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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 9, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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a san jose radio station burns to the ground tonight as battle flames they can't get close to. and blue angels in the flesh. they greet their fans after putting on a dazzling show over the bay.
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good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. we begin in san jose where crews are struggling to put out a stubborn three-alarm fire tonight. so far a vietnamese radio station ksjx and five acres of vegetation have been destroyed. it also threatened a nearby kellogg factory where 40 people were evacuated. 70 firefighters are on the scene, but high winds and intense flames are hampering
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their efforts. they have been pouring water on the fire using long ladders because the fire has been too dangerous to get close to. sarah shourd came back to the bay area for the first time since her detention in iran. she gathered with friends in oakland where she talked about her ordeal. and lisa amin go legion says she is not done fighting yet. >> it helped me get through prison. if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be here today. >> in a strong, but shaky voice, sarah shourd asked for help for the first time since her released from an iranian prison last month. her boyfriend and best friend are still being held. >> i am not free. i can't go on with my life. my life will not resume until shane and josh with with me. the only point of my existence is to speak for them, to be a
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voice for them. >> and it is really time for them to come home. it is time for them to be free. it is time for them to stop suffering unnecessarily. >> the three uc berkeley graduates were arrested and accused of spying while hiking along the iraq-iran border in july 2009. shourd was released after spending 14 months in solitary confinement for what the government calls humanitarian reasons. but he calls shourd's released purely political. >> these people are being held simply for political purposes. they will be released either when the regime gets something it wants or can score political points it wants. >> he does think letter-writing campaigns like this one where friends and family are writing personal notes will help secure their freedom. the more people that get involved, he says, the better. he says the campaign needs to
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go global. more countries need to be involved, especially in europe to put the pressure in iran. in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. thousands gathered to watch the aerial acrobat i can its, the blue angels that is. it was the first time in two years the team put on the show. and for those who watched it, it was worth it. amy hollyfield is live with more. amy? >> alan, what a day. there is still a lot to look at. we are in front of the macon island, the navy's amphibious assault ship. it will be open for public tours tomorrow. it is quite an impressive sight tonight. but of course today is the big show steeler. it was the blue angels' performance. blue angels fans have waited two years for this performance. they couldn't fly because of the fog, but this year the weather was perfect.
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and as they gracefully twirled above the bay today, the adoring crowd down below seemed more than satisfied with the show. >> i am so excited about the blue angels. >> reporter: some of the younger audience members didn't appreciate the noise. many of their elders appreciate them being here. >> it is something good to bring for the kids to see. >> the blue angels are the grand finale. but some didn't go home once the planes touched down. check out the crowd that showed up at pier39 to meet the blue angels. >> it was great. they are outstanding men. they are good guys. >> grown men and women were clamoring to meet these pilots. the pilots themselves say they get it. >> some people nef grow up -- never grow up. i think it is the allure of aviation. some things go fast and make noise and we were kids and enjoyed it. >> it is not just about
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activities at the waterfront. the first division marine band played a concert at huntington park. senator dianne feinstein sat on the front row as the band played various marching tunes. the idea this year is to bring fleet week into the neighborhood of san francisco. >> well, this puts you in contact with some of the people in the fleet in the armed services. you get to appreciate another side of the whole picture. >> the airshow continued tonight with fireworks caping off a full day of entertain meant -- entertainment. it was fun for participants and performers. >> you will not find a prettier police squad, angel eyend la, downtown san francisco, it is an amazing place to fly. >> quite a view. all 10 will be open for tours tomorrow. the blue angels will fly again if you missed them today. they will be up at 3:00.
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abc7 news. >> thanks, amy. and we have a fleet week schedule on our website. there is also a video of the performance you can watch. both are at another underground explosion in the financial district this afternoon. the impact launched a hundred-pound manhole cover into the air near sacramento street. large crowds were in town for fleet week, but no one was injured. a bartender says as customers bolted out of the bar thinking it was an earthquake. >> the place filled with smoke and thirdly i come around the corner and it was like a ba-boom. the manhole 10 feet in the air. windows breaking and cars screeching everywhere. >> witnesses say fire and smoke shot out of another manhole nearby. pg&e will only say an underground cable failed. this is the 6th underground explosion in three
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years. there was a fire at sutter and montgomery caused by a failed cable. well, two young girls say they narrowly escaped a man who tried to kidnap them. it happened yesterday in paw noel where a 10 -- pinole where a 10-year-old girl and her five-year-old sister were walking their dog. a man threatened to kill their family members and then tried to grab the five-year-old girl. he is described as a white male with a gray goatee and was missing a tooth on the upper left side of his mouth. he was driving an older model jeep four door with tinted windows and possible damage to the left front headlight. a driver out maneuvered two would be carjackers last night in fremont. the suspects approached a man and his girlfriend in a parked car near old mission park and then pulled a gun and demanded the vehicle. instead of getting out, the driver threw the car in reverse and got away with two bullets lodged in their car.
