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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 23, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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they might catch on to it, but i can't say enough about our guys. really banged up coming into this game. they've earned the bye week. >> heather: a lot of talk about wisconsin being the best line against the best defense line. >> give all the credit ain the world to iowa. kirk is an unbelievable coach. i couldn't be prouder of our guys. >> heather: how emotional is this win knowing that came on the field that you played on and you coached on? >> i say all the time it's about our players. it really is. it means a lot to me to come back and drive down. a lot of great memories. i'm so happy with the way our guys persevered. it's pretty cool. >> heather: coaches, congrates. >> thank you. >> sean: their first back-to-back wins over ranked opponents since 2004. they've taken bodown state and iowa back-to-back. tune in for "saturday night football" tonight on abc 8:00 p.m. eastern time. oklahoma and missouri. the sooners, the number one team
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in the country. final score of this one, wisconsin 31, iowa 30. for matt millen, heather cox and our crew, sean mcdonough saying so long from iowa city, iowa.
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♪ good evening. emotions bubbling out less than two weeks before the sentencing of oscar grant shooting case today the long house shore express the their concern. lisa amin gulezian is live in downtown oakland where a demonstration just ended at city hall. what a connection between the union and oscar grant? >> the unions say what's important to the community is important to them. the last time they took this kind of action was two years ago to protest the iraq war. but still the bottom line they say is that they just don't like to see injustice. (chanting) >> sayinger voices and messages fill the space in front of city
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hall. it's a rally for oscar grant how just 13 days before convicted bart police officers johannes mehserle will be sentenced for grant's death. >> a special connection to oscar grant and other victims. >> standing alongside the grant family, members of several unions including ilwu, the international long shore and warehouse union. they're the ones responsible for loading and off-loading cargo ships in bay area ports. instead of going to work, they are here. >> it's a huge deal. it is a huge deal for us to shut down the port of oakland. >> only one shift came into oakland's port today and the port's spokesperson insists business wasn't really disrupted. they hope this rally will have an impact, at least on judge robert kerry. he'll decide mehserle's faith november 5th. >> concerns. if we were betting people based on the history, johan necessary
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mehserle is going to go home on probation. that's what this rally is about. no one wants to see that. >> wave it in the air! >> grant's family and friends quantity mehserle to serve a minimum of 14 years. >> grant's family will read this letter in the courtroom before sentencing. >> oscar deserves justice. he shouldn't have been shot. he shouldn't have died january 1st, 2009. his life and his experiences were robbed from him. >> the main reach in the courtroom which is exactly what mehserle's attorney doesn't want to happen. >> the judge should grant him probation, release him immediately and let him reunite with his family. and that will be a mightily unpopular decision, too, if that's what the judge does. >> there really was a huge police presence out here. officers were all around the plaza and many more were stationed on adjacent streets. but there were no issues and no
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arrests. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> thank you, lisa. investigators have released a sketch of a sexual assault suspect at a solano county campground. the suspect is a 30 year sold latino male, 200 pounds with a muscular build, a large belly, a rounds puppy face with pimply cheeks and short black hair. he was wearing a white t-shirt, corduroy pants and white gloves. he entered a trailer between about 3:00 and 4:30 in the afternoon and assaulted a 50-year-old woman. he stole 200 dollars from a small safe before fleeing. if you have information contact the solano county authorities. the first big rain of the season is sweeping through the bay area, the north bay getting the bulk of this rain. for a better look let's go to meteorologist lee glasser. is the worst yet to come.
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>> yeah, another system moves in tomorrow to bring us heavier periods of rainfall. you can see live doppler 7 hd, the wave making its way across the bay area. much of it on the light side, a few embedded heavier showers here and there but santa rosa to novato seeing light to moderate rain. in the east bay pleasant hill, walnut creek and concord just moved through your area. antioch, oakland, brenwood received some rain showers as well in the next few. almost fremont seeing a little light rain. this is stretching down towards milpitas, gilroy, even morgan hill seeing moderate rain as well as this band sweeps on through. rainfall pretty impressive in the north bay already with santa rosa a little over an inch. half an inch petaluma, lesser amounts as you head towards the oakland area as well as san jose. but be advised more heavier rainfall expected in the next 24 hours. we'll show you what you can expect coming up. >> thank you, lee.
