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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 16, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ in the news this saturday morning, october 16th, secretary of state hillary clinton visits san francisco talking diplomacy and technology with a little stumping at the commonwealth club. caltran crews continue to still make emergency repairs. >> 64 degrees from san francisco. plenty of clouds now. partial clearing but a cooler weekend. >> good morning. i'm theresa garcia. we begin with a connector ramp in san jose at highway 101 and this after a two-car fatal crash occurred after 1:00 this
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morning. the ramp was shut three hours while the chp investigated. hillary clinton's first visit to san francisco since she became secretary of state has hundreds of people thinking this morning about how technology could change world politics. during her speech last night there were no direct plugs for candidates in the november election but the secretary did wrap up her speech with a little bit of politics. >> he was definitely in friendly territory. secretary of state hillary clinton says the commonwealth club has invited her to speak several times before but she's been busy. >> this is only the third place in the united states that i have spoken since i became secretary of state. (cheers and applause) >> but she said now is the appropriate time touch a conversation. and then she made her pitch to this savvy crowd. diplomacy needs technology. >> and i know that there are a
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million ideas that are born every day here and if you have a good idea, we will listen. >> not only does she want ideas, she also encouraged the crowd to participate in public and private partnerships. >> we lawned tech women that pairs accomplished women in silicon valley have counterparts in muslim communities around the world. >> crowd loved it. >> we create the ideas that change the world. it's awesome that the government is behind that. >> about 1500 people came to hear her speak, most of them women. >> i can't think of anything i'd rather be doing on a friday evening. >> secretary clinton answered questions about world issue after the situation in afghanistan. but the highlight when pay ten-year-old girl ellie asked her about the environment. she used the question to address the upcoming election. >> i think people running for
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office should be asked to explain their positions on what they're going to do. (cheers and applause) >> it covered a lot of ground with that question and the same answer she defended her boss saying she's confident president obama's policies will be effective but suggests that people have some patience. in san francisco, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> clinton's predecessor condoleezza rice met with president obama obama yesterday at the white house to discuss national security issues. rice spoke to cnn just before the meeting. >> it's frequently done, you know, that former cabinet secretary's goal, particularly on the foreign policy side and seeing the sitting president. i'm looking forward to it. >> the two met in the oval to haves about a half hour. no details were disclosed. rice gave the president and hips daughters copies of her new memoir.
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she revealed she's been consulted a couple of times by secretary clinton. former president bill clinton will be in the bay area tomorrow for realize in san jose and napa. he's just one of the heavy hitters visiting california's final push before the election. jerry brown and gave vin newsom who's running for lieutenant governor, focusing on the economy. >> i believe with jerry, the only politician in america say this except meet that as horrible if this is if we learn the right lessons, when we come out of it we will be stronger than ever. >> earlier clinton spoke in orange county in support of democratic congresswoman loretta sanchez. former republican vice presidential candidate is a featured speaker in anaheim today.
