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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where a vacant hotel is no longer vacant. been taken over by homeless activists. >> and detectives are looking for witnesses in a deadly shooting at an east bay golf course clubhouse. a party took a violent turn. >> and giants are one win away from the championship series after a dramatic ninth inning comeback win over atlanta. >> here is a live look into san francisco. we're going to build upon that and it could get to dangerous levels and fire danger that comes with it. >> if you are heading to half moon bay for the pumpkin weigh in, no trouble on highway 92. traffic slight around the bay area right now. >> it is 6:00 on monday morning,
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columbus day, thank you for joining us. >> i'm kristen sze. >> topping news, san francisco police are homeless advocates took over a hotel in a demonstration that begin yesterday. terry mcsweeney is live at the hotel hotel with the latest. >> the people that took over the vacant hotel is they want the hotel opened up to the homeless. you have signs hanging from the hotel, some are saying no justice and no peace, no home. this all started yesterday during the world homeless day, first ever more than hundred people from civic center plaza calling themselves creative housing coalition. they moved on the hotel. maybe 20 of the marchers moved into the hotel taking over the 60 room leslie hotel.
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they say there are more vacant rooms in san francisco there than there are homeless people. >> there are three times as many housing units as people on the streets the something has to be done. today is world homeless day we are acting in solidarity with countries across the world. dozens of cities in the u.s. >> the takeover happened last evening between 10:00 and 11:00 last night. food was brought in inside there being brought up a road alongside of the building. police aren't saying what they is in store but they are preventing people from adding to the people in there. among those are some women and children. police's next move, we don't know. >> it's 6:02. this morning police are hoping to question witnesses after a weekend shooting killed two people and critically injured
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two others inside a san leandro golf klun. it happened near the san leandro marina just before 10:00 saturday night. police say most of the witnesses ran from the chaotic scene from the restaurant's banquet room. a group of college aged people were having a birthday party. they are investigating a shooting. 23-year-old man who got shot inside cafe cocomo is expected to survive. shooting happened just after midnight on saturday. investigators have no information about the shooter or what prompted the violence. >> a worker golden eagle refinery is recovering from burns. he was performing maintenance when diesel fuel caught fire. thick black smoke poured from the tanning for two and a half hours and an advisory was issued
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for people with respiratory problems but there was no shelter in place order given. contra costa fire officials said refinery crews handled the incident themselves. >> an environmental group is accusing san ramon based chevron of refusing to clean up a huge oil spill in ecuador. rain forest action network staged a series of oil spill cleanups at chevron gas stations yesterday. they say over several decades the oil jumped dumped billions of gallons of oil sludge in northern ecuador contaminating rivers and streams. chevron calls the allegations misleading. in a statement, chevron said what we want everyone to understand that we respect the law. we support the universal human rights and we work hard to protect the environment and we offer benefit communities where we work. >> when it comes to whale deaths you might blame it on the krill.
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they are probably in abundance off our coast. this mother blue whale and fetus wash ashore dead. five whales have been killed in the region since july. scientists say an abundance of food is probably luring the whales into the path of ships. >> 49ers move forward with plans to build a new stadium. n.f.l. commissioner says the team should consider sharing the stadium with the raiders. the commissioner suggested during half time the raiders he said he would encourage the teams to look into a sharing arrangement similar to what the jets and giants have. the raiders don't have any current plan to leave the oakland coliseum they did consider to it be an outdated facility. >> the giants are one win away from advancing to the national championship series. they play game four at 4:37 in
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atlanta. last night they pulled off another win. the giants held a 1-0 lead when pinch hitter hits a dramatic two-run homer giving the braves the lead 2-1. they came back with a rally scoring two runs to win the game 3-2. >> and all right, a lot of folks wanted to head out early for work, not that i'm advocating that. >> you might want to leave early. >> and if you do that, as you head on out, you'll find warm temperatures? >> absolutely. feel like game time temperature in atlanta, will drop down to the low 70s. talk about our temperatures, we are all over the place because of the calmness in most areas to a little bit of a breeze around santa rosa keeping you at 64. one of the warmest spots was and yk at 55 in los gatos. cool spot is half moon bay.
