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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 3, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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and this place and this place was wild today. and there is a surprise there, was that was that much energy today. you're looking at joy skb relief unseen in this city as long as anyone with remember. november 3, 2010 after 52 years of world series frustration here is the championship trophy parading through san francisco. a moment, and celebration for the ages. mid day the city stood in gridlock. tension, pangs, cheer asks tears of joi. by uncounted thousands and a mass of more people waiting for this procession and it's enry at city hall. >> players emerged one at a time. guys have been unknown before this season.
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and they came together as a team, now becoming legends. >> there is a great day for a giants fan. ain't it? ain't it? >> there is every day, people felt like giants fan autos there is a reason they won the world series. they would be won it because they're respectful. they were showing great humility. >> you're standing here, not standing alone. you're standing with the person that taught you the great story of the san francisco giants. whether your dad or mom, or a friend. >> this took a while to relearn, but baseball does unify people. it spans generations. it provides memories. in san francisco today they're sweeter than ever for a city waiting so long, and celebrating so hard. >> you've made this an
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incredible ride. the trophy belongs to you, san francisco. >> couple of other quotes notable out of the day also from bruce bochy. and we certainly live felt knit texas. the experience was poetry, he said. from brian sabin, quote, they fought like junkyard dogs then, used a texas expression saying they pulled on the same rope that. is uncommon in any sport. for that matter today was uncommon for san francisco. from civic center plaza, abc 7 news. >> and a street sweeper may want wayne to move. >> and today's celebrations were peaceful there were isolated reports of trouble. >> this man fell from a sign or a light pole and paramedics
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took him to the hospital. >> officers blocked the doors to westfield shopping center for a short time. >> police made a handful of arrests around the time the mall was closed .s. >> this is a virtually trouble-free day. hundreds of thousands of people packed the route for a championship celebration and what a crowd waits. and leigh glaser is live now at civic center plaza. >> fans were so appreciative today for the team that gave them a chance. this is packed. you cannot move. this is all because of the
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celebration. >> overnight or early morning, fans that wanted to be a part of the big party crowded into civic center plaza. >> this is about 4:00 in the morning. >> the plaza was elbow to elbow. here is a look from sky 7 hd. this mother-daughter duo said no way they're missing this. >> this is kinld of fun. >> with warm temperatures, longer fans wad had to wait. dehydration was a concern for the crowd. fans watched the parade on market street from two jumbo trons. they saw the floats getting closer and they went wild. >> we're ready to go. >> from up high, fans were climbing anything to get the best view.
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and there is a trophy it was a san francisco first. seeing players was a prize. rookie of the year we think. >> and thank you. thank you. thank you. >> go, giants. >> it's hard to believe that just hours ago, the plaza here was packed with crowds and crowds of grateful fans. and there is a a great day for the city. leigh glaser abc 7 news. >> great day for the city and area. thank you very much z the only torture fans had to endure today was a challenge of getting into, and out of the city to see this celebration. patience was needed before and after the event. and abc 7 is live tonight with that part of the story.
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and it seems this morning transit agency were this sm what under prepared. there were deal skbraiz bart says about 500 people jumped fair gates at the daily city station. by afternoon much things were running smoothly. >> cal train has abandoned its timetables now that 1200 trains are leaving san francisco station every 15-20 minutes as they fill up z there are no express trains. every train stops at every station this, morning some passengers got a free ride from san jose. >> i was walking skpupt last person in line. i said there no way i'm going to get to the parade in time. twon minutes, they let everybody on free. and this line was moving fast. >> bart had all of the trains on the tracks carrying 48% more than a typical wednesday morning. pam mcken came in from berkeley. >> we got there at 8:30.
