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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 3, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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ticket. and a new marijuana mega store holds a grand opening as pot our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise.
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so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. and their fans are celebrating a huge victory tonight. the team is headed to the playoffs for the first time in seven years. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. the win came in the final game of the regular season in front of 40,000 screaming fans at a soldout at&t park. mike shumann was there. the energy out there must have been incredible. >> everybody should experience this one time in their life. i know it is not possible, but it is some feeling. it took all the games the season had to offer for the giants to wen the national league title beating the padres on the final day 3-0.
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you can feel the emotion surge from the pores of the san francisco giants as they storm the field in celebration. this team has not been to the post season since 2003. they battled all year with a different lineup almost every day. everyone on this roster contributed, and only a few have been to the post season. 10-year veteran aubrey huff is going for the first time and can't believe his good fortune. >> we were fighting. we knew it would come down to this. man, i don't even have the words. >> it is a dream come true. this is awesome. this is something we have been trying to do for years. we had a great time last year. this year we decided we wanted to get it done. guys picked it up big. >> it is a great feeling. we battled. we never gave up. thanks for supporting us. that's been great too. >> the giants host the braves thursday and friday night at at&t park to kick off the five-game series to advance to the nlcs.
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tim lincecum will take the mound on thursday. the phillys and reds stage the other battle in philadelphia. we'll have your complete highlights and more reaction coming up in sports. what a great day to the ballpark. >> on to the playoffs. and the celebration piled on to the streets. lilian kim got some fan reaction. tonight she is at a much quieter at&t park. lilian? >> alan, the one word we were hearing from people leaving the stadium was "finally" which means for fans, the anxiety is off for the next few days. an early lead put giants fans in a good mood off the bat. then when it became clear they were going to win they were in a state of euphoria. >> the place is rockin. we love everybody. >> for alan andrew wilcox from grass valley, it was a perfect ending for a day that rt started in the middle of the night. >> we got up at 3:30 in the
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morning to get here. we were so excited to get here to see them win. >> we cooperate sleep. >> sure enough we got what we wanted. >> after back to back losss tothe padres, many were wondering if anybody could pull it off. except carrie who had a feeling her presence would make all the difference. >> they were saving it for me. we couldn't come to those games. but we were here today and they were gonna win it! >> the giant fans have waited a longtime for this day. it has been seven years since they won the nl west. >> i have been coming to games since 1963, and i had goose bumps at the end of this game. i never felt like that before. it was wonderful. >> now that they are in the playoffs, fans are gashy tood two more -- guaranteed two more home games. bars and restaurant say that's guaranteed business. >> i'm scheduling in excess. i'm making sure everyone is
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taken care of. >> the owner says it will be all hands on deck at his restaurant and bar as well. based on previous playoffs, people flock to the area regardless of whether they have a ticket. >> this is a huge shot in the arm for the staff and everyone who get the extra hours, gratuities, et cetera, et cetera. >> we did some perusing on craigslist and found upper deck seats going for $100 to $150 and lower box seats for $175. live at at&t park, lilian kim, abc news. in other news, a rare travel uh -- alert for europe is out. the state department issued an advisory for those americans traveling, working or studying there to be aware of potential terrorist threats. it is a step below a formal warning. it comes after french police increased security around several transportation hubs and closed the eiffel tower twice in the last week. fears of an attack after a
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german citizen was ared over the -- arrested over the summer. he trained in pakistan with some of the country men. >> they are a threat not only to germany, but also to our allies, and especially the u.s. they are extreme lyanne tie american. >> some tourism officials in europe worry some americans may stay away and hurt their fragile economy. in downtown san jose tonight, clean up crews are still moping up a fuel spill that seeped into sewers and storm drains. the problem started around 5:15 when a tank that fuels an emergency generator sprang a leak. the generator provides back up power for the 9-1-1 system. as you can see here, some of the 1300 gallons of diesel fuel made it into the guadeloupe river near hp pavilion, but some feel more could have been done to protect the river. >> just for one boom to be downstream from where the
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accident occurred is not enough. there should have been way more agencies involved in handling this, especially when we know we have an endangered species. >> enough clean up took place last night so today's rock and roll half marathon can go on as scheduled. >> the contra costa con tee sheriff's office released a description of a man who attempted to assault a woman at the park regency apartments in walnut creek last it into. this is the fifth such attack to take place at the complex since june the woman fell down a flight of stairs, but she she was able to give this description. a medium white man with facial hair. he was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans and a black baseball hat. 22-year-old antonio mouton was arrested and charged with three previous attacks at that apartment complex. police don't know if last night's attack was related to a fourth one that took place in early september.
