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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 28, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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you comin' up. >> a new poll is out in the california governor's race and shows some surprising results. i'll tell you who's gaining momentum in a live report. >> and trying to trick us into thinking today's game would get rained out. weren't buyin' it. i think the game will get in okay. the complete forecast and when the rain will get to your neighborhood in a few minutes. >> no delays around the bay area. road work out there. that's about it. live shot of the bay bridge shows traffic flowing well. you may want to consider mass transit if you're heading to the game later on. it's 5:00 this thursday morning. we'll have game two of the world series tonight but game one went rather well. i'm eric thomas. >> i think 45,000 fans there agree. i'm kristen sze. the giants will try to continue their winning ways tonight. last night's game was build as a
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pitcher's dual but turned into a slugfest. the fans got their money for it. >> no matter what they paid, they got their money's worth. $500 for a bleacher seat. yeah, but a giants victory, that's priceless. let's take a look at highlights. the ceremonial fitch pitches were thrown out by a couple legendary giants. all played for the giants, none ever won a world series with san francisco. hey, check this out. 2-2 game, not for long. sanchez left center. three doubles in his first three at-bats. 3-2 giants. and then aubrey huff up the middle. one of his three hits. wow! cliff lee supposed to shut off the giants. that didn't happen. leads 5-2 and then in comes
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mr. odai, darren o'day. it wasn't his night. the giants take the lead for good, for good, for good. they pile it on and the giants go ahead to win 11-7. sanchez was talking after the game. >> back and forth battle. you know, we didn't quit when they got up and they didn't quit when we got up. gonna be a tough battle this series and hopefully fun and exciting. >> and the question is will there be fireworks again tonight? matt cain against c. j. wilson. giants looking to go up two games to none. maybe finish it off. they could finish it off halloween night in texas. we have to wait and see. here you can see spectacular orange and black ballpark at&t never looked better. probably has something to do with the giants' win last night. >> you're right. 5:02 now. it was another sellout crowd
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last night. more than 43,600 fans in attendance. several nail-biting one-run games. >> it was sort of nice not to have a heart attack or feel like i was about to die. to be spared the torture for one evening, i'll take it. >> tonight's game is another sellout. first pitch at 4:57 p.m. >> our youreport site got great pictures from fans. mark sent us this photo from the crowd waiting to get into at&t park last night. you see the orange there. a crowd of 43,000 at the ballpark. this is giants pride. new york times square. that's with the yankees, huh? we have lots of photos of pets wearing giants clothes, too. this cat pretty satisfied being dressed up in orange. you can send your videos in or
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e-mail them. >> coming up on 5:04, san jose on the scene investigating a deadly drive-by shooting. it happened shortly after midnight. a 40-year-old man was shot on bermuda avenue near king road. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. no word on the motive or suspects. the area has been cordoned off for the investigation. police expect to have that area cordoned off all morning long. political news now. a new poll shows democrat jerry brown increasing his lead to 10 points over meg whitman but just days before the election whitman's complain says the race is much closer than you might think. jenelle, the two candidates just released new ads. >> they have in these final days before the election. as for the newly released field poll, it was taken among 1500
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registered voters. it shows jerry brown with a 49 to 39% lead over meg whitman. that's a bit surprising because last month it showed the two in a virtual tie. the survey was done over a 12-day span. it shows brown is leading in all categories in gender and race over the former e-bay ceo. the lead may even be widening since the survey was completed before meg whitman's appearance on tuesday where she was booed by the audience for not committing to end negative campaign ads. analysts believe those negative ads is a big reason why brown is gaining momentum. abc 7's political analyst said whitman should have gone positive at the conference and should go positive now. that's what campaigns usually do in the final days. >> that's standard play out of a play book which is start positive, go negative and come back positive. it was likely that both campaigns were headed in a
