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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 4, 2010 1:05am-3:00am PST

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hey, are you sure you weren't followed? because i don't want you to be in trouble. starr: don't worry. nobody followed me. the police have no idea where we are. james: fine, ok! i know where cole is. john: all right. where is he? james: first, i need some guarantees. bo: greg is on his way. mr. evans: first, i want to apologize for our son. what he did is unforgivable. but you know him. i mean, your son can walk because of greg. so i'm not trying to... to influence you. i... it's just he's not all bad. he made a mistake, a terrible mistake. and now he needs your help.
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dani: all the bad stuff-- ok, it's behind us now. we can just let it all go. tea: how could you do that to me, greg? to my family? brody: natalie? you ok? natalie: yeah, i'm--i'm fine. brody: well, i was just going to grab jess a glass of milk. i'm pushing the calcium. you want one? natalie: no. brody: you sure you're ok? natalie: i made a huge mistake. brody: what do you mean?
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natae that proves cole killed eli. marty's never going to forgive me. cole: is hope ok? starr: she's fine. she's with my mom. cole: good. good, good, good. so how do you know the cops aren't on to us? starr: because james has our back. james: you've got to leave me out of this. and starr walks away. you can't charge her with anything. john: i can't make that deal. james: well, then i can't help you. john: you know, i don't really want to have to explain to your mom why i had to lock you up. james: i don't live with my mom. john: no, you live with your brother. wonder what he would say about you putting your neck on the line for cole and starr. i don't know, let's ask him. james: wait, no! fine! cole went to a motel. officer: let's go. todd: no, hold on. he's got the rest of his life to rot in
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prison. you can give my wife 5 minutes. greg: look, i'm so sorry. todd: you're sorry? don't--don't you say you're sorry, you of a bitch. [captioning made possible by abc, inc.] [captioned by the national captioning institute] officer: step back, mr. manning. dani: dad--dad, stop. tea: todd...ok? todd: ok, let's go. tea: wait, wait, wait--hold on. all right, just hold on one sec, ok? i want to understand, greg. i really do want to understand.
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you are a doctor. you took an oath--first, do no harm--remember? that day in your office, when you gave me the test results, you told me that i had a brain tumor, that i was going to die, and that there was no hope. none. and then you poisoned me. i trusted you. i put my life in your hands, and you filled me full of lies and drugs. and then you advised me that it would be best to leave my daughter, my die alone. and i believed you. you took me away
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from my home, from my family. and then, you lied to my family. and you told them... [tea laughs] tea: that they were too late, that i was already gone, and you watched them suffer. why would you do that? why? greg: i... i'm so sorry. dani: no, you're not. you're not sorry. i came to you for help. i came to you and asked about treatments for my mom. and you blew me off. you couldn't get rid of me fast enough. and i don't care why. there is nothing that you can say to us that will justify what you did. nora: your son greg is a wonderful surgeon. it's--he's
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helped more than just our family. he's cooperating with the police. he's made a full confession. but i don't want to give you any false hopes. these are very serious charges. he'll most likely lose his license. mrs. evans: oh, my god. nora: these charges also come with significant prison time. mrs. evans: but eli clarke forced him. he--tell them, richard. he--he--he threatened him. bo: we--we know the circumstances, but nora's right. i'm not sure that a judge will take that into consideration. nora: and todd manning certainly won't. greg: the truth is, um... i didn't have the courage to say no to eli. and as a result, i caused you and your entire family immense pain. and the only thing i can say in
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my defense is that i didn't go through with it, tea. i brought you back to the states to recover. and to save-- todd: ah, what a prince. yeah. if you weren't in custody right now, i'd rip your heart out with my bare hands. shaun: be my guest. brody: john was going to review the forensics. he would have figured out that cole was guilty. you know what? you couldn't let marty take the rap. that's obstruction. natalie: i tried to explain all that to her, brody, but you should have seen her. she lost it. she just hauled off and slapped me. brody: she's angry. natalie: it's more than that, brody. there's all of this history, and now this. she kept saying that she's going to make me pay. brody: she's just scared. she knows that cole will have to do hard time. natalie: well, they're going to have to find him first. john: cole's at a motel? james: yeah. john: which motel? you really want to spend a night in lockup, don't you?
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james: i don't know the name, all right? some fleabag. what? he wanted me to have deniability. you're seriously going to make me rat him out? john: i'm sure you'll get over it. james: ok, fine. it's in pine valley. the pine cone motel. starr: do you know why they call this place the "minute man motel"? because it hasn't been cleaned since the revolutionary war. cole: i hate that i dragged you into all this. starr: as long as we're together, i don't care where we are. i'm so grateful. cole: for what? starr: i'm so grateful that james showed up and--and warned us so that you could get away. if the cops had just surprised us at our apartment, we wouldn't
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shaun: i'm sorry about my part in all this. i didn't know. tea: neither did i. shaun: i'm glad that you got through this--that you beat my brother and eli clarke. your mother is amazing. dani: i know. vivian: if you need anything, you let us know, ok? tea: yeah, we will. thank you. todd: ok, time to go. tea: all right. todd: officer, i'd be especially careful with this prisoner. i don't know if you know what happened to eli clarke. [imitates gun cocking] shaun: i need some answers. what happened to charlene? greg: i told you. we got together when you were lockedgoh up. she got pregnant, had the baby... and then she died. shaun: how? when? she was perfectly healthy. what happened? starr: it doesn't matter
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who warned us, cole. what matters is that we have more time to figure this out in order to keep you out of jail. cole: i messed up, starr, and that's the truth. starr: no, you thought that hope and i were killed, that eli had blown us up, and you snapped. all we have to do is just find a lawyer to prove that it wasn't your fault. cole: but it was. it was, starr. it was all my fault. natalie: cole's gone missing. and marty's thrilled, which--i can't say that i blame her. i mean, if it were my kid... i should have buried the report. brody: and carried another secret? besides, who knows how the courts will react? he gets a good lawyer, they argue mitigating circumstances-- natalie: no, it's his third strike. he's going away. brody: as far as i'm concerned, he did the state a favor. eli clarke was a menace. look, you had no choice. marty will see that--eventually. natalie: i'm not so sure. greg: i--i don't want to talk about charlene.
