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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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here's a live look at the embarcadero. downtown san francisco with nearly half an inch of rain fell during the overnight hours. i'll show you where the rain is with live doppler 7 hd, how it will affect your morning commute and how there's more on the way for the weekend. >> it's causing flooding for your drive to work, especially the bay bridge toll plaza. one of the carpool lanes is flooded. you'll find a lot of flooding on the 280 extension in san francisco. i have a connection ramp closed for you now as well. >> i'm jenelle wang live at sfo. you may be surprised about the new screening procedures during security. i'll tell you more about the touchy feely patdown in a live report. >> and the giants won it 9-0 up two games to nothing in this world series. >> texas kind of looks tiny when you're a giant. the men in orange head to texas with a two games to none lead in the world series and giants fans may be looking for a broom with
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a possible sweep in the works. now, wait a minute. it's okay. saying possible. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. we're hopeful. >> that's why we play the games. that's why they play the game. thanks for joining us this friday. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the game went off dry. it is here now and some of us are going to have spots in our morning commute. >> mike was like hold off and then come here. >> come on in now. unfortunately difficult for your morning commute. and it is going to cause a lot of problems because of the ponding on the roadways as we had some pretty healthy rain around san francisco, half an inch. the line becoming more ragged and looks like the bulk of the heavier rain still going to fall through the north bay in the morning hours. i think all of us will be touched by light rain eventually. half an inch in san francisco. nearly a quarter in san rafael, napa. about a third of an inch in santa rosa and about two-tenths
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in petaluma. as we head to the afternoon, this will dry just a little and we'll get the biggest push tonight. i'll map that out in your accu-weather seven-day forecast with the rest of the weekend. here's frances with the accidents. >> that rain having a big impact southbound 280 especially 101 where the left lane has been flooded this morning and there have been several accidents in the same spot. in fact, the ramp now closed. southbound 280 to southbound 101. avoid that if you can. you may want to consider south 101 instead because it has been a problem all morning long. better news in brentwood. the highway bypass has been reopen. it was a fatal accident last night but all lanes open however, ones you get through lone tree to summersville and westbound 37 at lakeville road, traffic lights having a problem so chp directing traffic through the area. >> thank you. this morning the giants are heading out of the rain and deep into the heart of texas with a
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two-game lead over the rangers in the world series. last night san francisco turned a pitcher's dual into a blowout. the giants scored seven runs in the 8th aided by four walks en route to the 9-0 victory. edgar renteria with a huge night with a two-run single. >> a tight ball game at that time. you take all the runs you can get and these guys did a great job of finding a way to get on base either through walks or big hits. edgar got a huge hit, that rally. had a big night and nice to have a cushion going in the 9th. >> renteria slapped a homer. got the win and dominating. threw seven and two-thirds shutout innings. game three tomorrow at rangers billion park in arlington. jonathan sanchez gets the start for the giants' first pitch right after 4 p.m. >> the world series matchup between california and texas teams to make political statements. the san francisco chronicle
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reports anti-prop 23 activists plan to run a huge print ad in several newspapers on sunday oppose be the measure. prop 23 would delay california's ground-breaking 2006 global warming law. the political ads look similar to a giants season ticket p ad. it it is a texas oil companies are trying to rewrite the rules of the game. critics of 23 have long said it's fueled by texas oil companies looking to overturn california's landmark proposal. prop 23 supporters say if the law isn't overturned, it will have very big and very negative impacts on california's economy. >> some call it an x-rated search and if your holiday plans include flying, you could be subbed to it. jenelle joins us live with more on a new patdown procedure starting at the nation's airports today. jenelle? >> yes. starts today. get ready for a more intimate experience going through airport security. the patdown just got a little more personal. if you're one of those
