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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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congress woman spear wants to change this. for the first time since the fire storm, pg&e crews got a visual look inside of the pine line. this after workers finished shorg up the underground opening this weekend. they'll assess the condition of the line, making repairs to section that's may have been damaged and also look at the pipe's valves which control the ruptured line. and congress woman jackie spear told abc 7 news there are only two automatic shut off valves on the transmission line infrastructure. >> it's odd. the part of the line that goes from 92 to half moon bay. and that is the only automatic shut off valve in the system. >> spear learned there are nine remote shut offs but says pg&e couldn't tell her where they are. >> pg&e took one hour, 46 minutes to turn off the gas. >> to remedy that, congress
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woman spear announced she'll introduce legislation to increase regulations and oversight of gas pipelines. this sets a deadline for utilities to install valves on gas pipelines in high risk areas. the l.a. times reported today that pg&e had a leak rate of 6.2 annually per 1,000 miles of high consequence, or high risk area pipes. that is more than six times the average leak rate for the sixth largest utility operators in the country. and jim took pictures of the storm and he's shocked. >> it's disconcerting if there are that many leak what's are they doing about infrom a structure? >> pg&e says it's reviewing figures adding there is a
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reporting procedure that may be tougher than other utility autos so we don't know whether our standards are the same as others in the country. we want to make sure it's apples to apples comparison. >> and she's asking pg&e to cap permanently or remove it from the areas of san bruno. and we're learning tonight that the ntsb has finished documenting all of the evidence that ruptured pipeline with wells and fractures. now, the task of testing the samples to find out what caused this explosion. and critics say there have been a lack of federal oversight. a pipeline leak was blamed for this explosion near sacramento two years ago but the company was never cited or fined for it. 60 people have been killed in
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pipeline accidents over five years. the "new york times" reports a third of the investigations initiated in the last eight years remain unresolved. a blistering fall heat wave sent temperatures into triple digits today. downtown los angeles hit an all time high of 113, well over 100 there before noon. but red flag fire warnings are in effect this, one broke out this afternoon. and here in the bay area, heat triggered a spare the air alert. operators of the electrical grid issued an appeal. spencer christian is here now. should be the worst of it?. >> probablely. we'll see temperatures tapering off just a bit. triple digit heat. records all over the place. and there is a new record for the date. san francisco, downtown a high of 93. sfo, 96 tying the record for this date. and there is oakland
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international airport a new record for this date. and santa cruz tied the existing record. and there is a look at other highs around the bay area. there is triple digits. one spot half moon bay with a high of 75 degrees, there will be more excessive heat but interest tl is relief in spots. >> and bart is rrting a major delay tonight because of a heat-related equipment problem. 4600 customers are with out power in the area tonight. and this is because of a heat-related outage there. >> and governor schwartzeneggar today delayed the execution of a convicted murderer in san quentin by 45 hour to allow courts to krt appeal. and this was supposed to happen wednesday. >> right. now, earliest it can happen is thursday night after 9:00. the attorney general says that leaves only three hours until
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the expieration date on the state supply of the first of the three drugs. and if that is true and the governor's office isn't sure, it might be until next year before the state can get more of that drug. >> attorneys for albert greenwood brown called a scheduled execution a lawless act. >> the ag is creating legal chaos, rushing forward with an execution process violates state law. >> brown's attorneys failed to get a restraining order from a judge today. they argued it should be blocked on grounds of three-drug method might cause cruel and unusual pun. though offered the choice there are no regulations in place governing that choice. this judge says she cannot block the execution based on the argument. >> he's not demonstrated he's likely to prevail. for this reasons application
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for a temporary restraining order is denied. >> we'll appeal immediately. the stakes are too high. there are too many uncertainties to continue f the state of california is going to carry out an execution, it must follow the law. >> brown's lawyers are argumenting at every possible legal front. >> this is the nature of death penalty litigation. you have a team trying to say their client's life. they're looking for any argument they can raise. and brown was convicted in 1982 for 1980 rape and murder of riverside teenager susan jordan. the state court has yet to weigh in. 50 there is no legal impediment from the standpoint of a federal court why the state of california can't go forward with this execution. >> the first of the three drugs is manufacturer says it's had quote raw material supplier issues since last spring. in the newsroom abc 7 news.
