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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 6, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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them. i think northwestern, i think pat is doing a great job and they are a class outfit and i was worried silly about them and i'm just delighted we came away with a win. >> coach paterno, what has motivated you to get to this point? >> oh, geez. i don't know. getting paid! no. i have been very fortunate. it's been a great place to live. great place to coach. a lot of people have been helpful. no. i've been very lucky. >> coach your, son jay told me you're starting to appreciate things now more than you ever have. what do you appreciate most about this moment? >> well, let's see what i -- we still got some ballgames to play and we can't look back. we got to look forward. they are a great football team. we want to go out there and do a
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good job. >> you certainly wanted to share it with your wife sue. affection nationally know at sue pa. you were behind closed doors. coach said this win isn't different than any others. behind closed doors, how much do you think this means to your husband? >> we haven't talked about it. i'll let you know. i'm glad it's over, to be honest with you. we want to go be with our kids. >> enjoy the celebration with your family. 17 grandkids here to enjoy it with them. >> he is looking ahead to ohio state next weekend. it's a huge win. for him, he said it's about the kids. he told us the other day the thing i'm most proud of, i never put football ahead of the kids and the experience of the players in my program. now they are bowl eligible and they will have that experience at the end of the year. coming up, saturday night football at 8:00 eastern.
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arizona and stanford. some of you will see missouri and texas tech. final score, penn state 35, northwestern 21. joe paterno has won 400 games. for matt millen and heather cox, so long from state college.
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an. >> alan: the aftermath of the
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protests in oakland after the mehserle sentencing. atm problems in the bay area. some customers were told their accounts were drained. an. >> alan: residents of oakland are cleaning up after a night of vandalism and over 150 arrests. the protests followed the sentencing of a former b.a.r.t. officer who called oscar grant. it's still an open victim -- open wound for the victim's family. lisa amin gulezian is live from oakland with the very latest. >> reporter: grant's family knows it's important to reach out to the community today, especially in light of what happened after a peaceful rally
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last night. >> murdering black and brown ruth. >> a rallying cry that got attention, just after a peaceful event ended at the peninsulas sacks the protests started. followed by vandalism. cars were smashed. windows broken, and some destroyed. hundreds filled the streets near the college where police and riot gear were waiting. a splinter group broke off and headed towards 18th street. that's where the massive police crackdown happened. police arrested 152 people, most for unlawful assembly. enrique ramos is one of them. he was released from jail. >> people were already rioting, and that's not what we wanted. >> reporter: ram -- ramos insist is he and many others weren't the troublemakers. >> it was stupid because they had nothing to do with it.
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then again, at the same time, people are upset. >> reporter: today, people are still upset and also tired after spending the night in jail. they accuse police of unfairly arresting them. >> we are guaranteed our rights to assemble. we assembled in protest of the two-year sentence that mehserle got. >> i felt we weren't doing anything wrong. we were matching down the street. >> reporter: police say what eventually caused the crackdown is when a gun was ripped from an officer's gun belt. it was recovered. those who live on fifth avenue where the damage occurred, couldn't agree more. >> they pass by and then they see any car and poke the window car completely. they hurt a lot of innocent people. >> reporter: oakland's police chief insists people have the right to speak freely and protest, but they do not have
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the right to vandalize the city. more arrests and charges may come. investigators are going through video and photos of the vandals, and they say investigators want to track those people down. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: we hope to get an update on the press conference. daly city community leaders are pushing the state to allow local control of cow palace. they say recent drug-related incidents over the last six months are proof the events need to be better controlled. there have been two deaths and numerous people sent to emergency rooms. just last week, 17 young adults had to be treated at local hospitals. councilman says he will propose a new law on monday. >> this legislation gives the power to daly city, and our police chief. gives them the power to approve or deny a permit.
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>> alan: the legislation includes a mandate requiring attendees to be 18 years old and ads a fee for police and fire services. dozens of wells fargo customers got a serious scare at the atm atm today. some of the machines that were not dispensing cash. instead they were spitting out receipts showing customers had a zero balance. the wells fargo atm machines are now up and running, and bank officials are still trial to figure out what happened. >> a muni rail train and a car collided in san francisco's sunset district today. the car turned upside-down and ended up on its side there are no injuries, and the muni rail is up and running. san jose police have arrested five kidnapping suspects and rescued the santa clara county man they're accused of holding for ransom. the suspects are in jail on charges ranging from kidnapping to robbery.
