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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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are still coming in. barbara boxer is declared the winner in senate race in california but carly fiorina has not conceded yet because the of is too close to call. >> the proposition to legalize marijuana appears to be going up in smoke. >> and if you are giants fan you are probably out in civic center. it's orange and people are celebrating. the parade begins today. >> here is a live look from roof cam, a beautiful moon, the embarcadero. we're going to have a gorgeous afternoon. we'll talk about record highs and cooler weather with a couple of chances of rain. >> half million people at least expected to head to the prayed. bay bridge toll plaza, there is minor delay and watching a stall on the upper deck.
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>> half million people but not room for half million cars, frances advice is take mass transit. it's 6:01. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. election coverage begins right now. >> state attorney general jerry brown will not be change go jobs he will be going back to the governor's office. he defeated meg whitman. he has a 38-30% lead. it would be a return trip to office for brown who last served as governor for two terms 28 years ago. meg whitman conceded last night after spending $142 million. >> barbara boxer will rain her seat in the u.s. senate after a battle against battle against carly fiorina.
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republican candidate c fee too has not conceded yet. they say the race is too close to call. major networks has declared barbara boxer the clear winner. incumbent spoke at her victory party in southern california. >> politics are over for now. the governor will begin and i will cross any divide to get things done for california. senator feinstein and i do it every single day. >> this will be boxer's fourth term in the senate. carly fiorina is still watching election results come in. the former hp ceo spoke briefly last night. >> so the facts are, it is too close to call. the facts are it's going to be a long night. we're with going to be watching returns all night, but all those people who have already declared
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this race, maybe that was not a smart thing to do. >> she added whatever the outcome in her election it was a big night for republicans across the country. this was her first time running for public office and basically for the entire campaign, it was neck and neck. janelle wang, "abc 7 news". turning to state propositions, voters have now rejected prop 19. initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. it got a lot of national attention after polls showed it had a shot of passing. but they rejected the measure. et led in 57 counties but you all of them were in northern california. and proposition 23 that would put a freeze on the global warming law. the measure would have suspended the state's climate law until unemployment dropped below 5.5%
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for 12 months. this morning, it's still a tight race that is too close to call. pamela harris has taken a slight 46% to 45% lead over republican challenger. neither has conceded in that race. we'll continue to bring you up to the minute results all morning. you can also go to our website at for any state or local race you are interested in. find links on the front page. >> ballot counting cops, san francisco police are investigating a bizarre theft by a polling inspector. an election inspector broke into a ballot counting machine and made off with about 75 ballots and other materials last night. suspect also stole a cell phone
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of a teenage poll worker. election officials say police and sheriffs officials are investigating the theft. other big story of the day, prayed to celebrate the san francisco giants. workers have been on a none stop schedule and fans are claiming their spots. let's check in with teresa garcia with more on giants' fever. >> already we're hearing some people's voices get hoarse. while they want to watch the prayed they want to stake out a prime spot. take a look behind me. you've got hundreds of hard-core fans from all over the bay area. they started showing up last night. more are streaming in and these are fans that stretch across family generations.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> we are so excited to be here. >> i can't believe it's happening. my dad picked me up for the first game as a toddler. i've seen them but never get that title. so it's great to have it. i still can't believe it. >> the orange confetti is flying around city hall and the cheering is loud as some people try to catch a little sleep. some fans came in as early as 9:30 and camping out since. when the parade arrives here at at this time hall, adoring fans will see and cheer for all the giants players and families. 270 people are expected, former mayors and city leaders are going to fill the area. players are expected to give speeches. mayor newsom will deliver the key to the city.
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so enjoy this view now and event should end about 2:00. i can tell you from the nature of the people the motivation to celebrate, that is going to go way beyond the 2:00 hour. so certainly, stay with us for all the live coverage which we will have for you from 10:30 to 12:30 here on abc7. teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." >> you know what, they are going to be more excited what a perfect weather forecast. >> they should save their voices for the yelling later on. >> usually, we are upset for the rain falling on the weekend and during the week it's sunny. good morning to you on this wednesday. parade will start at 11:00, montgomery and washington, sunshine and 70 degrees. follow the parade routed all the way over to civic center plaza.
