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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 26, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. >> and i'm robin roberts in los angeles. it is tuesday, october 26th. this morning, the great lakes cyclone. the midwest faces its worst storm in more than 70 years. a squall of high winds and tornadoes right now, at the morning rush hour. shove it. the democratic nominee for governor who tells the president where to put his endorsement. plus, stomping out the competition. supporters in a kentucky senate candidate get physical with the other side. blackout in a can? college students hospitalized after bingeing on a new, alcoholic energy drink. does the government need to ban four loko? and october surprise. bristol palin steals the spotlight on "dancing with the stars." what a comeback. it's a game of "survivor" now.
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seven couples left. almost anyone could go. and good morning, everyone. up bright and early here in l.a. i'm taking part in the women's conference, hosted by california first lady, maria shriver. george, as you know, it's a real who's who out here, including your wife, ali. >> yeah. big night last night. >> a late one, too. i hope i run into her there at the conference. i have to tell you, this situation in chicago, it's so odd. that huge storm, bearing down during rush hour. affecting 24 states across the midwest, george. >> it will be a very ugly morning out there, robin. also, in the midwest, breaking news from an american auto giant this morning. ford releasing record-setting earnings and announcing over 1,200 new jobs. we have an abc news investigation into a major
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problem for another car company, bmw. they are admitting that some of their models could unexpectedly slow down. creating dangers on roads and highways. chris cuomo is breaking down that story right here this morning. first, as you know, the massive storm sweeping through the midwest today, bearing down on chicago in the heart of the morning rush hour. so bad, the national weather service says it will create hurricane-like conditions. heidi jones, from new york's wabc, in for sam. this is a mess, heidi. >> massive. the timing incredibly inappropriate for the commute to work. let's talk about what kind of hurricane conditions. this is expected to be the worst storm to hit the midwest, robin, in 70 years. the central pressure, which means the strength of the storm, will rival a category 3 hurricane as it moves through at its peak. check it out on the radar. right now, severe weather occurring in illinois. we have tornado watches out for chicago, which means tornados can occur. incredible lightning, winds and hail. and even once the storms are over, check out what will be following right behind it. incredible wind.
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in fact, the real estate coverage, almost half the u.s. 24 states will be affected with wind. the strongest winds in the upper midwest. and those winds later today and tomorrow, will rival hurricane-strength. that's 70-plus miles per hour. we'll have more coming up in a bit. and more on the storm later in the broadcast. george? >> thanks, heidi. >> now to that big news from ford this morning. the second-largest u.s. automaker expected to have the best quarter in the company's history. bianna golodryga is here with how they did it. >> that's right. for all of those who said the u.s. auto industry was dead, they spoke too soon. analysts are expecting $1.3 billion in profit for the third quarter. and the company is turning around and reinvesting that money in its own backyard. the company just announced the $850 million investment over a three-year period, to build new fuel-efficient vehicles in michigan. that will translate into roughly 1,200 jobs created. so, what's behind ford's hugely successful turnaround? here are the three, key points.
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first, their leadership. alan mulally steered the ship at boeing, where he was seen as a rock star, before coming over to ford four years ago. his management style is that of a coach, not a king. he empowers people to bring their ideas forward. two, ford was in the financial crisis in 2006, two years before the national financial crisis. they handled their own debt woes just in time to stay afloat. and they didn't need a government bailout. lastly, they returned to their roots. they sold jaguar, land rover. they focus on the core brands. pickup trucks, a huge plus for them. >> they have new hires, new investments. joined by the other major car companies. >> gm and chrysler turning around. they're taking part of the investment in michigan plants. >> good news this morning. one week to go until the midterm elections. the obama administration has a little bit of good economic news before its comeback. as races heat up across the country, a brand-new abc news/yahoo! poll shows voters unhappy with just about everything.
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about 60% of americans feel this year's candidates are not offering what the country needs. jake tapper is at the white house. and you have another poll that shows voters uncertain about what to do about it. >> reporter: that's right. one-third of voters according to an a.p./gpk poll, are undecided or unwilling to change their minds. with all of the voters up for grabs, a lot of races are happening with many candidates lashing out. >> because you don't listen. >> reporter: in the kentucky senate race, the bitter and heated contest between democrat jack conway, and republican, rand paul, continued in a debate, with paul still angry about conway making an issue out of his alleged college pranks from decades ago at baylor university. >> why was rand paul part of a society that called the holy bible a hoax? >> i do know in kentucky, people know you don't attack a man's
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dog, you don't attack a man's horse. >> but you can attack a man's religion, right? >> reporter: the tensions spilled into the crowd, when rand paul supporters attacked jack conway supporters. even president obama hasn't been immune from the personal attacks. >> it is great to be here in rhode island. >> reporter: president obama flew into rhode island, having decided not to endorse in the gubernatorial contest since he has a soft spot for the independent candidate in the race. democrat gubernatorial candidate, frank caprio, didn't seem to care for the news. >> he can take his endorsement and shove it. he can take that and shove it. >> reporter: and the debate in alaska got decidedly cold, where incumbent republican senator, lisa murkowski, running as a write-incandidate against republican nominee joe miller, questions miller's military
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honor code over claims of ethics violations. >> what would your classmates at west point say about how well you have lived up to your code of honor? joe is not fit to lead. i have been leading this state. i have been leading this state. >> reporter: miller supporter sarah palin countered on facebook, i find it astonishing that a sitting u.s. senator from alaska would challenge the honor of a decorated combat veteran. and honor was questioned in florida's gubernatorial debate, as cameras caught alex sink, breaking debate rules in a debate. >> the rule was no one was supposed to give us messages in a break. and your campaign did with an ipad. >> reporter: for anybody concerned about that jack conway supporter, apparently she is okay. george? >> okay, jake. thanks very much. we have news this morning on campaign spending. both party committees setting all kinds of records. spending more than $1.7 billion. robin, you're out in california where the republican candidate for governor, meg whitman, breaking records of her own. she's spent $140 million of her own funds and counting. >> she will be part of the women's conference. and joining her will be her opponent, jerry brown.