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positive direction anyway. it wouldn't be much to say that's where we're gonna go. >> just this week whitman's ads seemed to be taking a more positive tone. her campaign insists the race remains tighter than the polls show. both hit the campaign trail running in had the final days. brown will hit 12 cities before election days. reporting live in the news rom, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:06. a new foreclosure report out today shows the foreclosure prices spreading. many large cities previously not previously affected are now seeing a jump in foreclosure rates. chicago and seattle saw a sharp increase between july and september. the cities have shouldered the worst of the housing downturn until now. california, arizona, nevada are hot beds. las vegas the list of cities with the highest foreclosure
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rates. >> wells fargo now admits it made mistakes in the paperwork for thousands of foreclosure cases. it plans to refile documents in 55,000 of the cases by mid-november. wells fargo describeeled the mistakes as technical and says it will cause some delays. >> thousands of criminal cases could be thrown out in san francisco in a new revelation against the integrity of the city's police force. the district attorney's office has sent letters to the public defender's office indicating 73 officers and three civilian employees have passed disciplinary issues. defense lawyers could use them to challenge the officers' honest and discredit their court testimony. the u.s. constitution requires such disclosures. >> it is 5:07. speaking of exploding, a pretty
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darn good pitch. >> let's see if we can do it again tonight. mike, the only thing we have to be concerned with is the forecast. the sprinkles will make their way down south. >> live doppler 7 hd. they're having a hard time moving to the south. mainly stuck up in the northwest corner of sonoma county along the coast there. rainfall amounts have been around a tenth to two-tenths of an inch so light, dry air left over from yesterday and the rain's having a hard time penetrating that. it's spending the better part of its cycle moistening the lower atmosphere. just some drizzle possible at the game. looks like we'll get it in unscathed. 4:57, drizzle, 57 down to 55. i think it will be so light shouldn't have an affect on the game. cooler than yesterday's game. here we're looking at temperatures up in the north bay
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the upper 50s to low 60s. low to mid-60s along the i-80 corridor with upper 60s to low 70s southward and 73 san jose, antioch 72 at livermore. concord, fremont 70. palo alto 71. around the monterey bay upper 60s. inland low to mid-70s morgan hill. your 7-day forecast, the bulk of the rain's going to fall tomorrow into tomorrow night and saturday morning and then we'll get a break saturday, sunday and dry and warmer starting monday through wednesday. looks like frances has more road work. good morning. >> yeah. this might slow you down if you're leaving mountain view this morning. the el camino real on-ramp is closed until 7:00 this morning. so if you're heading through the area, you may want to get on at 237 and that will connect you on to 85. elsewhere no slowing at all. we'll go outside and check out a couple live camera shots. here's the golden gate bridge
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where we have four lanes southbound already. accident and delay-free out of the north bay into san francisco. also the ride across the san mateo bridge has been nice and quiet. the drive time now westbound 92 from 880 to 101 is only 14 minutes. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you so much. it's 5:10. >> a popular japanese car maker recalls 2 million vehicles. the ignition problem it's trying to fix. >> the rising cost of a higher eld indication. what it costs to send your child to college. >> plus the accidental snooping that's good google a recommend manned from federal regulators.
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david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this morning nissan is recalling 2 million cars, the third largest recall of that company ever. officials say a faulty ignition relay could cause engine problems in several models including the popular march and mica sub compacts. most are in japan but 700,000 are in the u.s. and canada. the faulty cars were built between august 2003 and july of
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2006. >> a new report shows costs for college tuition are rising and students and their families are leaning more on the federal government. at four-year schools average in-state tuitions cause $555. the trends in college prices at private nonprofit colleges, the fees rose to $27,000. that's an increase of more than $1100. >> reprimanding google for information sent over unsecured wireless networks. it was after an inquiry by german regulatorses. they had been pulling information as its cars took photos for the websites street view mapping service. google has measures to improve internal privatesy controls and the investigation is now closed.
