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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland where a family is shaken awake blasted by a flurry of bullets and one of their children is injured. i will let you know what happened and why police think this family may have been targeted. up ahead. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san quentin prison where the state's plan to execute a convicted killer may be derailed and not by what's going on in a courtroom but what's going on in a drug lab. the story coming up in a live report. >> jenelle wang live in the news room where we're following new developments in the deadly pg&e explosion. this morning the investigation looks into a power outage as a possible cause. i'll have the story coming up. >> and weatherwise our big story
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the heat once again. the record temperatures we'll deal with this afternoon and the poor air quality. relief could come as quickly as tomorrow to parts of the bay. i'll show you where. >> new injury accident just reported in livermore. eastbound 580 near first street. i'll get details and check out drive times. live shot bay bridge toll plaza still delay free. >> a scorching tuesday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, oakland police on the hunt for a gunman who shot a six-year-old child while she slept in her family's home overnight. theresa garcia's live from the oakland police department with more. theresa? >> this is definitely what you call violence and definitely anger anyone with a conscience at least. the oakland police have since left the home where the shooting happened early this morning. and now the investigators have to find out who so boldly shot up this house while the entire family was asleep inside. now you've got a six-year-old
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girl recovering after being struck by a bullet inside her home. ten people live here but the only one hit was the six-year-old asleep in her room with her parents. two or three gunmen on the street opened fire shooting about two dozen rounds into the house on seminary avenue and 16th street. >> we observed several rounds up to about 25 were fired into the rear of the home. we learned from the family everyone was inside asleep. >> i heard the gunshots, and then i started -- i heard my mom crying and screaming so i immediately went to her room. and then i seen my sister's arm. i called 9-1-1. >> well, the child has been hospitalized with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to her arm and shoulder. the victim's sister there tells me this is the third time in less than a year of living there that the house has been shot at and she believes the gunmen were targeting her 18-year-old brother. now, the police also believe the
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home was specifically targeted. they do say it could be gang-related. but at this time they have no description of any suspect. live in oakland, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. 6:03 now. a man on the verge of becoming the first death row inmate executed in california in near five years takes two steps back from the edge of his lethal injection. he got help on two fronts last night from a federal appeals court and governor schwarzenegger. terry mcsweeney is live at san quentin with the latest. >> an appeals court telling judge jeremy fogel in san jose to rethink the offer of albert john to choice the way he wanted to die, a one-shot or three-shot legal injection. brown convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old in riverside county in 1980. governor schwarzenegger pushing back the execution from midnight tonight to 9 p.m. on thursday so that a number of appeals could
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be heard. and one was heard in marin county superior court yesterday. >> he is going to be executed according to protocol that is not probably enacted. >> brown cannot prove that you will suffer pain if he's executed under the current regulations and not demonstrated that he is likely to prevail. for this reason the application for a temporary retraining order is denied. >> so that attempt to delay the execution was denied but that continues to the supreme court. another an appeal at the federal level. what may actually stop the execution is a lack of serum, one ingredient needed for the execution, an expiration date of midnight thursday. so if they can get a delay of three more hours, mr. brown may
