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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 3, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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whitman spent a record $160 million of her own money. >> and race for u.s. senator in california apparently is not over yet. barbara boxer is declared the winner but carly fiorina is not giving up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live where the world champions are going to be honored, with a parade. hundreds of thousands of people expected. we've got team coverage coming up. >> and i'll have your parade weather forecast, record high temperatures and if you are going beach, there is some rough surf waiting for you. i'll tell you how long it will be there. >> and no delays on bay area freeways but live shot of the toll plaza but with up to half a million to attend the giants game. you may want to consider mass transit. i'll have alternates for you. >> the giants parade and we have
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election coverage, as well. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. state attorney general jerry brown is going back to governor and sent him back to the governor's office. they elected him by an 8% margin with votes from more than 80% of precincts counted. he left 28 years ago after serving two terms. whitman conceded after spending $142 million out of her own pocket. >> it appears that barbara boxer will retain her seat against a hard fought battle against carly fiorina. janelle wang has more. >> those numbers are coming in. carly fiorina has not kochb seeded yet. her campaign says the rap race is too close to call but major
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networks have declared barbara boxer the winner. the incumbent injected some humor when she spoke about the hard fought campaign. >> now this campaign was never about me, although i never saw so many horrible pictures of me. honestly where did they find those photos? i kept saying, don't watch television. [ laughter ] >> this will be boxer's fourth term in the u.s. senate. win will help regain control of the senate even though they have lost control of the house. carly fiorina is still watching results coming in. the former ceo spoke briefly last night. >> until the facts are, it's too close to call and we're going to be watching returns all night, but all those people who have declared this race, maybe that was probably not a smart thing to do. >> she added whatever the
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outcome, it was a big night for republicans across the country. this is her first time running for public office and for the entire campaign it was neck and neck. reporting live in the newsroom, janelle wang, >> in state propositions voters soundly defeated the nation's sweeping proposal ever. proposition 19 got a love attention after polls showed it had a shot passing. 57% of voters rejected the measure. it led in 7 of 58 counties and all of them in northern california. voters said no to proposition 23. it would have suspended the landmark global warming law until unemployment dropped below 5.5% for 12 months. it was backed for by a handful of oil companies and it went down in defeat. more election coverage coming up and election results on the bottom of your screen throughout
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the newscast. go to our website at for any races you are interested in. you will find links on the front page. other big story of the day. parade to celebrate the san francisco giants, new world series champions. workers have been working nonstop and fans are claiming those spots at the end of the parade route. that is where teresa garcia. some folks up early this morning >> early to say the least. talk about last night. the recommendation to get here early to clinch a spot was taken seriously. we've got some 300 people here and there are more streaming in, just walking across the street. it feels like day time at civic center plaza. i've spoken to people who driven with friends and family as far as the central valley and today they are motivated to celebrate. >> giants, biggest fans.
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we did it! >> this is the first time giants have done this in 52 years. it's a first. first experience for everyone. >> when the parade arrives at city hall adoring fans will get to see and cheer for them. it is set to begin about 12:30 and 270 people including current and retired giants and city leaders are going to fill the stage. they are expected to give speeches and mayor newsom and you can see city hall has lit up orange. you've got banners hanging there. everybody ready to celebrate and it's expected to end at about 2:00, i can say the celebration will go far beyond that. for more on what is happening at the start of the parade.
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let's join terry mcsweeney and you are near the transamerica building. >> right next to it at washington and montgomery in downtown san francisco, kind of where north beach meets. this is where it's going to start today at 11:00. you see the baeshgs behind me and craving down montgomery street. this is important, tow trucks, lots of them. police are guiding them to cars who are going to be towed away. keep your signs open for signs and keep your eyes open for the world champions. maybe hundreds of thousands of people are going to be here. estimates talking about, mayor is talking about tens of thousands. some are saying half a million lining the route and where theresa is over on city hall. and right over the civic center plaza, all cross is going to be reofd.
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the parade with more than 200 people riding in it. fans have been with a waiting 52 years, what took so long. >> i kept thinking how can we not win a world series. ace got older, you had to have the pitching to go with it. >> one of the things you are going to be seeing in this parade is the world series trophy for the first time ever in san francisco. for and yesterday when they returned with the trophy a managing partner going past fans. it wouldn't hurt to get in line early and get where you are going to be and don't bring your car to get there. it will be a traffic nightmare but it will be a fans' dream come true.
