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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ good morning. here's a live look at the embarcadero where it's a little wet this morning from overnight showers. a few still lingering. i'll show you where they are, where they're going and update you on that significant rain coming this weekend. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where president obama flew in yesterday. he'll be flying out this morning. in between he helped democrats raise some serious money for their serious problem. the story in a live report. and was it tough parenting or was it crossing the line as a police officer. i'm theresa garcia live in san jose. now the decision is in about an officer who temporarily arrested a 15-year-old boy for having sex. we'll explain. >> and we have delays on ace train this morning. all those details coming up. >> good morning, everyone.
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it is friday, 6 a.m.. i'm jenelle wang in for kristen. >> i'm eric thomas. it's still friday. still sounds good. but you can expect slick streets as you head out this morning. look like the rain isn't going away anytime soon. >> let's get more from meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> two systems. falling apart trying to push through the rest of the bay. that's why live doppler is picking up light radar returns. blue is about as low as the return gets and still moisture to reach the ground. six hundredths in santa rosa, 3 hundredths in san francisco. you can see the bulk of the stronger storms moving away from us. so we'll have scattered showers in the forecast for today. but the heaviest rain is still in the forecast for tomorrow and more so on sunday. i'll have that accu-weather seven-day forecast in a minute. here's jenelle and eric with more news. >> mike, thanks so much. less than 24 hours he hosted
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several events, met with silicon valley big wigs and raised an estimated $1.8 million for democrats. a day in the life of president barack obama. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo with more on his visit. hi, terry. >> good morning to you. yeah, it was a brief but very lucrative stop for the president in the bay area. but the fact he is stopping at this blue state, democratic state, tells you the kind of trouble democrats may be in this election cycle. take a look at the president arriving yesterday out here at sfo. he was greeted by people benefiting from his visit here. senator barbara boxer up against carly fiorina for her seat. and mayor gavin newsom, he wants to be lieutenant governor. mr. obama's first stop, spent less than an hour in atherton raising money. that was hosted by former state controller steve wesley. then it was time for dinner at
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the palo alto home of google executive melissa meyer. the democrats have some problems including a weakened support among women as a group like the healthcare reform. they are not happy with economic recovery and the jobless rate. >> calling for democrats this year while women say they're going to vote for democrats, they're not giving them the same big margins that they have in the past. >> we want democratic candidates to win. and there is a tremendous amount of republican money out there. >> this guy is no friend to the american people. he is a tool of the wall street bankers. >> in fact, tea party protestors greeted the president at one of his stops. they're upset with the size of government and the amount of government spending. mr. obama is going to be speaking at usc today. they're expecting a crowd of 30,000 people. candidate for governor jerry
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brown is going to be there. barbara boxer will be joining him as well lifting the spirits or attempting to and reminding people what got the president elected back in '08 in the first place. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. it's 6:04 now. in the south bay the district attorney has made a decision whether to prosecute a san jose police officer who pulled a scared straight stunt on a teenager neighbor. the incident was captured on smart phone video and has been shown around the country. theresa garcia is live in san jose with details. >> this case turned into a controversial debate about was this a parenting lesson or possibly an abuse of police authority. in the eyes of the santa clara district attorney's office they're saying this officer did not violate the law when he handcuffed and took into temporary custody a 15-year-old boy who he learned had sex with the officer's 14 year sold
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stepdaughter. part of the alleged fake arrest was secretly recorded on cellphone video by the boy's father during the august 30th confrontation. the motorcycle officer showed up in uniform at the end of his shift and the debate is over whether he violated the law or department policy. they thought the officer came to arrest their son and never gave permission to use scared straight tactics which included handcuffing him, writing an arrest card and telling the parents he wasn't going to arrest their son after all. the d.a.'s office determined under a welfare and institutions code, the officer has the authority to take a minor into temporary custody if there's reasonable cause to believe a criminal offense was committed and this case unlawful sexual intercourse. they can release the miner with a warning. the police department cited both teens for underaged sex. while the officer is not facing criminal charges he remains on paid administrative leave.