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>> and how was it? >> crowded. >> the ferries were packed. golden gate ferry added four trips this afternoon. mary came down from napa. >> we got there early. and we had to park block as way backing -- walking down to the ferry building. people told us we're going to have to get on a bus instead of a ferry. then, we got up there and got on the 8:45 ferry. >> and just ban hour ago, cal train said it had to cancel a train. because it didn't have enough equipment. there were so were so many trains getting out of san francisco. >> and of course, this celebration was was all about the players making this dream a reality. and there is larry beil here now with that part of the stri one thing we saw today was the
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look of absolute amazement on the face of giants players. new world champions overwhelm bid euphoria of fans. this is a orange love fest. players rushing through the crowd. who is going to jump off a ferry? and there is a sample. players are used to performing in front of 40,000 people. they were just blown away by turnout of the fans. >> this is the best moment of our live. this city is electric. look at them. this is what this is all about this, is what you play a game for. there is nothing more special. >> i tell you what we go out
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and play baseball to. see how much fans care bit is heart warming. >> this spring training to august, to... to texas was so fun. exciting. i mean i can say thank you. and go, san francisco. >> and aubrey hough made good to display his rally song. the crowd went wild there. you'll have to go to the web site to see the whole gyration. 52 years of waiting. and the city of san francisco shined today. very to say this was glorious to watch. and to be a part of. and there is a perfect day. >> mike shum onknows how it
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feels. he was on 49ers1982 super bowl championship team. >> the fans support you. but this is a day. they get to feel like wow. this is what we mean for the city of san francisco. once they get the ring, it's going to be real. and this is unbelievable. bringing back great memory autos shu can still relate. this giant party was one of the team but it's the fans day in many respects. they've waited so long for a moment like this. and nothing about the series or the celebration disappointed. he began gathering early in the morning. >> are you playing hooky? >> no.
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i called in sick. i have something in my eye. >> so dressed in fan finery. >> my grandma made this for me. >> the crowd stretched as far as you can see down the city's main thuro fare. and on top of anything and everything they can find from a bus shelter to a signal box. and as they waited for their world series champs, atmosphere was down right giddy. >> this is timmy taurus, hough daddy and buster posey! >> i love it. >> andrew had on his lucky bracelet, the won he wore throughout the season. >> are you saying you're responsible for them win something. >> pretty much. yeah. >> well, congratulations to you and the boys of summer who are now the favorites of fall. this feigned confetti. manager bruce bochy lifted the trophy. the play we ares were feeling the love.
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>> what would you say to the fans? >> every moment and every game, we'll be here. >> did you make eye contact with players? >> aubrey hough blew a kiss at me. i blew one back its going to take the public works demt to clean up after this celebration. and one person described it as happy work. staff will be diverted from neighborhood duties. and we're told how often do you vai happening like this? fans are already dreaming of next year. >> this is 103 day autos in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> i wish that man could have
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been more excited. we'll have it posted tonight. well worth checking out again. because of our coverage today we've had to delay some regular programming. one life to live can be seen at 2:05 a.m. followed by the view. just set your dvr. you'll be able to watch later. >> more giants still head. coming up next, on the news an east bay solar company now is in danger of defaulting on a government stimulus loan. >> one day after election, once and future governor jerry brown outlines a vision for california. tonight the one question is couldn't quite answer. >> the bankruptcy leaves a bay area couple with no way to get home. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> later unique connection
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i want to get all the original parts and do it right. for my dad. there's a couple months in between parts. so, one at a time. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. and layoffs solar panel maker to build a new factory. and david louie reports faichlers have reason to be concerned. >> it was the epitome of what the government envisioned to be the green tech future. and confidence so high, that it got a stimulus program loan to build this new factory along highway 880. now, word it will shut down
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older plant down the street. 40 employees will be paid off. 150 drakt workers won'ting renewed. the reason is cost competition from lower cost chinese panel makers. >> today we would be a 3ss today $4 per watt basis wex need to be at $2 per watt basis all in with panels and mounds. >> suddenly the future isn't as bright as a year ago. taxpayer money is on the line. the new shiny plant cost $733 million. $535 million from federal funldz. only $198 million from government funds. the government stake is 73%. according to a file with the sec if it were to default on the loan, the department of energy would end up owning that brand new plant as well as the land underneath. >> most of the loan proceeds have been dispersed.
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$402 million. the lion's share, $252 million went to the contractor. smaller ams to a design firm and developer and county for taxes. a lot of public money is riding on the company to succeed. >> not going to be worth anything if you're going to foreclose. >> and he says mothballing will save $60 million. >> and there is is a spectacular day. >> another parade tomorrow. there is a live view in emeryville looking at an mazingly beautiful sky. there is after glow of the sunset that is filtered by thin, high clouds and a beautiful day. there is 64 degrees in half moon bay. it's a cool spot.
