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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 9, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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00-state-farm, or go online. in the news this saturday morning, october 9th. san francisco police are investigating a shooting inside a nightclub that has left one man with life threatening injuries. and student claim the f.b.i. was spying on him. he says he can prove it. >> and mild and warm conditions, you'll like this weekend, a lot of sunshine and temperatures warming throughout the next several days. >> i'm teresa garcia. >> they are investigating a shooting inside a nightclub and police are saying the shooting occurred shortly after midnight inside cafe cocomo. the victim was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening
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injuries. they say they don't know who fired the shots or why. detectives stayed in the nightclub into the early morning hours trying to learn more. >> a college student says the f.b.i. spied on him and he found the tracker to prove it. here is the picture of the device attached to his car. he wonder what had it was. then came a visit from a federal agent to answer that question. here is lisa amin gulezian to explain. >> i'm a sales manager. i'm a full time student. >> and on sunday, while half egyptian, half american muslim got an oil change, he noticed this attached to the underbelly of the car. >> the device i found was stuck by a magnet. >> it was a gps tracking device. he took it apart and then two days later the f.b.i. and other police stopped him as he left
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his santa clara apartment complex. a federal agent started questioning him. >> have you ever been to yemen for any type of training. no. do you know anybody that is affiliated abnormal or posting anything on line they shouldn't be. no. where is the device that you located on your vehicle? i didn't even answer that, did you guys put it there? then he goes, yeah. >> an f.b.i. spokesperson refused to discuss his discovery but did say, quote, court decisions have consistently upheld that there is no warrant necessary for gps tracking of a vehicle when the vehicle is in a public space. >> you can put it on any person's car. i would argue this violation of people's constitutional rights. >> u.s. court of appeals reaffirmed the government's ability to use defies on cars but his attorney insists his civil rights were violated and he was intimidated and harassed.
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>> they can try but also federal officers are protected by immunities in context. >> they spoke with him and he is cooperating fully. the giants tortured fans during the regular season and they are doing it again in the. last night, a 4-0 giants' lead turned into a 5-4 loss to atlanta. they are tied at one game apiece. they jumped out to a 3-0 lead on a home run and added another run. atlanta scored one run in the sixth inning and later tied it up with three runs in the eighth. they had a huge opportunity in the 10th loading the bases with one outside but posey grounded into an inning-ending double play. rick fielder launched a ball in
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mccovey cove to give atlanta the lead. >> i wanted to go from the batter's box to the dugout. i wanted -- but what a cool way to win. >> game three is tomorrow afternoon in atlanta. >> all right. disappointing for giants' fans who started out by dancing with the stands. amy hollyfield has more. >> it was a close one but these giants' fans are proud of how the team played. >> house speaker nancy pelosi was among the crowd tonight, largest one in the park's history. the team will now head to atlanta and fans have no doubt they will win on the road. as much as they enjoy these games they don't want to be one here next week. >> i want them to win in
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atlanta. >> they are motivating people to find new ways to make money, from body art, to orange. >> we got really inspired. my husband and i decided why don't we just get some leis out here in the spirit of the giants. >> the fans had a blast watching the team tonight when they were ahead. the confidence turned to disappointment when the giants lost. >> not feeling good. i thought it was over by the eighth inning and things fell apart. it's torture inside. >> fans still have the faith. couple told them they will be better on sunday when the two teams meet again in atlanta. a look now into some state news. governor swarzenegger has
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finally got a new budget. it was a record 100 days past due. before signing it the governor vetoed nearly $1 billion in additional spending most of that related to social service programs. new budget includes cuts and relies on optimistic revenue assumptions. >> a little known part of the new budget calls for the state to sell off some of the buildings and then lease them back. some of them are historic landmarks such as the earl warren building home to state supreme court. >> i always believed buying real estate instead of selling real estate, but when you are in a financial crisis like we are then you have to make decisions. >> the sale could earn the state $1.2 billion but the legislative budget office taxpayers could be on the hook for $1.5 billion.