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around the 24-hour time frame we're about 10 degrees warmer in santa rosa. 4 in napa. 2 in oakland and 2 in san jose and 3 in antioch. most of us a little warmer this morning. you can see low to mid 80s from san francisco through the bay down into the south bay. we'll have low 90s in the east bay valleys and upper 80s to low 90s in north bay valleys and 72 in half moon bay. same thing in monterey but the rest of the monterey bay, low to mid-80s, inland, to 90 degrees. the heat peaks tomorrow and wednesday. then temperatures will drop starting dramatically over the weekend. we could be 20 degrees cooler than today. >> construction is going on this weekend until tomorrow morning. shuttle buses are in place for the j church street line out to
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balboa park. you might allow a little extra time for the commuted but mass transit system is reporting no delays. live camera shot, bay bridge toll plaza, minor back-up with congestion, so far it's pretty good. getting berkeley is problem free. more cars westbound as you make your way past university but problem free from vallejo and fairfield and good ride for drivers for 101 in san rafael. and also the golden gate bridge. >> thanks a left turn. it's 6:08. >> the teachings of freud is becoming factorable in in china. >> and falling gasoline prices. >> and key member of the obama
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administration questions whether banks are overreacting to
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good monday morning, it's 6:12. live lack at the bay bridge. you know, traffic is moving well on the bridge and everywhere else on this columbus day. government offices are closed. this very important san francisco parking meters are enforced today. still got to pay up. >> that is very important. that can cost you big bucks. if you didn't notice gas prices are going back up and drivers in san francisco continue the pay
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the most in the nation. latest survey shows the nationwide average price for gallon of regular jumped 8 cents to 2.77 but san francisco drivers pay 3.089 per gallon. the cheapest gas in california is in fresno at 2.95 a gallon. cheapest nationwide is in tucson arizona at 2.51 per gallon. >> at the are questioning the need for major banks on foreclosures. david axelrod there are valid foreclosure that has have to go forward. many banks have suspended the process including here in california after evidence showed many homeowners were evicted based on inaccurate documents. axelrod says they are pushing lenders to step up reviews to see which foreclosures have flawed documentation. >> freshmen who drop out of college after a year is costing
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taxpayers billions of dollars. a report says states save more than six billion dollars to four-year institutions between 2003 to 2008 to educate freshmen that didn't return and state and federal government spend $3 billion on grants to students during the same period. report says college completion rates need to be improved but critics say the report shows that too many kids are attending four-year schools that are not ready. >> the winner of the noble peas prize knows about his honor. he is being held in a china prison being a disdepartment. he was told by his wife that he won the prize. he told his wife that he is dedicated go the noble to the pro-democracy demonstrateders who were killed during the 1989 uprising in china. >> time for a check on the
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forecast. >> we haven't had to think about this -- is that a fire warning. >> we have a high fire danger but it could be issued tomorrow. you are right about the higher fire danger and we will have some excessive heat especially around san francisco as night time lows may become a problem. here a look down at the absence of clouds from mount tamalpais this morning. it will lead to nice sunrise and very sunny day. the we have a little bit of a breeze around santa rosa and los gatos, 56. still in the 50s around oakland and concord and antioch. rest of us in the upper 50s. half moon bay the cool spot, pumpkins, 48 degrees and weigh in this morning. we're talking about temperatures low to mid-50s and inland also. highlights, the sunshine today, warmer than average afternoon
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temperatures. the fire and heat danger that arrives and hangs around through wednesday but sunny and cool, very crisp fall like weekend coming up. temperatures could drop 20 degrees from today. today we're above average, probably won't threaten any records. that will be more likely tomorrow and in to wednesday. still, mid to upper 70s. that is pretty warm in the south bay. san jose at 86 on the peninsula, low to mid-70s. 82 around millbrae, san mateo and menlo park. low to mid-70s around the coast. downtown san francisco and sausalito, hovering around 80 degrees. santa rosa the warm spot at 93. bodega bay, 70. low to mid-80s through the east bay shore with fremont 84 the warm spot. upper 80s to low 90s east bay valleys. con considered, pittsburg, right at 90. same thing with morgan hill and gilroy and hollister.