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family and friends have been combing the fort brag coastal area for a novato man whose fiancee last saw him on monday. the man's fiancee says he left the room that afternoon with his wallet and cell phone. but she didn't report him missing until four days later on friday. the couple had been staying at the emerald dolphin inn at fort brag. the election that could legalize pot is a month away. oakland is embracing the financial benefits it could earn from the marijuana business. they were on happened for the grand reep oning of -- grand reopening of a marijuana store. here is cecilia vega. >> once there was i grow. this marijuana outgrew itself, and now i grow calls itself we grow, and we grow is going franchise. >> we have further plans to expand across the country. in addition to our retail store, we are taking our
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distribution company public. >> yes, public, as in there will be stock options for this pot business that sells everything you needed to grow marijuana and some of the things you needed to smoke. it it seems there might not be a better time to have this kind of greenthumb. on friday the governor signed legislation de criminalizing marijuana. getting caught with it is about the same as getting a traffic ticket. in a month california voters will decide whether to make marijuana altogether legal. prop 19 opponent frank leigh says this mainstreamization of pot is a hard circumstance. it is not the way politicians in oakland see it though. the city collects nearly $1 million a year in medical marijuana sales tax. this year's crop of mayoral candidates are hardly running away. >> we are beginning to do things we should have done a year ago. our prison population has
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people there for marijuana possession charges that should not be in prison. >> if prop 19 passes, you are going to see this become an even bigger part of our economy. it was one better regulated and better controled. >> we grow now has contracts with 75 franchises in several states, and the company says over the next two years it plans to open 60 new stores. reporting in oaknd la, cecilia vega, abc7 news. cell phone giant verizon is about to refund millions of dollars to its customers. and the wells fargo executive who signed off on foreclosure after only looking at the document's date. and what dermatologists call toasted skin syndrome. and the device that not only points you in the right direction, it can tell you what you are pointed at. >> hi, everyone.
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i'm leigh glaser. low clouds and a little drizzle already starting to make it to san francisco bay. my accu-weather seven-day forecast does have some cool
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a wells fargo executive said he only verified the dates on 154 documents. during a deposition of harmon kennedy, the executive said he relied on co-workers to make sure the information was correct. 300 lenders halted tens of thousands of foreclosures now
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that it is public. but wells fargo has no plans to stop issuing its foreclosures. doctors are coining a new term for skin irritations caused by your laptop computer. dermatologists say the heat from your laptop can lead to a condition called toasted skin syndrome. the temperature under a laptop can reach 125 degrees leading to the, adening of skin in the affected -- leading to a darkening of the skin. in rare cases it can lead to skin cancers such as overexposure to the sun. a new consumer technology is being pioneered in the bay area. it is called augmented reality or ar. it cannot only point you in the right direction, but also tell you what you interest poked at. richard hart has a new look at it. >> it was the first transit system on popular social networks. >> we have been on twitter and
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facebook since 2008. social media is a small part of what we do. it is important for building community. >> no public agency and probably no company has computers with more data, open to the public than bart, making it an ideal candidate for an ap like this. the technology is augmented reality. it is different from the gps daw devices that tells you where you are. it adds the camera to identify what you are seeing. government offices, museums, taxi stands. >> as i point my phone, it knows where i am standing, and using the compass of the smartphone, it knows which direction you are looking at. >> point it at a building and it tells you how much floor space is available and for how much and dials the leasing company. she is behind a san francisco pie near in augmented reality. point it at a magazine and it comes to life with additional text and movies.
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zombies come to life on your desk in an augmented video game. today the real estate info is provided by rofo, but much more open information like this is needed if augmented reality is to grow. the info has to come from somewhere. you know about face recognition. this is place recognition. about $90 million in refunds will go out to verizon customerswho were inadvertently charged for web access or data us usage in the past few years. verizon released a statement saying most of the customers will receive credits from $2 to $6 on their october or november bills. the former customers will get checks. the customers who didn't have data plans got charged for using the web after they accidentally pushed the buttons on their cell phones.
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>> we had a few sprinkles this morning. that has moved out and replaced the low clouds and fog. there is also a little drizzle on the coast now. what we are looking at, we are looking north and right at you, berkeley. you can see outside and overhead, the low clouds and fog are with you. temperature wise, we are cooling off quite a bit. it is 59 in antioch and 56 livermore as well as san francisco. in the north bay, we have 56 in santa rosa. novato 52. half moon bay at 57. planning your workweek, clouds and fog and local drizzle. a few passing clouds and sunshine for your monday. the wind will pick up tomorrow afternoon the winds will gust close to 30 miles per hour. as we head into wednesday and thursday, the temperatures will slowly cool down alt bit. -- a little bit.
