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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in san carlos where the city is delving deeper into outsourcing. first the police department, now the fire department. we'll let you know what's happening up ahead. >> a decision that means thousands of east bay families will lose child care less than a month from now. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at at&t. what can i get you? the bar is about to be open. i can serve you in about a minute. coffee available as well. we'll start with a little baseball in a live report. >> give me some of that and garlic fries to go. how about that? i'll have your baseball forecast. game three is this afternoon at 1:19 and i'll update you on the chances of rain through the weekend. >> love the hair 'do, terry. you may want to consider mass
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transit. i'm following a rig on southbound 101 through san rafael. >> kind of looks like a freak on this tuesday morning. >> almost blew a whistle at him, you know. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the city that outsourced police service to save money now appears ready to do the same with its fire department. theresa garcia is live in san carlos to tell us more. >> this flurry of cost-cutting is all about fixing the budget shortfall. you've got a city that's outsourced its payroll, landscaping, saving $900,000 annually and now looking at eliminating it's fire department. it shares fire service with the city of belmont but over an issue of cost has decided to dissolve that agreement which expires next october. instead leaders have issued a formal request for proposal to outsource its fire department. the city says it comes down to their bottom line and last night
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council voted 4-1 to outsource saying it will save over $1 million with apparently no change in the level of service. >> the level of service remains the same. we'll have two stations open. we'll have comparable staffing and comparable equipment. >> as of right now since i gave notice, the organization is going to cease to exist october of next year and today my guys don't have jobs after that point. >> morale is low with as many as 24 positions on the line and many already looking for other jobs. when it comes to public safety, the city has already outsourced its police department. in a few weeks the police services will transfer to the sheriff's department projected to save $2.2 million a year. the leaders are moving fast. they want the agencies to submit formal proposals by december 3rd. it could be cal fire, menlo park or redwood city that would take over the fire services. they must detail the type of services they would provide, how
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much it would cost and whether they would hire those displaced san carlos firefighters. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> the santa clara board of supervisors is set to expand restrictions on smoking in unincorporated areas. there would be no smoking in placeless of employment, outdoor service lines and numerous other public areas. the ordinance would create an annual retail permit for businesses that sell tobacco products. >> tens of thousands of low income parents are about to face a child care crisis. about 55,000 california children and 4,000 alone in alameda and contra costa counties will lose their child care services come november 1st. this is a result of a quarter billion cut the governor made to balance the budget. families will now get child care subsidies only for the first two
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years after they stop getting state aid. some parents say they'll have to quit their jobs. >> all lanes of the san mateo bridge are back open after an all-night touchup job on a repaired section of the span. traffic was reduced to one lane so crews could repaint a steel beam they repaired over the weekend. they fixed a crack last week. engineers will inspect the repair work daily until they're satisfied that the fix will hold. >> looks like giants fever is sweeping the bay area today as the san francisco giants prepare to play one of the biggest games in recent history just hours from now. for some fans the party has already started. abc 7's terry "the freak" mcsweeney. the bar is already open. >> since i don't pitch until thursday, i thought i'd have a few drinks this morning.
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this is terry mcsweeney. things are beginning to get a little crazy. giants in the playoffs, that's a pretty crazy thing. hasn't happened in years. the crew is ready. take a look inside the ballpark. you can see the ballpark is ready. the seats are cleaned, the bunting is up. everything in ship shop -- that's not it -- tip top -- and i haven't been drinking and i'm talking like this! at 6:00 they started serving whatever it is you expect to find inside a bar anytime of day. the giants flagship station is broadcasting live all the way up to game time which is specifically 1:19. and the fans. some are out here because they could not think of anywhere else in the world they'd rather be and they started this day with a little java. >> coffee and drinks at 6 a.m. >> when the ball game rolls around, what's it gonna be like? >> crazy and intense. >> what are you gonna be like?