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we'd like to see and share how the rain is affecting your area. accepted your video to youreport powered by you can also e-mail your video or photos to youreport. pg&e is insisting that "scheduling and logistics" have kept two employees from talking to federal investigators about last month's deadly explosion in san bruno. those workers played a key role in responding to a power outage at a transmission system in milpitas that caused pressure to build up. they coordinated emergency response after the explosion killed eight and destroyed dozens of homes. the two employees were too traumatized to speak to investigators. but pg&e told abc 7 that all employees involved have been made available for interviews with investigators. contra costa county authorities are continuing to monitor the
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air quality around the concophillips refinery in rodeo. yesterday the plant burned off process gas as a safety measure after a system failure forced the plant to shut down. it triggered a level 2 health advisory. they want people with sensitive respiratory systems to stay indoors. though showed no signs of hazardous chemicals and no shelter in place was issued. lsd was found in a san mateo county teenager's system after he fell to his death during a school-related trip to canada last unite. daniel cho died on june 6 after he fell 100 feet from the suspension bridge at the popular tourist spot near vancouver. he climbed over the 4 foot high fence and fell into the ravine below. two other boys admitted taking lsd and giving tom to cho during
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the bus trip. they ruled his death accidental. no criminal charges will be filed in that case. a southern california man turned spokesman for al-queda released a new internet video urging attacks against the u.s. >> adam gadan directed his appeal to muslim immigrants in the suburbs of cities like paris, london and detroit. he encouraged muslims working in the u.s. to carry out attacks. he was raised in riverside county before converting to islam and moving to pakistan. he's wanted by the u.s. government for treason. republican meg whitman took her campaign to los angeles this afternoon after starting her day campaigning in san jose's vietnamese community. whitman began her weekend swing in san jose yesterday. she toured a company called zazell with new york city mayor michael bloomberg.
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polls released wednesday showed jerry brown leading whitman by 8 percentage points but another survey shows the two in a dead heat. brown plans to take his campaign to churches in los angeles tomorrow followed by a rally in the san fernando valley. the latest poll in the attorneys general race shows republican steve coolly with a narrow lead over carmella harris. 34% of likely voters support coolly who currently served as los angeles's county district attorney. 36% are backing san francisco d.a. harris but 17% of likely voters told pollsters they remain undecided with ten days left until the election. the l.a. times and usc conducted that poll. up next weather and wine. we'll show you how the storm is capping an already difficult year for growers in the napa valley. it takes a two-thirds vote to raise taxes. some say it should be just as
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[ male announcer ] unions have spent over 20 million dollars against meg whitman. millions in cash for brown. and the teacher's union just spent millions more attacking meg. jerry brown again? he sure comes with strings attached.
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against meg whitman. millions in cash for brown. and the teacher's union just spent millions more attacking meg. jerry brown again? he sure comes with strings attached. more than 200 people have died from an outbreak of cholera in haiti. health officials are concerned that number could rise if the
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disease reaches port-au-prince where hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors are living in squalid camps. it's an infection from contaminated water and it can result in death if not treated with antibiotics. they are rushing in relief supplies there. it's been a long week on the campaign trail for president obama. five states in four days. the president wrapped up this week's march to the midterm election in minnesota where he campaigned for the democratic candidate for governor mark dates. obama asked the crowd why go backwards. >> i need you fired up! because in just ten days, you have the chance not just success, the direction of his fate, but also help determine the direction of this country. >> voters are angry about the economy, unemployment and other issues and according to polls, seem intent on taking out their
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frustrations on democrats. the party empowered both on pennsylvania avenue on november 2nd. the president will be back out on the campaign trail next week. climate change researchers meeting in the bay this weekend say they continue to see disturbing changes in the sea life there. the state of the bay conference of about 200 scientists and wildlife experts reports tomorrow's bay waters are steadily becoming more acidic. higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air are being absorbed in the water resulting in higher acidity. it's weakening the shells of oysters that the bay is famous for. salmon that used to spawn in great numbers in the creek have dwindled to less than 500 but sea lions and whales seem to be benefiting. the acidic conditions are favorable for the kind of fish they feed on. we're in the middle of a wet weekend with a pretty big storm coming in. lee will have our details in just a moment. but what are the complication of
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this early rain, the effect its having on the grave harvest, especially for growers this has been such a challenging weather year already. wayne friedman has the story from wine country. >> in the vineyards of sonoma county, this is a season for rushing and picking, squeezing and crushing, not a season for being squeezed. but that's how growers feel this week. >> do you sleep at night? >> lately i haven't slept at night. we've been picking every single night. >> every day in the morning rains. vineyard manager brian peterson crush time means crunch time and a tougher one than usual this year. the complication with this year's grapes as with most years: weather. a cooler summer led to a longer growing season but that meant a shorter harvest season and now this rain has pretty much put an end to it.