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first lady michelle obama, also part of the women's conference, part of her three-day campaign swing out west. the question is whether the first lady's star power can help democrats hold on to two, senate seats and win a governorship. in washington state, a revved-up michelle obama, with jill biden, working hard to energize the base and save democrat patty murray's senate seat. >> get those ballots in. if you think someone is sitting out, you gotta shake them. tell them, they can't sit this one out. >> reporter: then, in california, a fund-raiser with popular republican target, house speaker, nancy pelosi. >> i'm asking you to make those phone calls. this is too close. >> reporter: but when the first lady's message went out against the state's two formidable candidates, like former
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hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. republicans say they'll shell out $3 million in the final week to run ads for her, like this. >> hopes crushed by washington. the legacy of barbara boxer. >> reporter: then, there's former ebay ceo, meg whitman, who has had a rougher ride. first, the controversy over hiring an illegal immigrant. then, an aide to jerry brown was caught calling whitman a slur. diane sawyer talked to whitman. last night. >> what's been the hardest thing? >> i've been called lots of things by my opponent in this campaign. i've been called a nazi. i've been called a whore. i've been called a liar. >> look, i talked about this so much, it's really boring. so i'm not going to talk about it anymore. >> reporter: looking to move on, both campaigns reveal their closing ad monday. a more civil tone. but both still taking shots. brown at whitman. >> 30 years ago, anything was possible in this state. >> reporter: and whitman at brown. >> if you want more of the same from sacramento, then vote for my opponent. >> you would expect some things but some are a little bit odd. cokie roberts is going to join us from washington to help
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us sort it all out. please do, cokie. i'm here in california. the first lady is here. she'll also be going to washington. this is normally dark blue territory. what does it tell you? >> it tells you it's a year that democrats are in trouble all over the place. and you'll be seeing a lot of them out there this week, robin. you know, california, the democrats have been doing incredibly well over the last decade or so. and people are beginning to think they're likely to pull it out this time again. but the fact they're having to fight so hard and spend all that money is something that tells you what this whole year is like for democrats. >> yeah, and you say, spending haul that money. meg whitman, the republican governor candidate out here, $140 million of her own money. and then, jerry brown -- they're very happy, the local stations. you can't turn on the local tv out here, cokie. without seeing it. but jerry brown, here he is.
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he's facing this republican wave. doing well in the polls. has a substantial lead. why is he able to hold this off with all the money coming against him? >> i think even though you have a year when people are saying, we want to throw all the bums out. we want people who have never held office before, all of that. in california, there's a sense that they tried that with the current governor arnold schwarzenegger. and he is, as you know, wildly unpopular. and brown has done a good job of comparing whitman to schwarzenegger and doing ads where -- showing them saying exactly the same thing. so, i think there is a sense that maybe, maybe in california, which usually sort of leads the way on new trends, that they're going back to the old way. and you can't get any more tried and true than jerry brown. he's certainly been around for a very long time. >> yeah. for decades. let's go to the other side of
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the coast. let's go to rhode island. the democrat there, jake and george were talking about, saying shove it, to the president. in essence, about his endorsement or lack thereof. this is really very different out there right now. >> it is. it's a rough year. it's a rough year to be running for anything. you know, it's rough on incumbents, particularly. but this is kind of a nice thing. not so nice that he said shove it. in the olden days, members of the senate didn't campaign against each other. and certainly, people who had served together and liked each other. and president obama has served with lincoln chafee. and chafee had voted with the democrats on many occasions. and he decided not to oppose him and not to endorse his opponent, even though the opponent was a democrat. that is -- you know, that's kind of a return to the civility of the past, which was certainly not seen very much this year. of course, the response to that, from the democrat, was hardly
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civil. >> yes. it was not. all right, cokie, thanks. have a great day in washington. appreciate your insight, as always. let's now go to juju chang for the morning's other news, back in new york. good morning, juju. >> good morning, robin. i know there's political news out there. but also breaking news in indonesia, we want to get to right away. there's been a deadly tsunami which has swept away two villages and virtually everyone in them. a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off of sumatra this morning, sending a ten-foot wave into the island chain. some parents say it was so powerful, it was impossible to hold on to their children. at least 113 people are dead. nearly 400 are missing. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. u.s. law enforcement and intelligence officials are growing increasingly worried about the threat of a terrorist attack. specifically because of a disturbing, new trend. senior officials tell abc news, americans are rising to leadership levels within al qaeda. and are now influencing the group's decisionmaking.
7:14 am
our pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: this is adam gadahn, an american from california. he's also, perhaps, the top propagandist for al qaeda. just this past weekend, he used the internet to urge muslim immigrants in the suburbs of detroit to murder their neighbors. meet samir khan, who said he was proud to be a traitor to america. sources say he's major player behind an al qaeda magazine. u.s. officials fear an attack on the homeland could come at any time. >> we are operating under the premise that the individuals prepared to carry out terrorist attacks are already in the country. >> reporter: abc news has learned that american al qaeda are urgently pushing for smaller-scale attacks, like the 2007 mumbai assault. >> we will be just as traumatized if someone would go into a mall or train station, than if you had another 9/11.
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>> reporter: this is a man who has lived here 15 years as a permanent u.s. resident. he's now believed to be a top al qaeda operational leader. he assisted in the failed plot in the subway plot last year. and there's anwar al awlaki. the man sources say is emerging as enemy number one after bin laden. sources say some are plotting attacks right now. and they say al qaeda wants another hit on the u.s., before the tenth anniversary of 9/11, which is only ten months away. juju? >> pierre thomas, with the latest threats from al qaeda. back in this country, experts now say it could be 2012 before we see the housing market recover. home sales picked up last month. but analysts have become more pessimistic because of the recent freeze on foreclosures, which is delaying sales. a devastating blow to the
7:16 am
dallas cowboys. quarterback tony romo suffered a broken collarbone during last night's 41-35 loss to the giants. he'll likely miss the next six weeks. that's the news at 7:15. has to be painful. >> you could see how it snapped. >> and how painful it was for him. >> thanks very much. we're going to go back to heidi jones for the weather. she's in for sam. she's from wabc here in new york. >> hey, george. this storm is really kicking up. we just got a wind gust east of st. louis in monroe county, illinois. 78 miles on hour. right here in monroe county. that's rivaling category 1 hurricane status. down the gulf coast and into new york state. some are at a higher risk for severe weather than others. that includes indiana, portions of illinois and ohio. we could see large hail and tornadoes. the storm will progress east tomorrow, with a bit of a punch, though, as it heads into the big cities of the northeast.