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vivian: greg, you owe your brother the truth. shaun: it's not going to bring her back. shaun: this is what eli clarke had on you, isn't it? you did something to her. greg: no. never. look, it's not as simple as that. but yes, you're right. she's why i had to go along with eli. cole: i refused to see it! i couldn't see that hannah was playing me. starr: your mom thought that she was progressing, too. cole: yeah, my mom--i'm sure she's going out of her mind. starr: you're not going to call her, not until we figure out a way out of this, cole! cole: there is no way out of this, starr. don't you understand? it's over for me. starr: well, then where is that going to leave me? and what about hope? well, i know that this is overwhelming, cole! i know that, but a jury will have to see that! cole: the jury's going to see that i didn't listen to my girlfriend when she told me that hannah was dangerous. starr: ok, but you--it's not your fault that you believed your mom. right? the court believed hannah, too. they're the ones that let her go! cole: i put my whole family at risk. and who saved you? so who
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saved you? not me. not the guy that was supposed to protect you. james--james saved you. john: ok, jesse. thanks, man. mm-hmm. well, that was interesting. james: yeah? john: well, i had a buddy of mine over at the pine valley p.d. he sent a unit over to the pine cone motel, and the guys tossed the place, and what do you know? no sign of cole. why is that? james: don't look at me. i've been here this whole time. john: yeah. yeah, yeah. yeah, hey. billy, is inez still there? ok, thanks. james: where--where are you going? john: where am i going? well, your mom went home. i'm going to go over and explain to her how i'm arresting you. james: for what? for telling you what i know? john: for lying to me! it's called obstruction of justice, and it's a big ticket item.
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tea: oh. i just never thought i'd be back here again. dani: well, mom, nothing's changed. you know, we couldn't. tea: i spent so much time remembering every detail. dani: you don't have to. todd: all right, you guys, please? [tea and dani laugh] todd: if you can't get through the door without crying, how are you going to get through money honey? dani: money honey? todd: that's right. nothing's changed. wering machine beeps ] [ son ] hi, mom. sorry i missed your call. [ coughs ] call me. ♪ [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] kleenex brand tissues are america's softest. [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] no wonder people go out of their way to share them. [ sneezes ] ♪ [ female announcer ] now it's even easier to share. [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] send a kleenex brand share package for free today at softness worth sharing. ♪
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todd: oh...oh, yeah. that's nice. tea: yeah. todd: it's a miracle. [tea sighs] tea: oh, my god.
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was that supposed to be me? hmm. shaun: you slept with charlene. you lied to me and destiny. you had our parents raise your kid! all things you'd want to hide. but none of them--what would make you poison a patient? greg: look, i saved tea. don't you understand? if it hadn't have been me, eli would have found someone else. shaun: monday morning quarterbacking, bro. you threw in with eli because he had something on you. something about charlene. greg: charlene didn't want to give the baby up for adoption. and i wanted her to. i couldn't afford a kid, not then. and i didn't want you to find out what i had done.
2:29 am
vivian: oh, my god. greg: no, it's not what you think. we argued, yes. and she got very angry and she was about to storm out. her... her heel got caught in the carpet and she fell and hit her head. i tried to save her, but she was gone. shaun: you killed charlene? greg: no! she tripped and hit her head. it was an accident. vivian: head injuries are unpredictable. you know, some people crash through a windshield and they're fine, and others hit their head on a cabinet and they--and they die. shaun: so what happened when you took her to the hospital? the cops see it your way? you took her to the hospital, right? greg: shaun, she was dead. there was nothing i could do.
2:30 am
it was hopeless. and given the situation--you know, the baby--i just knew that the cops would jump to conclusions, so i...i... i disposed of the body. shaun: you what? greg: i got rid of the evidence. shaun: charlene? you mean you got rid of charlene? greg: yes. shaun: so no burial? no service? all of these years? and her parents not knowing where she is? and that they had a grandchild? greg: no. shaun: you're as low as it gets. mrs. evans: bo, gregoryerrible o made a terrible mistake, no
2:31 am
question. but eli clarke is the villain here. he somehow discovered that greg had confided in a psychiatrist, telling him the truth about charlene's death, and he used that to blackmail our son and force him to take tea manning. yes, gregory should have come forward years ago, but he saved mrs. manning's life and almost got killed in the process. now, won't that be taken into consideration? nora: well, i'm sure a judge will be considering all the circumstances at sentencing, but i would be misleading you if i led you to believe that greg could avoid prison. james: you don't have anything on me, lieutenant. john: you're lying to a police officer. james: you got to prove that to charge me. john: that's going to take about 8 seconds. hey, look, you want to protect starr? this isn't the way, kid. i'm going to give you the details. cole shot a guy
2:32 am
wearing handcuffs. no matter how you slice it, that's going to come up murder. and as much as i'd like to, i can't stop what's about to come down on him. do you really want starr in the middle of all that when it happens? do you want her there? eh...forget it. just...get out of here, all right? i got work to do. go!