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the water sits on the bunches. we'll get the shot which will ruin grapes. >> zinfandel will be the most vulnerable and that crop suffered the most this season. high temperatures burned 60% of those grapes in some fields. but most of the rest of the zinfandel is out by now. these cabernet grapes in the valley are almost perfect. >> an amount of rain now is not going to hurt a thing for us. we're going to be finished in an hour with only a few hundred tons still to go which we'll get next week. >> as they say in the wine business, there's always something to make a harvest interesting. then again, that's what makes wines interesting, too. from the alexander valley, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> lee glasser here to talk more about this wet one. >> we have this weak system coming in today. we have a stronger system tomorrow that's going to bring us quite a bit of rainfall. periods of heavy rain expected on sunday. we have wet travel all across
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the bay area. this is a live high definition golden gate cam. you can see the fog settling in as well. live doppler 7 hd really showing you exactly what's going on. the weakness moving inland, the rain towards cloverdale towards the novato area, vallejo has some of that rain, san francisco and it's moving closer. this is some of that shower activity that's moved through concord, now the antioch, oakland, brentwood area. pockets of rain there you're going to find it san jose all the way towards gilroy as well as hollister. temperatures, this has been a rather mild system so upper 50s to low 60s right now. oakland we have 61. menlo park 61. 58 for san francisco and we're receiving some of the upper 50s right now towards livermore valley area. continue with breezy conditions for tonight. periods of rain off and on but really look for that secondary system to move in tomorrow and that's when that heavier rain
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will move in beginning in the north bay first. we will look for some clearing as we head into monday afternoon and tuesday. overnight temperatures much like where we are right now. mid to upper 50s, maybe even 60s. and this is the first wave, if you will, of moisture that is moving through right now. but let me show you what's going to kick in tomorrow. stronger cold front. would you look at this moisture plume all the way back towards the west. all this funnels in tomorrow and this will produce areas of heavy rain. in fact, as we go through the animation, the forecast for the next 24 hours, you can see some of that rain will continue off and on tonight but really it's going to be tomorrow morning when the north bay gets hit around 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. a band of very heavy rain and settle south across the entire bay area, push south tomorrow night and that's when we look a little bit for partial clearing. the high country it's not snow but rather very heavy rain and
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the wind will pick up. a high wind advisory up for the sierra. close to 60 mph. that snow level rising as that warmer air moves in at 10,000 feet. highs for your sunday with periods of heavy rain. mid to upper 50s. maybe a few mid to low 60s for the east and south bay locations but that's about it. rain in our forecast for tomorrow and we'll look for scattered showers mainly in the morning for monday. that clearing monday afternoon. a nice day as we head into tuesday and wednesday. and then another system starts to build in here. look for a chance of some showers thursday in the north bay. likely again friday and saturday. >> a long, wet week. thanks a lot, lee. >> let's turn to shu now. saturday. the cal bear guys are an enigma. they can't win on the road but they come home and win by a bunch. win by @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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well, the giants are hoping tonight is the night. san francisco has a chance to clinch a world series berth with a win over philadelphia in game six of the national league championship series. first pitch about an hour away in philly. the manager is going with renteria tonight. he prefers his defense. the d-man has a chance to win the pennant so not too much pressure tonight. >> you treat this as another game and play it the same way, play hard, play it right. i don't think you put any added pressure on yourself.
