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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 29, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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morning america" or any time at happy halloween. clear ♪ here's a live look from downtown san francisco. you can see the embarcadero. you know it's wet. >> not a good start for the morning commute with puddles on the roadway. be extra careful. there was a fatal accident last night in brentwood. it has part of the highway for the bypass shut down but brentwood boulevard is open all morning. >> the giants move to within two games of winning the world series after beating the rangers in a blowout. >> not every player is traveling with the team. jose dian is in an investigation of performance enhancing drugs.
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>> now that barbara boxer has a lead in the senate race. good friday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. giants win last night. rain moves into the area. the two did not meet. that's a good thing. >> as mike said. the bay waking up to scattered light rain. >> the heavier rain will move into the region. >> there's a line like yesterday where the rain is falling and where it is not. can you see it from about san mateo to half moon bay up to oakland out to concord and right up to fairfield. north and west of there it's been a press soggy night. all this is training just like yesterday from southwest to northeast but the line is making some slow eastward progress. so most of us will see some light rain this morning. it will taper this afternoon and
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i still think more rain is in the offing for tonight through tomorrow morning. let's see how it's affecting traffic this morning. >> we're going to brentwood where the bypass is shut down between lone tree and sand hill. this is due to a fatal accident last night. we have this stretch closed and that's what you want to avoid, the highway 4 bypass. brentwood boulevard heading to antioch is open. you can always get on highway 4 as well at lone tree. be extra careful. a lot of flooding in the usual spots and look out for puddles as well. you may want to leave your home a little extra early as you make your way to work. eric? >> thank you very much. in the news the giants are flying to arlington, texas, today holding a two games to none lead over the rangers in the world series. two more wins and then they're world champs. last night san francisco turned a tight game into a blowout. the giants scored seven runs in
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the inning aided by four walks en route to the 9-0 victory. a huge night with a two-run single. matt with the win for the giants proved seven and two-thirds shutout innings. >> definitely going into their ballpark where they're going to feel more comfortable like we're confident playing here at home and used to the park. >> 3:00 saturday at the rangers ballpark in arlington. first pitch is at 3:57 p.m. our time. >> the giants' players and fans hoping the offensive explosion will continue in texas. san francisco scored 20 runs the first two games of the series making them anything but torture-filled. >> the win was so huge even the most confident loyal fans were shocked. >> oh, my god!
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unbelievable! so fantastic! . the texas giants. >> giants fans knew the team would do well in the world series but going up two games 1 and scoring 20 runs in two games is beyond what they expected. >> fantastic game! we have been -- giants fans are psyched in '63 and this is our year, baby! >> they were especially impressed with juan's hitting and matt cain's pitching. >> i love matt cain. you're the best! let's go! >> there's a confidence among the fans. they're not acting like this is the last game in the park this season. >> 4:34 now. this morning a report that giants outfielder jose deian is ledded to a federal investigation of performance-enhancing drugs. major league told the giants to
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keep him off the playoff roster after federal authorities told the commissioner's office they were investigating shipments of growth hormone sent to deian's wife in the bay area. said he had a nagging neck injury. he was retired from the team in mid-august from the kansas city royals. >> court documents show why a santa clara police officer did favors for a member of the hell's angels biker game. officer clay rowhas exchanged several text with william betancourt because he owed money to the outlaw biker. rowhaus was arrested two weeks ago and accused of giving confidential records. they found on his blackberry
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clay's cell. >> oakland is suing four people for trashing the downtown area following the conviction of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. the protest was mostly peaceful but the city says some individuals used the gathering and tragic death of oscar grant to commit acts of violence. two defendants were filmed by police spray painting graffiti on public property. the other two assaulted a store owner and stole jewelry. >> a briefing for san bruno residents with state, federal and pg&e officials. it will be held at saint robert's catholic church. they will provide update on the status of the investigation into the pipeline disaster that killed eight people. affected residents will not have to pay utility bills until 2012. they are extenting the rate relief at the exemployees site and their new temporary housing. but the city of san bruno has
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again been denied a request for millions of dollars in federal aid. the federal emergency management agency turned down an appeal from governor schwarzenegger after an initial denial. fema says it determines state and local resources was not overwhelmed by the blast and fire but fema will reimburse up to 75% of the firefighting cost from the incident. >> carly fiorina takes her republican campaign to menlo park. a new field poll released shows she's trailing barbara boxer by 8 points. the poll shows that 49% of likely voters surveyed support boxer. 41% say they would vote for fiorina. her campaign issued a statement saying the field poll is inconsistent with others showing the race is at a statistical tie. >> she was not campaigning for
