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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the "or." ♪ good morning. i'm theresa garcia live near the san mateo bridge where a crack has been found in a critical part of the bridge that's supposed to help during a earthquake. we're going to let you know what this means for commuters and how the repair is going just ahead. >> the westbound right lane is blocked approach thing the high rise. here's a shot of the bridge. things are okay but i'll have detours for you for later on. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san bruno. it is just a preliminary report. but it's enough to have some people very upset about the response to the explosion and fire here in san bruno that killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. the story in a live report.
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>> and the miners rescued after 69 days will be monitored by "government for six months to make sure they readjust to life after their ordeal." >> the embarcadero, the bay bridge, the sea breeze isn't here yet. >> good morning. 6:01 on this thursday morning. could be some traffic troubles out there. >> could be. i'm kristen sze. expect delays on the san mateo bridge. crews are making emergency repairs as we speak in the commute direction westbound after uncovering a crack yesterday. theresa garcia is live in foster city. theresa, how long is this going to take? >> kristen, caltran was originally estimating 24 to 48 hours to complete that emergency repair work. now it is saying hopefully it will be done by this afternoon. that work did begin yesterday
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after crews discovered a crack in a steel plate. caltran's crews found that 10-inch long crack on a section of the san mateo bridge yesterday. it's underneath the roadway, the structure that's designed to hold the bridge together in a earthquake. caltran has closed a segment of the far right westbound lane closer to the foster city san mateo side. caltran says the retrofit beam has been there since 2001 and they're not sure why it cracked but says it poses no immediate danger to the public. it was found during the biannual safety inspection. >> the one silver lining is the inspection worked. guys came out to do the inspection and they found the problem. so the inspection was a success. >> san mateo bridge commuters heading westbound this morning will experience some congestion during this temporary closure. caltran is advising drivers use
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an alternate right like crossing the dumbarton or heading further not to cross via the bay bridge. as for the commute delay this is morning east it's looking pretty smooth but for more on the detours let's check with frances dinglasan. good morning, frances. >> good morning, theresa. from your live shot we can see the other ends of the san mateo bridge on the foster city side. here's the toll plaza leaving hayward. westbound it's till pretty good. no need to take a detour at this point but since this is expected to be with us throughout the day, you may want to consider alternates later on. you want to avoid the san mateo, you may want to consider heading southbound on 880 to the dumbarton. right now the drive times look pretty good for your alternates. also heading northbound to the bay bridge, 880 is also looking good at this point. but you can expect other delays
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on the bridges as well later on. eric? >> all right, frances. thank you very much. it's 6:03. later today we'll find out the makeup of a blue ribbon panel appointed by the state to investigate the san bruno explosion and fire. the feds release a preliminary report on the disaster that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. terry mcsweeney is live in san bruno but, terry, we do know that pg&e doesn't come out of this shining. >> yeah. it's just a preliminary report into the blast and fire that devastated such a huge part of this neighborhood here in san bruno but it does not paint a flattering picture of pg&e. some are upset about the response time portrayed in this report. the blast happened ten after 6:00. no one even sent to shut off the main line valve until 6:45. valves were not shut off until almost an hour after that.