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>> i'm gonna be cheering. (laughter) >> hard to sleep when you got this playoff buzz and the fever and you wanna be out here. i figured why even bother sleeping. just get here, be here early, game time at 1:00. >> 1:19 again to be specific. matt cain against cole hamel. we've got a bet, abc 7 betting against our sister station in philadelphia. we're putting up ghirardelli chocolate and they're putting up tastykakes. help me! tastykakes, please define. anybody know? >> it's a big thing there. like a ho-ho, ding dong, creamy filling, cake on the out side. >> well, you know, different tastes back there. >> you know what, we'll take them because we know we're gonna get 'em. they're ripe, won't take much to ship 'em over. >> absolutely right.
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>> tim lincecum, thank you very much. are you old enough to be behind that barbie -- bar by the way? >> he does look young. >> gotta get the game-time weather from mike. 1:00. >> get your mind off the garlic fries and back on those mill abars. >> you mentioned that. terry actually has a birthday monday. a little early. nlcs. game three at at&t park. show you what it's going to be like 1:19 for that first pitch. sunny and 64. a mild 68 by the time the game ends. say about three hours later. so you'll be sitting in sunlight for three hours. still even on october 19th today, you could get a little burn so be careful. san francisco today about 4 degrees below average 65. redwood city 74. oakland, san jose and concord all 1, 2 or 4 degrees warmer than average for today.
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that puts us mainly into the mid to upper 70s. especially our inland valleys in the north bay. near 80 in the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s throughout the bay into the south bay. mid to upper 60s san francisco and richmond and low 60s along the coast where you see sunshine this afternoon. 66 monterey, low 70s the rest of the bay. upper 70s to near 80 inland for morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. expect more of the same tomorrow. sea breeze returns thursday dropping about 2 to 8 degrees. we stay cooler than average with those chances of rain starting thursday night and again saturday and sunday. frances? >> hi, mike. might be a little hard to see the stalled big rig in san rafael, southbound 101 past 580. the fog getting thicker but southbound traffic still flowing well. keep you posted on this and let you know if it causes any slowing. south bay check out the 101 and 880 interchange. things much clearer here.
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problem yesterday cleared this morning so 101 looks good gilroy. overnight road work across the san mateo bridge but that's been cleared early this morning. traffic flowing well with a live shot here in both directions. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you so much. it's 6:09. >> just ahead, why are manhole covers round. if you're in the market for a job, you need to know the answer. the curious questions from the hottest employers. >> what could halt the "don't ask, don't tell" policy for good. >> chevron comes clean. rule the tweet. rule the bedtime. rule the upload. we built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you.
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rule the air. verizon. right now at verizon, you can get a new samsung intensity ii free after mail-in rebate. only at verizon. anncr: carly fiorina. as ceo she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. fiorina sync: china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go... anncr: ...because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose, bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products 'made in china.' 30,000 workers gone... ...while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself.
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good tuesday morning. it's 6:12. a live look at san francisco at&t park where the giants take on the phillies here in game three of their ncls series -- boy, got the letters mixed up. 64 degrees, not 46 degrees. just, you know, getting the digits in the right places here. gonna be nice. >> looking forward to those tastykakes. 6:13,000. a federal judge probably won't grant the ask to reinstate the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. virginia phillips was asked to bring back the ban while they appeal her original ruling that found the ban unconstitutional. she doesn't see a good reason to issue a stay but her final ruling is not expected until today. >> chevron has launched a controversial new ad campaign designed to confront critics of big oil. >> those companies make huge
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profits. >> last year chevron made a lot of money. >> the we agree ads come just six months after the massive b.p. oil spill though chevron says their complain was planned long before the disaster. the people are not actors and meant to show the company's commitment to renewable energy. >> we hear what people say about oil companies, they should invest in renewables, support the communities where they operate, provide good jobs and grow economies and communities and we agree with all those things. >> chevron's spending millions just trying to bolster their imagine stead of investing money to effect real change in cleaning up their act and operations. >> an activist group called yes men has created spoof ads to make fun and highlight what they call chevron's environmental and human rights abuses in places like ecuador. >> time for the morning's must reads.