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you. is there any reason that was the case? >> well, i had my campaign schedule and she was doing different kinds of activities. but let me say i'm very proud of the endorsements that i've gotten from across the political spectrum. >> fiorina resumed campaigning in sacramento after her release from the hospital for an infection that's associated with breast reconstruction surgery. you can see her entire interview on "good morning america" after our newscast that comes up at 7:00. >> a look at the embarcadero. it is wet but i'll tell ya, this rain kind of a slow-mover, kind of like the texas rangers. >> ohhhhh! >> ouch! >> let's check with mike and find out when the heavier rain is going to move into the area. >> depends where you are. we have moderate rain through san francisco. half an inch already. you can see it's the north bay and all the way to san francisco now starting to move into oakland where we're seeing some
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of the rain develop. but it's going to be light and mainly hang out here during the morning hours. some of us may slip as far south as san jose but this is where the heaviest of the rain and ponding on the roadways are going to be. as far as temperatures as you're stepping out, all of us in the 50s with low to mid-50s in the north bay valleys. livermore and the rest of us mid to upper 50s. these temperatures are warmer outside of where it's raining from half moon bay, san francisco and the north bay where it's actually a little cooler. as we look at your 8:00 temperatures, notice we're stuck in the 50s and moving to the south bay. that's where it's going to hang out through the noontime hour. we'll have light rain and temperatures in the 50s but notice it's starting to retreat back out over the ocean as we head to the lunch hour and 4:00. that's why i think the rain will taper during the afternoon hours in many areas as temperatures hit the mid to upper 60s. that slow tapering will be replaced by a third of more moisture tonight through
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tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon should be dry. a slight chance of a shower in the north bay sunday morning. it will be dry for trick or treating sunday evening. it will be warmer and drier for monday all the way through wednesday. a slew of accidents. here's frances. >> quite a few, mike and some due to some flooding, especially san francisco on that 280 extension. there's a lot of water in all the lanes southbound 280 and right at 101 is where you'll find an accident blocking the left lane as well. so traffic is light but there are quite a few accidents out there because of the wet and slick roadways. northbound 880 at auto mall parkway, looks like this accident is blocking two to three lanes right now. look out for that. there's another crash on westbound 580 at bayview and that one is blocking the right lane. eric, kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. be careful this morning. it's 4:40. >> an east bay teacher is charged with molestation.
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good morning, everyone. 4:43 on the abc 7 morning news. that's a picture of what? oh, yeah. >> the field with the texas rangers last night and the night before that. >> 9-0 victory. a pitcher's dual until the 8th inning. that's when the bats took off against the best-hitting team in baseball. headed back to arlington but we will tell you about the weather here because outside there it's raining a little bit. >> east bay middle school teaching faces modification charges involving a student. parents say police arrested michael merrick after they
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discovered evidence he had an appropriate relationship with a 14-year-old girl he was tutoring privately. he taught math and science. police say he spent up to 140 text messages a day to the girl, many of a sexual nature. merrick was placed on administrative leave. >> the state's judicial council which sets policy for courts statewide doesn't seem to be sharing in the pain. it's ready to consider a proposal today that will give pay increases to hundreds of its workers at the same time its other state court employees face furloughs and serious cutbacks. vic lee has more. >> the pay increases would go to most of the judicial council staff called the aoc, short for the administrative offices of courts. it's a huge bureaucracy that's 800 workers. the recommendation is from a council oversight committee chaired by chief justice nominee tommy sakawaz.
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calls for a 3.5% increase for an estimated 80% of aoc workers. this when employees of the state 58 local county courts have suffered through layoffs and furloughs through court closures. >> we're angry. we're just angry. >> deborah pearson is an alameda county court worker and union leader. >> how can they give anybody a raise when they still have court veterans at that position. >> pearson wants the million dollars which would be spent on the pay hike to go to local courts which have been hit hard by the state budget's crisis. this is how mary ann justifies the proposal. >> this is not a pay raise. >> if not, what is it? >> i would look at it as a personal restoration as salary reduction that employees have been subject to. >> the judge with the alliance
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of california judges says it's a slap in the face for local district court workers. >> not only is there no money to give them raises in these current negotiations, but they're effectively going to have to take pay cuts through the furlough process. >> vic lee, abc 7 news. >> coming up, meg whitman's retraction regarding a former housekeeper who turned out to be an illegal immigrant. >> four days until the election reports that one campaign was asked to call it quits. i'm emily schmidt in washington. that story coming up. >> also the test that may have led to the disastrous oil spill. >> the food drive gets ring ring. progresso.