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that's where the department decides whether he violated department policy. if they decide that there could be discipline from extra training to possibly termination there. and the police department is drafting a new policy that will prohibit its officers getting involved in cases that involve family members. live in san jose, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thanks, theresa. time 6:06. a very unusual find at a coleman cemetery sparked an investigation. a maintenance worker at the holy cross cemetery saw two jars sticking out of the ground. he noticed a human heart in each shift jars with a photo pinned to each jar. the police are trying to figure out the identities. they contained embalming fluid and likely came from dead bodies. it may be related to some kind of religious ritual. >> say man suspected of disguising himself as a woman to enter the ladies locker room and
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take pictures has been arrested for disorderly conduct. he entered the locker room two different days earlier in month. he was seen pointing his cellphone of women undressing. he dropped a wig. they confronted the suspect but he ran away both times. he's under arrest and he's not a student. >> it's going to be a long time before the bay area bounces back from the recession, especially as far as unemployment is concerned. that's the conclusion of bay area experts who say the outlook is bleakest for san francisco and the east bay. they say jobs in those regions are not expected to return to prerecession numbers for another three or four years. in silicon valley, the prospects are a little brighter. expectations are that the san jose metro area will see 3% more jobs available next year over this year. >> 6:07. we may see sprinkles out there this morning but it's going to change for the weekend. >> heavier for the weekend.
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let's check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> not good news for the wineries. harvest those grapes quickly today. they get wet and that brings leaves to mold and leads to all sorts of other problems. right now, yeah, we have a few sprinkles. let's focus in on the temperatures today pretty mild this morning. most of us mid to upper 50s. as you can see that is actually a little warmer in most neighborhoods thanks to the blanket effect keeping the heat next to the ground. slightly cooler oakland, concord and napa about 2, maybe 1 degree. as far as what's going to happen, you can see the scattered showers possible during the afternoon hours. we'll see a few peeks of sunshine. temperatures well below average. low to mid-60s along the coast through san francisco into the bay. even into the north bay valleys. upper 60s ins south bay and upper 60s to near 70 in the east bay valleys. we will see more sunshine around the monterey bay with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s here. inland we'll have upper 60s to near 70 degrees. here's a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast.
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make sure you have plans that will be able to -- you know, you'll be able to do them inside also saturday and sunday because of the significant wet weather system of the season. here's a chance of showers monday and tuesday. looks dry and warm finally wednesday and thursday. megan? >> we have a delay for ace train commuters. number one delayed about 15 minutes. also if you're getting ready to leave the house and head out on the roadways, you should have a nice commute awaiting you. here's a live look at interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights are moving westbound and the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are not on yet. a slight delay making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. jenelle, kristen. >> thanks, megan. >> we do look a lot alike. (laughter) >> 6:09 now. >> just ahead, a peninsula city creates what could be a new
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speed bump for california's high-speed rail. >> rushing to beat the rain. the big bay area crop in danger of being washed away by this weekend's rain. >> keeping the water off crops to keeping water out of wounds, sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. raus. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. he worked his whole life, served his country defending our freedoms, and depends on social security.
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where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. good morning. friday morning. this is a high definition picture from the abc 7 headquarters of downtown san francisco. there are scattered sprinkles out there this morning and you may notice the roads are wet as
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you're heading into work. mike says it's going to get wetter still. the forecast coming up. >> more news. yet another speed bump for the proposed high-speed rail line from san francisco to los angeles. yesterday a palo alto city council committee shot down the idea of building a train stop for the bullet train in the downtown area. one of three cities being considered for a mid-peninsula stop. the committee says it would bring too much traffic to the area. it actually suggests not having a stop at any city along the peninsula. the full city council will take a vote on the proposal on monday. >> the head of the nonprofit group that runs the san francisco gay pride parade is now resigning after questions about her ability to manage the group's finances. at least 20 smaller nonprofits say the larger pride organization had short-changed them out of nearly $50,000 earned from beverage booths. the former ceo says a mistake was made and the smaller groups will be paid back but some
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question whether that's possible because the pride group is at least $99,000 in debt. two city supervisors have now stepped in to help organize the books while the groups search for a new leader. >> rain is threatening this year's grape harvest. storms this weekend are expected to dump an inch of rain on sonoma county on monday. this year's harvest is a couple years late to ripen because of a cold summer. growers are racing to harvest the grapes before rains drench the vineyard. they hope to get 70% harvested by tonight. they say the thin-skinned grapes such as chardonnay are particularly vulnerable. >> you mentioned the mold that can form when those grapes get wet. >> not a good thing at all. interesting if anybody sees the people working because they'll work at night, take a picture. we'd love to show it to everybody else and give you an idea how busy they are working out there. send it to let's talk about what's happening out there.