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eight people were killed, 37 homes destroyed by the blast and fire. the individual gas line, house by house, they were not shut off until 11:30 that night almost five and a half hours after a blast. >> in a time like a dart like this, it's going to take five hours to get that response -- >> the report also points out a malfunction of the pg&e power site in milpitas that caused the power to drop which in turn caused the regulating valve to open all the way. there was an increase in pressure putting it over the original manufacturer's safety rating. today the puc is going to be looking at returning the entire 46 mile stretch of pipe to normal pressure. it's been 80% for a while now. it's not going to happen today. it's just going to start the process of discussing when they're going to bring that back up. should be 100% this winter or
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there may be a problem getting gas to all of the customers. that blue ribbon commission is going to be announced today. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you so much. donations continue to pour in for fire victims. more than $1 million has been received and more money is still being promised. the red cross says it's received around $750,000 so far and the silicon valley valley community foundation has more than $400,000 in pledges. the san bruno lions club is collecting money at fund-raisers. now how to spend the money to assist the 400 families affected by the fire. >> the mother of twin girls will be charged with their murders. investigators have no idea why 28-year-old monica stabbed her three-year-old daughters to death tuesday night. she set her apartment on fire in an effort to conceal the crime. neighbors kicked in the door but were driven back from the smoke
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and heat. the girls' father was not at home. neighbors say the family had recently moved to fairfield. >> the world is celebrating with chile now that all the miners trapped are rescued and safe. the 33rd and final miner reached the surface overnight. 22.5 hours after the rescue operation began. they were greeted by family members and friends and people across the world joining in on celebrations. the miners appeared surprisingly healthy. knowing the psychological impact being trapped for 69 days won't be known immediately. the miners are being checked out at a hospital. abc news spoke to one of them. >> water but not pure water. had the taste of machine oil but we had to drink it because there was no food. half of this plastic bottle cap was all we ate. my insides were eating themselves away. >> 23-year-old ricardo was
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rescued in time for him to look forward to seeing his wife give birth to a new child sometime this week. you can hear more from him on "good morning america" right after our newscast at 7:00. >> it was quite something to watch those guys being rescued. >> yeah. everybody shouting. >> we're gonna cool things down but not everywhere just yet. >> exactly. the timetable pretty much the same as yesterday. hit the coast yesterday, the bay shore today. the good news, no more watches, warns. 50s along the coast. morgan hill, santa rosa. already upper 70s san francisco, palo alto with low to mid-80s along the east bay shore into
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the south bay. mid to upper 80s in the east bay volumes. by 4:00 san francisco drops to 77 as the sea breeze starts to cool you a little. 64 half moon bay. mid to upper 80s in the north bay valleys and upper 80s to low 90s in the east bay valleys, the last to cool. when our temperatures reach their lowest mark, mid to upper 50s at the coast, and low to mid-70s inland. >> big delays expected later on from the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction due to the right lane being blocked and closed approaching the high rise for emergency repair work. here's a live shot now. traffic is flowing well and i'm keeping an eye on this for you heading across the span. the drive time still 14 minutes
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from 880 to 101. at this point no need for an alternate. but some folks will be heading to the bay bridge toll plaza as a detour and so far looking pretty good there. no trouble on 880 getting to the bridge. however, you want to keep an eye on the dumbarton bridge and that is looking good as well. southbound 880 to the dumbarton or even 237. we'll check out the golden gate bridge for you. elsewhere it's been really quiet. no trouble across the golden gate bridge. >> it's now 6:10. >> just ahead, the impact apple's i-pad is having on pc sales worldwide. >> plus is yahoo ripe for a takeover. the rival that may be ready to sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone.
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corporate lawyer david harmer. harmer's social security privatization plan would cut guaranteed benefits and gamble with social security on wall street. while we worry, harmer's wall street friends would make billions in profits from privatization. david harmer. a social security privatization plan we can't afford.
