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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 3, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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in the news this sunday morning, october 3rd, san jose police chase a man holding his wife and baby at gunpoint and down freeways at speeds nearly hundred miles an hour. >> and top two candidates for governor had a much more heated second debate as immigration policy takes center stage. >> good morning, we have clouds, mist and drizzle at the coast and much cooler temperatures. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. >> a high-speed chase along bay area freeways ended early this morning. san jose police were responding to reports of a family dispute. they say a mother and her baby
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were being held at knifepoint. it started in san jose just before 11:00 last night. police and several other police agencies round up chasing the truck all the way to san francisco on highway 101. the driver changed directions and headed south again into daly city and back down the peninsula on interstate 280. just after midnight, it ended as quickly as it began. police say the truck suddenly crashed at woodside road. the man jumped over the overpass following some 30 feet to the concrete below. he survived the fall and taken to the hospital where his condition is unknown. the baby was in a child carrier the whole time, was not injured. the mother was also unhurt but obviously shaken by that ordeal. san jose firefighters spent last night cleaning up a spill that sent a thousand gallons of diesel fuel into guadalupe
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creek. they were called just after 5:00. they say a generator on the roof of the at&t building malfunctioned leaking the fuel. the diesel made its way to a drain on the roof and eventually down into the creek where it caused minor environmental damage. no reports of injured wildlife. this morning, the political pundits and candidates themselves will be assessing last night's gubernatorial debate. the tone held at fresno state university were far more confrontational than at u.c. davis. four questions in, republican meg whitman were asked of the legal status of her house keeper. >> jerry, you should be ashamed. >> the gloves came off after meg whitman accused jerry brown of orchestrating the scandal over her former housekeeper who admitted being an illegal immigrant. >> you and your surrogates put
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her on deportation at rick, you put her out there. you should be ashamed for sacrificing her on the altar of your ambition. >> brown fired back. >> don't run for governor if you can't stand up on your two feet, i'm sorry, let's go on from here. you have to blame the left and unions but you don't take accountability. >> an honor student brought to u.s. as a child asked the candidates if they would support the dream act which offers a path to legalization for college grads. >> this is a tough situation and i don't think it's fair for the people that are here in california legally. i would not be for the california dream act. >> to the state dream act which i can do something about because our current governor risks a veto on the proposal. this goes beyond the dream act she wants to kick you out of
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school because you are not documented and that is wrong. >> whitman pounded back that attacked brown's record on education. >> he ran for the mayor of oakland. three years later the state took over the oakland public school system because they were hundred million dollars in debt. >> i asked the state to come in. i was the mayor. the school board separately elected, it's a different government and different jurisdiction and the mayor of any city has no power over them. >> both candidates had a huge opportunity to appeal to latino voters. next debate takes place at dominican university in san rafael on october 12. it will be moderated by former nbc news anchor tom brokow. >> a fifth female resident at an apartment complex says she
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fought off a rape attempt. it dates back to late june. amy hollyfield reports on last night's incident. >> police say a man tried to shove a woman into an apartment just before 8:00 she fell down a flight of stairs but she was successful in taking him off. >> it's very scary. we wonder when it's going to end. >> she and her roommates have had a chain lock installed on their doors. they also have their pit bull and always use the buddy system but they still don't feel safe. >> i wake up more than i ever have. >> police blame the first three attacks on antonio luton and they say they have dna to prove it. he is in jail accused of rape. his bail is set at $12 million. investigators have the description of man that
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committed the fourth sexual assault and waiting to catch the victim of this crime. the apartment complex has added security guards, but residents would still like to see them work harder to protect them. >> checking cars on a regular basis, they think we need to do more than having more bodies in and around the complex. >> there is no way out. >> the latest victim was taken to the hospital because of that fall down the stairs. she was not sexually assaulted. police don't have a description of her attacker yet so they don't know if the last two assaults were committed by the same man. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." also in walnut creek, police are dealing with a plague of violent altercations in the downtown area. they posted a video on youtube this weekend shot by a witness friday night on north main
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street. police say several people were injured in at least five fights in three locations. one man was hospitalized with head injuries. police say security guards at one bar were fighting with customers. in the video you see several fights break out on the street and at one point you can see a man being beaten on the ground. >> coming up, oakland citizens tired of the violence lobby neighbors to support a plan for more officers on the streets. also ahead, beneath the surface of tahoe, they find a way to pull well, max, first day... moh-ohm. -do you have your lunch? -yes. and you know where your classroom is? uh huh. mom, i can walk from here. what about your... mom, i got it.