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almost 6:1624 morning. looking down from ballmer peak at pretty much almost a rain-free picture. live doppler 7 hd does have a little different perspective. it does show radar returns around alameda and oakland and up into the hills lafayette and orinda and even a few along the east bay hills south of dublin heading towards mount hamilton. the last couple hours even more radar returns. light showers moving along the peninsula coast there. these are all moving to the northeast about 20 to 25 mph. so we've gotta keep those scattered showers in the forecast through the morning commute. temperatures now mid to upper 50s. same thing around the monterey bay except gilroy 52. mostly cloudy, scattered light showers today. more of a nuisance than anything else. rain tonight on and off tomorrow and the heaviest falls sunday. let's take a look what's happening uptears. cold front moving through the
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bay area. that's why we're squeezing out the last bit of light shower activity mainly this morning. very isolated this afternoon. looking upshore, you can see the jet stream. look at all the waves, each one of those waves represents another chance of wet weather throughout the weekend as these will come in in shifts with the strongest one being sunday. here we are this morning into the afternoon hours. you can see it kind of fades with the sunset, the shower chance. mainly cloudy for your friday evening. rain moves into the north bay tomorrow morning and kind of off and on periods of light rain throughout the bay to the afternoon hours. becomes heavier during the evening hours and into the overnight hours. you may see a little lull sunday morning before the next stronger batch moves through from midmorning to mid afternoon sunday and that's when the heaviest of the rain will fall. rainfall impressive for an october storm. up to 3 inches in the north bay mountains. an inch and a quarter in your valleys. could have half an inch around the bay. up to four-tenths in the east
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bay valleys and a quarter inch in the south bay. they come from north west to southeast. usually you guys have the least amount of rain. your temperatures will be mid to upper 60s except for near 60 along the coast. look for those temperatures to be about the same tomorrow. cooler on sunday. monday and tuesday the best chance of a shower would be mainly the north bay but nothing like what we deal with this weekend. sunshine and warmer weather for wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. here's megan. >> thanks, mike. good morning. we have delays in mass transit for ace train commuters. ace train number one is delayed about 15 minutes right now. elsewhere it's been pretty quiet for your friday morning commute. let's take a look at drive times. westbound 580 through the altamont pass only 20 minutes to get from 205 to 680. we are starting to see slowing on westbound 4 making your way out of antioch towards concord, about a 21-minute commute time. from the carquinez bridge to the maze, about 19 minutes. let's go outside for a live look
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at the contra costa county ride. this is walnut creek. taillights are moving southbound along 680. no delays heading into the san ramon valley. elsewhere commuting in the north bay, a live look in san rafael. these taillights are moving southbound along 101. right now the drive time from 37 to 580 about 10 minutes. so traffic moving nicely there. as far as south bay commuters in san jose, a live look at 280 at the 17 overcrossing. nice and light through the downtown san jose area. for a check of traffic you can always go to our website. it's and click on the traffic link. eric? >> all right, megan. thank you very much. it's 6:19 now. it's something you don't think about until you need one. but a good bandage could be the key to avoiding infection. some are now made to keep out water and other bacteria-carrying liquids. "consumer reports" put one of those bandages to the test and as michael finney reports they found the results disappointing. >> from peeling to boiling and
6:20 am