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>> don't move. if you can't make it to san francisco today, live parade coverage begins at 10:30 this morning. the parade starts at 11:00. we'll stream it at >> if you are going to the parade send us your photos or video and we'll play some of them. upload them to ureport at or e-mail them. >> we're encouraging you to watch from your office. tell your boss it was okay for you to turn on the tv and watch the parade. >> i'm sure all the bosses out there are buying orange looking beverages for the employees as we speak. >> time for a look at the forecast. >> you couldn't ask for better weather. may be a little warm and we're not used to temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in san francisco this time of the year. it will start at 70 with
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sunshine at montgomery and washington. follow the parade route. that is 57 years ago all the way back to civic center plaza where it be in the mid-70s. so enjoy it and have fun and soak up some of the sunshine. right now temperatures are running from 48 in novato, 49 in menlo park to 50s and 60s. we're starting warmer except for all areas, concord and antioch. and higher base camp, if i can use that term, temperatures will run up to the low to mid-80s are record highs. 77 in richmond, 76 in half moon bay. even down around the monterey bay, we can set record highs with temperatures running from 79 in monterey, mid noid upper 80s for everybody. seven-day forecast, another warm day tomorrow and then cooler with a chance of showers friday evening and another chance of cooler on sunday.
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frances. >> and we're going to start off with the good news, traffic is light, no problems across the san mateo bridge with this live shot. everybody is talking about the parade with about half a million people expected to attend. it's going to be a mess on city streets? san francisco. cross streets will also be closed. if you are heading toward the event. that going to be something to contend and you saw the live shot, a lot of tow trucks headed there. and there will be a lot of traffic. if you are coming from the north bay, it's light but you may want to consider the larkspur ferry. they are adding two extra ferries and those are extra ferries for you heading towards the parade today. >> its now 5:10. >> one of most hotly contested
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races is still a toss-up. latest vote counted in california attorney general's race. >> and republicans take back control of the house of representatives from democrats. coming up the agenda gop leaders are already laying out.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, we begin your
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money scope report with federal reserve. they expected to announce they are buying more government bonds. they are hoping that will lower borrowing costs. >> new numbers show that sales of luxury goods and children's clothing held up but sales of electronics slumped. spending may not pick up until black friday. wal-mart is looking to get rid of the remaining stock of flat screen tvs. slashing prices a move that could set off a price war. >> san francisco has become the first major city in the country to offer free toys in happy meals. i'm rob nelson. >> in washington, it's the biggest party turnover in congress in more than 70 years.
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republicans control the house of representatives by 58 seats. gop picked up six seats but not enough to take over. now a report from capitol hill where president obama is trying to find common ground. >> in one night with dozens of seats in congress picked up, republicans told obama they intend to take change in a new direction. >> american people have sent a message to him and that message is, change course. >> john boehner is now in line to be the next speaker of the house and harry reid won his race and will likely remain as senate majority leader. >> we're going to bounce back stronger than ever. >> read survived the toughest race of his career as he defeated sharron angle. christine o'donnell lost to chris coons but other tea party candidates delivered.
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>> we have come to take our government back. >> rand paul won in kentucky. >> second chance for republicans to be what they are going to be. >> 52% said economy was most important thing in the election. but democrats had other tight senate zplafs i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this victory after the toughest and roughest campaign of my life. >> meaning capitol hill power will be divided as voters say they want more done in washington. >> one change already underway. president obama called john boehner to congratulate him as they discussed working together. this morning, still a tight race for attorney general.