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go out there and try to execute. >> we find we just come here and we watch, ready for this game. we just enjoy like every day, have fun and ready for today. >> the pressure's definitely on the phillies. they have to win two straight. the cal bears will drive you crazy. yet to win on the road yet when they come home they play like national champions winning by 34 points a game. must be the home cooking. midwest the first quarter. $ 3-3 game. the interception. another hundred yard day at 106. hesitates. does a little shuffle. right and left and right and scores from eight yards out. kevin rally with the senior quarterback. jeremy ross for a gain of 32 yards. the catch. two plays later he'll thread the needle. four-yard touchdown. the bears up 16-3. next possession, reilly.
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faith. marvin jones gets behind the defense. when he can run like they do, play sacks works. and does his best enjoying his buy week. 36-3 cal at the half. special teams firing on all cylinders. blocks the punt. scores, makes it 4-3. cal goes on to a 50-17 victory including 2-4-3. down on the farm hosting with state. first quarter. cardinal 3-0 and driving. shakes offer the pressure, finds a wide open ryan way lynn. makes it 10-0 cardinals. after the cougars cut it to 3, stefan taylor finding room and finding taylor. that makes it 17-7. taylor again this time from a yard out. leads 31-7. complete highlights hopefully later in this newscast. following missouri and oklahoma here on abc 7 reactions from stanford cal and the giants phillies game on after the game.
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should get going around 8:30. more college football coming up later in this newscast. hope to see you then. >> thank you, shu. just ahead, the first big rain of the season is hitting the bay area right now but the worst is yet to come. >> i'm nanette miranda in sacramento. it takes a two-thirds vote to raise your taxes. some say it should be just as hard to raise your
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♪ the first big rain of the season is sweeping through the bay area, the north bay getting the bulk of it. but other areas have been feeling it as well. thomas roman is live in san francisco with a look at the rain we're having here. >> allen, yeah, it's falling here. been falling steadily at bay and embarcadero the last two hours. tourists reading this rain, the first big rain of the season by donning their raincoating and buying umbrellas all over. we were at walgreens where the umbrellas were the hottest selling item. the rain brought the usual problems. let's go to marin county. the rain brings standing water problems and the usual is happening in marin county at 101 and lucky drive. a lot of standing water there on the freeway and drivers are asked to please be cautious especially in that area because of that water. also because of the rain, the
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first rain of the season a lot of debris being warned into storm drains which is causing backing up and local flooding. although not now, none reported. crews expected to be cleaning that up throughout the weekend. we come back to san francisco, and here in san francisco it's -- it's drizzling. it's been raining steadily. lots of people buying umbrellas in the area, waiting for even more rain tomorrow. lee glasser tells us we're supposed to get heavier rain tomorrow beginning in the morning and sort of tapering off in the evening. we're expecting a little more wind and rain tomorrow. everyone is asked please be prepared. drive carefully and make sure you get that umbrella and those rain coats out. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thanks, thomas. let's take a look where that big green blob is going now with lee glasser. >> yeah. this is the first in a series of
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systems. live doppler 7 hd seeing a little break right here but most of the activity has started to push inland a bit. you can see some of the waves of moisture up towards petaluma, novato, san rafael. even the golden gate bridge reporting some rain now. a moderate shower moving into the brentwood area. a little break in the action and gilroy, hollister, even down towards monterey bay now picking up moderate rain. system number two, heavier rain moves into tomorrow. the forecast is coming up. >> thanks, lee. we like to share and see how the rain is affecting you. just send your video to youreport powered by the upload side is at you can also e-mail video or photos to youreport. please send them in. we'd like to see it. it takes a two-thirds vote to raise your taxes. some say it should be just as hard to raise your fees. nanette miranda looks at the
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battle over prop 26. >> you pay an entrance fee when you visit some state parks or a building permit fee when you expand your home. it takes only a simple majority of lawmakers at the state or local level to approve costs like that but recent years knowing they can't get a two-thirds vote required for new taxes politicians have been playing word games. >> what our politicians are doing these days, they're trying to make it easier to raise taxes on individuals on our taxpayers by calling a real tax a fee to make it easier to get it passed. >> with the tobacco, oil and alcohol industries, the california chamber of commerce is pushing proposition 26 which equates many but not all fees with taxes. by requiring a two-thirds vote. for example, businesses that make products containing lead have to pay a regulatory fee which the state now uses to screen at-risk kids for lead poisoning. that passed on majority vote and
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would have needed more support under proposition 26. >> you politicians don't try to take it a real tax and call it a fee to get around the constitution. >> but californians don't need to look far to see how difficult it is to achieve a two-thirds vote. things like the state budget get delayed. >> proposition 26 is an absolute disaster. >> environmentalists worry the tough standards will mean it will be harder to impose fees on businesses to pay for the potential problems they cause such as air pollution or declines in water quality. >> the fees these major corporations are paying to are clean up their mess and that's why they've written this measure. they don't want to have to pay their fair share. >> the costs preventing negative effects with business dises the taxpayers. abc 7 news. >> the candidates for superintendent of public obstruction took part in debate by abc 7, the san jose mercury news and the silicon valley leadership group and you can watch it this sunday at 11 a.m.