2:33 am
starr: why do you always have to make this about james, huh? cole: he's in love with you. starr: and i'm in love with you. of course i was thrilled to see james. i was held at gunpoint by eli. he had just killed our babysitter. i had been kidnapped. i--i had to practically beat him up in order to escape, and then hannah knocked me out. she locked me in that attic! i didn't know where i was! i was ecstatic to see james because i knew i was getting home to you! don't you see? you think that you are out of luck? well, you're wrong. i love you. we can have it all, but only if you want it. promise me... promise me that you believe in us. please. s -- you're busted. oooh! you ruined mom's tablecloth. not this time. what's that? my get out of jail free card. no way. you're busted. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] tide stain release. an in-wash booster that works with any detergent, to target and remove tough stains the first time. see? hey, look who's home. huh.
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todd: i'm sorry, honey. i should have gotten rid of that. tea: give it to me. todd: well, i was just going to... you know what? i'm just going to throw it away. tea: give it to me now. mrs. evans: you know, i always knew we were going to have to tell destiny that greg was her father, but not like this. she won't even talk to us. and i don't blame her. i don't even know what to say to her. nora: tell her that you love her. mrs. evans: but who am i, hmm? she doesn't even think of me as her mother anymore. nora: but you are. you're the
2:37 am
woman who raised her. you're her mom. she'll understand that. oh, honey, just give her a little time. just give her a little time, ok? dani: destiny, hey. destiny: i just wanted to make sure you were ok. dani: oh, i'm fine. i'm going to be ok. i'm sure you already heard about my mom. she's back. destiny: yeah, i heard. i'm really happy for you and your dad. look, dani, i just wanted to say i'm sorry. and i am so ashamed, and i understand if you hate me. bo: yes, but his family is waiting for him. thank you. i'll let them he should be here in a few minutes. they're just putting through the paperwork. richard: thank you for your consideration, commissioner. we understand that greg has
2:38 am
broken all kinds of laws and that he'll have to pay for his mistakes. we just want the best for him. bo: that's all anybody wants. bo: what are you still doing here? john: cole's still missing and i hate talking to kids. bo, this is one of those battles i don't even feel like fighting. bo: but you should go home. your child's mother almost lost you today, and you know, for some reason, it really upset her. why don't you go make sure she's ok? that's an order. john: yes, sir. natalie: oh, no, thank you. i can't put anything in my stomach, not now. brody: you still upset about
2:39 am
marty? natalie: she keeps implying that she knows something. brody: but she doesn't. natalie: ok, that's not going to stop her, ok? she is furious about cole. she would do anything to hurt me.there's onle brody: natalie, there's only one way to put this thing to rest. you have to find out who's the father. jessica and i are doing a paternity test tomorrow. we need answers, and so do you. just think about doing a test. marty can't hurt you if you know the truth. cole: you don't think i want us back together? starr, that's all i want. but what if it's too late? what if i wrecked it? starr: no. you shot a murderer, cole. you did the whole world a favor. everyone knows that. and if you have community service or anything that you have to do,foi i'll be there for you. i promise
2:40 am
we'll make it work. cole: i can't leave you and hope again. starr: you won't. i promise. [knock on door] james: it's me. it's james. you guys, let me in. tea: give it to me. it's mine. ha! that they could do this to me, hmm? that they could do this to anyone... and that you had to look at this. tea: this jar full of lies!
2:41 am
lies! that i was sick! agh! that i was dying! agh! [tea sobs] tea: god, and i believed them! i believed them! todd: hey. tea: i tea: i let them do this to me, todd. todd: hey...shh. it's not your fault. no, you hung in there. and here you are. you made your way back to us. it's over. tea: mm-hmm. todd: it's over. ♪ i love my grandma. i love you grandma. grandma just makes me happy. ♪ to know, know, know you
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todd: yeah. yeah. it's ok. you're safe. i'm here with you now. hey... you angry? huh? you angry? [tea laughs] todd: i hear you, man. i am angry as hell. by the way, you want to sue the son of a bitch? [tea laughs] todd: i'll do it. i want you to know that i'm here for you. and i want you to know that there's nothing going on in
2:46 am
here. there's no tumor. there's no cancer, even a little. i know it's hard, isn't it? it's hard, but you just got to give it a little time, and i think it's going to get better. it's going to get better. hey...we're together. [tea laughs] todd: finally. right? it's going to be smooth sailing from here on. [tea laughs] todd: right? yeah, as smooth as it ever gets with me. i'm going to try harder, too. i swear i'm going to try harder. i...i know now what it's like without you. i almost chucked it in without you. if it weren't for the kids, i wo i can't do it without you, tea.
2:47 am
tea: i can't do it without you. todd: you know, there is one thing that you are going to have to do without me, though. tea: what? todd: vacuum that stuff up. [tea laughs] dani: hate you, destiny? what are you talking about? destiny: because of greg and what he did to your mother. dani: no. hey, no, that is not your fault. ok? look, just because greg is your brother does not mean-- destiny: he's not my brother! dani: what? destiny: never mind. the point is, i wouldn't blame you. dani: look, just forget about that, ok? hey, you're my best friend. you're always going to be my best friend. you want to come inside? you can say hi to my mom. destiny: no, that's ok. you should be with your family tonight. i'll see you tomorrow. dani: ok.
2:48 am
shaun: i can't believe my brother. he just dumped her body. what kind of man does something like that? vivian: hey, a weak man. a frightened man. a man who is af afraid to fail. look, remember all those years that we thought that greg was--i don't know--the family superstar? uh-ue well in school, but he has never been the man that you are-- strong, caring, honest. shaun: i can tell you this--he's not the man i thought he was. you would have liked charlene. she never let anything get her down. vivian: like destiny? shaun: yeah. i don't know why i didn't see it before. she's strong, independent...bad temper.