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san francisco d.a. pamela harris has a slight 46 to 45% lead over the republican challenger. and president obama will be speaking at 10:00 this morning and we'll be caring it live and most likely go into straight with the parade coverage. >> and the weather is going to be perfect for it. >> absolutely gorgeous. low to mid-70s. what do you expect for november 3rd. that is pretty nice. let is show you what going on and beautiful crescent moon sitting over the bay bridge. we are looking southeast -- >> that is poetic. >> good observation. >> lits let's clear out and we're talking about temperatures that are running down in the low to mid 50s in most
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neighborhoods. san francisco, fremont, los gatos, low to mid 50s and half moon bay, we have 48 degrees. are you waxing poetically over there? >> we have lows low to mid on a. and sunny near record high temperatures today. that is our first highlight. it will be cooler beginning friday afternoon and a little bit of wet weather creeps in the forecast for friday evening and also sunday. let's talk about the temperatures today. look for record highs possible. 76 in san francisco, 81 in redwood city. 13 degrees warmer than average in concord, santa rosa and 15 in oakland and san jose. it's those four cities will definitely threaten record highs. here are some of the other ones, napa at 81. san jose you warmest temperature
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ever in november is 85 degrees. also be about 76 at half moon bay, not a record but definitely warmer than average. 79 in monterey, possible record there. same with 87 in salinas and mid-80s for the rest of the monterey bay. we do have a little trouble at the beaches with strong rip currents until about 3:00 this afternoon. so forheading there for a little relief be careful. tonight, upper 40s. napa, santa rosa, cloverdale, fairfield, low to mid-50s for the rest of us. storm system draws near friday but until then, we'll make another record at high temperatures tomorrow. friday is significantly cooler about four to ten degrees and cooler on saturday. sunday a better chance of widespread showers and monday and tuesday, temperatures back to average, a little breezy but sunny. >> it's going to be a huge celebration and unfortunately traffic jam with up to a million
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people expected. you know they are going clear out the parade route and closing the cross streets. we're going to see gridlock traffic for folks heading through the downtown area. you really want to try to consider mass transit. bart will be running longer trains and also extra ferry service on the larkspur ferry and so far they are reporting no delays. as you go outside, what you'll find is light traffic. no major accidents or to slow you down in san jose or all around the bay area. if that changes we post it on our website. that is the place to go under the bay area traffic link. >> thank you very much. >> up next, the video that may have youtube banned in mideast nation. >> and san francisco isn't -- they make big decision about toys in kids' meals.
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>> next the mission that they will be on. a flight to hawaii
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using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations.
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wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions. good morning, it is 5:23 on this wednesday morning, check out traffic on the golden gate bridge. some of the folks are heading south. >> may be. >> frances' advice is to take public transit. >> i will talk to you about more coming up. >> san francisco supervisors voted to take toys out of happy
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meals to make the meals healthier. they voted against 8-3. ordinance bans toys in meals that exceed 600 calories. it requires more fruits and vegetables in those meals. it takes effect in 2011. >> the u.c. berkeley graduate released will hold a vigil today. share ra shourd will join rel the fifs and friends at lake merritt to demand the release of the two left there. the trio were arrested by border guards and accused of entering iran illegally. final launch of space shuttle discovery has now been delayed because of an electrical problem. decision came late last night after nasa noticed voltage
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irregularities. right now discovery's launch has been rescheduled for thursday. they have to launch it by early monday or else, we'll have to wait until december because of issues with the angle of the sun. >> the country of turkey is threatening to block access to youtube over a sex video. they want to remove the video of a former party leader having an affair with his aide. google has no immediate comment. turkey banned 6,000 websites. >> midterm election remains a nail-biter as three big races are too close to call. >> and old governor is california's new governor. complete election coverage coming up. >> we're still seven hours away from the giants celebration.
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i'm live at the civic center plaza. people are clinching a spot to get the best view. we'll show you more at the head. >> while we're dealing with record high temperatures, most of the country was king in the coolness of fall with mid-50s from atlanta to boston. sunshine around seattle and portland and with the last of the storms i don't expect many delays, memphis and chicago detroit and atlanta, right now all is quiet but flight tracker will pick up those delays at
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i'm terry mcsweeney in downtown san francisco where in just a few hours, hundreds of thousands of fans are expected to turn out to welcome the world champions.
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i'll have a preview in a live report. >> i'm janelle wang, jerry brown is california's governor once again nearly three decades after he left the office. >> and weather-wise we'll have sunshine plus the weather will not be quiet everywhere. we have near record highs. >> no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza but if you are heading to the giants' game. i'll have different ways how you can get there. >> getting there and leaving the car at home. that is the best advice we had all morgue. thanks for joining us. the day after the elections and day of the big parade. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. hundreds of thousands of giant fans are expected to did he send to honor the world champions. terry mcsweeney is live at montgomery and washington.
