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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 10, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ in the news this sunday morning, october 10th, santa clara fire investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire that burned a radio station and also charred five acres of vegetation. and the blue angels will be out over san francisco bay again this afternoon following yesterday's spectacular air show. >> good morning. we have a clear sky. temperatures in the upper 50s in san francisco, 59 in san jose. another warm afternoon but even warmer weather is on the way. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. fires investigators will be back at the scene of a fire that destroyed a radio station. last night's battle to put out the flames left the area too
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muddy for them to work overnight. the fire which started around 5:00 in the afternoon also burned fire acres. it wasn't fully controlled until after 1:00 this morning. cleanup crews will come in at 8:00 to see what's left of a transmitter building leased to asian language radio station kfjx. 40 workers were evacuated until 10:00 last night. a plant manager says smoke from the fire did not contaminate any food because the production area is tightly controlled. there was an underground pg&e explosion in the financial district yesterday afternoon. the impact launched a 100 pound m manho manhole cover into the air. it happened on sacramento street. large crowds were in town for fleet week but no one was injured. a bartender at the irish times says his customers bolted out of the bar thinking it was an earthquake. >> first of all the lights flashing on and off.
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secondly the place filled with smoke. thirdly, i come around the corner, this boom, it was like a ba boom! manhole 10 feet up in the air, windows breaking, cars screeching, people running everywhere. >> witnesses say fire and smoke shot out of another manhole nearby. pg&e is only saying an underground cable failed. this is the 6th underground explosion in three years and the third one this year alone. just last month there was an underground fire at center and montgomery caused by a failed cable. thousands of people were lining san francisco's waterfront again today to watch the fleet week air show staring the navy's blue angel precision flying team. yesterday was their first fleet week performance since 2008. bad weather prevented last year's show. amy holyfield reports. >> blue angels fans have waited two years for this performance.
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the navy stars couldn't fly last year because of the fog. but this year the weather was perfect. and as they gracefully twirled above the bay, the adoring crowd down below seemed more than satisfied with the show. >> so excited about the blue angels. my heart is racing. it's just the best. >> some of the younger audience members didn't appreciate the noise but many of their elders think it's important for them to be here. >> i think it's something good for the kids, to bring the kids to see our military put on a show. >> the blue angels are the grand finale of the air show but people didn't go home once the planes touched down. check out the huge crowd at pier 39 that came to meet the blue angelses. >> outstanding men there. good guys. (cheers and applause) >> ground men and women were clamoring to meet these pilots. the pilots themselves say they get it. >> some people never grow old. i think it's the lure of aviation. i think that things go fast and
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make noise, we're all kids and we enjoyed it. >> fleet week isn't just about activities at the waterfront ♪ >> the first division marine band played a free concert on top of knob hill. senator dianne feinstein sat in the front row. the idea is bring fleet week into the neighborhoods of san francisco. >> this really puts you in contact with some of the people who are in the fleet, in the armed services. and you get to appreciate another side of the whole picture. >> the air show continued with fireworks capping off a full day of entertainment. that was fun for participants and performers. >> you're not going to find a prettier place to fly, golden gate bridge, angel island, downtown san francisco. it's an amazing place to fly. >> this year organizers wanted to put the fleet back in fleet week. that's why you see impressive ships along the embarcadero.
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there are ten. last year there was one. in san francisco, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> we have a fleet week schedule on our website and there's also video of yesterday's blue angels performance that you can take a look at. both are at today is the first world homeless day and san francisco will mark the occasion with a civic center rally at 4:00 this afternoon. the creative housing liberation will lead a march to an undisclosed downtown property where they will commit an act of civil disobedience. they'll take over and occupy a house on behalf of homeless families. about 6,000 people in san francisco are homeless on any given night. similar plans are all over the world today. >> san francisco mayor gavin newsom is urging voters to approve the so-called sit light measure.