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>> 6:14 on this thursday morning. there's word that sunnyvale based yahoo may be the target of a takeover attempt for the second time in three years. the "wall street journal" reports that aol, the former america online, is in talks with two potential investors to raise the cash for a buyout. in 2008, yahoo fought off a $47 billion takeover attempt by microsoft but the web portal has lost social network sites to and twitter. >> just how much of a bite the apple i-pad has had on the computing industry. this is a game-changer responsible for disappointing pc sales. apple sold more than 8 million i-pads in its first six months
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on the market. parking lot i-pad is also hurting sales of net books. yesterday shares topped $300 for the first time. >> 6:15 now. san jose will keep one of its city parks offlimits again today. it remains closed because of extreme dry conditions make it a fire hazard. city officials hope to reopen the park tomorrow but if weather conditions are not at a safe fire level, the park will stay closed. conditions for park use are determined by daily weather readings and the availability of firefighters in case of emergency. >> but just to confirm, mike, we don't have a red flag warning. >> according to the weather service, yeah, the danger has subsided as far as their criteria. on a local level they tend to do that a lot. almost 6:16. let's take a look from ballmer peak across the bay and out into
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the ocean where we're trying to find clouds. not quite developing yet even though the sea breeze brought cooler weather yesterday. let's talk temperatures and how to dress if you're heading out. we are a little warmer than yesterday around the bay. low to mid-60s, 68 fremont. upper 60s, mid to upper 60s antioch, upper 50s for concord and livermore into san rafael and low 50s santa rosa and half moon bay. los gatos, the hills about 73. monterey down to 48. everybody else bay and inland low to mid-50s. highlights, sunshine. still warm around the bay to even hot inland. coastal fog, see that form tonight. marine layer getting thicker. that will tumble our temperatures as weigh move through the weekend. upper 80s sunnyvale, low 90s for everybody else.
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on the peninsula mid to upper 80s. only about 80 millbrae. mid-60s along the coast today, daly city at 65. watching the thermometer drop. that's what the sea breeze does. downtown mid to upper 70s. sausalito 80. 85 san rafael. from novato, vallejo northward looking at upper 80less to low 90s. mid-60s at your beaches. oakland low to mid-80s here. mid to upper 80s elsewhere. inland valleys the east bay, upper 80s to low 90s. gilroy low to mid-70s monterey bay. notice can't see any stars next to any of the temperatures. i think the records are over. antioch 60 for the warm spot. 50 half moon bay. the rest of us mid to upper 50s.
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the high pressure final being disrogged and sliding to the east, losing its grip. this colder air starting to push that high pressure out of the way. we'll get into the thick of this over the weekend. today cooler than yesterday, especially around the bay shoreline and the coast. still pretty warm inland. about 6 to 8 degrees of temperature loss for friday, again saturday and about 4 sunday. an increase in sunshine and slightly warmer weather for monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. looks dry all seven days. let's turn it over to frances. >> despite the emergency lane clos he were on the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction, actually looking pretty good. here's a live shot. that's westbound traffic leaving hayward heading towards the high rise where you find the right lane blocked. but the drive time pretty good. from 880 to 101 it's currently 13 minutes and no big delays yet.
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fine heading across the dumbarton. other alternates for you this morning as well as the bay bridge toll plaza which is only backed up halfway through the parking lot. started to get crowded on the upper deck. metering lights probably turned on shortly. on the peninsula quiet. no delays. that's northbound traffic there. southbound looking good all the way to the south bay where we have a live shot for you at the 101 and 880 interchange. that's 880 right across your screen. so it's trouble-free elsewhere. you can find out the latest drive times by going to our website. is the place to go. you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you. 6:19 our time this thursday morning. from hawaiian hula to jazz on treasure island.