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the oakland tribune looks what happens after you buy a foreclosed home. in light of the improper bank paperwork that halted foreclosures, folks who picked up a foreclosed property in the past three years may be worried are their purchases still valid. expert advice before you buy, make sure you have title insurance and talk with your attorney. >> in the mercury news, you want a job in tech, get ready to answer head-spinning questions. forget what are your strengths and weaknesses. google grilling candidates with questions that don't necessarily have absolute fixed answers but gauge your thinking skills. try these. estimate the volume of water on earth. approximately how many garbagemen are there in california? and describe an orange. >> uh-huh. "the new york times" looks for a new way to keep the robbers away. a spray of dna. at say mcdonald's in amsterdam sick and tired of being robbed, employees can spray a fine mist laced with dna on the escaping criminals. the markers allow police to tie
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the sprayed robber to the location of the burglary. >> we posted a link to the complete articles on our website just look under the must reads tab. >> describing a color. a color worn with black when the nlcs comes to town. >> see! that answer would get you hired. >> i'm sure it would. let's check with mike on with the weather forecast. >> haze in the air around at&t park as the festivities are underway. 68 under a sunny sky from 1:19 to 4:19. give them three hours to get the game in. temperatures! let's take a look at them. we're running in the upper 40s santa rosa, san rafael and fairfield. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. around the monterey bay, also clouds and fog and low 50s even inland at salinas. clear over gilroy and 46.
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we will all see sunshine and warmer temperatures today and tomorrow. patchy fog and warm again tonight. a chance of showers. have to keep the umbrella handy throughout the weekend. as far as today, no such thing. sunshine, mid to upper 70s the south bay with santa clara, milpitas and sunniville. low 60s abeing lo the coast with sunshine eventually this afternoon. downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 60s. low 60s at your beaches in the north bay but mid to upper 70s most of the valleys, even hitting low to mid-80s cloverdale and ukiah. low to mid-70s fremont and castro valley 74. upper 70s to concord. as you head highway 4 near 80, pittsburg, antioch and brentwood, same type of temperatures. everybody near 70 except monterey and carmel in the
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mid-60s. tonight the fog along the coast, north bay valleys and throughout the bay shore. we'll have low to mid-50s around the bay and into the east bay valleys. upper 40s half moon bay and fairfield with mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. what we're seeing, that area of low pressure continuing to pull away. that's opening the door making it easier for that high pressure to take over this afternoon which will scrub our sky clean of the clouds as we head into the afternoon hours. that's why it's sunny with those seasonal temperatures we talked about. we'll keep an eye on the cold front. the jet stream running parallel. look for an increase of high clouds tomorrow and chance of showers on thursday. the 7-day forecast, chance of fours as more energy rotates through that low saturday and sunday. so we'll start with cooler weather on thursday by about 2 to 8 degrees. we'll stay near 70 inland all the way through monday.
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mid to upper 60s around the bay. >> the rider walking and looks like things are on the shoulder. avoid a hot spot there. keeping an eye on this ride through san rafael where you can see the fog as you make your way towards 580. a stalled big rig has been blocking the right lane for quite some time and it could take a little more time to clear it. as you head towards the golden gate bridge though, traffic there has been lighter. you'll find more fog into san francisco. interstate 80 in berkeley. so far so good other than the fog, of course. westbound 80 traffic drive time is 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge down to the maze. and the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were just turned on a few minutes ago. that's why we're seeing the backup for the fas trak lanes fist beyond the end of the pat. cash pay lanes look better at the time when they turned the metering lights on.
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in the south bailiff shot of the 280 and 17 interchange. things clear here. mass transit systems reporting no delays and you can always get the latest by going to our website, is the place to go. just click on the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. a ground-breaking ceremony will be held this morning for the exploritorium's new home on piers 15 and 17. next year it moves to the decades' old site next to the palace of fine arts to the city's embarcadero. the museum has been a favorite for residents and out of town visitors since it opened in 1969. final architectural plans for the new home will be unveiled at today's ground breaking. so fun to get your hands on that live stuff. sparks your interest. >> yeah. no tickets, just a little jewelry. the interesting tactic one state is now using to get people to stop texting while they're
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driving. (violin) >> and a flight to hawaii
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using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off.