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live to see the year 2011. live at san quentin, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. it's just about 6:05. the contra costa county board of supervisors will introduce a stronger smoking ban this morning. the ordinance will prohibit smoking in certain outdoor areas of apartment complexes as well as inside apartment units. the ban would also prohibit smoking medical marijuana in areas where tobacco smoking is prohibited. it includes language to protect landlords liability as long as they meet all requirements of the smoking ban. the board is expected to approve the measure next month. >> federal investigators are looking into a possible new clue in the deadly san bruno gas explosion. we learned hours before the blast there was a power outage and possible equipment failure at the control center where this line originates. jenelle wang is live in the news room with the latest developments. >> yes, there are reports there was a loss of electric power on a key part of the gas pipeline
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right before the disaster on september 9th. congresswoman jackie spears say factors may have caused what she calls a perfect storm. the representative says pg&e lost power to its natural gas pipeline system at its control center in milpitas only hours before the explosion. the loss of power could have affected the gas pressure in the pipeline. the ntsb leading the investigation confirmed there was a shutdown at the control center in milpitas. the line that exploded under san bruno originated in milpitas and ran north to san francisco. >> this has been a deadly and painful wake-up call. we must act swiftly and we must act deliberately to resolve and to remedy this problem. >> this morning there are also questions about some work done on the pipeline. about two years ago san bruno city officials reviewed a permit for pg&e to inspect the 30-inch transmission line including the spot where the line would later
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rupture killing seven people and destroying 37 homes. the ntsb has apparently collected and documented all the evidence. now it will begin the laborious task of testing those samples to find out what caused this explosion. reporting live in the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> 6:07. it's bad enough to crash your car while messing with your cellphone, but one driver in richmond had it even worse. not only did she rear-end the car in front of her, but the driver of that car was the chief of police. the chief did what anyone in an accident would do. he called the police. nobody was injured in the crash. amazingly the woman was not cited. police said they couldn't ticket her because they didn't see the crash. and the chief decided not to cite her himself because he was involved in the accident and felt that would be inappropriate. about 5500 people have so-called distracted crashes last year and texting on a cellphone is the
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number one disstrikes nationwide according to the office of traffic safety. >> she got kind of lucky there. >> very lucky. chief of police? >> could have been a bad accident. >> yeah. >> 6:08 is our time. boy, a fourth day of spare the air. i know you're looking for relief out there, right? >> record temperatures headed our way. >> absolutely. let's talk about spare the air first. good morning to you. mainly the east by valleys and also the santa clara valley. that's where we are going to find the poor air quality for the elderly, the young, those are respiratory problems this afternoon. talking temperatures, pretty warm this morning. warmer than yesterday morning. 50s santa rosa, napa and skrant cruz. springboard of warmer weather already by noon. 70s to low 80s san francisco and oakland with mid to upper 80s around the rest of the bay into the south bay with low to mid-90s in the north bay and east bay valleys. 70s half moon bay where it will be 70 at 4:00. mid to upper 80s san francisco and oakland.
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low to mid-90s throughout the bay into the south bay hitting 100 morgan hill at 4:00. same type of temperatures in the east bay valleys with mid to upper 90s in the north bay valleys. all right. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. you can see cooler days are definitely on the way. we are going to drop nearly 10 to 15 degrees. the closer you are to the ocean tomorrow. and then how about another 10 to 12 degrees by the time we get to the coolest weather which will be on sunday. frances, good morning. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. we'll start with a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza where there are no delays. i did want to mention an accident in the north bay though. southbound 101 past highway 16 there was an earlier crash that was off to the shoulder but emergency crews had to block the lane temporarily to get that car out of the shoulder. and as a result it did cause things to back up. there's about five-minute delays as you make your way towards the grade.