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>> he celebrates 25 years of hula in the bay area with performanceps ancient and mad dern hawaiian dance. weekend performance at the palace of fine arts. >> a rolling guided tour dance for the standard muni fare, trolley dances takes you on the end line past outdoor dance performances at several spots on the way to botanical gardens. alonzo king ballet featuring a new score blending western musical instruments through october 24th at the novelas theater. >> the manhattan transfer performs music from chick corea friday night as part of the san francisco jazz festival continuing through the weekend. >> the treasure island music festival features panoramic views from the bay and no
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parking on the joyaled. shuttle service starts at 11 a.m. from lot a at at&t park. long player comes to the bay area. it's a composition from musician jim finer that takes 1,000 years to play. it's performed 1,000 minutes at a time by musical relays around the world and has been since 1999. saturday at the center for the arts. >> don't miss the final dates for cal shakes' production of much adieu about nothing. >> 6:21 our time now. a historic gold medal is for sale. >> why track star
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you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has
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demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth" 6:25. tommy smith who took top honors for his 200 meter run in 1968 is putting his medtal -- medal and spikes on the auction block. he needs the money. he was a runner for san jose state but he's remembered for more than his sprinting. he stunned the sports world at the time when he and bronze medallist raised their fist in the black power salute when the national anthem was played. >> california officials take a big step trying to get to the bottom of the san bruno pipeline explosion. a new reports warns that the dam at the anderson resevoir is in
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danger of collapsing in a strong earthquake. >> a crack doesn't add to the comfort when crossing this span. we'll let now more about the crack, the repairs underway and what it means to commuters. >> down to
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. 6:29. the opening bell is about to ring to start the trading day on wall street. you have radio shack this morning to celebrate the 75th
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anniversary of the trading at the new york stock exchange. the labor department says application for unemployment benefits went up for the first time in weeks. also due too rising food and energy cost. the customers department says the u.s. trade deficit increased 8.8% in august toy arecord 46.3 billion dollars. more live in 15 minutes. >> caltran's crews are making emergency repairs to a crack in the san mateo bridge. they've shut down one lane westbound while the work continues. abc 7's theresa garcia is live near the scene. one, is it affecting traffic? and, two, do we know how long it's going to take? >> talk about time, let's back up to yesterday, that's when they found the crack in the steel plate. then caltran estimating 24, 48 hours now the most recent update saying hopefully by this afternoon it will all be
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repaired. as for the bridge traffic, take a look for yourself. it certainly is morning commute traffic but for the most part busy but moving smoothly. caltran's crews have discovered a 10 inch long crack, they they found during a safety inspection. it's a piece of steel plate that's underneath the roadway and part of the retrofit structure to hold the bridge together in a earthquake. caltran closed a segment of the far right westbound lane on the bridge's trestle section and computers definitely expecting to experience some delays during this temporary closure. >> it's going to be rough. if you normally use that bridge, we're expecting congestion. you want to use an alternate route. but do expect delays on san mateo. >> caltran says the seismic
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retrofit beam has been there since 2001. they're not sure why it cracked but said there's no immediate danger of a bridge failure. now from what we can see out here, bridge traffic looks fob moving smooth by but for delays and other detours let's check with frances dinglasan. >> so we have a live shot of the san mateo bridge but from the hayward and westbound traffic on right. we've been keeping track of it all morning for you. getting more crowded out of hayward towards foster city but the drive time still 14 minutes. a pretty good ride. if you're heading to the bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been turned on.
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that's why the backup is growing. another alternate will be the dumbarton. traffic is fine, looking good on southbound 880 heading across the span as well. kristen? >> it's 6:33. santa clara county's largest dam may not be able to withstand a major earthquake. the latest findings on the anderson resevoir confirms earlier studies. if a greater than 7 hits, the dam could be in danger of collapsing. dam operators will keep resevoir levels to no more than 56% full until the dam can be retrofitted to withstand such a strong earthquake. >> some 500 students at a union city high school will need to be tested for tuberculosis. students and staff at james lohman high may have been exsupposed to t. b. because
6:34 am
someone with the disease was on campus. they say it's precautionary. it sprendz only after a person has prolonged contact in ab enclosed environment with someone who has the sdeedz. >> the state public utilities commission will announce the names of the five members on the blue ribbon panel to investigate the explosion and fire. it says pg&e took 33 minutes to dispatch a crew and took an hour after that before the crews managed to shut off both main line valves and stop the gas. they found a power failure in milpitas that briefly increased the pressure in the pipe. >> 6:34 now. san jose police have made arrests in a fire that gutted part of an elementary school. two teenagers started the fire that raced through trace