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72 to 75 degrees and we will have building warmth into the afternoon hours, special during the parade. as far as what is going on right now, we're still stuck in the 40s around santa rosa, novato, half moon bay, low to mid 50s until you get to san francisco, fremont and los gatos. we're in the low 50s there. temperatures for the most part, warmer than average except for concord and antioch. look for the star next to your city temperature and that is possibility of a record high today. we've got a lot of them across the bay area with low to mid-80s in most neighborhoods. mid to upper 80s san francisco and richmond. seven-day forecast, just as warm tomorrow then a dramatic drop in temperatures. four to ten degrees cooler on friday. liberty cool throughout the weekend with a chance of rain friday evening and sunday. >> we're going to start off a live shot of bay bridge toll plaza where an earlier stall has been cleared off the upper deck.
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we are expecting closer to 250,000 attendees but that is not enough for 200,000 cars so consider mass transit if you are heading to the parade, there will be extra larkspur ferries. consider caltrain and muni as you head into san francisco. just ahead, we'll continue to bring you the latest election results from around the bay and around the country. >> including the latest on a local congressional race where the incumbent and tea party backed challenger are separated
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separate the candidates, jerry mcnerney is trying to hold on to his seat. he is 121 votes ahead of the republican candidate of david harmer. he talked about the race from stockton last night. >> this election is fundamentally about two things. the first is that people want to stop the speg. they sigh an explosion of federal spending in washington and they are very concerned about it. they understand that there is no free money. that we're piling debt onto our kids. >> if he wins, he will be the only republican representative in the bay area. >> across the nation, voters sent a message that they are ready for a change in congress. gop is backing control of the house of representatives. >> and that means nancy pelosi is out as speaker of the house and congressman john bain ser the incoming speaker. he called bainer to congratulate him on his win and to talk about working together in the future. during his victory speech he
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echoed themes of getting americans back to work and rolling back the landmark health care reform bill. the results of the election end pelosi's reign as the first female speak are of the house. pelosi has no plans to let the country go back to the failed policies of the past and out to continue to fight for the middle-class. >> the u.s. senate will remain under democratic control but with a smaller majority. most closely watched race was nevada where harry reid, had sharron angle in a brutal race there. >> here is notable republican gains, dan coats victory, rand paul coasted to a victory in kentucky. in ohio, republican rob portman has won the fifth senate seat. >> republican candidates one a
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senate race in new hampshire and marco rubio won in florida. >> president obama has called supporters to discuss midterm election results. we will carry that live this morning at 10:00 a.m. >> so for a look at the result all mean. we're going by bruce cane. >> so republicans take the house and democrats retain the senate. this must mean gridlock on capitol hill? >> a lot depends on what president obama decides to do. if he decides he is going to continue to pursue a democratic agenda, then we're talking gridlock because mr. boehner has made it clear they are going to resist most of the major initiatives that the democrats would put forward. if president obama takes a page out of president clinton's play book and decide to use
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triangulation, some of the items that republicans like and put them out there then we could have some progress during the two years. it won't be anything like the scope of the measures we saw in the first two years. >> was it anger or need for a change or all the above. >> i think you have to say all the above. people will have their pet theories, it's all about the unemployment and lack of economic recovery. there will be other people it's all about the mistake that has obama made in pushing an agenda that is too aggressive and the reality is all these things came together. if the economy was doing pretty well, most likely the democrats would have -- because they had extraordinary gains in 2006 and 2008 they were bound to lose some of those seats. there is no question that the bad economy made all the problems seem worse. >> very quickly, one question,
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you mentioned it's typical that a midterm election for the party in power to lose some seats in congress. how does this compare to past mid terms? >> unfortunately for the democrats this is historic loss. you have to go back to the 3 30s before you find something as big as this. we're back to the old normal. new normal was large democratic majority but most of the times, we had divided government. after 200of, bush had divided government. so we're back to the old normal. >> and then california, the attorney general's race too close to be called right now. for the most part, the office is heavily democratic and california has some of the same problems the nation has. our jobless rate, so what happened? >> i think we're back to capital of the opposition.
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everybody gave that seat up as lost. it looks like there is a good chance that he will end up winning. this state stayed blue while the rest of the country was going red. we've been in that position and california is back to where it was in the early 2000. >> we'll see in about half an hour how do you spend $142 million on a governor's race and lose. in the meantime, we want to turn things over to mike. >> there is some pressure and you want have good weather for the parade. you scared me there. i love my job.