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also we have this earlier accident eastbound 580 also reported at 1st. this one may be blocking. emergency crews are on their way and so far we have the normal slowing on westbound 580 as you make your way out of the altamont pass. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's now 6:10. still ahead, the federal law that california educators are now broken. >> the program targeting illegal immigrants that the bay area's biggest county will consider
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good morning. it's 6:13. what a gorgeous look out there on the bay and the bay bridge. you can see no clouds out there this morning. and that means it's gonna be another scorcher for us. get the a. c.'s ready as temperatures will hit 100 in lots of places. mike will have details on when relief is coming coming up. >> in the news, the santa clara county board of supervisors is expected to vote today to opt out of a controversial federal fingerprinting program. the secure communities program requires fingerprints of those arrested to be sent to the department of homeland securities information date base. early this month federal officials said it was voluntary and offered opting out procedures. they say it focuses on low-level criminals and does affect racial
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profiling. >> california violated federal law for assigning teachers to schools that serve mostly low income and minority populations. yid's ruling will not bar them from teaching core subjects but does require districts in california and possibly other states to change their assignment policies so that the least prepared teachers are not routinely placed in the neediest schools. >> a change here in the age of computers. so many people now file their taxes online that the irs has decided to stop mailing out tax forms. the move is expected to save the agency about $10 million a year. you can still get tax force from libraries and post offices. >> wal-mart is hoping today it wins approval to build a new supercenter store in antioch. for the third time in three months, the antioch city council will consider whether to approve plans to expand an existing wal-mart store on lone tree way
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to a 175,000 supercenter. they have full groceries and other features. the city council rejected wal-mart's plan in july but is now reconsidering to avoid a lawsuit. >> 6:16 now. a hot one coming today. records may fall. >> i think so. a couple of places definitely. this may be the last day though thankfully for those tired of dealing with the heat. those who like it, maybe one more day in our inland valleys. 6:16 looking live at a pretty calm bay from emeryville. lights almost mirror-like from the bay bridge on the water this morning. let's take a look at yesterday's record highs. santa rosa, san francisco, oakland, moffett field, santa cruz. we tied one in concord. we came close in napa -- no, we set one in napa, also. san jose the record was 97 yesterday. we ended up at 96. we were very close there. stepping out 53 in santa rosa, napa, 50 half moon bay.
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75 fremont, 70 los gatos. those a little in the higher elevations around those cities. around the monterey bay and inland mainly clear conditions, the temperatures mid to upper 50s. sunny, hot and poor air quality again today. but today should probably be the last day we have all three of those ground together. clear tonight, not quite as warm as this morning and the heat will arrive. the heat really will arrive tomorrow and this sea breeze. that's why the closer to the coast, the more likely you'll see the relief tomorrow. south bay sunnyvale and san jose. see the asterisk next to those cities. we'll set some records. los gatos 101 today. low to mid-90s on the peninsula, redwood city. about 95. that could be a record. even hit upper 90s palo alto and los altos. low 70s along the coast. san francisco 90, downtown 87. sausalito 88. napa's 99. santa rosa 103. all possible record highs.
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coast low 70s for you. richmond, berkeley, low to mid-90s elsewhere with hayward 93 possibly a record. east bay valleys upper 90s. walnut creek and dublin, 100 for everybody else. concord 101. same thing gilroy at 102, 100 morgan hill, 104 hollister. 98 watsonville. 95 salinas will be a record as will that 78 in monterey. for tonight slightly cooler. sea breeze kicks in late today and tonight. you can see the wealth of 50s as you hit cloverdale, east bay valleys and south bay stuck in low 50s once again. what we're seeing is the high pressure right on top of us and moving away today. so it's going to keep its presence over us but it's going to weaken this afternoon. now allow the sea breeze to kick in and allow this cooler weather to make it by the weekend. your seven-day forecast, should be 10, maybe 15 degrees cooler
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as you head to the coast tomorrow and some of that cool weather moves inland by thursday. low 80s by sunday with mid-70s around bay and low 60s at the coast. after tomorrow kind of a gradual cooling trend. >> mike, two hot spots for you as well trafficwise. southbound 101 slow towards highway 116. there was an earlier accident and they had to block a lane for a while to clear it. turns out they're two separate crashes in the area so southbound 101 very heavy as you make your way out of the park. and also the other hot spot is westbound 580. this earlier injury crash was reported on eastbound 580 but it turns out to be in the commute direction. so that's not great for folks heading out of the altamont pass. 26 mph as you approach the scene. here are the drive times for you. almost 30 minutes now from 205 to 680 and the south 101 ride out of santa rosa from highway 12 to novato, highway 37, is now 34 minutes. you can always get the latest