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elementary in july. police are not releasing details or the suspects. that fire destroyed 16 classrooms, the library and several offices. the building windows remodelled three years ago but did not have sprinkles. >> a man assaulted a woman and tried to kidnap her baby. yesterday before noon he jumped out of his red two-door car on monterey road and shoved aside a mother pushing a stroller and reach for the one-year-old girl in it. the mother fought him off and he sped away. >> the debate between gubernatorial candidates jerry brown and meg whitman may have given backers of the gay marriage ban some unexpected support. he defended his position for not supporting the ruling saying it
6:36 am
could be appealed by the measure support he weres. there's been question whether the parties appealing the judge's decision had the legal standing to do so. they say brown's comment clearly shows they do. he's attorney general and says the measure violates the constitution's guarantee of equal protection. >> it's 6:36. change is coming at least in san francisco! i rolled down the windows and, yes! >> keep going. >> i'm sure a lot of people, you included, mr. a. c. >> when you say change is coming. i could use the change to pay the electric bill. let's check with mike for a look at the forecast. >> more than pennies from heavy? >> yeah, ten spots. >> save him some money. >> it's raining money. we don't have any in the forecast. good morning, thursday. here we are in the morning. temperatures still a little
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above average. we have 60 degree weather san francisco, oakland, fremont, antioch. those are all mid-60s. 73 los gatos, the rest of us in the 50s. other than antioch and fremont, 2 degrees cooler than yesterday, most of us warmer. even though we're off to that warmer start, still think it's cooler around the bay once that sea breeze kicks in this afternoon. sunshine, a high cloud or two and temperatures 50s and 60s. by noon 66 half moon bay to 78 san francisco and palo alto with low to mid-80s the rest of the bay shore. we'll be in the upper 80s in the north bay at 4:00 but flirting with 90 in the east bay valleys. low to mid-80s but notice san francisco 77 and half moon bay at 64. that's wherel cooling will be greater today. seven-day forecast, all of us cool 6 to 8 degrees tomorrow,
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again saturday and 4 degrees sunday. sunday still the coolest of the 7-day forecast. >> so far with this live shot even though it's getting more crowded, flowing well westbound approaching the high rise where the right lane is blocked until at least this afternoon. the hot spot the bay bridge toll plaza. they've turned the camera around because a stall has been rorpted just past the metering lights in the left lane. traffic has already backed up past the 880 overcrossing. we have a live shot of the maze. not quite yet backed up into the maze because you can see that's westbound 80 there, traffic on the right moving well out of emeryville heading towards the bridge. this could develop this morning. not a good alternate. but you may want to consider the
6:39 am
dumbarton bridge. things good from 880 to 84. the drive times across westbound 92 still only 14 minutes tlz amazingly no delays across the san mateo. mass transit systems also reporting no delays. >> frances, thank you very much for that comprehensive report. >> well, comprehensive financial report coming up. trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange. the dow down 14 points. >> good morning. after being trapped jumped ground for 69 days, all 33 chilean miners are now free. i'm at the san jose mines. i'll have the details coming up. i'll have the details coming up. >> also teed off, a transgender
6:40 am
meg whitman's hometown newspaper said it best: "meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs"
6:41 am
"good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor.
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♪ > >> 6:43 this thursday. 74 san diego. eureka clear but 66. some of the cooling will reach sacramento, 88. 97 palm springs, the warm spot. sunshine over the sierra. warm yot at 89. comfortable 68 in tahoe. >> mike, thanks a lot. 6:43. all the chilean miners are back with their families after an amazing rescue effort that grabbed the attention of the world. the planned rescue moved with remarkable speed and flawless execution in ending history's longest underground entrapment. >> as the shift captain and
6:44 am
leader of 33 men trapped underground hugged his rescues and prepared to be pulled to the earth's surface, the world's spirits lifted along with that rescue capsule. >> they sang. the crowd that had watched 32 previous rescues all day cheered and then that final miner emerged. >> tonight we have experienced a night that we will never forget. full of emotion. full of joy. >> the rescue exceeded exspegtations every step of the way. at first rescues believed it would be christmas before they could reach their men. it turned out to be two months faster. then once the escape tunnel was finished, rescuers believed it would take 36 to 48 hours to get all the miners to the surface but the operation quickened throughout i day. all safe above the ground in 23 hours returning to their wives. the first man out embraced his
6:45 am
wife and seven-year-old son. his brother was the 25 man out of the mine. one watched the birth of his daughter on a monitor while trapped underground. the oldest miner 53. the youngest 19. >> 6:45 now. today a group of california gas station owners will ask a san jose judge to lift the ban on a device we all use at the gas pump. the state fire marshal ordered thousands of gas stations by tomorrow to remove a latch that allows customers to pump hands free. now under the order they'll have to spend thousands of dollars to have the devices removed and patrons will have to stay there
6:46 am
and pump manually. >> a police officer that underwent a sex change it challenging the golf association's ban. claims female at birth requirement violates a california civil rights law. >> i don't have an advantage anymore. all the testosterone has been removed from my body this is is what people don't understand. i am not the person i once was physically. >> lawless is seeking to prevent the lpga from holding tournaments in california until the association admits transgender players. they haven't seen the lawsuit. >> the dalai lama will appear for a public talk as he continues his bay area visit.