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more than three bids have been submitted for those properties. >> hundreds of people have come together in san francisco to bring attention to the growing problem of suicide among gay and transgender people. more needs to be done to help gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students from bullying. they are calling for new legislation. >> david melson the executive director of affirmation gay and lesbian mormons read off the names of 12 young gay-lesbian youth who have committed suicide in the past two months. >> there are hundreds if not thousands each year that commit suicide. >> robert moore also shared his experience of being a mormon gay teen and managed to survive the bullying. >> i was picked on every day. i was called names every day. i was literally chased home every day from school. >> affirmation organized this
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rally and candlelight vigil which drew organizations and more than 300 people to san francisco's civic center. >> the rally is meant to bring attention to suicides of young lgbt men and women with the hope of preventing further tragedy. tyler killed himself after a video of another young man what was posted on the internet. his is the latest of suicides they blame on lack of school support and bigotry. many say a new law is needed. >> any school to receive federal funds to implement bullying prevention programs aimed specifically at harassment. >> she says most schools can't seem to deal with the problems of the youth. >> i don't had i the resources are readily available. the supporters say the youth should be told they have to
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survive that it does get better. coming up next, it could be just a matter of days until this equipment will be used to rescue 33 mine workers. we're hearing they just got under ground. and the campaign that recently freed a hiker
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there has been a breakthrough this morning in chile's effort to rescue 33 miners who has been trapped underground for more than two months. a giant drill bit broke through this morning.
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they rang out to cheers and tears for family members on the surface. what still must be done before the first miner is freed. >> this drill rig has now completed the tunnel that will become a lifeline for 33 chilean miners. they have been trapped half a mile down. that is 64 days they have been buried alive. next can comes the hardest part. >> it's not a piece of cake. >> cameras will be lowered into the shaft to check for loose rocks. they are planning the line with it massive steel tiers then a rescue coordinator and paramedic will be lowered down to help. the men will be raised one at a time. first the most skilled because if there is problems and then the weakened.
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the area they are breaking through is not big enough for the rescue capsule and they have to enlarge it. when they finally see the light of day da it will be with sunglasses the cut out all uv rays. their eyes are at risk for permanent damage by the sun. >> a british aide worker kidnapped in afghanistan died during an attempt to rescue her. international forces conducted a nighttime raid in an attempt to free linda norgrove. nato officials say four italian troops died in western afghanistan. >> freed iranian prisoner sarah shourd is in the bay area and gathered with friends and supporters. she called for the immediately release of her fiance and close friend josh fatel. she was hiring hiking with the
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men when all three were arrested by border guards. shourd was released for health reasons. today she will discuss a letter writing campaign, next phase of her effort to win the release of the two jailed hikers. >> lisa argen is here. >> as you head outside, a little cool, mid 40s out there. take a look from emeryville, lots of sunshine. mid 50s downtown, five degrees warmer today and how long will the warming trend last? well, seven-day outlook is coming up next. >> also ahead, why the young girl is suing nickelodeon for millions of dollars. rprp
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good morning. 8:16 right now. you are looking at coit tower from one of the cameras on top our roof.
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nice view, clear day, yesterday coit tower was actually shining a nice orange light. that was last nights and giants game in the playoff series. they didn't win. >> we're going to dr. about dora the explorer she is suing nickelodeon. actress that voices the character that is suing the network. she claims she is owed millions of dollars. ♪ >> if you have kids, you know the song. ♪ >> dora the explorer is so popular it's grown into multibill on your dollar international franchise, aired in 34 languages and dozens of products. some-year-old caitlin sanchez is the voice of dora or at least
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she was. >> she never gives up at all. >> that was in august, she is now suing and her lawyers are calling her exploited saying she was under paid and forced to sign a too quickly to be careful about it. she was 12 at the time and promised $5115 per episode and compensation. but her attorneys argue she is due millions more. something legal analysts aren't so sure about. >> i think her case has got some issues. the fact that the contract presented to her is largely a standard contract. >> sanchez is no longer with the show and in a statement, officials say the claims being made are baseless.