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>> industry insiders say sony is about to unveil its latest addition to the gadget galaxy. it uses the operating system which will allow you to purchase and download games. no word on the pricing. >> you wouldn't think there was any way to reinvent toilet paper but kimberly clark says it has found a way, the tubeless toilet paper roll. it will roll out the product. no tube means no glue to the last sheet. it's estimated that 17 billion toilet paper tubes create 160 million pounds of garbage. the technology may be adapted to the company's paper towels. you were pointing out how that's going to affect children. >> but how are kids going to do their art projects. they stick together with those
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toilet paper. >> a lot of school projects rely on that. the big cultural shift to paper towel rolls. >> cut 'em in half. >> i can see you're riveted. >> i just want to get away from it as far as possible. >> show you what's going on at sfo. it's 5:16. because of the clouds, there may be some flight arrival delays. most of the rain away from sfo. we'll show it to you and give you an idea how dramatic the line it santa rosa no rain whatsoever. ukiah half an inch. gives you an idea just how sharp this line is between rain and no rain. so let's take a look at temperatures. and let's talk about why we're dealing with warmer weather this morning. we have upper 40s around concord
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and south towards fairfield, livermore, low to mid-50s for the rest of us. monterey bay we have upper 40s but gilroy and salinas the mid to upper 40s are a little less cloud cover than the rest of us. light rain today mainly in the north bay. light rain will spread south tonight and we'll have drier weather for saturday afternoon and into sunday. weekend looking much drier. highs today up in the north bay. the rain will fall with the greatest amount in intensity will be from santa rosa, clear lake, cloverdale. ukiah, upper 50s for you. low 50s napa, fairfield, richmond, vallejo, san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s as you head southward. the monterey bay will be in the upper 60s as as you head inland low to mid-70s, morgan hill and salinas. tonight i think we'll see more widespread light rain and temperatures in the upper 40s. most of us low to mid-50s.
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isolated areas like vallejo, richmond and livermore. here we are at 7:00 thursday morning. the bulk of the rain falling in mendocino county. but it starts to move southward to the golden gate bridge right up to at&t park by 5:00 only to start retreating back up to the north bay during the game. i think we'll have drizzle during the game but not heavy enough to stop the game. by friday morning we'll have light drizzle around most of our neighborhoods and then you can see friday evening into the overnight hours and into saturday. that's when we'll have our better chance of widespread rain. talking a couple inches in the north bay. quart to a half inch around the south bay. tomorrow and saturday our coolest days with the extra sunshine and warmed temperatures on halloween and on monday and tuesday we'll see an increase in clouds but still dry on wednesday. have a great day. here's frances.
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>> mike, let's talk about getting to the game and the traffic around at&t park where the first pitch at 4:57. go, giants! hopefully we'll see another good game tonight. right now no problems but especially around 6:30 they start to close off the streets near at&t park. you'll find a lot of street closures on embarcadero, king, second and third. so keep that in mind. you might want to avoid the area if you're not heading to the game. if you are, consider mass transit. a great way to go. bart will be running with longer trains and special service for ferries. now, on freeways this morning, looking great out there. westbound 580 from 205 to 680. this is one of the fastest drive times. no delays. only 18 minutes now. the drive time on north 101 through san jose from highway 85 to 280, it's also 8 minutes.
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you can always get the latest traffic information by going to our website you can sign up for personalize the drive times. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:20 now. >> just ahead why an entire police force is throwing up its hands and walking off the job. >> and the former first lady taking a stand against bullying. force force
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats
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but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets.
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one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. so, we book a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions. it's 5:23. a former first lady joining the battle against bullying.