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>> and there is parents of a 15-year-old boy claim heed the had no idea a police officer was going to stage a fake arrest of their son. and they appeared on "good morning america" today and say this video was a cell phone of the officer lecturing the teenager about having sex with his 14-year-old step daughter. he is accused the officer of abusing his authority saying their son is shaken by what happened. >> if this person came into his home, violating his home. he feels he's not safe in his home there. this person is, standing in our house. and there is an officer with -- he's an authority figure. we thought there is nothing we can could do. >> the attorney says he had permission from parents to use scare tackics against the boy
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in threaten with areport. >> and within the last hour, the so-called big five legislative leaders started meeting. with hopes of reaching a budget break through. the deal they wanted to announce today isn't done yet. and there is legislative leaders meeting and not ready to announce a deal. on thursday the governor announced all party as agreed to a general framework to a budge skbrit staffers would work to iron out details. the meeting is about those details. leaders walked into the governor's office and there are grumblings that maybe the governor jumped the gun saying there was a general agreement. some felt there is still some major work ahead. others think the governor was using the announcement as a way to pressure lawmakers into closing the deal. and there is almost a quarter
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into the fiscal year without a budget. one source did get an update before darrell steinberg today told a better economy has meant at least $1.4 billion more in revenue than expected. the budget relies on $2 billion from the federal government because the new health care reform act. that much of the safety net, the social programs for the poor have been spared from deep cuts. the bottom line is that leaders are not in full agreement yet. >> we made progress, i'm encouraged and staff was working this weekend and it's all of us were on the issues that are still outstanding. so i'm looking forward to moving forward there. is still issues that, like pension that needs to be resolved. >> and it looks like several more days are needed of negotiations before a deal is
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closed. the assembly speaker, his office told me they'd like to hold committee hearings before a vote is taken. and if true we're looking at another week or two before the longest budget impass is behind us. >> still ahead tonight governor schwartzeneggar opens fire on the oil industry in the campaign is turn back the clock on the fight against global warming. >> later tonight the marine invasion underway throughout northern california the invasive species that are choking our waterways. >> top housing official comes to the bay area bringing a new measure of hope to thousands of underwater homeowners. >> record setting career of the raiders george blandon.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. governor schwartzeneggar blasting backers of an effort to suspend the global warming legislation that he signed into law. and this after the noorng the governors argument. >> he signed it four years ago today. fourth anniversary. ab 32, a big part of arnold schwartzeneggar's leg gassy. he is campaigning to stop proposition 23. the november ballot measure would suspend those global warming laws. the governor told the common wealth club audience oil companies are spending millions to promote proposition 23 with a bogus jobs argument. >> does anyone believe this companies out of the goodness
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of their black oil hearts are spending millions and millions of dollars to protect jobs? >> the governor says the laws are creating the economy of the future. >> billions of dollars in green venture capitol has come to the state. bottom line is that we're creating action here in this state. >> asked about meg whitman's recent decision, the governor chided her for not doing more. >> i want her to spend the money. spend her millions of dollars against prop 23. that is real action. >> whitman opposes the measure to suspend ab 32, she'd said she'd like to put off implementation for a year. until the economy improves. and this is particularly for trucking company autos my fuel bill goes up 30%. goitsing to put small business out of bill in california. >> the president of road star
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trucking says higher costs coupled with truck retro fits are too much. >> there is when we simply don't have the money. >> echoing the argument businesses will be forced out of california. a san francisco based public policy think tank updated its 2010 report saying annually 11,000 jobs leave california on average but that is just 6/100ths of 1% of the state's jobs. and there is growth rate is a better indicator. >> the job growth rate? nearly flat. lagging behind the rest of the country. and the right is higher as a whole. growth in green jobs hasn't changed those bad numbers. >> and we called her campaign.
