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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, october 30th. and this morning, terror threat. two packages containing explosive materials was headed to this country before authorities intercepted them. now the hunt is on for more potentially dangerous packages. we have new details on this plot and we're going to talk to the head of homeland security. rally time. with only three days left before the election, both sides are barnstorming the country trying to rally their bases while two comedians try to rally the middle on the national mall today. custody battle. the adoptive parents of a 3-year-old boy must give him back to his biological father today. they are the only parents he has ever known. what is best for baby vaughn? and the great halloween debate. communities across the country
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are pushing parents and children to do their trick-or-treating tonight instead of tomorrow. the reason? safety, religion and, of course, sunday football. and authorities in the united states and around the world are on the lookout for more suspicious packages after that bomb plot was revealed yesterday. now here's what we know as of this morning. two packages were found with confirmed explosive devices. one was intercepted in the united kingdom, the other in dubai. both were shipped from yemen. both were being sent to jewish organizations in chicago, and, dan, they were packed with enough explosive material to do some serious damage. >> and we have these pictures just released by the government of dubai of one of the packages. as you can see, it was in a large box.
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there was a printer inside, but it was the printer cartridge that contained the explosive materials. it was chaotic at airports all over the world as other planes carrying suspected packages were searched and eventually cleared. but this was, as bianna said, a very real threat, and there are very real concerns this morning. >> and the plot is raising a lot of questions about the safety of air cargo coming into the u.s. and new concerns about terror cells in yemen. we're going to get into all of that in just a moment with the secretary of homeland security but we begin with our chief investigative correspondent brian ross, who is in washington with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. it now is clear al qaeda built two printer bombs to be exploded at synagogues in chicago perhaps as early as last night, the jewish sabbath. authorities tell us the toner cartridges were hollowed out to hold explosives and a detonator virtually undetectable when shipped as air cargo, and it was only because of a tip from saudi intelligence that the u.s. was able to stop the dangerous shipments. of the two packages sent to
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chicago from yemen, one was shipped by fedex through dubai and the other by u.p.s. through england. british authorities at the east midlands airport north of london seized a large box with a printer whose toner cartridge appeared to have been tampered with, loaded with almost a pound of a white powder where there should have been black powder. the president's lead counterterror adviser said it was an explosive compound that officials said was going to be somehow detonated by a cell phone. >> they were not letters. they were larger than that. think about bread boxes or so in terms of, you know, maybe size. we don't know yet how they were intended to be activated. >> reporter: officials believe the powder may be the homemade highly explosive petn used in the failed plots by the so-called shoe bomber and the underwear bomber. even a small amount, a few ounces of petn, can cause huge damage as seen in this demonstration. in chicago, fbi agents warned synagogues and jewish community centers to be on the alert as
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possible targets of al qaeda. >> the american people should be confident that we will not waver in our resolve to defeat al qaeda and its affiliates and to root out violent extremism in all its forms. >> reporter: an urgent search will continue over the weekend for other possible bomb packages coming from yemen. but 11 other shipments from yemen stopped yesterday all proved to be harmless, and, bianna, they now believe they have contained this plot. >> and, brian, you mentioned that there was nearly a pound of that petn found in the cartridge. how does that compare to the petn that was found in the failed christmas bomber attack? >> reporter: this amount is seven or eight times as much as was used by the person in the attempt to bring down that northwest flight over detroit so extremely powerful. if exploded, for instance, in the basement of the synagogue, it would have done serious damage, and they believe it may have been the intention that the printers were to be delivered to the synagogue sometime yesterday with, of course, services friday evening at the synagogues.