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unfortunately her voice changed and she was no longer able to portray the dora character. >> lawsuit or not the show's producers aren't slowing down. second voice actor, she won't be its last. the navy's blue angels flying team headlines this week's air show over san francisco bay. >> the show begins today and tomorrow at 1:00 with pilots and military demonstrations then the blue angels will be roaring overhead between 3:00 and 4:00. there is parade of ships on the bay. best look is the san francisco waterfront from marina green to pier 39.
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but hard to find parking so if you can, public transit is highly recommended. find a full schedule of events at if you want to know what the weather will be like here is our expert. >> we're warming up. we're going to see mid-70s downtown today. a view from santa cruz this morning where its cool 50 degrees but look at all that sun. it is going to be warmer than yesterday. we saw 80 in hollister, gilroy, plenty more 80s today. that is beginning to continue into next week. temperatures right now, we're in the 40s, pretty cool, novato 46. 48 in half moon bay with about 60 in antioch. highlights then this morning, sun with high clouds mixed in. mid to warm afternoons and beach weather, it will be nice this weekend, warmest days at the beaches monday and even tuesday. we could be pushing 80 degrees ocean beach. >> so it looks like the fog not
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going to be with us the short term. notice today it is paralleling the coast and with a north-northwest wind it's going to stay off shore. plenty of 70s around san francisco yesterday. it was 64 half moon bay and more 80s and santa clara valley. didn't see much of that yesterday but they are moving in from the sacramento valley. it's going to be even warmer through early next week. in fact we're talking high fire danger. are a for right now, to the north and west of us, we have a pretty strong storm system, spreading clouds and rain and some wind in the pacific northwest. with high pressure to the south that is keeping to the north and winds around the high, lots of fair skies but wants the high moves to the east we are looking at off shore component and that will take us to some of the warmest days we've seen in october by early next week. high clouds today with some of
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them spilling off from the system to the north. other than that, we're looking at temperatures above the average today. beautiful afternoon today, mid-70s san francisco and maybe a degree cooler tomorrow. westerly component is going to be cut off and highs warming to the low 80s. santa clara 81. 83 in los gatos. peninsula with mid-60s half moon bay. 78 in redwood city. we talked about san francisco, daly city, 65. 72 in south city with the north winds. the numbers edge to go low 80s in sonoma. 83 for you and in the near east bay, everybody warms to the 70s. 80 castro valley out over the hills. you are coming up about 4 degrees in walnut creek were 84. 82 in livermore what about 70 in monterey.
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80 in santa cruz. tomorrow that fog may start with the beaches. couple degrees cooler at the coast but not a lot of change. we're warming up monday, tuesday and north bay valleys will see some pretty gusty winds come tuesday. that should be our warmest dare. very dry, very warm for about the next four or five days. >> heads up for fire danger? >> definitely. >> in sports this afternoon cal hosts ucla while stanford is looking to rebound from last week's disappointing loss. at&t park, giants bullpen had a disappointing eighth inning in game two of the playoffs against the atlanta braves. larry beil has the highlights. >> giants appeared to be on their way to 2-0 playoff series lead but the braves made a late
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comeback and suddenly this series may end in atlanta. gorgeous night by the bay, 44,000 plus at at&t. pat crushing this pitch in the first. three one blast. 3-0 giants. right up the middle, he is the first giants pitcher since 1954 to get an r.b.i. in the postseason. what could go wrong. braves finally get on the board in the sixth, singles for a 4-1 game. cain would not give up anymore. the bullpen couldn't hold the lead. brian wilson with the save and gonzalez and we're tied at 4. giants load the bases.