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and they said we'll e mail her a statement. >> not yet. >> no. no. >> thank you very much. >> and back to the heat now. bart is waiting for temperatures to cool before it can fix heat-related equipment line. trains are running but slowly until repairs can be made. 4600 people around san leandro left without electricity because of a heat-related power outage there knocking out traffic signals in a number of intersections forcing several businesses to close. there is no word yet on how power should be restored. >> and closure hurting blinds in the morning. turn off lights you don't need. and 75 degrees or more, higher if you're not going to be home. >> that can be tough to do. >> and you know, there is hot today. >> and it's cooler tomorrow.
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and we can be at or near triple digits inland. we have a live view right now from our east bay camera. there is clear skies, clear at the coast. and here is just another look at some of the high temperatures. there is numerous records for this date as you know. highs are 100 in concord and livermore. 103 in cloverdale. and 104 santa rosa. and highs the record for the date. 75 in half moon bay. probably the place to beat the heat. right now there is readings into 90s around the bay area. there is 97 in livermore. 89 in oakland z 97 in novato and jant rosa, 66 degrees in half moon bay. there is another hot day inland tomorrow. cooler at the coast and we'll see cooler weather in all areas of wednesday and for remainder of the week. the satellite image shows us a
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huge mass over california but the western u.s.. and there is a ridge weakens and we'll see a cool air mass from the gulf of alaska. we'll see gradual cooling beginning tomorrow extending throughout the remainder of the week and into the weekend. and on we go, yes, we do. low temperatures tonight and there is a little fog starts to approach the coast. lows dropping into mid-50s coolest locations but mainly upper 50s to low 60s inland areas that had heat today. tomorrow will be the fourth spare the air day. there is poor air quality expected inland eeflt bay. and santa clara valley and moderate air quality over the remainder of the bay area. there is more heat so, here we go. south bay, sunny skies, high temperatures into mid-90s, 96 campbell. 95 cupertino. upper 80s to low 90s on the
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anyone anyone la. on the coast, mild day. 76 pacifica. in and around san francisco, looking for highs of 83 degrees downtown. 76 into sunset district. more heat in the north bay tomorrow. lots of 90s, 95 in santa rosa. 100 in cloverdale. and near east bay a range of highs from low 80s at berkeley to upper 80s to low 90s in union city. inland we'll see upper 90s to about 100 in brentwood and livermore. not done with triple digits yet. near the bay 85 in santa cruz. 72 monterey. inland, 100 in gilroy. 102 in hol lifter tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. after a day of inland heat, we'll see cooler days inland wednesday. and remainder of the week after wednesday, highs reaching only into 80s, 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast will be certainly more comfortable.
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>> and remainder for for anyone out of work. next hire event is tomorrow in san francisco from 11:00 to 3:00 at hotel whitcomb. there is a thousand with the peace corps. plus, afleck, lens crafters, burger king and ross are hiring. abc 7 is a sponsor of the event along with the job journal. >> when we come back tonight you're going to find out what could be missing from your child's next happy meal. >> and critics say the campaign against obesity has gone too far. @t
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fran considering the plan to take toys out of kids fast food meals. only those deemed healthful will be allowed to get a goody. flanked by a happy meal, eric mar introduced an ordinance banning toy give aways in kid meals exceeding 600 calorie autos we'll see obesity as an epidemic this, makes sense because there is nothing more important than the health of children. >> it would restrict calories
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and also require for fruits and venl tabls per meal. fast food giants are considered the worst offenders of the high calorie, high fat menu autos we offer apple dippers which is a cup of, half of cup of fruit and a full serving the fruit, low fat white milk. i disagree they do not fit nutritional value. >> mcdonalds offers healthy alternatives this, happy meal includes four chicken nuggets, apple slices, dipping sauce and 1% low fat chocolate milk. calorie content? less than 500. meals that are in compliance with the guidelines will be allowed to include the toys. scott owe mc:owns 10 restaurants says it's too confusing. >> we're going have to figure out what things qualify. what thicks don't. you can imagine if i am confused with how this gets
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laid out what are my employees going do? >> the mayor says the measure goes too far. >> i don't know why we touch toys at mcdonalds, tell every cracker jack box removes toy autos discussion will continue next month. >> and when it comes to getting news coverage, apple is number one. according to the research center stories about apple accounted for 15.1% of the news media's technology coverage. google second at 11.4% followed by twitter, facebook, and microsoft. just 3%. >> and let's coming up new turping schools around. what it's going to take to improve education system in this country. >> and new hope for hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure and people for whom it may be too late. >> a sudden reversalllllllllllll
