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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 30, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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in the news this saturday morning october 30th, three people including a pregnant woman are shot outside a movie theater. >> good morning, everyone. i'm theresa garcia. let's check with the rain system making its way through the bay area. lisa joins us with the first look. >> the focus will be on the south bay. a trace in san jose. over a tenth in oakland, three-quarters in san jose,
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one-one hundredths in concord. area of low pressure offshore. light rain from novato down 101. the east bay south, the san ramon valley, san leandro. not much going on on the peninsula. as i widen out, look at the coast here. this is the area of low pressure that will continue to push onshore. the rain is going to end quickly from north to south. salvage a nice looking saturday afternoon and a really good looking week ahead. theresa. >> thank you. daly city police are looking for a man who shot three including a pregnant woman last night. it all started around 11:00 with a fight that else -- escalated to a fight. police searched for the shooter described only as a man about twenty years old but no arrests have been made. he was last seen running through a pedestrian tunnel that leads
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to the daly city bart station. also in daly city 16 people were attending the cow palace music and had to be hospitalized for drug overdoses. two are critical this morning. they were attending the sub sonic spookfest. it was promoted as an electronic music event ages 16 and up. this is the second time this year numerous people at the cow palace have been hospitalized. may 29th nine people overdosed, two died leaving officials there to consider banning the cow palace. a man facing charges in the beating of a catholic priest who abused him 25 years ago denies any involvement. he was booked and released last night. lisa amin gulezian reports that investigators believe the assault of father john lindhner was payback.
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>> william lynch walked out of the santa clara county jail six hours after turning himself in. the 43-year-old is accused of severely beating father lindhner where he lives for care of convalescent priests. lynch is far from innocent and the attack at the sacred heart retiremented home was planned. >> the suspect called and asked for the father, whether or not the father was there. the answer was, yes, he was there and the suspect showed up half an hour later and that's when the incident took place. >> the beating happened in this room in front of several people. they say lindhner's attacker asked "do you know who i am?" >> he was not aware who it was. but they have a history. the suspect and his brother accused the priest of sexual abuse. they awarded the brother $625,000 back in 1998.
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the family also accuses the priest of sexually assaulting his own relatives. >> the this is the worst of the worst. i understand they're accusing my client but it could be one of a number of people. >> debbie lucas and her family used to go camping with the father. >> he was sexually abusing us. >> lucas didn't want to comment on lynch's arrest but doesn't blame the attacker. >> there were many times i have contemplated doing all kinds of things to father jerry. i just don't wanna lose my freedom over it. but i don't think it's right that he's free. >> there are no other suspects at this time. police say the reason it took them so long to make an arrest is because they had to have search warrants issued and also go through lots of phone records. in los gatos, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> international tension, a tip
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from saudi intelligence with attacks from yemen thursday. al-queda and yemen tried to ship explosives to chicago and that is linked to the underwear bomber last christmas and the same explosives was found in the cargo passages. >> this cartridge with wires attached was discovered in a ups cargo area at the airport in birmingham, england. northbound suspicious was found in dubai. both were addressed to chicago area synagogues. >> initially examination of those packages determined they do apparently contain explosive material. >> it prompted an intersection of every package and many flights from yemen. fighter jets else courted an 'em rets air flight from dubai as it landed at kennedy in new york. >> the american people should
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know the counterterrorism professionals are taking the threat very seriously and taking all necessary and prudent steps to ensure our security. >> the department of homeland security is increasing its presence at airports and ordered stepped up screening on both cargo and passenger planes. >> 9.7 million pounds a day go on board passenger planes in the united states. and the vast majority of that is not secured, is not x-rayed. does not go through any kind of secure scrutiny. >> aviation consultant ron wilson estimates only 20% that go into the belly of planes are inspected. shipping companies don't have the equipment or man power to screen every piece of cargo. >> that's ridiculous. we need to have everything on a passenger plane screened at the same high level. >> carolyn johnson reporting. the search for additional explosives is continuing. both ups and fedex say they have
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halted shipments from yemen. >> a world series win in four games would be a dream come true for giants fans but a halloween nightmare for san francisco police. amy holyfield reports on the contingency plan for the possibility of two big celebrations colliding sunday night. >> san francisco loves halloween. >> san francisco's amajor halloween city. people spend months plotting what their costumes are going to be. >> most parties have been known to get out of hand. check out this video of a fight at mcdonald's after wednesday night's giants win. just imagine if police are dealing with a world series victory on halloween night. >> it will definitely be a busy night. >> officers on the streets tell us it would be messy and crazy. police management says they'll handle it fine. >> the mayor's office, contact, meetings to come together to form a comprehensive plan for
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the weekend. >> they had past problems on halloween night. the supervisor says it's been quiet the last two years and the world series shouldn't change that. >> this is the third year of home for halloween. and it's an effort that the city has had to tell the bay area there's no street closure in the castros, no street party. >> a double whammy could be huge for bart. just look at the crowd hoping to get into public house during wednesday's game. beer sales were off the charts. >> in the last two days 5,000. >> halloween is already in the air. look at the costumes at critical mass. a world series victory would be perfect on halloween. >> it would turn into an eruption of frost and lava. but totally benign way. just warmth. just warmth, orange warmth and black mysterious winnings.