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light rail trains. express trains offer stops at points north. they leave 7:15, 8:367 and 8:is a. they leave the bay point station at three different times. express trains offer free wi-fi. look for cars with wi-fi on board. once again, oakland finds itself desperately short of police officers. dozens of volunteers are going door to door, launching a grassroots campaign for two ballot measures they hope will prevent more police layoffs. vic lee reports. >> oakland high student carla rehearsed her lines at catholic church. she volunteered to go door to
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door campaigning money for public safety and restore many of the laidoff police officers. they will provide more programs for intervention for youngsters. >> candy and clothes. >> a volunteer was in and out of juvenile hall from the age of 12 to 17. thanks to intervention program, he is now straight. >> i recently graduated from u.c. berkeley, i'm a case manager and i work with other young people. >> oakland has 120 fewer cops now due to layoffs and attrition. city councilwoman says it will get worse if the measures fail. >> if it doesn't pass we will probably have to lay off more police officers. this is where we are on the police side about ten million dollars. >> we're going door to door talking to voters. >> 16-year-old robert knocked on
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doors with his nephew. he wants to make oakland a safer place not only for himself but with brandon. >> i'm going to live here the rest of my life. i highs as well make it better for my future. >> the violence and gang affiliated, let them know there are other routes they can take. >> ron and two companions see public safety as the number one issue in oakland. >> by voting on that and reinstating those officers in our community. >> he says, it's not a question of paying more money, it's about accountability. >> i'm happy to pay more taxes if i feel it's being effectively used. >> also on the ballot is measure "x", that would bring back dozens more officers by imposing a $360 parcel tax. the officers association wants to fill some of the openings
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created by attrition but if the city did that, they may have to lay off those officers if measure "x" fails and so far polls show measure "x" losing. >> liking the weather but there has been such swings you don't know what to expect. >> we did see the sunshine yesterday. a little cooler today. cooling continues. outside we have mist and drizzle plenty of cloud cover and yet another system to reinforce a strong onshore wind. that is pretty good looking week next week. >> also ahead the giants still trying to beat the padres. they want to clinch their division. mike shumann has the latest coming up in sports.
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eat it up. ¿qué si usamos tacos más grandes? [ male announcer ] old el paso super stuffers. 33% larger shells. feed your fiesta. welcome back everyone. time right now is 5:16. thanks for joining us on this first sunday in october. it is october 3rd. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. not a whole lot going on. it's still very early. weather-wise, should be a nice day. lisa argen will be along in just a bit to give you more information. >> scientists say the method to eradicate none native plants at the bottom of lake tahoe is working. they are using plastic sheets to
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get weeds out. fast growing weeds cloud out native species. divers are also pulling out weeds by hand. you might think when one plant of species is found it's automatically protected when found. bay area environmentalists are trying to get a local plant added to the endangered species list. heather ishimaru shares more on what it is and where it's found. >> scientists thought the franciscan manzanita was gone but last fall daniel was on the doyle drive off-ramp and something caught his eye. >> i found one, kind of excited, it's probably not this but what
5:18 am
if it were. >> it was a large franciscan manzanita. work on clearing vegetation for the doyle drive vegetation project revealed it to his sharp eye. >> there is some speculation it could have been there since spanish times and survived the construction of the bridge. it's more likely it came up from seeds buried in the soil that was disturbed during construction of the bridge. >> the location was kept secret, a process requiring cooperation between groups that normally don't see eye to eye. >> bridge project and extinct plant, everybody held hands and saved it for the price of a couple thousand cups of coffee. >> to get formal protection requires the federal government to a add it to the endangered species list. >> executive director and other
5:19 am
conservation groups are petitioning. >> it's not a collection of signatures. its formal legal document. they call it a petition to list the plant as an endangered species. that kick started a federal process to protect the plant. >> he expects the manzanita to be protected within a year. he says the recovery plan should not stand in the way of doyle construction >> what can we expect for the week weather-wise. you just never know. >> no. >> you get into that stable pattern and we never quite did. right now we are looking at some nice fall-like weather. we have some moisture in the area, also and approaching from the west. a look outside from the emeryville camera. clouds all about the bay area even some mist and drizzle.