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>> all right, brian, thank you for that latest report. we appreciate it. dan? >> so here's the question this morning. what has the government been doing now to make sure there are no more bombs headed here from yemen? pierre thomas has been looking into that. he joins us also from washington this morning. pierre, you heard brian say the plot has been contained officials believe. is that what you're hearing, as well, and what is the focus this morning? >> reporter: well, they're increasingly confident that it has been contained, but i can tell you they're going back and looking at packages that came from yemen for the last two weeks and have to be certain there are no more mail bombs out there, printer bombs out there, so they're going to do that out of an abundance of caution. the next thing that they're doing is they're trying to get with yemeni authorities to see if they can figure out who was the bombmaker and to see if they can figure out the network that put this plot together. right now yemen is one of the most active places in the world plotting attacks against the united states. >> so this is the fourth plot in the past 13 months. we had the new york subway plot, the christmas day plot and then
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the times square plot. as i understand it, and you've reported on this in recent weeks, counterterrorism officials are pretty worried right now. >> reporter: this is a period of heightened threat. that's what all my sources are telling me. they believe that al qaeda is desperate, desperate to get some sort of attack on u.s. soil before the tenth anniversary of 9/11, which is coming up in a few months. they want to hit us. they want to hit us now according to sources, so they believe that they're plotting these smaller-scale attacks. not the kind of attacks that would kill thousands of people like 9/11, they want to get on the scoreboard. >> a busy and scary time for counterterrorism officials. pierre thomas, thank you very much. bianna? >> all right, dan, thank you. and joining us now from washington is homeland security secretary janet napolitano. secretary napolitano, thank you so much for joining us this morning. i want to begin by asking you what kind of damage this attempted attack could have inflicted if, in fact, it had not been caught? our own brian ross is telling us
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that nearly a pound of petn was found in these explosives while we're talking about only 70 to 80 grams were found on the attempted christmas day bomber. >> well, we don't know the forensics yet, so it's premature to speculate on what the ultimate constitution of these devices was. obviously we will be doing that. we'll be doing analytics. i think the first thing to communicate, however, is that we have, working with our international partners, put in place enhanced rules for cargo and passenger safety, especially for any cargo emanating from yemen. >> and reports indicate that it was actually a tip from saudi intelligence that led us to these packages, not screening. so in that sense, could this have been a failure on part of screening security? >> well, i think you need to understand that where screening is concerned, there is no one silver bullet, so you have to have multiple layers. here the saudis passed on information that was very, very
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useful. we were able, with the systems we already in have in place, to immediately identify the packages, to segregate them, to begin looking at them from a forensic standpoint and analyze what's in them and go further and put in place rules for the enhanced protection of cargo and passengers, particularly coming out of yemen. >> well, walk us through the last 48 hours. how is the department of homeland security able to track these packages? >> well, we were able to identify by where they were emanating from and package number where they were located. we were able to work with the carriers to immediately find the packages, the carriers on the land. we were able to immediately take them off, but we were also able to immediately adjust and change the rules that govern how cargo is shipped from yemen and what screening must be done there. >> secretary napolitano, what we
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saw yesterday was a new avenue of a terror threat, not using passenger jets and planes, but cargo planes. is this something that americans should be worried about now, and how can we protect ourselves? >> well, we're dealing with an ever-changing, ever-evolving threat, something that i've been talking about for many months now, and it requires us to be quick. it requires us to adapt. it requires us to have a good partnership internationally with the private sector, with law enforcement across this country, and that's what we're doing. it's that whole network, that whole architecture of security that leads to the ability to thwart a plot. >> but how vulnerable is the system when it comes to cargo shipments? i mean, let's be realistic. we have 31 billion pounds of freight entering this country each year. how can we test every single plane and every shipment that
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comes into this country? >> well, your question goes right to the point, and that illustrates why we have to have other things in play in order to maximize our ability to identify packages that may contain explosive material, other dangerous material and either prevent it from getting on a plane or when it does, immediately get that plane on the ground, segregate that package and make sure that the cargo itself remains safe. that, indeed, is what happened. >> and we were very lucky this time, but as pierre thomas mentioned earlier in the show, this was the fourth attempt of a terrorist plot in this country this year alone. can we expect more attempts? >> i think we can, and we always presume that we should, and that's why we're always leaning forward thinking about what the next plot could be, making the partnerships i mentioned more and more robust, really looking at how we go after this very determined and relentless enemy. >> and lastly, police in dubai say that this bomb contained the hallmarks of al qaeda.