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prop l was banned sitting or lying down on city sidewalks between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.. >> there is nothing compassionate about stepping over someone on the sidewalks. there is nothing compassionate about walking by someone who is suffering. we will implement this in a thoughtful way and we will actually help people. >> it's against the spirit of freedom and celebration of culture that san francisco's all about. >> people who oppose prop l did their own campaigning but handing out fliers on haight street yesterday. they say it would result in unfair treatment of homeless people and day laborers. they say there are half a dozen related laws police could enforce by using more foot patrols. that's what prop m calls for and if approved it would basically cancel out prop l. two young girls say they narrowly escaped the man who tried to kidnap them, it
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happened friday when a ten-year-old and five-year-old sister with walking at 4 p.m.. a man threatened to kill their family and tried to grab the five-year-old. he is described as a white male. he has a missing tooth on the upper left side of his mouth. he was driving an older model jeep four-do your with tinted windows, possible damage to the left headlight. u.c. berkeley grad student sarah shourd is back in the bay area after her year-long deinnings iran ended last month. yesterday she gathered in oakland with friends talking about what it was like being locked up in tehran. lisa amin gulezian says she's concentrating on getting her friends released. >> they helped me get through prison. >> in a strong but shaky voice, sarah shourd asked for help during her first public appearance in the bay area since her release from an iranian
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prison last month. her fiance shane bauer and best friend josh fattal are still being held. >> i'm not free. i can't go on with my life. my life will not resume until shane and josh are with me. my only -- the only point of my existence is to speak for them, to be here for them. >> it's time for them to come home. time for them to be free. time for them to stop suffering unnecessarily. >> the three graduates were arrested and accused of spying while hiking along the iraq/iran border in july 2009. she was suddenly released after spending 14 months in solitaire confinement for what the iranian government calls humanitarian reasons. but they called her release purely political. >> these people are being held simply for political purposes. they will be released either
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when the regimen gets something it wants or can score a political point it wants. >> he does think letter-writing campaigns like this one where friends and family are writing person notes to bauer and fatal will help security their freedom. the more people that get involved, he says, the better. the doctor says the campaign needs to go global. more countries need to be involved, especially in europe to put the pressure on iran. in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> republican meg whitman's campaign is calling on democratic rival jerry brown to personally apologize for an offensive remark made by one of his campaign aides. the whitman camp also wants brown to identify the aide that calls whitman a whore. that was recorded on the voice mail of the los angeles police union after brown failed to hang up the phone. brown and whitman were competed for the endorsement. brown's campaign has issued a public apology for the remark
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but whitman's camp wants more. a spokesperson for whitman issued a statement after spending months of avoiding his 40 year political record now jerry brown is continuing to insult the voters of california by avoiding taking responsibility for his own actions and the actions of his campaign staff. >> kim onill stands by his youngest son and eventual successor in a massive coming out party. and we'll tell you when crews think they'll be able to start bringing up the
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explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today. >> north korea president kim jon ill and his heir apparent son appeared in public in sky parade. kim's son sat next to his father wearing civilian clothes. his most public appearance since being unveiled as the regimen's next leader nearly two years ago. the rulinger's working party and one of the few times the outside world has been let into the isolated country. the 33 trapped miners in chile could be rescued by the middle of this week.