5:20 am
so temperatures with the blanket of clouds in the mid-50s. 58 in oakland. mountain view, 59. 59 in san jose with clouds up towards napa. they have some rain and even san francisco reported some yesterday. we do have a few sprinkles with light drops in the forecast again today. so things will be changing once again. as this cools us down and scattered clouds through tomorrow reinforcing that shot of cool air coming in on this onshore winds. live doppler 7 hd shows, just off the coast and down in bodega bay and inverness and south bay you will see a few returns west of montera so don't be surprised if you see wet payment and you need to use wipers. not only this morning but as we head through the of this.
5:21 am
we will see partly cloudy skies. an area of low pressure to the south of us keeps bringing up the subtropical moisture. best chance of showers around san benito county but there is a trough approaching from the west. that will increase onshore winds and with any moisture left over could squeeze out a few more showers here and there. we will see peeks of sun and temperatures coming down below average. ballgame today, you will have that cool breeze and partly cloudy skies 1:00 this afternoon. in terms of the south bay, you were in the upper 80s yesterday and a cooling air mass headed your way, partly cloudy skies, 75 in campbell and 72 in cupertino. on the peninsula, lack for the mist and drizzle here, 69 later on in redwood city. few degrees cooler today with the winds and that approaching system. 62 in downtown.
5:22 am
chilly day in san francisco with 72 in no, ma'am. 68 in petaluma. chaps of light sprinkles here and there throughout the day today. in oakland as well as union city. definitely a fall like day with a brisk wind. clouds around and chance of light sprinkles. few peeks of sun, as well. 76 in danville as well as livermore coming down as much as 8-10 degrees in inland valleys. santa cruz, 70. 72 in watsonville, it sets up to the south of us and will keep a cool forecast for next week. temperatures will be a little below average. we should stay dry and the coast in the low 60s. >> so people going to game today. let's talk about the sports. giants have a couple of ways get into the playoffs.
5:23 am
they are hoping to beat the padres today after two games at at&t park, a win has eluded them. they do have another chance today. mike shumann has the morning sports. >> good morning. the giants need one win against the padres and zito had a giant opportunity to show she is worth $126 million but he didn't deliver. out in full force in at&t park. he walks one with bases loaded. 1-0 padres. scott ericson, zito lasted three plus innings giving up four runs and then tejada gets a single to the left. and for posey the outside corner, he didn't like the call and gets ejected. they rally in the ninth, jose grounds into a double play to
5:24 am
end it. down to one-game lead with one to play, giants fall 4-2. >> come in the series and now it comes down to last game. >> we have ups and downs. we've been battling all year. we have to get the job done tomorrow. >> braves hosting philly, shane's r.b.i. single to left scores chase hutley. braves must win today to have a shot at the postseason. >> chris carter will be a bright spot for the a's next season. mark ellis homered in the a's 5-3 victory. >> battle of the pac-10 in eugene with oregon hosting stanford. one of the toughest places to play in the nation. first quarter.
5:25 am
watch chris go up and fight for this ball. spectacular grab, stanford up 7-3. slider on the first and taylor busts loose, and touchdown run he had great balance, 21-3 cardinals. stanford up by four, and wide open player, had two picks, stanford led at the half. second half, a different story. in the third, thomas, 355 total yards and four tds, game is tied at 31. jets would rip off 21 unanswered points. stanford did not score, including this 76-yarder. they fall to 4-1. oregon 5-0, 52-31 your final.
5:26 am
>> they made mistakes and forced us to make mistakes. back to spartan stadium, san jose state hosting their opponent. randy wright hits him back in the end zone. late in the fourth quarter, he goes down hard. he would be on the out of the game. it comes to matt, tough position overthrows and a wide open, that would have been a game winning touchdown. san jose falls last night 14-13. >> raiders hosting the texans this afternoon and giants and padres, we'll have highlights at 5:00. have a great day. >> up next at 5:30, a travel warning is going out for americans traveling to europe. there are heightened terrorism concerns. >> and osama bin laden releases a new audio message, this time with
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welcome back. a mother and child are safe this morning after a high-speed chase on bay area freeways. san jose police say the baby's father was behind the wheel. according to the investigators, 11-month-old girl were being held at knifepoint. the incident started just before 11:00 last night. police, the highway patrol and other law enforcement agencies chased the truck all the way to san francisco on 101. driver changed directions and headed south again into daly city. then went back down the peninsula on 280. just after midnight ended. the truck suddenly crashed at woodside road. the man got out and jumped over the overpass falling some 30 feet to the concrete below. he survived the fall and taken to stanford hospital. the condition is not known.