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posey, five, four, waits for an opportunity and he does not waste his opportunity. former pitcher breaks the tie in a monster -- look how far that ball goes. braves go 5-4. wagner sprained his oblique to end it 5-4, braves come back to win it. heading the atlanta and we'll hear from the giants. >> that can't happen. it can't happen in the post-season. we needed the outs and i didn't. >> i didn't get the job done. i take pride being in situation but i didn't get it done. >> it's hard to describe in words, it's the biggest homer in
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my career. i wanted to go batters box to the dugout, but what a cool thing to do and cool way to win. >> so with the series now tied at a game apiece, it will be jonathan sanchez on sunday with the giants' success, sharks taking a back seat but they did open a regular season. shark fans, 5,000 miles away from the bay area, joe thornton shoots and scores. 2-0. to the third, they were tied at 2. logan on the power play and that turns out to be a game winner. 3-2 sharks. these two teams will meet in stockholm. >> we have college football live at 5:00. stanford hosting usc and then another edition of after the game around 8:30 p.m. have a great weekend.
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i'm larry beil. >> next at 8:30.... >> in sacramento, a new proposal on the way to crack down on what critics call taxpayer funded vacations. you can't believe what welfare recipients how they are spending their money. their money. >> and sea lion surgrgrgrgrgrgrg meg whitman's nose is growing again. this time she's lying about jerry brown on taxes. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval.
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triple berry torte and black forest cake. meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again. newspapers have called many of her ads untrue. fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says no new taxes without voter approval. but meg whitman's nose just keeps growing by the millions. san francisco police are investigating a shooting inside a potrero hill nightclub this morning. the shooting occurred after midnight inside cafe kokomo. the victim a 23-year-old man was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police are saying they don't know who fired the shots or why for that matter. they say the they were there for the early morning hours to try to learn more about the gunman. >> a south bay college student
8:30 am
is shocked to that f.b.i. agents put a tracker on his car. last sunday, he noticed something stuck to the underbelly of his car while getting an oil change. this is what he found. an electronic gps tracking device. he took it home and took it apart. two days later, egyptian man was stopped by police as he left his santa clara complex. >> they asked me if i had been to yemen for any type of training. no. then he goes, where is the device that you located on your vehicle. then i didn't answer that, i just asked him, did you guys but the it there? he says, yeah. >> a spokesperson refused to discuss the device but told us court decisions have consistently upheld there is no warrant necessary for gps
8:31 am
tracking of a vehicle when that vehicle is in a public space. agents did confirm they spoke with him and he was cooperating. >> dozens of documents showed tens of millions of welfare dollars have spent out of state some of that at vacation resorts. it's leading to new legislation. >> this is ridiculous. >> welfare applicants have been jam packed during this recession with applicants needing cash important basic needs. but a new bill wants recipients start spending their benefits only within the state. los angeles times analysis found $69 million was spent outside state lines during a three and a half year period. tourist destination, las vegas, hawaiian beaches and cruise ships to florida.
8:32 am
they call it taxpayer funded vacations. >> these are for folks who are hurting, that are out of a job. when you see the money is spent on a cruise, it obviously it's fraudulently lent. >> benefits are deposited electronically. they found nearly 12 million dollars was spent in las vegas. a million and a half in florida. $700,000 in haze and 16 -- in hawaii. >> but $69 million is less than 1% of the $11 billion the state gave out during that period. >> people go on assistance they are going to have same kind of life situations as anyone else. you are going to visit sick relatives. you are going to funerals out of state. >> the state says accounts aren't normally flagged until out of state transactions
8:33 am
continue for more than 30 days because recipients aren't did supposed to be gone that long. >> the vast majority of our families that receive benefits spend them in a legal and lawful manner. if they are taking care of aged grandparent, that is allowed. >> giving welfare recipients cash is always risk inherent. >> another problem is welfare recipients don't use certain atm's, taxpayer pick up the fees. last year the state paid $11 million in those fees and likely pay more because those fees have gone up. >> governor swarzenegger signed the new state budget yesterday morning after lawmakers stayed up all night approving it. the deal was made with primarily of cuts of $7.5 billion dollars and $2.5 billion revenues coming
8:34 am
in. now part of the budget deal calls for the state to sell off some of the landmark buildings. david louie explains why there is disagreement over california could be a renter in order to raise much needed cash. >> some of them are historic landmarks, sum as the earl warren building, home to the state supreme court. others house the california public utilities commission, the attorney general's office in sacramento and 11 properties in all up for sale to address the state's budget crisis. >> i always believed in buying real estate rather than selling real estate. when you are in a financial crisis like we are, then you have to make decisions. >> the plan, part of just approved state budget calls for these buildings to be sold and leased back. >> the governor thinks the sale of state office buildings could relies a net gain of $1.2 billion but the problem could be in the lease-back arrangement.