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>> your next governor will have to make tough choices about spending cuts and certainly she will be working in a bipartisan manner. >> palin was in sacramento yesterday, part of her swing through california. although she has not endorsed a candidate in the gubernatorial race, she made it clear she's backing meg whitman. she spoke in san jose thursday night. tea party members, they're holding an election rally in the bay area. the pleasanton had a kickoff dinner last night at vicki's barbecue pit and today the group expects 10,000 people to turn out for the golden state really for america at the alameda county fairgrounds. conservative candidates are scheduled to speak. this morning a disabled man is without the specially equipped van he needs to get around because a trio of thieves stole it. as lisa amin gulezian reports from alameda, they stole his independence. >> life hasn't always been fair
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for dar nen dangerfield. a car crash left him quadriplegic but three years ago things changed for the better because of a specially equipped van like this. >> didn't keep me in the house. gave me a reason to get out. >> the 49-year-old calls it hills life line but this week that connection was cut. his 1995 chevy was stolen. >> 1:45 monday morning, those video cameras caught three men driving right up to darnell darrenerfield's van stopping and then breaking in. >> when they got in the van, they didn't just get in. took off, got inside. messin' around 10 minutes. >> inside were his foldable wheelchair and foot rest. he doesn't have the strength to hold his feet up himself. his feet aren't the only thing dragging. depression is setting in. >> i'm superangry they would
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pick on somebody who's disabled. i'm afraid he may become more withdrawn and reluctant to go out with us like he used to do, you know. he really thought it was a burden prior to, you know, him having that. >> even alameda police admit someone stealing a quad mreek generic's van is unusual. normally it sells for $7,000. someone who can't afford a new life line. >> here's another look at a van similar to the one belonging to darnell dangerfield. it's a 1995 chevy gulfstream green with gray stripes. the license plate is 9856-evp. if you think you've seen the van
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call alameda police. we have contact information under contra costa have been in a race for a man who has attacked several women last month. he is a resident of the complex and police say he knew the woman who was attacked. authorities are still looking for a man responsible. they say the description of him does not match yoakam. there have been five attacks at that same apartment complex. at least six churches in san francisco have been hint by burglars in a recent crime spree. someone stole collection money from st. joe's orthodox church. it's responding by installing surveillance cameras and alarms. >> i think it's a sign of our
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times of the desperation that people feel and also people being worried that a church is vulnerable and that many of us don't have security systems. >> burglars are stolen laptops, musical instruments, cash, checks and food from the congregation. police don't think all the break-ins are connected. the san mateo will remain closed until at least tomorrow while caltran's crews make more emergency repairs. inspectors discovered a 10-inch crack on wednesday. crews have been working since then to patch up the crack. >> the steel beam that had the crack in it is shaped like a wish bon. we have atashed reinforcing place both sides of the wishbone. now we have an additional plate
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right at the v-section part of the wishbone. >> officials hope to have the lane reopen in time for the 49ers raiders game on sunday afternoon. up next, the obama administration says they'll step in if prop 19 passes. >> we're not a government of washington to tell the california people how to vote. >> next, the restriction that is would still be in place even if recreational pot smoking becomes legal in california. why local armed police officerss it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just hava high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe...
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depinning what happens on election day, california could wind up in a showdown with the federal government. if prop 19 passes, recreational marijuana use would be legal at the state level but as abc 7 david louie reports, the u.s. attorney general has made it clear it still won't be at the federal level. >> the battle is going to be over marijuana dispensing sites such as these. proposition 19 will make the distribution and possession of marijuana legal in california; however, u.s. attorney general eric holder has indicated they're still illegal under federal law and he will
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prosecute them. mcnamara is ready to take on the feds. >> i remind the attorney general the words of abraham lincoln with government of the people, for the people and by the people were not a government of washington to tell the california people how to vote. >> san jose has 80 cooperatives that sell marijuana to patients with doctors' prescriptions. the possible conflict in state and federal laws has operators of these facilities worried. >> if they are saying that they are going to enforce their federal marijuana laws, that makes me more nervous my patients aren't going to be protected. whether it's recreational or patient they could get in trouble with defense because they do want to crack down. >> reid doesn't support prop 19. they're seeking voter approval for measure u which would allow them to attack marijuana sales.