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all bullying is terrible but especially when gays are the target. the former first lady mentioned a series of suicides by gay teens and adults have to be the ones to do something about it. as you know laura bush is the wife of former president george w. bush. >> raising the idea of local police forces in favor of state police. this after a small town's entire police force quit because a drug cartel attacked the new headquarters. they went through over 1,000 bullets. speckled with bullet holes and six police cars destroyed. the town is in a rural part of northern mexico. none of the injuries were injured. >> an update on a story we first brought you yesterday morning. ♪
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>> who are you? >> bond, james bond. >> the real james bond to some of us. the as ton martin used in gold finger sold for $4.5 million in an auction in london yesterday. it includes an injection seat, a bullet proof windshield, machine guns in the front. they don't work by the way and a smoke machine and oil dispenser in the back. the owner bought this car in 1969 for 12 grand. he is donating the money to charity. doesn't say here exactly -- 4.5 million. on a 12 grand investment. >> still ahead, the concern raised as pg&e starts investigating the pipeline that exploded seven weeks ago today. >> removing negative campaign
5:26 am
ads against her. >> a park looking very halloweenish and it should it be the story in a live report. >> you may fear the beard but you won't have to fear mother nature. i'll have your forecast in a few minutes. the lower 48 forecast. warm in phoenix and 89, new orleans 80 and miami 88. otherwise fall is taking over most area and the seaver weather threat almost over. look around atlanta and charlotte this afternoon. our flight tracker will have
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david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers.
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live at at&t park in san francisco. hey, you see that world series game last night? the one everybody said was going to be a pitcher's dual. that didn't work out but sure worked out for the giants. story at 4:00. >> a live look at at&t park.
5:30 am
south beach. relatively clear. it should remain that way other than light drizzle, the game looks a-okay. i'll talk about when the heavier rain does get to your neighborhood. >> say lot of folks planning to head to the game. no problems with this live shot of the bay bridge. >> negative campaign ads seem to be taking a big toll on meg whitman's campaign for governor. jerry brown widening his lead. we'll have a live report. >> north bay residents take the battle of smart meters to pg&e's doorstep. they demand state regulators investigate into the devices force dangerous radiation. >> 5:30 this thursday morning. still basking in the glow of that win. i'm eric thomas. >> what a game. giants fans are hoping to keep the momentum going in game 2.
5:31 am
>> high fly ball! >> capped a six-run, six-rally leading the team to an 11-7 victory. pounded out the runs who had never lost in the postseason in eight career starts. >> we came out swingin'. that was a big save in the game. take that first one especially at home. >> say lot of guys with multiple hits. set a couple records. i think. a great job for sanchez. and crushing blow. >> first pitch of game two is just before 5:00 at at&t park. matt cain starts for the johns against c. j. wilson. >> defense wasn't too bad either. giants fans would love for the team to head to texas. they're delirious about the way san francisco outslugged the
5:32 am
best hitting team in baseball last night. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live at at&t park with more of what fans are saying. >> i can tell you some of the things they were saying. they were saying whoa, go giants! and some were saying sweep! those weren't the janitors talking. you could hear big booms. take a look what was causing those booms. the fires going on after the giants' 11-7 victory. fans from all over were out here. some jockeying for that position. the free viewing area where you can check out the action through a chain link fence for a few innings for free. some looked that gift horse in the mouth. >> and i -- all my friends and he tried to cut in line and weren't able to get in. it was like, yeah, who is controlling this line? no one.