5:30 am
the child was in the baby seat you just saw and was not injured. the mother was not hurt but shaken by the ordeal. >> the obama administration is to issue a travel alert for americans in europe. they are not saying don't go but they are warning travelers to be careful. it comes as counterterrorism officials assess intelligence about possible terrorists attacks. in britain, france and germany. let's get more. >> the state department is expected to issue a travel alert sunday advising u.s. citizens to be extremely vigilant in europe. there are strong concerns that terrorist teams are zeroing on targets in the continent them have information suggesting that terrorists are ready to strike against public places such as airports, hotels, tourist attractions. >> these new al-qaeda threats that could happen at any time
5:31 am
could be similar to the deadly 2008 shooting spree in mumbai. they have not identified a specific target they include england, france, germany and italy. some countries are taking precautions. sweden raised its alert to the highest level. hundreds of thousands of americans are in europe at any one time. a travel alert is less serious an travel warning and although the government cannot keep americans from going there or force them to return home, a formal warning could result in cancelled flights and hotel bookings. >> the voice of osama bin laden has emerged for a second time in as many days, instead of your knowledge go violence, he is urging them to do more for flood victims in pakistan. >> on the audiotape, he
5:32 am
acknowledges that the u.n. secretary-general visit to pakistan and he says arab leaders did not help even though the distance is short. he also accuses the media of not reporting on the tragedy effectively. observers believe the message is taking a softer tone in an attempt to broaden the group's appeal. >> five weeks after a big washington event, liberals had their own gathering. they had the one nation march working together at lincoln memorial. organizers say this rally was an antidote to the tea party. sharpton says it's time to focus on the struggle of the american people. >> now it's time to bail out the american people
5:33 am
we need to provide jobs for the american people. >> the event took place where the restoring honor rally attended by sarah palin and glenn beck was held back in august. >> hayward police are investigating that city's 13th homicide of the year. 24-year-old man was shot to death on tyra avenue early in the morning. investigators got a call about a fight or an argument just before 3:00. police say the victim suffered at least one gunshot wound and died at the hospital. his name has not been released. police have no information on the suspect. oakland police are investigating a shooting that took place in the back seat of a taxicab this weekend. it happened yesterday morning around 7:00 in the morning. the cab company says one of the drivers pick up a fare and someone shot the passenger who was sitting in the back seat.
5:34 am
the cabbie drove the victim to a nearby hospital for treatment. >> in north richmond, a transformation is taking place. ugly vacant lots are being changed from magnets to crime and drugs to small gardens of hope and bounty for urban neighborhoods. eric thomas reports. >> what used to be a vacant lot in north richmond, hands and shovels and a mountain of mulch are bringing people together. >> we're coming here to make it better. >> here is a plot of land off of third street where wooden plantars have been put in and people are urged to grow their own food why don't we do some kind of program and take over the lots and be responsible for the garbage and plant gardens. >> the project manager here at the community garden.
5:35 am
she is part urban farmer, part teacher and administrator and full time problem solver. >> we have all these plants, we can grow a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins. peppers, all kinds of peppers, lots of herbs -- we can grow pretty much anything. >> north richmond is an unincorporated area. growing crops on the property here is free, though there is a one time ten dollar charge for a key to the gate. organizers say it's worth protecting because it's puts a positive face for a community that is known for violent crime. >> these are some of the things that are positive that you can do. there is more than just standing on the corner. you can come to your garden and work and brings the community closer together. >> it provides fresh produce in
5:36 am
a community that lacks a grocery store. the project is funded through a $56,000 grant from fees made by a local transfer station to offset the more unpleasant aspects. there is work on another vacant lot on kernan street one of the spots being prepared for planting. >> i don't care who we are, our ancestors did this and we need to go back and incorprate it in our lives. >> it's called a peace garden. 20 people grow everything here, from corn to edible flowers, enough food to share the bounty with lots of others. >> they are asking for more money this year in hopes of eventually building 35 of the small gardens, one every five blocks.