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with 80 dispensaries in the city, there will be a legal fight. >> there will be a test case and we're the lab rats. we'll get the spirits performed on us because the 80 dispensaries we have in san jose are all illegal today because of federal law and also under a local zoning code. >> others say conflict in federal and state laws might be beneficial. >> prop 19 if it does pass will send a political statement that the federal government will readdress their policies and allow states to chose what's best for them. >> the sheriff of los angeles county says if marijuana is legalized he'll continue to bust pot smoking in public. >> the most recent field poll on prop 19 shows support growing but it is still close. statewide prop 19 is leading 49-42% with 9% still undecided. if you break it down by region, 59% of bay area voters plan to vote yes. 57% of los angeles voters
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support the proposition but in the central valley only 30% say they'll vote for it. >> okay. if you see teams of armed police officers storming buildings this weekend, it is likely part of a large training exercise called urban shield. it's held in commutes across the bay area. the nation's largest tactical exercise. this is the 2007 urban shield. teams from every bay area police and sheriff's department are participating and there are various scenarios including chemical attacks, terrorist attacks and rescuing hostages. >> this is really the first time we've been in san francisco proper. we will be at the pyramid center and montgomery street and city hall in san francisco. if you're seeing tactical swat teams, it's because of urban shield and not because of terrorist activity. >> good heads up there. and for the weather, whether
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it's for the urban shield or anyone else outside, where are we headed? >> plenty of clouds from the south and west right now. two hours until sunrise. 54 downtown and looking from our emeryville camera where we have clouds in our east bay valleys as well, a cooler start and definitely a cooler weekend. your forecast is coming up. >> also next the depending champion yankees rallied late to steal game one in texas. highlights in sports. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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>> 7:19 the official sunrise. cloudy skies from our roof camera. looking at a cool start. 49 napa, good morning, novato. 48 for you. 58 oakland with upper 50s, partly cloudy south end of the bay, 59 los gatos. the cool numbers in the north but overall everyone has dropped significantly over the past 24 hours. 10 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday in fremont. 13 degrees cooler in los gatos. get the idea, novato to oakland to menlo park feeling a lot chillier this weekend. here is the plan then for the weekend. we'll start with mostly cloudy
5:20 am
skies. the clouds will begin to thin out a little bit. partly cloudy sky this afternoon and a slight chance of a shower, mainly east and south tomorrow. here's what's going on now. lots of cloud cover streaming from the south and west so notice that we are looking at some serous includes and we have a marine layer about 1400 feet. it's shallow but it is providing the low clouds and the fog this morning. and what we'll find today is with some cloudiness out there, not a whole lot of sunshine to warm us up. with stronger onshore push, looking at a cooler day today and there is an upper level low that's developing to the west of us. by the end of the weekend, this heads towards the coast. moisture associated with you it but the atmosphere is pretty dry. areas with the best chance of showers are well to the south and east of us. could see snow 8,000 feet and some rain in the valley locations but overall more of a
5:21 am
cloudy afternoon tomorrow with a continued cool atmosphere. so temperatures coming down. as for tomorrow and today in the south bay, lots of 70s out there. 76 campbell, 78 san jose. peninsula numbers pacifica 60 degrees. the pumpkin festival half moon bay bay today, cloudy skies, 61. lots of people heading there for sure. and mid-70s around redwood city. today's downtown 65 san francisco and the north bay numbers from the low 60s at our beaches, stinson beach, upper 70s santa rosa with just a couple 80s calistoga and berkeley with low to mid-70s towards fremont. overall you'll notice the clouds around and a cooler day. east bay valleys ranging from the upper 70s in dublin and danville to about 80 in pittsburg, 81 liver more. the monterey, fog and clouds.
5:22 am
the 7-day forecast, still a couple 70s out there but those will be in our east bay valleys and continuing cool trend tomorrow. maybe a couple of drops settling into the mid and upper 70s next week but dry. >> looks like a fair weekend. >> it looks nice. >> talking sports because late this afternoon tim lincecum takes the mound for the giants of game one of the national league championship series and that is in philadelphia. last night in the american league championship series, the new york yankees were in texas for the first game of their series. larry has the highlights. >> good morning, everybody. the yankees and the rangers open the league championship series. they found themselves down 5-0 early but the bronx bombers never out of the game. check out the ranger's owner. the ceremonial first pitch and still bringing the heat. c. c. sabathia not bringing it.