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we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions. (violin) >> you're watching the fastest ever performance of the flight of the bumble bee by oliver lewis. the 39-year-old broke the record on the long running children's program. he performed the entire piece in a minute and three seconds. the guinness book of world
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records was on hand. >> texting behind the wheel? police in iowa are all thumbs. actually they're handing out colorful thumb bands, 30,000 so far to people they pull over as a reminder how dangerous the practice is. they come in bright pink and blue and other colors, right? and they read texting kills. iowa's new texting law only allows warnings for the first year. those thumb bands next year, they'll be fines. >> beware of the restaurant robbers. the latest in a long line of robberies. >> the deadly crash that has one bay area school district considering closing all its high school campuses today. >> and pg&e offers a buyout to victims of the gas line pipeline explosion in san bruno. the hefty offer including a $50,000 bonus. but there's a catch. >> live at the public house at at&t ballpark where the giants
6:26 am
hope to show the fills they need to fear the beard. >> here's a look at your flight arrival delays into sfo. they're nearly 55 minutes. we could have other delays because of rain dallas, memphis, new york, d.c. and boston. >> new stall on the bay bridge. traffic already quickly backing up at the toll plaza towards the up at the toll plaza towards the 880 anncr: carly fiorina. as ceo she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. fiorina sync: china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go... anncr: ...because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose, bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products 'made in china.' 30,000 workers gone... ...while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. bb vo: i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. he worked his whole life, served his country defending our freedoms, and depends on social security. so, who would want to privatize it? corporate lawyer david harmer. harmer's social security privatization plan would cut guaranteed benefits and gamble with social security on wall street. while we worry, harmer's wall street friends would make billions in profits from privatization. david harmer. a social security privatization plan we can't afford. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor ♪ a live look at wall street
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on this tuesday morning. we're waiting for the opening bell -- actually we're not waiting for the open bell. there it 'tis. disappointing news pushing stock futures lower in premarket trading today, especially technology shares. a measure of profitability was lower than expected. we'll take you live to the new york stock exchange to see what effect that's having on the prices on the market in 15 minutes. >> this morning pg&e is opening its checkbook and offering to buy the san bruno homes damaged or destroyed in the pipeline explosion and fire. jenelle joins us now to explain. there's an incentive for selling quickly. >> kristen, yes, there is. pg&e is offering a buyout. if the residents take the offer in six months, there's a hefty bonus, $60,000. some lawmakers say the gesture will help restore the public's
6:31 am
confidence in the utility company. but an attorney representing about half a dozen fire victims says the offer gives too much control to pg&e which could hinder residents from seeking damages in court. pg&e began distributing the offer to residents late last week. it comes as many victims worried about the value of their land after the september 9th gas pipeline explosion and fire that killed eight people, destroyed 37 homes and damaged 18 more. some residents are entertaining the offer but want to know how much they would get for sure. for those who don't take the buyout and want to stay in the neighborhood, pg&e is also offering a $50,000 bonus if those residents rebuild their homes within 16 months. another offer would compensate homeowners who sell to a third party and receive less than what the market value was before the explosion. pg&e is also offering up to $10,000 to homeowners near the last who want to beautify their property with paint or landscaping. meanwhile the ntsb is still investigating the cause of this
6:32 am
explosion. a preliminary report released last week shows there was no sign of extensive corrosion in the pipeline. a pressure spike just before the blast doesn't appear to be significant enough. in just a few hours from now at 9:30 this morning, the state assembly will hold a hearing on the explosion. this will be the first hearing in the state legislature that focuses on this disaster. eric? >> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 6:32 now. tonight a novato school district will consider a plan requiring students to stay on campus in the wake of last month's deadly accident involving several students. the crash killed a 15-year-old novato high school student and seriously injured four others who had been driving on san marin drive during their lunch hour. tonight officials will consider a policy that will force students of both novato and san marin high to stay on campus all day long. the closed campus proposal comes with issues, especially san marin which has no cafeteria. however, supporters say they