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is this something that the department of homeland security and u.s. intelligence also believes in? >> i think we would agree with that, that it does contain all the hallmarks of al qaeda and in particular al qaeda ap, aqap, but the investigation is ongoing, and just as we have an adversary who keeps pushing the system trying to conduct a plot, we are ourselves continuing to make sure that we get to the source of this and make sure that we take care of this problem. >> all right, secretary napolitano, we'll have to leave it there. we appreciate your time. thank you for joining us this morning with such breaking news. >> thank you. >> dan? >> thanks, bianna. this terror threat is dominating the news with just three days to go before the midterm elections. and in this final weekend of campaigning, nobody is slowing down. the president was at a rally last night in virginia and he's going to be hitting three more states alone today. we have three reporters out in the field this morning. we're going to start with jeremy hubbard who in philadelphia where the president will make
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his first stop today. jeremy, a lot of blue states for the president today. >> reporter: that's right, dan, a blue state barrage for the president today. he'll hopscotch three different states hoping to rally the base and roust them to the polls come tuesday. it starts at temple university here in philadelphia this morning. pennsylvania home to pivotal senate and governors' races and off to candidate where he'll stump in similar races there and chicago where his old senate seat is up for grabs along with the illinois governor's seat. this will be his first event open to the general public in chicago since his election night victory rally there two years ago, and these stops are no coincidence, these visiting cities with large african-american populations hoping to reverse that trend of low black voter turnout during midterm elections. the president is acutely aware that he has to get the democratic base out there in droves in order to diminish the losses on tuesday. so what is the message in these final arguments? likely more of the same. the gop drove the country into the ditch. the democrats are pulling us out. they have a lot of work to go yet, but, dan, he'll argue that it's not time to give up yet. >> thanks, jeremy.
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jeremy hubbard reporting from philadelphia. republicans, as you may know, are expected to make big gains in both the house and senate, but they are not taking their momentum for granted in this final weekend. david kerley is here with more on the republican strategy to seal the deal in this final weekend. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. and the republicans are out. they will be talking to their voters trying to get them out. in fact, the top republican in the house will be in ohio basically telling voters that he may actually meet with a man who is dressed up in a nazi uniform and is running for congress there. he'll be telling voters it's time to get out. he could be the next speaker of the house, john boehner. that's the way he was introduced last night in ohio, and he told a republican county meeting that he would run the house differently than the democrats, even than the republicans who preceded him in the house, and he tapped into that republican anger that is sweeping across the nation. >> your government has not been listening. your government is disrespecting you, your family, your job, your children.
7:14 am
your government is out of control. do you have to accept it? >> all: no. >> do you have to take it? >> all: no. >> hell, no, you don't. >> reporter: now boehner and the republicans need 39 seats to take control of the house. analysts believe that they may get as many as 50 or more, but boehner is not giving up. he says, make phone calls, get the vote out. the republicans are trying not to be too confident of taking control of the house. dan? >> they do have an enormous momentum. david kerley reporting from washington this morning. perhaps the most anticipated political event of this weekend involves comedians, not politicians. as many as 200,000 people are expected to descend upon the national mall in washington today for jon stewart and stephen colbert's rally to restore sanity/keep fear alive, and our claire shipman is there. claire, you've got the tough assignment this morning. >> reporter: i do. i do. good morning, dan. people are already pouring in here to the mall.
7:15 am
it's ringed with port-a-potties so you can tell they're expecting a big crowd. locally they say they're looking for at least 60,000. but you're right. on facebook 200,000 said they're coming. wilco is going to be here, the country rock band, sheryl crow, performances by the comedians and some sort of satirical award ceremony, but for the people here, this is no joke coming to rally. they think this is a political event. the real question is can it matter just a few days, you know, before the elections? i mean the organizers are saying we're not taking sides. we're trying to rally the middle. this isn't the anti-glenn beck rally, but a lot of local democratic groups have sent people here, and they're certainly hoping they're going to be able to make a small dent in that enthusiasm gap, especially among young voters. and if you look around, it's going to be a very young crowd here today, dan. >> thank you, claire. >> the crowds are coming later on. trust us. keep fear alive.