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>> in san francisco, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> the giants arrived in arlington, texas, yesterday and took their first look at rangers ballpark. they had a short workout to limber up and get a field for the stadium. larry beil will have more in sports with a look what the giants have to do to get the commanding lead this afternoon. coming up next, san bruno residents get the latest information on the investigation and the status of the gas pipeline explosion and repairs. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >> san bruno residents who survived a pipeline explosion several weeks ago are keeping up pressure on pg&e to move the
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pipeline. they showed solidarity at a meeting where investigators and pg&e followed up on a fire that killed eight and destroyed 37 homes. lillian kim has the latest. >> san bruno residents put up a united front despite assurances that the pipeline will be moved. many wore t-shirts to urge the utility to locate the pipe. >> the neighbors are sticking together and we're going to keep the pressure on until that pipe is gone. >> this is the second town hall meeting since the pipeline explosion and representatives from pg&e and a wide range of agencies came to give updates. >> you're going to see a significant more activity from pg&e's blue trucks. we are continuing to patrol and inspect our pipelines on a regular basis and will be increasing that as we get forward into the winter season. >> the neighborhood looks much different than it did in the days following the blast. the debris has been cleared and the lots have been cleaned up.
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>> we were going to leave the property so a three-year-old could walk on it. we succeeded. all soil samples are showing we are well below what we consider to be a background level in soil. >> san bruno residents are waiting for an answer what caused the explosion. it's conducting a number of tests. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> 33 san carlos police officers will be sworn in as sheriff deputies and. this is the final weekend as the city transitions into contracting out police services. outsourcing to the sheriff's department will save san carlos about $2 million a year over five years. the police station will remain open as a sheriff's substation. the residents will notice little change except for police cars and uniforms. members of both departments are already cross training for their new duties.
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cal state students are likely to see annual tuition go up or see a few trustees meet in long beach. they are expected to approve a mid-year increase for the spring plus another 10% hike for the fall 2011. it would be the 6th and 7th tuition increases since 2007. state university officials blame state funding cuts. if approved, annual tuition for undergraduates, which is now about $4200, would rise by $654 next fall to more than $4800 and that doesn't include mandatory fees, housing, books or meals. bart is looking to save money by making trains more energy efficient. bart is among several transit agencies across the country study ying the energy created when a moving subway train applies the brakes. some systems have been able to take that electrical energy and put it back into the rails. as much as 70% of that energy
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goes untapped. one is exploring a battery storage system. the cost of the batteries would determine if such a system would save them money. good idea. outside and my drive up, a lot of rain. >> a lot of rain but it's getting lighter and lighter in the north bay and we're not going to see a totally rainy day out there. live look, looks kind of foggy, san francisco, oakland and morning showers and then a pattern change. your forecast is next. >> also ahead a conversation with buster posey as the giants prepare for the pivotal game three of the world series this afternoon. ♪
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good morning, everyone. 5:18 this saturday, october 30th. you looking at an orange lit ferry building and that is for the giants. you know what, we've used that beautiful color to celebrate for halloween as well and go, giants, for the world series this afternoon. 3-g cellphone service is soaring to new heights. a swedish company powered up near a mount everett base camp. they can make video calls, surf the web to the top of the world's tallest peak. it provides cellphone service to
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eight remote villages that never had it before. giants fans are celebrating the orange and black on youreport powered by youtwo. just look at this pumpkin that donna peterson sent us. trick-or-treaters can fear the beard tomorrow night. he's intent on watching the game on television of course wearing his giants gear there. you too can upload your giants photos or videos. or you can e-mail them to us. if they're not playing here in san francisco, don't have to deal with any possible rain and it's supposed to clear out. >> here and there they're going to see mid-70s today and tomorrow even warmer in texas. we're going to follow that trend, too, sunny and warmer weather beginning this afternoon. a live look from emeryville this morning. sun coming up at 7:33, later and later. we change our clocks next week.