5:23 am
hamilton gone! c. c. allows five runs. a-rod, a two-run single. broken bat face hit. yankees rally and the best closer rivera slams the door as the yankees come back to steal game one in arlington by a final of 6-5. it's been raining in philadelphia for the past few days but the weather for tonight is dry and windy. perfect tim lincecum weather. says the blister on the middle finger of his pitching hand is fine, not an issue. faces halladay. this class of aces, but more worried about phillies' sluggers than the pitcher. >> at-bats, not him so much
5:24 am
we're worried about. i'm worried more about the pitch execution to guys like howard and guys like utley. he hit a no-hitter. he did it his first season with the phillies after more than a decade in toronto and soaking up every playoff moment. no pressure, just fun. >> more of an exciting anticipation. and, you know, that's one part i didn't expect. to get to this point, it has been so much fun but pitching these games, you know, you look forward to it. definitely been exciting. >> so who wins this series? san francisco versus philadelphia, an east/west throwdown. time to take a look at the tale of the tape. >> far beyond the clash of aces. tim lincecum versus halladay. an east coast/west coast culture
5:25 am
clash. the golden gate bridge versus the liberty bell. majestic views versus historical significance. the winner here? beauty of the bridge. better movie star action hero, sylvester stallone as rocky. against arnold schwarzenegger as the terminator. >> i'll be back! >> i know, the governator's a hollywood guy but he runs the whole state. the whipper here is rocky. philly cheese steak against chapel chowder in a bread bowl. the multi-at that timed will smith is from philly. the multipersonality robin williams lives in san francisco. edge? williams. historical figures. philly has ben franklin.
5:26 am
we have william randolphhurst. best nickname. pablo is the panda. shane vic turino, he's the flyin' hawaiian. tied 3-3. we head to decisive category 7. epic television shows. the streets of san francisco against it's always sunny in philadelphia. >> get a job? >> yeah. >> a job helmet! and fire off the job! >> danny devito against karl mald dan. you can't beat a young michael douglas with a show on basic cable. san francisco takes the series 4-3. the pga and lpga tours are in town this weekend. a blade workin' round 2. rocco seeking his first tour win in eight years. the ladies at the cbs challenge
5:27 am
in black hawk after on 11 under par. britney imploded with a four over 76. just a brutal putting day. we've got nascar in prime time here on abc 7. mike shumann will have your giants highlights at 11 p.m.. i'm larry beil. >> next at 5:30, tight races and home stretch brings political celebrities flocking to the state. more californians are foregoing theé"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é""
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yoplait delights. get rid of the "or." a parade of high profile politicians will be coming to california and some are already here to help in the last minute push for votes. the big races are in a dead heat this morning. nanette miranda has more.
5:30 am
>> we've already seen former new york mayor rudy giuliani drop by but politics are making a swing through california. bill clinton starts in the south land and heads to the bay area over the weekend. while vice presidential nominee sarah palin addressed the crowd in sacramento before heading to orange county. >> your next governor will have to make tough choices about spending cuts and certainly she will be working in a bipartisan manner. (cheers and applause) >> we're not going to reward extremists anymore. get to work on the stuff that matters. >> and they're not done. senator john mccain heads to san diego this week while president obama visits next week, his wife in late october. >> california's in play. >> for the first time in a long time major seats and a winning state are competitive. a tight race pitting meg whitman against democrat jerry brown and
5:31 am
incumbent barbara boxer in a dead heat in the u.s. senate race. >> the passion and excitement is on the republican side plus the state's in play. that's huge. >> we need as much help from folks like clinton and obama to pull this thing out. >> but you won't see whitman or fiorina siding with palin. unappealing to independent voters. the votes they don't have is that middle ground. >> the republicans are doing everything they can to rin from sarah palin. >> the democrats appear to have the bigger task. the constituents.