8:35 am
according to a study they say that taxpayers will be on hook for an additional $1.5 billion. >> that is cause the state would be a perpetual renter for decades. state may not get top dollar offers because of cost of renovation when the state moves out. >> i don't know there is much call for a chambers and a courthouse and rotunda if the state is not utilizing it. how long is the state and how long will the lease be? >> over 300 bids have been submitted. a broker speculates they are pension funds are investor groups in search of city income from rent. >> the world today, yields are down. if the state can create a ream yum yield, then it's attractive to a lot of investors. there is a lot of money on the
8:36 am
sidelines looking for deals but they are looking for the right deal. doctors have performed the first of it's a kind surgery on marine animal. a sea lion underwent surgery. here is lyanne melendez to explain. >> surgery performed is about 30 minutes. main goal was to repair two holes that was done by a single bullet. here is what he looked like. the large hole is where the bullet came out. a doctor flew in from washington, d.c. to perform the surgery. >> we rotated it over, flat flap and close and plulgd the home. >> the operation was done to repair his nasal passage. >> he can dive underwater. you usually seal the nasal
8:37 am
cavity. >> he lost a lot of weight but after being rescued and brought here, he gained about 310 pounds. >> now she up to almost 700 pounds which is average for a big male, very healthy male. he is being hand fed. he is probably liking that a lot. >> everybody that participated in the procedure did so for free. a doctor is with marine mammal center in sausalito. >> this animal was wronged by people. there is no doubt that. is a gunshot victim and that is wrong. >> now he will be watched carefully by the staff at six flags. >> couple weeks he'll be out with his girlfriend. >> once again he'll assume the leading role. >> looking sunny in vallejo.
8:38 am
>> few high clouds from time to time. we have a warming and drying trend on the way. the view from mount tam, you see the haze out there. a pretty nice weekend. very little fog and it's going to last. i'll have details next. >> also up ahead. a weekly television show that has been on the air for 27 years
8:39 am
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good morning, 8:40. we are looking at a beautiful day, not just san francisco but also around the bay. >> that's right. south bay and monterey, santa cruz, looking at nice beach weather. it's going to get warmer. a live look from vollmer peak and we got sunny skies with temperatures climbing above average today. couple degrees above average yesterday and that continues, although the fog is not too far
8:41 am
off. right now, 48 in menlo park. 48 in half moon bay. 44 degrees earlier in santa rosa. kind of cool in north bay valleys. 53 in concord, with 50 in livermore. longer nights, definitely that radiational cooling and for the weekend we'll see a high clouds from time to time. those are cirrus clouds drifting by. we are going to see a few effects from that system. i'll tell you about that in a moment. mild to warm afternoons and beach weather, weak system heads to the north and offshore flow behind us. that will bring temperatures in 80 degrees monday and tuesday. overnight, clear sky and bit of wind shift today cutting off the marine influence, that westerly wind, nor of a north-northwest flow that means more 70s. how about more 80s, east bay valleys. santa clara valley looks like we're going to keep this warming
8:42 am
trend going at our beaches will be the recipients of the warmest weather come early next week. the clouds will stay to the north. pretty stormy pattern in oregon and washington but a piece of energy will push to the east of us by the late part of the weekend. that will set up a stronger offshore flow. as bu as of today, lighter winds with temperatures there a little above the average. a few high clouds. not a big deal out there. but we will be looking at more sunshine across the bay. temperatures not too different from day to day downtown, 74 in san francisco and maybe a wind shift and stronger sea breeze, we'll be in the low 70s throughout the rest of the weekend. 80s return here. in fact the 80s with kind of far from the south bay yesterday. hollister, 80 degrees but campbell, 82. san jose 82. peninsula, lot of sunshine, mid
8:43 am
