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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  November 10, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> get more on "good morning america." or anytime at >> have a great wednesday, everybody. ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco's state university. you know, i cannot tell you if grades are going to be going up out here next year but it sure looks like tuition will be, by a lot! the votes today, the story coming up in one minute. >> also in the headlines refer a southeast school board votes to the rezone the boundaries. >> the ferry building. it's clear outside in most areas but i am tracking a few stray showers this morning. i'll show you where they are.
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>> that orange spirit can keep going. pretty quiet out there. a live shot of the toll plaza where there are no delays la the santa clara city counselor votes to lay off dozens of city workers. only concessions from labor unions can prevent the cuts. first up a look at the weather forecast. you may see some wet roads as you leave home. mike, what's up? >> that rain we talked about yesterday. it came in and dropped nearly a quarter of an inch in san francisco. pretty healthy in some areas. the marin county coast and just off san francisco right there. these are all slides to the south at about 20, 25 mph. you see that's just about it as far as the radar returns. the healthiest of the returns are diminishing over the last three hours. watch out the in sierra, we'll
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track snow up there if you're headed that way. the details in a minute. >> mike, thank you very much. topping our news this half hour, california's largest university system is set to approve a massive increase that critics say will force thousands of students to drop out. >> sad news for cal state university's 433,000 students staywide. the board of trustees today expected to approve a tuition increase that's going to set students back another 15% by next fall. now, csu has already raise the tuition four times in the past three years or so. the new increase hikes tuition 5% the rest of this school year, 10% more in the fall of next year. tuition rose 30% in the past year and is going up 76% in the past five years. the previous increases have
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resulted in student demonstrations, a building takeover and in some cases arrests. cal state student association say the problem stems from a massive state spending cut and they have furloughing of the faculty and reduces courses. we have a graph tick to show you that puts you clear what students are up against. they have seen these again a number of times. right now it's $42,030 for a school year. 30,000 more students are going to be let in too the csu system this year. that is going to change the direction over the student population over the next several years where they have been reducing the number of students. i'm going to telling you in a half hour why they're calling it tuition now instead of fees.
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>> terry, thank you very much. in the south bay this morning dozens of parents are rangry after the santa clara unified school board decided to rezone its boundaries. that means their children have to go to a new school next fall. they will be bused to mon ahue elementary. that's roughly a mile away. the board did decide to allowed third graders to continue going there. >> we feel we can provide a great experience which is just acontrols the road there. >> i live here. my new school is not here. >> dante is a popular school but filled could capacity and taxpayer needs to ease congestion. >> a teach has been charged with sex charges.
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27-year-old felicia fillings is held at the solano county jail. school district officials say they plan to meet as early as today to determine how to inform the parents at the high school where she worked as an english teacher. she's currently being held on $40,000 bail. oakland police are defending themselves this morning after officers shot and killed an unarmed man and there are conflicting stories about the incident and the man. abc 7's allen wong has more. >> a crowd of customers paid their reexpected to derek jones, the unarmed man shot and killed in this alley. they were told jones was beating his girlfriend near his barber shoop. after talking to him and deciding to arrest him, jones ran down this alley. during the foot chase the
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suspect was seen grabbing towards his waistband. this is a move obviously consistent with someone reaching for a weapon. >> it's such a generic story. it's a story that they give when anyone is murdered by the police. >> jones' sister says the ex-girlfriend called police after pulling a knife on jones and harassing him for several hours earlier in the day. >> she was harassing him trespassing on his property. yet he did not call the police because he knew or he was afraid something like this would happen and that is exactly what happened. >> earlier in the day a crowd of angry people tried to get inside a police press conference. >> he was on parole and had prior arrests for guns, drugs, dough mess sick violence. >> jones' sister claims the gun charge was dropped. >> i'm alan wong, abc 7 news.