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these are the suspects. the victim's relatives say the 35-year-old man never came home after running air rapids --er rands this night. then the got a call from a suspect demanding $1 million ransom. 125 san jose police officers were thrown on the case, and last night they found the victim held captive, bound in duct tape, at a home in fargate circle. investigators say the suspects tortured the victim. he was treated at a local hospital. police found drugs in the victim's home and trying to find out if the kidnapping was connected to illegal drug activity. if you smelled natural gas this morning in the richmond district, it's possible it came from a planned pg&e construction
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project. crews were bleeding out one of the gaslines that serves the city's inner richmond enabled as -- neighborhood as part of a project to replace pipes. the release lasted 10-15 minutes. there's still much more ahead, including the president's trip to india. a look at what his visit has already accomplished. and the san francisco giants' father figure, has one waiting for a world series win for decades. >> leigh: hi there what a terrific day today. but the clouds are starting to
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i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it. frank has something great to save up for. this is my dad. isn't that cool? and a very understanding girlfriend. i showed him a wells fargo savings account with my savings plan. [ frank ] and what it does is it takes a little bit of my money and puts it towards my goal. i want to get all the original parts and do it right. for my dad. there's a couple months in between parts. so, one at a time. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ >> alan: president obama is in india tonight. the first stop on a ten-day tour of asia. the it's -- the white house is eager to point out the importance of the trip to the
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u.s. economy. deals are worth billions to the american companies. >> reporter: just days after american voters gave democrats what even he call a shell shell lacking, president obama is on a mission to create jobs back home. he landed first in india, and the ceo of boeing was waiting with the news that india is going to buy 40 plays and a dozen other -- 40 planes. >> the goods we sell in this country support tens of thousands manufacturing jobs across the united states, from california and washington to pennsylvania and florida. >> reporter: there is a real effort to connect every step he takes to interest at home, at a museum honoring mahatma gap di, it was the guest book with
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martin luther king's suggest that impressed the president. that's was a poignant trip beaut to the terrorist siege in mumbai, india's 9/11, calls 26-11 for the attack that left hundreds slaughtered. >> we'll never forget the awful images of 26-11, including the flames from this hotel that lit up the night sky. >> reporter: the message is the u.s. is open for business, and eager to deal. ann compton, abc news, mumbai. >> alan: crab season opened today for recreational fishing. the commercial crab season starts in eight days on november 14th. fish -- sports fishermen get a head start. the daily rate is ten.
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crab fishing is prohibited in san francisco because they're designated crab nurseries. on to leigh glaser. here comes some rain. >> leigh: we've had a week of nice days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. today, we were only in the mid-to-upper 60s. you can see the clouds starting to gather looking down toward richardson bay. san francisco in the background. we're going to see some changes overnight. we have 68 in antioch, 66 in livermore. 64 in oakland. san francisco, 60 degrees. 59 right now in half moon bay, and here's a look at insome highlights for you. don't forget to set your clock backs one hour tonight, as we return to pacific standard time overnight at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. increasing reason tomorrow
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night, and then afternoon clearing on sunday. here's a look at our lows tonight. as the wet weather moves in. mid-to-upper 50s across the bay area. today you might have noticed a few high clouds. and this is the next system that will move in overnight tonight, and we will look for increasing rain in the overnight hours. here's a look at the projection, beginning at 11:00 tonight. you can see the rain band making its way from north bay to south bay. by 4:00 a.m., 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, moderate rain, then 10:00, 11:00, a fast mover, and by 3:00 it will have fun issued -- finished its push. rainfall amounts, 1 to 2 amounts in the north bay. maybe close to an inch for the peninsula, and a little over an inch for santa cruz
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mountains. if you're going to the raiders game tomorrow, the rain tomorrow morning -- don't let it scare you off, bit 1:00, 2:00, the rain will start to pass through the south of the bay area, and temperatures around gametime near 60 degrees. in the sierras, it's a winter weather advisory. suspecting snow at -- expecting snow at the 7,000-foot level, and blowing, drifting snow so be advised and do not forget the chains. the highs for sunday, mid-to-upper 50s across the bay area. 59 for santa cruz. 60 for gilroy. rain from the north bay to south bay. look for partial afternoon clearing, maybe a lingering shower tomorrow night, and then monday looks pretty good. dry things out, warm things up, back into the mid-60s. a slight chance of rain developing mainly on tuesday,