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tonight you can see the temperatures holding in the mid-60s, low to mid-60s around the bay and into the east bay valleys around san rafael and napa, 50s cloverdale and half moon bay, santa cruz and morgan hill. as far as what is going on, high pressure starting to move in. because of that we're getting that offshore wind or land breeze that is keeping the free air-conditioning well off the coast. warmer weather will develop at least through wednesday and cool at the coast and spread inland. until it does, fire weather watch until wednesday. in san francisco, excessive heat watch tuesday night into wednesday morning. temperatures will peak in the 90-degree range around the bay on wednesday. mid 90s inland and mid-70s at the coast and slowly cool thursday and friday and dramatic cooling over the week when a lot
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more cloud cover, temperatures 20 degrees cooler. how are the drive times? >> it's actually looking pretty good. a few spots a little slow but what you would expect. to 242 is 21 minutes and 580 is 28 minutes. and south 101 from santa rosa down to novato. we'll check outside live camera shots. 680 down through the san ramon valley and across the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic, heading in the foster city. south bay, couple shots at 101 and 880 interchange and headlights on, northbound 101, that is 880. very traffic and 280 and 17 interchange and that is northbound 280 and northbound 17
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across your screen. get the latest traffic conditions any time by going to our website at thank you very much. time is 6:19. >> the "wall street journal" reports a lot of unfilled job openings are frustrating the jobless. employers are picky not trying as hard to fill vacant positions. companies lack confidence and they want to squeeze as much out put from current workers. they expect the problem to continue at least through next year. unemployment raterains just under 10%. >> in the washington post this morning, freud is coming into fashion in china. a group of therapists have been using chinese counterparts in psycho analysis. a widening wealth gap and
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changing moral values. >> they profile a young blues guitarist with old soul. he a he is a white 16-year-old girl. yet her electric guitar playing is electrifying whether she playing robert johnson or earl hooker. herself taught slide and one guitar here. we posted a link to the complete articles on our website at look under the must reads tab. >> a guitar slide. >> it's a thing you put on your finger, like something like a end of a bottle. >> it's impressive. >> very impressive. >> 16 -- 6:20. i'm still working on it. microsoft is ready to unveil the new windows smart phone. morning tech bytes are next. >> why brett favre is feeling the heat for
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by 2015 because smart phones are becoming more powerful and making access easier. >> google is working on a driverless car. a blogger tried it out. it uses rangefieders to navigate traffic. they only had one accident when another vehicle rear-ended it. n.f.l. commissioner says he'll wait for the completion of an investigation into brett favre's conduct before deciding if she should be punished. sports website broke allegations that he has sent racy voice malls and nude photos when he played with the jets to a hostess. and he also pursued two part time massage therapists. he is married and he refused to comment on the story. if he is found that he violated
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n.f.l.'s conduct policy he could be feigned fined or suspended. >> the high-tech eyes to determine the cause of the san bruno gas explosion. >> and media reports identify the wife of democrat jerry brown that referred to gubernatorial candidate meg whitman as a whore in an accidentally recorded conversation. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where perhaps 20 homeless activists have taken over a vacant hotel to make a
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opening bell ringing rate now. the start the trading day. in earnings report today and columbus day. investors hope to extend last weeks rally that took dow jones above 11,000. dow has risen five in the last six weeks. >> right now, san francisco police are keeping an eye on a vacant hotel where homeless activists are hold up. they took over the building without provision last night in observance of the first world homeless day. terry mcsweeney is live in the tenderloin. >> 20 people are hold up inside the leslie hotel and across the street, san francisco police department has a couple officers in front. as you look at the building you can see the signs but we catch a glimpse of one of the activists standing in the window looking out at us. sometimes they are wearing masks and sometimes not. take a look how it all started.