2:49 am
vivi shaun: and sweet, you know? vivian: mm-hmm. shaun: a good person. a good cook. she always used to make all these dinners. vivian: it's ok. hey, it's ok. you loved her. it's right to grieve. ok? it's ok. brody: do you really think you and john can be happy with you scared that someone might find out the baby could be mine? natalie: brody, i don't know. i have gone on for so long being so sure that this is john's baby, i feel like if i got a paternity test, it would tempting fate. natalie: what's this? brody: dr. wright wanted to get
2:50 am
a head start. she ran my dna last week. these are the results. you do a test, you can just compare it to what's here. john: trick or treat. what did i miss? [knock on door] cole: let him in. james: i'm sorry. cole: were you followed here? james: no, the cops tried, but i lost them. cole: are you sure? james: yeah, positive. i know how to lose a tail. starr: well, sorry. it's just a really big risk, you coming here. james: well, i wouldn't have come, but i would have taken a really big risk calling. you guys, mcbain's onto me. starr...starr, really, i'm
2:51 am
sorry. i'm sorry. he knew i was lying. ok? he's going to be looking for you, too. starr: ok, thank you. james: you need anything? cole starr: we really appreciate everything that you've done for us. james: ok. cole: hey, james. thank you for saving starr and our daughter. and thank you for trying to help us now. james: hey, no problem. u just let me know if you guys need anything. starr: good-bye and thank you again.
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mrs. evans: oh, richard, we've lost him. richard: just pray that we haven't lost destiny.
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>> it's wednesday, november 3. coming up live on "the view," the votes have been counted in "hot topics," from the power of palin at the polls to how heidi and spencer blew $10 million plus with george w. bush says kanye west's comment was the lowest point of his presidency. and the "red, white and view" is
3:03 am
welcoming america's mayor rudy giuliani with a day-after election wrap-up and his view on the u.s. at the highest risk of a terror attack since 9/11. >> you could say yes, i am gay. >> for the first time ricky martin is telling barbara why he refused to answer, why he came out now, and what's next for his career. all that, "hot topics," and more, coming up live on "the view"! [closed captioning provided by abc, inc., and johnson & johnson, where quality health care products have been a tradition for generations] >> hey. hello and welcome to "the view." well, it is the day after
3:04 am
election day. how is everybody feeling today? >> apparently elisabeth said i'm wearing a mixture of red and blue, which is purple. so i'm feeling moderate today. >> is it a partisan color? >> bipartisan. >> excuse me. bipartisan. >> how do you feel about it? >> i took a picture of the people who asked for my i.d. they were so diligent and looking for my name. they told me to bring a utility bill. i felt really good. i was there. >> this is the second time you've voted? >> the second time. >> forever? >> forever. fo fouse i was in a religion where we didn't vote. for me, it felt like my vote is really making a difference. >> it absolutely does. especially here in new york city . i don't know how you voted. >> you know how i voted, girl. [laughter] >> i think it was an interesting night. >> we have a new governor here.
3:05 am
governor cuomo. >> across the nation, we've got a big shift going on. i think it was the biggest rno7 turnover of seats in 70 years, which makes for a difficult situation. i don't think there is this celebration necessarily, though, you know, congrats to speaker boehner. i think it's going to be a great thing. but he has great work to do. obama said he was going to bring the parties together. now with the split house and senate, i think that will be difficult but the challenge of finding compromise instead of stalemate -- >> now they have a chance to show us what they would do, the things they have been complaining about. >> who is "they"? >> the republicans. >> today should be embraced as don't just make it about red and blue. it's red, white and blue. right now we're seeing the fact that we have a senate and house that may not necessarily agree. but the president came in here saying he was going to unite this country. the mark of a good leader is someone who can bring us together. >> elisabeth, one of his mantras was that he was working for
3:06 am
bipartisanship. i don't know the accusation that he didn't want to bring the country together. he was always working -- >> here is what happened. >> wait a minute. on the left he was accused and criticized for being too bipartisan and trying to get republicans to agree with them and they said no to everything they did. >> the blame has shifted. by example of what they said. they. those. every time you make someone outside of you, we're all in this together. i didn't vote across party lines, but i certainly was excited about the shift that's happening. i think he can actually make this work, though it be difficult. >> when you make that statement we're all in this together, it seemed to me that there were people on that side who said we're going to make sure that this is a one-term presidency. it is our goal and mission to get him out of office. it never sounded like they had that add tude. i'm saying they of we're all in this together. >> that language is being used on both sides. we're saying they, they, they don't want to do it. >> go ahead, whoopi. >> i do think that it is always
3:07 am
better when there is a closer grouping, you know, when it's not all one or all the other. and so i think, you know, what the american people have said is, a, we're tired of some of the b.s. we've been seeing and now we're putting you all together. make it work. i think it can. >> one of the things i think came out of this, which is new in this election, of course, is the tea party and the effect of the tea party and where does this leave sarah palin? what effect did she have? so, in the house, she endorsed 43 candidates. 31 in the said. some of the losses included your best friend sharron angle who is sending you flowers. >> oh, i'm sorry. she lost. i'm so sorry! >> christine o'donnell -- >> what a shame! >> christine o'donnell, who certainly made news in delaware.
3:08 am
carly fiorina in california. so sarah palin comes out of this very strong and is now saying, hey, if they need me, i'll run. >> clearly the power of palin is there. i think we've seen it. whether or not she decides to run in 2012 -- >> is anyone scared of the potential president palin out there? [cheers and applause] i'm a little scared of that. and it's possible it could happen. it's a little scary to me. it's not scary to you? >> to assert fear right now -- >> i'm just saying. [laughter] >> we've had scarier things happen. you're obviously worried because remember in the beginnings of the talking about the tea party, these crazy are getting together? look what the movement did. >> a lot of crazy didn't win, elisabeth. >> a lot of crazy democrats didn't within. there are going to be fringe candidates out there.
