 4951, roger.
3:32 am
and, uh, better work. >> reporter: as the jet touched down, the right wing scraped the tarmac. sparks flew, clearly visible through the window. but miraculously, no fire. the passengers were surprisingly calm as they were evacuated. emergency crews stood at the ready, but weren't necessary. >> i don't know, i'm just really happy to be here. >> reporter: alessandro albero shot some of the cell phone pictures. >> the pilot did a wonderful job. just got to put your life in their hands and hope for the best. >> and they certainly got the best possible outcome. fortunately, no one was hurt. this despite the fact that the plane landed with only two sets of landing gear. it was supposed to have three sets. passengers took a shuttle bus to the final destination, white plains, which is about 40 miles away. linsey davis, abc news, new york. at least part of one wisconsin community is cut off this morning after a levee failed to hold back floodwaters. the wisconsin river's currents were too strong after days of
3:33 am
rain. it cut off residents who failed to heed the warnings to evacuate. some who did leave could be out of their homes for at least a week. flooding is expected to get worse today when the river is expected to crest. in minnesota, the governor got a firsthand look at the flooding in his state. tim pawlenty says he's going to seek a federal disaster declaration. one minnesota river topped a 28-foot levee, damaging or destroying at least half the homes in a small community. here is a look at your monday forecast. showers in minnesota in the northern part of the state. it is a soaker for much of the east coast and ohio valley. drenching rain from new england to florida. severe wither and flooding from raleigh to atlanta. rain in the pacific northwest. >> 70 in seattle. 80 in portland. and 90 in boise. low 70s in fargo, omaha, and kansas city. 73 here in new york. 75 in atlanta. and 89 in miami. the democrats head into the final weeks before midterm
3:34 am
elections on the defensive. they are battling to hold control on jobs and congress. the stakes are so high the party is putting its biggest names on the campaign trail. here's john hendren. >> reporter: president clinton is campaigning to protect an endangered species -- incumbent democrats. clinton campaigned yesterday deep on home turf in the once-solid blue states of connecticut and massachusetts. he had to campaign even for 30-year congressman barney frank, once so safe that he trounced his opponent last time 2-1 and three times before that, no republican ran against him. now, he's on the endangered list. >> nobody, but nobody in the house has done more to help build back the american dream than barney frank. you ought to be there for him on election day. >> reporter: democrats are also on the offensive, however, with a war room that uses republicans' personal histories, from tax records to divorce filings, in unusually early and harsh attack ads. those messages are only likely to grow harsher as november
3:35 am
nears. >> hannah got rich while his construction company overcharged taxpayers thousands. >> he's a predatory real estate speculator. schweikert snatched up nearly 300 foreclosed homes. >> ganley's been sued over 400 times for fraud, discrimination, and more. >> it means there is no such thing as a safe state for democrats this year. there's no such thing as a dark blue state. there's no such thing as a safe slam dunk election. >> reporter: president obama isn't on the sidelines. next week alone he'll campaign in four states. and another even more popular white house resident is also on the campaign trail. in the coming weeks, first lady michellea l ast john hendren, abc news, the white house. the fbi says the car used in a dramatic south florida bank robbery has now been found. investigators will begin going over the car today. police say three robbers strapped what they said was a bomb to a bank teller's chest. then they made him withdraw a large sum of money.
3:36 am
abc news has learned the bomb turned out to be a fake. a vacation ended in tragedy for a busload of tourists fro poland. when their bus appare crashed into a bridge support o. a german highway near beli dozens of people were also hurt. police say the bus was forced off the highway by a car which was trying to merge. the group was returning home a sp south korean automaker hyundai is recalling some popular new cars. steering wheel defects in its sonata sedans forced the recall. they involve 2011 models built before september 10th. no crashes or injuries have been reported. owners should take their cars to the dealer for inspection or it was not the usual sunday sermon at one of the nation's largest ch bishop eddie long took to the pulpit to defend himself against he promised to fightthe allegations but declined to talk about the specifics of lawsuits now filed agai him here's t.j. winick. >> reporter: a strident anti-gay pastor and leader of one of the
3:37 am
largest african-american churches in the world faced his 25,000-member congregation over accusations he used church funds to seduce young men. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. that's not me. >> reporter: in a fourth lawsuit filed on friday against the pastor, 22-year-old spencer la grande says he was 17 when the preacher first made advances. the young man said he had intimate sexual contact and that each night on a church trip to kenya that they slept in the same bed. >> i've been accused. i'm under attack. >> reporter: lawyers for the young men say he e-mailed these photos and other messages to teenagers in his youth ministry. but say he chose boys who were above the legal age of consent.