5:33 am
>> talk about excited. after seeing mccubby's restaurant in walnut creek, sent his report to us. recording a message as he hit that three-run home run. you saw what the crowd did at at&t park. at mccubby restaurant. a lot of scenes just like that going on bars and restaurants all over the bay area as the giants pull out game one of the world series. can they go up two? we will find out tonight. the excitement begins all over again. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> you can upload your giants photos or video or e-mail them. >> 5:33. republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman is trying to battle her way out of a
5:34 am
growing hole. abc 7's jenelle wang is live in the news room. >> the field poll out today shows democrat jerry brown with a 49-39% lead overs republican meg whitman. brown is leading in all categories in gender and race. this past month the same field poll showed the candidates in a virtual tie. but we may not have the full picture. the poll was before whitman's appearance at the woman's confidence where she was booed by the audience. some say her performance is due to her political inexperience. one republican campaign consultant says there were other ways she could have handled it. >> one would be, jerry, let's bring governor schwarzenegger in and look at each one of our ads. that's one thing we get lost in this whole debate. >> she should have said i am pulling my negative ads. as a matter of fact, jerry, i
5:35 am
don't even think my ads are really negative. (laughter) >> since the conference, whitman's new ads seem to take a more positive tone. her campaign seeks to regain momentum and insists the race remains tight. reporting live in the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you. it's 5:35. carly fiorina returns to the campaign trail a day after being released from a southern california hospital. she was treated for an infection linked to reconstructive surgery she had after surviving breast cancer. her campaign manager issued a statement saying carly is grateful for the well wishes and prayers from so many californians. campaign events scheduled for yesterday had to be postponed. >> the state public utilities commission meets today to decide whether to allow pg&e to raise the pressure of the pipeline affected by last month's deadly
5:36 am
explosion and fire in san bruno. the commission had ordered pressure along that pipeline lowered by 20% after the blast to cut the risk of another pipeline disaster. however, unless pressure is returned to normal, there may be problems meeting winter gas demands in san francisco and along the peninsula. the state puc recently hired consultants to investigate the safety of raising pressure back on the affected pipelines. meanwhile pg&e says it will not rebuild a portion of pipeline that exploded in san bruno. the blast killed eight and destroyed 37 homes. pg&e met with san bruno's mayor and state senator to begin the process of finding alternate locations for the pipeline. >> this morning north bay residents are planning to demonstrate in front of pg&e's installation yard to protest against smart meters. the demonstrators want the public utilities commission to stop the smart meters program because they're concerned about possible health issues. yesterday an advocacy group
5:37 am
called upon the puc to investigate safety and health risks. they have complaints over the accuracy of the wireless meters despite recent studies showing they are accurate. marin county supervisors have sent a letter to the puc asking the commission to suspense the program until health issues are reviewed. >> send things over to mike. talk about a chance of showers for tonight's game. >> definitely did. live doppler 7 hd this morning. good morning to you. you can see the rain right now up in the northwest corner of sonoma county. haven't had a drop -- at least not measurable in santa rosa or heelsburg yesterday. some of that will slide a little farther to the south. looks like most of us will be dry with temperatures in the 50s. not nearly as cool as it was
5:38 am
yesterday. as we head over, precipitation to san francisco. temperatures in the north bay upper 50s to low 60s, the rest of us mid to upper 60s. but during the afternoon how weres, the shield stays right there which means we could have light drizzle at the game. for all the things you're looking at around, pretty quiet and temperatures running in the upper 60s to low 70s except the north bay. let's take a look at the giants' forecast. we'll head to at&t park and still keep drizzle in the forecast, very light. i don't think it will have much of an affect on the game. 4:57 first pitch. it will be cooler than yesterday's game. let's hope the bats don't follow suit, they stay hot. the heaviest rain will fall tonight, should say friday through saturday morning and saturday into sunday increasing sunshine and warmer weather sunday through tuesday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. it has been exceptionally quiet on the roads and might be
5:39 am
because people are taking some time off. interstate 80 in berkeley, no accidents all around the bay area. the drive time is 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. but this will get pretty crowded later on as a lot of folks head to the game for the first pitch at 4:57. here's some alternate routes. you may want to consider the oakland ferry and then leaves alameda main street at 3:20. takes you right to the game. also the golden gate locksford ferry. you need special tickets which you can buy on their website. and the vallejo ferry which departs at 2:30 this afternoon. so several ways to get there. many ways but mass transit a great way to go. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. all ways lead to the giants. >> how an east bay high school is changing homecoming rules a
5:40 am
year after a gang rape. >> the people's right to know. lawyers battle over grand jury i know many of you see this election as an unhappy choice between a longtime politician with no plan for the future and a billionaire with no government experience. well, let me tell you my story. my husband and i came here as newlyweds. we raised our family here and the california dream came true for me in ways i could never have imagined. now i'm running for governor to restore the california dream for everyone. i'm not a career politician or a hollywood star.
