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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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frances dinglasan. a driver who fled from police went the wrong way. head-on collision, major injuries. webster street tube closed until about 6:30. the details and alternates coming up. >> and a child was kidnapped in fresno this morning by a stranger prompting an all-out chp amber alert. there's word a man has been detained but what happened to the child? also a fremont officer is lucky to just have a broken leg after being pinned under a stolen van. i'm theresa garcia live in fremont. the manhunt for the suspect continues. we'll let you know who they're
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looking for just ahead. >> here's a live look from downtown san francisco back to the port of oakland. clear, cooler this morning. clouds will build this afternoon. some thunderstorms tomorrow. i'll tell you when and where. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. it's tuesday, october 5th. i'm jenelle wang in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the latest on developing news we've been following. a three-car accident involving a wrong-way driver. >> terry mcsweeney is live at the scene, webster tube and alameda with the latest. hey, terry. >> talking to the sergeant and no time on the reopening of the tunnel. the webster tunnel runs from oakland to alameda but the silver van that you can see behind me, it's a chevy traverse, was going the wrong way. he had just been pulled over for speeding but police walk up to the window, he takes off, wrong way towards this one-way tunnel and he slams head-on into a
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black toyota corolla. the person in the toyota corolla, major injuries, taken to the hospital. behind that black toyota corolla was a gold toyota corolla. it slapped into the black toyota. the person in that vehicle is taken to the hospital. meanwhile back at the silver chevy, two men in the front seat hop out and flee. three women in the backseat stay put. police came in and they have found the driver of that silver chevy and he is in custody right now. we don't have any idea about why he fled. it was a simple speeding stop. nothing more than that. whether there was alcohol involved, if the person was wanted, no idea. we want somebody to come out and tell bus that. but we can tell you we've got two people hospitalized, both doing absolutely nothing wrong coming out of the webster tunnel going they're guessing 45 mph. that is the speed limit coming out of that tunnel and that
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black toyota corolla is smashed. it is completely destroyed. and the silver chevy is not in all that bad shape. it was the silver chevy doing everything wrong. we're going to have more for you in about half an hour. some better pictures of the scene for you. so keep it here on abc 7 morning news. live in alameda, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. we'll check back with frances, too. 6:03. we continue following developing news with an amber alert. authorities detained a man in an investigation following a chase in fresno county. they're trying to find the eight-year-old girl kidnapped last night. elissa is 4 feet tall, 60 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. she was wearing a light purple winnie the pooh sweater when she was kidnapped from her home last night at 8:30. her mother had this message. >> whoever has her daughter to bring her back. all she wants is her daughter
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back home safely with anybody who knows anything about her daughter, please notify to bring her daughter back home safely. >> police say they have every detective and officer on this investigation and are looking for the girl. fresno police are due to hold a news conference during this hour, and we will bring you the latest updates on air and online at >> in other news, san jose police say a man wanted for stabbing an acquaintance and kidnapping his 18-year-old girlfriend has turned himself in. the 28-year-old walked into the san jose police department and surrendered 7:30 last night. the 18-year-old woman who was with him, she appeared uninjured. he disappeared with her sunday after he went to her house and stabbed a man she was with. that man is expected to recover. >> fremont police have their own manhunt. these trying to catch a suspect that ran into a officer in a
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stolen van. theresa garcia is live at the fremont police department. theresa? >> good morning. well, this morning all fremont police are saying is that the injured officer is recovering after surgery on a broken leg. now, during the search for him, they say they'll catch the suspect but somehow he must have slipped out of their perimeter yesterday. there is the fact the van was stolen but aside from that it's unclear what prompted the suspect to accelerate towards the officer and plow into him yesterday morning. it pushed him across two lanes of traffic. this happened near the intersection of warm springs and mission boulevard. the 43-year-old veteran officer was alert enough to radio for help for himself and took the workers 15 minutes to extricate him from the wreckage. the suspect ran towards an office complex and witnesses say the crash looked intentional. >> it was a forceful push all the way. i mean not just -- he was like being scraped.