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traffic information also and get personalized drive times by going our website on just click on the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 6:20. california now officially has a law eliminating a toxic metal commonly found in children's jewelry but it won't kick in for a while. governor schwarzenegger sign aid bill limiting the number of cadmium in jewelry intended for children under six. some manufacturers were found to have substituted the carcinogen for lead. it takes effect january 1st, 2012. >> 6:20 our time. coming up, wanna find a family? >> i've got one, thank you. >> everybody needs two. the video that has some cringing, others laughing and ad executives thinking. >> looking for a new job, our next hire event is this morning in san francisco, runs from
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every costume sold will go to families of the disaster. >> a st. louis family of four is offering itself for sale on a day-to-day basis. the martins are willing to wear your company shirts all day, take lots of pictures and promote you on, and more. the billboard family has a marketing video which shows an image of an ultrasound image of their unborn child who will also come with the package. their website claims 30 of their 84 days left for sale have been sold. >> st. louis known for innovative thinking. 6:25 now. two to three gunmen, 25 shots, one six-year-old girl wounded. the latest on our developing news in oakland as a child was hit by gunfire as she slept in the family home. >> fire that sent bay point residents to the hospital and
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gutted their home. >> live at san quentin where a man scheduled for execution thursday night, needs just a three-hour additional delay to see the year 2011. i'll explain in a live report. >> let's head to the east coast where you can see flight arrival and departure delays from washington up to new york and expect more in boston later today. >> a hot spot in livermore. westbound 588 where injuries are reportetetetetetetetetetetetetee reportetetetetetetetetetetetetee you can see greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job.
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all right. bells ringing on wall street. which marks the start of the trading day. stock futures higher as traders optimistic about improving economic reports overseas and corporate deal-making. the asian development bank raised the region's economic growth and consumer confidence rose in germany. how u.s. investors feel in a live report from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> we do know it's going to be another scorcher today in the bay area. yesterday's hot temperatures set records all around the state and caused all kinds of problems here in the bay area. a heat-related power outage cut service to pg&e customers in san leandro. hot tracks forced bart to slow down on trains in the evening commute. trains running 15 to 20 minutes late at one point. this weather that turned a minor brush fire into a disaster.
6:31 am
marin county crews managed to get this fire knocked out within about an hour and a half yesterday afternoon. thankfully we didn't have the severe wind. about but we had the other two measures for high fire danger. i think today is high sun danger. >> yes. slightly. and the possibility of poor air quality. if it makes you feel any better, in l.a., 113 yesterday. an all-time record high plus the game with the padres. >> let's talk about that poor air quality. mainly the south bay hit the lowest level, those most susceptible, the elderly, young and those with respiratory problems could have issues today. look for an asterisk next to your neighborhood and that would be a potential record high again today. 101 concord, 104 livermore, possibly 98 san jose, 97 san rafael and 103 in santa rosa. a cooling trend in your forecast. here's eric with more news. >> looking forward to that,
6:32 am
mike. thank you very much. right now a six-year-old girl is being treated for a bullet wound at oakland police looking for the gunman who shot dozens of rounds at her home while she and her family slept inside. 2:45 this morning two to three gunmen opened fire at seminary each at east 16th street. ten people live there, including three children. the only one hit was the six-year-old girl asleep in her room with her mother and father. >> observed several rounds to about 25 were fired into the rear of the home. we learned from the family that everyone inside was asleep. >> the child was taken to the hospital with what was believed -- are believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. the victim's sister thinks her 18-year-old brother may be the target of the attack. this is the third time their home has been shot at in less than a year. >> a development in the planned execution at san quentin, a
6:33 am
ruling could send the case back to square one. terry mcsweeney joins us live. the initial judge in this case made a mistake? >> yeah. the appeals court is telling federal judge jeremy fogel in san jose to rethink his decision to give albert brown a choice how he wanted to die, whether it be a one-shot or three-shot injection. according to the appeals court, that placed an undo burden on the convicted rapist and killer. judge fogel could reconsider as early as today and he has to do -- he's going to do it very soon because one of the drugs needed to execute brown has an expiration date midnight thursday. the manufacturer won't have more of the drug until next year. the execution is set for 9 p.m. thursday. it was pushed back by governor schwarzenegger to allow all the appeals to be heard. one is before the state supreme court, another before the 9th circuit court of appeals. >> this is the nature of death penalty litigation in the very last minutes.
