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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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some bad news today for students all over the state. the board of trustees expected to approve a tuition hike. and then approve another tuition hike. the story's coming up. >> and does a 10% raise and a cash bonus sunday good to you? you're getting it if you work for google. >> and waking up to a clearing sky this morning and wet roads. i'm tracking one last cell on live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where it is. >> with those wet roads two new injury accidents. one came in in oakland at 98. another one in venetia to tell you about in my next report. >> not a great morning for commuters. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, angry and frustrated california state university students will have something to be even more upset about today. the board of trustees will take
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a vote on tuition votes. how much of an increase? >> talking about 5% for this school year and 10% for next school year and the hikes just keep on coming. take a look at some of the students impacted. massive state budget cuts to blame. tuition has gone up 30% this past year. 76% over five years. and csu has responded by cutting faculty, putting more courses online. and when they've done these hikes in the past, there's been student unrest. protest, building takeovers. it's not always students doing all that. you hear me using the word tuition today. csu and u.c. for that matter used to use the word fees when
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they increased student costs. that's because california many years ago vowed to have awe tuition free system. now they're no longer pretending. now they're getting real. the good news is one-half of ucs students, will nay be paying these increased tuition because their fees, their tuition is covered. live at san francisco state, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> the kind of increase you like to hear about. how about a 10% pay raise. a search giant is giving a surprising companywide salary hike in this tough economy. theresa garcia is live with more. >> well, this is about much more than google giving its employees bonuses and a raise. this is also about protecting its assets.
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and this means retaining those talented employees in the face of stiff competition with others in silicon valley valley especially like and yahoo. salary is more important than bonuses and compensation. based on that feedback, google is financially rewarding its staff as a way to thank them for their hard work and keep them happy. first off it's giving all 23,000 employees worldwide a 10% raise effective january 1st. every gooler is getting a holiday bonus and paying the taxes so they keep the whole amount. another is shift the bonuses into base salaries so they can receive some in every paycheck and there will be increases based on individual performance. the concern when about 10% of
5:04 am employees are google veterans plus other companies would have been poaching employees from google as well. while it does cost the company in its profit margins across the board, it does help it posted some strong third quarter results. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:04. the portion of homes in the south bay that are worth less than what their owners paid for them is at the lowest point since early 2009. the san jose mercury news reports 11% of homes in santa clara and san mateo counties are affected by negative equity. about twice as many homes were underwater in the first quarter of 2009 when foreclosures and plummeting home prices were spreading throughout the region. >> warning people walking their dogs of a string of raccoon
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attacks. sunday one bit a woman in alameda. that makes it the 7th reported incident since june. all with people walking small dogs. this woman was bitten in the leg and is going through treatment. >> police are calling the arrests of members of a violent drug gang a big suggest cease. swat teams arrested a 21-year-old and 16 other people in a series of raids. tran is the leader of the veeyet thugs. they found a ton of marijuana. police say the suspect were involved in five recent shootings. >> we have some evidence we flekt collect over wiretaps.
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>> police seized $100,000 cash and guns. >> rapid transit directors are expected to outline a plan for the north bay plane line. it was supposed to take passengers from cloverdale but on saturday before votes had it run from santa rosa to the marin civic center. supervisors want it to perform a detailed review because the project has a $345 million short fall. the meeting is at san rafael city hall at 1:30. >> santa rosa school officials have facing millions in painful budget cuts. they have to cut $2.7 million out of the 2012 budget. some being explored are keeping a school year three days shorter than it used to be or making it five days shorter than it used to be. other options cutting a half dozen library jobs, laying off clerical and administrative
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workers. >> most of the streets in the san bruno neighborhood destroyed by the september 9th gas line explosion and fire are expected to reopen today but the crater left by the blast will remain untouched until the investigation is complete. the september 9th disaster killed eight people. clairemont and fairmont drive could reopen sometimes today. guards will remain around the crater site. >> 5:07 on this wednesday morning. you might have encountered wet roads. what would cause that? >> showers? >> i was so tired, i'm like who turned the springer system back on. i'm like oh, it rained. i was really tired this morning. half moon bay in line for a light shower. you can see it's going to hug the coast and probably fall apart as it runs into the
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mountains. upper 40s to low 50s. we're in double digits warmer. failed, concord, novato, menlo park 10 to 15 degrees warmer. 5 san francisco and oakland to 8 in san jose. but even with the warmer start the cooler air behind the cold front is going to keep our temperatures in check. low to mid-60s for most of us. your ak being seven-day forecast and a lot of sunshine coming your way and temperatures over the weekend that will be near 70. not only at the coast but also inland and around our bay shoreline. here's frances. >> all right, mike. there's quite a few accidents out there, about five.