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that is so funny. >> ron, you've got the other news this morning. >> hey, good morning, bianna and dan. good morning to you. we begin with a fierce and deadly battle in afghanistan today between coalition forces and insurgents. the militants attacked a combat outpost in in eastern afghanistan's paktika province, and they had to call in air support to keep from being overrun. 30 militants were killed and 5 nato service coalition members were wounded. in that region nearly all troops are from the nato military. the u.s. economy group only modestly in the third quarter. the nation's gross domestic product expanded at a 2% annual rate according to the commerce department. slightly better than the second quarter. consumer spending rose at its fastest pace in four years. wildfires have forced 1,700 people from their homes in boulder, colorado. residents in four neighborhoods were evacuated because of two blazes near the city that burned more than 140 acres so far, and about 150 firefighters are battling the wildfires along with planes dropping water on the flames.
7:17 am
and police in pennsylvania say they have finally found the wrong-way driver who created havoc on a busy highway near philadelphia. the elderly woman somehow, somehow got on the highway going the wrong direction causing several accidents, but there were no serious injuries. it was, of course, captured on cell phone video by a guy in a car going the other way. imagine that. >> everything is on camera these days. >> exactly. charges are pending against the 84-year-old woman from delaware. and finally, kids, of course, love halloween but how about halloween for pets? animals competed in the annual pet masquerade. bianna is laughing at this. masquerade and parade in where else, key west, florida. dogs, cats, dan, and birds dressed up in costumes including a great pyrenees dog. >> that guy stole my outfit. >> look at that masquerading as a giant panda. >> i'm only seeing dogs here. where are the cats? >> we got a video of that. >> that's coming later. >> we're shaking that for later in the show. we'll keep you watching. now here's a check of the weather.
7:18 am
rain and mountain snow in the west and northern new england, the rest of the nation meanwhile, will be dry and the tropics, hurricane shary is no longer a threat to land but tomas is forecast to become a major hurricane possibly or probably threatening the caribbean. >> and we'll have the forecast for zimbabwe in the next half hour. >> i don't believe you. >> now i will. >> oh, i believe him. ron stands by what he says. zimbabwe is coming up in the next hour. but we want to talk about dan's favorite holiday, halloween. that's happening tomorrow.
7:19 am
are you ready? >> yeah, well, you know, i don't like to dress up. that's an allusion she's making there. however, the big question this halloween for kids who actually do like to dress up is will they do so tonight or tomorrow night? halloween is officially tomorrow but in some places they're forcing kids to do it early, and yunji de nies tells us why. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this halloween the question isn't just trick-or-treat, it's saturday or sunday. some cities don't want to mix ghouls, goblins and ghosts with a day many designate for god. >> i don't think halloween should be interacted with god, church. it don't go together. >> trick or treat. >> reporter: and some parents would rather avoid the sugar rush on a school night. >> i would prefer to have it on saturday if possible because so the children can go trick-or-treating and not have
7:20 am
to worry about getting up and going to school the next morning. >> reporter: that's why leaders in chatham county are telling kids to dress up and door knock tonight. >> we had representatives from all seven cities and the county together and discussed that we would have the trick-or-treating saturday night as opposed to sunday night. >> reporter: they're not alone. oklahoma city has opted to keep sunday sacred, and utah hasn't made it official, but the majority of trick-or-treaters there are expected to do the same. in some cities, the saturday versus sunday showdown isn't over religion or school but sports. on halloween, arlington, texas, has game four of the world series, and new orleans hosts the saints and the steelers. but at least one man says the holiday should be left alone. >> i think the scariest thing about halloween this year are the number of politicians who are screwing it up for children. >> reporter: there might be a sweet silver lining to this debate. instead of saturday or sunday, some savvy kids may opt for both. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, atlanta.