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>> we do have more storms on the board. we'll go out west in the next half hour. george? >> heidi, thanks. we're going to turn, now, to an abc news investigation. for the past month, "20/20" anchor chris cuomo and his team have been looking at bmws, the german cars touted as the ultimate driving experience. and they discovered a mechanical problem in some models that some drivers say can put them and others at risk. and it looks like the company is taking this seriously. >> reporter: it remains to be seen exactly what the company will do. here's what we know for sure. a heads-up from an owner led us down a trail that uncovered years of complaining from all over the world, that some bmw cars have suddenly and unexpectedly slowed down while at speed. so, we got on the case. >> shaking. backfiring. we were scared out of our minds. >> it was shaking badly. you almost feel like you're
7:19 am
losing control of the car. >> reporter: these bmw owners say they were afraid for their lives. >> when you're looking for pickup to get on the highway, it would be just the opposite. you'd lose acceleration and it would be dangerous. >> reporter: michael noone, said the bmw he doubt for his 25-year-old daughter, jennifer, put her at risk. >> one time it was shaking so bad and hesitating, i thought it was going to blow up or something. >> reporter: and the noones weren't the only ones reporting these issues. bmw and federal safety regulators received hundreds of similar complaints about certain bmw wz the n-54 twin turbo-charged engine. bmw's own documents say these models may lose power when driving, or go into limp safety mode because of a malfunctioning fuel pump. but tom baloga, bmw's chief engineer, insists it's not dangerous. and claims there have been no
7:20 am
crashes or injuries. >> you do have a reduced power output. it's safe in the context that you can still drive the car safely. pull off to the side of the road. >> reporter: what do you say to those people that say there's nothing safe about this? i thought i might die. i thought my daughter might die. this is an unsafe car. >> it's unfortunate that the failure of the pump caused those feelings. and we certainly can sympathize with that. people have different expectations. >> reporter: but consumer advocate, clarence ditlow, believes, bmw has been gambling with your safety. >> it's a question of who pays for it, bmw or the consumer? and with the consumer, they may pay for it with their life, if it fails in a particularly dangerous situation on the highway. >> reporter: until now, bmw had been quietly replacing fuel pumps for owners who reported a problem. but after our investigation, they decided to take further action. >> we understand that people are feeling uncomfortable, with the situation. and people want to know more. so, we're taking action as quick as possible.
7:21 am
>> reporter: a little bit of that abc urgency? >> that caused us to decide to take action sooner rather than later. >> reporter: but some owners say the company should have done more sooner. >> we don't want our family to be a statistic or someone else's family to be a statistic. they shouldn't be preying on the public when they know something's seriously wrong. >> the situation is still developing. but we do expect a major announcement from bmw on this issue today. our full hidden camera investigation airs tonight on "nightline." and we'll have everything that happens throughout the day, for any owners out there, online, at cuomo on the case, george. >> taking action because of what you guys found. >> or admitting it like that. certainly a first. >> thanks very much. coming up, nine college students hospitalized after bingeing on a controversial, new alcoholic energy drink. just one is equivalent of six beers and two cups of coffee. do you know what your kids are drinking? plus, do you remember this girl, who could not stop hiccupping? she's 19 now and charged with murder. this morning, her mother speaks
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[ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. good morning. hayward firefighters and arson investigators still on the scene of a fire that started short by before 4:00. firefighters evacuated about 20
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nearby residents of a town home complex. the fire also damaged a kitchen. officials think the fire started in a dumpster. some reported hearing an explosion before the fire began. let's get an update on your morning commute with frances dinglasan. >> traffic heavy throughout the altamont pass. westbound 580 where one of the lanes, traffic slow out of tracy so the drive time is 37 minutes from 205 to 680. and if you're headed towards the bay bridge toll plaza this morning, a life shot of the oakland maze. it's slow from the foot of the maze to the metering lights. x
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she made headlines as the girl with uncontrollable hiccups. now, she's charged with first-degree murder. this morning, jennifer mee's mother speaks out on the curse of the hiccups and how they sent her daughter down the wrong path. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. >> and i'm robin roberts, in los angeles. you can tell it's early here. for maria shriver's women's conference in -- don't tell me. in long beach, california. that's where i'm going to be headed in a little bit. juju was there earlier. it's a spectacular, three-day event, celebrating women. it would be easier to list the prestigious women not here this year. and i look forward to leading a conversation with former first lady, laura bush. speaking of women, in our
7:31 am
next hour, we explore a controversial question that's flaired up between two women, candidates running for governor, in oklahoma. does being a mom qualify you to be a better governor? we'll pick up that debate later. >> that's been the central question in that race in oklahoma. looking forward to that. but we begin with the hot, new alcoholic beverage, that's a hit on college campuses but may also be dangerous to your child's health. officials in washington state want to ban four loko, after nine students became violently ill and were rushed to the hospital. andrea canning has more. >> reporter: it does. the fruity and colorful drinks, make no mistake. they are powerful. there are reports of scary side-effects, from students having unwanted sex, to alcohol poisoning, even one case of a heart attack. one company under attack, says mixing alcohol and caffeine is safe. and says its drink, four loko, is only marketed and meant for
7:32 am
adults. it was a party that sent shock waves through this college campus in washington state. >> all of the girls were puking everywhere. girls were outside on their back. and people were so drunk, they didn't know what to do. >> reporter: police arrived to the house to find students passed out everywhere. nine were rushed to the hospital, believed to be victims of the date rape drug. this freshman was at the party but asked us to alter her voice and not show her face. >> one girl was sitting on a bench. and she fainted. and my friend and i were freaking out, like oh, my god. and we rushed up to help her. and gave her cpr. >> reporter: she said the students were so sick, she still believes drugs had to be involved. >> people were fighting for consciousness, almost. their eyes were rolling back in their head. and i have just never seen anything like that. >> reporter: but a police investigation revealed the culprit was actually legal. a potent drink called four loko, a mix of alcohol and caffeine, known as blockout in a bottle.
7:33 am
one can of four loko has the same amount of alcohol as six cans of light beer, at 156 milligrams of caffeine on top of that. and you're also drinking the equivalent of nearly two cups of coffee. police say some of the students had alcohol levels over 0.3%. over the past two weeks, other students have been hospitalized after drinking alcoholic beverages. this doctor says one of his 19-year-old patients nearly died after drinking four loko. >> chest pain, shortness of breath, sweaty. he turned out to have a heart attack. >> reporter: doctors say it's a growing problem among college students who don't understand the risks. >> alcohol is a depressant. and caffeine's a stimulant. if you get an imbalance of those, you can run into problems. >> reporter: monday, the maker of four loko released a statement saying, the accident at the university, which appears
7:34 am
to have involved har liquor, is precisely why we go to great lengths to ensure our products are not abused. the university in washington has banned the drink, along with another college in new jersey. the food and drug administration is investigating their safety. and warned the companies involved fit uld pull the products off the shelves if they can't been proven safe. they also demanded justification for including caffeine in the drunks. george? joining me now, the vice president of the karis center, dr. harris straitner. you get the buzz of the beer, the jolt of a cup of coffee. and it's real sweet. >> absolutely. and the problem is, when you put these things together, a nightmare. police thought this was a date rape drug that was ingested. >> that's how powerful it is. >> we've known this for years. alcohol is the most powerful drug out there. and the world health
7:35 am
organization just said that alcoholism is probably the most dangerous disease. >> in this case, they also mask the alcohol. in one of those cans, andrea showed, basically six light beers. it's almost a bottle of wine. some of the kids had 0.33 blood alcohol. that could kill them. >> 0.3, is lethal. 0.33, could kill them. the big problem is when you combine caffeine with alcohol, the caffeine may make you feel you're not getting as drunk as quickly. so, you ingest more and more of the product. >> we just started to get into it a little bit. is there any justification for putting caffeine in a drink? >> none whosoever, other than to give kids an added boost and get them to church more. >> and the added problem, is the younger kids are not a problem. but less experienced. >> less experienced. and the brain develops into your 20s. so, they may be metabolizing alcohol differently. and the effects on the brain is quite different.