slicing and dicing. in this busy kitchen, a lot of ways to hurt a finger. kitchen germs can cause infection. it's important to keep cuts dry. these bandages claim to do the job. "consumer reports" tested nine that say they're waterproof or water resistant, including one from band-aid. store brands were tested, too. >> this one leaked. >> in fact, none of the bandages can be counted on to keep you dry. >> most of the waterproof bandages leak most of the time. >> the consumer report found two bandages leaked much less than the others. band-aid water block plus kept the liquid out more than half the time. water prove clear did an even better job of preventing leaks, although clear bandages are a little tricky to put on, especially when you just have one hand. it's worth noting that the waterproof clear bandages and band-aid water block plus strips
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were among the most popular tested. be aware, don't use them if you're allergic to latex. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up, a netflix flub-up. left the rental giant a little red in the face. >> an incredible new device that berkeley firefighters now say will help them p ge
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i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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take a look at this. the berkeley fire department is
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showing off its revolutionary new system that could put water on major fires even this hydrants fail in an earthquake. it can suck up 12,000 gallons of water from the bay and pump it through hoses to a fire 6 miles away. it can pull water out of flooded systems. the new system costs $4.7 million. >> netflix is investigating a major outage. the website went down thursday preventing subscribers from streaming movies for several hours. it came one day after the company predicted subscribers will soon spend more time watching videos on the internet than on dvd's. >> still ahead at 6:30, the new technology that could mean fewer jobs at golden gate ferry terminals. >> the timing couldn't have been worse. why the standoff and fire at an upscale northern california
6:26 am
mall could have a much bigger effect. >> a bizarre crash last night. >> aim terry mcsweeney live at sfo. president obama flew in here yesterday. he'll fly out in a few hours. what he did last night and what he's going to do at his next stop coming up in a live report. >> speaking of sfo, everything flying fine there. no delays even with the low clouds and light shower activity. we don't have delays at any of our major airports. [ male announcer ] unions have spent over 20 million dollars against meg whitman. millions in cash for brown. and the teacher's union just spent millions more attacking meg. jerry brown again? he sure comes with strings attached.
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against meg whitman. millions in cash for brown. and the teacher's union just spent millions more attacking meg. jerry brown again? he sure comes with strings attached. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪
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welcome back. you're looking at a live picture of the new york stock exchange. and the opening bell is ringing now. stock futures higher overnight but already warning the market of a rough day because of a meeting of finance ministers and the group of 20. meeting as tensions grow over a battle that could affect trade. we'll get a report live from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> after raising nearly $15 million for democratic candidates here in the bay area, president obama leaves from sfo today to do the same in southern california. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo with more what the president accomplished while he was here. terry? >> it was short and sweet. the president comes in yesterday. a couple symptoms, a couple million dollars and off he goes down to southern california to a rally. the democratic base. something that needs rallying because according to polls, they're not very enthused about
6:31 am
the upcoming election. take a look at the president arriving here at sfo yesterday. he was met by senator barbara boxer and mayor gavin newsom greeting him yesterday. the president did fund-raising at a house in atherton for attorney general candidate harris. that was at the controller steve wesley. and another fund-raiser, a dinner that cost more than $30,000 per plate. that was at the home of google executive alyssa meyer. the president saying something you may hear again when he makes his stop at a big rally in l.a. today. >> betting on the idea that you forget who caused this mess in the first place. (cheers and applause) >> well, let me tell you, seattle, it's up to you to tell us you haven't forgotten. >> not everyone happy with the president's performance or even interested in remembering what got him elected back in 2008.