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two of them with injuries reported. one of them is in venetia, reportedly 780 at 5th street but i think it's actually eastbound because that's where we see the slowing. car spun out facing the wrong way. left lane blocked. also big rig may have hit a car for this other injury accident in oakland. southbound 880 at 98th avenue. chp and emergency crews on their way. i'll keep on eye on that. there's an accident southbound 880 on the thornton avenue off-ramp and outside a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley. an accident east bound 80 although some activity westbound there and eastbound at san pablo dam road clearing a crash from the middle lane. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:09. >> still ahead the cost and benefit for san francisco to host the next america's cup. something that could be bigger
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than a super bowl. >> a free ride coming to an end. why city hall is cracking down on t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, everyone. 5:12 on the morning news. here's some of the wet roads. a live picture many of the golden gate bridge. those headlights heading south into san francisco. mike sails the one cell he was tracking is beatin' feet out of here. pretty soon he will have no cells to track and that will be sad.
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because we miss them. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up for you. (laughter) >> tesla motors says its losses have widened. it grew to $45 million in the first quarter. that's according to the latest sec filing by tesla. sales of the roadster ports car and they are moving forward in preparing the former nummi plant in fremont for the electric sedan. >> san jose is cracking down on the personal use of city vehicles which an audit shows is costing more than a million dollars a year. a report found that 166 city vehicles are taken home on a regular basis by city employees. the majority of them are in the police department. many cases the officers are using them to drive to and from
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work, some as far as tracy. >> it was $1.1 million, $900,000 of that in the police department which in these times is a substantial sum of money. >> the number of weeks i think are homicide investigators that need to have the ha built to respond quickly. i don't foresee that changing. >> acting police chief chris moore says he will work with the city managers office to pare down the number of take-home vehicles. >> landing the 34th america's cup sailing event. a legally binding agreement has been approved to keep san francisco in the race. as carolyn tyler reports the city's chance are looking better than ever. >> it's now down to two. the city of san francisco and the port of italy are the top contenders to host the america's cup in 2013. the choice is up to the last winner, billionaire larry ellison. if you like the giants victory
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parade, the mayor thinks you'll love the races. it will raise money from private sponsors and expects to receive a $1.4 billion economic boost in exchange. >> i think people got a flavor of the world series, what it meant. that's what we're talking about at the america's cup. >> to have that in san francisco it would be a tremendous economic boom. >> mayor knewsome presented a binding agreement he hopes city supervisors will approve. it calls for piers 25 to 50 to be used. >> wasn't really a plan that i heard for the port to get
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reimbursed for that. >> he says supervisor chris daily are the only supervisors who voted against an earlier nonbinding proposal and daily says nothing has changed his mind. >> clearly a huge outlay of cash, a huge liability and long-term commitments on public land. i think all san franciscans should be concerned about this big welfare billionaire. >> with respect to a supervisor that's on his way out, don't ruin this for everybody else. >> the next step is a hearing in december. the mayor hopes the agreement will be approved before he leaves office in january. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> i feel pretty fortunate encountering one of the few shower cells. >> one left. see if we can find it. it's not in san jose but what you will find as we look at 101
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are wet streets. frances covering several accidents right now over in the traffic center. let's talk about the forecast. anynor showers? you can see the one lone one that i'm following hugging the coast. that will continue to slide into mountains and dissipate over the next hour or so. let's head up to the sierra. central valley pretty clear but once you start climbing into the foot hills and 7500 feet you're going to run into some snow so watch out. until the sun rises that is going to be some tricky travel up there. let's bring it back home. upper 40s santa rosa, napa. 45 los gatos. around the monterey bay and inland we'll have temperatures the low 50s. morning clouds leave us a sunny sky this afternoon but watch for the breezes. they will pick up this
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afternoon. make it feel cooler. clear and cooler tonight. those breezes will subside. patchy fog will form especially in our deepest valleys. high pressure' going to move in, bring us an period of dry and warmer than average weather. concord, oakland, santa rosa all about 1 degree cooler. fremont forecasting the same at 61 and san francisco and san jose about a degree warmer. let's start down in san jose. we'll have 64. most of your neighbors around 63 or 64 in the south bay. low to mid-60s alongs peninsula. low 60s, breezy conditions along the east bay shore. as we look into the east bay valleys, low to mid-60s but not
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as breezy here. monterey bay, caramel, low to mid-60s the rest of the bay and inland. you can see what the clear skies do. morgan hill, fairfield, napa and cloverdale mid to upper 30s. as far as what's happening, the cold front's going to continue pushing to the south. you can see the colder air behind it symbolized by the freckled nature of those clouds. i tried to coin every word but then i stopped. eric over there snapped his head over. give himself whiplash. looking at temperatures mid to upper 60s through friday with no freckledness in the forecast. we'll have near 70s over the weekend everywhere. >> three of them are still blocking. if you're heading towards the van nearby shah bridge, it's east bound 780 at 5th. look out for that.