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passengers that needs additional screening you can ends up with a more thorough patdown where tsa agents are now allowed to touch certain body parts. >> the way you pat down a passenger is with the back of the hands. the back of the hands and rub it down this way. now we switched it to the front of the hand and we go down the body and to the breast portion, female passenger, you're going to see if there was anything in a bra. >> in truth it's unnecessary and it's too much. >> but the tsa defends its position saying patdowns are designed to address potentially dangerous items like improvised explosive devices and components. some say the new methods are highly invasive. nothing prompted this but the tsa regularly reviews screening procedures. only a small percentage of people get that additional
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screening. it starts today and like before you will be patted down by someone the same gender as you are. reporting live at sfo, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:05. this morning officials will break ground on a project to expand bart service in eastern contra costa county. it will extend service from the pittsburg bay point station into antioch. the e-bart trains will be smaller than regular trains and will be able to take passengers from antioch to the pittsburg bay point station within ten minutes. today's ceremony at the pittsburg bay point station at 10:00 this morning. it's being coordinated with the highway 4 widening project and it's expected to be completed in 2015. >> you know, bart's transfer may not be a bad idea. leave the drive to somebody else because there's a lot of accidents. >> whichever way you go, you probably want to take your umbrella, mike. >> absolutely. live doppler 7 hd, the rain
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sliding down the coast towards half moon bay. moving into redwood city, palo alto, maybe los altos heading across the san mateo bridge. having a hard time making it into hayward and fremont as we saw with jenelle's picture there. definitely at sfo just waiting to find out how long those flight arrivals are going to be. some of the better radar returns moving into the north bay. over the last hour had about 1500ths inch of rain. as far as the afternoon, a little tapering of these showers. mid to upper 60s most neighborhoods. antioch, livermore, fremont and san jose in the low 70s. the monterey bay, temperatures mid to upper 60s, low to mid-70s inland and you will see a few light sprinkles this afternoon also. let's talk about the world series. game three in arlington but still need to know how the weather's going to be. even if we're not going, it will affect the game. 77. dropping to 68.
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seven-day forecast. tonight through tomorrow morning, the last push of wet weather. and then more widespread wet weather. sunday morning may be a sideswiping of rain in the north bay but sunday evening definitely dry for all of our trick-or-treaters. >> i got better news in san francisco. looks like they cleared the drains on the 280 extension so they have opened one lane on southbound 282, 101. however, there's been a few accidents in that very same spot. i would try to avoid it and consider 101 as an alternate. here's san rafael. the roads are slick but you'll notice traffic is light. that has caused a few accidents. people are going pretty fast. there's a new overturn crash on southbound 101 at cloverdale boulevard. we'll check out the san mateo bridge. no major problems across the span but an injury accident on both sides of the bridge on 101 and san mateo and 880 fremont. both have cleared in the south bay. it's been pretty quiet and this
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is where it's dry and no delays now on 101 at the 880 interchange in san jose. eric, kristen. >> billsy morning. 6:09 our time. >> the burger battle in walnut creek. the fast food feature that has some east bay residents calling foul. >> a transgender woman gets a disturbing letter from a dmv worker. >> an incredible story of survival in the midst of tragedy. the latest as the body count a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it.
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i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times,
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stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. >> good morning, everyone.