6:32 am
tea party protestors greeting him yesterday at one of the events. the democrats are in trouble nationwide. looks like they're going to -- recent polls indicate i should say they're going to lose control of the house of representatives and lose some seats in the senate, lose governors races as well. today in l.a. governor -- candidate for governor jerry brown's going to be down there. he thinks that president obama's strength is going to be enough to help him win the day. out here at san francisco international looking at air force i. president obama expected out here at 10:00 this morning and he's off to l.a. a huge rally, maybe 30,000 people expected at usc. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> 6:32. officials say parts of an upscale northern california mall could be closed for months because of a standoff with an arsonist. it all started yesterday when a man with a backpack walked into a gaming store at the roseville galleria. he flashed a gun and threatened
6:33 am
employees and ordered everyone out. moments later he set the store on fire. the entire mall was evacuated. >> one of the mall security walked by and said you need to lock the doors and evacuate. we told the commerce, gotta go. >> getting everybody out of the place. had a couple of ladies we helped out. >> you can see from sky 7 hd that part of the roof collapsed and officials say the fire damaged an entire wing of the mall. firefighters had to fight the flames from the outside because they didn't know if the suspect's backpack contained explosives. the suspect, alexander piguay recently lost his job. >> two san francisco police officers are recovering after being injured when their car hit a pole last night. they were heading south on san jose avenue near randall street about 6:45. the car ended up on the muni tracks and a muni power pole was knocked over. police say there are questions about the accident because the
6:34 am
officers were not responding to a call at the time of the collision. san jose avenue was closed in both directions for some time. the officers were taken to the hospital. they had non-life-threatening injuries and there's no word yet on the cause. >> a fremont police officer has finally been released from a hospital and back home with his wife and two children. 39-year-old officer todd young was shot trying to arrest a suspected gang member in oakland. one of the two bullets tore through his stomach and bladder. his recovery process will include several more months of rehabilitation and physical therapy. >> this morning classes will resume at gardner academy elementary school after a gas leak forced the school to send all its kids home early yesterday. 15 homes were also evacuated. a police officer first noticed the smell of gas around 19:30 yesterday morning on willis avenue. it took pg&e about two hours to find and cap the leak from the
6:35 am
2-inch underground line. facility workers are still trying to find what caused that leak. it took a couple hours to cap a leak in castro district yesterday. that forced several closures and the evacuation of nearby businesses at 18th and castro. pg&e says there are no shut-off valves for that small distribution like like the one that broke. a contractor hit the pipeline with a backhoe. >> the cash-strapped city of san jose has found a way to save $600,000 a year but not going to make the people who protect the city happy. an audit found think could save money by curtailing fire officials who routinely commute in city vehicles from as far as away as med des tow and monterey bay. the vehicles should not be taken home. the audit needs further review because the cost of saving money on fuel and maintenance, the drivers could drive directly to
6:36 am
the scene from home. >> a district oversight committee has approved a plan to install vending machines at the san francisco and sausalito ferry terminals by summer. the move is part of the district's effort to reduce its $132 million deficit. district officials say sought mating the ferry ticketing procedures will save $600,000 a year but will mean the elimination of seven jobs. >> i guess we're going to see possibly more rain. >> fine alliteration. appreciate that. let's check with mike and see what the deal is with that rain. >> live doppler 7 hd and also the rain totals during the overnight hours. lowest fremont and san jose. one-one hundredth there, concord and excuse had 500. vallejo 1500 and nearly a tenth up in santa rosa. the biggest amount was napa valley. seeing the rain, the bulk move
6:37 am
through the central valley climbing up into the foothills and eventually the mountain. more scattered showers developing along the coast there. you can see the peninsula coast. moves through during our morning commute along with a weakening cold front. we have to keep the scattered showers in the forecast through at least mid afternoon. then it looks like it will be dry for our evening. let's take a look how we get there and how the temperatures respond. pretty much the mid-50s at 8:00. still scattered showers lingering around noon. but already pockets of sunshine developing in the east bay valleys and south bay. low to mid-60s there. by 4:00 mostly cloudy with the bulk of the showers starting to taper. low to mid-60s in most neighborhoods. maybe even a few upper 60s in the east bay valleys. the bulk of the rain as we've talked about all week falls tomorrow and especially on sunday. get a couple of inches in the north bay. up to a quarter inch in the south bay. chances of rain monday and tuesday are mainly north and wednesday and thursday for sure dry and much warmer.