5:20 am
you may want to consider the carquinez bridge. eastbound 80 sunday pablo dam road. they're trying to clear an accident. southbound 880 in fremont. just a little slick out there. live shot of the oakland maze shows traffic light around the bay area. but you can get the latest conditions anytime by going to our website, the place to go and it's under the bay area traffic link. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:20. >> next the corporate trouble of pg&e manager is in for snooping on smart meter opponents. >> giving made in china a whole new meaning. >> and a company you can be taking home. sapphire preferred
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means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. >> good morning. it's 5:23 on this wednesday morning. you can see from this live picture of i-80, the roads a little wet from the showers we had but pretty much done with us and vice versa i'm sure. mike has the outlook for the rest of the day and frances checking how people are coping coming up. >> a senior executive at pg&e is suspended this morning without pay for the online snoop ping he did no. joining a discuss group opposed to smart meters. here's the e-mail he sent identifying himself as a resident of oakland who wanted to learn more about smart meters
5:24 am
and see what i can do to help. he signs it ralph but the message also included his real name william devereaux. devereaux has apologized. consumer advocates are calling for an immediate moratorium on smart meter installations. >> airlines pulled three of it's a-380 superjumbos from service. it found oil on the engine where it shouldn't be. the planes will be fitted with new engines. last week qantas grounded its fleet after an engine burst into flames. it made a safe emergency landing. >> china is getting ready to unveil its first domestically manufactured jetliner, the arj 21 arrived today ahead of its unveiling. officials in china say it is the first chinese aircraft to be sold to europe and america.
5:25 am
the plane was designed, developed and built entirely in china. officials say it is the first aircraft to be sold to europe and america. we said that already. >> lots of folks these days are saving money by shopping at secondhand stores but be warned. the "7 on your side" team says it can bring unwanted creatures. bed bugs are showing up more often in furniture cast off by somebody else. you should be careful what you pick up on a thrift store or what's left on a curbside. some may have been tazzed because they're infested. >> for the average homeowners picking up used furniture are the biggest reason getting bed bugs into their home. >> look yourself for bed bugs. >> check seems of mattresses for discoloration and check wood frames. infest station looks similar to mildew. that was enough to get you to jump out of bed this morning. >> 5:45 now.
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a solano county teacher is under arrest accused of having sex with a student. that story next. >> the city hall office a long-time bay area political leader now has his sights on. >> one silicon valley-based company is launching its employees into a cash-happy new year. this mean bonuses, raises. so why is google doing this? is it all the spirit of giving in we'll explain up ahead. >> check out the high temperatures across the lower 48. unless you're heading to the midwest and deep south, i would grab a coat. 51 new york and boston. 45 denver. near 50 seattle and portland where the scattered showers like we have here are dissipating it its no flight delays either its no flight delays either arrival or departure at any i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it.