5:37 am
that is nice project. lisa argen is here now to talk about the weather that everyone needs for growing a garden. >> rate now, talking about more typical fall-like weather. cooler winds and chance of showers. it's all headed our way and look at a fall week. that is in the outlook coming up. >> also ahead, it's been three weeks since the san bruno fire disaster and the survivors are struggling to move on after ev it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just hava high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good.
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5:40 am
just be careful because they believe terrorists have selected targets and plan to attack airports, hotels and tourist attractions in certain european countries. we'll have more on that coming up. light rail passengers will be getting around the santa clara valley just a bit arizona starting tomorrow. the valley transportation authority is replacing some of the older vehicles with new, faster models. they'll have six to eight minutes off the trip or shave that much off the trip from south san jose into downtown. faster trains will operate down the median on highway 87. this is the first major change to the system in 23-year history. some changes to the weather. we set some records here. >> we should see 72, downtown san francisco this time of the year, 79. it's coming down. there is a cold trough that is
5:41 am
approaching the coast that will increase the marine layer. live look from the roof camera, sun coming up at 7:07. so a couple of systems bringing us the more fall like weather pattern. as we expected we have been talking about it. an unusual spring and summer, temperatures are in the 50s around fremont, good morning to you. 57 in livermore. 54 in santa rosa. mist and drizzle our coast, widespread low clouds and fog, high clouds have everything for you this morning, even a few sprinkles heading toward the shore line. that will stay with us throughout the morning, throughout this afternoon and in to monday. winds increase and mostly scattered cloud cover right on through tuesday with fall temperatures definitely in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd, very light line of shower activity from
5:42 am
fort ross and further south to the peninsula getting into the act with daly city and san bruno about to see a few light showers. we saw that yesterday. we have some moisture that has been over the area creating a few clouds coming up from the south but we also have that approaching trough. notice this activity to hold together underneath the cloud layer, a dry atmosphere. throughout the day we're going to keep the chance of showers in the forecast. showers in san joaquin valley, we're talking snow come tomorrow monday and tuesday. higher elevations of the sierra, nevada and rain in the valleys. this is going to be the past several days, moisture to the south of us is going to stay like that as another trough sets up as this system pushes on through later on tonight. it's approaching the coast today bringing a stronger marine push
5:43 am
with gust yes, sir winds. and keeping a slight chance of showers today in to tomorrow. in terms of forecast for the baseball game today, a cooler day. we'll call it partly cloudy with temperatures at about 60 degrees. winds will keep it cool and we'll see just a few peeks of sunshine. definitely bring the layers to at&t park. back home, temperatures are cooler at santa clara, 73, partly cloudy for you, slight chance of a shower around saratoga. mist and drizzle at the coast and mostly cloudy throughout the morning hours. 69 redwood city coming down a few degrees, daly city, 58 for you. in the north bay, a cool day, 59 bodega bay. breezy in sonoma. here near east bay, keeping the numbers like the lower 60s. berkeley is going to be the mid-60s. 6/9 in san leandro. 70 in castro valley.
5:44 am
yesterday we saw mid and upper 80s. ten degrees cooler at pittsburg. down by the monterey bay, lots of cloud cover, 76 in morgan hill. seven-day forecast, chance of drops then today even in tomorrow with breezy winds. partly cloudy skies both days and temperatures drying trying to bump up a little bit. but overall, 50s, 70s, upper 70s you know, take out the sweater. >> your meddle as a meteorologist, saying nice today nice tomorrow. >> it's the microclimates. >> you have to make it fun. >> you know, it has been three weeks since our neighborhood in san bruno exploded a and burned with devastating consequences. people that live through it are continuing to struggle with the
5:45 am
daunting challenge of moving forward. >> i found myself going through this and it's not there. >> this is the new normal for the family of four. they are renting a house about a block and a half from their old home. it was damaged beyond repair by the san bruno explosion and fire. moving forward has been challenging. >> there is more play framework it would have been helpful, this has happened to other people. here is the bullet points. these are the steps you need to follow. >> as if their old life has been erased. she tries to reconstruct it. >> we are able to order social security cards. for my children i was able to order birth certificates. >> they cut us the initial checks, it's one of the
5:46 am
obligation things to get you started. homeowners insurance, i called them, i thought that is what i was supposed to do. we have gotten a couple of checks from them. >> they plan to rebuild and they say the city has been responsive. the city has assigned a lay yea son for each impacted homeowner and put together a list of licensed contractors and architects and working on a plan to expedite the permit process. >> i think we've been effective but the thing is maintaining contact with the property owners. >> it's been a fast three weeks. >> the county says 31 of 35 owners have red-tagged homes including them have given permission for demolition. the county hopes to have all that work done before the rainy season begins. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. michael finney explains why you
5:47 am
may want to take a closer look at your auto registration. some people are getting [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. and these e the ones you'll love on a school night pillsbury ham and cheese crescents with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight.