7:36 am
>> we know the immediate effects. what about long-term side-effects of this? >> we're still studying some of the long-term side-effects. one of the drugs or an amino acid that's in the products, something called tori. >> that's in red bull, right? >> yes. and in some case, toran can lower your blood pressure. you put the chemicals together, and your body is going haywire. >> we've seen some of the state officials take action to try to ban this. is that what is going to happen? >> i think ultimately, it will. and in this case, it's a good idea. you'll get it off store shelves. and you'll stop having minors purchase this. quite frankly, i think adults shouldn't drink it, as well. time for the weather. heidi jones if for sam this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to start out with video out of the midwest. johnson city. that's near knoxville, tennessee. incredible storms moved through yesterday, taking down trees and power lines. they're going to get round two
7:37 am
later today, with a fierce storm in the midwest. check out the map. the storm that is right now moving through st. louis and chicago, also going to move through places like tennessee, with more wind and rain. jet stream high aloft will bring down fierce winds at the surface. out west, although the skiers are loving it. two to three feet of snow since the weekend. we'll see the rain and the snow start to taper tonight into tomorrow. north dakota is seeing rain. that will turn into snow later tonight. and with the winds from this system, blizzard warnings. already posted for places and this weather report's been brought to you by chili's. george? >> heidi, thanks. when we come back, she was
7:38 am
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a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again. a grand jury in florida must decide if jennifer mee faces first-degree murder charges. mee is a young woman whose strange medical condition first thrust her into the media spotlight four years ago. she was 15 there. and suffered from chronic hiccupping. an odd case. but not as odd as the turn that has led to her being an accused murderer. matt gutman has the latest from
7:42 am
st. petersburg, florida. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we knew her as hiccup girl. and she suffered from hiccups uncontrollably. but we're learning more and more about jennifer mee. and her use of a social networking site to trap a man and ensizing him into a trap. and she netted only $50. as a 15-year-old, jennifer mee's out of hiccups, got her a moment in the spotlight. this morning, those hiccups are gone. but the 19-year-old has gone from being a curiosity to an alleged murderer. the doe-eyed mee, who won so much sympathy, is charged with first-degree murder and not granted bail, leaving her mother in disbelief. >> we obviously do not think she is capable of such a -- >> no. wouldn't hurt anybody. >> reporter: police differ. they accuse her of luring 22-year-old shinone griffin, into a robbery gone bad. and ultimately, his murder. >> the altercation occurred
7:43 am
between the three suspects as she was walk i away. and she was in the vicinity when gunshots were fired. >> reporter: two others were also charged with first-degree murder. but this is not the young woman who her grieving mother says she knows. >> she is very naive. she didn't realize what she was doing. >> reporter: robideaux, told the morning show yesterday, flickers of it began a couple of years ago. >> her case of the pickups was a curse of the hiccups. people knew her name. and she would talk to them on different chat sites. >> reporter: those chats durned into facebook and myspace postings like these. mee wrote, i'm a female version of a hustler. and on the day of her arrest, she wrote how intoxicated she was. far from the bubbly hiccupping teenager on tv. >> some told me take a hit of marijuana. >> not going to go that route? >> definitely not. >> reporter: now, jennifer is in
7:44 am
the medical ward of the local jail here s. she had apparently been on medication for turrets. her lawyer is trying to get her charged as a youthful offender. robin? >> all right, matt. thank you very much. going to dig a little deeper into this. joining us now is major mike klosavb of the st. petersburg police department. what more can you tell us about the case this morning? >> sure. obviously, we went through a little of this earlier. the victim came down and met her, just north of our downtown area. ultimately, she led him into the arms of two other individuals. a struggle ensued. and he was shot to death. she is in county jail for first-free murder because of participating in the robbery. >> some people are taken aback. there's no dispute that she did not actually pull the trigger.
7:45 am
but she still faces first-degree murder. and this could be a death penalty case? >> correct. ultimately, that's a decision for the state attorney's office. they will discern that at a later time. because she participated in a robbery attempt, she is just as culpable as the others. >> you were able to recover the victim's cell phone. that's important. what did you learn from in a? >> we recovered the victim's cell phone, his wallet and i.d. card. it was in the apartment when the two male suspects were arrested. we're going to go through with subpoenas and things of that nature. it will tell us the phone calls back and forth between the victim and the night she called him to get him to the apartment. as well as backtrack with some of the computers, as well, and determine the social networking sites and what was explained between the two of them. what ultimately led up to the death. >> and have you been able to
7:46 am
determine, yet, if the victim knew her ahead of time because of her notoriety of the hiccup girl, as she is referred to? is it possible that he knew of her? >> we do know that he friended her on this website. and that she accepted it five or six days before the homicide occurred. we don't know exactly if he friended her because he knew of her notoriety or not. that's something we still need to investigate. but ultimately, he friended her. and they carried out a relationship online. >> and we understand that especially in the last year or so, that jennifer mee has either been a victim or has been -- the police department has been very familiar with her, is what i'm trying to say. is that correct? >> over the last year, since she turned 18, we've had probably over a dozen contacts with her. the police department. several for domestic related incidents. she lived a transient lifestyle, where she bounced between
7:47 am
different apartments and different hotels. she was never a suspect in any cases. but she was a victim and a subject in several times. and a witness to several crimes. >> a troubled, young lady, to say the least. major, thank you for your time and insight this morning. we appreciate it. thank you, sir. >> thank you. and coming up, the mommy debate. why does one candidate in the race for governor of oklahoma, say being a mother is one of the reasons voters should elect her? we'll talk about that coming up. [ quinn ] my name is quinn, and this is my eggo.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
♪ big night for bristol palin on "dancing with the stars" last night. brandy had a good night, as well. we're going to talk about that in our next half hour, robin. >> yeah. brandy, again, at the top of the leaderboard for the second week in a row. and kurt warner is at the bottom. coming up, does taking care
7:52 am
of the kids mean taking care of your state? we go inside the mommy debate fueling oklahoma's race for governor. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate.
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7:56 am
♪ good morning, everyone. if you drive in redwood city, you could soon be facing even more red light cameras. the city council has voted unanimously to keep its current cameras operating and look to install more at other intersections. the microsoft by a civil grand jury report that questioned the system's effectiveness. quick check of your forecast honor here's meteorologist mike nicco. these temperatures pretty close to yesterday with a lot of sunshine. upper 50s to low 60s around the
7:57 am
coast into downtown san francisco, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. >> a new injury crash in milpitas. you will find traffic all around the bay area southbound 101 in san rafael and southbound in 680. 680. >> thanks, frances.