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and mid-70s from san francisco all the way over into inland areas. it's tomorrow, possibility of showers into saturday morning. there is active weather coming our way. there is two senters of high clouds and there is a live view. here comes our next weather disturbances going bring us a chance of showers. and this system could break part. there is. >> i chance of showers friday night. and there is flow temperatures into mid to upper 50s into the central part of the viewing area. and there is a mild overnight period. another lovely, sunny warm
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day. high temperatures at or just above 80 degrees. and on the peninsula, highs of 80 in redwood city. low to mid-70s on the coast z there is 74 in pacifica. and 74 degrees in the sunset tomorrow. 76 degrees downtown. up into the north bay. there is upper 70s to around 80 in sonoma. there is 80 in oakland and 81 in castro valley. over hills, upper 70s to low 80s. and 82 in livermore and near the bay, looking for 81 in jant cruz. 82 in watsonville. and mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. one more day of the glorious summer like november weather. then, friday, clouds increasing and temperatures
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dropping off rather sharply. there is a chance of showers late friday and friday night. temperatures dropping further on saturday and sunday. and saturday night or sunday morning. set your clocks back. we fall back to standard time there. is a good chance of rain sunday. we'll be watching that. >> thank you. >> and okay. don't stop believing. more giants coverage coming up. >> that includes highlights from the world series celebratatatatatatatatatatatatat can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ?
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giants had a long history of going south of the border to recruit good players. there is a strong connection
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that the team and fans have with the latin players. >> in san francisco's mission district, fans proved their love for the team is big. this always popular restaurant huddled and hungry people displayed team color was wide prid. >> it's latin pride. it's showing we're growing up, going up as a latin community. >> some first players recruited from latin america by the giants were orlando sbeta from porto reek yochl a few years later alu's brothers made it to san francisco also, playing for giants. in 1960 fans were amazed with juan marisha skpl. his high-leg kick. playing in the major league was always his dream despite his mother's plea to stay in school you have to go school.
6:25 pm
get a good education. i used to tell her, mother i'm going to be a baseball player. >> the bay area had a strong latino presence. those players from spanish speaking countries say the community has made them feel at home. today, four are from the dominican republic. three, puerto rico. and the mvpedgar renteria from columbia. >> we have renteria. juan uribe. >> they're role models and a source of pride for those whose countries are so far away. >> so happy for renteria and my family for everybody. >> thank you for fans forgiving us energy for respect and love. you're number one. the giants appreciate this, thank you so much. >> today, fans felt like giants among these people.
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>> still to come at 6:30, california next governor addresses the state's budget deficit. >> and carly fiorina concedes defeat.
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breaking news in southern california. a terrible fire burning in the city of chatsworth near los angeles. in there have been reports of explosions. perhaps programable items inslide. and again in, chatsworth, you
6:30 pm
can see firefighters dumping water on it trying to get this out. there is a lot of work, still to do. >> to the election now. governor elect jerry brown today promised to work with republicans and listen to the people without waiting until he takes office. how he plans to pull the state out of the mess remains a history, even to brown coasting to victory last night by more than 12%. and mark matthews is here now with the most-asked question. >> reporters wanted to know what the state in such trouble how are you going to makeup the deficit? voters are telling you they don't want to pay anymore. >> the governor was asked where will you find the money to close the deficit? >> that is the question what. does california need? want? what does s.california prepared to pay? and brown says it's up to the
6:31 pm
people, so does he anticipate asking for a vote? on new taxes? >> i don't anticipate anything the day after the election. what i do commit myself to is to working hard to find every item of either waste, or low priority spending throughout state government. >> refining money is going to be harder after last night. voters made it easier to pass a budget with a simple majority w prop 22 clamping down on the state ability to borrow from local governments. by passing 26, they made it harder to raise fees. >> the people said, by a majority, give us a budget. on the other hand saying don't pick my pocket. this is going to take all of the know how i said i had and all of the luck of the irish as i go forward. >> that sums up the dilemma. does he intend to get voters to decide what should be in the budget? >> that is interesting.