6:47 am
he dressed 400 students gaerpt -- gathered at the school. tomorrow the dalai lama is a panelist at an all-day conference at stanford on the scientific exploration of compassion andal tourism. >> stocks making headlines including yahoo and apple. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more. >> hello, eric and kristen. bay area companies really in the spotlight here this morning. let's start with yahoo here. up more than 8%. this on speculation it might be taken over by aol. they've been talking with private groups jointly making a bid for yahoo. they fought off the takeovers by microsoft a couple years ago. in fact, the company has hired goldman sachs to help it resist new takeover attempts.
6:48 am
hope to get a good deal from pay pal. 20 million subscribers. expand the way users make purchases and combat fraud. the people say it would be better able to track how customers use those coupons. watch for apple's i-pads to be pulled august 28th. a $20 a month data plan. twice the memory will be $729. the rival saying it will begin selling i-pads on its stores in the same day. at&t has been the exclusive wireless provider for the i-pad. google shares, quarterly results after the close of trading here today. of course right into the midst of earning season here on wall street. we did see a bigger than expected jump in weekly jobless claims. the markets slightly lower.
6:49 am
these jobless numbers continue to hang around 450,000 people a week filing for unemployment benefits. that number today at 462,000. the bloomberg silicon valley index, trading um about a third of a percent. how holds -- households have to pay more to keep warm. fuel is rising modestly and this winter may be a little colder than last year. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> jane, thanks a lot. >> bay scientists are excited about the relatively rare look they're giving at an astronomically collision like a traffic accident. this happened february 10th of 2009 in the asteroid belt between the orbits mars and jupiter. that's relatively recent in
6:50 am
astronomical terms where centuries often pass between collisions and when scientists finds the aftermath. researchers say this particular crash left behind an x-shaped pattern they've never seen before. first they thought it was a comet but realized later it was an asteroid collision. >> send it over to mike to talk about the cooling that's moving inland. >> yeah. trying to collide with our warmer weather. we have a few high clouds this morning. looking from mount tamalpais this morning. low to mid-50s santa rosa, napa. upper 50s to low 60s for most locations, even upper 60s around the bay. los gatos the warm spot. monterey bay, 48 monterey. for the rest of the bay and inland low to mid-50s.
6:51 am
going to be still sunny and fairly warm around the bay and inland, just not record-setting heat like the last three days. watch for more fog to form along the coast. that's when you know the marine layer is developing and that will bring us to higher temperatures tumbling i should say over the weekend. we're looking at that 20 degree drop by sunday. for today about 3 degrees cooler concord, san jose. about 4 oakland, santa rosa 5, redwood city 6. san francisco the biggest drop about 9 degrees. let's take you upstairs and show you what is going on. high pressure starting to accelerate to the east, losing its grip orphan our weather. starting to kick it out of here but not before one more day of relatively warm weather. brings that much cooler air for the weekend. that will be again saturday and sunday. for today the east bay valleys, pretty warm, upper 80s to low 90s. walnut creek and danville.