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it is 6:12 on the abc 7 morning news. we're showing you this picture because of the colors at the very top of the picture. do you see what color that is? it's orange and the rest is black. does that remind you of any or oh, world series team you might be able to think of over the texas rangers? i thought so. >> embarcadero feeling the spirit there this morning. >> yeah. thank you! i think i was gonna mention that. anyway, the giants on their way to arlington, texas, wrapping things up down there. >> an overseas update. an emergency official says the death toll from this week's tsunami off western indonesia has risen to 400. it's feared many of the missing may have been swept to sea. there is a stunning story of survival. on one of the remote islands hardest hit by the tsunami, nurses are caring for this
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two-month-old baby boy who was pulled alive from a a storm drain. he's been kept in an incubator. his condition is said to be improving. >> breaking news out of virginia. police say more shots have been fired at the national museum of the marine corps. it happened last night in what could be the latest in a string of shooting incidents in prince william county. it happened hours off the f.b.i. linked the shooting to a marine recruiting center with incidents involving gunfire. ballistic testing has determined the same weapon was used at the museum on october 17th as well as to fire shots at the pentagon two days later. >> the california dmv is investigating whether one of its employees used personal information to harass a transgender woman. amber went to the dmv's san francisco branch to change the name on her driver's license. a few days later she got a letter from the dmv clerk who helped her. she said being transgender is
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evil. the dmv calls it a personnel disciplinary matter which the department does not discuss but the dmv does not condone the use of personal information for non-work-related purposes. >> time to check the radar with mike. >> one of the areas where we've seen a lot of rain. that was mount tamalpais as we look back towards -- actually that's ballmer peak looking towards san francisco. you can see the clouds hanging around. a big swath. we were closer last one. just show you how big this system is. reaches to washington and oregon and all the way down offshore. probably around santa barbara. so a couple hours to go of rain. santa rosa took the bulk of last week's storm. they're at 372% of average for today. the rest of us we could really use rain, especially san jose where we're only at 15% of our
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average rainfall for the rainy season so far which started july 1st. let's talk about temperatures. besides dressing for the wet weather, you need to dress for 50 with 52 santa rosa, san rafael, livermore. the cool spot oakland and redwood city 59. monterey bay, actually partly to mostly cloudy. gilroy 45. low 50s for salinas, watsonville and santa cruz. look for the light rain to taper during the afternoon hours but return tonight with a vengeance. it will fade tomorrow afternoon and there's a small system that will slide just to the north of the north bay on sunday and it could brush you with a few showers during the morning hours. but the afternoon and the evening with trick or treating will be fine. while you were sleeping, the stationary front did ooze closer to us. it's with this strong area of high pressure. right now the front is winning.
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it did win during the overnight. the high pressure's going to fight back. that's why we'll see the rain taper briefly before the low gets even stronger, starts to ride the jet stream and pushes that front through tonight and into tomorrow morning. that's why we'll have the widespread rain this evening into saturday morning. temperatures today, mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods. again singling out antioch, livermore, san jose and fremont as the warm spots in the low 70s. low to mid-70s inland around the monterey bay, around the bay itself mid to upper 60s. tonight you can see the precipitation shield just expand. it intensified with low to mid-50s. about another quarter to a half inch out of this system. maybe slightly lesser amounts in the south bay. temperatures this weekend will be slightly cooler with all of us in the 60s. the sun will break out. high pressure will take away the clouds and much warmer weather for monday, tuesday and wednesday. have a great weekend. here's frances. >> back to san francisco.
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the southbound 280 connector ramp and southbound 101 has been reopened. the drains have been cleared, the flooding is gone. but for tonight look out for the critical mass from justin herman plaza 6:15. pretty difficult this evening as well with the rain moving in as mike mentioned. also we have a tree down in the patrarra neighborhood. this is between 18th and 19th. what we're hearing so far no homes have been damaged but it could take a while to cut this tree up and clear it from the roadway. the rain that we had to deal with in san francisco. the bay bridge toll plaza there was some earlier flooding in the carpool lane. it looks like it hadn't caused any major problems. there's a minor backup at the toll plaza but metering lights not yet on. 101 in san rafael, traffic is light but the roads are wet. look out for that. highway 37 was a mess yesterday due to an accident near sears
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point. today what you have to deal with are some malfunctioning traffic lights, chp directing traffic through the area. to get the latest traffic information go to our website you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> 6:19 now. the golden arches apparently around welcome. a franchise owner wants to put a mcdonald's near citrus circle and oak grove road. the plan has not been formally presented but opposition is building. opponents are mobilizing to block the plan. they say the drive-through restaurant will cause traffic, noise and odor problems and the area is meant for office space. the mcdonald's fight could be a factor in two city council railses. >> prescription drugs often cost the same whether they're an 80 million gram dose, 40 or even 20. maybe if you bought it to split bills to cut cost.