6:34 am
you have a team of lawyers trying to save their client's life and they're looking for any argument that they can possibly raise. >> a marin county judge turned down a request for temporary restraining order yesterday. there has not been an execution in california in more than four years ever since judge fogel ruled the state need aid new death chamber and new procedures and protocol. the state has still not complied with that. the execution is set for 9 p.m. thursday. but if it can get pushed back to mid thursday night it's going to be until next year because they don't have one of the drugs they need to put him to death. live at san quentin, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks, terry. 6:34 now. this morning investigators are trying to determine if an electrical problem caused a late-night house fire that injured three people in bay point. firefighters got the call around 11:30 last night. the fire destroyed many of the
6:35 am
belongings inside the single story home and spread to two vehicles parked in the driveway. three of the residents were taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. in total nine residents are left without a home. >> governor schwarzenegger and top legislative leaders meet at noon today to continue working on a budget deal. they met last night for the first time since last thursday. that's when all five said they had worked out a budget framework. without going into specifics, the governor says the legislature could vote on a deal in the next week or so. the lawmakers are still trying to hammer out specific agreements on budget cuts, taxes and pension reforms. >> getting word of a new development that could help california's budget crisis. california auto dealers, restaurants and other businesses that owe california nearly $1.4 billion. the l.a. times reports that money has been paid in sales taxes by consumers; however, businesses only forward that money to the state on a quarterly basis. state records show that uncollected tax debt is about 25% higher than it was a year
6:36 am
ago and has doubled since 2007. experts say that's only fueling the state's budget crisis. >> it's just about 6:36 now. democratic jerry brown and republican meg whitman will face off in their first debate of the governor's race. both candidates will present very different credentials to voters. jerry brown is a seasoned career politician, a former governor and held his first elected office in 1969. commitman is the former ceo of e-bay and this is her first run for public office. tonight's debate will be held at u.c. davis. recent polls show the two candidates are in a near tie with less than six weeks to go before the election. >> governor schwarzenegger will present four san mateo police officers with a medal of valor award today for helping disarm a bomber at hillsdale high school last august. the officers ran into the school and took a vest off the suspect which was loaded with seven live pipe bombs. they arrested the 17-year-old suspect who was a former student. the officers were honored in san
6:37 am
mateo last september for their heroic actions. four civilians at the school were also honored for their bravery. >> almost 6:37 now. high temperatures, poor air quality. what else would you like? would you like fry aware that? >> no, cooler temperatures. >> okay, no fries. >> until then a nice cold lemonade, right, mike? >> or nice adult beverage with garlic fries at the game tonight at at&t. >> lemonade. he meant lemonade. >> anybody, anybody? >> yeah. let's talk about seriously how hot it's going to be since it's the third or fourth day in your neighborhood. it's going to start wearing on your body if you spend much time outside. late this afternoon the sea breeze starts to move in. it's 87. that's very hot in san francisco. 91 oakland and santa rosa down to 103. all slightly cooler than yesterday. concord, san jose and fremont 1, 2, 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. total sunshine at 8:00 this morning. by noon seeing the 90 degree
6:38 am
temperatures show up in our inland valleys with mid to upper 80s around the bay until you get to san francisco and oakland with upper 70s to low 80s. by 4:00 the cool weather at the ocean, half moon bay 70. mid to upper 80s san francisco and oakland. low to mid-90s for the rest of the bay into the south bay. we have mid to upper 90s in the north bay valleys and upper 90s and over 100 in the east bay valleys. seven-day forecast, you can see the cooling trend hits tomorrow. a big drop, another big drop on thursday and a slow migration back to seasonal temperatures over the weekend. frances? >> mike, you bring the garlic fries and i'll bring the gum. here's a look at westbound 580. traffic is a little slow from grant line road to north first becauses of an earlier crash. here the slow drive times. westbound 580 from 205 to 680 past that earlier accident now over half an hour. earlier accidents in the north bay so that's why it's pretty slow on southbound 101 from highway 12 down to highway 37,
6:39 am
almost 40 minutes. normal slowing now out of antioch, lone tree and summersville. los gatos, the highway 9 connector ramp is blocked until 7:00 this morning. so use lark avenue as a detour. we'll go outside and check out our live camera shot for you. here's northbound 101 in san jose. things are more crowded but overall not too many delays out of morgan hill at the peninsula. even though we've had a few accidents this morning on 101. bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and traffic is now backed up to the 880 overcrossing. eric, kristen. >> frances, you discovered the gum that can take on garlic fries. i think you'd smell like mint and garlic. >> i was going to say if we all indulge in the garlic fries, there would be no need for the gum. >> trading an wall street now, a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a live look at the big board, the dow down 11 points. >> the bay area geniuses getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to follow their passion.