3:09 am
>> we should ask rudy giuliani about this. >> we'll ask him that. but it's interesting because you're saying we did see some of the more extreme people sort of get pushed to the side. but i have to say, i told you the other day, if i saw another commercial for her show on bravo -- >> "sarah palin's alaska." >> it looks great. but every time she says i'd rather be here and be free than in some stuffy old office, i think to myself, that's probably not the best thing you should be saying if you're going to run for president. >> i think it's where she is right now.ebody is going to pu >> somebody is going to put that in an ad. >> speaking of palin power, is the tea party support keeping bristol palin on "dancing with the stars"? >> let's get to the serious results of this election, right? >> she could run for higher office herself. she could go on "american idol" next. >> i have to say, a think a lot of people respect bristol palin because you can see the
3:10 am
improvement every week. a person last year you didn't see the improvement and she stayed. >> who are you talking about? >> i don't know, whoopi. but br but bristol has gotten people's respect because she comes from not an entertainment background and she's working really hard. >> i think it also helps that many of the tea party people vote for her. she has a support system. >> absolutely. >> rick fock got voted off yesterday. that fine piece of chocolate! [laughter] >> i don't believe that you're mourning because i assume that at some point rick is going to end up here. >> oh. >> i don't know. >> he's not coming? i'm sorry. i'm just teasing you. listen. california's prop 19, talking about boo-hoo -- [laughter] -- which was to legalize recreational use of marijuana,
3:11 am
dammit, it went up in smoke! the voters said no. >> do we know what it was? >> it lost. that's what we know. >> i wonder if all those stoned people know about it yet. >> i am not unhappy that it last. >> why is that, barbara? >> we went through this whole discussion the other day. >> but you just renewed it. so why are you not unhappy that >> i love your earrings. >> i'd rather talk about my earrings. because i think that medical marijuana certainly is needed and should be legalized. but i am not sure that we should legalize marijuana. it is a drug. it has its dangers. so does alcohol. i know that. >> more. >> we can have that same discussion again. but i'm just not ready for marijuana to be legalized. >> but alcohol, the jeannie is out of the bottle. that's what you're saying.
3:12 am
let's contain the rest of the possibilities. >> i too am very happy that it was no d. >> why is that? >> because i feel very strongly that medical marijuana is a very specific thing and it helps very specific ailments and such. as long as that stays available, having had too many friends who went through all the chemo -- >> i agree. i said that. >> -- who needed it and couldn't get it, i'm thrilled it is there. >> don't you think if it was legal, they would water down the potency? >> absolutely. that's what it comes down. we'll be right back with more "hot topics." ♪ [ female announcer ] the cleaner the counter, the smoother the counter. with bounty you can be confident you'll get your counter clean. in this lab test, one sheet of bounty e 3x cleaner leaves this surface 3x cleaner than the bargain brand. ♪
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symbicort is a good choice to help control my asthma all day and night. [ inhales ] [ exhales ] ask your doctor if symbicort is a good choice for you. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> so, barbara, you've written a new article appearing in the latest issue of "vanity fair." do tell, darling. do tell. >> oh, thank you so much. ok. when i was recovering from open-heart surgery and i didn't have too much to do, i wrote about my experience for "vanity fair." we're also going to be doing a big special on it on abc in january. but right now the issue is called "her change of heart?" indeed, it was.
3:17 am
i have a pig valve now. >> a cow valve. >> what did i say? >> pig. >> no. i have a cow valve. thank you. >> in the magazine article, you said good thing i didn't get a pig valve because that wouldn't have been kosher. [laughter] >> the magazine is available in new york and los angeles tomorrow and newsstands nationwide tuesday, november 9. here is a nice picture of me. and this is yours. i'm giving this back to you. >> when you wrote this article, reading it, the sense of humor you had all throughout this article in having to go through that, knowing that you might not have come back from this, you were able to keep -- >> so there would have just been four of you. >> this is the kind of thing she was saying the entire time. >> barbara, when you went under, did you think, well, i could possibly not come out of this? even though it's own 2%. it is a very safe operation. there are 500,000 of them done
3:18 am
every year. one of the reasons i wrote this, heart disease is the biggest killer of women and women neglect this. but there is a chance you don't come out of it. the first 72 hours after it are dangerous. so i asked my daughter to come. i said i'm not going to die but just in case. i took her through the apartment and said pick out what you want because, when i'm gone, you know, they come in and glom or i'll sell everything. >> why didn't you call us? we would have picked some stuff up. [laughter] >> i'm joking! >> unlike you -- >> there is a pair of earrings i have been eying. >> let me tell you why i love jackie. >> and that necklace! >> what did jackie say? >> jackie did not want anything. >> she didn't? >> she said i'll come and be with you have you have your operation. she wanted a couple mementos. like my diamond ring and my
3:19 am
necklace! no, i'm kidding. >> maybe she doesn't like your taste. >> you people are all heart! >> there is something you wrote in here toward the end of the article. can i share it? >> ok. >> the surgery had to have some meaning for me. i decided that with my new heart it was time for a new attitude and to do the things i've wanted to do for years and not continue to do the things i have no interest in. the new and happier me. it made me think, women in particular, i think, kind of wake up years later and wonder if all the things they've done in their life are really things they wanted to do. were you trying to be a pleaser? >> men, too. >> i think we all do. i just felt -- well, you haven't. you've led a very different andd occasion alley you've paid the price for it. >> yes. a very good price.