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live emeryville cam shows you the oakland maze. some folks are already out and about this morning. thank you for joining us instead and listening to the morning news. have you checked your car registration fee lately? a mistake at the dmv cost a man more than a thousand dollars. he was paying ten times what he should have. 7 on your side michael finney has the tale. >> darrell adams bought this 1996 gmc five years ago. it's not lublgs our just and only cost him $6900.
5:50 am
however, as far as the dmv was concerned he may have been driving a brand-new jaguar. >> i never thought anything of it. >> but there was. he was paying as much as $454 per year. he figured that was going rate until a friend with the same truck mentioned he was paying his $87. so he went down to the dmv and asked why. >> when i told them that was odd they told me why don't you go ahead and pay it. >> not if he was being overcharged. finally they checked the computer and found a big mistake they said he paid $69,000 for the old truck instead of the00. that is enough to buy a new jaguar. dmv was charging ten times too much for all these years. >> i'm totally blown away.
5:51 am
1996 is rated at $60,000 and nobody caught it. >> he should have paid just $134. >> they started talking about at that time auto of limitations even though it was their fault. >> they said they would give him back $532 but too late to get repayments for three years and more. that is when he called 7 on your side. we contacted the dmv and it tells us, indeed, someone at dmv added too many zeros on his truck. the three-year time limit for a full refund, however with our urging the agency agreed to help darrell file a special application with the state to get all his money back. this week, the agency said it
5:52 am
will grant him the full $1,219 in overpaid fees. >> i'm very grateful. what they do and it's very valuable. it really is. >> here are the rules of thumb on what you should be paying. flat registration fee of $34 and then there is a vehicle license fee of 1.1% of your car's value that depreciates every year. at you'll find a calculate what you should be paying. look for that on 7 on your side. the discovery of a new planet is causing lots of excitement among scientists since it holds promise for supporting life as we know it. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] how do you stop tacos falling over?
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check out last winning super lotto numbers. no one picked all six to collect the $26 million jackpot so that will go over for wednesday's game when it will be worth $28 million. >> they are buzzing about a new planet they found. it's not too far from the sun and just right in order to support life. it includes local scientists studying it. now more on why they believe there might be alien life there. >> this is an artist's rendering of a new planet about the size of earth existing in a solar system smaller and tighter than ours. the planet circles a star tantamount to our sun. it's sitting pretty in what astronomers called the
5:56 am
inhabitable zone. >> this is the first planet that is the right size and just at the right distance to have liquid water on the surface. >> that is the key to life. still we can't be sure yet it's there. the team who discovered this planet includes a scientist from u.c. santa cruz. he says the planet does not rotate, the bright side can be as hot as 160 degrees. dark side as cold as 25 degrees below zero but there is a sweet spot in the middle. >> there is a great range of long at this attitude that will make a lot of things to survive. >> what excites scientists, time and distance are relative here, is that the discovery was made quickly, eleven years, they consider the star to be close, just 20 light years away.
5:57 am
>> dr. john jenkins is a scientist. in the scheme of the universe the planet is virtually next door and next step will be to listen carefully. >> we'll put them on survey and look for radio signals. >> in pondering the timeless questions, are we alone, this planet is the first to hint at an earth like answer. coming up next at 6:00, a freeway chase that puts a baby in danger. we'll show you how last night's chase of a kidnapping suspect ended early this morning. plus the second governor's debate as immigrarararararararaa
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