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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 8, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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brown's campaign issued an apology saying at times our language was salty. we apologize to meg whitman and anyone who may have been offended. >> this is clearly more than salty language this, is an offensive comment to all californians not just to women, but all californians and has no place in the political discourse. >> today, karly fiorina called it terrible language. >> it's inassaulting -- insulting to all women. >> barbara boxer said she hadn't heard about it. brown staffers remained behind closed doors today no, comment other than yesterday's statement and abc's political analyst says brown is making a mistake. >> they have to identify the person that said that. they have to fire that person. that is what barack obama did when he had similar incidents.
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>> prose fessor cane points to 2008 when an obama aid was quoted as calling hillary clinton a monster. he resigned. >> he can make this a long story by not dealing with it promptly just as meg whitman made the diaz story but not deal wigt up front. >> professor cane is referring to whitman's housekeeper a story brought to light by gloria allred. today, allred told me the person referring to her as a whore was wrong, it's phonesive for anyone to have use that had term. the individual who said it should apologize. i asked allred if she felt the person should be fired. she won't say. >> mark matthews reporting. the government just signed a state budget. lawmakers stayed up all night
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approving it. i deal made with cuts of only $2.5 million of revenues coming in. the rest on wishful thinking and creative accounting. we look into wheeling and dealing. >> the challenge of keeping track crossed triple digit territories before lawmakers thinked up a spending plan closing a $19 billion deficit. at least the agonizing wait is over. >> proud to say that we, democrats and republicans, fought through all mindfields that were in front of us and we got the job done. >> lawmakers were in session with much of the delay in the senate. three democrat who's can be counted on for yes votes were withholding theirs. mostly because years of cuts including this year's $7.5 billion, were too much to stomach. $3 billion cut from schools alone.
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>> it seems like there is no end in sight. at some point you've got say enough is enough. >> last minute favors and back room deals also delayed the budget with lawmakers trying to jam proposals through. a bill changing the way hotel taxes are calculated failed as did a me sthour ban the towing of cars at dui check points. but a pro vision to help the ethanol -- pacific ethanol passed and san diego got redevelopment money to help build a new stadium for charger autos expecting favors for special interests at the end of budget process is not good for government. it's not good for democrat ti si. >> the special favors angered people who ended up on the chopping block, like low income seniors. a cut means fewer hours care givers can spend at home autos i'll be here alone longer. that is what it means.
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that is kind of scary. >> the governor used his line item veto to cut another $1 billion from the budget. the state controller will now analyze the plan to see if there is money mn to pay $8 billion worth of unpaid bills. >> the final budget is nearly $1 billion than the one lawmakers passed. the governor said he vetoed $900 million worth of spending before signing it tonight. >> the all-night negotiations forced state senator from antioch to postpone a debate. his hometown of fremont running for state superintendent of schools. we'll let you know once it's rescheduled. and it will air at noon on sunday. >> the president is putting a position tiff spin on latest jobs report saying unemployment rates remained unchanged in september at 9.6%. the economy lost 95,000 jobs
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and most of them temporary jobs. but it gained a 64,000 private sector jobs. the president says that is a sign of economy is moving forward. >> we have seen nine months of private sector job growth n all, more than 850,000 private sector jobs gained this year. it's in sharp contrast to this almost 800,000 jobs we're closing when i first took office he made the comments during a tour of a maryland brick company. >> jobs report did not support a wall street rally. the dow closing up almost 58 points. the nasdaq kicked up just over 15 points.