3:20 am
>> but i went to a lot of things for friends, a lot of benefits. now, if i can, i spend a check. i don't go to huge parties that i don't enjoy. i try not to go unless it is a very close friend to the huge charity events. i never liked shakespeare. >> he always spoke very highly of you, barbara. [laughter] >> i'll send him a check. >> send him those earrings. >> i just want you all to know that these people, really, these four people, whom i told the morning that i made my announcement, these four people really did not want me to pass on. >> no, we did not. >> maybe a little. >> barbara, don't speak for us like that. >> can i still get those shoes? >> my new heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for you four. what are they?
3:21 am
you know the word. it begins with a b. >> we're your bitches! >> that's right. >> i said it for you. >> the most amazing thing, barbara, is that we know eventually it will happen. >> oh, whoopi! >> for all of us! >> not if i keep smoking medical marijuana. >> that's right. we'll be right back with rudy giuliani. 3q
3:22 am
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3:25 am
[cheers and applause] >> what message did voters send to washington at the polls yesterday? how does america protect itself at the highest risk of terror attack since 9/11? we're going to find out what america's mayor has to say. please welcome rudy giuliani.
3:26 am
>> glad to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> we have a ton of questions. we'll start with the election.oi obviously, last night was a big turnover, biggest in 70 years. is this a strong message up r now? >> not as strong -- about as strong as you can make it. the house of representatives is a people's body. it's the one election that takes place now in midterms that's nationwide. senate elections are 1/3 and governors' elections are 1/3 or a half. this is the entire country. every little part of the country gets to vote. and they sent a powerful message. this was a more idea-oriented message than unusual. this wasn't about person anger or personalities. this was about people very upset
3:27 am
look at the polls. bigtime. very upset about the heavy, heavy deficits. very upset about unemployment. that's about it. >> let's see what the republicans are able to do, where they'll cut costs and spending. i wanted to move into -- because we were talking earlier about sarah palin. while we're talking about women, i'd like to introduce my friend, who is also your friend, judith giuliani. she's my very good friend. [applause] >> she's also -- >> let me talk about -- >> she's also my private nurse. makes sure i do everything right. >> and she's given me a recipe ns. but we'll move on. >> is that some kinky thing you're into here? >> we've been talking about sarah palin and the whole business of the tea party. she backed 43 candidates for the house.
3:28 am
30 won. in the senate she endorsed 12. seven won. she now says she will run if nobody else will. do you think she would make a good president? >> well, first of all, she's not going to have that situation that nobody else will. >> that's right. >> i never heard of that. >> that's a new one. >> nobody will run for president of the united states? there are people now registering republican in order to line up to run. >> what about her? joy said that she's scared about it. >> the audience clapped. they're scared to. >> there is nothing to be scared about. let the american people decide. there was an article before the election, mostly republicans, and the cowardly ones who don't speak for atribeca bution and they are very afraid that sarah palin is going to run and going to do everything to stop her and may even try to destroy her. these are republicans saying this. how about letting the republican party decide? if she's as bad as you think, she'll lose.
3:29 am
if she can really make her case, she will win. >> do you think she actually has a case? >> sure she does. >> i would like to know what it is. >> i don't want to get you all down on me. but she's got a hell of a lot more qualifications than barack obama did when he ran for president. >> oh, come on. >> oh! ooh! let me explain to you why. >> wait a minute. >> let me explain why. quit in e >> she quit in the middle of her tem.times >> you know sometimes our hosts walk out? say this again, our audience will walk out. [applause] >> your audience is suffering from something that the president may be suffering from and that is the inability to se the rest of america from having a warped view in new york. >> they're not all from new york. >> usually i'm used to getting booed. >> do you have any idea what the
3:30 am
rest of your citizens told you yesterday? do you have any idea of the dimension of it? over 60 seats in the house of representatives. it was a single message election. >> what's the message? >> obama has taken us in the wrong direction. obamacare is a disaster. hour health insurance is going up and you're taking away private medicine. >> everybody is blaming that on obama that insurance premiums are going up right now? >> he passed a bill that was insane. i'm an expert on health care. i ran the second largest ho hospital system in this country for eight years. >> how many hospitals do we have left? [applause] >> how many do we have left? >> quite a few of those hospitals, sir -- you know i have a great deal of respect for you. >> they're all left. >> st. vincent's is gone. >> how about we talk about the facts. i ran 17 hospitals. >> we want to get to other things. >> they're all in existence. i took them from a position of being unaccredited to every
3:31 am
single one of them was accredited and the reality is, as an expert on health care, having run those hospitals, this bill is a disaster. >> i want to ask you -- >> it's a sadr. 65% of the american people agree with me. the president doesn't get it. [booing] >> you don't get it. >> what would it take to make you run again? >> what would it take to make me run again? >> as "sarah palin's alaska" -- at sarah palin's running mate. >> i'll tell you for sure one thing. i've got it all figured out. if nobody else runs. >> mr. giuliani, i want to switch gears because i really want to know about the cargo planes and the foiled terrorist plot that happened against our country. they're saying this was just a trial run. that means they were practicing. something else might be coming. how frightened should we be? >> we should be very frightened and our government should pay a
3:32 am
lot of attention to it. the national security advisor to the president did not think it was a trial run and the reason is they don't usually use actual explosives in a trial run. these rules can get violated all the time. he thought it was the real thing. at least that was as of the , t. maybe they've changed their minds about it. but the reality is that al qaeda in the aruban peninsula, which is a specific al qaeda operation, is a very dangerous operation. it's as dangerous as al qaeda in pakistan and afghanistan. >> let me ask you, because after 9/11, you got not just this city but you got the country through it and there was a calm and a security in great part because of you. if this should happen, what do we do? do we have the resilience, do you think, in this country not to let us fall apart? >> the president said this about a month, month and a half ago. it was a little misunderstood. i didn't criticize him for it. a lot of republicans did.