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>> jenelle wang live in the news room. power failures and old repairs. could they have caused the deadly pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno. what one congresswoman caaaaaaaa the file on david harmer isn't pretty. a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders, as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout. david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off. a record we can't afford.
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that satisfy my love for tasty treats. ound 100 calories. zero fat. now i love my curves in all the right places. yoplait. it is so good. our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety.
6:43 am
jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us. ♪ welcome back. here's a look at your california forecast. it is hot just about everywhere but eureka. 66 with some clouds. big sur sunshine and 88 today. san diego down to 78 and l.a. drops 12 degrees to 101. yeah, it was 113 there yesterday. all-time record high temperature. we'll be over 100 through the
6:44 am
central valley, yosemite, 85 tahoe, 96 with a scattered thunderstorm over palm springs. kristen. >> mike, that's so much better. thanks a lot. federal investigators have a new clue in the deadly san bruno natural gas line explosion. they want to know if a power supply failure caused problem with pressure in the pipeline. jenelle wang is live in the news room with more. >> that's right, kristen. hours before the deadly explosion september 9th, officials say there was a power outage at the control center in milpitas. the line ran from san bruno up to san francisco. the chp confirmed to our partners. there was a shutdown and it copied records from the computer system. this came to light after jackie spear announced legislation to force pipeline operators to install auto shutoff valves.
6:45 am
she says there are only two of those automatic valves on pg&e's infrastructure. >> it's on the -- part of the line that goes from 92 to half moon bay. that's the only auto shutoff valves they have in the entire system. >> also revealed, pg&e had worked on the transmission line under san bruno two years prior to the disaster which killed seven people and destroyed 37 homes. san bruno city officials had approved a permit for the work but they don't know what the results of the inspection were. also that year pg&e crews had repaired an emergency leak in that same neighborhood. the ntsb says it has collected all the samples it needs for the investigation and it's in the process of analyzing all of it. reporting live, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you. pg&e officials are set to testify on capitol hill today about the deadly san bruno gas explosion and fire. members of the senate commerce committee are holding a hearing on pipeline safety and they want
6:46 am
to know more about the september 9th disaster that killed seven. barbara boxer is part of a panel and senator dianne feinstein will also testify. they introduced legislation last week to double the number of federal pipeline inspectors and require automatic electronic shutoff valves wherever possible. >> rumors have been swirling and abc news has learned ron emanuel could announce on friday that he's leaving the white house. he's interesting running as mayor of chicago. this after richard daily announced he wouldn't seek re-election after serving 21 years. emanuel has not made a final decision but president obama has apparently given him his blessing. >> a green light for an airline megamerger and mixed news for the housing market. >> jane king joins us live with all that and more. good morning, jane. >> good morning, eric and kristen. also just getting word in court papers that interior secretary kenneth salazar may lift the
6:47 am
federal ban on deep water drilling soon as well. we'll watch those oil companies today. a day after southwest airlines made the announcement that it will plan to buy air tran, united set to merge with continental. a federal judge has ruled that united and continental can go ahead with their plans. judge richard seemore refusing to grant an preliminary injunction for travelers that filed an anti-trust suit. a strong presence in the area and hope the merger will be official by friday. mixed news this morning on housing. we did see a housing crisis actually go up a little bit nationwide here this morning. home prices in 20 cities gang in july. up about 3%. that was a pretty slow pace but there were ten cities that had year on year gains and the best performing city, san francisco, prices there up 11%. trading so far this morning, pretty quiet start to trading.