6:20 am
as "consumer reports" and michael finney warned, there's certain medicines you should never split. >> spent $277 billion on prescription drugs. mounting costs, doctors are vising patients to split pills. by splitting his lipitor medication, he cut his costs in half. >> i split my 40 milligram tablets into 20s. there for i saved fast which was $700. >> not all pills are safe to split. it's important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist first. the recent poll by the "consumer reports" national research center found of people who regularly take prescription drugs, 10% split their pills without telling their doctor. >> this can be downright dangerous. if you don't get the right dose, the effect of your pills can be significantly increased or reduced. >> flat round pills are the easiest to split and pills with a scored center.
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many of the cholesterol lowering statins like lipitor like antidepressants. >> you never want to use a knife. the pill can crumble and the dose is i am precycles. >> instead use a pill splitter. >> line it up, get the pill and use the device. >> and be aware it's important not to split pills in advance but rather split them as needed. pill splitters are sold at pharmacies and large discount stores. they cost from three to $10. medications can only be safely split in half, never in thirds or quarters. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> 6:21. coming up, moving violations. stunning cellphone video
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imagine looking across the freeway and this is what you see. a driver outside of philadelphia caught this cellphone video of an elderly woman driving the wrong way on the freeway. the driver says he honked his horn, screamed at the women but she repeatedly waved him off and kept going. the wrong-way driver managed to cause four accidents at drivers swerved to get out of her way. incredibly nobody was seriously hurt and the wrong-way driver managed to get off the freeway without crashing and peninsula state police say they still haven't managed to track her down. >> it seems everyone is high on the giants these days. even the san francisco medical marijuana dispensary. during the world series, relief herbal center is offering free orange punch laced with the active ingredient of cannibis to clients during the world series. edible samples and a free joint to anyone in the store when the giants hit a home run. they're only given out to
6:26 am
patients with a doctor's recommendation or california medical marijuana card. >> i'm so glad you said that at the end. >> you know there will be there. >> still ahead at 6:30. a new cloud over a budding giants celebration. new allegations that a baseball player is using enhancing drugs. >> salary freezes, furloughs and layoffs. how state courts are trying to justify a pay hike. >> i'm jenelle wang live at sfo where airport screenings just got a lot more personal. why some people say it's way too inmat. >> how about this for good news. even though we have rain in the area and falling over sfo from time to time, no flight arrival delays and the rest of the country is quiet also. check out our flight
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i know many of you see this election as an unhappy choice between a longtime politician with no plan for the future and a billionaire with no government experience. well, let me tell you my story. my husband and i came here as newlyweds. we raised our family here and the california dream came true for me in ways i could never have imagined. now i'm running for governor to restore the california dream for everyone. i'm not a career politician or a hollywood star. i'm from silicon valley, where i created thousands of jobs at ebay. as governor, i'll do something that's been missing from california politics for far too long. i'll treat you like grownups, tell it to you straight,
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and offer a practical plan forward. these are scary times and i know that cleaning up sacramento won't be easy. our problems are tough, but so am i. if you want more of the same from sacramento, then vote for my opponent. but if you want to get california moving again, i'm ready. are you?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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ding ding. there you go. the opening bell ringing from wall street this morning as the trading day begins. there is actually some good news for traders. new numbers show the economy grew at a slightly faster pace than expected from july through september. it appears consumer spending is starting to pick up. we'll take you live to the new york stock exchange for the latest on early trading in about 15 minutes or so. yeah, either halloween or new york. >> looks like candy's being handed out. have to ask jane about that. >> you want a care package, don't you? >> would love that. this morning getting a package from mother nature in the form of rain coming down on us. >> indeed. what's the latest? >> live doppler 7 hd. the latest is pretty much about as quiet as it has been all morning. the slow migration of this storm has really hit the brakes and still stopping in the central part of the bay, half moon bay
6:31 am
across the san mateo bridge into oakland up to concord and fairfield. the best returns are still showing up in the north bay. the heaviest rain around san francisco at nearly a half an inch. about 4100ths in petaluma, san rafael and a third in napa. more moisture offshore and this is going to ride over our neighborhoods mainly north of the golden gate through the morning hours and a heavier push of rain tonight through tomorrow morning. maybe a few sprinkles in the east bay valley but the bulk will be from san francisco and oakland northward. been causing problems with accidents. here's frances. >> we had a lot of accidents early this morning 4:00 and 5:00 hour. it's actually decreased for the 6:00 hour. that's good news but metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. starting to back up beyond the ends of the parking lot. there was early flooding in carpool lanes, the extension but that has been cleared as well.