5:32 am
>> political reporter mark matthews. >> in contra costa county they're already getting absentee ballots returned. contra costa has a high percentage of voters who vote by mail. >> vote by mail in my county will be 60% of the vote cast and statewide it might hit 50. >> compare that to the mere 14% of los angeles county voters who vote by mail. paul mitchell says l.a. county is getting shorted. >> because the bay area mails out millions of absentee ballots that sit on kitchen counters and get mailed in. >> l.a. relies on day of voting and that's not nearly as reliable. >> we'll probably lose three or 400,000 voters from l.a. county. >> in latino los angeles, that will disproportionately hurt candidates jerry brown and
5:33 am
barbara boxer. but in the lieutenant governor's race it's not so clear. >> 35% of the state latinos, they could hurt. >> there's another wrinkle in the absentee turnout. in contra costa county, the early absentee returns have been weighted on the democratic side until this year. >> right now the republicans are returning their ballots at a higher rate than the democrats. which is unusual. it goes against what i've been watching ten years. >> could be all those early republicans were eager to vote or it could be there will be a lot more of them voting. we will continue to track it in the weeks ahead. mark matthews, abc 7 news. >> one proposition has cities across the state banding together and educators fighting back. if it passes, proposition 22 would keep the state from raiding city coffers to billion
5:34 am
the budget in sacramento. >> hundreds of cities across california are supporting proposition 22. san jose's mayor chuck reid says it's time the state stopped raiding local revenue to cover its own budget failures. that results in cuts to police, fire and libraries. >> the service that is people value most are the service that is we deliver here in local government. this is an effort to make sure the state can't take ma money. the state has to live within its means and that would be april good thing. >> educators say not so fast. they say the economy makes it tough enough and prop 22 would tie the hands of legislatures to redirect money where it's needed most. the president of the san jose teachers association. >> every aspect of the district attorney, we can barely operate the programs we've operated in the past. >> in addition to the california teachers association, groups opposing prop 22 include the
5:35 am
california nurses association and california professional firefighters. the november initiative is supported by the league of california cities, california transit association and california alliance for jobs. >> the nonpartisan legislative office does not take a position on prop 22 but offers this information. last year the state borrowed $1.9 from city coffers but made a plan to repay it immediately. prop 22 would restrict the state's authority over gas tax money and property tax revenue intended for local use. san jose's redevelopment agency says the state's money grab wreak havoc on its ability to create jobs on redevelopment and neighborhood stabilization projects. >> this agency was hit with a
5:36 am
$75 million take, which is a significant hole in our budget and prevents us from doing a lot of very needed local programs. >> if voters approve proposition 22, it would be a constitutional amendment that would change the way sacramento manages public money. cities say reform is long overdue but some temperature groups warn it would take away the flexibility lawmakers need when money is tight. >> when it comes to setting priorities, education should come before redevelopment. >> proposition 22 would not generate new money or create any new debt but it would have a big impact on both state and local budgets. in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. >> weather now, feeling like fall. >> yeah, after our warm week. definitely cooling down this morning with plenty of clouds out there. from our roof camera, temperatures 50s downtown san francisco. we're looking at the sunshine today but a few raindrops wanna
5:37 am
come our way through this weekend. i'll throw it out for you next. >> also coming out the clear cut in our
5:38 am
♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today. . >> as you wake up with us, a live look from one of our cameras atop our station here. that is the trans america building in the background.
5:39 am
some san francisco buildings glowing there nicely. as you head out though probably a little bit chilly. looking for the full range of temperatures, stay with us. lisa argen will have more. the federal government is ordering the area surrounded by all levees to be clear cut. now joining forces with local flood agencies and environmentalists to fight that order. more from laura anthony. >> if the federal government has its way, the banks of hundreds of california creeks and rivers could look like this. clear cut of any trees or vegetation. >> the corps of engineers stuck some 50 years ago. >> congressman joining with local leaders and bay area flood protection agencies to step up enforcement of a national clear cut policy by the u.s. army corps of engineers. >> is this an overreaction to "katrina"? >> i think so. i think the army corps of
5:40 am