6:33 am
could bring in mobile food carts to feed the students. tonight's school district meeting begins at 7 p.m. on 7th street in novato. >> concord police compares two takeover restaurant robberies connected to a series of similar robberies in recent months. both happened last night. the first happened just before 9:00 on tree boulevard. two armed men stormed in and ordered the employees to the ground before getting away with money from the cash register and a safe. the second robbery happened around 9:40 at a subway sandwich shop on concord boulevard involving two armed mask men. it's not clear if customers were inside during either robbery but no injuries were reported. descriptions are vague but police think the men may be responsible for a string of robberies in concord and other cities back in september. >> after a partial closure that lasted more than 13 hours, all lanes southbound highway 101 are reopened in morgan hill. the closure began after a tanker
6:34 am
carrying 43,000 pounds of wax jackknifed and overturned 2:30 yesterday. before it could be uprighted, another tanker had to be off-loaded for the wax. that caused big delays for the evening commute. early this morning a big rig tow truck flipped while trying to upright the tanker. another tow truck had to right both vehicles. everything reopened about 4:00 this morning. the chp is investigating the crash. >> the san francisco board of supervisors is set to consider an ordinance today that will ban fast food restaurants from including toys in many children's meals. a committee passed a proposed ordinance two weeks ago. the measure would allow mcdonald's and other restaurants to include toys and meals only if those meals include a half cup each of fruit and vegetables. the meals must be limited in the amount of sugar, sodium and fat to be exempt from the toy ban. >> the game is still hours away
6:35 am
but the beverages are already available. the giants are in town hosting the phillies in game three of the national league championship series at at&t park. i can't wait to see what terry's wearing this time. terry -- there he is! nice beard, buddy! >> tim and brian, hi. >> they say fear the beard. it's a reference to the giants bullpen. everybody in the bullpen's got a beard going this time of year. this is the orange people were wearing friday night. you can kind of use it as a beard if you want to look like a two-toned kind of guy. out here now we've got a bit of a crowd. on the other side of the wall here. i was thinking maybe drinking and live tv in this situation might not go together so i skipped it. we're here at the bar. take a look what it's like inside the park now. everything ready for today's game. expecting 44,000 fans. a vast majority of them giants fans that just let it lose.
6:36 am
we've more frustration than the phillies will ever have. san francisco giants are never won the world series. inside coffee and pastry starting at 5:00. you can still get coffee and pastry but starting at 6:01 you can get your favorite adult beverage. knbr, the giants flagship station broadcasting live and the guy that runs the show at the public house says this is already one crazy day. >> i don't know what i was thinking. the alarm went off at 2:30. you're probably up every day at this time. i have no idea what's going on right now. >> what kind of crowd are you expecting? >> probably the best crowd we've ever had. the biggest crowd was opening day. we just opened up this year of april. we're gonna blow that out of the water today. >> inside the stadium they might blow the all-time attendance figure out of the water as well. this is as the playoffs go on. the next game bigger than the last one. the giants could finish this
6:37 am
entire series here in san francisco. they flit back in philadelphia. they got one win. you need four. they got three games in a row. if they can beat the phillies, they go to the world series. a lot of people out here big eric thomas and kristen fans cheering wildly for their favorite morning anchors. they have these let's go giants and the k's. here this morning it stands for kahlua. back to you. it stands for kristen. >> wow! >> kristen. >> you know a few things don't mix but have a great time out there. (laughter) >> all right. giants fans are clearly ready to play ball. mike sent this picture to youreport. it's a front yard display honoring tim lincecum. he's got his own wig on there. took this, their dog with a
6:38 am
panda hat in honor of pablo. we'd like to see you celebrating the giants. upload your picture or video to youreport or e-mail them. >> go straight from that bar straight to trick or treating. you know? >> the candy is much safer than what they're serving there this morning. let's check with mike. >> start with the nlcs game today, 1:19 first pitch. heading that way you need the sunglasses and sunscreen, sunny and mild. 64 jumping to 68 degrees bit time the game ends. heading out the door we have upper 40s, santa rosa, novato, fairfield. everybody else the low to mid-50s. temperatures running cooler just about everywhere except antioch where it's the same. as we look at 8:00, we'll have the fog that's bringing us those flight delays into san