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we're looking from downtown, it is clear this morning. let's check out temperatures if we can. you'll see that they are running in the upper 40s around half moon bay and santa rosa. we still have sea in san francisco and 52 in los gatos and everyone around the low to mid 50s. still the warmest and coolest weather, salinas a always 60. three things i want you to know about, the sunshine. near record warmth this afternoon. that will stop on friday as the system draws near. let's talk about the 24-hour temperature change and also the asterisk, that is where i think we could set record high temperatures today. two degrees warmer in concord. oakland, four and about 6 in fremont. look at all the other stars or
6:20 am
asterisks around san rafael and napa. potential record highs and fremont, low to mid-80s. mid to upper 80s into san francisco and richmond at clearlake. plenty of sunshine around monterey bay and you also will be seeing record threatening, monterey, 79. watsonville in the mid-80s with sunshine today. unfortunately the beaches are going to be rough with high surf advisory. strong rip currents they bring with them until 3:00. tonight clear once again and upper 40s around cloverdale, santa rosa, napa and fairfield, rest of us in low to mid-50s. seven-day forecast, just about as warm tomorrow. so we'll see if we threaten any records tomorrow. dramatic changes in temperature comes with increase in clouds, four to ten degrees cooler.
6:21 am
cool again all the way through tuesday with chance of rain. better for most of us on sunday. it's been pretty quiet on the roads, bay bridge toll plaza meters lights are still off and earlier stall quickly cleared. but there will be huge delays getting into san francisco for the giants' victory parade with about 250,000 people expected. we have a live shot, montgomery street is already closed or washington street is closed between montgomery and davis at this point. we already have several hundred people waiting for a good spot. cross streets will be closed. bart will be running longer trains. take caltrain or muni.
6:22 am
lone tree to 242, 22 minutes. hayward there was an early accident that has been cleared. get the latest drive times by going to it's now 6:22. >> to speed up service and drastic cuts that could affect muni riders. >> and end of a toy story that sapphire preferred
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san francisco supervisors voted to take the toys out of happy meals in a move to make kids' food healthier. they approved the measure 8-3 and that should be enough to held up veto that gavin newsom promised. it requires more fruits and vegetables. change will take effect in december 2011. >> moochb is considering stops on some of the most popular routes to save money. agency is considering cutting a total of 104 stops and moving 28 more along five key bus lines. 28th and 19th envy and several other lines. the proposal still has a long way to go but appears to be on
6:26 am
track and no date has been set for a final decision. >> it's 6:25. we'll continue to bring you the latest election updates from around the bay and the nation. hundreds are showing up at cive can center plaza camping out. this all has to do with the giants' win. we'll have more on the celebration for that parade yet today. >> plus, a proposal that has gone up in smoke. marijuana will remain illegal for most people in california. >> and split decision for public safety, a look what east bay voters were willing to pay for and what they were not..........
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good morning, 6:29 and opening bell is starting the training day. trust us it's going ding, ding. >> stock futures and investors turn their attention to the federal reserve meeting after a few surprises mountain midterm election. investors will like to find out how much the fed will spend. >> we're not encouraging this but don't be surprised this morning if dozens of your co-workers call out sick. they may have a bad case of giants' fever in order to join hundreds of thousands of victims. terry mcsweeney is at the starting point for today's parade. >> starting point is here. i have to tell you, montgomery street is still open for traffic.