6:48 am
dow, s & p and nasdaq all trading slightly lower at the moment. we'll see how the bloomberg silicon valley index is doing so far. i'll pull it up. actually trading down about 1% from silicon valley index. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, at least for fedex. package service. they're seeing an increase in shipments for the winter holidays. they're getting ready. toys r us saying they're going to hire up to 45,000 temporary workers for the holidays. some for the pop-up stores, some for the distribution centers. most are going to the regular retail stores. stores opening 25 boarders express stores. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king from bloomberg news. >> thanks a lot. >> we have breaking news for you now. there are reports of an armed person inside the library at the university of texas in austin. students are being asked to stay inside their dorm rooms. there are reports of shots
6:49 am
fired. no word yet on any injuries. we will keep you informed on this as more information becomes available. again reports of an armed individual inside the university of texas and austin library and reports of shots fired. >> also closely following the weather. all the developments there. yesterday we saw lots of records fall. mike? >> we'll see more fall today also. when you look at the graphics, the ones i think are going to be set again today. beautiful picture -- looking from emeryville today? all right! doesn't that look great. a nice new picture! i love when our guys try to find new ways to showcase the beauty of the bay area. good job this morning. coming up on 6:50. let's talk temperatures. still very warm around fremont, los gatos. higher elevations. cool ocean water, 50 half moon bay. the rest of us mid to upper 60s this morning. monterey bay mainly clear conditions and temperatures inland in the mid to upper 50s.
6:50 am
going to be sunny, hot, poor air quality once again. i think it's the last time we'll say that together. we'll have a clear night but it won't be quite as warm as this morning. start to see some clouds gather at the coast as the sea breeze develops. that will bring us some heat relief tomorrow. for today cooler in some areas but still really warm. even though we dropped 6 degrees in san francisco, still 87 today. oakland 91 and santa rosa dropped 1 degree to 103. again, our nights are getting longer than our days. 11 hours, 55 minutes of sunshine today. let's look at east bay valleys and the south bay. color-coded, kind of orange. poor air quality or possibility of it during the afternoon hour. watch out for the elderly, respiratory problems, those sorts of things. sunshine even at the coast for the better part of the day. as we head to the afternoon hours, the clouds creep closer to the coast. that's the sea breeze that starts to develop this
6:51 am
afternoon. why i think san francisco will be a little cooler but inland valleys just as hot as yesterday with upper 90s to low 1 hundreds. concord to livermore, record-setting. mid to upper 80s richmond and berkeley. hayward at 93. south bay mid to upper 90s. 101 los gatos. san jose possibility of a record. low to mid-90s most of the peninsula. palo alto around 97. low it mid-70s along the coast. downtown san francisco 87 but south san francisco, sausalito near 90. upper 90s to 100 degrees north bay valleys. same thing gilroy and hollister, 98 watsonville but only 78 in monterey. here your looking at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. with that sea breeze we see temperatures dropping 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow. and then that sea breeze will spread inland and we'll see another drop in temperatures by 10 degrees. saturday and sunday low to mid-80s inland. mid-70s around the bay and near
6:52 am
60 at the coast. want to share a weather picture for you. check out this. even humming birds. they need to stay hydrated and cool on these hot days. this from susan in mountain view. want to thank her for this beautiful picture. the hummingbird she caught just now sipping a little drink. if you have a weather video or picture you'd like to share, we'd love to see them. send them or e-mail it. here's frances with a look at traffic. >> hi, mike. good morning, everyone. live shot of the san mateo bridge. now, the span or traffic on the span is fine but heading into hayward, heads up, there was an earlier water main break. and this is partially affecting the eastbound 92 connector ramp to southbound 880. so traffic heading through hayward. i'll show you the maps right now. and cruise are at the scene right now but trying to drain the water. look out for that. also see yellow sluggish traffic on southbound 880 as you make
6:53 am