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♪ good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in mountain view. not many people expect big raises and bonuses but you'll get it if you are work for google. >> also in the headlines, a south bay school zone to rezone the boundaries. 100 children will be forced to switch schools. >> a little water on the tarmac. a 10 h of rain fell at sfo. warmer weather in the forecast. >> and there have been quite a few accidents earlier this morning. spinouts due to the wet roads. be extra careful. >> and the santa clara city council votes to lay off
5:30 am
workers. >> good wednesday morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. you're getting a 10% raise and a holiday bonus. but you have to work for google. the mountain view bay search giant is spending big money in what's still a tough economy to keep workers from jumping ship. theresa garcia to tell us more. >> i bet a lot of people wish they work for google. they are building the impact on their profit margins with the importance of retaining employees. you've got google protecting assets. it's to retain the talent. 10% are google veterans. other companies approach google
5:31 am
as well. they surveyed their employees and found salary and said it was more important. based on that feedback, google it thanking them for their hard work. first off it's giving all 23,000 employees worldwide a 10% raise effective january 1st. also a 1,000 dollar cash holiday bonus and google the paying the taxes so they keep the whole amount. another shifting of bonuses into base salaries so they receive some in every paycheck. while it will cost the company hundreds of millions in its profit margins, it helps they posted a strong third recent quarter result. >> students attending california state under campuses can expect
5:32 am
to see a 15.5% hike in tuition. they have voted to raise feeses in two steps. annual tuition to $4,884 next fall. that means the tuition will have soared 76% over the past five years. >> dozens of parents are angry after the santa clara unified school board decided to rezone its boundaries. that means their children have to go to a new school last fall. 100 kindergartners first and second graders at don kayon school will be bused a mile
5:33 am
away. >> it's a popular school but it's filled to capacity and the district says it needs to ease congestion. critics say it will cause major traffic problems. >> a teacher in fairfield arrested on sex charges with a minor is out of jail. 27-year-old killings made bail overnight. vallejo police arrested her yesterday. officials say they plan to meet as early as today to determine how to inform parents at angela rodriguez high school where killings worked as an english teacher. >> oakland police say they told 37-year-old derk jones, they were told he was beating his ex-girlfriend. they say after deciding to arrest him he ran down an ally. >> the suspect was seen grabbing
5:34 am
towards his waistband. this occurred several times. obviously consistent with someone reaching for a weapon. >> it's such a generic story, a story that they give when anyone is murdered by the police. >> police have not specified the race of the officers who killed jones. they only said they were not white officers and had at least two years of experience. >> a plan approved to lay off dozens of city workers as the city faces a $13 million deficit. a total of 82 employees could lose their jobs, that's 9% of the work force. some layoffs could be avoided if unions give up scheduled pay raises, accept pay cuts. three of the ten bargaining units have already agreed to those terms. >> representative gary mcnearney has expanded his slight lead in this congressional district
5:35 am
race. he now leads republican challenger by roughly 2200 votes. that's the latest vote tally obtained. his lead was 632 votes monday night. some 30,000 ab tenancy ballots need to be counted. the election is not expected to be certified for the next two weeks. >> leland ye will announce he's forming an exploratory committee this morning. supervisors are trying to figure out how to a point interim mayor for gavin newsom. a competing resolution from board president david chew calls on the city clerk to come up with a process for choosing a replacement. >> 5:35 now. let's check the weather forecast
5:36 am
with mike and see where that last storm cell is. >> i'm going to guess the coast. >> that's where it's been hanging out the last hour or so we've been on the air. still just hanging along the coast to the south who have half moon bay heading to. san francisco came with a tenth, oakland 1500 and less into the east bay valleys. pretty close to what we forecasted. still lingering clouds and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. noon look for the clouds to slowly decrease, winds to pick up and temperatures upper 50s to near 60. that's pretty much where we hang up all throughout the afternoon. the only thing that will really
5:37 am
change is we'll see a little more sunshine by 4:00. accu-weather 7-day forecast after a chilly night we will see temperatures slowly warm tomorrow and by sunday, monday and tuesday everybody, even the coast will hit 70 degrees. frances, a lot of accidents? >> yes. about half a dozen. they cleared. a new one in santa cruz mountains where mike said the showers have heading at the summit. here's a live look at 680 in walnut creek. the earlier crash heading towards the van nearby shah bridge gone as well. looking pretty good southbound. also heading across the san mateo bridge, no problems. it does look pretty wet across the span. earlier crash in fremont. quickly we'll show you a quick shot of the south bay 101 at 880. so just take it easy. but traffic's still light around the bay area. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much.