6:31 am
i've been told they are going to close it sometime around 8:00 this morning. don't quote me on that. it's still open right now. they are ready for anything down here. they have barricades up all the way down montgomery street. balloons are up. things are looking like a parade is about to happen. you can zoom on in and a banner went up about five minutes ago. a couple blocks away from where i am, you have one of the floats that is going to be taking off around 11:00 this morning. all the 270 people that are going to be in this parade are going to be lined occupy washington near montgomery. former mayors and former players and world series champs. right turn up to the plaza, do you mean hundred thousand people team has come close over the years but never quite did it. live picture and we are seeing
6:32 am
people lined up across the street over here on montgomery but the person who lined up first before anyone else, joins me now. this is morgue calvary of san francisco. with the edgar renteria injuries describe si on. -- jersey on. you were out here with your camera, why? >> because i wanted to capture all the moment. i wanted to document and i want to be like. this is history. i want to be a part of history and catch as much as i can. >> over the years, you've been a giant fan for a long time. your first crush was on who? >> snow, i remember going to the games and he was first base. >> and now you are obviously
6:33 am
wearing your edgar renteria jersey and close favorite is what? >> cody ross. >> morgan, enjoy the parade. teresa garcia is over at civic center plaza, what is the scene over there. >> take a look. you've got 500 plus people. you can see the initial crowd here. >> okay. above and beyond them, about 500 feet beyond, you've got hundreds of people already showing up. more screaming in as we speak. they are motivated to come and celebrate. they wanted to come to the end of the parade to clinch that
6:34 am
spot. >> and the orange confetti is flying around and cheering is loud. some of the fans came in as early as 9:30 last night and camping out. i've spoken with people that driven from friends and family but as far away as the central valley. >> we were planning for weeks. we knew the outcome was going to happen. it's a family event. we're all pretty excited. >> it's awesome to be out here this morning. i was telling him, i got to be here. i'm so glad i'm here. >> when the parade arrives at city hall when is orange and lit up. the adoring fans will get to see
6:35 am
and cheer for all the giants players up on the stage. you're going to have up there, current and retired former mayors, city leaders all up there listening to the players expected to give speeches. the mayor will deliver the key to the city to the giants. event here at civic center is not just with the hard-core fans i've seen vendors out here. everybody trying to get the giants fever out and about. it should wrap up around 2:00. live in san francisco, teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." >> if you can't make it to san francisco today or just don't want to fight the crowds, please join us here instead. live parade coverage begins at 10:30 this morning. parade starts at 11:00. we'll stream it on line. >> 6:35, california voters are sending jerry brown back to the governor's office 28 years after he left it. brown leads meg whitman by an 8%
6:36 am
margin, that is more like a 13-point margin. whitman has spent $142 million of her own personal fortune to run. >> jerry brown was first elected back in 1974. he served two terms back then. this will be third term and it's allowed because the allow on term limits did not passion until after he left office. mark matthews spoke one on one. >> they have given me a vote of trust and confidence i have to do my darndest to live up to it. >> couple first steps will be to work on the state budget and get a list of jobs that need to be filled. as for his opponent, meg whitman
6:37 am
conceded late last night. >> tonight has turned out quite as we had hoped. we came up a little short, but certainly not for a lack of hard work, determination and a clear vision for making our state better. >> whitman called brown last night to wish him well. she says it's no time for californians to unite in turning the state around. there is no word on what she plans to do next. the former ebay ceo spent a record of $142 million of her personal fortune on the campaign. >> it appears that california voters have rejected proposition 19. that was the initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use in california. it got a lot of national attention when polls showed it had a shot passing, but in the end 54% of california voters
6:38 am
said no to prop 19. it led in 58 counties and all of them were in northern california. >> john peratta hold the lead for mayor of oakland. he leads with 35% of the votes. gene kwan and rebecca cap land received 24% and 21%. oakland is big enough to matter, small enough to manage. this city can be what it should be. >> he is confident he'll be elected and much more visible as mayor than his predecessor. first order of business is to help restore 63 officers that were laid off. >> oakland voters decided two
6:39 am
measures, they rejected measure "x", $360 parcel tax, but they did pass measure bb by more than two-thirds of the majority needed. that will restore 63 police officers that were laid off. >> it will mean grassroots police officers will be back on the street. so they can deal with the lower level problems. >> measure bb restores $20 million in funding for the department's problem solving officers which is a supplement to the city's regular police patrols. >> moving to san francisco, voters approved a measure changing the way muni operators will get paid. they in l negotiate contracts through a union with the city the currently wages are set automatically by a formula in the city chart they're promises them at least the second highest pay in the nation. meanwhile, the controversial sidewalk sit-lie law appears have to pass had by a narrow
6:40 am
margin. measure "l" prohibits anybody from sitting or lying on sidewalks from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. >> is a big parade going through san francisco today, i don't think they'll be enforcing that one when people will be sitting on the sidewalk today. >> they will be jumping up and down and giants fever, how about the temperatures? >> they will be running high. near record high temperatures. good morning to you. maybe everybody can come together and enjoy a parade even if you are on the other side of the aisle or bay. 70 degrees at 11:00. as the praird beginning at washington and montgomery and 75 degrees by the time the parade ends at civic center plaza. as far as our temperatures, let's break it down this morning still in the 50s and possible reply around 50 in san francisco at 8:00. notice sunny start and that will be theme throughout the forecast. 68 in san rafael and everybody
6:41 am
else in the low to mid-70s. picnic weather, definitely and then as we head into the afternoon hours, sunshine will dominate and mid to upper 70s, even an 80 around morgan hill. seven-day forecast, near record highs, stick around for tomorrow. cold front draws near, brings the sea breeze back and temperatures four to ten degrees cooler friday, increasing clouds friday evening through early saturday morning. saturday afternoon should be dry and another more widespread chance of a shower on sunday. good morning. >> bay bridge toll plaza, back-up to the 880 overcrossing and slow to the metering lights. if you are heading across the san mateo bridge, looking good westbound and eastbound but earlier in the eastbound direction, there was a little bit on 880 because of an earlier crash. no major problems out of north bay and looking good.