7:58 am
["knock on wood" playing]
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♪ i'm every woman it's all in me ♪ and good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. robin, i think everybody out there misses you this morning. but you got up very early out there in los angeles, for a very special conference. >> chaka khan, chaka khan. i'm every woman, george. i guess it's fitting that we're playing this because i'm here for the women's conference, hosted by maria shriver. this is her last year. she's going out with a bang. she has michelle obama, jill biden, laura bush. i'll be moderating a discussion with the former first lady, laura bush. condi rice. our own diane sawyer. the men are not being left out, either. we have robert redford, dr. oz,
8:01 am
and arnold himself. it's 165 speakers. i know, ali, your wife, has been here. juju has been here. good time had by all. >> a lot of good issues. interviewing donna karan last night. jessica simpson, as well. this is a command performance for arnold. even though it's seven days before election day. also coming up this hour, the most frightening part of halloween does not have to be the cost of candy, costumes and decorations. becky worley will count it down to the big day with deals so good, it's scary. there she is right there. she's cooked up good ones. also, he's the youngest artist on the "we are the world" video. and he's about to headline his own national tour. he has a new dvd. the music world is astounded by 9-year-old piano prodigy, ethan bortnick. you'll hear why just ahead. juju chang, here with the morning's news. ethan guaranteed to make you feel like an underachiever. that's what he did to me. >> i met him backstage. quite a charmer, as well. we have an update for you in the
8:02 am
breaking news in indonesia, where a tsunami has swept away two villages in the remote islands off sumatra, following a magnitude 7.7 earthquake. a ten-foot wave came ashore. local media is reporting 113 people have died and at least 400 people are still missing at this hour. well, ford is reporting a record profit this morning. it earned $1.7 billion last quarter. that's up 68% from a year ago. popular new cars are helping the company grab a bigger piece of the market share. ford now plans to end the year with as much cash as debt. well, with one week to go before election day, we have a new sign of voter dissatisfaction. our new poll finds 60% of americans feel this year's candidates are not offering what the country needs. meanwhile, one new stouddy study says that house and senate candidates could end up spending
8:03 am
more than $2 billion collectively on their campaign this is year. a new record. and things got rough outside of a debate in kentucky last night. a supporter of rand paul, stepped on the head of a woman supporting democrat jack conway. after she tried to confront paul. in medical news, another reason to quit smoking. researchers say middle-aged people who smoke heavily double their risk of developing alzheimer's disease. researchers say smokers have increased inflammation, which plays a role in alzheimer's. well, the stepmother of missing north carolina girl zahra baker joined police as they searched for her body monday. this, as the 10-year-old's father, adam, finds himself behind bars. our yunji de nies has details. >> reporter: investigators took alisa baker, in this red suv, from jail to the woods where they are searching for her stepdaughter. >> we're not going to rest. i think that's been determined -- until we find this little girl. >> reporter: this is less than a mile from where baker once lived. she and her husband reported 10-year-old zahra missing two weeks ago. alisa baker is charged with writing a fake ransom note. now, her husband is also in jail. adam baker was arrested on
8:04 am
charged unrelated to his daughter's disappearance. but from the beginning, police never cleared him. >> have you ruled out mr. baker as a suspect? >> again, this investigation is ongoing. we cannot rule out anybody at this time. >> reporter: friends and neighbors say alisa baker physically abused zahra. her daughter recently testified against her release, saying she's afraid. with so many people now coming forward alleging abuse, there is a sense of guilt here in hickory. as this community wonders why no one spoke up. >> we're disgusted that this could happen to her. why didn't they just leave her with the grandparents in australia? >> reporter: so many questions. still, so little known about what happened to zahra. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, hickory, north carolina. >> the mystery continues. and finally, it's one of the joys of childhood. snow days. but one school district in ohio
8:05 am
is cancelling them this winter. from now on, when the weather's bad, kids can take the classes online, from home. it's part of a statewide experiment to avoid holding classes in the summer. that's no fair. it's 8:05. time for the weather. let's check in with heidi jones, who -- no snow day today, right? >> no. in fact, it's balmy out here in new york city. temperatures will be rivalling records here in the northeast today. here with the wilkerson family. mom and dad, and annebelle, luke and sara. annabeth, excuse me. can you look at these eyes? can you tell they're all related? even the most gorgeous eyes i've seen. hey, mr. luke. what's been the most fun thing you've seen so far? >> buildings. they're so tall. >> they're so tall. bigger than in arkansas? >> yeah. >> yeah. all right. let's -- you look at the buildings. i'll tell you the weather forecast. check it out. we have some pictures from chicago, where they are bracing underneath the storms right now. wind gusts 48 miles per hour. and the winds will stretch all the way to the gulf states. but peak wind gusts that could rival category 1 hurricane strength, that will be over the
8:06 am
upper midwest, into michigan, into wisconsin and minnesota. that's the weather for now from >> that's the weather for now from times square and my people from indiana. let's go all the way across the country to l.a. and robin. >> heidi, rocking the purple this morning. thank you. let me ask you this. does being a mother make you better qualified to be governor? that's a question many people are taking sides on this morning, after a controversial comment from a candidate for governor in oklahoma.
8:07 am
her comment has led to a debate. not about family values. but about the value of a family for a political candidate. it's the debate that's raging in oklahoma and across the country. ever since republican candidate, mary fallin, said this. >> i think my experience is one of the things that sets me apart as a candidate for governor. first of all, being a mother. having children. raising a family. >> reporter: her opponent, democrat jari askins, can't claim the same. and says she shouldn't have to. >> eight years as a judge. four years in the executive branch. >> reporter: with a long career in government, askins says she's plenty qualified, regardless of her marital status. the topic even boiled over on "the view." >> if you allow someone to use whether or not you are married and/or, have children, you are permitting them to use it against a woman.
8:08 am
>> reporter: and it got plenty of oklahomans talking about whether mommyhood is a requirement for the governor's office. >> i don't think it matters if you have children or not. you still understand the problems in the american life we live. >> people who have kids are probably going to be more responsible. >> you can still have life experience without having kids. >> reporter: in a statement, mary fallin says she was not attacking her opponent. if i am asked what defines me as a candidate or a person, i can't ignore being a mother or being a wife, any more than i could my gender, my christian faith, my conservative values, or my experience in both the private and public sector. all of those things affect who i am and how i see the world. and jari askins, the democratic candidate for oklahoma governor, joins us live from oklahoma city. we invited her republican opponent, mary fallin, to join us. but she respectfully declined. lieutenant governor askins, thank you very much for joining us. the issue of motherhood. is it fair game in an election? >> in oklahoma, all of our governors have been men. so, none of them have been
8:09 am
mothers. and i think most of them have done a pretty good job. so, i don't think that's a criteria. >> well put. your opponent, mary fallin, said she wasn't trying to attack you. she was simply answering a question. and when she defines herself, in part, she defines herself as a mother. so, did you take any issue with the way she responded to that? >> well, i imagine that her comments came from her political consultants had suggested that she bring that up. i still stand on my record of public service for 20-something years. and believe that's what the voters are going to make their decision based upon. >> lieutenant governor, here we have two qualified women, going to be -- one of you will be the first female governor of oklahoma.