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so we have that to look forward to. and also an end to the rain later on today. but still showers out there. live doppler 7 hd shows that we are looking at the smattering of light rain from the east bay mainly in san jose and points south. in the north bay notice a few light returns by sonoma. american canyon over into the east bay right around dublin. right there. a light to moderate shower into the livermore valley and more rain from 280, 101 to woodside, palo alto and san jose and cupertino. here's another cell offshore moving into atascadero. check out the rotation. a counterclockwise spin on an area of low pressure headed inland and it's going to take the rain with it. notice it's shutting off in the north bay and that's going to be the trend throughout the morning hours. 56 oakland, 52 fremont. los gatos, 48 for you.
5:21 am
scattered showers, maybe a lingering shower this afternoon into the east bay and a treat for halloween with some very niles weather throughout the next several days. here's our satellite and radar composites. finally moving to the east. it's been hanging offshore since the first game of the world series and now finally inching to the east and as it does, it's gonna shut off that rain, bring us a lot of cloud cover in the morning and then we'll see the sunshine. here we are at 11:00 this afternoon, the front slides to the east. high pressure builds in from the south and west and that's gonna allow for this next weather system to stay to the north. this is gonna hold on all week long. in fact, by tuesday and wednesday we're talking mid/upper 70s and by the end of the week cooler weather. dry week ahead. 65 sunnyvale, 67 campbell with the clouds in the morning hours. the afternoon partly cloudy
5:22 am
skies. peninsula numbers 60 pacifica with 65 redwood city so showers early then the clouds then partly cloudy. san francisco 62 downtown. you'll see an end to the rain first here in the north bay with 63 in santa rosa and some sun by the noon hour. near east bay holding on to the showers up to early afternoon and then clearing up. 64 oakland and san leandro. and over the hills here same deal. chance of showers throughout the early afternoon hours and nice afternoon with 65 in livermore, 64 pleasanton and the possibility of showers here to the noon hour in monterey. the 7-day forecast, a few showers. nice day tomorrow, warmer, drier, mild afternoon right on through the week and then we cool off by next week. so we haven't seen this kind of a 7-day in quite some time. ready to dry out a little. >> thanks, lisa.