6:42 am
fairly normal around the bay area but a lot of folks heading to the giants victory parade. 250,000 folks expected. consider mass transit, parking will be a mess. cross streets will be closed for the parade route. there will be extra larkspur ferries and bart will be running longer trains and consider caltrain from the indispensable, so for no delays. just the normal slow and go out of antioch. a serious inconsistency as voters consider a critical water project in marin. >> also accomplishment expert weighs in on change in house of representatives. >> and live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead and we'll tell you a few more minutes.
6:43 am
the dow is up six popopopopopopo
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our al national pastim-- saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work. 50 bucks a week in my pocket here's a good one state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i save because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save, including discounts of up to 40%, having thamany customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm, or go online. happy hump day to you. look at the sunshine, warmest weather, l.a. and palm springs, mid 90s. 71 in big sur, 57 in tahoe.
6:46 am
and about 88 in yosemite and san diego >> it now appears that gavin newsom will be mog to the state capitol. he is way ahead of his challenger in the race for lieutenant governor. he has 50% of the votes to 39%. he plans to transform the office to make it more relevant. >> in the east bay, richmond's mayor has one a second term in office. she fought off two city hall challengers both her rivals criticized her for not embracing companies like chevron. she prefers to diversify richmond's economy and welcomes the growing green technology sector. >> and big day in wall street, not just because of the
6:47 am
elections. >> jane king is live with more on the money scope report. >> sorry you couldn't be here for the parade for the giants? >> yeah, yeah. that was not even competitive, right? they just swept it. it's interesting to watch the markets, we are seeing very little reaction to the election. we have a big fed meeting we expect them to announce plans to bolster the economy that could be in the trillions, or husband of billions. extra cash for the economy will keep interest rates low. so likely, sectors, see some of the republican policies pro business. reaction this morning is mixed.
6:48 am
dow up six points, s&p 500 is barely hire and bloomberg is trading up just about 2/10s of a point. on google a british watchdog is violating british law. google will not be fined as long as it doesn't do it again. google data personal e-mails and passwords from wireless networks. they ends their broke. live at new york stock exchange, bloomberg news. in what may be one of closest races we've seen all morning, california's 11th congressional district which covers several counties, democratic incumbent jerry mcnerney is leading now by 121 votes ahead of republican
6:49 am
challenger david harmer who was backed by the tea party and only republican bay area representative if he wins this race. >> and republicans have retaken the house. democrats still have the white house in congress. >> and to help us interpret the results, in the race for governor, meg whitman spent so much money, $140 million out of her own pocket and still not win. how does that happen? >> it happens more than you would think. money doesn't buy offices and people tend to resent it. this was a really large amount of money. i think the problem for somebody like meg whitman, she was stepping on her own message. her message was that we needed to be frugal yet she was spending $140 million on her campaign but jerry brown ran his campaign a really frugal way.