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>> bank of america announced it will stop selling foreclosed homes reviewing phone shall paper work problems after the company discovered mortgage company employees or their lawyers signed document was out properly verifying information this them. they were used to justify evictions. the bank of america is the first barng to put a moratorium on foreclosure sales, in several weeks they were paused in 23 states where courts are included in the process. >> this year's nobel peace prize has gone to a man sitting in a chinese prison. he is a long time advocate for human rights and peaceful democratic change in china. and it's possible he may not know he has one. the chinese government immediately condemned at ward calling it on obscene. san francisco ganlered to celebrate. >> we're appreciative and
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hopefully praying for him to be released as soon as possible. i pray for him, for long life. >> president barack obama last year's peace prize winner called for his immediate release. >> three of four people accused of torturing a teen-aged boy in a tracy home pleaded guilt eye. the three were charged with holding a 16-year-old for 15 months. each faces 30 years or more in prison. prosecutors say the boy was starved, burned and chained to a fireplace at this tracy house. he escaped. a fourth suspect has pleaded not guilty. his trial is set to begin next week. >> and investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire destroying a restaurant along the oakland area last night. the fire broke out about 11:00 inside tiki tom's next to the park street bridge. 80 firefighters responded but found that blaze extremely difficult to battle.
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the building was chained shut, and located right on the water. >> we're not going to go inside and fight it on the inside. it was a defensive fire from the onset. >> is the building destroyed completely? >> total loss. >> fire boats had to be called in to destroy flames. and nobody was in the restaurant. it used to be known as pier 29. >> get ready for game two of the playoffs, giants hoping to continue their post-season winning ways tonight. that is where larry beil is live now. hi, larry. >> i want to tell you, it's a picture perfect afternoon. the giants get set for game two of the playoff series against atlanta braves on a sun-splashed gorgeous afternoon. you can get these thunderus fleet week activities. it's an ideal day for people
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enjoying the giants flavor. the flavor of the season, giants packed a park last night. and to watch tim lins yimic pitch a gem. a-0 win. giants fever sweeping through the city. the giants in the playoffs for the first time in seven years. fans dmot wait to get back to the ballpark this evening. >> i'm here last night. last night was amazing. >> every ball was in the dirt. these guys were casing and swamming -- swimming at the balls. it was amazing. >> between the lines you've got matt cane taking the hill for the giants. he's been the most consistent starter this season posting a 3-11 record and a 3.14 era. cane struggled in his last outing friday night against padres looking to rebound with a chance to clinch the division title, cane gave up
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six runs on nine hits in four innings. cane says aek ply what was learned from that game to its outing in the playoffs tonight. >> i think that was an exciting game. we had an opportunity to close out those guys the nirs i'm -- first time. and. >> this is a tough kid. he hasn't had many. occasionally you're going to have them. >> so you've got matt cane against tommy hanson. the giants have just left the field. braves now in there taking batting practice for what will be a 6:37 p.m. first pitch. and i know you're wondering about this. prices, we checked, from $200 a seat up to box seats now are $5,000. and i have reserved two of n.your name. i just need your credit card information.
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>> yes. right. >> and more on that at 6:00. >> too rich for our blood. >> we want to see the way you're cheering on the giants. you can upload your video at you 7 >> and there is more news ahead. coming up another mountain lion sighting near a school on the coast. >> and parking plunge that ended incredibly well. >> i'm sandhya patel. temperatures came up today. we're not done with warming yet. how much warmer it's going to get in my accu-weather forecast. >> and one of six flags performing sea lions gets plastic surgery. the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. an amazing story of survival.