8:10 am
it's the year 2010. and here we are, talking about the mommy wars. what does that say, do you think? >> well, i think what it says to me is that people are offfocus of what this campaign is about. this campaign is not about my children. it's about all of the children of oklahoma. what kind of future we're going to give them. the economy's tough. we have tough decisions to make regarding education, regarding jobs. so, my focus is what the next generation of oklahoma's children are going to have us leave for them. >> and we heard a lot of people debating this issue, back and forth. and well put what you're saying, it should not be about either candidate. but about the people you're trying to serve there. but when you take in this debate about being a mother, that it could also be used against you, some of the people -- the women of "the view," were talking about. is that a concern, too? that it can go both ways in how it's being used? >> i think it can. and i'm sure there's some places across the country where it's been used either way. but we have wonderful examples of women in this country who have served, not just in
8:11 am
oklahoma, but across the united states. who have been mothers and those, like condoleezza rice and others, who have not been able to claim that. so, i think that it's really not an issue. and i hope that we will begin to focus on the other kinds of leadership qualities it takes to be a chief executive officer of a state. >> many are hoping that, too. lieutenant governor askins, thank you very much for joining us. again, we did ask your opponent, mary fallin, to join us. but she respectfully declined. thank you so much. have a good day. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome. where do you stand on this debate? should it be a debate? what do you think of the mommy experience? is it essential for women running for political office? weigh in on our shoutout board. always good to hear from you. coming up next, don't get spooked by the high cost of halloween. the best deals in candy, costumes, decorations. all of that.
8:12 am
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♪ there it is. our special halloween video from jib-job. it's running exclusively on our "gma" facebook page. you can make your own jib-job video, go to that's a great way to begin this morning. "gma's" countdown to halloween. if you haven't stocked up on candy or picked out a costume, take a peek. becky worley flew to new york to tell us about the latest deals. that is you. look at that. it's magic. >> it's all about magic. and the costume is part of it. we have andrea canning's
8:16 am
wonderful daughter, anna here. and a cup cake from old navy. this is a cute, easy costume. you are so adorable. we also have costumes from toys "r" us. the "ironman 2" costume. these are all on sale. the princess, ally and james here. and a costume like this, at $14.99 for a three-pack. >> in case you can't make up your mind. >> the kids will wear these all year long. >> do you like the idea of a three-pack? >> hmm. >> yeah? >> i like the pose. show us your pose again. that is strong. that is tough. that's right. >> very batman, not robin. but it's good. >> for our tweens and teens, their last-minute, my advice, go
8:17 am
to the thrift store. i found a robe for $6.99. you can be the grumpy neighbor. or scrubs are easy to find at the thrift store. that's a great last-minute place to take the tweens and the teens. >> decorations. >> and safety is important. yesterday, elisabeth leamy talked a lot about safety. go on through. you go on through. >> get candy. >> these are all from toys "r" us. less than $2. flashing lights, flashlights. really important. safety is key. candy. >> most important. >> this most important. i did hard-hitting investigative work here. here's the skinny. your grocery store, 18 cents apiece for the good chocolate. >> kit-kats. >> walmart, it gets cheaper. and the cheapest ones are at the dollar store. that's especially good because they sell them in smaller packs of like 12. >> the same candy? >> right.
8:18 am
you don't want to be the house that has the chintzy candy. and those are good deals from walmart and costco, too. >> how does that compare to the silly bandz? a lot of people are trying to be health conscious and not give high-calorie snacks. >> my girls would love this, yeah. >> that's a benefit to some kids, i think. >> decorations. >> yeah. decorations. our neighborhood, it's crazy. people go all-out for the decorations. >> the house across the street, we can't compete. >> well, kmart has a sale. 25% off all of their decorations. this guy and the witch down there is $45. they're a little pricier. but one simple thing i found at the dollar store, you can bag up your leaves in the little jack-o'-lantern bags. three for a dollar. and you get the kids to put the leaves in the bags. that's a trick there. >> a few more days to go. a lot of deals still out there. >> that's right.
8:19 am
>> becky worley, thank you very much. you can find out the details of the deals on our website. if you go to the halloween guide at, we have videos of an expert showing you how to carve the ultimate jack o lantern. now, to juju. and you have the rundown on "dancing with the stars" last night. >> i do. the theme was rock 'n' roll. george, we want you and becky to come over, too. last night, all of the dancers rocked it out. it was the big hair, heavy metal makeup and air guitar from bristol palin. check it out. >> best performance. >> that was amazing. >> and there she is. she had her best score. they really said it was good. >> take that, mom. >> exactly. and she did really well. she had a great night. she got great scores for it.
8:20 am
we also found that brandy and maks did exceedingly well. and despite that costume. >> an emotional week for her at rehearsal. crying a bit. and one of the best performances ever. >> having to leave the room. >> come on. >> it's a lot of stress being on "dancing with the stars." >> and it was tough. it was a tough week for her, definitely. she came back. and did exceedingly well. topped the leaderboard. >> she can pull away from this if she has another week like this. >> she keeps beating out jennifer. speaking of jennifer grey and derrick, she took a tumble down the leaderboard. had a little stumble on stage, as well. i thought that the costuming was great. i thought the dancing was great. and the judges were tough on her. >> they about a little slip she made right at the end. >> and actually, when they were scoring, they showed it in
8:21 am
slow-mo, which made it look worse. but she was the heavy favorite early on. she came out of the gate doing so well. and she's been not doing well. >> she started out, she had health problems. we talked about it. she wanted to be on "dancing with the stars." she had neck problems. and they went to check it out. they discovered that she also had cancer. she's been fighting the health problems all year long. a little tentative about it. but the judges talked to her about it when they were going through their scores last night. they said, you just got to let it go. you can't be so nervous about this. you can't be so uptight about all this. she's going to need a comeback. she started out so strong. and is now falling behind. my man, maks, is still out there. not maks. but kyle. let's show kyle. come on, guys. ♪ >> he has been the crowd favorite all year long. >> a big favorite. >> that looks fun. >> you can tell he's having fun out there. i think that's sort of his
8:22 am
appeal. >> just letting it go. and just being yourself out there. >> and if they could just get the disney kids to vote, he'd be in great shape. >> at the bottom of the leaderboard, we should point out that kurt warner ended up at the bottom. he's a nice guy. but they were mean to him. they called him scruffy. last night, the audience booed the judges because they thought they were harsh on kurt. tonight's the elimination night. >> brandy is really the only safe one because she's had two, great nights in a row. any of the others, it wouldn't be a surprise if they got voted out. bristol may have saved herself. i would have guessed last week she was the one to go. >> her best performance last night. >> they were tough on the guys. >> they were. who is the next to go? tune in tonight on "dancing with the stars." of course, the couple that is booted out, will join us live tomorrow on "gma."