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it was like the motorcycle was scraping the pavement. >> fremont police along with a half dozen other agencies spent all day searching for the suspect of the stolen van. they even cordoned off the industrial area and searched all traffic passing through. they thought they cornered him at the bart station during rush hour. turned out to be someone who knows him. that person was taken into custody. the suspect, a hispanic male, 25 to 30 years old, about 6 feet tall with a medium build. he was last wearing a reddish sweatshirt and jeans and a dark blue or black baseball cap. anyone who may have information contact fremont police. live in fremont, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much, theresa. time now 6:06. >> this morning a coalition of day laborers, domestic workers and other members of the local immigrant community will hold a rally accusing attorney general and gubernatorial candidate
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jerry brown of blocking san francisco's efforts to opt out of a controversial federal fingerprinting program. the program known as secure communities require cities to send the fingerprints of everyone arrested by federal immigration authorities. san francisco has tried to remove itself from the voluntary program before but was told by the attorney general's office that it couldn't and that it was important to work with the federal government on the issue. santa clara county supervisors recently voted to attempt to opt out of the program as well. a san francisco supervisor has introduced a measure urging nail salons to get rid of the toxic chemicals they use in favor of a greener alternative. supervisor dave chew says nail polish and removers are a public health hazard. they can cause cancer, dizziness and considered harmful to pregnant women. the ordinance would not force salons to switch to nontoxic products but rather acknowledge those salons that are
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chemical-free. customers say it's a good idea. >> in the other salons when they're sitting with masks on when doing your nails, you gotta wonder how healthy it is for them as well as for clients. >> only a handful of the nearly 200 nail salons use the more expensive nontoxic products. the board of supervisors is expected to vote on the proposed ordinance next tuesday. >> expect to see angels over the bay for the next few days. today the blue angels begin rehearsals for fleet week. the flying team arrived at sfo in formation yesterday afternoon. the angels will perform on saturday and sunday from three to 4 p.m. over the bay. many of the pilots have completed the top gun program and their f-18's can reach speeds up to mach 2, twice the speed of sound. that unmistakable roar. >> i love it. i rush outside to see, where
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with the blue angels! >> are you going to share? >> i do but i don't want to say! i try to avoid the large crowd but i love to see the blue angels and hopefully they'll have clear skies? >> i think so. probably the nicest two days for sunshine, warm weather saturday and sunday. good morning to you. here's a look what to expect if you're leaving the house right now. we're in the 40s in menlo park, half moon bay, napa and santa rosa. the rest of us mid to upper 50s to livermore about $51 degrees temperatures are cooler than yesterday everywhere except los gatos. we're 4 degrees warmer. we're the same as 24 hours ago in santa rosa and san francisco. but oakland, novato, napa, mountain view 4 degrees cooler. half moon bay 9, menlo park, san jose 5. so a little chilly this morning. temperatures will remain in the upper 40s in the north bay through 8:00 but the rest of us in the 50s. start out sunny.
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see an increase in clouds by noon with mid to upper 60s around the bay. low 60s at the coast and some 70s showing up in our valleys. by 4:00, a partly sunny sky, scattered showers developing in our higher elevations, especially south of livermore and east of the santa clara valley. temperatures around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s. low to mid-70s in our valleys inland east bay and north bay. 7-day forecast, cooler with wide-spread chance of showers. tomorrow more of us see rain. dry thursday but cool. the warmer weather friday. here's frances with traffic. >> back to the webster street tube, closed until 7:30. that's the latest estimate we've got. for folks heading out of oakland into alameda due to this head-on collision from a wrong-way driver, consider park street or fruitdale avenue as an alternate heading towards alameda. check out the bay bridge toll
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plaza. pretty quiet here. no major trouble heading into san francisco. interstate 80 in berkeley also looking good now with headlights moving westbound. the drive time 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. jenelle, kristen. >> time now 6:11. just ahead, one of the nation's oldest vehicle safety ratings programs is about to get a major a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions.
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welcome back, everyone. you're looking at a live picture of the embarcadero. a little bit cloudy, still.