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right here on abc 7. first lady michelle obama is set to visit the bay area monday to raise money for local democratic candidates. they'll attend a campaign committee fund-raiser at san francisco fairmont hotel. the first lady seas public appearances can make big money for clothing companies. meg oliver has more. >> we know many are obsessed with the first lady's every fashion move. but now we're learning michelle obama's choices from couture to cart begans from the mall have a dramatic impact on the market. >> each single appearance of hers could move the stock a million dollars. >> just a single appearance by the first lady. here's how the numbers break down from new york university analyst david urmack. from 2008 to 2009 she made 800 appearances and wore publicly
4:36 pm
traded companies including j. crew, the gap and just from donning those duds they raked in $2.7 billion. j. crew has definitely reamed the benefits. when mrs. obama wore this cannary yellow number on leno, web traffic shot up 64% the next day. this green hand-beaded cardigan and pencil skirt sold out on j. crew's website within hours. and talbot, the company struggling to change its frumpy image got a boost after she wore this dress in may 2009. last year during her trip to europe, the companies affiliated with her wardrobe gained an average 16.3%, far outpacing the market. the study found that models or even celebrities have the same impact on company stock prices. consumers know the first lady doesn't receive sean money for
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ensembles. >> one reason she wears both high culture and kind of every day fashion. so it doesn't seem out of reach. >> an economic bounce that couldn't come at a better time. meg oliver, abc news, new york. >> the chief of california's high-speed rail project is telling cities along the peninsula to forget about running the trains through covered trenches or in tunnels to keep noise levels down. some of the rail authorities own animation that runs below ground level but the county times reports that leaders from san mateo, burlingame and millbrae were told during a two-hour meeting yesterday that stretches of the track cannot be built below ground. the reasons include a lack of ventilation for freight trains that share the rail corridor and the billions of extra dollars it would cost to build out the system below ground. just ahead an oregon town's underground secrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcr
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for the first time the public is getting a glimpse into oregon's secret jumped ground tunnel system.
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a secret world born in the 1800s. we saw things very few people have. >> downtown streets... >> an example of what you would see in basements in some places of downtown. >> sight seers are just beginning to understand the history that's been dormant for years. >> today is just a little tiny portion of what we found. >> lynnfield college history professor john ritter and rebecca mateland started working to uncover these secrets just a few months ago. >> it's a history. it shows salem was a multicultural vital city in the 1880s. they're giving historical tours when bootlegging, gambling and anti-chinese sentiment reigned underground in a system of tunnels. >> they couldn't be where the city people would see them. they had to go underground. every major city had a population underground with an
4:41 pm
opium den. >> what is frozen in time. in one room, a drop. nearby a vault where visitors left their mark. >> we found a slide that goes deep beneath. >> let down on the wooden ladder. >> like a treasure hunt they unearth secrets like what's behind these doors. by just moving the shelves and desks that blocked them for years. other clues like the street people pass by every single day above the boiler room of the capital center were easier to find. >> look for the blue glass. that means there's a tunnel down there. >> this could take you all the way down to trade street. as walk down and you could pop into the tunnel there, pop out over here two blocks away, nobody would ever know. >> and ritter says this is is just the beginning. >> we did quite a lot and i think there's quite a lot more to discover. >> the 1882 chinese exclusion act resulted in a surge of anti-chinese sentiment in salem.