5:38 am
>> $2 for a nearly unlimited ride on mass transit. sound like a good deal? uncovering another problem with clipper cards. one that has taxpayers picking up the tab. >> and a. c. transit riders can breathe a little easier. next the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> good morning. it's 5:40. the east bay's a. c. transit will not have to cut weekend service under a three lesson year contract. an arbitration panel protects the jobs of 1700 bus drivers and mechanics but they have to have pay cuts and lose one paid holiday. a. c. transit will only pay overtime when employees actually work more than 40 hours in a week. until now employees were paid overtime if they worked more than 8 hours in one day. even if they worked less than a 40-hour week. a free ride is hard to come by but it turns out there's an easy way to get one own public transportation although it's costing taxpayers. here's amy holyfield with a flaw that makes it easy to cheat the transportation agency that take the clipper card. >> there's a flaw on the clipper card and it's costing the public thousands of dollars a month. >> at a time when we need to see
5:42 am
transit systems getting every last dollar they can, it's amazing this exists. >> matthew ross uncovered the problem. you can travel farther than the distance you paid for. >> the problem is there's no incentive not to cheat the system unless you just have good ethics. we bought a clipper card to test it out and we covered more ground than we should have. we asked transit authorities why. john goodwin at the transportation commission said i think we're done with this, i wish you well and hung up the phone. >> i think mcc is not happy this is getting as much attention as it is east mtc oversees the clipper card which allows you to use one card for several different transit systems like caltrain and bart. the flaw is actually there on purpose as a built-in convenience for confused or inexperienced travelers. they rely on the good will of people to pay their debt by adding more money to their clipper card but riders see it
5:43 am
as something that needs to be addressed. >> can't believe. it's pretty good about that kind of thing. i guess not all that good. >> that's not good. i say they'll fix their flaw. >> there's no indication that officials plan to do anything about this free ride. >> it's 5:43. blackberry gears up for hits run at the i-pad. >> 3,000 passengers and 1500 crew members stranded at sea. the disabled carnival cruise ship is headed for land. >> president obama arrives in south korea. next the crucial talks on the agenda. >> and the big dismantling task
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> welcome back. 5:46 on this wednesday. it is snowing in the sierra right now. we'll have video to show you in a few seconds. snowing later this afternoon and 48 degrees at lake level. yosemite will miss out on it. in the higher elevations 53 degrees. the showers won't make it to l.a. or palm springs.
5:47 am
san diego about 55. >> all right, mike. it's 5:46. >> let's take a look at the stories we're following for you. students attending california state university campuses can expect to see a 15.5 hike in tuition. they'll go up in two steps, 5% next spring and another 10% next fall that will bring annual tuition to nearly $5,000. >> the santa clara city council is laying off 82 city workers as they face a deficit. some layoffs could be avoided if unions take unpaid furlough days and pay cuts. >> on the flip side mountain view based google is giving a 10% raise to all it's 23,000 employees. the "wall street journal" reports it's part of an effort to keep its staff from going to competitors like the raise will take effect in january. the latest ap 6:00.
5:48 am
>> president obama has arrived in south korea. the president travel from indonesia and landed in seoul about three hours ago. tensions over currencies and trade gaps. >> relief on the way for the 3,000 passengers stranded at sea on a carnival cruise ship. it's being towed to shore. jenelle wang is here. >> the carnival cruise ship was going to be towed to mexico, the closest big port but now being towed further north to san diego where carnival says hotel and flight arrangements would be waiting for the passengers. the ship should arrive late afternoon or evening. it became stranded at sea he recall monday after a fire in the engine room. the ship carrying more than
5:49 am
3,000 passengers and 1500 crew members had just left long beach on sunday for a week long mexican cruise. it cut power to the ship leaving everyone without hot water and services. the military had to make air drops. >> we've had about just over 10,000 pounds of food and supplies. bread, cups, utensils. >> we hear the mean you includes spam, croissants and pop tarts, all food that doesn't need to be chilled because the refrigerators don't work. they apologized and thanked them for their patience. they're offering a full refund and another cruise for free to take at a later date. it is also paying for the tug boats so american taxpayers don't have to worry about that. >> spam and pop tart sandwich.