6:39 am
francisco. by noon look for a rapid return to sunshine. mid to upper 60s around bay with low 70s our inland valleys. by 4:00 mostly sunny everywhere with temperatures low to mid-60s into downtown san francisco. 68 oakland. low to mid-70s the rest of the bay into the south bay and also the north bay valleys with upper 70s in the east bay valleys. your accu-weather seven-day forecast. other than more high clouds tomorrow, it ought to be just about the same as today. then the sea breeze will drop our temperatures thursday, bring us a chance of rain thursday night and a couple more chance of rain over the weekend. frances? >> mike, you know what happens when we get a stall on the bay bridge. usually means big delays for the morning commute. a live shot of the toll plaza. traffic has quickly backed up towards the foot of the maze. you saw my last shot. it was reaching towards the 880 overcrossing. a live shot of the maze. not quite into the maze but westbound 80 traffic there leaving emeryville heading towards the bay bridge. the drive time's already 22
6:40 am
minutes from the carquinez bridge. we're checking out the san mateo bridge. fog developing here as well. the traffic flowing well in both directions. no trouble on 101 at this point all along the peninsula. but 101 san rafael starting to slow down southbound and just past 580. look out for a stalled big rig blocking the right lane. may be hard to see with the fog. we'll show you 101 in millbrae where headlights move northbound into san francisco and southbound into san jose. here are some slow drive times for you westbound for lone tree way to 242 is 23 minutes and it's also pretty sluggish throughout the altamont pass. 37 minutes from 205 to 680 on westbound 580. >> frances, thank you so much. it's 6:40. >> trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board. the dow is down 105 points. >> and expect to hear gunshots at east bay country club that
6:41 am
hires a hunter to kill an unusual pest. why local police are cheering the plan. >> and the city finds a very particular way to fix its budget. we're talking about outsourcing, everything from the landscaping to the police department and now the fire department. so who do you call for help? we'll explain up ahead.
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♪ and good morning to you. we're coming up on 6:45 this tuesday. your california forecast.
6:45 am
we'll see sunshine eventually along the coast and mid-60s. inland the central valley, low 70s to 87 chico. sunshine over the sierra and tahoe. 62 to 68 yosemite. but l.a., san diego and palm springs, showers and even thunderstorms with temperatures 66 san diego, low to mid-70s l.a. and palm springs. kristen? >> thanks a lot. good news in time for halloween. the bay area is apparently a trick or treater's haven. real estate trucking from released its top 20 u.s. cities for the candy-collecting tradition. portland third but san jose comes in at number 4. results are based on a theory more expensive neighborhoods give out bigger, better candy. also safety. and the density of neighborhoods because trick-or-treaters want to walk and cover a lot of homes in just a short time. >> it's true. angry emeryville residents are
6:46 am
expected to pack tonight's city council meeting where ikea hopes to get permission to expand their operation to include a warehouse near their store. approved ikea customers would be sent to the warehouse at hollis and 53rd to pick up purchases. it would start at 7:00 in the morning and customers could pick up furniture as late as 10:00 in the evening. neighbors complained it would bring more traffic and noise. the city planners okayed the expansion back in august. >> twitter predicts the stock market. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. >> you know, we started off pretty rough here this morning, guys. we're off our lows but triple digit losses here in the dow. some are saying that twitter can actually predict the stock market. indiana university says that he
6:47 am
and a couple of pals are finding market predictor buried in the twitter verse. they look at categories on mood. actually discovered a text between the calm mood and where the dow heads. all that according to the technology review blog. skeptical of anybody that can predict the stock market. apple shares seeing a sharp sell-off on the cupertino-based company. a lower profit than what analysts expected. high expectations for apple. talking about slower than expected i-pad sales. china suddenly this morning announcing it was going to raise interest rates. that's concern about a slowdown in global growth. you can see the effect we're feeling on wall street. the silicon valley index trading down as well, more than 2%. bank of america and gmac are resuming foreclosures in 23 states. look at some of the paperwork problems. california is not one because
6:48 am