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this is so special, same parade route they traveled a long time ago? >> this is only one to this point but you are right there was another prayed at this spot. you can see they are ready for this one. they have a big huge balloons up there, the orange and white and black balloons. let's take a look at that parade she is talking about. you can see the old black and white, willie mays, welcomed from new york. the giants moved west. and it's going down the same way as that one did. it will be going down to montgomery, right on market on up toward civic center plaza. it's going to be massive traffic tie-ups because all the streets are going to be shutting down. san francisco pd they are not sure when that is. parade starts at 11:00.
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more than 200 giants past and present will be riding in the parade. >> the giants are bringing out not just the current players but bringing out a lot of surprises and a lot of folks here. they are indelible in the minds of bay area fans. >> a wide variety of estimates. mayor said tens of thousands. you might want to take that back and hundreds of thousands. quarter million, maybe half a million people along the parade route on up to civic center plaza. that is where we find teresa garcia. she is up there with some people who has been spending quite a bit of time to make sure they have a good seat. >> absolutely. quarter million, they keep streaming in it will go higher than that. we already have fans from morgan hill. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> reporter: we know who is happy today. [ laughter ] >> so you know the recommendation to come here early and clinch a spot. you have a lot of people behind he and closer to city hall. they are already here and they have come from far away and they are motivated to celebrate. >> as you can see the orange confetti is flying around and you have fans that came as early as 9:30 last night. all sorts of people that have driven from friends and family as far away as the central valley. >> we have been planning it for a week.
5:33 am
we knew it was going to happen. we have been planning since last night. so it's a whole family event. we're all pretty excited. >> it's awesome to be out here this morning. as soon as they would you please i was telling him i got to be there. i'm so glad i'm here. >> when the parade arrives at city hall, adoring fans will get to see it lit up orange. you know they will cheer for the giant players, some 270 people expected to be up. there former mayors and city leaders are going to fill the stage. you've got players and mayor newsom will deliver the key to the city to the giants. the event at civic center should end around 2:00 but i can tell the celebrations will go far beyond that. >> if you can't make it to san francisco for the parade today, we hope you join us. live parade coverage begins at
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10:30 this morning, the parade itself starts at 11:00 and we'll stream it online at if you are going to the parade take your camera and send us to some of your photos or video. we'll show them on the air. upload them to ureport at or e-mail them to us. political news, california voters are sending democratic jerry brown back to the governor's office 28 years after he left it. brown leads meg whitman by an eight percent margin with votes of more than 80% casting. janelle wang joins us with more. >> jerry brown was selected as california governor back in 1974. he served two terms, this will be his third term and technically it's allowed because a law on term limits did not pass until after he left office. mark matthews got an interview
5:35 am
with the soon to be new governor. >> they have given me a vote of trust and confidence. >> brown says he is putting together a transition team and one of the first steps is working on the state's budget. he will get a list of jobs that need to be filled. as for his opponent meg whitman, she conceded just after 11:00 last night. >> tonight has not turned out quite as we had hoped. we've come up a little short. but certainly not for lack of hard work, determination and a clear vision for making our state better. [ cheers and applause ] >> whitman called brown last night to wish him well. it's now time for californians to unite in turning the state around. she hopes bipartisan leaders will work together to solve the stait state's biggest problems. there is no word on what she plans to do next. she spent a record $142 million
5:36 am
of her personal fortune on her campaign. the u.s. senate race, barbara boxer withstood a fierce challenge from carly fiorina. so far she received 52% of the votes while carly fiorina has 42%. the seat had been targeted by republicans who saw boxer as a vulnerable incumbent that was loyal to president obama. >> we stood up to every special interest in this country who didn't want fight for consumerism in the senate who didn't want of environmental in the senate who didn't want to fight for the middle-class in the senate and we won. >> carly fiorina didn't want to concede last night. she thought it was too close to call but no matter what is, it
5:37 am