3:33 am
he said america can handle another attack. that was kind of nonshah lant. but you know something? he's right. america doesn't want another attack. god forbid we should have one. and we should stay up 24 hours a day trying to prevent it. but i found, going through september 11, that we are much stronger than stronger than we think we are. >> what about the state of the economy? obviously it affects everything. if the money is down, does it affect security? >> sure. right now it would have a massive impact on our economy. when we got hit on september 11, we had a strong economy. the city was in the best economic position it had been in a long time. a pretty strong economy in the country. now the country is nervous and worried about other things. you hit them with an attack now and they start getting nervous and worried about terrorism as well, that will be a real challenge to have to deal with. >> that's a longe >> but the other thing that happens is, when americans get hit like that, who knows? that might be the thing that brings them together.
3:34 am
we never were together more than right after september 11. >> this is true. and i have to say, i didn't know you were an expert in health because i always thought of you as a cat who actually took care of the city and took care of the country. i understood that. so let me ask you, this is going on not just in new york but literally all over the world. in greece there are packages exploding. so what can we do? what is it that we can do that will make us feel like we're actually being diligent? >> there isn't much an individual citizen can do. individuals can be observant. individuals citizens which helped dedivert attacks like the one in manhattan. sometimes they notice things that aren't really dangerous and then they come forward with it and you have some embarrassing situations. they think somebody looks suspicious and they're not. but it's better to get that information. it's mostly the government that
3:35 am
has to do it. i mentioned to barbara earlier, there is a group that really worries law enforcement terrorism people and that's the homegrown islamic extremist terrorists, the one who is sort of driven to it by what he sees then he goes to pakistan for training. these people are h these people are hard to find because they don't necessarily communicate by telephone, by wire, they don't have a big network so you have informants. >> that's why we rely on the gt government to do the job to protect us. we want to thank you for being here. this is not a political opportunity, but we actually want to thank you for being here today. >> can i say one thing? we don't have as many islamic extremist terrorists in america as they have in europe. we don't have a community, an islamic community that is ralicalized. the numbers aren't as great. so it should be easier for us to deal with this. >> certainly an interesting perspective.
3:36 am
we want to thank rudy giuliani for being with us today. college. y, you'e best seven years of my life. i know, dad. your comforter. okay. mr. cuddles... toilet paper? oh, hey, scott. here, scott extra soft tissue. it's their softest roll ever. check out the pattern. it's softness done right. same soft rolls we use at home honey! one more thing, guys. oh nice a shoe rack! actually, it's a toilet paper rack. sweet. huh. huh. [ female announcer ] do you know scott? scott extra soft is softness, done right. they believe with olay you can challenge what's possible and gave us their good housekeeping seal. for smooth, firm, younger looking skin shape up in the shower with olay total effects body wash. [ water pouring ] beat your worst flu symptoms. new theraflu max d [ punches ] wile
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3:39 am
>> okay. so 10 years ago when ricky martin was one of the biggest superstars in the world he and i sat down for an interview together in puerto rico. and i asked him then if he wanted to clear up persistent
3:40 am
rumors, everybody was talking about it, about his sexuality. but he wouldn't answer. and i asked him more than once. well, he recently came out as a gay man and he has written a new memoir called "me" and in it he said he was very angry with me, yesterday on oprah he said he was very angry with me, but he's here. so he's here to tell us why he came out as a gay man now and if he's still mad at me. please welcome ricky martin! [applause]
3:41 am
[cheers and applause] >> as of yesterday you were still mad at me. shall i show the controversial clip that began it all? >> let's see it. >> i hate to look at this again. >> i'm sweating already. >> 10 years ago. >> ricky, when you have the kind of stardom you do have, the rumors follow. with you there have been the rumors that question or talk about your sexual orientation. you must be aware of those rumors. >> of course. >> do they hurt? how do you handle them? >> the word intimacy, sometimes i go well, that fits going to sell some albums, why not? you can say anything you want. but i know how this works. i've been in the business for 17 years now, and i know how it works. >> you know, you could stop these rumors.