your way through hayward. also the slowest drive time southbound 101 from highway 12 to highway 37. 47 minutes because of an earlier accident. heaviest from the expressway to the break check area and 34 minutes from 580 from 200 to 680. outside another live shot. bay bridge toll plaza. look how the backup has grown towards the foot of the maze. getting there on interstate 80 in berkeley, also slow and go in some spots. the drive time has increased from 20 minutes to 24 minutes as you make your way on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge down to the maze. golden gate bridge though looking good this morning. you can always get the latest traffic anytime by going to our website, the place to go and you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 6:53. this morning two scientists and economists and a writer from the bay area are being honored as this year's mcarthur foundation fellows. that's the aworld better known
6:54 am
as a genius grant. carlos is a population geneticist in stanford and looks at dna sequences to answer questions about evolution. leland lives in oakland but teaches at u.c. davis. tackles the effects of social changes in china. emanuel is a economist at u.s. berkeley, focuses on relationship between income and tax. dawn sung, a specialist at u.c. berkeley. they each receive half a million dollars presented out the next five years from the mcarthur foundation. the award comes with no strings attached. >> recap our top stories. oakland police looking for the gunman who shot dozens of rounds wounding a six-year-old girl. >> theresa? >> good morning. you know, oakland police have since left the home where the shooting happened early this morning. now the investigators have the task of finding out who so boldly shot up a house where an
6:55 am
entire family was asleep inside. obviously not caring who could get hurt. police say that was it was around 2:15 this morning that two to three gunmen on the street opened fire shooting about 25 rounds into the back end of a house on the corner of seminary avenue and east 16th street. ten people live there including two young children. the only one hit was a six-year-old girl asleep in her room with her parents. the sister called 9-1-1 for help. the six-year-old child has been hospitalized with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to her arm and shoulder. the victim's sister tells me this is the third time in less than a year of living there that the house has been shot at. and she believes the gunmen were targeting their 18-year-old brother. police say they think it's a gang-related target though they haven't released suspect descriptions yet. for more of our top stories, terry mcsweeney live near san quentin. >> yeah.
6:56 am
three developments in the case of death row inmate albert brown scheduled for execution thursday at 9 p.m.. governor schwarzenegger has pushed back the time of execution from midnight tonight until then so the appeals could be heard at the state and federal level. also an appeals court judge is saying that judge jeremy fogel down in san jose needs to rethink his decision giving brown a choice how he would die, by one shot or three lethal injections. that according to the judge placed an undo burden on brown. what could stop the execution is a lack of the drugs needed to kill brown. the pentothal the state has is going to pass its expiration date midnight thursday. execution again scheduled for 9 p.m.. if someone could delay the execution by just three hours, it appears that brown is not going to be dying this year because the manufacturer says it doesn't have anymore of this drug and won't until sometime early next year. live at san quentin, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. >> final check on weather and
6:57 am
traffic. how hot can it get? >> how about record heat. when the conditions are favorable to record heat, we usually have poor air quality. that's another big story. check out the east bay valleys and santa clara valley. that's where we find that unhealthy air. 87 in san francisco to 103 in santa rosa to 98 in san jose. relief is on the way starting tomorrow. frances? >> mike, bay bridge toll plaza final check backed up to the foot of the maze right now. it's been a rough ride for north bay commuters. there were a couple of earlier accidents. there's a new one that came in at the roaner park expressway blocking the left lane and that's why the drive time has grown from 53 minutes now from highway 12 to highway 37. that's almost a half hour delay as you make your way to the grade. >> thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:22. join us for the midday news today at 11:00.
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