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>> time now 4:36. the santa clara city council has approved a plan to lay off dozens of city work he recalls as the city faces a $13 million deficit. a total of 82 employees could lose their job, about 9% of the work force. but city officials say some layoffs could be avoided if unions give some quelled pay raises. three of the ten bargaining units have already greed. the layoffs would take effect in january. >> representative jerry mcnearney inched ahead in the tight race as his slight lead expanded overnight. his lead over david harmer grew to 2200 votes according to the latest tally obtained by the democrats' campaign staff last night. mcnearney's lead was just 632 votes the night before. but 30,000 absentee ballots need
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could be counted. state senator leland yee plans to run for mayor of san francisco. city supervisors are trying to figure out how to appoint an interim mayor to serve gavin newsom's term once he leaves for lieutenant governor. legislation was introduced to allow the board to choice a replacement as soon as next tuesday. a competing resolution calls on the city to come up with a process for choosing a replacement. time now 4:38. let's check in with mike about that rain. what's going on. yeah, not much left over but it's out there. put a track on it. heavy south east about 35 mph. so 4:45, pacifica, burlingame
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4:55. let's talk about what else too expect. and that is some cooler -- not cooler conditions but cool, how about that. definitely warmer this morning than yesterday as we talked about it would be because of the clouds. most of us in the 50s. here's where you can really see the difference. 11 degrees warm ner novato, 12 men low park. 11 concord, 15 fairfield, 10 mountain view. we're starting warm but with a cool breeze and even with the sunshine temperatures a lot like yesterday, low to mid-60s in most neighborhoods. maybe mid to upper 50s clear lake and cloverdale. 57 monterey, everybody else inland low to mid-60s. from here the temperature only goes up and the sunshine more pleasant. by sunday and into monday and tuesday just about all of us in the low 70s. frances, how's this morning's commute starting? >> a few spinoffs.
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the tube just reopened. might have some stray showers. look over for left over ponding and puddles. you can see where it's a little slick across the san mateo bridge. the traffic is light. no major trouble getting across the span or any of the bridges. head to the south bay and check out the 280 and 17 interchange. that's 17 across your screen. and chp did issue a traffic advisory. still maybe out there. just be a little extra careful. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 4:40 now. $2 for nearly unlimited rides on mass transit. sounds like a great deal. still ahead, uncovering another problem with clipper cars, one that has taxpayers picking up the tab. a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas.
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>> good morning, everyone. 4:42 on the abc 7 morning news. you're looking live in the east bay. traffic on i. 680. those taillights are heading south bound. and can you see right now that traffic is light and the road doesn't look very wet here but there are spots where you will see wet roadways and we'll tell you where they are. frances will anyway. mike will tell us more about the two whole weather cells he's tracking by radar. the news, a. c. transit will not have to cut service under a three-year contract. an arbitration panel reached a deal that protects the jobs of bus drivers and mechanics. they'll lose a paid holiday. a. c. transit will also now only pay overtime when employees work more than 40 hours a week. until now employees were paid if they worked more than eight
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hours in a single day. free ride is hard to come by in the bay area but turns out there's an easy way to get one on public transportation although it's costs taxpayers. a flaw that makes it easy to cheat the transportation agencies that use the clipper card. >> there's a flaw on the clipper cards. >> at a time when we need to see transit systems getting every last dollar that they can, it's amazing this scam exists. mathed thu roth uncovered the problems. can you travel farther than the distance you paid for. >> the problem is there's no incentive not to cheat the system unless you just have goodeth things. >> we bought a clipper card to test it out. we discovered more ground than we should have. we asked transit authorities why this problem hasn't been fixed its john good win said i think we're done with this.
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i wish you well and hung up the phone. >> i think mtc is not happy this is getting as much attention as it is. >> mtc oversees the clipper card which louse you to one card for several different systems. the flaw is actually there on purpose as a built in convenience for confused or inexperienced travelers. they rely on the good will to pay their debt by adding more money but riders see it as something that needs to be addressed. >> can't believe that. it's pretty good about that kind of thing. i guess not all that good. >> that's not good. i think they'll fix that are flaw. there's no indication officials plan to do anything about this free ride. amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:45. coming up the big dismantling task that may bring hundreds of new jobs to the bay area soon.