6:32 am
we'll check the san mateo bridge next. it's looking good. more cars on the road means that we're seeing cars slow down a little and maybe that's why we're seeing fewer accidents. also across the golden gate bridge roads are slick and there is an overturn crash much farther north southbound 101 at north cloverdale build still blocking a lane. >> starting today airport travelers who get pulled out of line for further screening will get to pick between two unpopular search chases. one may be too much for the eyes, the other too much for the hands. the change. >> hi, kristen. your optionless -- options are a lot less personal. the full body scanner, some call the x-rated scan or the patdown which has taken place for years but starting today tsa agents will pat you down more thoroughly. before they used the back of their hands to go down the sides
6:33 am
of your body but now they can use the front of their hands and up under the breast area to see if there's anything under the bra. it won't catch everything. >> would it catch someone like the underwear bomber? >> not likely. he had powder in his underpants. you don't know whether there was an explosive or weapon of any kind. >> but the tsa says the patdowns could find potentially dangerous items like improvised explosive devices and components on other parts of the body. the tsa regularly reviews screening procedures and in the end only a small percentage of passengers require this additional screening. like before you will be screened by someone the same gender as you but opponents are critical saying the methods are very invasive and unnecessary. reporting live at sfo, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:33. today the giants are flying to arlington, texas, holding a two
6:34 am
games to none lead over the rangers in the world series. they need two more wins to come back world champions. last night the game tied to the 8th inning. that's when the giants scored seven runs aided by four walks. edgar renteria with a two-out single. matt cain got the win with a shutout neck. >> put ourselves in a good situation. we're going into their ballpark where they're going to feel more comfortable like we're confident playing here at home and used to the park. >> game three saturday at rangers ballpark in arlington. jonathan sanchez gets the start from the giants. first pitch is just before 4 p.m. our time. and this morning there's a report that giants outfielder jose gian is linked to a federal investigation into shipments of performance-enhancing drugs. major league baseball told the giants to keep him off the
6:35 am
playoff roster. that was shortly after federal authorities told baseball's commissioner they were investigating shipments of growth hormones sentto his wife. they said he had a nagging neck injury. he was acquired by the team in mid-august from the kansas city royals. >> an east bay middle school teacher failses charges having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student. a note send to parents said they arrested him after they discovered evidence he had an inappropriate relation with a teen he was tutoring privately. his personal website says he taught math and science. oakland is now suing four people for trashing the downtown area following the conviction of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. the protest was mostly peaceful but some individuals used the gathering and the tragic death
6:36 am
of oscar grant to commit acts of violence. two defendants were filmed by police spray painting graffiti on public property. the other two are accused of assaulting a store owner and stealing jewelry. >> a five-month-old boy is safe this morning. the infant was found yesterday afternoon abandoned but unharmed at an oakland street. police are still searching for the infant's fatheral fan zo evans. he took the baby from his estranged girlfriend's home yesterday morning. evans was already wanted for charges including child custody violations. >> the state's judicial council is ready to consider a proposal today that would give pay raises to hundreds of its workers. california is struggling financially. the 3.5% pay increase will go mostly to the judicial staff. a bureaucracy that has grown to 800 workers. it would not go to other
6:37 am
employees of the state. >> how can they give anybody a raise when they still have court veterans at that position. >> i look at it as a personal restoration of salary reductions that the employees have been subject to. >> the pay raise recommendation comes from a council oversight committee. the union representing county workers would rather see the money go to local courts. >> 6:37. let's check with mike and see where the rain is now. >> mike, moving around? >> yeah, definitely. been down in the south bay. still blowing dust off the rain bucket. it is nothing like the rest of the bay area. same thing the east bay valleys. made it as far south as walnut creek. by far the best rain is on the peninsula. especially north of san mateo and into downtown san francisco across 101. you can see the best radar
6:38 am