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(cheers and applause) >> yesterday crews cheered, embraced and sprayed champagne after a drill punched a hole into the underground chamber. rescue workers hope to lift the first miner to safety as early as wednesday. >> i have come here to personally fight in the name of the government of the 17 million chileans for the entime team that's rescued them in the different jobs. >> one woman scratched out a note she hopes to get to her husband in the mine. 67 days since they've been trapped underground. >> more drivers are delaying their commute waiting for tolls to drop. the study by the bay area toll authority counted week-day bay bridge commuters from september 13th to the 24th and compared
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them to the same period last year. the report shows hundreds have changed their driving habits. if you've seen a prius driving around the bay area with a strange device on top, you may have seen google's car that drives itself. the company has been quietly working on a vehicle that uses artificial intelligence software that can make decisions like you and i might. the car's gone 140,000 miles with only occasional human control. that is the brain child of the same google engineer that helped invent street views. lisa argen is here now and weather looking good. >> definitely been warm out there but we have an offshore flow on the way, even hotter weather to start the week. i can tell you what you can expect for the rest of your weekend coming up. >> also next a nail-biter at stanford as the battle between the cardinals and the trojans is
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settled on the final play. mike shumann has your highlights just ahead. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. is it possible to have too many friends that know too much about you? if you use, the answer is likely yes. as wayne friedman reports, the company announced major changes, major that is to the 500 million people who use the site. >> in palo alto this was the buzz, a group of media and a few students speculating about a big announcement by >> no. >> the rumor is it's going to be a revamp of the website. >> sort of. behind doors which kept away television cameras, founder and
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ceo announced changes to the social utility in terms of controlling your personal information and managing relationships. for users like albert garcia online at the palo alto cafe, it means he can organize all of his 350 friends into separate groups. >> that was useful. >> to a degree this is a result of becoming a victim of its own success. so many users make so many connections that ultimately makes friend doesn't mean friend anymore. it meant acquaintance at best. >> i think we make friends by sitting over coffee and learning, getting to know people. >> the theory that small groups of friends come naturally. announced it has engineered that potential into its system. >> in real life i have friends from school and friends at work and friends from my bicycling club and the friends at school don't know my friends with the bicycling club. everything, i say i cycled ten
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miles today. >> a sense that reducing the friendship bin was long overdue. >> always the people saying what they had for a day to a thousand people. that's annoying. but if you can say ten things to your five closest friends, that's fine. >> i think it enables people to be less superficial if they want to. >> the new software and interface began to go online, the company says users will begin to see it as soon as one of their friends groups them. from palo alto, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> all right. well, my friend lisa argen is here to talk about weather and there's so many things going on, fleet week and the niners have a game. >> i think people are surprised how warm it got yesterday but this morning we're still retaining some of that heat. we are starting a little warmer than yesterday with temperatures here downtown in the upper 50s, a clear shot from our roof camera. there is a teeny bit of fog over the golden gate bridge and some dense fog down by the monterey
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bay. but that's because high pressure is building in and squashing that marine layer. going to see an even warmer day today in some spots but the real warming gets underway, hot temperatures tomorrow and tuesday. 56 downtown right now. 59 in fremont. good morning, fairfield. 59 for you. here's where i saw those 40s. even saw 40s on the coast yesterday. retaining some of that warmth from yesterday. the lighter winds, we're 11 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago at half moon bay. 8 degrees warmer in fairfield. so you get the idea. starting out warmer. no fog out there. we're on our way to another warm day today. we saw lots of 80s yesterday. and the hot weather, save that for tomorrow and tuesday with some gusty north winds, especially over the north bay mountains and temperatures will peak on tuesday with that offshore flow. and today we're seeing the wind pretty much cut off from the coast.