6:31 am
first ever world homeless day. there was a march yesterday starting a civic center plaza, hundred people involved in that. they headed this way. they were calling themselves the creative housing liberation. they got over here, led the march, some women and children, left the march and went into the vacant 68-room leslie hotel. >> the building sits empty when we can put people in there. >> this is what needs to be. this is where away need to start from the ground up. that is a beautiful thing. that's when police got involved and they stopped people from going in. there is no re-entry. for perhaps ten years or year or so ago, california culinary academy used it for student housing but they have moved on and the place is for sale. san francisco police are on the scene talking to people as they
6:32 am
come by. we have not seen anybody try to get out or trying to get in but the next move by san francisco police, they know but they are not telling us. >> this morning, police are hoping to question more people after a weekend shootout inside a clubhouse of a san leandro golf course that left two men dead and two men in critical condition. it was on saturday night. most of the personal witnesses ran from the chaotic scene. investigators are hoping to question people that attended a private event. they say the rental application contains incomplete information including the name of the person who rented the facility. >> pg&e is using high-tech motorized robotic cameras to try to discover what caused the deadly san bruno explosion. they are being sent into the
6:33 am
damage line where they are gathering images when tha is being shared with the n.t.s.b. and state public utilities commission. they say pg&e is looking at sections of the pipeline between the explosion site and two shut-off valves located about two-thirds of a mile in either direction. a spokesman says they are assessing the condition of the pipeline but declined to go into details. jerry brown's wife that called meg when it man a whore during a conversation about a union endorsement. fox says people with knowledge of what happened it was ann brown that made the comments about a discussion about the union endorsement.
6:34 am
the brown's campaign won't reveal who made the comment. whitman is demanding a personal apology from brown. the latest figure indicates the congestion pricing plan of the bay bridge is reducing traffic during the morning and evening commutes. toll between 5:00 and sog and 3:00 and 7:00 on weekdays went up to $6 in july. the aim was to reduce gridlock. a new study by the toll authority finds people are changing their driving habits. it shows hundreds of drivers are crossing the bridge early or waiting until the tolls go down to $4. >> the city of hayward could be the latest to ban plastic foam containers. they will hold a hearing. a ban on stryrofoam containers
6:35 am
would force street vendors go to cardboard or aluminum. schools would be exempt the hearing will be at 7:00 p.m. at city hall. >> the giants are now just one win away from advancing to the national league championship series. last night they pulled off another tension filled win over the atlanta braves in the best of five playoffs. they held the lead in the until the eighth when pinch hitter got a homer. giants came back with a ninth inning rally, aubrey huff's single to right scored one. that ties the game. then posey hits one to second baseman and goes right through thinks legs. sanchez scores and they win 3-2. >> ninth inning, emotions are running high especially huff got the big hit to tie the game. and scoring the winning run,
6:36 am
especially in this situation, it's a great feeling down there. >> game four in atlanta first pitch 4:37 this afternoon. >> shades of bill buckner, watching it go through your legs. >> not to steal the game away, we're going to steal that atlanta weather. >> we'll have the heat but not the humidity. he was smiling there? almost, didn't he. it is going to get warmer. one degree warmer in santa rosa. that is up to 93 and two degrees warmer in fremont and concord 5, san francisco will see the biggest jump from 72 yesterday to about 80 today. 8:00 this morning, sunny conditions and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.
6:37 am
look how rapidly we warm today. already in the low to mid 7's around the bay, say san francisco, oakland, palo alto, upper 70s, fremont, san rafael and mid-80s in the inland valleys. half moon bay will be 64. upper 70s around san francisco, low to mid-80s into the south bay. upper 80s around morgan hill. 90 in conquer and fairfield and santa rosa. and about 82 in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, it will be even hotter and heat peaks tomorrow and wednesday. cooler trend will bring us back to reality and especially friday. temperatures will be cooler than average, about 20 degrees cooler than today over the weekend. how is the bay bridge this morning? >> it's looking really good. it's been so quiet there haven't been any accidents in the last hour and a half. couple stalls and that is about it. bay bridge toll plaza only back
6:38 am
up halfway through the parking lot. if you are heading into san francisco for the fleet week ship tours, it will be crowded on the embarcadero so look out for traffic especially near piers 27 and 35 and also pier 30 and 32. parking meters are enforced today. look out for that, as well. had muni construction on the j line from church and day street out to balboa park. transit systems reporting no delays and good ride across the san mateo bridge but cars are at the limit and also fine across the golden gate bridge this morning. the trading is underway at wall street. live report from the new york
6:39 am
stock exchange. here is a live look at the big board. -- >> thousands of people converge on the san francisco waterfront. let their imaginations soar for the air show with the blue angels. >> freedom is near for the 33 miners trapped underground for over two months. latest on the >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok?