6:52 am
richard mond, berkeley, oakland. mid to upper 80s. fremont the warm spot at 88. cupertino, san jose at 90 right in between the upper 80s to low 90s absolute the south bay. millbrae, a touch of a sea breeze. keep you at 80. daly city, the story yesterday watching at 11:00, 80 degrees. sea breeze kicked in and it dropped to 71, 15 minutes later. upper 80s to low 90s through your valleys. cooler at beaches, mid to upper 60s. a little more sunshine than yesterday but still low to mid-90s inland. tonight santa rosa, napa, your 7-day forecast, we're looking at a 6 to 8 degree drop tomorrow, again saturday and sunday.
6:53 am
we will hit our coolest weather. look for more sunshine and warmer weather monday, tuesday and wednesday. wanted to share this picture of a double rainbow, lake tahoe. this was sent by larry lord. this was due to the rain last week and the thunderstorms up there. looking at the lake tahoe north shore, crystal bay and orange village. awesome shot! if you have a whether video or photo you'd like to sharp, we'd love to see them. just upload them or e-mail it. thanks, larry. here's frances with your traffic. >> that was a really cool picture. i have a good one. not too badly backed up across the san mateo bridge here. there is slowing now along the flat section as you approach the high rise where the right lane will be blocked through at least this afternoon for emergency repair due to that crack they found. now getting to the bay bridge toll plaza is actually worse.
6:54 am
that's because fog's been reported past the metering lights. i don't see brake lights here but the metering lights have been turned on extra slowly and so we have a live shot of the maze where traffic has backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza into the maze. here's the westbound 80. that's moving through that curve but you can see westbound 580 is already backed up beyond the top hcht made it is that's going to be april slow ride. although the san mateo bridge traffic looked okay, getting there is now really slow on southbound 880 approaching 92 where a lane is blocked by an accident. the drive time still fine on 92 but it's 880 that's actually really slow. you can get the latest drive times by going to our website an >> all right, frances. thank you. it's 6:54. >> recap our top stories which is what frances was talking about. crews are working to repair a
6:55 am
crack in the san mateo bridge. drivers will be impacted all morning and maybe into the evening commute or beyond. >> theresa garcia is live at the western end of the bridge. theresa? >> good morning. caltran was estimating 24 to 48 hours to finalizes that emergency repair work but now saying hopefully, yes, by this afternoon noon. that work began yesterday when they discovered a crack in a steel plate. a 10-inch crack on the section of the san mateo hayward bridge. that's part of the sides mick retrofit structure designed to hold the bridge together in a earthquake. caltran closed the segment closer to the foster city san mateo side. it says the seismic retrofit beam has been there sibs 2001. it poses no immediate danger to the public. this morning san mateo bridge commuters heading westbound will
6:56 am
experience some congestion during this temporary closure. the advice is use an alternate route. you could go further south across the dumbarton or head further north to cross via the bay bridge. from what you see, the bridge is moving smoothly. let's check with terry mcsweeney in san bruno. good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, the state public utilities commission today is going to appoint a blue ribbon panel to investigation the explosion and fire here in san bruno, the one that killed eight and leveled 37 homes. the initially national transportation safety report, the federal report was released yesterday and it does not paint a flattering picture of pg&e. it says the utility did not send their crew to the scene until 30 minutes after the blast and it was after that the main line involves were shut off. gas lines running into the houses weren'ts shut off until 11:30 the night of the explosion.
6:57 am
eight people dead, 37 homes destroyed. the report points out there was a problem at the milpitas pg&e station that caused a surge in pressure inside the pipes. the question is, did that contribute to the rupture or to the explosion in that's going to have to wait for another day. it was an initial report. the panel will find out what happened and prevent it from happening again. >> final economic on weather and traffic, mike? >> other than concord, doesn't look like much in the way of record highs. cooler weather moving into coast and bay. 20 degrees cooler by sunday. >> traffic slow westbound across the san mateo bridge approaching the high rise. bridge toll plaza, that's actually worse. . backed up into the maze because of an earlier southbound heavy because of an earlier crash. >> thanks for your fine work and thank you for joining us.
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