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the giants will try to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the world series over the rangers in arlington, texas. here's larry beil with more on the game matchup in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the giants are halfway home, up two games none in the world series. game three later today in texas. american league rules apply. both teams get to use the designated hitter. bruce going with the panda. pablo as d. h. for game three. struggled in the regular season. he was replaced this postseason by arabay. he's been great. start on the mound with the giants with more, mike shumann in arlington and buster posey. >> this is a game, the world series, your job. a lot of pressure. is it fun for you or just -- >> the pressure. when the game gets going it's definitely fun. there's a lot that goes into it before and after the games but you try to just enjoy it as much as possible and soak it all up. like i said, when the game gets
5:24 am
going, you're definitely having fun. >> this ballpark, a little fan box and based on two games for the home run this season. i think they're expecting a little different. >> we'll see. you know, we're capable of putting up some runs. just gonna be our job. try to keep 'em down as much as possible. >> can you believe you're in the world series? >> i don't know if it's sunk in yet. try to treat it like another game. >> tough though. people hear that and go, wait a minute, you're in the world series. >> when you're out there, they're in the game, that's another game. before and after it's the world series for sure. >> in arlington, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> texas manager ron washington is getting national attention. so is the kid impersonating him. he's from keller, texas, dressing up as washington for halloween. his family posted some video on and williams to
5:25 am
become an internet star. here's the real rangers skipper on his kid look-alike. >> i said it could be someone that want to imitate ron washington. i never in my wildest dream thought that. might want to imitate some other star. never considered myself a star. just a baseball man. >> a neck injury according to "the new york times," he's the subject of a federal probe. the times reports federal authorities were investigating the shipment of human growth hormones to his wife. according to that story, major league told giants to leave him off the playoff roster. the clippers last night, the concern going forward here, nagging ankle injury. to the oracle. giants fever in the east bay. first quarter transition baron davis. he's a beast! at 14 points, 10 boards. jeff curry trying to beat the
5:26 am
buzzer. the tear drop. it's 16. war years led by 4 at the half. to the second half. pick and roll perfection. monte. led by 21 when curry rolled his ankle again. wood walked off the floor under his own power. warriors opened the season 2-0 for the first time since the 94-95 campaign to win it 109, 91. russell will not be indicted on felony charges in alabama. he was arrested at his home back in july. he was drinking codeine syrup without a prescription. not enough evidence to prosecute. he's hoping to resume his nfl career. we've got college football this afternoon, organ and usc followed by an edition of after the game that will include the
5:27 am
giants highlights and postgame from game three in the world series. hope to see you then. have a great weekend, everybody. >> next at 5:30, they're turning the places you vacation with your family into pot farms. >> this is the only type of plant that's really be watered. and it's the greenest and really just stands out. >> coming up, the i-team's exclusive look at the raid. you'll see why so many growers are never caught. some of the biggest executives in silicon valley are coming together to fight for a major
5:28 am
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[ male announcer ] how do you stop tacos falling over? [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso stand 'n stuff taco shells. old el paso. feed your fiesta. go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. >> good morning. the numbers are out. marijuana grows across the state more than estimated $7 billion wholesale. but even with that effort, marijuana is still california's
5:30 am
largest cash crop and the growers are going through extreme measures to avoid getting caught. a pot farm bust on public land. >> the mendocino national forest has an old slowing began: the land of many uses. that has taken on new meaning. mexican drug trafficking organizations are using this land for massive marijuana farms. it is so remote that law enforcement has to fly helicopters to spot the pot plants. >> this time of year, this is the only type of plant that's really being watered and really the greenest and really just stands out from the air. >> the u.s. force service allowed the i-team to accompany their firefighters and sheriff deputies and on a raid last month. >> it took us an hour to hike down some incredibly steep terrain to get to the site and these the point for the pot growers. >> they don't want to be found or contacted by the public or
5:31 am
us. that's why they're in the middle of nowhere. >> the pot farmers learn the terrain during the four to five-month long growing season and usually can spot the authorities before they arrive at the camp. that's what happened on this raid. >> there was some suspects that did get away. where we weren't able to capture them. >> their camp showed the workers were there for the long haul. a full kitchen with supplies. spices, vegetables, canned meat, rahman noodles, a stove for the propane tank, a hammock, a tent and a mound of trash left behind including pesticide and rodent repellent. >> this stuff is to keep the insects and rats and things like that away from their plants. >> the growers dammed a stream, lined the pool with tarps and ran irrigation hoses across the mountainside. they cut away trees and cleared brush and terraced the hillside to plant thousands of marijuana plants. >> this plant will produce more