was a big night for republicans all across the country. >> we've had a fantastic sweep across the destination. as you all well know, we have a new majority leader, john boehner, just a wonderful, wonderful night. yes, exactly. message has been sent loud and clear. >> the republicans did have a huge night retaking the control of the house of representatives last night and picking up several seats in the senate. >> voters rejected proposition 19. that is the initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. it got a lot of national attention after polls showed it had a shot of passing but in the end 54% said no to prop 19. it led in 17 of the 58 counties and all of them were in northern california. voters also said no to proposition 23 which would put a freeze on the landmark global
5:38 am
warming law. the measure would have suspended the climate laws when unemployment dropped to 5.5% and stayed there for 12 months. we'll have more election coverage coming up. election results along the bottom of your screen and you can also go to our website at for any races you are interested in. find the links on the front page there. >> we may not have record turnout for the elections but for the parade, who knows, we could see half a million people? >> as terry was saying, it will be the greatest world series parade this city has ever seen? >> and that is saying a lot. good morning, happy hump day. we'll talk about the temperatures you can expect at 11:00 as the parade starts at montgomery and washington. 70 degrees, we'll be soaked with sunshine along with confetti and a warm fuzzy feeling thanks to the giants. civic center plaza, 75 degrees
5:39 am
and may be warmer if you hang around a little bit longer. let's check out this wednesday. how it breaks town. most of us are in the 50s and near 60 at 8:00 this morning. look how quickly we warm up. temperatures in low to mid-70s. san rafael a little bit behind at. and total sunshine this afternoon and mid to upper 70s, may even hit 80 around morgan hill. let's check out accu-weather seven-day forecast, another record run at record high temperatures tomorrow and flip the switch and falls back in the forecast four to ten degrees cooler from the coast to inland areas on friday for the chance of showers friday evening. saturday afternoon is looking dry but sunday could be wet. monday and tuesday look to be cooler, breezy but with sunshine. >> good morning. estimates of up to half a million people expected to attend the giants' victory prayed. we know it's going to be a mass. cross streets will also be
5:40 am
closed for the parade route. parking will be ridiculous and expensive. there will be extra larkspur ferries headed to the event. bart will be running longer trains if you are coming from the east bay and consider caltrain from the peninsula or south bay. no accidents or stalls to slow you down. here is a live shot of 101 at millbrae. >> even a's fans are excited about what is going on. >> more election coverage coming up. oakland's mayor has a ballot ballot between three candidates, why it may be days before we know the official results. >> and new mayor will -- the digs that will lead the police department short of officers. njnjnjbúbúbúbúbg
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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don perata holds the lead in the race in oakland. he leads with 35% of the vote. city council members gene kwan and rebecca kaplan received less than that and com professor trails with 12% of the vote. oakland is big enough to matter, small enough to manage. this city can be what it should be. >> peratta says he is can be he'll be elected and he'll be much more visible than his predecessor. first order of business is to help find solution of problems involving the city budget and police department. >> oakland voters decided on two measures involving the city's police department. had he rejected a measure a $360 parcel tax but they measured bb
5:45 am
by two-thirds of the majority needed that will restore 63 police officers that were laid off. >> it's going to be mean the grassroots police officers will be back on the street. your community officer will be back in your area to deal with some of the lower level problems so we don't have to deal with them on 911. measure bb restores $20 million funding in the problem solving officers and adding to regular police patrols. >> they are changing the way muni operators get paid. it will require muni operators to negotiate contracts through the union with the city. currently the wages are set automatically by a foyer in the city chart they're promises them second highest pay in the nation. the sit lie sidewalk law appears have to pass had. it prohibits people from sitting on sidewalks during certain
5:46 am
times. >> and why there are more new cars on the road and price breaks on television. business report is coming up next. >> a nail by the they are the east bay, a hard fought congressional race may literally come back to the last few ballots counted. >> and voluntary voters give the mayor a promotion.
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look at all the sunshine across the state. temperatures will hold to mid to upper 50s around eureka and tahoe. look at sacramento around 80. 88 in yosemite. down to san diego with the warmest weather l.a. and palm springs, mid 90s today. congressional race in california's 11th district is so close, less than 200 votes separate the two candidates and democrat jerry mcnerney is holding on. he is now 121 votes ahead of republican candidate david harmer who has tea party support. he talked about the race from stockton last night. >> it's fundamentally about two things, the first is people want to stop the spending. they sigh an explosion of spending in washington and they are very concerned about it.