foreclosures can be filed outside the courtroom. they will evaluate all those still state by state. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> thanks a lot. >> more news for you now at 6:48. a clinton golf course will turn into a hunting preserve the next few weeks. that's because the operators have hired a hunter to shoot some pesky wild pigs. the herd, about 25 strong, is coming dangerously close to people. they've torn up fairways so the club has issued a temporary permit. >> they become a huge problem and destroy a lot of property. >> keep them off the golf course. >> the shooting? oh. relocation's better. >> fish and game actually recommends hunting the hogs because they're so difficult to trap. the meats will be donated to local food banks.
6:49 am
>> we've got fog to start. >> flight arrival delays into sfo nearly 55 minutes. it should dissipate and leave us with sunshine this afternoon and warmer weather. looking down from mount tamalpais, you can see that fog hanging around bay this morning. the temperatures, rather cool. upper 40s, san rafael, fairfield. low to mid-50s the rest of us. monterey bay, low 50s. inland and salinas and clear gilroy and 46. sunshine and warmer not only today but tomorrow. the two warmest days in the forecast. patchy fog. we'll see some of that form again tonight and a chance of showers thursday and again through the weekend. as far as our 24 hour change, we'll see a 5 degr5 degree jump oakland and san francisco. san jose 7 and santa rosa 8 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. talked about yesterday sliding into southern california. there it is bringing them all that rain.
6:50 am
you can see the clear skies to the north. that's the high pressure arcing back into our neighborhood keeping this cold front away from us the next two days. it will be sunny with temperatures close to seasonal averages. when this cold front rolls in, the high clouds tomorrow and then the chance of showers on thursday. once it passes this area, lows going to spit out chunks of energy for the weekend. upper 70s san ramon valley into the try valley and down highway 4 near 80 degree temperatures. richmond and berkeley holding on to the upper 60s while everybody else hits the low to mid-70s with oakland 71. cupertino, campbell, san jose 76. everybody else within a few degrees of you in the south bay. low to mid-70s today on the peninsula. palo alto one of the warmer spots at 75. check out the low 60s along the coast this afternoon. downtown south san francisco, sausalito, mid to upper 60s. your north bay beaches even with sunshine this afternoon, low
6:51 am
60s. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. cloverdale, clear lake, hit low to mid-80s. 80 morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. sunshine around the monterey bay. it will take a while. low 70s except monterey and carmel, the 60s. we'll have low to mid-50s around the bay into the south bay, east bay valleys. along the coast into the north bay valleys we'll have mid to upper 40s. here's your 7-day forecast. high clouds may take a degree or two off our afternoon highs tomorrow. the real cooling thursday when that temperature or when that cold front draws near and friday, saturday and sunday temperatures below average. it's clear. giants fever is spreading. take a look at this picture, page woodman. she said she saw this truck on 9th and irving in san francisco. the truck's name is nellie and driven by a guy who looks exactly like hulk hogan,
6:52 am
brother! that was terrible. he'll be at the game today. didn't show the picture. i was supposed to have the picture there. sorry about that. go back and show you the picture. probably not. we have to move on. i will post it on my blog. danny, our wonderful director is going to call it up. i fast forward and passed it. one more time. this whole thing. it was a whole hulk hogan thing. this time, danny, i promise as soon as i get through the 7-day forecast. i don't have it. i'll have it at the end. want to see how you support the g-men. send us your photos and videos. all you have to do is upload them to youreport or e-mail them. it's a really cool truck. wait around two minutes and i'll show it to you. frances? (laughter) >> all right, mike. or check your blog to take a look at that picture. another thing sold out now is the bay bridge toll plaza backed up into the maze because of the
6:53 am
earlier stall i mentioned. check out the north bay. you'll encounter fog this morning, 101 san rafael, slowing down southbound where the stall big rig just passed 580 still blocking the right lane. the good news is in the south bay it's been pretty delay-free. in fact, accident-free as well. northbound 280, a little more crowded as you make your way through the downtown area. you will find the typical delays building throughout the rest of the bay area. giants game is at 1:19. that could mean some big delays for the evening commute as the delays or as the game let's out. so mass transit a great way to go. caltrain will take you right there. bart will run longer trains for try bart week and free prizes as well. the alameda-oakland ferry has direct service to the park. you can get the latest by going to and find it under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> thank you.