upper 70s, 66 in half moon bay. couple degrees warmer than yesterday. comfortable 60s in the sunset district. no airport delays to talk about. low 70s for south city and in the north bay, low 80s, sonoma, 82 in napa. by the water in vallejo 81 for you. near east bay, very comfortable day, union city, 78. 80 castro valley. light are winds here. right by the water, around hayward feeling pretty good, low 80s returning to pittsburg. you've been warm but 83 in pleasanton and monterey warming up to 70. 80s in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, mild to warm next couple of days. still 60s at our coast but coastal temperatures warm steadily through next week. elevated fire danger that away have to worry about come monday and tuesday. very nice weekend but getting
8:44 am
drier and drier. >> offshore flow through the weekend. >> you now there are not many television shows for a thousand episodes but a community access program is about to reach that milestone. to make the achievement even more remarkable, the program is put together by senior citizens. don sanchez has the assignment 7 report. >> it's almost show time in mountain view. when all volunteer crew is ready to tape a program called the better part. >> three, two.... >> the weekly magazine show has been running for 27 years on community access television. started by a club from the cupertino senior center. only requirement you have to be at least 50 years old. today 81-year-old is on camera.
8:45 am
80-year-old is on teleprompter and a director is 76-year-old director. >> it was help for people of our age when you have your mind working so quickly it keeps all those things to keep alive in your brain. >> i'm going to switch the camera to a two shot and run through it twice. >> the better part runs on community access stations all over the south bay. it's taped at a nonprofit station which trains the volunteers. >> everybody pitches in. if someone needs help, someone comes to the rescue. >> the members of the crew have changed overtime but the program is so successful they are taping the 1,000th episode. >> one of the interesting things other shows, producers and crew help out on their shows to
8:46 am
learn. >> one reason volunteers stick with the show they can produce programs on anything that interests them. from an all japanese combat unit in world war ii. >> what we wanted to do was to show that we were just as good as any other american. >> to saving peregrin falcons. to everything you wanted to know about coffee. he has tried every production job available but on this day she is the flow director but also directs in the control room and hosts. >> it's not that i really like to be on camera but i like to tell a story. i keep thinking i've done enough and i meet someone else and they have a story that i want to tell. >> we ask how long they will stick with it. just about everybody had the same answer. >> as long as i'm able. >> don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> the funding comes from the
8:47 am
city. 1,000th show airs october 25th. if you would like to join the group or see the shows, we have a link at don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> they pay a huge deposit for a new bathroom and then changes her mind. isisisisisisisisisisisisisisisis
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you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber.
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no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. good morning. what a gorgeous view. this is from one of our cameras on top of mount tam. you see some of the haze in the city but shaping up to a nice fall weekend. fairly clear skies. nois nice day to get out and about. >> when you sign a home improvement contract you do have three days to change your mind but there is bay area woman that went through quite an ordeal
8:50 am
when she cancelled her project. then michael finney stepped in. >> virginia conner was repairing her bathroom and thought she install a bathtub like this one, making it easy to get in and out. >> you open the door and you walk in and turn the water on. then you bubble, bubble, bubble. >> she found an advertisement. ad said installation would be quick and easy so she called the company re-bath of san mateo. she signed a contract agreeing to pay $9,500 for installation of a walk-in tub. she paid a deposit of $3167 by check but right afterwards she had second thoughts. >> i wanted to cancel it because then i begin to think that -- oh it was too much money. >> she realized the contract did not include repainting the bathroom but no problem.