returns still up in the north bay where i think we will see the rain linger longest during the midmorning to mid afternoon hours. here we are at 8:00. the rain field trying to push to around san jose. you'll get some sprinkles. temperatures in the 50s. by noon you can see that rain shield retreating back to the west. all of us in the upper 50s. by the afternoon hours, the best chance of seeing rain will be in the north bay and some of the higher elevations down around the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range, mid to upper 60s then. as far as baseball, let's take a look at the forecast. what's it like in arlington for the giants and rangers? 3:57 our time, 5:57 their time. sunny and warm, 77 degrees dropping to about 68. we will see another push of rain tonight through tomorrow morning. the north bay may get sideswiped by some rain sunday morning. by sunday afternoon all the way through next week we have sunshine and warmer weather. frances, you have a new accident? >> yeah, mike. it's in the cordelia junction area where they have spun off
6:39 am
the freeway westbound 80 to southbound 680 but it's on the right-hand side. injuries have been reported but it doesn't look like we're seeing a lot of slowing through the area, especially now that it's on the shoulder. we'll check out interstate 80 in berkeley. definitely more headlights moving westbound now. the drive time is 21 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the metering lights are the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup starting to grow towards west grand. we'll check out 680 in walnut creek. the normal delays out of antioch westbound 4 and then it looks pretty good here southbound 680 as you make your way through the valley. we'll head to the north bay and check out 101 in san rafael. more cars on the road means fewer accidents this past hour. still flowing fairly well from novato to the golden gate bridge. 101 looking good on the peninsula. no major problems reported at this point. and in the south bay it's actually been a pretty quiet ride. that's where the roads have been dry. a live shot of the 280 and 17
6:40 am
interchange. headlights are northbound 280. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. it's coming up on 6:40. >> still ahead, the biology behind political preference. they've actually uncovered the liberal gene. >> trading underway at wall street. a live report straight ahead. a live look at the big world, the dow is currently down about 18 points. >> and behind the scenes. wait until you see what i
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welcome back. 6:43 this from. california forecast. look how the rain shield pulled back into the ocean during the afternoon hour. light rain in the north bay and possibly big sur. a little sunshine mixing in sacramento 66. definitely fresno and 80. the sierra and into the weekend, there's snow possible saturday
6:44 am
and tahoe and yosemite friday and sunday ought to be relatively dry. one more stop into southern california. a little rain around l.a. on saturday. same thing in san diego. should be dry both friday and sunday. >> 6:44. carly fiorina takes her campaign to menlo park. a field poll shows she is trailing democratic incumbent barbara boxer by 8 points. the poll shows that 49% of likely voters surveyed support boxer. 41% say they would vote for fiorina. her campaign issued a statement say being the field poll is inconsistent with others showing races a statistical tie. robin roberts sat down with a one-on-one interview. one of the big questions is why would the republican party's biggest stars campaign for her. >> we had senator john mccain
6:45 am
speaking on your behalf. sarah palin was not campaigning for you. is there any reason that was the case? >> well, i had my campaign schedule and she was doing different kinds of activities. but let me say i'm very proud of the endorsements that i've gotten from across the political spectrum. >> fiorina resumed campaigning in sacramento yesterday after her release from the hospital where she was treated for an infection associated with breast reconstruction surgery. you can see the entire exclusive interview on "good morning america" after our newscast at 7:00. >> does genetics play a role in your political leanings. harvard says yes. preferences are affected by two things. first a gene called drd-4. second social factors. those that have the drd-4 and have an active social life are
6:46 am
more likely to be liberals. >> a lot of water cooler talk about this study. >> you bet. toyota is being accused now of trying to sweep acceleration problems under the carpet. >> and super bowl ads score a lot earlier than usual. jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> hello, eric and kristen. i know you're focussed on the giants. of course, the world series. but super bowl hats, they are already sold out. selling out the last of its commercial spots for super bowl 2011. the "wall street journal" says the commercial went off months earlier than usual. now selling for $2.8 and $3 million each. problems for toyota. technicians knew about the sudden acceleration but came to complain about it and promised not to say anything publicly about it. all according to a lawsuit filed in california.