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>> i love that. that's smart. coming up, custody fight. parents must now hand over a 3-year-old boy that they've had since birth to the biological father he's barely met. what is best for the child? >> and you do not want to miss this. we're going to meet the woman behind dan the man, his mom. how many ways did i get mrs. harris to embarrass her son? oh, you've got to stick around for this one. deserves a better breakfast. choose from a dee-licious lineup of our newest $5 footlong breakfast melts, like the sunrise subway melt. [ strahan ] subway. build your better breakfast. with the $2.50 breakfast combo. get a 16oz. cup of piping-hot seattle's best coffee and a savory new sunrise subway melt built fresh to your order for just $2.50. subway. build your better breakfast.
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so you think you know dan harris? well, you know nothing. his er tells so you think you know dan harris? well, you know nothing. his mother tells all coming up. [ all ] trick-or-treat!
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♪ you're so vain ♪ you're so vain breaking news. carly simon was referring to dan harris when she penned that song. no, that's just a joke. i'm kidding you. but we will tell you the story behind dan harris and "you're so vain." that young man, you might have guessed, is dan harris. i want to know what path led him to the chair beside me on the "gma" set. so i went to the number one source, his mother. and believe me, she told me all. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. he's bracing. >> oh, man. good morning, and welcome to the final day of my career. enjoy it. not to change the subject too quickly, but i'm going to change it as rapidly as i can. also coming up, check out this guy's three words. we hope it opens too.
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you'll find out if it did coming up in a little segment we call "in three words." a bitter custody battle we've been following. one of the biggest fears adoptive parents face, losing the child to the biological parents. well, today that fear is a reality for a family in southern indiana as they prepare to hand over the little boy they've raised since birth, and meg oliver has been following the story and is here with the latest. >> good morning, bianna. the case is heart-wrenching to says the least. at the center, a 3-year-old who will be taken away from the only family he has ever known. but on the other side, a biological father who has been fighting for his son since shortly after he was born. it's the day the vaughns have prayed would never arrive. today they have to give up 3-year-old grayson to his biological father, a father he has spent only a few hours with over the past three years. the vaughns' precious life with
7:32 am
grayson started shortly after birth. christy vaughn was the first to hold grayson. >> he was mine. >> reporter: but 17 days later their legal nightmare began. although the biological mother and her ex-husband, who is not grayson's father, gave the baby up for adoption, another man stepped forward and filed a paternity action. >> he filed his paternity action before we filed our petition for adoption. >> reporter: it took the court 17 months to determine the man was grayson's biological father and dismissed the adoption petition, but the vaughns weren't giving up. during that time they were raising grayson, changing diapers, celebrating birthdays and cherishing every second. >> you know, we never received a phone call from this guy. we never received, you know, a birthday card. >> reporter: the lawyer for the biological father blames the vaughns for dragging out the case saying "the matter could have been resolved shortly after the birth. the biological father has been trying to get his son back from day one." the biological father has a criminal record
7:33 am
in ohio for assault and drug paraphernalia but it didn't strike a cord with the ohio supreme court who upheld the decision to dismiss the adoption. >> there is a good argument here that the biological father did everything the law required of him. he filed with the registry. he filed papers to make it clear he wanted the child. >> reporter: during a trip to ohio, the vaughns' oldest son jackson tried to comprehend what was happening to his baby brother. >> daddy, can we go see the judges while we're hear and talk to them about keeping grayson? >> reporter: the vaughns appealed all the way to the indiana supreme court to no avail. >> the biggest loser is the child no matter what happens. >> reporter: now after three years with the only family he has ever known, grayson will be taken from jason, christy, jackson and addison. >> there's no words. there's no words how our world is not going to be the same. >> we haven't been able to talk to either side in the last 24 hours because they're under a gag order, but we do know the
7:34 am
