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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  October 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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and that is edgar rent rea. here is jose uribe whose homer steals game one. we're going to show you tim lincecum, one of the last on the board. >> and then, at sfo, we'll take you there. there, you can see them. brian wilson sporting the famous facial hair in america now. fear the beard. also, cody ross was there when with the playoffs sporting a 747 along with his wife and two small children. >> what a great send off. the san francisco fire department gave a water gun salute. the plane taxied on to the runway. mike shumann is live on the other end of the flight. we begin with abc 7 here. wayne, people who aren't into baseball are there. >> they're beginning to catch up. they were people in san francisco a world series could go seven games.
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it can. a lot of fans hopes it ends sooner than that. the airplane you saw minutes ago, a lot of hopes following that jet aircraft tonight. if reducing the world series story, these would be the headlines, giants departing for dallas. lucky fans boarding flights to cheer the team in person, and a mania taken over. >> i barely understand baseball. >> they do understand hope and a sense of kes stiny. evidenced by a lucky family. >> and. >> there is a is a long drive forward. >> and a dare to believe feeling that after 56 years, san francisco's time as come. >> great franchise. giants, games. but... it's a san francisco team. and the san francisco fans won their world championship. >> of all giants teams, these guys seem the most improbable. they aren't the super star
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who's got robbed by angels and baseball gods in twut. -- 2002. this team has a different appeal. >> not just one guy. everybody is pitching in and doing their job. and it's someone different every night. >> every day in this city's world series run, another blossoming of orange and black. the city is in a group... >> okay. call it a group hug. a coming together like this region has not seen for a long time. unless you've lived here say 29 years, in which case there is historical precedent for this mass giants hysteria. remember, the 49ers and their first super bowl? the joy is in the relief? that team came out november where, too. and in so, tough an economic climate. is the joy in this path in the middle of our year here. >> winning the pennant was
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huge. now, if you can win a world series, you'll be san francisco team for all time. one last note about the 56th year drought of winning a championship. some say there has been a jinx on the team ever since they've left new york. they did not take a monument with them. that is a a former giant and war hero out there on the warfield. and the statue was stolen and the giants never replaced it. they did. put up plaques commemorating the monument and the right field tower. not saying it's making a difference, but it's a fact. >> the curse is over. >> thank you. >> let's turn now to mike shumann in dallas. there is no question. i remember as starting to have
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the same feeling with this group outside of the ballpark here. and getting ready for game three tomorrow. and there is like they said, they knew out today and practice and they're confident and cautious, because they know it will change just like that. after practice today, an american league parks, rules change. giants put up 20 runs and won't think it could get better. and there is bruce bochy said hey, koit change. >> what they've been through, first two series would
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understand, tomorrow, focus will be that game tomorrow night. it has to stay that way. that is change with these guys. >> this is the next thing. they want it at home. so, i think it's going to be a big game. first game there in, texas. >> how can the series change in texas? >> this is a million things could happen in baseball. we're just fortunate enough to win first two home games. >> all right. and there is a sweep would be great. born and raised in the city and mission district. go, giants oo. woo-hoo. >> they're going do it this weekend. we're going to be here all weekend until they win it. until then, we're going to take a trip to san francisco. >> that is enough of you. get out of here! back to you guys.