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a little cold and chilly but i hear that's going to clear up. sunnier today, the winds die down. we check with meteorologist mike nicco a little bit. oh, people are running. >> good way to stay warm. more news for you now. the obama administration unveiling tougher new crash ratings for 34 new cars and vehicles. the stricter program will include new injury criteria and a side impact poll that simulates wrapping a vehicle around a tree. the new tests include using a female dummy for the first time. the results are expected to show many vehicle models with grades falling by one star with few models getting a five-star overall rating. auto makers are worried that the tougher tests and lower results could hinder auto sales. you can see more at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> the health insurance industry is pouring money into the republican campaign hoping that will help them win november's midterm elections and ultimately control of the house. insurance companies are hoping
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the republicans will scale back the regulations in president obama's new healthcare law. certain aspects of the law prohibit insurers from denying coverage from children and cancels policies when customers become ill. since january the five largest insurance carriers have given three times more money to the republicans than the democrats. >> meanwhile the election is about a month away but people are already casting their ballots. early voting started today in every county across the state. voters can also sends out their vote by mail ballot. more than half of california's registered voters are expected to cast their ballots before election day. >> those joggers! >> i know. not even light outside yet. >> i see them sometimes at 3:00 in the morning. >> no! >> jogger? >> well, they were carrying stuff. they looked like they were jogging. (laughter) >> yeah, they were. (laughter) >> here's a look what's going on sfo this morning. almost 6:17. so far all is quiet there
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because the winds are calmer and the sky is clearer this morning. hopefully we can get through the morning without any problems weatherwise at our airports. let's talk temperatures and show you how cool it is in some areas like half moon bay, napa and santa rosa. mid to upper 40s. the rest of us pretty much mid to upper 50s except redwood city and livermore at 51. monterey bay, gilroy inland and santa cruz and monterey around the bay in the 40s with watson vil and salinas not far behind it. 50 and 51. the isolated mountain showers today, the ebb and flow of fall means wet weather once in a while but mainly higher elevations today. better chance in our valleys and lower elevations tomorrow. high pressure moves in increasing sunshine and warming trend through thursday all the way through the weekend. area of low pressure, you see it spinning counterclockwise just to our east bringing all that snow and wet weather also to the sierra. in fact, still have that winter storm warning above 88,000, 8500
6:18 am
feet. that's through 11:00 this morning. winter weather advisory as you head up to lake tahoe, about 7500 feet also until about 11:00. spilling towards mount hamilton. south of livermore and east of the santa clara valley, highlighting the best chance for a scattered shower around the bay and south of selenes and monterey. some energy breaking off and some showers there north bay. partly sunny the south bay. bigger jumps in temperatures into the low 70s today. peninsula partly cloudy, upper 60s near 70. lots of sunshine around the coast, 60 daly city. downtown south san francisco to mid-60s. upper 60s sausalito and mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. sunshine at your beaches and upper 60s to low 70s under a
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partly cloudy sky east bay shore. a little more sunshine, low to mid-70s for you. some of the scattered showers just to the east of morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. the rest of the monterey bay salinas. that little chance of a shower into the north bay mountains and valleys. upper 40s to low 50s there. accu-weather 7-day forecast, tomorrow cooler than today with those extra clouds and extra showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm and small hail tomorrow. thursday a transition day so look for more sunshine and even warmer weather friday and especially saturday and sunday. hope you have a great day. here's frances with a couple updates. >> mike, this live shot of this head-on collision on the alameda side of the webster street tube. all due to a wrong-way driver that fled from police around midnight, crashed two cars. two taken to the hospital, one with serious injuries.
6:20 am
the driver has been taken into custody and the webster street tube now closed until 7:30. they may extend it again. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene talking to the sergeant. another report coming up shortly. your alternates are park street or fruitdale avenue. a new injury accident just reported as well in san mateo. eastbound 92 at alameda, emergency crews on their crews on their way. could see slowing as you make your way eastbound on highway 92 heading towards 101. also no delays on the san mateo bridge right now but delays are building at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights just turned on. it's been quiet across the golden gate bridge this morning. no trouble for marin county commuters and also no major trouble for the south bay. but you can always find out if that changes by going to our website. the place to go. just click on the bay area traffic link. jenelle? >> thank you, frances. time now 6:20. if you're short on space at home, this may be for you.
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meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers. we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter?
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chances are you didn't know it but there's an enormous octopus in the bay this morning. it doesn't have eight arms but has two helicopters and two submarines. this octopus is the world's 9th largest yacht. >> belongs to someone with money. cofounder paul island. not his only megayacht. has another. among the world's 100 largest
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yachts. >> kentucky has mehserle asking for a new trial in the bart shooting case. >> moving san francisco a step closer taking a little bit of happy out of happy meals. >> every parent's biggest fear. the latest on the statewide amber alert on a kidnapped eight-year-old girl. >> the alameda side of the webster tunnel, a tunnel closed more than six hours because of a head-on injury accident. and now we find out if it's closed a while longer. coming up in a live report. >> heading to the northeast check out washington, philadelphia and new york airports with delays now. [ male announcer ] after twenty-eight long years of washington partisanship this is barbara boxer's california. trillions in reckless, wasteful spending. destroying small business. killing jobs. crushing hopes. we can change this, but only if we change the people we send to washington. california cannot afford boxer for six more long years.