engineers was really pummeled in the "katrina" and new orleans situation. they want to cover their backside, fine, okay. but it doesn't make sense here in california. >> in 2005 after hurricane "katrina" there were levee failures. engineers determined the river banks that compromised the levy. there are 100 miles of levee that would be impacted including the returning and nap that rivers and coyote creek in the south bay. removing the vegetation will destroy the habitat and threaten fish and engangered species. >> the stated purpose is increase protection. however we don't necessarily agree with that. there are studies that show that vegetation and especially in california, actually improve the safety of the levees. and we cut trees from here down to the lookout at the end. >> wildcat creek in north ridge is a prime example how the clear
5:41 am
cutting would affect the local environment. in july county crews mistakenly cleared 25 trees from the banks of the creek. another thousand would be removed if the county complies with the federal man days. >> we call on our army corps of engineers to change its policy. >> a spokesman for the army corps said the agency is in the matt of a two-year study to the impact. the governor will consider a limited number of variances or exceptions to this new policy. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> feeling like fall? >> here in san francisco it's chilly now. >> and still have 40s in a couple areas. those longer nights allowing for definitely a cooler start to the day. outside from emeryville right now, temperatures are in the 50s there. and we are looking at a day today which will be much cooler,
5:42 am
5 to 10 degrees cooler. still 90s yesterday, today. and a few 80s. but we're coming down significantly over the weekend. in fact, big change in our forecast coming tomorrow and another weather system that wants to bring in more clouds and maybe a shower. 58 oakland. a couple 40s from novato to napa. chilly there with 58 in mountain view and san jose. 24 hours ago everyone was warmer so we are cooler by 10 degrees in fremont. 5 degrees cooler in concord and oakland. and a couple degrees cooler up in napa and santa rosa. so we are looking at a lot of clouds around this morning, not only the usual stratus but higher clouds. so later on today partly cloudy conditions and we'll see that slight chance of showers mainly monterey and the mountains of the northern and southern sierra. clouds are streaming from the south and west. not only the high clouds but the marine layers at about 1400
5:43 am
feet. so it's still shallow but with the layered clouds today and that weaker sun angle, we will see a partly cloudy sky and that low developing offshore. by later on today, this continues to slide to the south and east. in fact as we cloud up tomorrowover night tonight and into tomorrow, we could see mist and drizzle along our coast. but the significant presip in terms of measurable rain will be well south of the area. in the sierra nevada it could translate to snow, some really rain will be left still with cooler temperatures. so today's highs ranging from the mid and upper 70s ins south bay. maybe 80 los gatos, 76 sunnyvale. here's where we have a lot of cloud cover. yesterday you were 67, half moon bay. today 61 for pumpkin festival. sun later on but coming down
5:44 am
around 8 degrees or so today to 74. san francisco should be about 71. 65 today in the north bay you'll notice more upper 70s around sonoma and napa. a couple places reaching about 80, calistoga and cloverdale with mild temperatures at our coast. bodega bay, 62. berkeley and oakland feel pretty good in the up he ev with a par cloudy sunny sky. nice day for you, dublin, 78. monterey bay plenty of clouds and clearing at our coast, 67 monterey. 76 in santa cruz. the 7-day forecast, notice today the warmest day we'll see out of the next seven but our coast pretty mild today and more cloud cover tomorrow. get some sun today even at our beaches and you notice a few drops. not much. dry and pleasant the rest of the week. >> and really just drops if it
5:45 am
happens. >> exactly. that mist and drizzle. >> lisa, thank you. >> okay. >> the slow economy has been tough on the disabled. more than 14% and that's compared to 9% of americans as a whole. eric thomas reports on a local program that's helping the disabled beat the odds. >> this is talma at work to use a kiosk to access services like adult care at this social services center in center. he knows how lucky he is to have a job. >> he suffers from posttraumatic stress and other health issues caused by 11 years of living on the street and a brutal beating with a 2 by 4 from a man trying to rob him. >> some guy, hit me with a 2 by 4 in the head. you know, what that does to memory, it just wipes out
5:46 am
everything. >> employers work hiring anyone. he had all but given up until he stumbled into a program run by san francisco's computer vocational enterprises. >> everybody is coming together especially in difficult times. the best way to be successful is collaborate. >> they have partnered with the u.s. department of labor and the state employment development department. the goal is help disabled job seekers get past the road blocks. >> employers and people in the community don't realize that people with disabilities are just as capable as other job seekers and there's a lot of things such as assistive technology out there to help most those individuals successful. >> the participants are extremely skilled workers and so proud to have a position here with us. >> that's part of the recovery program for these workers. four now have jobs with the
5:47 am
city's family services agency and they're doing well. >> i went to work where i can continue my recovery. >> eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> coming up next, an old-fashioned remedy being used in a new way to treat the kingng
5:48 am