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>> all right. that is great. >> and of course the city's famous landmarks are lit up in orange tonight. you're looking at a live picture of coit tower. >> there is a a shining beacon the orange in this morning. >> the maybe terminal at san francisco international airport is phased in orange light. this video taken before the sun came up. and there is more you report pictures to share with you as well. >> we're going to move on from that as well. >> the government is dealing with what is described as a serious and credible terror threat. part of the response is added inspections around the country. investigators say two packages that came from yeppen were found on board two karg yes planes bound for the u.s.. the packages contained explosives and addressed to two different jewish places of worship in chicago this, poll in airline security is no
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secret. >> and dan, many people don't realize when you get on a plane, not every item on board is screened. august of this year was the deadline sent by the transportation security administration. to have 100% of all cargo screens onboard passenger planes. we're not there yet. as we saw. with regard to this investigation, we now know saudi arabia was the country that alerted u.s. intelligence. >> this ink toneor cartridge was discovered in a ups cargo area at east midlands airport in birmingham, england. another in dib yu -- dubai. the white house was alerted and at 1:00 in the morning, the president met with his staff. >> initial examination of the packages have determined that they do apparently contain
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explosives materials. >> other searches were conducted in chicago. philadelphia and newark and new york city, fearing more suspicious pathages may have been on board planes and trucks. none were found. senator feinstein heads the senate intelligence committee, visiting a manufacturing plant today in l.a.. >> this would appear to be a a dry run. the dry run was stopped. the dry run was not a success. >> the department of homeland security will now increase its presence at airports. and ordered additional screening both on cargo and passenger planes. this is according to abc 7's ron wilson is the biggest toll in aviation safety. >> 9.7 million pounds a day... go on board passenger planes in the united states. and the vast majority that have is not secured. it's not extra. so it does not go through
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security grouping. >> wilson estimates only 20% of the packages going into the belly of the plane are expected. wilson said shipping companies don't have the equipment, or the man power to screen every piece of cargo. >> that is ridiculous wex need to have everything on a passenger plane screened the same high level. >> during his briefing the president tells sort of blaming al qaeda for this threat. >> you know that al qaeda is in the arabian peninsula. a group continues to plan attacks against our homeland, our citizens, and our friends and allies. >> now, this may link al qaeda. u.s. intelligence says that the devices are made with the same chemical used by an al qaeda operative linked to yemen trying to bomb the airliner on christmas. the explosive is called petn, hard to detect. and dan, very destructive. >> thank you. and the san francisco man is
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accused tonight of beating a priest he claims abused him with his brother. the 44-year-old was booked on assault charges today and n.santa clara county jail. and police say he punched the 65-year-old so badly he had to be hospitalized. >> at the time he was not aware who it was. to my knowledge. and... until today, the first time when one of you called me is the first time i heard the name, actually. >> lynch got a settlement in the 1997 lawsuit against a priest claiming he was assaulted back in 1975. his lawyer says did he not attack the father and will plead not guilty. >> another disappointing poll for republicans tonight. this time, it's the race for senator between incumbent
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barbara boxer and karly fiorina the poll shows her trail big eight points. and so what changed? abc 7 is here with poll numbers and the response. >> you know to be down by eight spoints not good. she is down by a bigger margin coming to women and independent voters. that is worse. >> in menlo park, she responded by discounting it well, the field poll is an outliner poll in many ways and including when it's taken. >> the poll taken between october 14th and october 26th. what it reports is voters are breaking sharply. 4% to 32%. that is almost as large when it comes to women voters, boxer 52%. she says she has her own polls. >> to say that is tight, it's very, veryin wabl.
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coming down to turn out. >> republican challenger told reporters she believes in internal polls. >> the purpose of internal polls is to poll sister moral to get contributors to get more money to make sure air doesn't allow them to balloon. it's what polls would do. >> he says he is not out of the race but the odds are greatly in her favor. boxer spent the dmai southern california campaigning with senator feinstein. >> i think we closed the gap here in the state. >> she is boxer's campaign chair woman and her appearance with a with boxer under cut the message in menlo park. she was telling the audience she and feinstein would work better together than feinstein and boxer. >> on a host of issues i'm sure we'll be very productive cheegs and i was looking forward to working with her. >> after commenting on polls she said the only one that matters is next tuesday.
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>> so much is taken for granted in this election. the responsible thing is that someone feels no. i don't have to vote tuesday. >> turn out is going to decide the race. california has many more registered democrats, 13% more. but what republicans have this time around is momentum. in contra costa county, a higher percentage of republicans are returning their mail in ballots and leading democrats there by 4%. >> and we have a lot more news to cover for you coming up tonight. part two of an abc 7 news i team investigation. dan noyes goes on an $8 million pot raid telling us why so many get away. >> with california money problems far from over, leaders of the state court system vote to increase the pay of00s of bureaucrats. >> you've heard of banks foreclosing on homeowners, homeowners are foreclosing on banks. just ahead a special 7 on your
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side report. >> and there is lots of moisture around the bay area so,
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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do you owe more on the mortgage than your house is worth? there is another option. it's a moral dilemma for many. and michael finney has been looking into what is called strategic default. >> correct. that is when the homeowner allows the home to be foreclosed upon. it's an option getting a lot of scrutiny these days. peter is packing up and moving on. >> i'm very sad about this place. this situation. logic, it would be absurd to continue ton this death spiral. >> he has nonpay the mortgage but decided against it. >> staying here for me would have been equivalent of
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financial suicide. >> it's called strategic default wh. a homeowner allows the home to be foreclosed upon because it's worth less than they owe. >> their comfort in numbers. >> the attorney chad gruel has a web site that has a default calculator and offers help for those who decide to walk away from their mortgage. >> i believe that there is less of a stigma on homeowners walking away from properties, even with people who are defaulting. >> maybe less of a stigma, but a stigma, none theless. >> a lot of people when hearing people talk about default it makes them uncomfortable and uneasy. makes them, some people get angry. they think this is immoral. >> stanford sociology graduate student lindsay owens has been looking into defaulting and morality. saying your take depends on
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how much money you make. the wealthy tend to see it as a business deal. the middle class as a moral obligation. >> we're letting middle class take one for the team. and the rest of us headed to a new house saving money for the future. >> the attorney says he's siding with homeowners and sees no moral dilemma. >> this f.they don't make payments they're not breaking their word. because the contract says if they don't make payments the bank gets the house back. >> the bank does. the contract is enforced. still... your credit will take a hit and the mortgage holder could hound you for money its lost. >> let's say the loan is for $500,000 but your house is only worth $400,000. what happens to that $100,000? that is what you should be worried about.