6:47 am
the suit is talking about service technicians employed by dealerships. kind of a mixed start here this morning. the dow and the s & p lower. the nasdaq a bit higher. economic growth in the third quarter not so hot. we did see a little growth but none with a kick-start job creation. the bloomberg silicon valley index trading up. get out your coffee and coupons. crowds may be even busier this year than usual. the tribune says black friday they think is going to be a record here this year, especially consumer electronics. priced under $500 real hot items. if you hope to save money on halloween and spend it on holiday shopping instead, chili's bar and grill featuring
6:48 am
kids meals. make sure the meal comes with an entree and a drink. the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> thanks. have a great weekend. >> the bay area watches the world series. we want to highlight another impressive performance at the ballpark every night, one that giants fans tend to take for granted. as wayne friedman shows us about the team on the field, an unheralded team in a booth. >> at any major league baseball stadium, there's a rule about not cheering in the press box. let's move down a row or two. now the realm of the homers. >> they're cheering in the press box. >> you bet! you bet! >> chris is one of those san francisco giants you never see. >> here we go. >> but the giants scoreboard in center field reflects the products of his labors and those
6:49 am
of 19 others. >> full speed. >> in other words, the days of going to a baseball game and being entertained by just the organ music long gone. >> ballpark deejay does play organ music once in a while but with 2,000 songs in his computer and a sophisticated crowd down below and walk-up songs for every players. ♪ >> well, technology wins. >> it gets loud in here. >> i do. >> loud in here means good out there. this is every bit like doing a television broadcast but with live instant feedback. >> we thrive off that and go with something longer based on the applause and reaction. >> nothing beats a sustained rally. >> here he goes. pretty wide. >> for director, the scene of the past replay friendly hoo how's your blood pressure? >> i'm on blood pressure
6:50 am
medication right now. bringin' it down though. >> or as his doctor might say, after 90 home games, it's time for the off-season. from at&t park, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> funny watching directors because everyone does it differently. some direct with hands, some with their eyes. some have a clicker. >> and kept showing the ranger's home run that wasn't. >> oh, yes. >> right off the top -- off the top, too! >> and the bounce back. >> your heart's got drop. >> shouting and screaming. >> you know it's not your night when it happens. >> if you're a ranger your heart drops. but if you're wearing orange and black. >> beautiful picture of the ferry building, downtown san francisco. if we went to the next three games, they won't come home and he won't have to be on that blood pressure medication. do it that way. let's see where it is raining. not too much rain here. the live doppler 7 hd picking up
6:51 am
healthy radar returns from about the airport towards the oakland airport. right up 80 into vallejo and into the north bay valleys. you can see the more i am press sieve rain on the left side of your screen there. the heaviest rain is going to continue to fall in the north bay through the morning hours while we'll see sprinkleless -- sprinkles in the east bay valleys. low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. around the bay mid to upper 50s on both bay shore lines and also san francisco and half moon bay. monterey bay, monterey at 49. watsonville 50. 45 gilroy. for the light rain it's going to taper today but it will return tonight to all of our neighborhoods. the rain will fade for saturday afternoon and other than a small system that could clip the north bay with rain sunday morning, it is looking pretty dry for everybody, especially during trick or treating hours. mid to upper 60s most neighborhoods. antioch, livermore, san jose and fremont could reach 70.