8:23 am
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take action. take advil®. ♪ good morning, everyone. arson investigators are looking into a suspicious fire that destroyed four vehicles this morning. investigators say the fire started shortly before 4:00 in a carport on art of a. firefighters evacuated 20 nearby residents. the fire started in a dumpster. some neighbors reported hearing an explosion before the fire began. no one was hurt. authorities are investigating an attack on awe nurse at the contra costa jail in martinez. the sheriff's department said he assaulted the nurse yesterday. the injuries are serious. let's get an update on your morning commute with frances
8:28 am
dinglasan. >> good morning, everyone. traffic busy around the area and san francisco we have a major street blocked southbound vanness avenue is closed between hayes and sell. you'll find slowing okay north 101 at north 280 and the bay bridge toll plaza not quite backed up to the foot of the oakland maze. jenelle. jenelle. >> i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets.
8:29 am
one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. >> welcome back. good morning. still in the 30s napa. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today's sunshine, temperatures mid to upper 60s. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast into san francisco. watch out for those plants, the
8:30 am
sensitive ones need protects tonight from 2:00 to the 8:00 we have a ♪ e ♪ good golly miss molly woo when you're rocking and a rolling ♪ ♪ i can hear momma call he says the stage is his playground. just 9 years old. he's shared stages with the likes of elton john. the stunning ethan bortnick. all right, ethan. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. >> good golly, who is that kid? he's something else. i'm robin roberts, in los angeles, from maria shriver's women conference. three, empowering days. it's all about women supporting
8:31 am
women. something that doesn't always happen. we're going to look in this half hour, a close to look at female friendships. juju will bring in a to us. also coming up, her olympic medals were taken away. she was sent to prison. now, marion jones is telling the details of her fall from grace. she is attempting to make all the wrongs right. there they are in the studio. i'm looking forward to talking with them in a little bit. george, we've been talking offcamera and how much we're thinking of sam and his family. more details will come out. just to let people know we're thinking of him. and if you have a moment, just think of sam today, everybody. >> think of sam. say a little prayer. >> and his family. >> thank you, robin. and heidi jones is in for sam. she's from wabc. >> big thoughts going out to the champion family today. let's talk about something
8:32 am
that's some good news that pepsi's been a part of and doing a great job. we've been telling you about it. people who are using grants from the pepsi refresh project to benefit their communities. about 90 miles southeast of oklahoma city, champion tumbling and cheer wants to show kids that getting in shape can be fun. their $25,000 grant from pepsi is funding a program called lay a foundation of fitness in our community. in addition to new equipment, it will provide at least ten full-year scholarships. and the gym will be open one day every month so that any child can come in for free instruction, along with getting information on health and nutrition. of course, there's still time for you to vote for your favorite ideas. logon to are you refreshed, being in new york? >> i am. >> invigorating, right? >> it is. >> all the way from seattle.
8:33 am
>> yep. >> let's talk about the weather. we have serious concerns in the middle of the concern. severe weather threat across my home state of indiana, into portions of ohio. we could see isolated tornadoes. incredible winds that will damage probably a lot of tree limbs. expect power outages. and strong storms from new york state down into the gulf coast states. let's go west for our folks from washington. and we'll start to see him the things improve. gorgeous in the southeast. texas, another needed break after the tornadoes that we saw move through a couple of days ago. much better. we needed more excitement down
8:34 am
here. this weather report has been brought to you by advil. let's head out west again to robin. >> all right, heidi. thank you. marion jones was once hailed as the fastest woman on the planet. but was jailed for sixth months, after admitting to taking steroids before the sydney 2000 summer olympics. in her brand-new book just out today, called "on the right track," she is sharing her experiences in prison, her reinvention with the wnba. and she joins us live with in new york, with her husband, obadela. you supported her through all of this. and i had planned on being there for you, marion, when you were launching your book. but duty calls. i had to be here. thank you for still coming in. >> good to see you, robin. >> good to see you, too. albeit via satellite. i want to play a little of the fascinating documentary about you that will be airing on espn in november. it is called marion jones, press
8:35 am
pause. here you are with your lawyer, the moment that changed your life, when you consider asked about steroids. >> they want to know. did you see it? did you ingest it? they get into that type of questioning. and you fall into rhythm. yes, no. >> at no time did i think that marion was lying ever. >> at that moment, i knew i had seen it before. i had ingested it before. >> she could have said, i want to take a break and consult with my lawyers, at this point. and had she done that, had she done that, her life would be different. >> but i didn't do it. >> but you didn't do it. i know you've been with your lawyer, rich, for a very long time. marion, even when you got out of jail and you were talking about it, you were still making excuses, saying you weren't quite sure what it was. are you finally, with this book and this morning, finally ready to set the record straight?
8:36 am
>> you know, robin, through this all, i have been very consistent with my responses. you know, the idea that i made a mistake. and i made poor decisions in my past. and i did things i shouldn't have done. and what i hope people will take away from my experiences in all of this is that, you know, i made a mistake. you know, i've come to -- i've come to terms with it. i have certainly, as we all know, paid the consequences. but i picked my life up again. and i am heading toward success again. and really, anybody can do this. so many people, our friends, our family, are in places in their lives where they don't think they can go on. whether it's because of divorce, death in the family, loss of job, whatever it might be. and i hope that by people reading this book, they can see that there's a way out. there's a way to turn your life around. and i hope that's what this does.
8:37 am
i know you been doing a lot of that, marion. you spent a lot of time with young people, discussing the poor decisions you made and how you're righting that. and how you want others to right their wrongs, too. and the book, originally, was like love letters to your husband and children, while you were in prison. but you talk very vividly about your time in jail, including you're in solitary for 48, 49 days? >> so many people don't know the story outside of my inner circle. and i wanted people to hear what it was like. i was not at a country club facility. it certainly was not a slap on the wrist, as many might think. i indeed, served hard time. for some people, it gave me a blessing. i was in solitary confinement for 49 days.