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most of the city's chinese moved south to san francisco. the others stayed underground and researchers are still looking for an underground china. just ahead, a new study on the size of the dog shake. what scientists have learned by looking how dogs and other animals keep themselves dry.
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volunteers started helping the salvation army and other
4:44 pm
charities get ready for the holidays today. many people donated their time to help sort clothes at the salvation army's thrift store in san francisco's mission district. other jobs included getting care packages ready for thanksgiving and christmas. several employees donated their time. >> always important throughout the year. all important all year long. the holidays particularly important because many people do not have the means to have the turkey or the cranberries or the chocolate that so many others of us are fortunate to have. >> the volunteers you see all took partly in global community day. it included 45,000 people helping nonprofits across the country including 1,000 volunteers right here in california. now, on to some serious science. if you've ever seen a dog try to shake itself dry after taking a dip in the water, you probably noticed that the technique can throw off an amazing amount of
4:45 pm
water. now there's a study about how fast different animals shake their bodies to shed water. here's abc's jeremy hubbard. ♪ >> you probably never pondered the physics of that bath-time annoyance: the shaking wet dog. but david goo has. >> this is my wife's ex-boyfriend's gift to her. >> after bathing jerry the poodle, he wondered how fast his dog and other mammals for that matter have to shake to get dry. how hard do they work? with a team of researchers with a slow motion camera, he found out. >> this wasn't exactly easy to do. the scientists had to get up close and personal with soaking wet animals and endure a drenches. >> after studying everything from mice to rats to dogs and even bears, they discovered something interesting. size matters. small animals have to shake their tails off in order to get
4:46 pm
dry. a mouse, he rotates his body faster than the eye can see, nearly 30 times a second trying to repel water. an average-sized dog on the other hand, he'd have to shake just five times per second to get just as dry. why exactly to animals shake in the first place? because water particles cling to their fur. to get rid of the water, they have to start gyrating. >> this is the same principle that a washing machine works. imagine you're a drop on one of these clothes. there's a centrifugal force that tends to pull you out. these dogs work on the same principle. they have to choose a speed that's high enough to get rid of the drops. >> what is the point? researchers say they hope their discoveries make people appreciate how animals have learned to adapt. >> i hope at least as a team we can come up with some really neat design for either a washing machine or something else we haven't thought of. >> progress from the science of a soaked pooch. >> and i'd like to know how much
4:47 pm
funding this study got and who funded it? >> i don't know. a lot of shaking going on out there tonight with the rain coming down. >> yes. >> and this is a pretty neat shot from our mount tamalpais camera. wind speeds on top, 26 mph. temperature now 50. you can see the rain is coming down in sheets there. live doppler 7 hd confirming that. you can see this wave of moisture just continue to move inland. we'll take you up a little towards the north and you can see santa rosa, sonoma all the way towards san rafael. there's mill valley, mount tam seeing the rain there, san francisco. in the east bay though we've been seeing moderate rain out towards oakley as well as the brentwood area. you can cease sausalito heading over the bay, heading towards oakland and san leandro. and there's that oakley and brentwood shot, a live sweep as you see that moisture continue to feed from west to east. that is the movement in san jose right now picking up some moisture, too. all of this will continue to sweep inland overnight tonight.
4:48 pm
and many heavier rain expected tomorrow. current temperatures in the 50s to low 60s across much of the location. and we will continue with breezy with periods of rain overnight tonight. secondary system moves in tomorrow morning. that's when some heavier rain will move in as well. we will look for some clearing to begin monday afternoon. tuesday and wednesday right now look dry. this is the first attempt. there is going moving in. second system is here and check out the plume of moisture stretching well out into the pacific. this is what's gonna fire in here tomorrow bringing areas of heavy rain. and here's pretty much how we see it happening. you can see tonight just wave after wave of moisture moving through. by tomorrow though that second blast will move in and look like 9:00, 10:00 that heavy rain moving north bay and south bay will move through rather quickly and look for clearing or partial clearing as we head into the overnight hours tomorrow night. in tahoe it is going to be rain
4:49 pm
and also some very strong wind developing there. high winds advisory in effect for the highest locations through those gaps and those passes with gusts close to 60 mph. snow level rising to about 10,000 feet and a high for sunday, we'll keep it much like today, upper 50s to low 60s. santa rosa 50 degrees in the east bay. antioch 53, palo alto 64 and much the same as you head south with watsonville 62, gilmore 65. our accu-weather seven-day forecast, it is going to be a wet day tomorrow, rain heavy at times. accumulation by the way close to 3 inches possible in north bay mountainous areas. looking for an inch, maybe an inch and a half elsewhere. by monday we'll taper those showers off in the morning, look for some partial clearing monday afternoon. tuesday and wednesday right now mild and dry. and then another round hits the north bay thursday. we all get wet again friday and next saturday. >> okay.