3:42 am
could you say as many artists have, yes, i am gay or you could say no, i'm not. i don't want to put you on the spot, but, it's in your power to do it and i'm bringing it up, ricky, because this is being this is being said. >> thank you so much. >> and you're being named. >> thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to express the rumors. but for some reason, i just don't feel like it. [applause] >> wow. >> remember that? >> i haven't seen that interview in a long time. >> that was an adam schefter special. last year i did say that i regretted it, i shouldn't have pushed you because i realized you were afraid in great part of losing female fans but the book is coming out this week and up until yesterday you said you were very angry with me. are we over it? >> you know, that was 10 years
3:43 am
ago. >> but you said it yesterday. [laughter] >> you know what? >> what i felt back then, i felt a little invaded. invaded. bar a, i just not ready. i was not ready to say what i can say today freely, i am a gay man and i'm so happy. [applause] >> i did say that i felt i pushed you and we talked a little earlier and decided to tease this and we're okay. >> my god, we're okay. that's right. so happy to be here. >> you had years of struggle with this, your identity, etc. it was difficult. tell the audience why it's difficult to not come out. >> it's so sad that today, we still are dealing with the fact that sexuality is so -- it's so intense, still a taboo for so many cultures, and if i knew how good it was going to feel i
3:44 am
would have answered yes 10 years ago. >> ricky, weren't you afraid of losing especially young female fans? >> maybe, yes, maybe that was one of the ropes. but my faith was telling me that what i was feeling was bad, was evil. that it was not good to -- >> is that in your culture? >> my faith. more than my culture. i don't believe it was a cultural thing. this happens all over the world. right now there are men and women that are struggling with their sexuality. doesn't matter if they're 17 or in their 30's or 56 years old. people are still struggling with this. >> some faiths tender it's a sin to be homosexual, you're going to have trouble withat's that's what happens. >> what was the female fan reaction? i know, i'm a female fan and i love you even more. >> thank you. >> i think everyone wants everyone to feel happy and confident to say who they really are. so what was the reaction? >> if you have a young teen still be hard for a young male
3:45 am
teen star today with all these little girls saying we love you, we love you, to say i'm gay. >> that's really sad. >> what was the response from your female fans then? because i would assume it would be fine. >> my followers went from 500,000 to 1.8 million. as simple as that. [applause] the fear was here. >> i just wanted to ask you given the spate of things that have been happening with young gay folks, young gay men coming -- committing suicide, all the bullying going on, do you think if we could find a way to have this discussion and leave other people's sexuality alone, we could combat some of what's going on? >> i think it's about self-esteem and as parents we must be constantly telling our children how important they are and how important they are for
3:46 am
their family and for society. i am going to look in the camera r you're out there and you're struggling with your sexuality, i love you. you are very important to me. you're very important to this society. god doesn't make mistakes. [applause] you are very special. it gets hard, it gets hard sometimes. but it gets really cool afterwards. accept yourself. very cool. >> you said it was against your faith. >> right now, i am a very spiritual man, and my god, my god doesn't make mistakes. i have a really cool connection with that beautiful light up there that is constantly reassuring who i am and telling me you're an awesome person. that's why i'm at today. [applause] >> wonderful things have happened to you, including
3:47 am
2-year-olds, two 2-year-olds. >> i became a father. >> we'll come back and -- isn't that adorable? we'll come back and talk about the children. we'll be right back with ricky martin. which we've already prepped-- hold on, sharon ! you can't cook that sea bass in a greasy oven ! why not ? you'd never cook with pots and pans that dirty, would you ? no. new easy-off trigger is fume-free like the leading all-purpose cleaner, and cuts through up to five times more grease. it's the best way to keep your oven perfectly clean, every day ! wow ! you learn something new every day. easy-off. good food deserves a clean oven. easy-off cooktop cleaner. unbeatable on tough grease. we all do it. ! but you don't have to. thanks to secret flawless renewal... with odor-absorbing icro capsules that capture... odor and release a fresh scent. it's still working, soyou can stop checking.,
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[cheers and applause] >> we are back with ricky martin. i've got to tell you, i'm so glad you came out. but still in my fantasies i picture you holding me and saying [speaking spanish]. >> come here. come here! [cheers and applause] >> i'm pregnant right now. >> yeah, baby. [applause] >> so let's talk about babies. you have two twins. you became the father of twin sons, matteo and valentino and you used an egg donor and a
3:52 am
surrogate. when did you know you wanted to be a father? >> i think i always wanted to be a father. i have a beautiful relationship with my dad and great memories and i always wanted to be a daddy. but to be honest, the work i did with my foundation, which is my mission is to combat human trafficking. so i've been going around the world talking about it and i think meeting with a lot of kids that are victims of -- >> it's a terrible thing. >> it's horrible. >> and it's pervasive. >> what is the name of the foundation? >> ricky martin foundation. it is a very beautiful project called people for children, which focuses on human trafficking and trying to work against this horrible crime. and i think listening to the temperatures of these children and the capacity of healing that they have even after going through so many horrible experiences, it just got me closer. one day, when i was in thailand after the tsunami, i was holding
3:53 am
the youngest survivor. his name was baby wave. they called him baby wave. and i said, oh, my god. can i adopt you? i thought of adoption. i thought of bringing him home. but in thailand, as a single father, you can't adopt. options and suri gas si was a very beautiful one and i'm so happy. my kids are my miracles. >> and your mother helps you take care of them? >> my mother is on cloud nine. >> grandma! >> how do they deal with the fact that you came out? how did your parents deal with it? >> my mother asked me if i was in love one day. i was in love and heartbroken. she asked me, my son, are you in love? and i said, yes, mom, i'm in love. is it with a man? >> she said that? >> and i said, yes, mom, it's with a ma'am. and she said stand up and give me a hug right now. i love you with all my heart. [cheers and applause] >> that's outstanding. how about daddy?
3:54 am
>> same thing. >> dad, too? so they sort of suspected it but they didn't want to ask you, unlike barbara. [laughter] >> elephant in the room. >> it was the big elephant in the room that everybody knows but no one talks about. >> i have to switch it up. you've been performing since you were 6. at the aiming of 12 you were in a group i remember called menundo! [cheers and applause] you were the shortest one and i remember, you looked like such a pro when you would dance. but i hear you auditioned three times? >> and got rejected. >> what? >> but i really wanted to be an entertainer and i've always enjoyed being on stage. if it was in school performing for the play or being an altar boy ringing the bell, just hey, i'm here. >> you're coming to broadway. welcome. >> thank you. >> you're doing -- >> "evita." [applause] >> looking forward to it.
3:55 am
>> that's great. i want to see that-point >> we're so glad you came. you have helped so many teens just by what you said in that camera. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> our thanks to ricky martin. members of our studio audience are going home with a copy of his new book "me."
3:56 am
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[cheers and applause] >> whoopi, no more political commercials. >> thank you, lord. >> have a great day. take a little time to enjoy "the view."