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hey! just in time. they're ringing the opening bell on the new york stock exchange! stock futures are rising after japan moved to weaken the yen. the central bank had the interest rate euro and looking to boost the company's struggling economy. we're going to show you how u.s. investors are reacting in a live report from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> a desperate plea from a central valley mother after her eight-year-old daughter was kidnapped last night in fresno. we learned authorities detained main in their investigation about three hours ago following a chase but the girl is still missing. elissa is 4 feet tall, 60 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. she was wearing a light purple winnie the pooh sweater and blue jeans when she was kidnapped from her home last night at 8:30. her mother who spoke through a translator is making this plea. >> whoever has her daughter is bring her back.
6:31 am
all these wants is her daughter back home and please return her safely. with anybody who knows anything about her daughter, please notify to bring her daughter back home safely. >> police say she was with a group of other children when the suspect just grabbed ahold of her and put her in a vehicle and drove away. this is considered a stranger abduction. police are about to hold a news conference that should be happening within a half hour and we're monitoring that out of fresno and we'll bring you the very latest information both on-air and online at >> we're also following a major traffic problem this morning at the webster street tube in alameda. an accident involving a wrong-way driver has had the tunnel shut down all night. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live on the scene. terry, what can you tell us. >> been closed since about midnight. joining me now is the sergeant
6:32 am
and lieutenant. the opening time pushed back a bit? >> tentatively about 7:30. >> as we take a look at video from the scene, why don't you tell us what led up to this head-on collision. >> last night just before midnight, two-officer police car pulled over a speeding vehicle that came out of the webster street tube. the vehicle pulled over. the officers initially made contact with the driver and after a short exchange, the driver electioned to flee. he fled from the officers outside their vehicles. crossed over a dirt lot. the officers obviously went back to their cars, lost sight of the suspect vehicle. by the time they got to their cars and turned around, the suspect had already entered the roadway. the officers weren't on the roadway at that time. the suspect then went into the tube the wrong way, presumably at high speed, and struck two other vehicles. >> the black toyota corolla that
6:33 am
the -- that was hit especially bad, how is the driver of that vehicle? still with us? >> at this time he is in i believe critical but stable condition. he sustained significant injuries and that's all the information i have about his condition at this time. >> another gold toyota slammed into the black car. all told, how many injuries do we have? >> we have a number of injuries. all the other injuries are non-life-threatening. people are receiving treatment at various bay area hospitals. >> the driver of that vehicle, why did he flee? >> he's arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, fleeing the scene of a collision. we expect that he had outstanding warrants as well. please keep in mind this collision was the result of a deliberate act, deliberate criminal act by the driver of that vehicle. >> lieutenant tom lynch, thank
6:34 am
you for talking to us. live in alameda, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you so much. right now we want to take you to that conference fresno police are holding on the kidnapped eight-year-old girl. >> police have detained the suspect but the girl hasn't been found yet. >> shortly before that we received another call a few blocks away in the area of fisher and clay. that location we had a report of an indecent exposure. also a white male in his twenties, driving a similar vehicle, pickup truck that i'll describe shortly. he had got out of his pickup, approached two girls, young girls that were on the sidewalk, pulled down his pants and prompted them to look at him as he exposed himself. at that time he got back into his vehicle. he drove away from the area again with the lights out, and the mother of one of the victims
6:35 am
chased him on foot but lost him in the area. the vehicle that was described to us in this incident, both incidents, is a late '70s or early '80s or either a ford or chevy pickup truck. it's a full size that has two doors. it is described as either being a dark brown or a reddish brown type vehicle. and it's also described as having somewhat of a distinctive approximate 6-inch white stripe across the side of that pickup. in fact, we have since spotted that vehicle on our -- part of our video policing cameras. those cameras that were within that area. and we have put that out to the media, and we are in the process of also enhancing that video so that we may be able to get a license plate on it.