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we have an eddy and it is pushing the low clouds and fog up the coast. it is already moving in toward the bay. and a little more of a push with this. all of this will be moving inland overnight tonight. so the temperatures overnight, really much where they are right now. they are mid to low 50s across much of the bay area. we may get to the mid to upper 40s in the extreme north bay communities. cloverdale down to 47. here was the set up today. low pressure is pushing on toward the east. kept some isolated thunderstorms in the spine of the sierra. it has started to push off toward the east. behind it we will see the low clouds and fog fill in. then by tomorrow afternoon we are watching an area of low pressure and cold front. it will push across the bay area. we will look for passing clouds. as we get on the backside, the west winds will pick up. the coastal communities will feel it close to 30 miles per hour. the temperatures will be like today. tomorrow, low 70s in the
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south bay. san jose 70. campbell 72. santa clara 69 degrees. at the coast, pacifica 60. 70 for paloal toa. millbrae 67. san francisco, overcast and partial clearing tomorrow afternoon. in the north bay, santa rosa, calistoga, sonoma, napa, mid to low 70s. 73 for novato. berkeley, oakland and hayward in the upper 60s. and in the east bay valleys, 70 ices 6 for antioch and brentwood. nice afternoon in concord at 74, 73 in police sen -- pleasanton. 75 for gilroy. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, once we get through the wind by tuesday the temperatures warm. a cool dip with increasing clouds wednesday and thursday, and then we warm things up for saturday and sunday. >> i like it. thank you very much. well, if you have been
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living under a rock, we should tell you the giants clinched the national league west title defeating the padres in the final game of the
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final game of the regular season. that is game 162 for the giants to finally put away the padres and capture the national league west title. it is now on to the playoffs. another sellout this afternoon. the crowd electrified with anticipation. a sanchez triple off latos. for the first time in the series the giants had the lead 1-0. next batter and aubrey huff drills one to left center. the double scores sanchez and it is 2-0. jonathon sanchez lasted five innings, and he struck out 5, walked 5 and allowed three hits. and then it was the bull pen. ramirez gets tahada swinging.
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then in the 8th, buster posey providing insurance and smokes one to left. the potential rookie of the year makes it 3-0 and no drama in the 9th. it is 3-0 and giants win the west and will host atlanta in game one on thursday night. >> they have a pretty good team. >> we are not going to be handed anything. that's not how our season has gone. it had to come to the final game. >> it is what we have been looking forward to since february -- actually late november when we started working out. we felt like we had the right chemistry. >> you feel guilty that not everybody can experience this. not even just baseball teams, but everybody. it is an unbelievable feeling. >> very mature statement for the potential rookie of the year. well, he is a florida state
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grad. 6:30 p.m. is the first pitch as they look to advance to their first world series since 2002. the a's finish the season where they started, at 500. kouzmanoff with a solo blast in the eighth. oakland ends its season with a four-game win streak, 4-3 the final. any other sunday it is about the nfl. raiders lose a tough one at home while the niners continue to beat themselves. they took the ball away from the falcons for the win and then giving it back for the lossssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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49er coach mike singletary says until they quit making dumb mistakes they will not win. they improved to 0 and 4 in atlanta. after a week of turmoil, mike johnson calling the plays. 49er first drive and at first he is ruled down. as you take another look it is a touchdown. later in the first and swreeg
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-- swri egler blocks the punt. he keeps both feet in bounds. that's a touchdown. look at that, 14-0 san francisco lead. fast-forward to the fourth. niners with a 14-13 lead. clements picks off ryan. should be game over. just fall down and run out of bounds. he keeps going and it is stripped and then falcons recover at their own 7. brown hit the 43 yarder. mike singletary says, give me strength. the 49ers fall to 0 and 4. raiders looking to bounce back from last week's hart break. the second quarter and houston at third and one. to a wide open reece for six. a 13-yard touchdown. game tied at 14. on the second play, second half, the leader -- the leading rusher foster explodes for a 74-yard touchdown.
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21-14 and they rush for 249 yards. the raiders down 31-14. but they roar back. he had 11 catches and 122 yards. 31-21. 31-24 and fourth and 16. he hits him right on the numbers. it bounces to nolan. use your hands. his second initer exception on the day. the raiders fall to one and three with a 31-24 loss. sunday at the ryder cup, another long rain delay. they had to wish it never stopped raining. overton with this shot on the 8th. they earned half a .-- point. but the european picked up five and a half points. leigh westwood, long birdie on 11. they worked them six and five. heading into the singles matches they lead it nine and a half to six and a half. breg fifl wins -- greg biffle wins it in nascar.
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the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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