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san francisco has been dealing with violence at nightclubs, and now there has been another shooting at a nightclub. this time a 23-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot in cafe cocomo after midnight. the club is on indiana street. the police chief is working with city hall and the entertainment commission to address the problem of nightclub violence. >> we have a problem. we are moving toward correction. still, nightclubs continue to have difficulties, and it just continues to illustrate why it is so important to come together and figure out a better solution. >> police are searching for the suspect, and they are still investigating the motive behind the shooting. >> san francisco mayor gavin newsom kicked on the no on m and yes on l campaign. he is urging voters to approve the sit lie measure. they would ban sitting or lying down on city sidewalks
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between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> there is nothing compassionate about stepping over someone on the sidewalks. there is nothing compassionate walking by someone who is suffering. we will implement this in a thoughtful way, and we will actually help people. >> it is against the spirit of freedom and celebration of culture that san francisco is all about. >> beam who oppose -- people who oppose prop l handed out fliers on hate street. they say it would result in unfair treatment of homeless people and day laborers. they say there are more than half a dozen related laws that police could enforce by using more foot patrols. meg whitman's campaign is calling on jerry brown to apologize personally for an offensive remark made by one of the campaign aides. they want brown to identify the aide who called whitman a
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whore. it was recorded on the voicemail of a los angeles police union after brown failed to -- failed to hang up the phone. they were competing for the endorsement. they issued a public apology for the remark, but whitman's camp wants more. a spokesman issued a statement which says after spending months avoiding his 40-year political record, now jerry brown is continuing to insult the voters of california by avoiding taking responsibility for his own actions and the actions of his campaign staff. well, up next, the google car that drives itself. and the brakes are in chile. when crews expect to bring the miners up that were trapped for weeks. and then this -- beatles' fans sing a tribute to john lennon on what would have been his 70th birthday. >> and hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser.
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we have clear skies across the bay area right now. and believe it or not, some locations are still in the locations are still in the 70s.
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meg whitman's nose is growing again. this time she's lying about jerry brown on taxes. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval. meg whitman -- her nose just keeps on growing and growing.
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meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again. newspapers have called many of her ads untrue. fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says no new taxes without voter approval. but meg whitman's nose just keeps growing by the millions. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to good news tonight. chile's 33 trapped miners could be rescued by the middle of next week. the drillers cheered and sprayed champagne after a drill punched a hole into the underground chamber today. they hope to begin to lift the first miner up to safety as early as wednesday. the first leader -- chile's
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first lady celebrated with the miners' families. >> i have come here to personally thank in the name of the government and the 17 million chileans and the entire teamworking in this rescue and all of the different jobs. >> one woman scratched out a note she hoped would get to her husband in the mine. it has been 66 days since they were trapped underground. north korea's two kims were on hand. kim jong-il and kim jong un were at a huge military parade. the parade is part of the celebration to mark the 65th anniversary of the country's ruling workers party. tens of thousands of north koreans cheered the two kims in a military show of strength. a crush of fans gathered in central park's strawberry fields to honor john lennon today.
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>> ♪ with love, from me, to you >> we all know the words. this would have been lennon's 70th birthday. the peace and love march was one of many celebrations of lennon's life being held around the city. lennon was shot to death outside his upper west side apartment building in 1980. this year the memorial had a mosaic from the city of nape -- naples, italy. they endorsed "strawberry fields" as a momento of peace. if you see a prius with a thing on top, it may be google's car that drives itself. the company has been working on a vehicle that uses artificial intelligence software that can sense anything near the car and make decisions just like you and i might. the car has gone 140,000 miles with only occasional human control. the podge -- the project is
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the brainchild of the engineer who developed "street view." and leigh, i heard the car has a human behind the wheel. >> i hope so. >> he is just not driving it. but i guess he could do something if it goes bad. >> listen, a terrific day today. a delightful day today for everyone who came out to the waterfront to check out the parade of ships and also enjoy the fleet week festivities. we will do it again tomorrow and the first part of next week. the temperatures will warm up a little bit. 5* nice shot from the high definition camera anding looing out toward the bay there. really we have clear skies. the only exception is a little fog developing near the coast. check out these numbers. 72 in an see yok. 65 in concord. obviously with the temperatures so warm, the temperatures will be much warmer than last night. it was quite chilly last
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night, especially in the north bay. we will go with patchy fog. mild to warm and then beach weather returns to the bay area as we head monday and tuesday. you can see a little fog near the coast. a little bit of a westerly wind. we willbank that through the golden gate. we will put that in our forecast. those in the far east bay communities will remain clear tonight. it will be cool especially in the north bay with napa 49. we will go 56 for san francisco. 55 for oakland. 52 for livermore and antioch. you will get down to 57 degree degrees. it is active to the west and to the north. jet stream, stormy conditions heading to the north of us. it will stay to the north thanks to a higher pressure that is pushing all of this well to the north. from time to time we may see a little high cloudiness. get ready for the high pressure to be with us.