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president obama said our education system is broken and only money and reform can fix it. and what the president wants to do with b.. >> this the president hahn talking about reform more than a year now. and other influential people are seriously addressing reform. now this week the documentary waiting for superman is being shown. it's focus on our failing education system. so new today? the president wants to hire more math and science teachers and says under performing teachers got to go. imagine a longer school year for kids. the how has not been hammered out by the president yet. it may help improve our world rankings. obama administration says
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compared to other countries u.s. is 21 in science and 25th in math. announcing a goal of recruiting 10,000 science and math teachers. as california laid off thousands this year. and uc berkeley dean knows where to look. >> for whatever reason they're doing industry for example not as personally satisfying as they'd like. >> but a teacher's salary has been a deterrent for hiring best and brightest. dennis cell gee with united educator autos talked about paying teachers the way you pay engineers that. is a $40,000 different in starting pay. i don't know if anyone figured out that for them in times of this recession but that is a huge commitment but the right intent. right thought. >> the teachers union and president disagree on compensated teachers for performance. the los angeles times evaluated 6,000 teachers
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linking them to student test scores. their names, published kautsing an uproar within the academic world. today it was this congrens at cal. >> there has been an interesting outcome in that series of articles has propelled both public and professional attention to this issue. >> that, she says could bring more attention to the reform agenda. one thing the president made clear is that no within mn will come from washington without reform. >> we've seen a decrease in resources. neither one had a very significant affect in education. >> in the words of president obama, money without reform will not fix the problem. now, finally, the president was asked today about his two daughter who's attend private schools in washington. mr. obama said washington, d.c. public schools are struggling and his daughters he added could not get the same quality education if attending any of the dc public
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schools. >> thank you. >> and san francisco public school system is receiving a $3 million grant from bill and linda gates foundation. of it will be used to better prepare students for college. the mayor calls it creating a college culture and says the grant is a result of the years of making education a top priority. >> this is not money that will determine your fate. it's your ideas. if you've got a better idea, you're going to go places. we had a better idea. to develop a collaborative. the money found us. >> and one goal is doubling the number of low income students that receive a college degree over 10 years. >> the president signed a small business lending bill democrats say will cut employment setting up a $30 kbrinl loan fund for small businesses providing another $12 billion in tax breaks. the president says it could
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create 500,000 new jobs over the next few years. >> this is important because small businesses produce most of the new jobs in this country. the anchors of our main streets. they're part of the promise of america. >> republicans compared the bill to unpopular wall street bank bailout blocking it until two republicans not running for reelection broke ranks to allow a vote. >> interest tl is promise of more help for millions of americans struggling to avoid fore closure. a hoptop housing official came to the bay area with more on how to get that done. >> u.s. housing and development secretary announced ab additional $5 million in grand money for counseling those about to lose their homes. >> this has been disproportionately affecting minority communities wex need to focus the solution in
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minority communities. >> he spoke and 500 homeowners received hud counseling and a rare face-to-face meeting with a stigs maker from their bank this, 80-year-old tried to get a permanent modification from bank of america. >> i hope that this happens that they're working on it. >> and the vice president with jp morgan chase. >> we want to see everybody to let them know where they stanld. they just need to have some understanding of what it's going to take for them to continue to be approved for modification or denied. >> some are reaching resolutions, others are still in limbo, months and years into the modification process. >> i filled out so many loan packages. >> cancer survivor faye received a dozen auction notices for her home over two years. while the paper work piles up, and indy mac relents, a
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permanent modification remains elusive. >> it's a lot of wor work meeting deadlines. and every time i hope it's going to work. so far, it hasn't. >> adorgd hud about 470,000 homeowners received permanent modifications. 660 thousand have seen temporary modifications cancelled because they don't make enough money for missed a payment during trial period. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and there is merger two of major discount airlines, southwest carrying more passenger thanz any other airline agreed to pay for air tran. southwest not only eliminates a competitor but gains a foot hold in 37 cities. september has been a good month on wall street. stock prices fell, again, today. dow jones lost 48 points. and s & p 500 off by six and a
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half. ben and jerry's is dropping the phrase "all natural" a group points out he ben and jerry's uses several nonnatural ingredients. >> and an east bay couple's search for their lost dog. the pet service they claim let them down.