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>> now, if you have the original loan that came with the house, lender cannot sue you for the money they lost. however, if you refinanced, the lender can sue for that loss. now, we have a great deal of information posted on our web site. just go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> there is a changes with the refi? >> everything changes. >> that is good to know. people don't realize that. >> thank autos sure. >> focus on the weather forecast and we have a baseball game tonight. what is the weekend going to be like? >> there is rain coming in again. >> a little bit. the system just bedeviled us. every time it looks like it's about to move in, it produces shower activity and stalls. doesn't make much movement which is what's happening now. there is some sprinkles and taking a look at at and t park. there is a lot of moisture in
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the atmosphere as you can see here. this looks like impressive rainfall. and places are jant rosa just a sprinkle. fairfield reporting light rain and there is just moisture evaporate brg it hits the ground. it's there. it's just into the atmosphere. there is moisture that might be producing sprinkles and light rain and in san francisco shortly as it is inching that way. you can see moisture associated with this body moving north bay may not get much of anything tonight. there is readings into the 50s, and 60s around the bay z on we go to the highlights. there is scattered showers may
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linger into saturday afternoon. looks like weather will be a treat for halloween. there is a some moisture, we'll start at 7:00 this evening and do expect this to push inland tonight and tomorrow. and weaken as it does so, this could produce scattered showers overnight tonight and tomorrow. and should be breaking up and ending by early tomorrow evening, then, high pressure building in that will clear us out for sunday. which is halloween, of course. the next system staying north. it's possible at the northern most part of the viewing area there is some shower activity from that. overnight tonight, showers, greater possibility being into the south bay, low temperatures dropping into 50s, couple of locations up north in napa could see lows into
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upper 40s. there is not a very warm day, but a pleasant one. 66 to 67 in most locations. similar range of highs in the peninsula. 60 in pacifica. 62 downtown. and 60 into sunset district. highs a little bit on the cool side. 50s, upper 50s on the coast. low to mid-60s inland. low to mid-60s in the near east bay. and we'll see mid-60s about 64, 66 degrees in the region. near monterey bay, low to mid-60s near the bay and here is the accu-weather forecast. clearing out into sunday should be a dry day sunday. looking at mild weather coming our way next week. temperatures into inland locations. and east bay and north bay will be warming up into mid to upper 70s, like spring. >> yes. the coast looks warm. >> yes. >> thank you. >> california court bur yes
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krats up for a pay raise when
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pay raises for a select view with the counsel making policy for state legal system while as abc 7 reports, cut backs and layoffs for everyone
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else. >> chief justice chaired a committee recommending the pay hike for the staff called administrative office of the court. the raise will go to most of its employees saying belt tightening measures over several years makes it possible. >> looking back at this period of time, we look within the pot of money. the money saving through employee sacrifices is now available. >> there is employee s not covered by pay raises. they want the money to be used tomorrow prove the courts which have been hit hard by the crisis. >> this is they're saying we're not concerned. >> the judges with with the
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alliance of california judges. a group that wants to reform the jew dish yairy wondering how public will react. >> there is worker who's lost health insurance, not well. the public court who are paid off not well. >> the counsel members say it's restoring salary reductions staff just over the years. >> this is first thing is that this is not a pay raise. >> i leave it for people to decide. >> now that the proposal has been submitted, the chief justice will decide whether or not to hand out the raises. >> still to come, a look at who is behind the massive marijuana farms on public property. dan noyes goes on an $8 million pot raid. >> and i'll have a special report on a tragic problem,
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teenagers taking their own lives because of bullying. whatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat
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eerks numbers out for the year across the state worth an estimated $17 billion wholesale. but marijuana is still california's largest, going to
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extreme measures to avoid getting caught. dan noyes went along fon one of the busts. >> a federal, state and local law enforcement and u.s. forest service is out there. busting huge pot farms on public land. they allowed me to see them in action. there is an old slogan. land of many uses taking on new meaning. mexican drug trafficking organizations using this remote public land for massive marijuana farms, so remote law enforcement has to fly helicopters to spot the plants. >> this time of the year had is the only type of plant being watered. it's the greenest. and it just stands out from the air. >> reporter: the u.s. forest spaeshl lous the i team on a raid last month. took us an