5:32 am
buds. this whole top piece will be a bud once it's fully matured and once that's done they'll start processing it. >> the work to tear it all out was gruelling. a small crew of firefighters and special agents trudged up and down the mountainside flipping the plant, counting them. >> four, six. >> and stacking them. throughout the day they bundled up the plants, the helicopter dropped the hook and flew them out. fine count, 6,615 marijuana plants. the forest service puts the street value at more than $8 million. >> we wanna make sure that the public has a safe forest to wreck create in and enjoy. we want to make sure it's environmentally the way it should be and kept and preserved. >> the raids are counted in the camp numbers. in all they've pulled off 755 raids this growing season, made 103 arrests and confiscated 108
5:33 am
weapons. i'm posting the list of the top pot producing counties in a new i-team blog. find out how your county ranks. dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> this morning in his last weekly address before tuesday's national election president obama is calling on politicians to put the partisanship aside. he's particularly troubled by campaign rhetoric used by republican leaders. >> the republican leader in the house said it's not time for compromises. the senate said his main goal is simply to win the next one. we're in the final dales of a campaign so it's not surprising we're seeing this heated rhetoric. that's politics. but when the ballots are cast and voting is done we need to put this partisanship aside, win, lose or draw. >> he's referring to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling national journal magazine the single most
5:34 am
important thing congressional republicans want to achieve is for president obama to be a one-term president. silicon valley executives are arguing for a tax break they claim could help accelerate much-needed job creation and took their case directly to the u.s. commerce secretary yesterday. "moneyscope" reporter david louie explains why the proposal may not fly. >> some of the biggest companies in silicon valley make much if not most of their profits overseas. apple and mcahave i are among them. the u.s. commerce secretary had a 21% tax rate that prevents them from bringing that money home. it's called repatriation. >> repatriation of earnings taxing them to cree jobs is a penalty and other countries don't have that. do you want to send the money in for taxes or bring it home and create jobs? >> the amount of money sitting overseas is significant. >> somewhere between $900 billion and $1.2 trillion
5:35 am
sitting offshore. >> secretary lock spoke to the silicon valley leadership group events about boosting exports but it's a hard sell in washington. >> the budget analysts on capitol hill relied on by democrats and republicans in the congress. most repatation proposals as adding to the deficit. >> ceo's here say they could use the money city hall receives to create jobs and increst in research and development. >> so many top notch products are actually designed right here. and we want to keep that going because that is ultimately what brings in the returns on what is a knowledge-based economy here. >> secretary lott also pointed out another impediment, the world trade organization. countries must abide by rules to foster a level playing field so no country has a competitive advantage. >> business leaders are anxious for changes on the trade front. they recognize that there may be changes in congress next week so they have to wait until after
5:36 am
the election. in santa clara, david louie, abc 7 "moneyscope." all right. well, talking about rain, we had a little bit driving through the peninsula. but you're saying it's going away. >> it is. already shutting off in the north bay. more showers through the peninsula. the south bay today. and then by the afternoon everyone will be looking at some sunshine. we have some fog from our emeryville camera from oakland to san francisco down to hayward. what's going this morning and then really turn a corner. your forecast coming up. >> all right. also ahead, teenagers pushed over the edge by bullying so severe they believe the only way
5:37 am
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[ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ and these e the ones you'll love on a school night pillsbury ham and cheese crescents with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. >> good morning. 5:38 right now. taking a somewhat wet look along the embarcadero with the orange ferry building in the background and these to support the giants, of course, in the world series.
5:39 am
but as for the rain, is it going to ruin your halloween? we're hearing absolutely not. meteorologist lisa argen explains. >> drying later on today. it's going to take a little bit. we'll see a lot of cloud cover but the showers will really just be in the morning hours. the golden gate bridge is wet. we have had upwards to an inch of rain here at santa rosa. but that will be shutting off quickly. in fact, already is. and most of the activity now in the south bay. so a live look at doppler 7 and you'll notice that from fremont on south we have the green on the screen for morgan hill and san jose. east bay we had a shower in dublin that has moved off to the north and east and the livermore valley, a little damp down through 680. and further south and west sunnyvale, highway 101, palo alto, san jose through cupertino. light shower activity as the low continues to press onshore and
5:40 am