5:21 am
so a quick warm-up once again. starting out with a little fog here by santa cruz and monterey. but then quickly you see a little of it drift over across into the east bay. by 9:00 full sunshine everywhere and we'll see temperatures climb through the 60s and 70s and the fog not too far off from the shoreline. but by tomorrow, it will really be absent. so we'll warm even further. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite. not any clouds here but we still have a system to the north and west of us. once this system passes, a little system, a piece of this, we're going to see even stronger high pressure continue to build in today and also in the upper levels of the atmosphere. so that's really gonna pump up the ridge and bring the warmer weather tomorrow and tuesday. but for today across the bay if you're gonna check out fleet week activities, low 70s, a couple high clouds, beautiful afternoon. a lot like yesterday. in the south bay coming up a
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couple degrees. should have seen the highs for this time of year in the upper 70s but nothing normal about this past summer, fall warming to the low 80s in campbell today. 83 for you, 80 milpitas. mid-60s half moon bay with 80 redwood city today. san francisco, talked about the mid-70s. 79 south city. that's where you were yesterday in the north bay. mid-80s for novato and sonoma. a warm afternoon as you head up towards santa rosa. berkeley about the same. beautiful day at 77. 80 union city and out over the hills mid-80s today, about 2 degrees warmer in danville. 85 for you, 84 pleasanton. dense fog in salinas and monterey this morning but not for long. 70 later on in monterey and 85 hollister. the 7-day forecast, another nice afternoon today and no fog tomorrow or the next day but we'll see gusty north winds elevating the fire danger monday and tuesday. in fact, we could see a couple
5:23 am
90s in our inland valleys. >> oh, my goodness. wow! the weather's great though for all the folks coming into town. yeah. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this afternoon in atlanta, the giants sent jonathan sanchez to the mound against the braves. it is game three of the best of five divisional playoff series. tonight the niners play the philadelphia eagles on national tv at candlestick park. last night stanford and usc battled on the farm to a thrilling finish. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. anytime stanford and usc get together is a battle and last night on the farm was no different. standing room only. 4th quarter, 285 yards, three td's. stanford on top and only 24-28 after a missed extra point. three yards out. extra point, good. a one-point lead.
5:24 am
but stanford with plenty of time. he fumbled twice but makes up for it here. big first run to the trojan 15. nate whitaker on the 30-yarder as time expires. stanford wins the thriller 37-35. >> gotta have confidence. if you don't have confidence, what the heck are you doing on the football field. >> gotta get over it, you know. something happens and rushing took a little bit. you know what, get over it and come down to it. a chance to redeem myself. >> cal hosting ucla. first quarter bouncing outside, finds the pile-on. rushed for 51 yards and two scores. 14-0 bears. kevin reilly looks left, has nothing. freshman with a touchdown. cal takes a 28-0 half time lead. 4th quarter 28-7.
5:25 am
marvin jones with the blockers in front. great cut at the 30 yard line. 38 yard touchdown, cal 3-2 with a 35-7 victory. >> kind of fell off the horse the past couple weeks. this game, actually this week of practice get on the horse, get back doing the things we do well. >> gum by in nevada for the san francisco bay game. locked and loaded. scrambles for the 13-yard touchdown. comes right back. brandon rutly right up the middle. scores to tie the game at 7. but he keeps it on the 20-yard touchdown run. nevada 6-0, 35-13 victory. 19th ranked hosting alabama. 7-3. garcia on the money to jeffrey. 14-3, south carolina. third quarter, third and goal.
5:26 am
third t. d. of the game. 19-game win streak is over. south carolina wins it 35-21. the giants with a 4-1 lead at game two friday at at&t park. if they tie the series at a game apiece from behind with a 5-4 victory. the behaves the best record in baseball. similar hudson takes the hill which is the equivalent of lincecum at home. but the teammates are confident. >> just go out there and get people out. pray we win the game. >> been a stellar pitcher for us. the utmost confidence he's going to give it his best. >> that's the difference with him now. that he doesn't get unravelled, whether it's a call or error, anything that could go awry there, he's not lettin' that affect him like he used to. >> this one was never close. in the 7th, former oakland a nick swisher.
5:27 am
no-doubter to right makes it 6-0. makes it 6-1 and betweens the twins. rangers have won nothing. double to the left. dan johnson will score, game tied one. tampa up 3-2 in the 9th. braves go on to win it 6-3. texas now leads the series two games to one. to the sharks and blue jays wrapping up their stay in sweden, san jose down 2-1. from danny heatly on the power play. gamed tied at 29. overtime columbus with the final blow. starts 1-1 as they fall 3-2. the earthquake clench their first playoff spot defeating d.c. united. raiders and the chargers at 49ers and eagles go at it. see you tonight at 5:00. >> 5:30, the debris and chemicals polluting san
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♪ welcome back, everyone. demonstrators plan to converge today on every chevron gas station in san francisco calling for the company to clean up its act. the rain forest action network will stage oil spill cleanups at various chevron stations to highlight what it calls the company's refusal to clean up its oil disaster in ecuador. they're calling on chevron to take responsibility for spills and pollution worldwide. the protest is part of the 1010 pan global workday, a reference to today's date, the group says it's a day of action on issues that affect global climate change. there's an alarming new report out on the health of san francisco bay. the water has all sorts of chemicals. much reach the bay from creeks. here's abc 7's lee glasser with what's in local waterways and how it gets there.