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>> millions of dollars are spent researching migraine headaches but a researcher is suggesting a common drug delivered in an uncommon way might relief the pain for some patients. health and science reporter carolyn johnson is here with the research. >> a migraine support group run in san francisco, many of her fellow members suffer from headaches and forced to turn to powerful medication. >> i would say the majority of the migraine patients in our group have used opiates and stronger medications because the truth is their migraineses are not being controlled with
5:50 am
standard medications. >> according to the national headache foundation, more than 20% of the nation's 29 million migraine suffers use medications containing opiates or bar pitch watts. >> they knock people out so once you know you need to take that, the rest of your day is gone. >> but now a study published by a bay area researcher is suggesting one of the most common medicines may be able to help many migraine suffers. the drug is aspirin but not the kind you find in the drugstore shelf. this is administered in liquid form through an i.v. >> intravenous aspirin is not used anywhere in the u.s. apart from our center. >> the doctor is director of ucsf headache in san francisco. it compares the results of 150 patients hospitalized for chronic headaches. two-thirds reported a
5:51 am
significant decrease in pain when given multiple doses of intravenous aspirin. he believes the treatment now used routinely in europe offers several advantages. >> one, it works. good data to show it's effective. the second is you can give it intravenously and it has almost no side effects. not sedative and not addictive. >> critics pointed out it did not look whether it could stop the pain from progressing. they believe suffers are looking for methods of control their painout strong side effects. >> as a migraine sufferer, he want to be able to live our lives. >> carolyn johnson, abc 7 news. >> the fda has approved botox for people who have experienced at least 15 migraine headaches a month. doctors basically will inject it into a patient's neck or head every 12 weeks and that's to dull future headaches. botox best known for relaxing wrinkles won approval to treat
5:52 am
elbow, wrist and finger spasms. it works to block the connection temporarily paralyzing the muscle there. the fork footage that is getting a new look now that [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium?
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umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. the winning numbers from last night's $72 million draw, 9, 10, 13, 31, 50 and meganumber 10. nobody picked all the numbers. we get a lot of interesting story ideas from ureports powered by this one concerns a rather famous film clip you've probably seen before but none of us realized the significant of it until now. as wayne freedman shows us, if the film had been taken four days later, it would have told a
5:55 am
completely different story. >> market street today was a lot like any other day. just a lot of people going about their business and barely worth looking at. but what if we could rewind the scene by 104 years? you wouldn't take it for granted anymore. >> you'd see the whole life right in front of you there. >> by now you may have joined the million plus viewers mesmerized by this silent film. it does have a name. >> trip down market street. >> he'd wondered about the market street film for years and looked into it. the work became even more fascinating when he learned the exact date. >> it was made april 14th, 1906, four days before the earthquake. >> which makes this a lot like the time capsule for a lost civilization. the miles brother motion picture company made it as a promotion for san francisco. they put a camera on a cable car
5:56 am
heading east from a. street to the ferry building, everybody oblivious to the doom that would shake and then burn all of this away. >> very possible that the people who are staring right at the camera and if you look at it right at you, those people would be gone in just a few days. >> he went so deep in his research that he even tracked a license plate and learned the man driving that car would survive until 1935 and die in oakland. as for the kid staring back from that cart, nobody knows. one of the more interesting stories behind the story of this movie is how it survived at all. it turns out the miles brothers who made it were the first bi-coastal film company. they had one office in san francisco, another in new york. they processed the film here. >> and the night before the earthquake, they sent it to their new york office. >> had they kept the film here, it would have burned along with everything else and we would have never seen these 12 minutes
5:57 am
in time which aren't so much different from 12 minutes today if ignorance is bliss. >> at any moment, you don't know what's gonna happen in the future. it connects our world with theirs. >> from niles, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> great perspective. half moon bay is celebrating its 40th anniversary art and pumpkin festival. it starts this morning at 9:00. main street turns orange with expert pumpkin carves, farmers, the wayoff winner, the megagourd. the eating contest will happen, too and a bartender to show you how to blend a little pumpkin into your favorite spirits of halloween. you can expect monstrous crowds so leave early and be patient in traffic. next at 6:00, secretary of state clinton visits the bay area. we're going to explain the non-political reason she's here.
5:58 am
>> i'm super angry they would pick on somebody disabled. pick on somebody disabled. >> friends come
5:59 am
you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"


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