finally monterey and santa cruz getting a little wet. but take a look over the next couple frames. notice things are really beginning to shut off. the counterclockwise flow, moving to the east and taking the moisture with it. 56 oakland and 54 napa. good morning half moon bay in the mid-50s. we have some fog as well from oakland and san francisco. but the scattered showers really just through the morning hours mainly. and then a few lingering showers in the east bay, then we'll look for a treat for halloween with some pretty nice weather if you like it dry and sunny. many days of that on tap. so here's the front, the area of low pressure still sitting offshore and notice the moisture finally going with it to the east with the front. as it presses eastward throughout the morning hour. so here's our computer animation and finally as it presses to the east, high pressure builds in from the south and the west. gonna stay with us. it's going to be anchored over
5:41 am
the bay area not only the rest of the day today, tomorrow into early next week. even by the end of the week finally safe and we'll see cooler weather. but today temperatures with a lot of cloud cover early on in the mid-60s for sunnyvale and cupertino. morning showers and then late afternoon sun. 65 for you in menlo park with 60 in pacifica. and in san francisco look for the morning showers, the fog and partial clearing at 62. the rain beginning to shut off already here in cloverdale and petaluma. a cloudy afternoon for sonoma, 64. east bay a few more showers with 62 richmond. mid-60s as you head towards castro valley. this afternoon maybe a lingering shower for concord and pittsburgh but overall a cool and fall-like afternoon with hints of sun in walnut creek. 64 for you. and monterey bay you're looking wet throughout much of the morning hours and by 9:00 things
5:42 am
begin to taper off. you'll see a cloudy morning with a few peeks of sun. mid-60s for you and the accu-weather 7-day forecast a lot of sunshine, about 70s tomorrow and mid to upper 70s, the sun setting right after 6:00. about 6:10. so if you get the little ones and want to head out tomorrow, it will be dry. >> perfect! and what is incredible, first week of november. the 70s. at least inland. >> we deserve it. >> i'm looking forward to it. great! if your child has ever been bullied, you know what a helpless feeling it can be and it's worse when they're bullied for their sexuality. young people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. what you can do to help stop it. >> seth walshes' family knew he
5:43 am
was bullied at school but didn't know how bad it was. the 13-year-old hanged himself in his backyard near bakersfield this summer. >> he was a unique and wonderful child. >> he was picked on for years because he was gay. suicide is one of many of that made headlines across the country in recent months. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers who took their own lives. >> i've lost friends to lgbpu's just like anybody else and lost them to suicide. >> we sat with alex, andre and a. j. at the lesbian gay bisexual and community sr. in san jose. they all came out in high school. they say the bullying is relentless. >> if i was going to the bathroom, they'd follow me and my group to see which one i was going in. >> i've been dragged across the quad by my collar. >> when i had a boyfriend. that's when i would hear words
5:44 am
like faggot or queer. >> and it's not always from other teenagers. alex says that during a national day of protest for gay rights, even teachers weren't very supportive. >> and put duct tape on my mouth and like silence. features from my school, come up to students and they're like oh, my god, thank god you're silent. >> nine out of ten -- nine out of ten lbg students experience harassment at school. three-fifths felt unsafe because of their sexual orientation. about one-third skipped a day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe. >> i felt like so alone because i -- you know, even my friends wouldn't really stand up for me. they just let it slide and even people -- all of my friends are making fun of me. >> one key to solving the problem is getting teens to talk to their parents. ryan is director of the family
5:45 am
acceptance project at san francisco state university. for the last nine years ryan has been studying family acceptance and rejection and how that affects the health of lbg children. she says fear can lead to depression, drug abuse and raises the risk of suicide. >> what we learned in our research was so many young people were terrified to come out to their parents because they thought they could never support them. >> many parents typically see bullying as part of life unaware of the potentially deadly consequences. but her research shows that parents don't have to accept or even understand their child's struggle with sexual identity to make a difference. even a small level of support from parents has been shown to dramatically decrease the percentage of teenagers who try to kill themselves. >> silence and secrecy are risk factors. >> it increases the likelihood a teenager will try to commit suicide. parents can make a teen feel
5:46 am
more supported to call the school and express concern about bullying. even if the school doesn't take action. and at home they need to know what's happening in their child's life and we care. >> even if you feel uncomfortable, just sitting and talking with your child, touching their hand, that you'll be there for them, this is so important to give them hope. >> for a list of services available through the family acceptance project, there is a link under "see it on tv." they offer services in english, spanish and chinese. don't go away. seven on your side is next. >> you've heard of banks foreclosing on homeowners. now homeowners are turning the tables. they're foreclosing on banks. the camera phone?
5:47 am
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on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. make a depositght. from anytime--make a det with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪ good morning. thanks for wakes up with us.