8:51 am
the contract said she could cancel within three business days as required by law. virginia says she faxed over a cancellation notice the very next day and also sent it by certified mail. she called the re-bath salesperson, too. >> she said don't worry a check will be in the mail in ten days. >> the ten days passed and then weeks and virginia had not received her $3,000 back. she says she kept calling the company and no one would call her back. >> i just how am i going to get my money back. i need to get it back. i called michael finney's office. >> away contacted them and right away it took action. >> next voice i heard was the president of the company in arizona. >> a few days later, virginia received this check delivered to her house. it was the return of her full
8:52 am
deposit. we spoke with the san mateo franchise owner. he says he never received virginia's cancellation notice. he refunded her money as soon as she found out she did want to cancel. >> we would never hold money for someone that didn't want to do a job from us. we told her that she would get the full deposit back. >> he says he has served thousands of customers and it has never happened but virginia's case prompted him to examine his refund process. >> we're going to make sure we do a better job to get the customer a refund or deposit back to them as soon as possible. >> this situation has made me wanted to look into that and make eight better system. >> however, that is all changed now. >> here i am, a happy 90-year-old. i thank you very, very much.
8:53 am
>> she says she paid one-third of the project money up front but she may have only required to pay 10% or one thousand dollars whichever is less. if you want to look into the rules and protections in contracts, i posted a link with a lot of information at >> coming up next, the south bay lube team whose well-oiled
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♪ oh, oh, oh men and women who you about to meet are not athletes but superstars in their line of washington. wayne freedman reports on them. >> out of site and out of mind. that is relationship most people have with motor oil. they don't want the see it, touch it or smell it, but not down here. >> any advice. >> stay away from the hoses. >> that from angel hernandez who deals with the dirty sides of cars all day. he is wrench a drain plug he couldn't unscrew. >> you get more dirty? >> no. >> there is paul who runs the shop. it's the operation where it
8:56 am
might be the marine corps. >> there is no screwing around here? >> no. >> in this group of men and women just got back from las vegas and what happened in vegas will not remain in vegas. >> world series. >> yes there is such an event just condition concluded. it picks the best of crews against each other. >> last year, the team never made it past the first round. >> it was kind of demoralizing. >> so for the next 12 months they dedicated themselves day after day of... and they improved. this team game became so well-oiled and coordinated through hard work they cut their
8:57 am
best time for full service down to 4 1/2 minutes. this year that is the game they back to las vegas against 1600 teams and they beat them all. >> we're the best. >> world championship is an accomplishment to do it at dirty hourly job that nobody likes speaks volumes about pride. >> where the trophy? >> in a great big box. from san jose, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." >> fleet week is kicking off this morning with a parade of ships on san francisco bay. at 1:00 this afternoon, airline performances with stunt pilots and military demonstrations and then at 3:00... the navy's blue angels will put an hour long
8:58 am
show. fleet week will be completed on sunday but if you plan to come to the waterfront, head back. you are urged to leave your car at home and take public transit because the traffic and parking in san francisco typically become very intense during the fleet week but you will enjoy the weather. >> we will see warmer temperatures. very mild outside. starting cool with 40s and on a. if you are headed downtown, you'll notice mostly sunny sky, a few high clouds, a high of 74 tomorrow. not much of a change. the fog is going to be off shore. so we're going to warm up in the upper 80s. 82 san jose, our beaches today, mid 60s, half moon bay, low 60s stinson beach and 85 in gilroy. nice weekend and temperatures above normal and then the winds go off shore, tuesday and wednesday for the warmest days we'll see all week long.
8:59 am
that means elevated fire danger. >> lisa, thank you. thanks for joining us. next newscast starts at 4:00 p.m. because of college football. have a great day.


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