6:40 am
just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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coming up around 6:43, it's time for the california
6:43 am
forecast. look at the sunshine, wall the wall. the only thing for rain around san diego. l.a. upper 80s. 91 to sacramento. 75 in big sur. a storm is around but mainly dry and around 65. >> 33 trapped chilean miners are hopeful this will be week they finally see the sun again after more than two months deep underground. janelle wang joins us with preparations this morning after a breakthrough. >> it looks like it's going to happen. freedom is near, two days they could be lifted out one by one, they have started taking aspirin to decrease the chance for blood clots. and they will wear sunglasses since they haven't seen daylight
6:44 am
since the they were in the mine. >> a rescue drill broke through the 33 miners trapped underground for more than two months, workers friends and family celebrated on the surface. >> this mother of one of the miners, the lord made a miracle and they are alive. they are finishing up the rescue capsule that includes a 21 inch tube to lift the miners out. >> they are going to have quite a ride. it's not going to be coming up something straight to the top. >> each will take about 20 minutes. >> the whole process should take something in the range of 48 hours. two days from the first rescue to the last rescue. >> officials say the miners are in relatively good condition given the circumstances. >> a preliminary order on who will be brought up first was decided over the weekend. it's based on who the weakest to who the strongest but the miners
6:45 am
are arguing. they are fighting because every one of them wants to be at the end of the line, not the beginning. >> we're learning this morning that two americans are among the winners of the noble prize for economics. prize goes to peter diamond and a professor of northwestern university along with a professor of london school of economics. noble officials say they won the award for helping to explain the ways that unemployment, job basing fees and wages are affected by economic policy. >> today is columbus day. and some places are closed. city courts and offices are closed today. banks and post offices are closed, as well. many stores are open. public transit as a regular weekday schedule and parking meters, very important, are
6:46 am
enforced today in san francisco. >> it can cost you a lot of money. watch for new developments on foreclosure gated this weaned. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with this morning's report. jane? >> good morning to you. reports are saying attorney generals in 40 states may announce a jointed investigation into the foreclosure issue going on with some of the nation's largest lenders. bank of america and other lenders announced freezes on foreclosures on reports of problems of paperwork. >> and more breaking news, jubilee to celebrate with bay capital for $1.8 billion. that is 6.45 a share, way more than the to be closed on friday.
6:47 am
so for a lot of investors making a little morning here this morning. here is how the markets look, going to be a quiet day. a lot of people are taking a long weekend. in the meantime, it's almost hunting season and that new report. mcdonald's sandwich boneless pork patty shaped into a rib slab, it's been around for more than 20 years. it's almost never available and they are have a lot of fans and they say thelose identifyness of the sandwich has a fan base people do anything to get a mcrib. mcdonald's is going to offer them nationwide at every restaurant but only for six weeks. and how about going on commute
6:48 am
in a car that drives itself. it's an effort to improve road safety and address environmental concerns. they use cameras, radar sensors. the cars are being tested in san francisco. i'm jane king. >> you can program the mcrib sandwich that will take you right to it. >> in the next few hours, some of the world's largest pumpkins will take the field in half moon bay. it's the 37th annual pumpkin weigh off. sponsors pay $6,000 a pound -- $6 a pound, that is what i said, right? and this year, there is a $5,000
6:49 am
bonus for being the world's record which is 1725 pounds, the weigh-in takes place between 7:00 and 11:00 this morning on main street in half moon bay. >> i'm sure they prefer $6,000 a pound but not going to get it. check on the forecast. >> starting later today and into tomorrow, heat advisory and talk about the warm weather that comes along with it, too. that time of the year, we're waiting for october warming trend and it's here today. good morning. take a look at beautiful picture from mount tamalpais. just the colors of the morning sunrise. it will come up about another half-hour. we have 48, speaking of half moon bay, as it's cooler everywhere else. a lot of 50s. concord and santa rosa in the low to mid-50s. monterey bay, clear conditions and low to mid 50s. sunshine will dominate our skies
6:50 am