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hour and a half hiking down steep terrain to the get to the site. and that is the point for the pot grower autos they don't want to be found. they don't want to be contacted by the public, or us. that is why they're in the middle of nowhere. >> the pot farmers learned the terrain during the growing season and can usually spot the authorities before they arrive at the camp. >> there was suspects that did get away. and we were unable to capture them. >> we found old tubing from a pot farm so growers are not hesitant to come back after a raid. >> sometimes, we can catch them. it just depends. and they're family with the terrain. >> camps showed workers were there for the long hall. a full kitchen, with supplies, spices, vegetables, rammen noodles. a stove, a hammock, tent and a
6:33 pm
mound of trash including pesticide and rotdent repellent. >> the goal is keeping insects and rats and things away from plants. >> the growers lined a pool with tarps and ran hose as cross the mountain side. and they planted thousands of marijuana plants. >> this top piece will be a bud once this is matured then, once that is done, they'll perfect ses it. >> this work to tear it out was grueling. trudging up and down the mountain side, clipping plants, counting them, and stacking them, they bundled up plants, the helicopter dropped a hook, flew them out.
6:34 pm
final count, 6615 plants. and street value $8 million. >> there is marijuana cult vacation is illegal. >> this is the one type of grow always illegal. with the medical marijuana law. and the possible possessage of prop 19 for recreational use. authorities tell us most often that mexican drug trafficking organizations are behind these huge operations on public land. and from talking, this is about preserving national forest. >> we want to make sure public has a safe forest to enjoy. and want to make sure it's the way it should be. kept and preserved. >> the raids are counted in the camp numbers. in all, pulling off 755 raids
6:35 pm
this growing season. and confiscated 108 weapons, i'm posting a list in a new blog abc 7 find out how your county ranks. >> and you talk about how these growers keep going back where they're busted. >> about $17 billion wholesale talking about the biggest legal crop in california. talking about huge money these people get. this is all forever the forests. >> right. >> thank you. >> there is october proving to be a good month on wall street. prices didn't change must but dow jones closed about 3% higher. others reacted about the same.
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and chad hurley gives up his hole part of a transition in the works since google caught you tube four years ago. and profits on chevron fell last summer after the tragedy in the gulf. chevron managed to bank $3.8 billion f you're counting on running a commercial in the next super bowl, too late. broadcasting and cable magazine says ad slots are sold out three months in advance. >> bart broke ground on a project to extend its reach into eastern contra costa county and will generate more than 600 jobs, 80 permanent jobs. when completed in 2015 you'll be able to board in antioch and arrive within 10 minutes.
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>> when we come back tonight assignment 7. >> preventing gay teenager frkz bullied. >> and lost friends and lost thththththththththththththththth david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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>> if you're child has been bullied you know how painful it can be. research shows young people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual are as much as four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. what we can all do to stop it. seth walsh's family knew he was being bullied at school. the 13-year-old hanged himself from a tree in his back backyard near bakersfield this summer he was a unique, wonderful child. >> he'd been picked on for years because he was gay. his suicide is one of many
6:41 pm
making headlines in recent months. there is transgender teenagers making their own lives. >> i lost friends to lgbt youth. i lost them to suicide. >> we sat down with alex and aj at the billy defrank lesbian and gay center in san jose. they came out in high school. they say the bullying is relentless. >> if i was going to go to the bathroom, they'd follow me. >> i have been drag add cross the squad from the collar. >> i started getting bullying when i got a boyfriend. that is when i'd hear words like queer. >> not always from other teenagers. alex says during a day of protest even teachers aren't supportive. >> we were silenced and we had a couple teachers from the school coming up to students
6:42 pm
two, of them in particular and they're like, oh, my god. thank god you're silent for a day. >> there is a study showing nine out of 10 lgbt students were hasased at school. and about a third skipped a day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe. >> i felt so alone. because even friends weren't standing up for me. >> one key is getting teens to talk to their parents. for nine years he's been studying family acceptance and rejection, affecting the health of lgbt children saying fear could lead to depression and raises a risk of suicide.