5:41 am
i'm from silicon valley, where i created thousands of jobs at ebay. as governor, i'll do something that's been missing from california politics for far too long. i'll treat you like grownups, tell it to you straight, and offer a practical plan forward. these are scary times and i know that cleaning up sacramento won't be easy. our problems are tough, but so am i. if you want more of the same from sacramento, then vote for my opponent. but if you want to get california moving again, i'm ready. are you?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:42. next thursday an eldorado judge will hear arguments whether transcripts in the jaycee dugard case will be made public. yesterday the district attorney
5:43 am
filed a challenge against a request by several news agencies to release the transcripts which include testimony from dugard. the prosecutor says it would violate dugard's privacy rights and could compromise phillip and nancy garrido's rights to a fair trial. they're accused of kidnapping dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. >> it's been a year since the gang rape of a 15-year-old student during the homecoming dance at richmond high, an attack that lasted for hours. that student has settled with the school and new safety measures are in place. allen wong reports from richmond. >> it was pitch dark and the area masked with shrubs when a 15-year-old student was gang raped for two hours at rich month high last year. today there's lighting and iron fence and high definition surveillance cameras are everywhere. a $1 million improvement that some students say is making a
5:44 am
difference. >> people won't be like pass by because they're on camera, they won't do it. >> school administrators say the cameras enable limited security staff to focus on strategic areas. >> find it more difficult to come on to campus. we can quickly identify when they come in. greater security and safety at richmond. >> abc 7 has learned the victim recently settled a lawsuit with the district believed to be in the millions and seven suspects are scheduled to appear in court on november 15th. it's been a year since the gang rape on homecoming night but this year's dance is going to be different. >> now if we wanna leave, i guess they're gonna have to see your parents come out and pick you up personally. >> students cannot leave early. students who buy tickets but don't show up by 9 p.m. will
5:45 am
have their parents or guardian contact ood we can be criticized for a lot of things but i take pride in the fact we did what was necessary to make the community understand and know we're responding and fixed the problem. >> in richmond, alan wong, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:45. wells fargo reveals mistakes in thousands of foreclosure documents. >> the f.b.i. foiled a plot to turn a washington area subway system into a death trap. >> it could be the future of mass transit. coming up what it will take to make driverl
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if you've got pain? you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. welcome back. time for your california forecast at 5:48. notice the sloth of rain from interstate 80 northward across the state. probably won't make it to tahoe where we'll have cloudy and 53. some rain chico and eureka.
5:49 am
maybe light rain and 69. sunshine over yosemite and fresno with mid to upper 70s and low to mid-80s san diego, los angeles and palm springs. here's kristen and eric with more news. >> mike, thanks a lot. it's 5:49. >> a look at the stories we're following. the giants will try to take a two games to none lead over the texas rangers. last night the giants knocked the rangers around 11-7 the final. matt cain tonight on the mound for the giants. >> say new field poll shows jerry brown with a 10.lead over meg whitman, a big change from last month which showed the two candidates in a virtual tie. 49% say they support brown while 39% say they support whitman. >> the state utilities commission will decide whether to raise pressure on the
5:50 am
pipeline. there may be problems in meeting the winter gas demands in san francisco and along the peninsula. the latest coming up for you at 6:00. >> the biggest story of them all, the san francisco giants game two. everyone wondering if the sprinkles will hold off. stay to the north! >> i think we'll have drizzle possible but i think we'll get the game in unscathed. 5:50 this morning. just hopefully following the right computer model this morning. all three are showing different versions again. having a hard time with this system. all right. we are looking from ballmer peak to san francisco. you can see pretty quiet and clear once again. as far as the ball game, yeah, going to be a cloudy one and a little cooler than yesterday with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. let's take a look at live doppler 7.