6:38 am
>> we have a major delay for ace train commuters. out of fremont delays over a half hour. that's a half hour delay for ace train number one out of fremont. outside a live look at the ride on the east shore freeway. crowded interstate 80 as these headlights move westbound. drive time about 22 minutes. once you reach the bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been turned on and a backup at west ground overcrossing. a 15 minute wait through the tolls and heading into san francisco. debris in the roadway eastbound 80 near treasure island. tires near the roadway there. the san mateo a live look. traffic moving nicely here in both directions. headlights are moving eastbound into hayward. let's get a check of one more bridge, the golden gate bridge where you'll find a beautiful ride making your way into san
6:39 am
francisco from sausalito. eric, jenelle. >> megan, thank you. it's 6:38. >> trading is underway on wall street. we'll have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board. you can see the dow is down just a bit. almost 4 points. >> you don't smoke, you don't drink. what do you do? there is something you do every day that could be decreasing your life expectancy. the study you'll want to stand up to hear. (cheers and applause) >> to philadelphia we go! the phillies win game five 4-2. >> and a giant letdown means the torture continues for fans of the orange and black. why the team's ace says he's not worried as they head for game 6 in philadelphia. >> and the decision is in. a south bay cop did not cross the line when he handcuffed a teenager boy for having sex. teenager boy for having sex.
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she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. he worked his whole life, served his country defending our freedoms, and depends on social security. so, who would want to privatize it? corporate lawyer david harmer. harmer's social security privatization plan would cut guaranteed benefits and gamble with social security on wall street. while we worry, harmer's wall street friends would make billions in profits from privatization. david harmer. a social security privatization plan we can't afford.
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♪ welcome back. 6:43 this friday. scattered showers possible big sur, sacramento, chico and eureka. palm springs about 73. tahoe it should be mainly dry this afternoon even though they had some rain this morning. saturday and sunday the rain we get they do, too. it could mix with snow in the higher elevations around yosemite sunday. let's go to southern california. we'll take a look at temperatures that will be cooler than average. a lot of cloud cover and looks like most of the rain bypasses these areas after today. here's eric and jenelle with more news. >> mike, thank you.
6:44 am
6:43 now. this morning the san francisco giants will take an unwanted trip back east to philadelphia after a frustrating loss at at&t park last night. the giants fell to the phillies in game five with the league championship series and an untimely error in the third inning led to two runs for the phillies and they added an insurance homer. lead 3-2. >> i feel like we see ourselves more in the drivers seat than them. you know, a little more in control. so it's up to us. >> game six in philadelphia tomorrow. if they lose, a series-deciding game seven would be played sunday. >> the world series one of two places. obviously if they win the series going on right now in san francisco. we're hoping for san francisco. if you'd like a seat at that game, get ready to give up plenty of your money. the san francisco examiner reports the average broker's price for a ticket at the
6:45 am
opening game of the world series at at&t park is $1,431. depending where you sit or stand because it's standing room only tickets, they could run $373 to $25,000. prices would be higher if the giants hosted the yankees than if the rangers come to town. >> 6:45. netflix goes on the fritz as the stock soars. a new app for people worried about bed bugs. >> jane king with the "moneyscope" report. hi, jane. >> hello, eric and jenelle. good morning. a rough night. people hoping to watch a movie on netflix. customers weren't able to access the service. it's up and running again. the problems started last night just a couple hours after investors were celebrating. the stocks hit an all-time high yesterday. had gained nearly 2 million subscribers.
6:46 am
some kind of problem with the servers. the markets this morning pretty quiet. a little higher. but better check it out before the changes. turns slightly lower there. the s & p and nasdaq are trading just slightly higher. the bloomberg silicon valley index today actually trading up about a third of a percent. at&t says more people are taking a pass on the i-phone and reaching for other smart phones instead. more than half of customers are choosing not to buy an i-phone. that's up from 26% last year. at&t diversified the smart phone products lineup in preparation when it loses the excluetivity on the i-phone. if you experience itching, a new app. report bed bug investigations. let's you track and report infestations in hotels, movie theaters and other places they might be lurking around. the apps for i-phones and i-pad
6:47 am
touch cost $1.99. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> thanks, jane. >> have a good weekend. 6:46. let's make it 6:47. campaign spending reports show jerry brown's gubernatorial campaign opened its checkbook in a big way. spent $14.6 million in the first weeks in october. that's more than he spent on the entire campaign and leaves him with $11.5 million for the rest of the contest. brown was still outspent by republican meg whitman who spent almost $23 million in the same period. so far she's spent more than $142 million out of her own pocket on this campaign. >> wow! >> wow, that's a lot of money, a lot of dough. we're going to see a lot of rain. i remember a rainy weekend in so long. >> that time of the year. we usually get one good one in october. this is probably the one.