6:36 am
the suspect is being described as a white male in his -- what appears to be early twenties. he is believed to be a white male or a light-skinned hispanic. he's approximately 5-8 to 6 feet tall. and medium build. we've had some conflicting information in terms of his build. he was last seen wearing a white tank top and blue jean shorts. and the witnesses in this did not see any visible tattoos on his body. since the time of this incident, immediately after the incident we put out an amber alert. initially it was based on the immediate geography of the fres fresno counties and spread out through the state of california. we had 130 police officers since the time we determined this was in fact a kidnapping respond to the scene. we've done a grid search over
6:37 am
about a three-mile area going door to door within that immediate area and checking every area that we thought the suspect might be or the victim might be. unfortunately we have not had any luck. we've also checked hotels, motels, bus depots, train stations, schools, parks. any area that we thought would be isolated or secluded where the suspect may take this young girl. i think many of you know that earlier this morning we received information that came in from the sheriff's department that there was a motorist following a vehicle believed to be this suspect vehicle in the area of cam and thompson. the motorist lost sight of the vehicle in that area. by the time deputies and as well as police officers and the helicopter could get on scene, we could not locate the vehicle
6:38 am
but we did do a thorough search of the field. the helicopter spotted a heat source in that field, and we were able to chase down and detain an individual. that person has an extensive criminal history. but after being detained by the detectives and interviewed by the detectives, at this point in time we do not believe that he is related to this kidnapping. we are -- we have enlisted the assistance of the federal bureau of investigation. they have been with us throughout the evening. and, in fact, there has been a request made of the child abduction rapid deployment team. they will be in fresno later today. we've also reached out to the national center for missing and exploited children, and they are working with us. in fact, they are sending one of their teams that assist in kidnapping, specializing in child abductions and that's called team adam. and they will be here later
6:39 am
today as well. we are in the process of going through every single sex registrant within the city of fresno. unfortunately we have well over 1500 sex registrants in our city. we have tried to narrow that scope based on the description that we have. we have had our sex crimes detectives with us all evening, as well as those detectives that register sex offenders. we're working with our state parole. and, again, as i said earlier, with the f.b.i. we are going to continue with the search. when daylight comes, we will again do another grid search of that area, and we will continue to check every single sex registrant within the city of fresno that matches the description in hopes of being able to local elissa.
6:40 am
questions? >> you've been listening to a live press conference giving us an update for an amber alert for a kidnapped girl from fresno. she has not been found. the man who kidnap it had her is out there as well. there is a description. you can find that on our website. we'll continue following the story. johannes mehserle is now asking for a new trial. his lawyer has filed a 134-page request arguing for overturning the involuntary manslaughter verdict against him. they convicted the police officer in a fatal shooting of an unarmed passenger oscar grant on new year's day 2009. he said he meant to taz grant but accidentally fired his gun instead. prosecutors told jurors such an incident had never happened before. attorneys have learned about a
6:41 am
similar case in kentucky. that incident the officer was never put on trial. mehserle is scheduled to be sentenced november 5th. >> definitely want to check with mike and talk about the weather. a little warmer, right, but not time to break out the sweaters? >> i don't think so. hi, mike. >> good morning. let's check out that 24-hour temperature change. you guys are spot on. warmer in most areas. santa rosa 3, concord 5 and san jose 9 degrees warmer than yesterday. here's how the day breaks down. sunshine through the 8:00 hour. a few high clouds. temperatures upper 40s in the north bay valleys, the rest of us in the 50s. by noon starting to see some of those clouds develop but still dry. temperatures mid to upper 60s around the bay into the south bay. even 70s up in the north bay and east bay valleys. look for scattered showers develop in our mountain tops around the 4:00 hour. the rest of us will just see an increase in clouds. low 60s along the coast. 65 san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s through the
6:42 am
bay and south bay. low to mid-70s the north bay and east bay valleys. seven-day forecast, best chance of widespread showers tomorrow, drier thursday, sunny and warmer through the weekend. looks like our best day will actually be on saturday and sunshine for sunshine and warm weather. by the time monday rolls around, a little cooling trend. temperatures back to average. looks like there's bart delays. here's frances with details. >> hearing about major delays now on bart on the richmond line heading towards millbrae or fremont due to a technical problem. keep that in mind. major delays this is issenthe richmond line. also we've been following this problem in alameda. the webster street tube closed due to a head-on collision from a wrong-way driver. we have a live shot of the scene where you can see this wrong-way driver crashed bringing major injuries to at least one of the other drivers. in the meantime your alternate is park street or fruitdale avenue until at least 7:30 this
6:43 am
morning. bay bridge toll plaza. if you're thinking about driving with metering lights on, traffic has quickly backed up to the 880 overcrossing. you may want to consider carpooling since we are facing major delays now on bart on the richmond line. also new crash just came in in the napa area. this has been reported on highway 12 near northbound highway 29. i'll have another full report coming up, jenelle, kristen. >> thank you. time 6:43. >> trading's underway on wall street. the dow up 76 points. plus do you believe! where you can get tickets to see the giants in round two of the major league baseball playoffs even though they haven't even started round one yet. >> looking to lose a little weight.