3:38 am
the pastor says he will fight the allegations. >> i am not going to try this case in the media. it will be tried in the court of justice. >> reporter: for now, some members of the congregation are supportive. others, not so much. >> bishop long needs to come out and deny these charges and let everybody know that, hey, this is not true. >> 25,000 members that are questioning, wondering, what's going on? >> reporter: atlanta-area ministers have come together over the weekend, saying they uckp, iaw.eekend, saying they it usually does not apply to your produ >> a farmer in missouri grew such a big pair of watermelons they had to behe back of his pickup truck for safe travel. look at those. one melon tipped the scales at 131 pounds, the other, 118. >> the farmer is no stranger to mammoth-sized melons. last year he grew a 119-pounder. now he says he's saving the seeds to keep the good genetics going. those are big melons.
3:39 am
and a good work -- >> we were waiting for that. >> good work for him. hey. >> good genetics. we'll be right back with more "world news now." if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. at first glance, cody brown looks like an average family
3:42 am
man. but at home he is anything but. see, he's a polygamist. >> brown and his four wives say they are a normal family and to prove it they have decided to star in a reality show that premiered last night. here's dan harris. >> reporter: this is cody brown and his wife mary. they have a teenage daughter. >> how was your day? >> reporter: this is cody's second wife, janelle. they have six kids. >> you know, if you're questioning the order of how family came together, she's number two. >> reporter: this is his third wife, christine. they have six more. >> he's lost every morning. >> reporter: the browns are polygamists. >> i just fell in love. then i fell in love again. then i fell in love again. >> reporter: they're the stars of a new show on tlc called "sister wives" which follows this family from utah as they expand from three wives to four. >> my wives and i have been together for 16 years. and all the children have grown up in this environment. bringing somebody new into the family is a totally new thing,
3:43 am
totally changing the dynamic. does everybody remember robin? >> yes. >> do you guys like robin? >> yeah. >> robin likes us. it's faith based. i came into it because my faith, my belief, kind of pushed me that direction. but in retrospect i would go all the way back saying i'd do it for love. because this is something that's come together out of love. >> aww! aw, shucks. so sweet. >> reporter: mary, janelle, and christine all live in one big house with their kids. robin, the newest wife, lives in a smaller house nearby. in all, there are 16 kids. >> she's a sister from the same mister, and he's a brother from another mother. >> somebody referred to us as polyg-lets. >> that's how most of us are known is plygs, polygamists. >> reporter: whether you think the browns' lifestyle is right or wrong, it is undeniably
3:44 am
challenging. there's the challenge of supporting a huge family on just three incomes. cody and two of the wives work. and then there are the interpersonal logistics. cody sleeps in a different wife's bed every night. you must at times feel torn in four different directions. >> once in a while i give a piece of my mind where i'm just like, you have to back off and give me a break now. >> he says, i'm not a commodity. >> he says that? >> i have said that. >> it really doesn't happen very often, i have to say. >> he's so patient. >> he's very unselfish. he has to be. i don't remember the last time he sat and watched television. he's always getting to the kids or the wives. >> he's running everywhere, he's omnipresent. >> reporter: this is the image many americans have of polygamy. secretive societies, women wearing prairie dresses, young girls allegedly abused and church leaders standing trial. is it your hope that by exposing
3:45 am
your lives, that you'll counter some of the negative publicity that's been out there? >> absolutely. that's exactly what we're -- that's one of the biggest things is that we have so many stereotypes, we have so much bad media about this lifestyle. there's not abuse in our home. there's not oppressed women in our home. we don't have underaged brides. we don't have all these other things that are actualry very wrong. and our children are happy. >> do you think your arrangement is a good one for raising children? >> very good one. >> absolutely. >> for this family it is. >> yeah. >> we feel like our children are very well balanced. they're proud of their big family. and they love telling their friends about it. and i think that they're turning out very well balanced. >> they'll be very decent citizens. >> do you want your children to live the same lifestyle that you live? >> we want our children to be and whatever it that is they choose to make them happy,
3:46 am
that's what we want for them. if they choose this lifestyle, that's awesome and that's great. if they don't choose it, that's great, too. >> logan, will you pray, please? >> reporter: one big family with a lifestyle way out of the mainstream, making the case that america doesn't have to emulate them, but should at least accept them. >> give me a kiss. i love you. >> reporter: this is dan harris. >> kiss, kiss. >> and the name of the show is "sister wives." it airs sundays on tlc. at least they're very honest. they say they do struggle with jealousy, which is something everyone thinks naturally watching that piece. >> you would think. at the very least, you'll get a glimpse into a world that dcdce a lot of people didn't
3:47 am
3:48 am
"sesame street" is not as innocent a show as it used to be. >> coming soon to dvd. >> drink, drink, drink, drink, drink! >> "sesame shore." learn to count. >> one, two, three! >> sing. ♪ rubber rubber you're the one ♪ i wear you when i'm having
3:49 am
fun ♪ >> meet new friends like -- >> mr. pickle. >> and the snooki monster. >> that's pretty good. of course, "sesame street" in the spotlight this week with katy perry's performance on "sesame street" banned on the on-air version because of some risque clothing katy perry was wearing. katy perry back on "saturday night live" this past weekend, she actually addressed the whole "sesame street" debacle, if you will. she poked fun at her wardrobe. well, just watch, see what happened. >> maureen, what the hell happened to your shirt? >> looks like today's show is brought to you by the number 38 and the letter dd. >> well, i guess i -- i developed over the summer.