6:50 am
i think that was part of problem. >> despite the problems, and need for change that we saw across the nation in brown's second time around? >> i think jerry brown has a chance to create a legacy for himself. remember that his father is perhaps regarded as most successful governor that california has ever had. jerry finished his last term of office as governor on a down note. he had to piv on the prop 13 and he had the fruit fly incident that was left a sour taste. he finished on a sour note and he has a chance to build a legacy. if he can confront these problems and make structural changes and pass budgets on time and get republicans and democrats to talk among themselves more, i think he will have a positive legacy. i think that is what he is
6:51 am
looking for at the age of 72. >> when you talk about the republican majority in congress, we're talking about the tea party backed candidates. is it fair to think they are going to act like the rest of the republican caucus. >> i think they are going to put a lot of pressure. they are going to question some of the practices that were prevalent when the republicans were last in power. for example, earmarks, i think very early on in boehner's tenure there lab vote bloo to continue it. that was important component the way the republicans were operating in the 90s. we'll see possibly a challenge to boehner and we may see that it creates more resistance to some of obama's policies. again, there are now people who are elected in democratic seats. they will be saying, wait a
6:52 am
minute i have to win. >> always good to see you. >> we love the insight. thank you very much. >> what is the weather going to be for the parade? >> i don't think it could be better. >> you should run? >> i should. you endorsed me twice this morning. i appreciate that. this morning, we're looking down from mount tamalpais, and we have clear conditions. we have a lot of talk about. 50 in fremont and 48 in santa rosa and everybody else in the low to mid-50s. monterey bay clear, low to mid-50s. 47 in gilroy to 50 in salinas. some of the things, near record high temperatures, cooler friday and friday will still bring us a
6:53 am
chance of wet weather but a secondary storm behind it on sunday. for to the, look at these temperatures, above average, redwood city, concord santa rosa 13. 15 degrees warmer than average in oakland and san jose. look for a star next to your city, possible record high, 83 degrees down in san jose. upper 70s to low 80s on the peninsula. no records here. low to mid-70s down around the coast. through the north bay valleys we have san rafael, santa rosa and napa, low to mid-80s and record highs. identically and hayward, 80. cooler in berkeley, upper 70s. county cord possible record high there. same thing for the monterey bay and inland, 87 with salinas. slightly cooler, 79 in monterey could also be a record. going to the beaches? tomorrow may be a better idea.
6:54 am
we have a surf advisory for breaking waves and strong rip currents until 3:00. seven-day forecast, almost as warm tomorrow, we may threaten a few more records, about 4 to 10 degrees friday and cooler through next week. frances, new accidents? >> westbound 237, approaching mccarthy an early injury crash that was report, non-injury crash but you will find slowing from 880. also if you are headed to the giants' victory parade with a lot of folks going there, you may want to consider mass transit. streets will be gridlocked. bart will be running longer trains and larkspur ferries, we're hearing unofficially about the vallejo ferry parking lot is almost full. and toll plaza is backed up to
6:55 am
880 overcrossing and another accident reported coming out of altamont pass and also one in san francisco, one coming off the bay bridge at 101. san mateo bridge, fine right now. westbound traffic is on the right an also in the fast lane, quick shot, 101 and 880 interchange. no major problems elsewhere but if it changes, we'll possible it on your website at >> in marin, a battle over how to fix the water woes. >> voters appear to pass a measure that would study a plant. but they are passing measure "t" which would block the measure because both appear and ultimate winner will be totaled by the most yes votes. >> and giant fans, team will be honored with a ticker tape
6:56 am
prayed. >> terry mcsweeney is live in the financial district. >> i'm right here at montgomery and washington and the line has already begun. you can see the barricades up. they begin arriving outer here for the ticker tape parade. you can see the signs down there congratulations giants. now take a look at one of floats a few blocks away from here. it's going to be heading out at suggesting this morning. here are some numbers, five, the number of tons of confetti dropping on the heads of the people in this parade. it's going to be one piece of paper at a time. 270, another number of people in the parade, former players and mayors and 2010 world series champions, san francisco giants. parade is going down montgomery and then right over towards civic center plaza where it's going to be i don't know how
6:57 am
many people, quarter million maybe more people, saying hey giants, thanks for bringing a world series trophy to san francisco. it's all going to begin at 11:00 this morning. >> and weather is stepping up to plate. >> we should see the sun off that trophy. >> and low to mid-70s. temperatures will be 2 degrees to 6 degrees warmer than yesterday and today will be the hottest day this week with record near high temperatures. >> right now, normal delays around the bay area where the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the 880 overcrossing but we know a lot of people heading to the giants' parade, so try to take mass transit. there will be extra ferries and bart will be running longer trains. >> it's a parade. >> i'll be there. >> thanks for joining us. >> back w w w w w w w w w w w ww
6:58 am
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