vaughns were desperately trying to get a transition plan in place before the handoff, which is going to happen today, to help grayson through this, but unfortunately it doesn't look like that will happen. >> you can see the emotional toll this takes on the adopted family's side. >> thank you so much. >> as you said, the biggest loser here is the child. meg oliver, thank you very much. let's check the headlines now once again with ron claiborne. >> hey, good morning again, dan and bianna and meg. good morning, everyone. in the news two packages containing explosives bound from yemen to chicago were intercepted friday in england and dubai. counterterrorism agents are searching for more potentially dangerous packages sent from yemen. indonesian emergency workers say that 23,000 survivors of a tsunami are homeless and badly in need of help following the tsunami that killed 114 people there and the indonesian volcano mt. merapi erupted again today killing one person and forcing the closing of an airport. a hearing is scheduled in illinois this morning for a man charged with the murder of a northern illinois university student, antinette "toni"
7:35 am
keller, whose body was found two weeks ago, two days after she disappeared in a park. william curl was arrested in louisiana and extradited to illinois. he is being held on $5 million bond. and finally the annual halloween festivities in sleepy hollow, new york, include some amazing jack-o'-lantern carvings on display and, of course, the legend of sleepy hollow, the classic american scary story of ichabod crane and the headless horseman. and now here is a quick check of your weather. highs in the 50s and 60s across the north. temperatures warm into the 70s in much of the south. sunny skies are forecast for most of the country, but rain and mountain snow are forecast in the west and in northern new york state into northern new england. and in harare, zimbabwe, a
7:36 am
high of 85 with a chance of showers. >> i knew it. >> dan and bianna. >> see. >> a man of his words. >> that's right. >> thanks, ron. now we want to talk about dan and i'm getting to know him. we'll hear from the woman who knows all about him and knows him best. of course, that is your mother, dan. >> and once i recover from the humiliation, still barbering. and guess how old he is? the answer is coming up in a little segment we call "your three words." ♪ with me ♪ to make things right ♪ make it right ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. to learn more and get your special offer,
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i have to tell you i'm very particular about who i spend my so i have to tell you i'm very particular about who i spend my weekends with. you know, i've seen dan's work. i've traveled with him abroad. i've talked to his wife and met her, but i wanted to get to know who dan harris was really, so who better to ask than dr. nancy lee harris who is dan's mother in our new series "moms tell all." take a look. >> jeremy tells us we are among the first westerners to come here to the valley. >> the musharraf government is
7:40 am
threatening to deport any afghan refugees who participate in demonstrations. >> reporter: for the past decade he's traveled the globe as an abc news correspondent extraordinaire. >> and you just heard correct. a new era officially begins. >> for for the last two months, i have come to know him as my co-anchor at "gma weekend." although he cuts a dashing figure in the newsroom, i had a feeling it wasn't always that way. so to find out how he went from this to this, i decided to take a journey to his home in newton, massachusetts. >> hello. >> i'm bianna. >> reporter: and meet the woman who knows him best, dr. nancy lee harris. tell us everything about dan. >> i can't wait. >> okay, let's go. both dan's parents are doctors but from an early age, it was clear he'd go his own path. >> it didn't surprise me that he would be on television. daniel from an early age liked attention. he liked performing. he was actually always very cute and i think aware of it.
7:41 am
he was always very concerned about his appearance, clothes in particular. before he could say a complete sentence, his first words were "these pants" when i was getting him dressed in the morning. >> wow. >> there were things he wouldn't let me put on him. >> he was into fashion. >> he was into fashion and as you can see has been ever since. >> dan is going tieless. we like this look. we were debating about it this morning. >> he used to dance at a very early age. we'd be playing the stereo, and he'd sort of stand next to the speakers and do a little jig. it was so adorable. ♪ he walked into a party >> he did a jig? >> yeah. and it was to carly simon's "you're so vain." ♪ you're so vain >> was he a good student? >> he was a straight "a" student in college after almost flunking out of high school. >> and what transpired? what was the transition there? >> well, adolescence. he stopped talking to us. he became extremely rebellious, and we weren't sure what was
7:42 am
going to happen, and all of a sudden when he was about almost 17, he sort of woke up, shook himself off and said, where's everybody been? i'm back. >> did he go streaking a lot, as well? >> this is where he lived as a -- >> this is the room dan grew up in. you can still see the t-shirts he made with his younger brother matt. got to love that mug. and yearbook and, of course, a reminder about one of his earliest passions. >> meow. >> cats. we have to talk about cats. >> she makes fun of me for liking cats, but she sent me video of cheetahs last night. >> dan always had an intuitive ability to get along with the cats. he knew what they wanted. >> there he is with the cats, and the love affair began. >> right. >> in college he became fascinated with news, which led to his first on-air job in bangor, maine. nancy showed me some of his earliest work. >> this is a 24-hour news center update. >> hello, and good morning, everyone.