6:43 pm
>> we learned many young people were terrified to coming up to parents. they thought they can never support them he says many parents see bull yeeg as a part of life. a small level of support has been shown to decrease percentage of teenager who try to kill themselves. >> silence is a health hazard. >> ryan says ignoring the issue increases a likelihood a teenager will try to commit suicide. she says parents can call the school tochl press concern about lullying even if the school doesn't take action. and parents need to they will tell them, they care. >> we tell parents if you're feeling uncomfortable just
6:44 pm
telling them you love them, this so important to give hope. >> for a list of services available there is a link at abc 7 and there is services in england, spanish, and chinese. >> important resource. >> giants starting pitcher says he's ready for a world series debut tomorrow. mike shumann is live in arlington up next
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i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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tw games down, two to go. >> giants riding a wave of momentum tonight. mike shumann is live with giants from arlington with a look ahead to game three. the managers made a decision on the hitter for tomorrow night. >> there is no question, pablo sandoval said you don't think giants offense could get more potent but let's talk about
6:48 pm
pitching match up. there is jonathan sanchez's last start of the nlcs just got rocked. there is two runs, two walks, today and bruce bochy said no. we're ready to roll with sanchez, again. >> everybody is human. you know? and... you know... you -- everybody come out that day and you know, a good day. >> we have our hick ups. you know? and pitching great games. and he's got to be himself. >> kobe lewis clinching the nlcs. there is just being aggressive and this seems like there is
6:49 pm
some key hits. >> there is where they're road warriors, game three set for tomorrow. and we'll be there. >> again, game three. >> game three, first pitch scheduled tomorrow for 3:57 p.m. there is texas manager getting national attention now. and so is the kid who is impersonating him. kid's name is liam roybal dressing up as washington for halloween. and there is a now kind of an international star. here is the real rangers skipper. >> nice that there could with someone wanting to imitate
6:50 pm
washington. may want to imitate another store. i don't consider myself a store. i'm just a baseball man. >> shaving head is a commitment. very to say that. there is the times reports a shipment of human growth horman according to the story. major league baseball told giants to leave him off the playoff roster. former raiders quarterback will not be decided in alabama. he was arrested in july and was reportedly drinking codeine syrup without a prescription. he's hoping to resume hoiz career. somewhere and nfl scouts will be glued to the game tomorrow go fog feature top two
6:51 pm
prospects in the country. and if luck comes out just about everybody agrees he would be a number one pick this, is what coaches dream about. blocker up and down with huskies and he's a tremendous athlete. >> there is a great quarterback. he's a great quarterback. he's a game changer. it's going to be tough for defense to try to contain him. >> that will be tomorrow. big game for the bear autos big weekend in sports. >> loaded. loaded. >> thank you very much. >> and there is rain moving in. >> yes. spencer christian has got the latest. >> much of what you've been seeing is just moisture in the atmosphere. there is light showers and
6:52 pm
some more just moving onshore in parts of marin county and then, looking south ward there is into half moon bay, there is light rain as well. wet weather on the way. evidenced by the dark clouds into our time lapse view. you can see dark clouds. the bark was then worse than the bite. there is a threat of showers. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is showers continuing into tomorrow. tapering off giving way to dry conditions on sunday, which is halloween z mild weather next week inskplnd on the coast. it's perfect if the series does come. >> right. >> and there is great weather for baseball or parade. >> tonight more you report pictures from giants fans. >> you may notice a scene
6:53 pm
going on here. we'll have more when we come back >> all new. oprah: actress portia de rossi. the secret that nearly killed her. you were proud of being 82 pounds. what even her wife, ellen degeneres, didn't know. what even her wife, ellen degeneres, didn't know. >> it's heartbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtb
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there is a look at top seven stories on our web site. remember, stay connected at abc 7 >> and join me tonight at cable channel 20. coming up, a new tool to help san jose residents fight crime. >> then, at 11:00 there is a giants win sunday night would be a dream come true for fans and a phone shall halloween nightmare for police.
6:56 pm
and how officials are preparing for two big parties this weekend. >> 9:00 and 11:00 tonight. >> all giants fans are sending us more great pictures and video on you report powered by you tube. >> and this of course giants celebration last night p the stands after the g men wrapped up game two. >> and lots of halloween-themed pictures are coming in. so trick or treaters can fear the beard sunday night. >> take a look at this one. she served a san francisco giants logo. >> that looks like goitsing to take hours. >> john and cynthia found a way to taunt texas rangers at their house. captioning this pic boo, hoo. >> that is one of my favorites. >> you can upload to you report at b abc 7
6:57 pm
and keep those coming. we love them. >> for spencer christian thanks for joining us. >> have a good night. >> good night. david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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