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and then dry conditions and warmer temperatures next weekend. >> alan: well, when the giants won their first world series since moving to san francisco, the man who has been a father figure to the entire team finally got the win he had been waiting more than 50 years for. we have his story. >> here it is. struck him out. >> you might have seen brian wilson's pitch. but his teammate, tim lincecum, climbing the fence to celebrate. unless you were watching really, really closely, probably never saw our person of the week, there he is, hugging edgar renteria. >> we love being around him. >> mike murphy has been with the team from the very beginning. >> started working for the giants in 1958 as a bat boy. >> after the giants moved from new york to san francisco, and has never missed a home game in 52 years. >> he is a giant. we think about all the players that used to play with the
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giants. well, uncle murph has been here the whole time. >> murph is the clubhouse manager for the giants in a clubhouse named after him. >> a never-ending job. we wash the uniforms, towels, get ready for road trips. we had close to 400 bags. >> he has been to the world series four times. there was 1962. >> yankee big gun sink the giants. >> this game four years later. >> the angels, worm -- world shamons, and. >> and 1989, versus the a's interrupted by the earthquake. >> but finally, there was monday's game. >> oh, god. outstanding. get the torture over. >> and they did. >> that ended my three times as a bride's maid. now i'm a bride. a couple ball players came out
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and said, murph, we did it for you. got you a world series ring. i almost started bawling right there. >> and there was the phone call. >> i called willie mays and said, willishing i'm of -- willie, i'm on top of the world. >> if mays has been a father figure to murph, it's obvious he hayes been the father figure to his players. >> you're the best. you're the best. >> isn't that beautiful the. >> and what's next for murphy? >> old-timers say, hey, murph, what did you tell us? i was here when you got here, i'll be here when you're gone. >> mike: he is painfully shy, and i teased him we're going to do the interview, and he said, not today, champ. and then he does it with the network. so congratulations, murph. the cal bears have yet to win a game this season. they're 0-4 at home. today at washington state they have a chance with their
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quarterback starting for
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>> mike: the cal bears have been a tough team to follow. they're 4-0 at home, 0-4 on the road. today they had the quarterback for the fir -- first time. >> bears answer back. deep for jones. the junior wideout goes up and gets it. effort appreciated by a former receiver. gain of 15-yards. vereen taking it from there.
4:25 pm
game tied at 7. 10-7ws new the third. how about the one-handed grab with the defender all over him. gain of 27. next play. the reverse, to ross. cuts inside. 27-yard touchdown. 14-10 bears. vereen wasn't through. who are you going to call inside the five? vereen. cal wins their first root -- road game. >> stanford and arizona on deck at 5:00 p.m. here on abc-7. stick around for after the game. san jose state coach mcintyre and yours to you. >> zenyatta making a bid for horse-racing history, going for her 20th straight victory. the six-year-old mare has never lost in her career but she got off to a terrible start out of the gate. at one point she was 18 lengths
4:26 pm
behind. but watch her finish. >> zenyatta, zenyatta, zenyatta in five. zenyatta, and zenyatta! has won it. >> mike: check it out. blaine wins by a nostril over zenyatta, zenyatta finishes her career with a 19-1 record. so, unfortunately for the world of golf, the giants world series run has put the schwab cup on the back burner. the leader entering the day was john kirk here, and this will work out nicely. within a few feet. kirk with a 56 -- 67 today. the story today was michael allen. takes it to within a few feet, sets up birdie. allen was out of his mind today in the zone. then on 18.
4:27 pm
allen drops in the birdie putt for a tournament record 10-under 61 at harding. 14-under for the tournament. a one-stroke lead going into sunday's final round. we'll be back with more from the world of college football. top ten action later in this newscast. >> alan: coming up, another reversal of fortune in the state attorney general's race, and long lines in the south bay. what thousands of
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>> alan: oscar grant's family has returned to oakland and plan to speak shortly for the first time since last night's protest. they say they're disaappointed in mehserle's two-year sentence. protestors were reffed for unlawful assembly and disturbing the peace. the arrests started around 8:00. one officer was injured, another was hit by a car. when an officer had his gun taken from him, police moved in and recovered the weapon. today residents woke up to broken car windows and littered streets, and many wondered why they chose their neighborhood for a protest. >> they crazy, they pass by and see any car and poke the window completely. they hurt a lot of innocent people. >> i walked out to the street and people were already rioting and that's not what we wanted.