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an 83-year-old drove his suv through a retaining wall in glendale yesterday. you can see the car landed upside down. the man survived and managed to walk away. he only had minor head injuries and scratches, firefighters say the 83-year-old was just returning from a karate class. >> for the third time a mountain lion was seen on the prowl this morning near a school in san mateo county. neighbors being urged to keep away from their kids. police are looking for a father and grandfather two of young boys taken from their home in anaheim last night in what police believe was a parental abduction. their disappearance triggered a state white amber alert. police say the 4-year-old and 2-year-old were with their mother and two men grabbed the boys and drove off in a dodge caravan. >> one of the co-stars of the
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1970s show chps is being aexcused of securities fraud. he played officer baker. the sec says he ran one of several kickback operations involving a dozen small company stock promoteors saying offering bribes to pension fund managers using the funds to buy penny stock autos reconstructive surgery is performed every day, but on a sea lion? that is what veterinarians did on a sea lion that had been shot in the face. it was performed in vallejo. and here is how it went. >> reporter: surgery on sargeant nevis took 30 minutes. the main goal covering two holes. sheer what he looked like last december. that is where the bullet came out. the doctor flew in from washington, d.c. to perform
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this surgery. >> used a piece of his forehead and rotated it over. >> the operation was done to repair his nasal passage. >> when he went underwater water would go in. seals are made so they can dive and not come up sputtering and coughing. >> because he couldn't dive, he lost weight. but after being rescued and brought here, he gained about 310 pounds. >> he's up to almost 700 pounds which is about average for a big male. a healthy male. but he's being hand fed now. he's probably liking that. >> everyone in the procedure did so for free. dr. bill van bon is with the marine mammal center. >> this animal was wronged by people. there is no doubt about that. it's a gunshot victim. that is just wrong. it's adverse human interaction. >> how, the sargeant nevis
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will be watched carefully by the staff. >> maybe within weeks he'll be back out with his girlfriend. >> that is, when once again, he'll assume the leading role. >> a manufacturer lost a court battle over the winter wood burning rule. dura flame sought the exemption. and this company argued manufactured logs burn cleaner than wood. and fireplace spoke is a major source of air pollution and santa patel has the accu-weather forecast. >> it's beautiful oo. and this is also for giants. outside, i want to show you what it looks like at at and t park. there is a lovely view. giants game two tonight. there is clear skies expected and breezy. and there is down to upper 50s
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so this is just a beautiful night. numbers looking like this. 59 in half moon bay. there is the rest of the bay area into 70s, it's a warmer afternoon. and there is sun this weekend and beach weather coming your way next week. this afternoon, we had high clouds going through. fog starting to close in on the coastline. so tomorrow morning, do expect a fog to cover most of the beach locations. there is mid-40s and upper 40s around santa rosa. low to mid-50s elsewhere. there is a nice-looking forecast. there is a stormy pattern. and these storms riding well
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north of us. there is an area of high pressure going to keep news a dry pattern for the weekend. is high clouds that will spill over the top of the ridge just giving us a nice sky. and sun and high clouds saturday and sunday, and warmer conditions. this is 82 in san jose. if you have outdoor plans tomorrow, mid to upper 70s and there is 66 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, it's going to be up to normal and slightly above. 74 degrees there. 67 in the sunset district. looking at the north bay, a lot of low 80s. and there is 78 in oakland and union city. heading inland, temperatures gg to hover tomorrow, pleasanton, danville. concord, 83 degrees around the bay. there is the accu-weather
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forecast, mild to warm for fleet week. and action going on this weekend. and mid-80s inland. mid-60s at beaches. and then, look what happened. tuesday, wednesday, and near 90s inland. there is warm fall weather many of us have come to get used to. >> and coming up next, finney's friday free stuff. and then, new at 6:00 a look at what is holding up plans to develop what used to be
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i'm dan noyes, at 6:00 california puts its office buildings in hock. why for sale signs may be going up in front of the real estate. >> and how 7 on your side kept a woman from taking a bath z after 6:30 a weekly magazine show that has been on the air 27 years, with one requirement for anyone who wants to participate. it's coming up at 6:00. >> and thank you. >> and the u.s. navy and marines went into a battle of sorts today in basketball. >> armed forces took on fire and police departments and n.a soft ball game. >> the first game pitted navy against fire department. firefighters coming out on top. then, marines battled police. and the boys in blue took that one. >> the games part of the many fleet week activities underway this weekend. you'll find a complete list on
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our web site. it's just perfect weather for these festivities this weekend. they enjoyed it there is a story on the bay bridge tonight. i looked up. there is blue angels you cannot miss them. and they almost stopped traffic. >> and that is throughout san francisco today. >> great. you can see those guys performing this weekend. just wonderful. >> world news is up next. >> and for sandhya patel and michael finney thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. we'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have.


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