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a concord family says a service they paid for to find their missing chihuahua didn't come through. >> and michael finney is here. >> it's sad. pet owners will tell you losing a pet can be as devastating as losing a child. a family discovered a missing pet alert may not have gone out, they called 7 on your side for help. >> that's yeah. >> oops. we're having testimony technical problems and are going to try to get back to that in just a moment. any luck there? i guess not. we'll come back to you. >> all right.
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>> we're going to try to get that fixed and take a break now. we want to tell but this. just ahead marine invasion of san francisco bay. the dirty dozen invasive species clogging waterways throughout northern california. and michael finney's report when ke we come back.
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flooding prompted the governor of wisconsin to declare a state of emergency. the prifr is approaching a high. it's showing leaks. residents are being encouraged to evacuate. those flood waters not expected to start receding until wednesday. a study of the health of waterways is bringing discouraging news. abc 7 shows how big this problem is getting in bodies of water getting warmer because of climate changes most of us would never realize it but there is an invasion in northern california water autos it's more common.
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>> john krueger is harbor master of flood point marina and says sees this invasion under boats and sees owners scraping bottoms like never before. >> well, to keep the bottom in good shape they have to do it once per month. if before, 10 years ago might be once every three months. >> it's an observation to explain, now published by dr. suessin williams an ecologyist at the marine lab. she worries about long-term affects. >> we expect this to be general. across world oceans. >> this study found in 50 years the temperatures of the waters has risen by 1 degree fahrenheit and consider what that is made possible. the number of invasive species has doubled. >> as the ocean warms we found warm water favors these invasive species over native
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marine species. the heat is on, now. >> nonnatives come from places like australia and japan, transporting on huls of ships or water and they grow, fast. look at the creatures coming through plastic pipe. >> it can be covered in just or a month. this is non-native. this is non-native. this. this. they probably grow twice as fast as our native species. and as the ocean warms, they're growing faster. >> all the while slowing down boats and ships costing more fuel and threatening some favorite foods. here is what these organisms have done to a large mussels. >> the shell fish we like to eat sometimes they'll die. >> dr. williams took her sample to the lab, she counted 12 invasive species in one
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community alone. they have layered and live on top of each other. >> these species have no natural predators or few. and in these waters so nothing keeps them in check. >> so it's not good news. just another example of how small change in climate could lead to big ones for all of us a few years from now. >> and there is a story of the lost chihuahua. >> missing pet alert they're concerned did not go out. and so let's pick up the story from here. robin and her husband pound the pavement looking for their dog, chip, putting up posters where the chihuahua went missing on august 31. >> it's a baby. i have his puppy baby book. and he was this little.
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he's my son. and robin visits the county animal shelter, hoping to find chip there. >> no. he's not here. >> she's also been checking with vets like here in this veterinary hospital. >> i'm never going to get him back. >> robin paid 17ses today a company called home again for it to send out missing pets alerts on chismt robin says east hills was one of the places supposed to receive the alert. but we were there with robin. the clinic told her it's never received alerts of any kind from home again. >> they keep reassuring me they did send out alerts. now shelter doesn't have it. the one we went to earlier doesn't vit there. is a list on the site that doesn't have it it hurts me that home again with tell you they're going to do something, and not do it 7 on your side contacted home again. the company admitted there had been a glitch.