6:48 am
let's take a look at sfo this morning. so far no flight arrival delays. even with low visibility and the live showers on live doppler 7 hd right over that area. you can see it running from moss beach just north of half moon bay all the way over to san mateo and millbrae. that's one of the wet areas of weather. this is all moving to the northeast at about 20 to 25 mph. will continue to bring us some wet weather. the cold front, the weakening one as we move through the morning hours. 24 and 680 come together around walnut creek, we have rain spinning all the way back and to international boulevard and oakland. still some showers showing up from mill valley, san rafael up 101 into novato. and finally there's another look at that rain just offshore moving through the bay during the morning rush. looks like we could have some slick streets. we'll talk about temperatures. pretty mild thanks to the cloud cover. we're in the mid to upper 50s.
6:49 am
little cooler in gilroy at about 52 degrees. mostly cloudy today, scattered showers. best chance had morning with that cold front moving through. they will taper. this may look a lot like yesterday afternoon. rain tonight on and off. periods of rain tomorrow and the heaviest will fall sunday. as far as our temperatures, we'll hit 70 antioch and livermore. some of the warmer spots anywhere. mid to upper 60s the rest of the east bay valley. under a mostly cloudy sky, low to mid-60s on the east bay shore. partly sunny in the south bay with mid to upper 60s. 68 and saratoga, campbell and san jose. mid-60s mostly cloudy sky at the peninsula, cloudy at the coast and drizzle possible, near 60 for you. south san francisco mostly cloudy as are the north bay valleys with temperatures low to mid-60s. your beaches may have drizzle, too. monterey bay, a little more sunshine. upper 60s there. inland upper 60s to low 70s. tonight mild once again with mid
6:50 am
to upper 50s but notice the rain starting to move into the north bay valleys. that's where it will hit first tomorrow. before we get to that, let's watch how this falls apart. this is the line moving in right now, the cold front by the evening hours. maybe a little drizzle but for the most part the showers are over. pretty quiet until we get to 8:00 in the morning. that's when we see the light rain develop in the north bay. it will slowly spread southward into the rest of the bay by saturday evening. hangs around sunday morning and gets heavy from midmorning in the north bay to mid-afternoon in the south bay. by 10:00 it's out of here. rainfall total very impressive from 1 to 3 inches in the north bay mountains up to an inch and a quarter in your valleys. about almost a half inch in the east bay, a third of an inch in the south bay and three-quarters of an inch around the bay itself. with that rain it will be cooler on sunday. scattered showers, chances mainly north of the bay monday and tuesday.
6:51 am
we know it's going to rain. we know they're harvesting almonds and also grapes up in the north bay valley. if you have pictures of those we'd love to see them and share them with other views. upload them or e-mail them. megan, you have a bad accident? >> yeah. we have a new injury crash slowing the commute in oakland. it's southbound 880 at oak street. it's reported to be five cars involved in this crash. we have an ambulance and fire truck on the scene. right now the two right lanes are blocked. you can see this red means that speeds are below 20 mph as you approach the crash. let's get a check on other drive timesor your friday morning commute. seeing slowing as you make your way out of antioch into concord. about a half hour to make it through the altamont pass from 205 to 680. we have a major delay in mass transit for ace train commuters. ace train number one is delayed
6:52 am
a half hour making your way out of fremont. let's go outside for a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have been turned on. we have a backup to that west grand overcrossing, about a 15-minute delay making your way through the tolls. walnut creek heavy traffic southbound on 680. for updates go to and click on that traffic link. jenelle? >> thanks, megan. time now 6:52. what's next for governor arnold schwarzenegger when he leaves office in january? will it be an autobiography, another movie deal? all possibilities according to a los angeles times report on the governor's most recent online chat. mr. schwarzenegger said he could write in his words a book or two or return to acting if "someone comes up with a great script." he hinted there might be something in the works with his terminator director james cameron. he shared his thoughts with his nearly 2 million twitter followers but his press secretary chose the questions.