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president obama arrives in south korea. >> new information on that mysterious vapor trail off the coast of california. >> and no a. c. or hot food. how a pleasure cruise to mexico has
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>> welcome back. 4:48 on this hump day. still pretty warm all the way through the midwest. 75 st. louis and dallas. 75 atlanta. the nor'easter is out of the northeast. still 51 boston, new york. 45 denver and near 50 the pacific northwest. look how quiet across the country. all our airports are running smoothly this morning. if that changes i'll let you
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know. if you're away from the tv our flight tracker will let you know. >> mike, thank you. president obama has arrived in south korea where he'll ascend a two-day meeting of the world's top 20 economic powers. he landed in seoul about three hours ago, the latest stop on his asia tour. tensions over currencies and trade gaps has simmered ahead of the economic summit. participants and preparatory talks are reporting heated discussions about trade and exchange rates. pentagon officials are scratching their heads that appear to show an aftermath of a middle launch. they don't know where it came from. jenelle wang is here with maybe some new views of what happened. jenelle? >> eric, even though the u.s. government cannot explain what created this long vapor trail,
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most say it was most likely from an airplane. there have been similar incidents where jets were mistaken for missiles. it was captured just 35 miles off the coast of los angeles north of catalina island. the navy, the air force and other officials say they did not fire any missile but it has similarities of an actual ballistic middle launch. the glints of light from the center looks like exhaust coming from a rocket but it's most likely something else. >> also could be a jet aircraft trail from something you're looking at horizontally. this is almost looking to the eye as though it's vertical. >> more experts are ruling out the rocket theory this morning because the vapor trail appeared to have altered its course and rockets just don't do that. radar didn't pick anything unusual but the u.s. military
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doesn't have any information to confirm it wasn't a rocket. >> those mystery bullet tin boards lighten up online. 4:50 now. a carnival cruise ship has been stranded 80 miles off the coast of mexico is slowly being towed toward san diego. it's expected to arrive 8:00 tomorrow. it left long beach on sunday but a engine room fire on monday knocked out power to the ship which is about twice the sides of the titanic. the passengers are without air conditioning, hot water or cooked meals since then. a navy airlift has brought in 50,000 pounds of food, including spam and canned crabmeat. the company is offering passengers a full refund plus free future cruises. if you have to eat ere's on
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there, they owe you more than that. how about a look at the weather. >> a little treat for you. if you're looking for sunshine, head to the sierra, we have new snow. clouds still hanging around. from ballmer peak there and you can see still a little bit of dampness outside. let's take a look at dampness in the form of radar return. here's the last hour or so. you see the rain heading down towards half moon bay. a little light rain for you. that's about it as far as this system goes. mill valley came in with the biggest amount, nearly half an inch of rain, a tenth in san francisco. officially we had nearly a 5th around fremont and san jose and 100 around concord and a tenth around fairfield. the rain's almost over.
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you need to dress for the upper 40s to low 50s. even inland temperatures low 50s. let's talk about highlights. what we're looking forward to in the forecast. sunshine, a little breezy this afternoon. especially around bodies of water. clear and cooler tonight. the patchy valley fog possible once again. fog getting close to threatening but right now it's going to stay up above those thresholds. warmer cells coming our way after today. you can see the cold front while we were sleeping slide through the bay area, kick up those light showers and continues to the south. it will leave us with a drier air mass. those sunshine and the breezes. low to mid-60s on the peninsula. breezy conditions along the coast. downtown south san francisco near 60. clear lake, cloverdale rounding across the coast all the way
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into sausalito. mid to upper 50s. the east bay shore breezy, low 60s for you. inland not as breezy, sunshine and low to mid 60s east bay valleys. low 60s around the monterey. morgan hill, fairfield, napa all mid to upper 30s. let's take a look at that warming trend. veterans day. could it be any nicer? sunshine, dry air. not as breezy as today and mid 60s. temperatures touch near 70 saturday and definitely sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. here's frances. >> mike, there are a couple new accidents because of those wet roads and showers. one was reported on eastbound 80 at powell. with this live shot in berkeley, it may be possible that this problem is actually westbound. they're saying a car is actually on its roof but not blocking any
4:55 am
lanes. it's on the shoulder. these are the kinds of things you're dealing with this morning. the eastbound direction they are running a traffic break from the middle lane. southbound 880 on the thornton off-ramp, look out for that spinout there. and the golden gate bridge, traffic is light but you see how roads are slick so that's what you need to look out for this morning. you can find the latest by going to our website >> frances, thank you. it's 4:55 now. new jobs may soon be coming to solano county. the u.s. transportation department has awarded a $3 million contract to recycle two of the ships in san soon bay near vin nearby sa.
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a company will do the work at the island. final approval to an ordinance banning toys from traditional fast food kids meals. if restaurants want to give out toys they have to provide meals that include fruit and vegetables. they will have to meet certainly guidelineses for calories, sodium fat and sugar. yesterday's 8-3 vote is veto-proof. there may be a smart phone app to diagnose an embarrassing health problem. britain has spent $6.500-0000 turning cellphones into testing stations similar to pregnancy kits. they can put urine on a usb drive and plug it into the phone or computer for a problem like syphilis and gonorrhea. no word when that app may be available to the public.
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it's 4:56. beware of the raccoons. why that warning is going out to neighbors in an east bay community. also some positive news on the foreclosure prices. the new numbers that suggest parts of the bay area may be turning the corner. >> the season for giving or are googles new raises and bonuses about more than good will. [ male announcer ] how do you stop tacos falling over? [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso stand 'n stuff taco shells. old el paso. feed your fiesta.
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco state univty