5:51 am
just precipitation totals. nothing. we're looking at 1600ths and half an inch around ukiah. a strong marking where the rain is falling and where it is not. let's take a at temperatures. see if it's having an affect. keeps jumping like that. mid-50s and a few 60s. mid to upper 40s even inland. light rain today but mainly the north bay and along the coast at some of the higher elevations. light rain will spread south tonight. it will be drier by saturday afternoon and into sunday. let's put it into motion. here's the rain up in mainly mendocino county through 7:00. you can see it jump down to the golden gate bridge by 5:00. kind of hang there and retreat back to the north bay by 9:00. a low pressure developing along this cold front. and that's what's going to pull the rain back into the north
5:52 am
bay. we'll see a little light rain, more widespread tonight. the temperature and dewpoint are closer. the humidity rises. the evening hours we have heavy rain move in through about saturday morning. then once we get past saturday, the heaviest coverage will start to wane. rainfall amounts, a half inch to an inch in the north bay. about a third to two-thirds around the peninsula. about a tenth to a quarter of inch in the south bay. temperatures coolest in the north bay. mid to upper 50s, low to mid-60s oakland, san mateo and south of that and east we'll have low 70s in the east bay valleys and also the santa clara valley. accu-weather 7-day forecast, the coolest day will be friday and saturday. bump the temperatures up because we'll see more sunshine monday and tuesday also warmer. >> first accident in the morning but it's already been cleared to the center divide.
5:53 am
just look out for that. no problems at all. traffic light now with this live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. just halfway through the parking lot for the cash-paying lanes. a couple other bridges. the san mateo bridge faring well. eastbound traffic on the west looking good into hayward and 880 problem-free through hayward and oakland and through fremont. alsos golden gate bridge is nice and light from marin county commuter and it's a 20 minute ride from highway 37 in novato, 101 also fine on the peninsula. no delays at all here with this live shot in millbrae. headlights looking good into san francisco. you can get the latest by going to our website, you can get personalize the drive times under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> it's 5:53. a pakistani born virginia man is now in federal custody accused of plotting to blow up
5:54 am
washington d.c.'s subway system. he was arrested and made his first court appearance yesterday. akmed is accused of pacing subway stations what he thought was a plot to bomb and kill commuters. it was an f.b.i. sting. he handed over video of subway stations, suggested using rolling suitcases to kill as many people as possible and offered to donate money to al-queda's cause overseas. the public was never in any real danger because they were constantly monitoring his activities. >> president obama appeared with jon stewart last night. the president said if he had to do it all over again, he'd change his trademark slowing began. >> i think what i would say is yes, we can but -- (laughter) >> but it's not gonna happen
5:55 am
overnight. >> well, this is a first for president obama. he did appear on the daily show four times as a senator between 2005 and 2008. >> you'll get more nutritional information about your breakfast cereal. >> the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. it will soon be much easier to see how much fat and sugar is in you're cereal. some companies have agreed to make nutrition labels simple and calorie content. not a problem with whether homes should be foreclosed on but whether procedures like having paperwork notarized were followed. remember when the joke with starbucks, you might be able to find one as close as your living room. careful. you might trip over one on your
5:56 am
cruise. the first one on the world's biggest cruiseship. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> what may be the future of mass transit is on display in san jose. the city is hosting the 4th annual pod car conference. this is handout video from pod cars in london. they are small and run on an elevated track like a monorail. >> one of the things that san jose is interested in is we want to bring this new technology to silicon valley and silicon valley companies. and we see that there is a potential for this being a new transportation industry. >> san jose's on track to build the first true pod car system in the nation. it would connect the san jose airport to destinations including caltrain and future bart and light rail stations. like disneyland in san jose. >> how about that. >> yeah.
5:57 am
>> just ahead at 6 a.m. one of the nation's biggest banks admits to a troubling paperwork problem that could affect foreclosures. >> the latest on the deadly drive-by shooting that has a san jose neighborhood shut down this morning. >> live at at&t park in san francisco. my gosh! was it halloween or what last night out here. the giants tricking the experts and treating themselves to a world series win. you know those bats around save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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