6:32 pm
i thought about that. this is, a bit come ber some he says he may ask for a referendum but what does he suggest they rat sni. >> we only have one governor i don't think it would be appropriate to make proposals until i become governor he did say state workers will have to face reality when it doumz pensions either contribute more or take placeless when retiring. he plans to live in his oakland home, and find a place to sleep in sacramento. >> i'm not selling this house. until it retains its original value. and that may take a lot of work on my heart. >> asked one final time where does he see revenue coming from? >> from a restored california economy that. is where it always comes from. >> how california gets there is the challenge brown admitted. he doesn't know. and he added no nobel-winning
6:33 pm
economists don't agree on how this will happen fchl it doesn't grow enough we're going to have a difficult, painful process in sacramento. >> something we're familiar w thank you. >> and this happened before. >> other campaign watched closely here and around the country is u.s. senate seat. barbara boxer fought to keep. boxer wound up winning but carly fiorina refused to concede defeat until today. in claiming victory, barbara boxer acknowledged a fierce contest was the toughest of boxer's long career. >> this is my 11th straight election victory. and what a sweet one sit. -- it s. >> boxer celebrated, fiorina refused to concede, until
6:34 pm
nearly 12 hours later in, irvine. >> we won with independents. in the end, we dmot overcome the registration advantage that democrats have, and in particular, in l.a. county. >> in the end in, california long-time incumbent managed to turn back the tide that swept colleague as way in other parts of the country. boxer may have won the election but is well affair there are many struggle as head, especially when it comes to reviving the economy, restoring american faith that she's one who can help get it done. >> that means making sure small businesses can grow and stimulate the economy without add together did he have site business leaders say boxer needs to make sure to channel efforts in way that's help california and the bay area. >> this is very, very important to the bay area and
6:35 pm
california. the rest of the country to have a strategy on how the united states competes with the rest of the world. this comes to providing mobility for people and its goods. we don't have that. and boxer can play a big role in that. >> the fight is not over. it's just beginning. >> her opponent pointed out, boxer returns to washington there will be disagreement. and the veterans senator will have to reach across the aisle, perhaps more times, than ever before. in los angeles abc 7 news. >> and a couple of very close races remain undecided tonight. democrat jerry mcnerny had a lead of just 121 votes in his bid to hold on to a congressional seat. republican david harmer is the challenger there. san francisco district attorney kamala harris claim aid 15,000 vote lead over steve coolly. but the race for attorney general is still too close to
6:36 pm
call. >> republican take over of the house of rep tifz last night has speaker pelosi pondering her next move. today, she did not rule out the possibility that she might not return to congress at all next year. >> and there is a conversation with my family and my caucus and decide how to go forward. today isn't that day. today is the day to congratulations john b. est -- boehner and representatives to speak and listen to colleagues that are not coming back. respect the wishes of the american people. >> pelosi won reelection last night with 80% of the vote. >> this counting is underway tonight. election officials are tallying ballots using rank choice voting. don perata is leading and
6:37 pm
reports whoever gets the job will face a serious safety dilemma. >> the ballot counting will go on for days. oakland may not know who the mayor is but that is not stopping the early front runner. >> we should demonstrate real process gres early on. >> whit comes to policing oakland voters sent a mixed message saying no to a parcel tax that would have prevented more playoffs and yes to a measure that modified an existing tax. this is making it possible to bring back 60 officers. >> that doesn't mean they're going rehire laid off cops. it means these officers will probably be shuffled from other positions, meaning departments from patrol and investigation could end up with fewer officer autos
6:38 pm
nobody needs to be laid off. >> this year, jane breuner can't assure there won't be more layoffs next year. backing a run for mayor. she doesn't know how he'll come up with the money to rehire laid off cops. >> i don't know. i'm going work with don. i -- i don't know what he actually thinks money s it's not in general fund. >> oakland has 674 officers on the force. the chief says there should be 900. the layoffs came after a long battle with police union. and will there be kons yegss now? >> we're waiting to see. we haven't gone down that road. >> a road with a new mayor somewhere at the end of it. and coming up next, 7 on your side a couple's travel plans spoiled by an airline that
6:39 pm
went belly up. >> this is just frustrating. >> this is just frustrating. i feel like our tickekekekekekee
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a family's plan ran into problems when mexicoa airlines ran into bankruptcy. >> 7 on your side stepped in. >> this just got bigger and ryeing to put it and trying to
6:42 pm
get a new flight proved to be costly with fees added on top of a higher fare. we wanted to find fought higher fees and fares were justified. karen and paul looked forward to going to their friend's wedding in mexico. the couple used orbitz to book a flight from san francisco to mexico then, a return flight on mexicoa airline autos well, we're all set. we had the air fare booked then all of a sudden i get an e mail from orbitz saying mexicoa suspended flights. and the flight was cancelled so that was shocking. >> arrow mexico had a code sharing agreement with mexicoa. money the couple paid was billed through arrow -- aroe mexico but the airline refused to book without charging 300s skpdz a higher fare.