6:53 am
>> this morning a stunning new warning about diabetes in a report released today. the centers for diabetes estimates by 2050, one in every three americans will have the ailment. currently one in every ten does. the study cites several reasons for the projected increase including positive factors like the fact diabetics are living longer. the report is published in the journal population health metrics. you might want to stand up for this next story. new research shows sitting too long could be just as bad as smoking. >> smoking and sitting too much have some striking parallels. it's global and it's common and it's hazardous. >> professor mark hamilton and his team at lsu's biomedical research centers found that sitting too much turns off an important fat-burning chemical. people who sit longer than six hours a day are more likely to die from diabetes, heart disease and obesity. employees at a job placement firm in minneapolis found a
6:54 am
unique solution. they walk while they work using special treadmills fitted to their desks. >> it's easy as walking and chewing gum. >> i have a. d. d. so standing and moving at work helps me focus and helps me with energy. >> everybody in the office has lost weight simply by doing their jobs. >> let's walk and do the news. walk in place. (laughter) >> i can't handle that. three things, can't handle it. president obama's wrapping up a quick trip to the bay area filled with several events that net nearly $2 million for the democrats. >> terry mcsweeney live at sfo with details. >> democrats are probably hoping the president attended ten events last night. they need the money, they're in trouble this election cycle. the president arriving at sfo yesterday. a part of a four-day swing picking up close to $2 million.
6:55 am
san francisco mayor gavin newsom in the race for lieutenant governor. barbara boxer was there as well. san francisco's d.a. and attorney general candidate up against republican steve coolly. the big money came at event number 2, palo alto and melissa meyers' house, dinner for $30,400 per person. democrats appear headed for some major losses in a couple weeks. they could lose control of the house. expected to lose some senate seats as well. the president is off to l.a. at 10:00 this morning. there's going to be a big rally at usc. jerry brown is going to be there. barbara boxer is going to be with him. ideally it's going to be stimulating the base that's going to be not only the people there but also the people that see it on tv. democrats in need of inspiration this election cycle. theresa garcia down in san jose. good morning, theresa. >> good morning.
6:56 am
controversy has come to an end for a san jose police officer. he was accused by the parents of a 15-year-old boy for abusing his police authority when he took their son into temporary custody after he learned the son had sex with his 14-year-old stepdaughter. part of the alleged fake arrest august 30th was secretly recorded on cellphone video by the boy's father. when the officer showed up at their house in uniform at the end of his shift. they never gave him permission to use scared straight tactics. it turned into a debate of tough parenting and a cop crossing the line. the district attorney's office said he did not violate the law. under a welfare and institutions code, the officer has the authority to take a minor into temporary custody if there's reasonable cause to believe that a criminal offense was committed and in this case unlawful sexual intercourse. they can arrest or give that minor a warning. the officer is not facing
6:57 am
criminal charges but on paid leave because the police department is looking whether his conduct violated department regulations. live in san jose, theresa garcia. >> mike, what about the rain? >> we have still have scattered light showers. one over sfo but surprisingly we don't have flight arrival delays. expect the nuisance rain to continue midmorning. by the afternoon some drier conditions, even a patch of sunshine or two and light showers like yesterday afternoon. low to mid-60s most of us. the bulk of the rain falls tomorrow and sunday. megan. >> southbound 880 in oakland is the place to avoid. an injury crash has the two right lanes blocked at oak street. traffic jammed. major delays on ace train now. ace train number one out of fremont delayed over a half hour. >> megan, thank you very much. thank you for joining us with the abc 7 morning news. >> our next newscast is 11 a.m. and you can stay connected at have a great weekend, everyone!
6:58 am
>> stay dry. we'll see you later. [ male announcer ] how can you retire at age 55?
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just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.


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