and warmer than average temperatures. fire and heat danger tomorrow and wednesday and then sunny and cool, very fall-like weekend with temperatures be on the chilly side at times. fire weather watch for north bay mountains, east bay hills, convict this evening through 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning. gusty northeasterly winds above 1,000 feet and a lot of dry vegetation to burn. as far as the hot weather, most dangerous weather will be san francisco, the county and city, excessive heat watch from tomorrow evening through wednesday evening. main reason not going to cool down much on tuesday night into wednesday morning. it's going to be tough for those that most sensitive to the heat. let's talk about this developing. high pressure moving into the great basin. with that clockwise flow we're getting that land breeze or offshore wind is developing. a nice warming trend. a nice bubble of warm weather across the entire state through wednesday. for today we get a little above
6:51 am
average with mid to upper 80s in south bay. campbell, 87 and san jose around 86. on the peninsula, low to mid-80s today. low to mid-70s along the coast. 72, 74 degrees in half moon bay this afternoon. downtown san francisco and sausalito, near 80. low 90s in the north bay valleys. richmond 78 but berkeley southward, low to mid-80s. east bay valleys, upper 80s to low 90s. low to mid 80s around monterey bay. tonight, morgan hill, santa cruz half moon bay, vallejo, santa rosa and cloverdale, mid to upper 50s and that will springboard us to warmest weather tuesday and wednesday afternoon where we hit 90 to mid 90s around the bay and low to mid-70s at the coast. notice by friday, we're about ten degrees cooler than today
6:52 am
and another ten degrees cooler as quickly as sunday. have a great day. here is frances. >> starting to slow down. you'll see it in the east bay, not too bad but drive time on westbound 580 sluggish through the altamont pass. it's 36 minutes. westbound 4 out of antioch a little slow. lone tree well to 242 the drive time is 20 minutes. at the bay bridge toll plaza, how light is it? they haven't turned the metering lights today. berkeley, 20 minutes is time from carquinez down to the maze. san mateo bridge has been trouble free all morning and 101 in millbrae looking good with headlights moving northbound. 101 is fine in south bay at 880
6:53 am
interchange. and 101 in the north bay, it's a little more crowded as you make your way southbound towards 580. get the latest traffic information any time by going to >> the were you among the thousands that enjoyed the blue angels and blue skies over the weekend? frances, yes, she was. the navy high aerial jets swooped over the marina and fisherman's wharf to the delight of fans. >> at one point they were upside-down. >> the adrenalin you get from seeing it going up and coming down. you figure they are going to hit the ground. >> it was awesome. we decided to come down after three days of getting buzzed
6:54 am
over our house in potrero hills. we came out to enjoy the show. >> locality businesses were happy to cash in on the millions of dollars injected into the local can he. aerial shows are over but the visiting fleet week ships will be open for free tours today from 9:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. privately owned spaceship made the first solo glide flight yesterday, big step on eventually maybe carrying paying passengers into space. this video from virgin shows basic two that was carried to 45,000 feet and released over the desert. two pilots flew the craft for 11 minutes before landing at an airport. it will make a series of glide flights before actually rocketing into space. hundreds of people have already spent in deposits to fly into space which costs a mere
6:55 am
$200,000. >> at least one bay area newborn is starting off life with a lot of luck. she was born yesterday and tenth day of the 10th month of 2010 at exactly 10:10 in the morning. they consider 10 to be good luck >> i was as far as i was and he was born. >> one more bonus he happened to be born right there. his mom weighed eight pounds, eight ounces instead of ten pounds, ten ounces. >> 6:55. recapping our top stories, homeless advocates are entering day two of a takeover of a vacant hotel. >> terry mcsweeney is live at the scene with the latest. >> i'm here at the leslie hotel
6:56 am
and eddy and larkin streets. the scene has stayed static all morning long. police are standing in the doorway and above them. a bunch of signs, you can see them for yourself, 20 people took over the hotel yesterday. this all started with a march on homeless world homeless day. hundred people started out. when they got over towards here, maybe 20 or so broke off calling themselves the creative housing liberation. they went in and took over the vacant hotel. some organizers, some women with children and they say they are here because vacant hotels should be opened up to san francisco's homeless population. they say there are three times as many vacant hotels as homeless people.
6:57 am
police are letting people out if they want out. next move is the police and we'll see what that is. >> final check weather and traffic. >> we're talking about temperatures, in the as and 60s except for half moon bay, it's 48. this afternoon we'll have low to mid-80s throughout the bay down into the south bay with upper 80s to low 90s inland valleys and half moon bay around 72 degrees. heated is on the next few days, 20 degrees cooler by the weekend. >> columbusday with some folks, it's lighter than normal. check out the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were never turned out and piers 27, 35 and 32. look out for busy traffic. >> back with a local update at
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