8:38 am
but it gave me an opportunity to be by myself and reflect on the decisions i made and why i made them. now, how can i turn this around? and i sarlted to write oba. and i started to share my hearts and my thoughts in these letters. when i came out, we decided that, you know this, was a good way for me to share my experience with people. >> and it truly is a way for you to do that. and, oba, you have been there by marion's side. you were also part of the 2000 olympics. won a bronze medal. you were instrumental in saying, marion you need to come forward. you need to right this wrong. you were married less than a year. talk about how difficult that time was and how strong you were, standing by her. >> robin, thanks for having us on. yeah. we were married for under a year. but, you know, it's something that we spoke about. it's something that we knew we had to get over.
8:39 am
and so, we made decisions about moving forward with our life. and this was a big mountain for us to climb. and fortunately, we knew that there was another side to the mountain. so, that's really what propelled us to kind of get this behind us. and speaking with marion, and as our relationship grew, it became evident that we shared certain things in common. and really, we want to help people. you know? we have had a chance to experience so much in life. see the world. but there's also, beyond our personal experiences, we know people. we have friends who struggle. we live life. we are just human beings. we're fortunate to have been blessed with exceptional talent in sport. but everyone doesn't have that type of blessing. and i think getting over this hump and using that to hopefully speak into people's lives was a big part of this. and also, to clear the way for our children, so that they can
8:40 am
live. you know, have a future where, you know, their mom is not just defined by a singular incident. but she has a chance, now, to show people who she is. the person that they know, every day. >> three, beautiful children of yours. and a final question to you, marion. what is the one thing you could say to somebody today that's watching that is -- they're not on the right track. what do you tell them? >> i would certainly tell them, robin, that everybody, at some point in their life, gets to that point, where things are hard. where they think they can't go on. but if you keep the faith. and if you keep pushing on, that tomorrow will get better, it certainly could happen. i'm a living testimony to that. less than two years ago, i was in a much, much different place. and now, here i am, talking to you about, you know, using my experiences to help people. and playing in the wnba. i'm a mother to three, awesome kids. and wife to this awesome guy
8:41 am
sitting next to me. things can improve and can get better if you keep the faith. >> this, too, shall pass. i know oba has said that over and over. you two look great. thank you so much for being there. and i wish i could be with you in new york. all the best going forward. you can read an excerpt from marion jones' book "on the right track," i have to head out to the conference. more "gma" in new york. how women can have better friendships with other women. i'm going to experience that at
8:42 am
david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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8:44 am
you know the conflict. mean girls versus good girls. are your women friends friends? or enemies? well, a new book looks at the fraught world of female friendship. it's called "the twisted sisterhood." and/ author, kelly valen, joins us now. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i know this book was triggered by an essay you wrote in "the times." when you felt urn assault. instead of supporting you, your
8:45 am
sorority sisters turned on you. what happened? and how did it shape you? >> i wrote a story for "the times." it was about drinking too much. it was a date rape. my sorority sisters blamed me. and i was ejected from my home. although the incident involved men and women, it was the lingering hurt that i had, you know, from women, and that betrayal and sort of letdown and disappointment. we have expectations. moral support for women. i thought i was along with it. turned out after i wrote an article for "the new york times," there were hundreds of women reaching out and sharing concerns about the gender. >> you talked about how you were almost afraid of intimacy with women because of that. you sent out a survey. 3,000 women respond. what surprised you about the results? >> it was a mixed bag. on the one hand, 90% of the women have one girlfriend to turn to. we're not talking about bitter, loner women. we're talking about
8:46 am
fully-functioning women who appreciate their friendships. at the same time, there were 88% of them that said there's an undercurrent of meanness and negative that plagues the junder. and almost an equal number said they had suffered wounding at the hands of other women, meanness, and garden variety cruelty. >> we're talking about the catty, back-stabbing, mean girl mentality. what can be done to change the cult center you found an overwhelming majority of women wanted to do that. >> absolutely. this book will have something in it for everybody. whether you're a mother. whether you're having problems at work. you know? we need to go back to what we learned in kindergarten, basically. >> are there ground rules for good female friendship? >> definitely. remember what we're all taught. it's respecting one another. it's showing tolerance. treating others with dignity. sometimes it's donning the muzzle and not saying things. >> right.
8:47 am
you have another incident that bookended your experience when you saw your daughter being bullied. and witnessing that yourself. what can we do to protect our daughters in this culture? >> we need to grow our girls to be more confident, so they're not looking outside of themselves, for that validation and constantly comparing. that's what leads to this ugliness. you know. but as a mother, absolutely. that's a key component in this and trying to improve the culture out there. we need to be better role models. if you're gossiping in front of your daughters every day, that's a powerful message on how the world works. when they see you bonding and maybe getting special rewards. we need to call our daughters out. we can't be in denial and be so distracted that we're not knowing what they're writing on facebook. >> you confronted the other girl's mother. i was surprised. >> i did. it was incredibly awkward. we all want to get along. you don't want to get in another parent's face about their child.
8:48 am
but in this instance, it was wonderful. after being taken aback, the mother fully owned it. >> so many insights in the book. thank you, kelly, for being here. to read a chapter, check out an excerpt on to read a chapter, check out an excerpt on the chapter of "the twisted
8:49 am
you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
8:50 am
ethan bortnick is back. he first wowed us here at "gma," at the tender age of 6. now, he's a veteran with his own pbs special. "beneathen bortnick and his musical time machine." great to have you back, ethan. >> i've been waiting for this. >> you have a dvd coming out. you're going on a national tour. you're the youngest ever with the pbs special. and when you were talking to eddie, the stage manager, and you said you're too young for a girlfriend? >> yeah.
8:51 am
i think that's true. >> you must be fighting them off. >> no. >> not yet? no. you have shared the stage with so many great artists. beyonce, and i heard recently, elton john. that must have been amazing. >> yeah. it was so much fun. he's so nice. and also, actually, he told me -- his concerts are amazing, right? >> yeah. >> and he told me, actually, to play a chopin piece. and i think i played it earlier for you guys. >> we were listening, yeah. >> i think so. and it's nice, right? and so, i wish everyone at home could hear it. >> we do want to hear from you, though. and you've put together something for us today? >> first, should i explain what
8:52 am
it's about? >> yes. >> okay. so, it's about a manatee who went all the way from florida to have a jazz party. >> a manatee with a jazz party? >> i don't think he crossed new york. and when i wrote this song, because if you keep trying and trying, you'll be the best at what you do. and for a manatee, it's pretty hard to go from florida to have a jazz party. but he kept trying and trying. he made it. >> let's hear it. ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24, because it's time to give our schools a break, not the big corporations. good morning. contra costa county election officials are expected to begin mailing out thousands of corrected ballots. the forecast now. >> a lot of sunshine and temperatures a lot like yesterday. mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods. upper 50s to low 60s around the bay. don't forget that threat of frost tonight and the north bay looks like the rain will hold off for game two of the world series. >> bay bridge toll plaza only backed up to the grand avenue overcrossing. san francisco southbound


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