4:31 pm
>> we are guaranteed our rights to assemble. we assemble in protest of the two-year sentence mehserle got for killing an innocent human being. >> alan: an oakland police spokesman said 56 of the arrests were not from oakland. turning to politics, there's been another reversal of fortunate in the state attorney general's race, steve cooley is now the leader by 22,000 votes. just yesterday, harris was ahead by 16,000, and on election night, cooley was in the lead. state officials are still counting two million provisional and absentee ballots. the race is still too close to call and the results could change as the votes are tallied. in the east bay, jerry mcinnerney is maintaining a razor thin lead. they're separated by 421 votes.
4:32 pm
could be weeks before we know the final outcome of either of those races. and there are still a couple of close city council races in san jose. campos is leading curasco by just 242 votes. in may, curasco was the target of a smear campaign. campos' campaign condemned the mailers. and in district 7, nguyen is leading 51% to 45% in oakland, city council member jean quan is in the lead. she has pulled ahead with 51 mrs. of -- 51% of the vote. quan got a huge bump from supporters of rebeca cap lynn --
4:33 pm
kaplan who was eliminated. sacred heart community service kicked off its holiday food and toy registration today. they're the largest food pantry in the bay area, serving as many as 800 to 1,000 people per day. today, over 200 people signed up for the program. more people than last year, and they'll serve six fewer v.i.p. codes. the families will receive thanksgiving and christmas meals and toys for children. meals on wheels provides three million meals per year to bay area seniors, and with the economy, the demand is growing. they're now partnering with local restaurants to keep the program running strong. >> volunteer tomorrow twist drives his own car on his own
4:34 pm
time to deliver a hot meal to a walnut creek senior who otherwise might go without. >> meals on wheels. >> for ten years twist has been a volunteer for meals on wheels, devoting one morning a week to his delivery route. >> there's a lot of personal service that you get. the people are -- they're wonderful, wonderful people, and you get to know them -- over the years you get to know these people to some degree. >> how is the cat today? >> oh, fine. he is outside. >> today, twist visited 97-year-old malcom reed, who says meals on wheels keeps him living in his own home. >> the secret to my success is i never took a vitamin and i east as few cooked vegetables as possible. with meals on wheels it's balanced so i have to eat the vegetables. >> it's a federally funded
4:35 pm
program, but with the shaky economy the demand for meals has increased 10% per year. >> more and more seniors are needing meals on wheels and in order for us to give them, we have to find creative ways to do fundraising. >> bay area restaurants seemed like a narl partner. >> we're doing a dineout for meals on wheels on tuesday, november 9th. seven meals on wheels organizations are working together, and so whether at it in san francisco, santa claire remarks contra costa, there's a restaurant that is working with us that can help donate money to meals on wheels. >> wall this is one of the restaurants that has agreed to donate 10% of the night's receipts to meals on wheels. >> meals on wheels delivers food to people who are handicapped, who are home-bound, who can't get out to get food for themselves, and being in the -- we feed people every day, i just
4:36 pm
feel like it's a great charity to work with. >> reporter: on november 9th, those enjoying gourmet fare can do so knowing they're helping a senior like malcom reed enjoy at least one hot meal every day. abc-7 news. >> alan: we got that story from a recent abc-7 listens meeting. go to abc-7 news and look under "see it on tv". now for abc-7 news u-fix-it report. this is a dangerous situation involving hundreds of broken streetlights in the north bay and how one family's complaints are getting results. >> this is a streetlight in front of my mother-in-law's house in pet human -- petaluma.