6:43 pm
>> it's frustrating. i feel our ticket sk -- is being held hostage. we can pay to get home after the fact after we bought the ticket. >> this travel attorney says the fee is unjustified. >> it hasn't warned the customer these are charges he says it needs to be outlined which he says it's not. secondly, he says aero mexico must stand behind its agreement with mexicoa. >> they have an arrangement between the two. your partner on that went broke. you can't charge because your partner isn't going to fly me. >> we suggested to the couple it file a dispute with their credit card company, american express. and also called orbitz asking
6:44 pm
for assistance. aero mexico agreed to give the couple a full refund. orbitz extended a $200 credit. the couple used a credit and refund to book a new flight at roughly the same cost each sited about going. >> anyone booking a big trip should consider travel insurance and ask for protection against bankruptcy, and natural disasters. you need to find out if you're buying does. >> for a nominal cost you get that security. >> yes. and this includes medical insurance. if you get sick overseas your insurance from here doesn't count. >> stay with us.
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viewers snent great shots this, shows a cal band posing. >> a viewer captured this picture of tim lincecum waving to the crowd. >> and here are five young women, kneeling on top of a number 38 bus with a tribute to their favorite giant, buster posey. >> there is one from sarah thompson. there is her 8-year-old daughter with a thank you to the team. and that is great stuff. again what a spectacular day it was. >> i got off the phone with an usher that works at at and t park. one of the 700 or so employees
6:48 pm
he told me i would will remember this day for the rest of my life. and there are probably several hundred thousand fans lining the route lead together ceremony at civic center plaza. governor schwartzeneggar, shared his admiration for giants closer brian wilson. >> i and thought i was the only machine as terminator. now you have a machine, i've heard in your team. there is a is a machine. >> i don't know if this is there right now. going to have a mini heart attack? i'm not sure what is wrong. maybe electricity in the crowd. maybe smell of prop 19? not sure. and you guys are etched in history. >> mike shumann may have been
6:49 pm
the only reporter there today on the other side of a parade. and there is shu spent date in the middle of the trolley cars. >> this is unbelievable. i knew this would be honored to have the trophy in this to share with fans. this belongs to them as much as anyone. >> this is the most-exciting moment of our lives. the city. its electric now. we're on fire. and someone said it was insane. what is this? this is a great city to be in now. you're a hero. it's unbelievable. these guys have been like this all year. it's -- we're altogether. >> this is i can't believe it.
6:50 pm
butterflies and goose bumps. good stuff. >> we f.we had smell vision, you would have thought prop 19 passed. we're back in san francisco. and go go, gichblts great stuff. >> i feel we're in the middle of a brian wilson show. >> a's had decisions to make today. one was to say goodbye to eric chavez. he's been with the athletics 13 seasons but spent more time in surgery than on the field. there is a a's did pick up options on mark ellis. randy moss may be in malcontent, but he's fast. titans picked him off waivers. he'll be suiting up for the third team this schbl he spent a month with vikings before
6:51 pm
wore out his welcome there. titans need a receiver. there is college fabl f oregon plays, stanford has a great chance to make the rose bowl. obstacle in cardinals path would be arizona. there will be a 5:00 p.m. kickoff. we're going to have that game. then there is going to be a parade. no. not yet. andrew luck and company coming off a win over washington. this is going to be tougher. >> we have respect for arizona and they know that. and there is our guys excited about that. this is probably the best team we're going play thus far there. is a play make owners both sides. >> cal visits washington state
6:52 pm
without kevin rielly. his college career, over. suffering a knee injury against oregon state last week. there is good news, doctors feel he can recover without surgery. >> thank you. >> spebser is here. back with another check of the forecast. >> tomorrow going to be another day like today. absent the parade. then things changed. and there is a chance of rain sunday. set your clocks back. >> there is randy moss looking for the next time. >> don't stop believing.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
there is a look at top seven stories on our web site right now. you can stay connected 24. >> join me tonight at coffee tv 206789 coming up, it's fun to play w but 10,000 pounds of confetti must be still cleaned up. work crews reclaim the streets tonight. >> then at 11:00, keeping an
6:56 pm
eye on giants fans post-parade parties stretching well into the evening. this is coming up tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and it's just been a magical day in the city. there are go to our web site to watch it if you wish. waits something special. we're going leave with you more of the sights and sounds from the world series celebration. >> remember, you can log on later tonight to see it all. right now we hope you enjoyed these highlights as much as we have. ♪ [ music ] . >> this is the best moment of my life. >> this is insane. >> look at them now. >> this is no one of the best
6:57 pm
moments of my hive. >> if we had smell vision out here, would you have thought prop 19 passed. >> that is for you guys. thank you. >> all i can say is thank you. and... go, san francisco!alleng.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a software engineer and italian translator from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... an antitrust attorney from washington, d.c... and our returning champion-- a singer/songwriter from los angeles, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total...