5:50 am
that mystery in the sky seen monday night. it was captured by a helicopter north of catalina island. a huge stream arcing across the coastline. looks like a missile launch. it's unlikely it was some sort of secret missile launch because it happened in view of 8 million californians. >> let's check with mike. we're watch willing our skies. >> storms moving away but still stuck in the sierra. this is blue canyon. look at those big fat flakes. that's when you know you have a relative warm system that has a good amount of moisture. a couple of inches there during the overnight hours adding to
5:51 am
the bases and they're making snow in all the resorts. up in tahoe, also. so keep on adding to those bases and chucking towards thanksgiving and opening week there where we can get 'em all going and have some fun in the snow! all getting quiet. a look from emeryville towards san francisco. now let's go to live doppler 7 hd. you can see the snow moving through. it's going to be become more showery nature probably in about three hours. so if you're heading up that way once the sun comes up, you should be okay. the snow will start to melt a little and intensity will definitely start to taper. one lone cell sliding down the coast moving from half moon bay and heading towards.
5:52 am
around the monterey, upper 40s to low 50s. the sunshine and breezy conditions this afternoon. it will be clear, calm and cooler tonight. watch for patchy valley fog and the extended period looks pretty dry and warmer. warmer than average. 1 degree in concord where 3 in oakland and that comes with a breeze that will make it feel even cooler than that. but you notice the clearing. the dry air and low to mid-60s the east by valleys. low 60s along the east bay shore with mid-60s in the south bay and low to mid-60s on the peninsula. the coast breezy. upper 50s along the coast into sausalito. mid-50s for monterey and caramel. low to mid-60s inland.
5:53 am
cloverdale getting close to some frost around napa. check out the temperatures over the weekend. we'll be near 70 not only at the coast, around the bay and inland with a lot of sunshine. enjoy. here's frances. >> mike, you'll need your chains heading up to tahoe. snow up there. also if you're heading through the santa cruz mountains, there's an accident northbound 17 at the summit blocking a lane. here's a look at highway 17 as you make your way into san jose. that's traffic coming out of the right heading towards downtown san jose. northbound 880 fine. we'll show you another live shot. this is 101 in millbrae. haven't been major traffic troubles, just a lot of accidents but nothing causing slowing. that's northbound there. and 101 in san rafael looking good as well as you make your way southbound. a new crash just came in in
5:54 am
vallejo. this one is on the shoulder. get the latest traffic anytime for your route to work by going to just click on the are bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's 5:54. >> the labor department has announced the latest jobless figures a day early because of veterans day tomorrow. new filings for benefits fell 24,000 to 435,000. that's a little better than expected. >> here's jane king with the "moneyscope" report. a reminder and work don't always mix. the national labor ryelations board challenging an employee because of criticizing her employer on the site. research in motion gearing up for its buy for the i-pad. the computer will cost less than 500 dollars when it goes on sale and will be priced
5:55 am
competitively. the i-pad starts at $499. general motors reporting a profit this third straight quarterly profit as it gears up to sell shares to the public next week. in the markets yesterday, the stocks commodities like cotton and gold still finding record highs. cruise giving royal caribbean the best for families. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> it's 5:55. new jobs may be coming to solano county soon. the department has awarded a $3 million contract to recycle two of the ships in the moth ball
5:56 am
fleet in sassoon bay. many have been sitting there for years corroding and polluting the bay. a company called allied recycles of petaluma will do the work. >> san francisco supervisors have given final approval to an ordinance banning toys from traditional fast food kids meals. if restaurants want to give out toys, they have to provide meals that include fruit and vegetables. meet guidelines for calories, fat and sugar. >> there are more places where smoker won't be able to light up in santa clara county. final approval to new laws they ban smoking in parks, outdoor eating areas and restaurants and common areas of apartments or condominiums. it's prohibited at county fairgrounds and movie or atm
5:57 am
lines. the rules take effect in 30 days except at existing apartments where the laws will kick in after 14 months. >> 5:56. just ahead at 6:00, an unusual pot protest. why south bay medicinal marijuana users may now be forced to buy their meds on street. >> the unusual attack that has alameda county warning dog walkers to be careful. >> terry mcsweeney live at san francisco state where students may be paying more and more again for less. i'll tell you whatatatatatatatat
5:58 am
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