4:37 pm
>> she noticed the streetlight in front of her home was out. >> i drove down the block and saw the light was out. i was shocked. >> her son-in-law sent us this video from his cell phone showing how dark it can get. >> i turned to me left and i'm actually facing the house. >> that's major concern, the 73-year-old fractured her pelvis in a fall a year and a half ago and has had toy a cane ever since. >> if i had to go in the dark with a cane it would have been bad. >> when pat called public works to record the problem, she said the receptionist told her there were more than 300 broken streetlights in the estate -- city and she would have to wait her turn. that was over four months ago. >> over 250 streetlights currently out. >> vince was the public works director. he says the backlog has gotten worse since budget cuts forced the city to eliminate a
4:38 pm
position, leaving only one first-time tell any. >> we have one technician dedicated to over 6,000 lights. >> after we called they sent the technician to fix the streetlight in front of pat's house. >> we're going re-align and rotate resources to be more effective on street lights. >> pat says she is glad she doesn't have to live in the dark anymore. >> just the idea that -- i think the streetlights should be on. >> if you see something that needs fixing or government service that isn't working, take some video and upload it to click on the ureport, and include a contact number for us. >> alan: when we come back, we show you how shopping around for a bet are car insurance deal back-fired for a
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in. 7 on your side's michael finney stepped in. >> car loss is getting on with his live, leaving major billing problems and haiks behind. it started when he insured his minifleet of cars with farmers insurance. he was happy with the coverage and the cost. >> i paid in full for the full policy. then all of a sudden i see another deal. pay extra money. >> an extra bill. carlos is showing me the paperwork that came with the farmers insurance. after a couple months he started getting multiple bills from multiple farmers offices. that came as a surprise, because he had already paid. >> i get really frustrated about it. so the fact they don't answer to me. >> carlos canselled his insurance and was owed $2,100 but only got $900 back. he asked for the rest and got
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nowhere, until he called 7 on your side, and we got ahold of the company, and they paid carlos what he was actually owed down to the penny. the refund came in a series of checks, click -- including this one for $1.78. >> alan: what some bay area students got a stay in school message they actually wanted to hear. ♪ >> alan: what rapper ludicrous can keep these kid. why some stanford graduates
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4:44 pm
>> alan: rap star ludicrous made a bay area appearance today, not at a club or stadium but at a san francisco high school. it is part of a campaign called "get school." the idea to its inspire kids to graduate and go on to college. >> students in san francisco were energized by wade calloway, he came with a message. >> what do you want to be whenup get out of school? [shouting] >> who want to be a lawyer? who said a lawyer? report report san francisco -- >> reporter: san francisco is one of the cities visited by
4:45 pm
"get school." a campaign to get them to go on to college. >> we're bringing in talent that they listen to on a daily basis they hear on the radio, and we have an opportunity to reiterate that message and do it from a source that is unexpected and will excite them. [chanting] >> they actually went to college so it's not just someone saying go to college. it's someone saying, i did exactly what i'm telling you to do. ♪ >> exactly when i was in college, i studied business because in the music industry, a
4:46 pm
lot of people say it's 90% business, 10% music. so it's important that you understand and education is extremely important. ♪ >> the message they got, if they did it, so can i. in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> alan: a couple of stanford alums are teaming up to save their cross-bay rivals, pete mccloskey and attorney joe cotchett are both stanford grads, but they're trying to prevent some sports programs at cash-strapped ub berkeley from being cut. >> the cal baseball team and rugby team are due to be cut. the university says the sports programs are falling victim to the poor economy and the state's budget crisis. >> the state crisis put the camp pulse in the crisis. athletics is not immune to the
4:47 pm
crisis. >> on the peninsula, a couple of stanford grads are collecting checks. >> i'm holding one check here for $10,000. >> attorney joe cotchett credits pete mccloskey with coming up with the idea of raising money for cal. >> one of u.s. liked to play well against cal. it was a privilege. we would like to have our grandchildren have the same chance. >> they didn't just caught baseball and rugby. also cud, gymnastics and lacrosse. >> the university says women's teams have to be restored if the men's teams are and that would mean finding 70 to 80 millions for the university's endowment. >> doesn't that seem like a big number? >> you have to become that the future. >> she says she understands the university needs a permanent source of funding, but she is hopeful. >> our coach had a week and she rounded en$100,000, which is
4:48 pm