3:50 am
>> you guess? >> she addressed her lack of dress, basically. >> elmo there and the whole skit. they were going to do on "sesame street" was with elmo. so you could see that she was having fun at her own expense. >> yeah. well, if you've been following the situation with david beckham, it has really gotten bad to worse. i mean, it's the least you can say. a second woman is now coming forward and she is saying that she had sexual relations with the soccer superstar in 2007. she's a prostitute. she's telling "in touch" magazine she took part in a threesome with beckham and a former prostitute. she's 26 years old, she says she was paid $10,000. and like i said, that's on the heels of another woman. the beckhams have been -- they're saying we're going to pr(t&háhp &hc he is obviously very irate. take a look at what happened right after he left after losing a game with the galaxy. >> stop with the prostitutes!
3:51 am
>> you want to say it again? >> it's kind of hard to make out what he was saying. basically, someone asks him something along the lines of, do you want to comment? he says, do you want to say it to me again? say it to my face. gets really aggressive with the photographer. so right now the beckhams are seeking $25 million in damages. the reality is that a madame involved in this whole situation, the same in the eliot spitzer case, has come forward and she is now saying she supplied that woman to beckham. >> i don't know. i mine, it's -- >> it's going to be a big one. >> any time you're in the spotlight like this couple is, it's tough to pick out without knowing exactly what happened. quickly, drew carey has lost a lot of weight and he looks really good. he said he lost all the weight so he could save his life. he was at one point 262 pounds. now he's down to about 182. he wants to get down to 170 by halloween. so good for him.
3:52 am
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. two days of public hearings looking into the oil spill disaster in the gulf begin today in washington, d.c. chief investigators are expected to answer questions about the environmental disaster. the first escape capsule to be used to rescue those trapped chilean miners has arrived. the miners' family members obviously applauded when it was delivered. two more devices which will rescue each trapped miner one by one are expected soon. bob woodward's new book "obama wars" goes on sale at bookstores nationwide today. diane sawyer interviews the author tonight on abc's "world news." finally this half hour, stomping out some smelly bugs. those bedbugs were not enough. now there seems to be a national stink bug epidemic. >> 29 states in all have
3:56 am
reported invasions of the bugs. as tahman bradley reports, they don't bite, but they sure do smell. >> reporter: in this year of widespread pest pandemonium -- >> bedbugs. >> bedbugs. >> bedbugs are back. >> reporter: you've probably had your eyes fixed on your bed. now it seems you may need to turn your nose towards your air vent. >> something hits me in the back of my neck. i'm just, you know, waving it off. >> reporter: forget bedbugs. in maryland and across the northeast, it's man versus stink bugs. an all-out war. >> they're terrible. they're everywhere. we can't get rid of them. >> reporter: they're brown, foul-smelling creatures popping up in vents, on walls, on windows, even in beards. emitting a foul odor when irritated or squashed. and man, it seems, is downright
3:57 am
helpless. the good news is they don't sting, they don't bite, and they're pretty easy to catch. parker brewer, a resident of silver spring, maryland, must collect the bugs every day. the deck of his house is under siege. >> i've tried to attack them as best as i can but i'm losing the battle. >> reporter: as fall brings cooler temperatures, the bugs have left their orchards and corn fields for our homes. making an already rotten year for bugs, well, really stink. >> we used to use heavy-duty residual pesticides. we don't use as many of those as we once did. this is allowing bugs that used to be suppressed to increase in numbers. >> reporter: his expert opinion how to get rid of the bugs? >> stinky is a relative thing. a lot of people say they smell like cilantro. maybe these guys with a little salt isn't a bad idea. >> reporter: a good suggestion. they are harmless. >> that's pretty bad. >> reporter: tahman bradley, abc news, silver spring, maryland.
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