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a camera with the golden gate bridge. it's orange. you can't see that in the dark but you can see the wet pavement. we have a system passing through the bay area. if you're wondering where the tail end of the week is headed because you want to trick or treat, it's going to be dry according to lisa. more coming up. do you owe more on your mortgage than what your house is worth? you can get a loan modification but there is another option, too. perhaps just walking away. it's called strategic default. michael has been looking into whether it's a good idea. >> packing up and moving on. >> emotionally i am very sad about the place this whole situation has put me. logically it would be absurd for me to continue on this death spiral. >> he has the money to pay his mortgage, but he's decided against it. >> staying here for me would
5:50 am
have been the equivalent of financial suicide. >> strategic default. foreclosed upon because it is worth less than they owe. >> there's comfort in numbers. >> the rules have a website that has a strategic default calculator. it also offers help to decide to walk away from their mortgage. >> i believe that there's less of a stigma on the homeowners walking away from their property even with people that are strategically defaulting. >> maybe less of a stigma but a significant nonetheless. >> a lot of people walking away, it makes them really uncomfortable. they get uneasy. some people even get angry because they think this is immoral. >> stanford sociology graduate
5:51 am
student lindsay has been looking into default and morality. your take usually depends how much money you make. the wealthy, it's simply a business deal. the middle class has a moral obligation. >> we're basically letting the middle class take one for the team and hold up the economy by paying their mortgage while the wealthy are headed to a new house and saving that money for the future. >> attorney chad rule says east siding with the homeowner and sees no moral dilemma at all. >> that they don't make their payment. they're not breaking their word. because the contract says if they don't make the payments, the bank gets the house back. >> and the bank does. the contract is enforced. still your credit will take a hit and the mortgage holder could hound you for the money it lost. >> let's said your loan is for $500,000 but your house is only worth $400,000. so what happens to that $100,000
5:52 am
difference? that's what you should be worried about. >> if you have the original loan that came with the house, the lender can't sue you for the money they lost; however, if you've refinanced, the lender can sue. now, we have a bunch of information posted to our website. just go to i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up next, the giants are in arlington, texas, for game three of the world series. look at the fans here at home who are hoping for a sweep. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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alrighty, the winning numbers from last night's $140 million megamillions draw. you've got 4, 19, 26, 28, 39 and the meganumber is 4. but, you know, there were no winning tickets sold in california. there was another winner in another state for the jackpot for tuesday's drawing resets to
5:55 am
$12 million. game three of the world series is this afternoon in arlington, texas. and abc 7's wayne friedman reports even people who aren't baseball fans are jumping on the ban wagon. >> if we reduce the world series story to its bare basics, these would be the headlines. departing for dallas with a hopeful day for destiny, cheering the team in person and a mania that has taken over. >> i barely even understand baseball. >> but they understand hope and destiny as evidenced by one lucky ball. >> hits the we'll! >> and frankly a dare to believe feeling among long-suffering giants fans that after 56 years san francisco's time has come. >> great franchise. the giants, the name. but it's a san francisco team and the san francisco fans want their world championship. >> of all the giants' teams,
5:56 am
these guys seem the most improbable. they aren't the superstars that got robbed by the baseball gods in 2002. no, this team has a different appeal. >> not just one guy. everybody's pitching in, doing his job. somebody different every night. >> every day on the city's world series run, another blossoming of orange and black. >> this isn't a group hug. >> okay, call it a group hug, a coming together like this region has not seen for a very long time. even if you've lived here, oh, 29 years or so in which case there is historical precedent for this giants hysteria. remember the 49ers and their first super bowl, their joy, catharsis, relief. this that suffered such a long championship drought, so tough a climate, it's a joy in this glimpse of our near future.
5:57 am
>> you make the mark by what you do in the postseason. winning the pennant was huge. now if you can win a world series, you will be the san francisco team of all time. >> the giants' 56 year championship drought, new york fans say there has been a jinx for not moving a monument of former giant captain eddie grant from the polo grounds from san francisco with the team in 1958. that monument was stolen from the grounds after the final grounds. two years ago the giants replaced that monument with a plaque in the right field tower at at&t park. we're not saying it makes a difference but some people say it does. from san francisco wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> next at 6:00, he's accused at attacking a bay area priest, a woman who understands in a very painful way why it may have happenenenenenenenenenenenenenen
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