7:43 am
i'm dan harris. in the news today -- >> what i remember is he called me i think when he got the assignment, and he said, mom, i don't know how to do this. this is hard. >> and what did you tell him? >> you can do it. >> there's been some fuss in boston today. >> a gig at new england cable news soon followed and in 1999 the big break, abc news. nancy lee watched proudly as her son reported from war zones all over the globe. >> he called me one day from afghanistan to say, mom, i warn you, when you watch the news tonight, you're going to see me get shot at. >> what did you say? >> i said, thank you for letting me know. >> and now that i've gotten to know nancy lee, it's easy to see where dan gets his confidence, as well as his sense of humor. >> you can't imagine how cool it is to have your son be on television and to think that he would actually get to abc is just amazing. >> i did love your mom. she's such a fascinating woman.
7:44 am
we do have one more surprise for you. we never knew that you had such a fashion sense, so our crew here brought back a blast from the past. dan's bar mitzvah shirt that he designed. >> oh, you guys look great. i can't believe those fit you. i didn't know we made extra large. >> walking the runway here. >> it feels like victory. >> it feels like victory to you to humiliate me on national television? you'll pay for that later. >> really? promise? >> but wait, dan, it's not over. your mom is on the phone. >> excellent. hi, mom. >> nancy lee, hi. >> hi, guys. >> i have to tell you i enjoyed spending so much time with you. and there was so much we couldn't put into that piece just for time sake, but i wanted to ask you to tell our viewers at home about the moving finger and the story behind that. >> well, dan as i think you showed in the piece was always very interested in music, and he played the drums from a very early age, and in high school he had a band, which he called the moving finger. and it was named after an agatha
7:45 am
christie novel that i was reading at the time, and he just liked the name. >> so if things don't work out for you here, dan, maybe we can resurrect that. >> as you know, i have a drum set in my office. >> we'll have to bring that out next time. >> yeah, no, i'm not very good as my mother could also attest. >> next time we'll have to bring your dad in too. >> that's right. he's also particularly good at hey, mom. >> yes, dan. >> you did a great job with that interview. >> thanks, dan. >> you look good on television. >> where do you think you get it? >> i like that. taking a little credit. >> nancy lee taking the credit. >> good for you. >> i loved spending time with you. come back, nancy lee. >> well, we loved having you. >> you can substitute sometime for dan if he wants to go practice with the moving finger band. >> well, you know, revenge -- revenge is a very sweet thing, and tomorrow morning a story that i produced going to houston, texas, which is where bianna is from, and while there, i scored a very valuable piece of videotape. check it out. ♪ going to be so beautiful
7:46 am
♪ going to be so bright ♪ going to be -- >> enough! >> so i think you might say that -- i think i could declare victory early looking at this scene right here. >> that was my demo reel. >> that was your demo reel. >> i sent in to abc news. >> so i'm looking forward to that. hopefully you will tune in tomorrow morning for a little walk down memory lane with bianna's mom jana who is also lovely. our thanks again to my mom for putting up with us, torturing her. coming up next on "good morning america," it is pumpkin time. it is also "your three words" time. keep it here.
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thanks for watching, everybody. tomorrow we're going to humiliate bianna. liate bianna.
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with clouds around this morning and lingering showers it will be cool in the mid-50s but ten degrees warmer than we are now. and then high pressure and it sets the stage for a real
7:58 am
warming trend and a change of pace. later on today. a little more sun and for halloween tomorrow the sun setting. it will be dry for all the training or treaters. warmer three the week. >> next at 8:00, a pregnant woman is shot outside a theater. and if the giants win the world series, it will be a dream important fans but a
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