5:50 am
they understand there is no free money. what is piling debt on our kids. >> if he wins he would be the only republican representative in the bay area. san francisco mayor has projected to be the new lieutenant governor. he is way ahead of abel maldonado. late last night, newsom was not ready to declare himself the winner. >> i'm hopeful. you know, i haven't gotten a call from my opponent yet. one thing i know, you don't assume anything in life, particularly in politics. >> if he becomes lieutenant governor he would vacate the mayor's office a year early and become acting mayor for the five
5:51 am
days of the term. current board to vote for interim mayor or leave the decision to the new board. four seats were up for grabs in last night's election. >> they approved pay and benefits for public workers. they said to measure "v" which limits pay outside arbitrators can award to police and firefighters. the chuck read says it will give more control over spending. they also approved "w" that offers reduced retirement benefits to future retirees. the union representing public workers vowed to challenge some of the measures that were passed in court. and mike, very, very important prayed forecast. >> a lot of sunshine and temperatures are above average. record on setting highs across
5:52 am
the bay. let's take a look outside. first at sfo, a little haze hanging in the air, due to the stagnation of air but no fog or clouds that will cause flight arrival delays. take a look at the temperatures, all over the place, 48 in half moon bay, san francisco, fremont los gatos, still in the low to mid on 50s while the rest of us in the mid 50s. even some low 50s. as you head inland, warmest and coolest temperature, gilroy at 48. so sunshine, near record highs today. going to be cooler so that is not going to happen until friday where the next system brings in a chance friday evening. 24-hour temperature change, we keep climbing the scale. i think we could set some record highs which would be concord at 82.
5:53 am
two degrees warmer and santa rosa, 3 degrees warmer and fremont 4 degrees warmer. we'll be in the upper 70s around san francisco and richmond. half moon bay at 76 otherwise look at the low to mid-80s. possibly even napa. around the monterey bay and inland, we'll set records monterey, 79. salinas and hollister around 87. >> for the beaches, still have the problem with strong rip currents, large breaking waves until 3:00. if you are heading there, enjoy this warm weather, please be careful. as far as the lows tonight. we'll be in the 40s around fairfield, santa rosa and cloverdale. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. seven-day forecast, warm again tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. maybe a few high clouds. clouds on the increase, temperatures on the decrease,
5:54 am
even cooler next week. new stall reported on the upper deck of the bay bridge. here is a live shot. i think it's pretty early, we're not going to see a big delay but no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go to the end of the parade, that would be the civic center in san francisco, we have a light shot for you there. traffic is going to be gridlock in san francisco with several hundred people at the civic center plaza. you can see city hall in the background. just a gorgeous shot. there will be street closures along the prayed route. let's go to the maps real quickly. you want to definitely consider with mass transit. bart is running longer trains. extra ferry service and of course consider caltrain. get the latest traffic information by going to our website at any time.
5:55 am and fight it under the bay area traffic link. >> this morning, investors are trying to determine what the election results will mean for the nation's business agenda. >> here is jane king with this morning's money scope report. >> good morning. companies from goldman shacks may be block what they consider president obama anti-business policies on taxes and the environment. investigators investors with the results of benchmark training with highs. for one reason, stocks have been rallying. expectation that federal reserve will prop up the recovery by buying up treasuries and inject cash into the economy to encourage spending. speaking of spending how about a tv? electronics company is say the lower prices in the holidays the wal-mart has a two day sale.
5:56 am
it could start a price war. prices have been moving in the opposite direction from everything from underwear to tires could be next. rub along at cotton trading at a record high. u.s.. a today says american airlines are in talks with delta. agents would check i.d. and to the roads, fastest annual selling rate in 14 months. consumers have been buying at close out sales 2010 models. i'm jane king with the business report. >> just ahead at 6:00 a.m. polling place that could affect the count in almost every san francisco city race. find out why the most shocking parts may be suspect. >> and the sun hasn't risen,
5:57 am
we're hours away from the prayed. take a look hundreds already here celebrating. in anticipation of the parade for the giants world series win. i'll have more on this and fan motititititititititititititititi you can seeeñeñeñeñeñeñeñeñeñeñp
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