5:31 am
>> water flows through diamond canyon down the 580 all the way down to 880 and here to the bay. >> this is where rainwater from the creek watershed in the oakland hills enters the bay. a new report found what's being dumped into bay has high levels of pcb's, mercury and pesticides. runoff comes from city streets. >> there's a presence of pcb's throughout urban areas, but they bring fish to the level that make bay fish unsafe to eat. >> researchers said creeks and storm drains in 15 industrial areas around the bay. waterway near richmond and san pablo were found to be heavily polluted. he works next to the creek in san pablo saying the community has tried to help. >> a lot of the stuff you see floating around in this creek has been cleaned up. the water seems much cleaner.
5:32 am
>> plastic bags are another polluter. this stretch of echo creek in oakland restored native plants. the new plants will reduce the amount of contaminants entering the bay downstream. >> and as the water slows down, all the sediment that its carrying really is able to slow down and fall out of suspension and gets packed back up in here. so all the contaminants that are attached to that sediment are also trapped. >> researchers say while water quality in the bay has improved, more needs to be done and they are looking for the public for help. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> a new program to help youngsters pay for their college education is getting underway in san francisco. it's called kindergarten to college. it's an investment in higher education using taxpayer money to open savings accounts for kids. >> these kindergarteners at sanchez elementary school in san francisco's mission district learned from the mayor that they'll soon have a college
5:33 am
savings account. >> when you're bigger you're all going to college? yeah! >> the first in the nation to invest taxpayer money for higher education. called k-to college. >> the only time it's successful is when communities get behind them and start believing in the children. >> the amount is not large, just $50 or $100 for low income students. the idea is that private corporations and nonprofits will step up with matching grants. and parents are being encouraged to chip in. >> she has set so many goals. >> elissa cruz is talking about her daughter. she and 1200 of the city's kindergarteners, about one-fourth, will be included in the pilot program with expectations by the third year 100% will be covered. san francisco's program is unique but there are others
5:34 am
emphasizing the importance of a college education. including this oakland charter school, appropriately called think college now. for the past three years, the nonprofit has given fifth graders here $1,000 college scholarships. >> that's something tangible, powerful and make sure they're going to stay motivated. >> san francisco's budget authorizes $257,000 to get the program started. supervisor sean elseburn thinks that's irresponsible given the current financial climate. >> i do not believe now is the right time to extend ourselves to a new entitlement program that very well could cost us millions of dollars into the future. >> you make investments, you don't just make cuts. >> city bank has agreed to set up the kids' accounts for free. they'll open december 1st. lisa argen here now with what is arguably one of the best weekends in terms of the weather. >> yeah. it's gotten pretty warm out there and we're not done yet.
5:35 am
the warming trend continues. we're starting out clear and temperatures are in the upper 50s outside our studios and 60s elsewhere so we're warmer and we're going to see another beautiful afternoon but the warming trend, that continues. your forecast coming up. >> thank you, lisa. the site of an [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. and these e the ones you'll love on a school night pillsbury ham and cheese crescents with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner.