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44 clinics and shelters had not received alert of after our inquiry home again told us the problem was fixed and lerts, sent. we wanted to check for ourselves so we asked the company who received at lerts. >> home again refused to tell us. >> however, through our own inquiries we know one clinic, east hills has now received an alert. still, that hasn't done good. and the couple is now offering a $1,000 reward for chip's safe return. >> anyone knows who has my baby, or if you have my baby just bring hem home to me. call me. >> that is tough to watch. home again has an "f" rating with the better business bureau f you know chip's wear wr abouts call the number on your screen. and you can go to abc 7 we'll have it post there'd.
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>> chip still has a chip so just in case. >> absolutely. still has a chip. if he shows up, we ought to know it thank you. >> and let's get another check on a warm forecast. >> spencer? >> this is warm in many locations. will you notice the difference? probably not. there is a thermometer in your hand walking around. highs tomorrow 100 degrees in yuk eye kia. 100 in livermore. upper 90s in antioch and napa. and jant rosa. 91 in palo alto. 83 here in san francisco there. is focus south ward 100 degrees in gilroy. 98 in morgan hill. 72 inmont rai. after that, we'll see temperatures starting to moderate. here is the accu-weather forecast. after more heat inland tomorrow, we'll see cooler conditions in all locations on wednesday. and still, mid-90s inland and
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then, from thursday remainder of the forecast we'll see highs into 80s, 70s around the bay. 60s on the coast. more tolerable weather. and that is good news. >> yes. >> welcome change. >> people like to cool off will have something to look forward. >> true. >> spencer, thanks. >> a line up change on%f f f f f
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, will it be called tournament of hondas? rose parade gets a new sponsor and new name. then, at 11:00, experts say this terrifying event brought a perfect investigation ree yax. the gailt investigation into a frightening landing coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> now, there is sports and niners. >> well, change is tough no matter what it s sometimes, it might be good. 49er head coach fired his offensive coordinator jimmy ray today replacing him with mike johnson. he did have a usual swagger today and said he received no pressure from front office to make this move. >> one thing i want to you
6:54 pm
understand is that if i make a decision, it's my decision. >> the 49er offense under jimmy ray had no identity. they dont couldn't decide if they wanted to be a run first offense or a threat offense. 49er players were not happy with production but singletarry claims they had no influence on the decision wi not make a decision based on the players. i think that can get tricky. >> quarterback coach johnson has been with 49er twoz years, he's young was a quarterback at pro level, and players seem to relate to him. >> i think mike is a great communicator. i think he's a great teacher. and i think he's a visionary and understands what we're trying to accomplish. >> i think it's a good move, an awesome move. like i said coach johnson is... talented young man. he's young and hungry.
6:55 pm
>> in my experience this is the first move a head coach makes before losing his own job. there are hints of dissension in the locker room. and the ball is now in johnson's court. the niners not the only bay area team to shuffle coaching staff. and the switch made official today and this is a good move. keith has been nellie's asis stans stant seven years and has over 20 years of experience at this level. he knows the players and is a quick fix for new ownership crew. >> unlike a lot of coaches coming into this environment and want to coach here, i know everything about the organization. i know everything here. i know all faces. i know smiles. i know everything. i know where the bones in the backyard are buried. we're going to run and play fast. we want to be a physical, big basketball team as well. >> i'm happy. you know?
6:56 pm
keith has been with us a long time. and i ti think this is a great, great opportunity for him. for the team. >> the raiders are licking their wounds after a heart breaking loss yesterday in arizona. kicker missed a game-winning 32 yard field goal. sea bass only missed three field goals all of last season. and head coach tom cable knows how tough it can be for a kicker to blow a chip shot. last night he told him he loved him. and he believes januaryi cowski will overcome this adversity. >> he was out this morning kicking balls. that is what you do when you get a set back. analyze it. say how can i fix it? you go on. >> raid yigs nation is mourninging the loss of one of its greats. blanda's 26 year career is the
6:57 pm
longest in nfl history retiring just a month shy of his 49th birthday. and he he's one of the great all purpose players in nfl history. he will be missed. >> wow. >> thank you. >> and brings back memories. >> yes. >> and thank you. >> and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and just stay connected 24-7 at abc sheer look at stories you'll see there right now. have a good evening. good night, everyone.
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our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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