6:52 am
the monterey bay, mid to upper 60s as you head inland low to mid-70s. tonight the widespread nature of the precipitation shield. temperatures low to mid-50s except cloverdale, about 48. take a look in the computer models. real good handle on this system. show it kind of dipping into the south bay. you can see it retreating back to the north bay and pretty much off the coast during the latter parts of the afternoon. then into the early evening hours. rain returns as the cold front starts to move across the area. heaviest rain overnight through tomorrow morning. then you can see tomorrow evening, especially by 10:00, all the rain is gone. look for about another tenth to a quarter inch in most neighborhoods. higher elevations the north bay and along the peninsula and diablo range could be a quarter to a half inch. that accu-weather 7-day forecast, we have temperatures cooler tomorrow and sunday with the extra cloud cover and the cooler air behind that front. high pressure comes in, scrubs the sky clean. sunshine and warmer weather monday, tuesday, wednesday and
6:53 am
thursday. wanted to show you the latest picture of some folks celebrating the giants. this is the staff at the humane society. you may notice this lovely lady. she comes to us about once a month. that's kerry harrington. she brings the perfect pet. we've made it easy for all of you to upload your fan pictures or video. don't forget your weather photos and video. just log on to youreport or e-mail it. been a very busy morning for traffic. here's frances. >> it has been busy. it's not as bad right now in terms of accidents. this live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza where there was earlier flooding in the carpool lane shoals the backup beyond the parking lot. that's about it. and if you're heading into san francisco across the golden gate bridge, no major problems in marin county but there is still an accident south bound 101 at north cloverdale boulevard.
6:54 am
an earlier overturn crash that may be blocking a lane. watch out for the critical mass bike ride from herman plaza at 6:15. san mateo bridge also fine right now. i do think that because we have more cars on the road, forces people to slow down and that's why we might not be seeing as many accidents; however, still a problem at sonoma county. chp at the scene providing traffic control. that could cause a problem if it's out there during the morning commute. you can get the latest traffic information by going to our website anytime. is the place to go and you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. a new report says two out of five silicon valley households have been hit by job losses since the start of the recession. the survey by san jose state university finds more than half of unemployed household members are still out of work. the second harvest food bank in
6:55 am
san carlos is helping to meet the increased need. steve young was on hand yesterday to help kick off the drive. the goal to raise $11 million and collect 1.7 million pounds of food. >> there's a focus today. 95 cents of every dollar given goes to food for hungry kids and seniors. especially. that's who that group is. >> second harvest expects to help more than half a million people in november and december. if you'd like to help, we have a link to the food bank under "see it on tv" at >> 6:55. recapping our top stories starting today, some airline passengers may face patdown searches that may make them feel uncomfortable. >> jenelle with details. >> kristen, eric, you know if you set off the metal detector, you usually get an additional screening but one choice just got more intimate. you can do the full body scan,
6:56 am
the x-rated scan or the patdown. but starting today tsa agents will pat you down more thoroughly. before they used the back of their hands but now they can use the front of their hands to go down and up under the breast area to see if there's anything under the bra. the point is help log dangerous items like impractical advised explosive devialses. the tsa regularly updates and reviews its screening process. some are critical of the new methods saying they are invasive and it's really unnecessary. in the end the tsa says only a small percentage of passengers get this additional screening. takes part today and like before you will patted down by someone the same gender as you are. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. >> final check on the weather and traffic, mike. >> let's start with looking at live doppler 7 hd. see a little retreat to the north and west of our precipitation shield. but there's still plenty of it which is upstream down to the
6:57 am
southwest. so looks like the north bay could see light rain for the better part of the day while the rest of us will actually see drier weather. that rain will make another south ward surge tonight this evening through tomorrow morning. saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon should be dry. frances? >> mike, final check of the bay bridge toll plaza. it's wet out there but there's not a big delay. only backed up to the end of the parking lot. there were quite a few spinouts and accidents this morning. look out for ponding on your way to work. and also if you're heading to sonoma county, westbound 37 could slow down later on, especially lakeville road because traffic signal lights are out or not working so chp is providing traffic control through the area. if you want to take mass transit, no big delays. ace train was or is running three minutes late but that's about it. plus there's a critical mass bike ride as well in san francisco. >> frances, thank you. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news.
6:58 am
>> back with a local update at david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers.
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.


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