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they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. >> the oakland rent board has rejected an appeal on the
5:37 am
wildlife rescue center facing eviction. we first told you about it in july that the animals were in trouble and many of you have stepped up to help. but the center is still struggling to find a home and now the head of oakland animal control is worried the city may lose a critical last resort for urban wildlife. here's dan ashley with this morning's assignment 7 report. >> summer is winding down now. but this wildlife rescue center is still packed with babies. these two--month-old raccoons were discovered outside a home in piedmont. >> so about five days they were crying and there was no sign of the mother. >> this baby squirrel was brought in after his mother ate rat poison. >> it had gone through her milk. >> now he's recovering and will be released soon just like the other five to 600 animals a year that end up at the urban wildlife rescue center. volunteers run the center in the backyard of a home in the
5:38 am
oakland hills. they got donated labor and supplies worth $100,000 for terrors to hillside for easy access to the animals. but the owner wants them out. >> their lease expires in may. they have stayed on behind that. i have a handicapped mother who needs use of her property. >> by law, they can stay until next may. but the owner raised the rent 66%. director lila travis appeared to the rent board but just learned she lost. >> as a nonprofit organization depending on donations, it's an unfeasible amount of rent for us to pay. >> the center is looking for a lawyer to help and in the meantime scrambling to find a new location. so far no luck. lila showed us a scrapbook full of letters that came in after our first story aired. they also got $25,000 in donations, a great boost, but not enough to buy a permanent home. now center volunteers are launching a letter-writing
5:39 am
campaign he hoping to get help from an east bay city for park district. >> we want to continue to do our work and need a place to do it. >> the wildlife center serves oakland, berkeley and alameda. the director of oakland animal control says it is a critical resource. >> we frequently get calls for animals stuck in fences, stuck at their homes. injured, hit by cars. there's many, many calls that we get regarding wild animals that need our assistance. and ebersol is our partner. >> more wild animals will have been to be euthanized. for now the wildlife center is hanging on but desperately in need of more volunteers and donations. >> and, boy, do we have a lot of animals right now that need daily car. >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> and on our website you'll find a link to the wildlife center and
5:40 am
details about their letter-writing campaign. look under "see it on tv." they could also use contributions and volunteers. those raccoons were so cute. >> very cute, yes. for sure. well, we're looking at a beautiful day if you like it on the warm side and temperatures really climbed yesterday and we're retaining some of that heat already. numbers are definitely not as chilly as they were. we had 40s yesterday. mid-50s for the coolest locations outside our studios right now. we have a clear sky, couple of areas of fog. not much. it will drift across the bay early morning and then dissipate quickly. 56 mountain view, good morning, san jose. 58 for you. 50 novato with 54 menlo park. the 60s concord and antioch this morning. so from yesterday we're already starting out 5 degrees warmer. oakland, menlo park and livermore with even warmer numbers along the coast. we hit 45 yesterday with 11 degrees warmer at half moon bay. so the fog will just be
5:41 am
offshore. so today not the warmest we'll see in the succession of warm weather headed our way. that's still to come. not as cold this morning. mild to warm today and hot, gusty north winds by tomorrow afternoon and tuesday. especially in our north bay mountains. so today here are some of our high temperatures. 70s close to the water. 80s elsewhere. and we should see highs in the mid and upper 70s. so we are anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees above the average for this time of year. another warm one out there. a couple patches of santa cruz and dense fog may make it over to hayward this morning. but by about 7:00 it already begins to burn back and we'll see plenty of 70s and 80s around the bay with some 90s getting awful close to our inland valleys. we'll see that tomorrow. satellite and radar composites say all of california in the clear although we have a storm system to the north. high pressure continues to build
5:42 am
at the surface and also in the upper levels of the atmosphere. once that gets going today, even though we're going to see a few areas of high clouds, we're going to see this ridge pop up and even warmer weather come our way over the next 48 hours. so downtown today look for numbers in the low to mid-70s. for fleet week. so beautiful, mild afternoon. getting kind of warm here in the south bay with 81 in santa clara. 84 los gatos. more 80s here from los altos. plenty of sunshine with warmer weather for petaluma, santa rosa 86, 83 clear lake and upper 70s all throughout our near east bay. but you just go a couple miles further and you've got low 80s for fremont, castro valley and union city topping out around 80 today. mid-80s for concord and