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welcome back. almost 4:49 on this friday. look at the warmth around phoenix, 92. the cool weather taking over the northeast from 68, atlanta, to
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50s boston, new york and d.c. this satellite picture, really nothing going on across the country other than the rain we're dealing with and up towards portland and seattle. our flight tracker at will have delays. >> mike, thanks a lot. we have developing news in washington d.c. authorities say they're investigating a suspicious package near a metro station. the mcpherson station near the white house. they have closed area streets to pedestrians and traffic. it all began an hour ago and now you can't get into that station. we'll keep our eye on developments but d.c. police are checking out a suspicious package near the light rail station near the white house. >> political intrigue in florida this morning as midterm election campaigns ended their last weekend. details on two major senate campaigns. >> with the election just around
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the corner, it looked as if a critical senate campaign was about to take an uncertain turn. >> president clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race. no one called me. >> senate candidate denied reports that former president bill clinton asked him to drop out of the race. the move would try to hold off front runner and rubio. sources close to mr. clinton say the request was made. clinton was already stumping for joe sestak in pennsylvania in an election filled with close races. joe miller rallied with sarah palin last night. president obama will spend weekends campaigning. tonight he took his focus from the senate to make his first stop this election season for members of the house. emily schmidt, abc news,
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washington. >> republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman is backpedalling on comments about her former housekeeper. nikki diaz, her former housekeeper of nine years should be deported for forging documents and lying about her immigration status. when asked about dias again during a campaign stop, she said she was breaking the law and the decision was up to federal authorities. whitman said she fired dias in june 2009 after learning she was working illegally. diaz claims whitman mistreated her and didn't pay her for all the hours she worked. >> a new admission from one of the contractors working on b.p.'s oil well before it exploded. it skipped a critical step on the cement used to seal the well. the company says b.p., they ordered a change of the key ingredient of the cement mix at the last minute and no one tested the mix to make sure it
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would be stable. an investigation found that the failure of that cement seal was one of the factors that led to the april 20th oil rig explosion and fire. >> an update from washington d.c. that suspicion package at the metro station has been cleared so now the station has been opened. >> ham and cheese sandwich. i figured. not pa pastrami. that would be hot. >> looking at the bay bridge. frances says a lot of accidents. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see the line marching ever so slowly to the east now making it down to the san mateo bridge and out to concord and all the way up interstate 80 to about sacramento. as far as our temperatures, even if it's not raining in your neighborhood, we're pretty much in the 50s everywhere. redwood city a little warmer at 61. monterey bay, dry conditions and low to mid-50s here even salinas
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and 47 and gilroy. your highlights as we head into the weekend. light rain we're dealing with this morning will taper this afternoon but it will return tonight. that will be the last push because the rain will start to fade saturday afternoon. there's a small system that will clip the north bay sunday morning but by sunday afternoon all of us will be dry for trick or treating. that stationary front is starting to move slowly. such a slow go to get rain in some areas. as we head through the overnight hours and into this morning, you can see the rain shield did start to outpace the front. the front does back up a little during the afternoon hours. that's why i think we'll see a little lull and during the evening and overnight when the front moves back through, that's when we start to see some of that heavier rain through tomorrow morning. as far as temperatures today, looking at mid to upper 50s through the north bay to concord, oakland, and palo alto.
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plateses like fremont, san jose, livermore, antioch. the last to see the rain could hit about 70. monterey bay, scattered light rain. low to mid-70s morgan hill, gilroy and salinas. traveling the state today, it looks fairly dry outside of our neighborhoods and down the coast and to possibly around santa barbara. that will be 81. 75 san diego, 82 palm springs. sunshine and 80 in fresno. all this will move into the mountains this weekend. look for snow around tahoe and yosemite tomorrow. tonight you can see that the rain shield covers all of us. 48 cloverdale. otherwise low to mid-50s. when all is said and done, about another quarter to half inch of rain is possible tonight through tomorrow morning. saturday afternoon looking pretty dry. sunny and even warmer monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. have a great weekend and safe trick or treating. here's frances. >> you're going to deal with
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tough driving this morning. there was a wrong-way driver this morning at 3:00 going westbound on the lower deck of the bay bridge. there was a head-on collision, three cars involved but amazingly no injuries and the chp was able to clear this within ten minutes. as you make your way into san francisco, traffic is light. on the 280 extension southbound 101, the two left lanes are completely flooded. there was an earlier accident that has been cleared. the south bay, another live shot for you. you see how traffic is light. this is northbound 280. that's highway 17 across your screen. you want to look out for the flooding in the usual spots. head to the san mateo bridge next and here traffic is still flowing well in both directions but there's still that overturn crash on northbound 880 blocking at least one lane now. you can always get the latest by going to our website to see what's going on for your ride to work. go to kristen. >> thanks a lot. it's 4:55.
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two out of five silicon valley households have been hit by job losses since the start of the recession. the survey by san jose state university finds more than half unemployed household members are still out of work. the second harvest food bank in san carlos is launching a food and fund drive to meet the increased demand. steve young was on hand to kick off the drive. the goal is raise $11 million and collect 1.7 tons of food. >> people know that 95 cents of every dollar given goes to food and hungry kids and seniors. that's who the real group is. >> second harvest expects to help half a million people in november and december. we have a link to the food bank under "see it on tv" at >> 4:56 now. texas kind of tiny when you're a giant! i ain't afraid. giants fans still celebrating
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the blowout win against the rangers. the one inning that will go down in giants' history. >> i'm jenelle wang live at san francisco international airport where the screaming just got a lot more personal. it actually may make you feel a little uncomfortable. i'll have the story coming up. >> and a driver barrels along a pennsylvania freeway. there's just one problem. the amazing story coming up.
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