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♪ welcome back. 6:47. we're starting with live doppler 7 hd to show you the entire state and how the rain and even the mountain snow continues. winter weather advisory around tahoe. dropping down to around 7500 feet. that's until 11:00 this morning. scattered showers through the central valley, especially sacramento to fresno. a little warm around chico, 81. drier around l.a. and san diego. temperatures the upper 60s. kristen, jenelle. >> thanks a lot. 6:47. >> apple appears to be shining bright on wall street. jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with this morning's "moneyscope" report. jane? >> apple and chevron both
6:48 am
trading higher here. apple's advised buying the shares already $284. they say they could go up to $400 something in the next year and chevron also gaining. announcing it would start buying back stock at a rate of 500 million to a billion dollars a quarter as it continues to investigate petroleum products. overall the markets very much higher here today. japan making a lot of real aggressive steps to boost their economy. s & p and nasdaq all in the green here today and the bloomberg silicon valley index also trading. now finally predatory lending. a new study aimed at minority neighborhoods led to an unfair large number of foreclosures in black and hispanic neighborhoods. researchers calling for amendment to the civil rights act to penalize lenders. wall street this morning, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> jane, thanks a lot. it's 6:48.
6:49 am
president obama's home is getting a makeover. the white house is installing solar panels above the living quarters. they'll heat the first family's water and supply some electricity. the official announcement will come later today. president obama has been promoting renewable energy and ms. obama green with an edible garden. time now 6:49. our weather forecast, how's it shaping up? >> watching something on president carter. he had solar panels put on the white house. >> he did? >> i'm not sure if clinton put them back on. >> yeah. >> the cycle of what goes on in washington. let's take a look what's going on. hopefully they'll stay up longer this time maybe. especially for us out here since we're going to be the leaders in green technology. we're looking from downtown san francisco back to the port of oakland. you see some of the high clouds blowing our way as the upper level low starts to pull away from the mountains and head our way.
6:50 am
that's why we have unsettled weather the next 24 to 48 hours. let's talk temperatures. dress for 40 still napa, santa rosa and half moon bay. the rest of us 50s around the monterey bay and inland more 40 degree temperatures watsonville and salinas 50 and 51. that is our first highlight, the isolated mountain showers today. the best chance of showers for the rest of us will be tomorrow and high pressure will move in, increasing sunshine and warmth starting thursday and peaking over the weekend. here's a look at that low. watch how it retrogrades, moving from east to west, the opposite way our weather normally goes. because it's heading our way and has so much moisture, we watch this shower activity spill out of the sierra into the central valley and into our southern sections south of livermore and east of the santa clara valley. that's the best chance of showers today. tonight a piece of energy will break from that low and move our best chance of showers to the north bay, maybe a scattered showers for the rest of us. very light.