5:43 am
danville. 83 walnut creek and warm 86 degrees in brentwood starting with that dense fog. monterey and salinas. and we are getting warmer in gilroy at 87. the seven-day forecast, mid-80s in our warmest inland valleys and our coast is warming up day-to-day as well as the bay with low to mid-80s like tuesday, wednesday. i think this is going to be pretty hot actually midweek and slowly getting fog back here. elevated fire danger tomorrow afternoon through tuesday. >> we have to watch out for that. thank you, lisa. >> okay. >> stem cells represent the cutting edge of medicine for people but also for pets. a new hi-tech veterinarian hospital in the bay area is using stem cells to treat common conditions in animals. health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. >> ready! let's go! >> he may be a senior citizen in dog years but 13-year-old angus is looking pretty well these days. his owner anna kim says it's a
5:44 am
remarkable turn-around. >> before the procedure, he would just stand up and give up. >> the pain was the result of severe arthritis. so anna went for stem cell treatment at a veterinarian center in los gatos. >> we inject them into arthritic joints. reduce the overall inflammation. >> brian maxwell is preparing to perform the same procedure on stella, a yellow lab suffering from arthritis in her shoulder. >> some are adults and some -- i think we remove from here. >> this operating room is part of a 14,000 square foot facility with five surgical stations and two separate icu's. it's equipped with everything from a dentistry center to advanced x-ray labs. >> we were very fortunate to
5:45 am
have all the technology we were able to build into this facility. >> so now we're in the elbow joint. we're going to put the stem cells in. >> back in the operating room dr. maxwell injects the stem cells in stella's shoulder, a procedure that takes about a minute. it's still being researched. when they found rejections reduced inflammation and increased joint mobility by about 30%. >> we're looking at overall quality of life improvement. >> while stella heads to recovery, they're enjoying the increased mobility she believes is a result of this treatment. >> he could sit a couple days after surgery. and now he walks with a bounce. good boy! good boy! >> and carolyn tells us the procedure from start to finish runs from $3,000 to $3,500.
5:46 am
>> a couple pays
5:47 am
it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just hava high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. today's date 101010 is proving a very popular day for weddings worldwide. from seoul, south korea, to sidney, australia, weddings are taking place on this rare triple date. an uptick in demand.
5:48 am
there's a ten-fold increase in the number of weddings scheduled today compared to the same weekend last year when the date was 101109 or 101009. bride's magazine says today's date is popular thanks to a blend of superstition and symbolism as in a per effect ten times three which suggests good luck. wedding planners are already looking forward to 111111 next year. many brides and grooms pay thousands of dollars for a professional to capture their moment forever. one bay area couple was devastated when a videographer never came through with any footage of their big day. 7 on your side's michael finney stepped in to help. ♪ >> darren and alisha start to feel emotional as they watch a videotape of their big wedding day back in 2008. >> always remember that -- >> it's especially emotional
5:49 am
because it's been two years since the wedding, yet this is the first time they've seen the video. >> it was like going back in time. >> i just really wanted to have those precious memories. >> for the past two years, it looked as though the krups might never see these cherished pictures. the only record of their blissful day. >> i didn't even wanna think about not ever getting the video. >> that would have been huge. i mean, just to not have that record of that day, for us to look back on. >> so what was the problem? the krups had hired videographer alfred wattkim to record the ceremony and reception. they paid him $2,400 and he promised to deliver a finished dvd within two months of the big day. just as planned, he showed up with a crew and captured each special moment of their wedding. >> the bridesmaids and the groomsmen getting ready before the wedding all the way to the
5:50 am
cake-cutting and the dancing. >> so afterwards alisha couldn't wait to see all the video he had shot. >> i think i e-mailed him while we were on our honeymoon in jamaica. >> she was checking the mail every day. checking the mailbox, checking the mailbox. >> two months passed and the promised video did not arrive. wakim told alisha it would come soon. then a few more months and a year and a year and a half and still no record of their wedding. >> there was multiple promises for christmas, new year's, for our anniversary. >> and then suddenly they stopped hearing from wakim all together. alisha looked online and was horrified to find more complaints from wakim for other brides who said he didn't deliver their wedding videos either. that's when she called "7 on your side" and we tracked down wakim. he told us he had had some personal problems the past two years; that he planned for the