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sunshine and mild and warm temperatures tomorrow. as we get into monday, monday night and tuesday, that's when the offshore winds will develop, and that will mean temperatures coming up even more so. fleet week tomorrow, temperatures in san francisco are in the 70s. get out and enjoy. here is a look at other cities across the bay area. san jose 82. 84 for los gatos. a touch of fog. half moon bay in the mid60s. the pawinsula is climbing into the 80s. redwood city is 80. 75 for downtown san francisco with a few high clouds. 86 for santa rosa. 84 for napa. berkeley, oakland and all the way down toward san leandro. we will break out to 81 degrees for fremont, brentwood and antioch, mid to upper 80s. 86 for brentwood and 84 pleasanton and 80, a great beach day for santa cruz. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast -- the trend is monday, tuesday and wednesday. offshore winds and warmer
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conditions on tuesday. inland temperatures near 90 degrees. 70s at the coast. and then after that the trend of the onshore winds will return and the temperatures will cool back down. >> all right, thank you very much, leigh. well, stanford and usc faced off in one of the best games of the season in college football. they exchanged punches until they exchanged punches until the very end. as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public
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officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how we can trust. [ male announcer ] build your with the $2.50 breakfast combo. get a 16oz. cup of piping-hot seattle's best coffee and a savory new sunrise subway melt built fresh to your order for just $2.50. subway. build your better breakfast.
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well, anytime stanford and usc get together it is gonna be a battle. and tonight down on the farm was no different. a sea of red and standing room only. the fourth quarter and tied at 28. he threw for 285 yards and three scores. stanford is back on top, but
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only 34-28 after a missed extra point. a minute and 15 to play. bradford from three yards out. the extra point was good. stanford with plenty of time. taylor fumbles and makes up for it here. a big first down run. speaking of redemption, after the missed extra point, he splits the upright as time expires and stanford wins a thriller 37-35 the final. >> you have to have confidence. >> we have to try to get over it. stuff happens. we have to get over it. we knew it would come down to a field goal. >> cal hosting ucla. he bounces outside and finding the pylon and he rushed for 151 yards and two scores. the second quarter and kevin riley looking left. he steps up and finds alan and
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10 yards. it is a 28-0 lead into half time. the double reverse and he has a caravan of blockers. a great cut at the 30-yard line. they are now 3 and 2. >> i think this week at practice we were able to get back on the horse and get back to doing the things we do well. >> gumby in nevada for the san jose state game. locked and load -- and loaded. he comes right back and it is right up the middle. absorbs the hit and scores to tie it at 7. that was it though. he keeps it. a 20-yard touchdown run. nevada improves to 6 and 0. upset of the day, south carolina hosting top-ranked alabama. the gamecocks up 7-3. garcia on the money to
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jeffrey. a beautiful pitch and catch and 14-3, south carolina. in the fourth, south carolina up and lattimore with the third td of the game. south carolina upsets the top-ranked crimson tide 37-21. we will take a brief timeout. a preview of the game between a preview of the game between the giants and the braves.s.s.s. [ whitman ] they say california can't be governed anymore.
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i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change.
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i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento. i'm on a mission to create more jobs, stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪ can it keep an eye out for itself, literally show and tell you where it is when you don't even know yourself ? droid can with lookout mobile security, one of thousands of free apps for the droid x and droid 2 by motorola. available on the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does.
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lead at at&t as they tie the series. the braves have the be home record in baseball and tim hudson takes the hill on sunday. jonathon sanchez and his teammates are confident. >> you just go up there and win the game. >> he has been a star pitcher for us. we have the utmost confidence we will give it our best. >> that's the difference. he doesn't get unraffled
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whether it is a call or an error are on anything that could go awry there. he is not letting that affect him like he used to. >> to the bronks and it was never close. former oakland a nick swisher joins the party and it is 6-0 and yankees win it 6-1 and sweep the series. the rangers are trying to put them away in arlington. upton smacks a double to left. the game tied at one and tampa up 3-2 in the 9th. rays go on to win it 6-3 and texas leads the series two games to one. sharks and blue jacket are wrapping up their stay in sweden. san jose is down 2-1. game tied at two. morrow beat nikaraki. the earthquake clinch a playoff spot with a 2-0 win over dc united.
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>> giants tomorrow in the afternoon? >> yes, in the afternoon. >> yes, in the afternoon. >> that's it for meg whitman's nose is growing again. this time she's lying about jerry brown on taxes. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval. meg whitman -- her nose just keeps on growing and growing. announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented (music playing) garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree)
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hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty! as a prosecutor, you never forget the cases where children are hurt. they stay with you. i'm kamala harris, and it's why i started san francisco's first child assault unit and wrote laws increasing prison time for child sexual abuse. and when i found out that nearly every young person killed was a high school dropout, i started prosecuting parents who let their children skip school. truancy dropped 30%. as attorney general, i can do this for all of california.
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meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again. newspapers have called many of her ads untrue. fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says no new taxes without voter approval. but meg whitman's nose just keeps growing by the millions.


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