6:51 am
chance of scattered showers tomorrow afternoon, better chance and even thunder and small hail but it's a very remote chance. but it is out there. for today we'll have a partly sunny sky and a little warmer in the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s for you. upper 60s to low 70s with partly sunny conditions on the east bay shore. more sunshine in the south bay, warmer today, low 70s partly sunny sky. upper 60s to low 70s on the peninsula. mostly sunny around the coast and 60. downtown, south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 60s with mid to upper 70s through your valleys and upper 60s to near 70 around the monterey bay. dry hollister but up in the mountains there could be some rain. here's a look at tonight. you see that swath of moisture across the north bay. most of us low to mid-50s. seven-day forecast, cooler tomorrow with that rain chance but 10 degrees warmer over the weekend. >> mike, bart still reporting those major delays from richmond out to san francisco and fremont. they announce the trains are moving. they were stopped for a while due to a power outage somewhere
6:52 am
near the berkeley area. but trains are now moving, although they had to manually crank all the switches for the trains. so expect residual delays on bart due to technical problems. and for those of you considering a drive instead, the toll plaza, traffic is backed up towards the foot of the maze and slow to the metering lights. we'll head back to the alameda side of the webster street tube where it's closed until at least 7:30 this morning due to this head-on collision from a wrong-way driver who is now in custody. park street or fruitdale avenue your alternate. we'll also show you another live shot, this time in the south bay. so luckily for south bay commuters, northbound 280 traffic is fine. highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains okay and 101 also looking good on the peninsula with this live shot in millbrae where headlights move northbound and southbound traffic also good out of san francisco. get the latest traffic information anytime by going to our website, the
6:53 am
place to go. just click on the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks. tickets to the giants' division playoff series at at&t park beginning thursday night are already sold out. still a chance to buy tickets to the national league championship series should the giants advance. they go on sale 3 p.m. today, only available on the website, tickets range from 40 to $150 each. san francisco city hall will be bathed in orange light at night through the playoffs in honor of the giants. fans hope that will be all the way to the world series. the city hall lights are changed only on special occasions. >> and this is special. >> okay. losing weight might be simpler than you think. try getting a good night's sleep. a new study out of the chicago medical center found people on a diet who got eight and a half
6:54 am
hours of sleep -- (laughter) >> lost three pounds in a 14-day period. that's a lot. those who spent only five hours lost about one pound. the explanation, the hormone that triggers with people getting less sleep leaving tired people hungrier. >> 6:54. the webster tube connecting alameda to oakland remains closed this morning while police investigate a head-on collision. >> terry mcsweeney is live in alameda with the details. >> the new reopening time for the webster tube is now 7:30. they've got a lot of work to do before they get it all cleared up. you can see right before the tube exits out here on the alameda side. that silver vehicle, i'll tell you how that was involved. you've got the tow trucks on the scene, three tow trucks because there are three cars involved. take a look at video of this crash. the silver vehicle was pulled over. two men in the front, three women in the backseat, pulled over for a simple speeding violation. the officer walked up to the window, the vehicle takes off
6:55 am
heading the wrong way into the webster tube. it slams into a black toyota, a gold toyota slams into the back of that black toyota. the man in the first toyota in very bad shape. by the way they're describing his condition, he is still alive at least for now. very bad shape. a person in the gold toyota also injured. the two men inside the silver vehicle, the silver chevy ran. they were apprehended and the driver is suspected of drunk driving. so he was pulled over, simple speeding, apparently was drunk, tried to flee, gets into a head-on. we've got two people hospitalized, one in very bad shape. the tunnel reopening now they're saying about 7:30. another top story of the morning, let's go to theresa garcia. good morning, theresa. >> good morning. this morning the search continues for a suspect who plowed into and pinned a motorcycle officer into the wreckage of a stolen van. this morning that injured officer is recovering after surgery from a broken leg.
6:56 am
and, you know, aside from the fact that the van was stolen, it's still unclear what really prompted the suspect to accelerate toward and ram into the officer yesterday morning. that impact pushed him across two lanes of traffic. this happened near the intersection of warm springs and mission boulevard. the 43-year-old veteran officer was alert enough to radio for help for himself. the suspect was last seen running away toward an office complex. fremont police along with a half dozen other agencies spent all day searching for the suspect of the stolen van. one point they thought they cornered him at the south hayward station during rush hour time. turns out it was somebody that knows him. that person was taken into custody. investigators are handling this as an attempted murder of an officer. asking anyone with information to contact fremont police. >> theresa, thank you. >> checking our other top stories this morning, fresno police have released surveillance video showing the pickup truck they believe is involved in a child kidnapping. the driver is suspected of kid
6:57 am
naming an eight-year-old girl, the subject of an amber alert. 4 feet tall, 60 pound with brown hair and brown eyes. wearing a purple winnie the pooh sweater when she was kidnapped at 8:30. >> one final check on weather and traffic. mike? >> remember isolated showers possible today, mainly our mountains. the rest of us increasing clouds and low 70s until you get to san francisco. scattered showers tomorrow and cooler but warm and drier this weekend. frances. >> final check, the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the foot of the maze, about a 20-minute wait. big delays on bart. recovering from major problems earlier due to a power outage. this is from richmond to san francisco and from richmond to fremont. >> okay. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you back again at 7:22. >> join us for the midday news today at 11:00.
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