5:51 am
krups' dvd to be together in time for their second wedding anniversary. finally this dvd arrived in the mail. the krups wasted no time. >> it was great to sit down and relive those memories. so we can't wait to show our family. >> wakim said i work alone and have many projects going on at the same time. it kind of got lost in the mix unintentionally. alisha and darren are cool people and they have a right to be upset about the wait but i wanted to give them quality and am not going to just slap things together. >> i'm so happy i finally contacted "7 on your side." i really believe we wouldn't have the video today if it hadn't been for your help. >> the couple said after all was said and done, they were pretty happy with the finished product. now, if you're hiring a photographer or videographer for your wedding, always a good idea to go online and look for consumer reviews and don't pay the entire cost up front. i'm michael finney, "7 on your
5:52 am
side." >> coming up next, secretariat, the story of a triple crown champion. the horse is a winner but how about the movie? don sanchez is on the aisle next. [ fema announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $30 million superlotto plus, 8, 11, 17, 31, 35. the meganumber 7. there was one winning ticket purchased at a 7/11 in thousand oaks. wednesday night's pot $7 million. secretariat is about the amazing horse that won the triple crown back in 1973. it's a disney film and as you know abc 7 is owned by the walt disney company. don sanchez is on the aisle and in the set. >> he was a horse that captured a nation's imagination, a horse that would come from behind to win going after the triple crown. >> secretariat is not afraid and neither am i. >> his owner was most
5:55 am
unconventional. penny tweetty took over her father's horse farm and even though she had no horse racing experience this housewife had business smarts. >> you're guaranteeing this horse is going to win the triple crown. three races, three stakes and just five weeks. that hasn't been done in 25 years. >> she hired a trainer played by john malkovich. she's diane lane co-stars with five horses who played the secretariat role. >> you have to make it feel like it's the horse's idea. that's sort of the key. >> she told me she liked the role about a woman who navigated a male-dominated business. a strong role and the woman had to be strong. >> it wasn't considered a particularly feminine trait to have that much self-confidence. i think the media baited her quite viciously. >> it was a time when women's lib was just afraid. some of the dialogue is a bit
5:56 am
too familiar. good closeup racing action but hard to come up with inspired story telling when we already know how it's going to end. i should have put oats in my bucket instead of popcorn. >> all right, then, let's show 'em what you're made of. >> secretariat in a dunkin' donuts he-- dead heat, i have t give it half a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> the salute to the u.s. military resumes with a parade of ships and another spectacular air show over the bay. the precision flying team the blue angels fly between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. yesterday's show was their first fleet week performance in two years after fog forced them to cancel last year's show. the blue angels pilots say they love performing over san francisco bay. >> you're not gonna find a prettier place to fly than san francisco. the golden gate bridge, alcatraz, angel island, downtown san francisco, it's an amazing place to fly. >> this year's fleet has
5:57 am
expanded as well. the ten impressive ships on display along the embarcadero compared to just one last year. be sure to come early and expect lots of traffic. taking mass transit is encouraged. today is also italian heritage day in san francisco with a parade up columbus avenue in north beach. that starts at 12:30 this afternoon. the city has celebrated its italian heritage for 142 years now. it's the city's oldest civic event and the nation's oldest italian-american parade. the main sponsor is bank of america, originally called the bank of italy when it was founded in san francisco at the turn of the century. and fleet week plays a role this year. the parade's grand marshal is admiral richard hunt, commander of the navy's third fleet. coming up next at 6:00, a fire destroys a san jose radio station and burns five acres of
5:58 am
nearby vegetation. and the bay area is celebrating and the bay area is celebrating fleet week with a display of meg whitman's nose is growing again. this time she's lying about jerry brown on taxes. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval. meg whitman -- her nose just keeps on growing and growing.
5:59 am
meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again. newspapers have called many of her ads untrue. fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says


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