4:50 pm
get the umbrellas out. thank you, lee. let's go to shu and get a look at some of the latest scores. >> i have one for you you're not going to like. cal bears love the rain as they break out the thunder on asu. while stanford is having their way with washington state. but the cardinals don't care. coming up next in sports.
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>> the giants are hoping like rod stewart used to say, tonight's the night. the world series with the win over phillies and game six of the national league championship series. first pitch in philadelphia. the manager going with renteria tonight. first renteria's defense coming off the bench. the g-men have two chances to win the pennant this weekend so not putting too much pressure on themselves tonight. >> treat this as -- as another game and play it the same way. go out there play hard, play it right. i don't think you put any added pressure on yourself. go out there and try to execute. >> we come here. we ready for this game and enjoy like every day, have fun and ready for today. >> the cal bears will drive you crazy. they went on the road yet when they come home they play like
4:53 pm
national champions winning by about 40 points a game. must be the home cooking. asu in town. 3-3 game. cal defense assert their will. says to himself they get it down for the interception. shane green, another day. a little shuffle, right and left and back to the right. scores from 8 yards out. second quarter, kevin reilly a huge save. 32 yards. straight throw and catch. two playless later, freshman allen with the touchdown. 16-3 bears. next possession. reilly play action. marvin jones behind the defense. i'll say. 52-yard connection. enjoying his buy week from the detroit lions. cal go on to a 50-17 victory
4:54 pm
improving 2-4-3. hosting with state. first quarter calnal up 3 and driving. takes off the pressure. finds a wide open ron waylist. makes it 10-0 cardinals. stefan taylor finding room then find being him. 17-7. throwing it out for doug baldwin. a tremendous leaping catch. 17 yards on the play. sanford up 31-14 right now in the 4th quarter. see how that's coming up later on. the scc, lsu third quarter. game time. watch this guy. maybe the heisman front runner. here's why. the breaking tackles, making guys miss. won't be at the goal line. runs for 217 yards. lsu fights back in the 4th. targets with the pass. reuben randall, 39 yards. game tied at 17.
4:55 pm
later in the 4th, ranking 3 and a whole lot of green in front of him. 70 yards. that's a long way to run in shoulder pads. running 442 yards as a team. the tigers remain undefeated beating the lsu tigers 24-17. big upset in big 12 country. visiting 19-ranked texas. first quarter. on the move. rolling right. reynolds breaks the tackle and scores. 18 yards, 7-0 iowa state. over the middle. josh leaping grasp. 15 yards, 21-6. to the fourth, alexander robinson. 20 yards on the touchdown scamper. holds on. alan wong, texas long horns, 31-28 that final. following this newscast, here on abc 7 we'll have reaction from sanford and cal and the phillies game after the game.
4:56 pm
hope you stick around. relax tonight. the pressure's on the phillies to win two straight. the giants up 3-2. we will see what happens. >> should be a big game. >> should be a big celebration. actress author and actress marlowe thomas was in town this week. she was talking about her new book and a new website for women. her book is called growing up laughing about her life as the daughter of comedian danny thomas. her fans know her as the lead actress in the tv series in the mid-'60s called that girl. but she's always been a strong voice for women. >> i wanted a voice. i want to help other women have a voice. that's what's great about the website. everyone gets to talk. >> you're not retiring at all? >> never, never. my dad never retired. and bob hope was working until he was 100 years old. so was art link letter. no need to retire. retire to what? >> girl marlowe thomas website.
4:57 pm
at featureses a live video conversation with her every mondays. you can see her full interview on her website at that's it for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm allen wong with lee and shu. and missouri, oklahoma coming up next! good night. we'll see you at 11:00. captioned by: closed captioning services, inc.
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