unbelieve everyone it proves there's so much camaraderie even between cal and stanford. >> the coach of the baseball team argues, maybe the university doesn't have to get all 80 millions a -- at once. >> it's more in the realle of three to five years to show there's sustainability. >> there isn't a lot of time. the university has until january. the two stanford alums will send the checks back. that's the pitch, in this game of hard ball, abc-7 news. >> alan: if you want to help save cal sports, there's a link at, under "see it on tv". let's check in with leigh glasser and that front on the way. >> leigh: it's on the way. the live doppler 7 hd picking up the activity on the north coast. actually turn out to be a really nice day across the bay area. this is a live shot from san jose. you can see a few high clouds here and there, and still a
4:49 pm
little bit of clear skies there. temperature-wise, mild, 68, in antioch. san jose, 67 degrees. 65, menlo park, and tonight is the night before you go to bed to set the clock back one hour. we return to pacific standard time out 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. increasing rain overnight. we will deal with rain tomorrow morning, and then this will be a fast-moving front. see some partial clearing by tomorrow afternoon. temperature-weiss overnight. lows in the mid-to-upper 50s. this is one system that had a few high cloud today and is now pushing to the south. it's the cold front right here to the north and west of us that with barrel in overnight, thickening clouds and increasing rain chance. live doppler 7 hd picking up the brppedz band -- band of rain
4:50 pm
coming in. here's a look at the forecast projection, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, you can see the moderate rain moving in by around 10:00. should be near san francisco, the golden gate bridge, and then right along the edge where some of the heaviest rain is, and then in the afternoon, we should then be to the north or the become side of the front and see some partial clearing. so, highs for tomorrow, rain tomorrow morning, could be heavy at times and that pushes on towards towards the south, and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s across the bay area. 60 for concord. oakland, 59. if you're going to the coliseum for the raiders are p game tomorrow, 1:00 a 5 we should be on the back side of the front. the second half we may see some partial clearing. once this front moves through, we will have a dry day on
4:51 pm
monday. a little warmer, little more sunshine. mid-60s around much of the bay area, with upper 50s at the coast. another chance of some rain, mainly in the north bay on tuesday, and then after that we start to clear things up for veterans day on thursday. look for sunshine, warmer temperatures. maybe some 70 svmentz. >> alan: let's go to shu. the latest college football scores. >> mike: catch you up on the college action, and zenyatta going for her 20th and final win today at the breeders' cup. we had a photo finish.
4:52 pm
i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it. frank has something great to save up for. this is my dad. isn't that cool? and a very understanding girlfriend. i showed him a wells fargo savings account with my savings plan. [ frank ] and what it does is it takes a little bit of my money and puts it towards my goal. i want to get all the original parts and do it right. for my dad. there's a couple months in between parts. so, one at a time. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪
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>> mike: the cal bears have been a tough team to follow this season. they're 4-0 at home. 0-4 on the road. today in pullman, last call for
4:54 pm
a road victory. the quarterback getting his first start as a cal bear. a pristine game for football on the palouse. up the middle. 10-yard touchdown, 7 or wsu. the bears answer back. effort appreciated by a former receiver here. gain of 50 yards. shane vereen takes it from there. cal ties it. 10-'ws new the third. how about this one. a defender all over him. a gain of 27-yard. next play, the reverse. ross, got game. cuts inside. 27-yard touchdown run. 14-10 cal. and vereen wasn't through. who you going to call inside the five? vereen. the bears get their first road win. >> the top ranked oregon ducks
4:55 pm
hosting rival washington. thomas looking downfield. nobody is open. goes to plan b. wise. the scamper, 18-3 ducks. the huskies hanging around in the third. price filling in for injured jake locker. 18-13. ducks pull away. james breaks free at the line of scrimmage. one of his three rushing tds, 53-16 your final. tcu visiting utah. first quarter, horned frogs up 7-0. first and ten from their own seven. going to long. bad things happen when you don't tackle. 93 yards to the house. second td of the day. 14-0 tcu. moments later, the throw on the money to johnson. 26 yards, 20-0. in the third, more from tcu.
4:56 pm
ed wesley in the bay dirt. fear the horned frogs. tcu keeps its national title hopes alive. 47-7 the final. arizona and stanford on deck. stake around -- stick around after the game. >> zenyatta, the mare making a bid for horse racing history. at the breeders' cup. going going to go her 20th 20th straight victory. he got off to a terrible start out of the gate. at one point she was 18 lengths behind. but watch the finish. >> on the outside looking at lucky. zenyatta. zenyatta is flying. and zenyatta -- >> mike: blaine wins by a nose over zenyatta. zenyatta will finish her career
4:57 pm
with a 19-1 record. well, unfortunately for the world of golf, the giants world series put the schwab cup on the back burner. the leader entering the day, john cook. this worked out nice. 67 today. 13-under. story of the day was michael allen. here with a tee shot on the 206-yard par-3 11th. sticks it to within a few feet. sets up birdie. allen was in the zone today. on 18. birdie putt. for a tournament record 10-under 61. it's 14-0 for the tumor. -- for the tournament. we apologize to oregon fans. they switched to another game. we have nothing to do with that. >> alan: that's it for us at
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
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