6:54 am
6:53. bay bridge commuters will see dramatic changes as the centerpiece of the new eastern span takes shape. this week caltran will lift sections of the span's 535 foot tall tower into place. that means drivers will clearly see the 107 foot section of the tower rising some ten stories above the road necks. ahead of the construction, caltran is launching a campaign to remind drivers to keep their eyes on the traffic head of them. always tempting but look ahead while driving. >> first police, now firefighting. the peninsula of san carlos is closer to outsourcing another critical city service. theresa is live with details. >> the city of san carlos is going through a flurry of cost-cutting activities to fix its budget shortfall. it outsources payroll, police department. projects saving $2.2 million but transferring those police services to the sheriff's department and now looking at the entire fire department.
6:55 am
san carlos currently shares fire services with the city of belmont but over an issue of cost has decided to dissolve that agreement which expires next october. instead san carlos city leaders have issued a formal request for proposal to outsource its fire department. counselor voted 4-1 to outsource. the level of service will remain the same with two stations over and comparable staffing and equipment. either cal fire, menlo park, san mateo or redwood city could take over. each agency must detail the type of services, how much it would cost and whether it would hire san carlos firefighters. 24 positions are on the line. many are looking for other jobs. the city leaders are moving fast. they want the agencies interested in taking over the fire service to submit their proposals by december 3rd. for more other top stories, let's go to terry mcsweeney. what have you got, the beard or the panda hat?
6:56 am
>> the rally going on now. wear it tuesday afternoon. who cares. the bar is open at the public howls at at&t park. the party beginning well before game time. take a look. the crowd slowly growing as they get ready for today's 1:19 start of the playoff game against the philadelphia phillies. some people here don't even have tickets. just want to watch it on tv out here to be close to the action. just found out there are 3,000 tickets still available on subhub, some for as little as $59. standing room only but you can find tickets as well under a hundred on craigslist if you're so inclined. if the giants can win at the at&t, they don't need to go back to philadelphia and i don't need to dress like this anymore. although i kind of like it. a fashion statement. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news.
6:57 am
back to you guys! >> he's got spirit, yes, he does. how about you? >> weather forecast, mike. >> i saw terry driving this truck yesterday. i'm kidding. this is as promised. isn't that an awesome truck. look for that at the giants game as the driver is supposed to be at the game. let's talk about our temperatures. mid to upper 60s, san francisco, richmond. upper 70s to near 80 north bay and east bay valleys. chances of rain thursday and again saturday and sunday. frances? >> mike, toll plaza backed up into the maze because of an earlier stall. but you may want to consider mass transit this morning and for this afternoon if you're headed to the giants game. that would be a great way to avoid it. plus bart giving away $5 tickets to ben and jerries. yesterday they gave out chocolate bars so i brought one for each of you guys here. >> what are you guys going to eat? these the edition of the abc 7 morning news. >> join us
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