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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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ilt fresh to your order for just $2.50. subway. build your better breakfast. ♪ good friday morning. i'm jenelle wang. a law to keep convicted sex offenders away from children may be doing more harm than good. the efforts to repeal jessica's law. and during this holiday season, the number of hungry are increasing but there is a shortage of supply of food. i'm theresa garcia live in san jose. we'll let you know about the lack of turkeys and what you can do to help. >> this beautiful picture this morning from our tower cam here in downtown san francisco. you see the sun's coming up already. it's going to work on these chilly temperatures and bring us warmer than average afternoons all the way through the weekend. how long it lasts. >> the developing hot spot in
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liver more because of a motorcycle injury accident westbound 580 near airway. check out the speeds. 70 mph and 71. drive times in my next report. >> 6:01. thank you for joining us. >> there's a new move to repeal a portion of the california law voters approved to keep sex offenders a certain distance wherever where children gather. jenelle is here to explain. >> kristen, jessica's law forbids sex offenders from living 2,000 feet from a school or playground but that's making it harder for them to find a place to live causing them to move frequently which makes it difficult to track their whereabouts. so recommending voters repeal that portion of jessica's law. for example, in san francisco the city is so dense there's virtually nowhere a sex owe fepder could live legally. one report says every sex offender released in san francisco is homeless. since voters passed jessica's
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law in 2006, a report says one-third of paroled offenders are now transient. a 750% increase since the law took effect. >> they just sleep anywhere including next-door to a school and be there bright and early next morning. >> no politician wants to get behind a law that looks like it makes the burden lighter on sex offenders. >> only recommending to repeal the 2,000 foot restrictses, not other parts of the law including ankle bracelets. but the panel did make some new recommendations saying those tracking bracelets need to be attached before sex offenders leave prison instead of 48 hours of their release. they should be required to take lie detector tests. eric? >> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 6:02. the fruitvale bart station is open this morning after being shut down during a protest of police shootings last night.
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the protestors began in front of an oakland barber shop owned by derek jones, an unarmed man shot and killed by oakland police earlier this week. police had been called to a report of domestic violence and shot him after he reached into his waistband several times. no gun was found, only a shiny object which hasn't been revealed. >> respect for the family and mr. jones we're not going to release what the shiny object is today. hopefully in a couple dales. >> now, the fruitvale station is where oscar grant was shot and killed by a former bart police officer nearly two years ago. funeral services for jones will be held on saturday at the church of christ in oakland. >> two fired san jose police officers will soon be back on the job after arbitrators gave them back their badges. sergeant manyon and domigo stopped a woman for drunk
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driving. a former judge decided firing them was too harsh. he gave them an 11-month suspension without pay. the injured girl's mother is outraged. >> a couple weeks until thanksgiving and bay area food banks are putting out the call for turkeys and other supplies for what's shaping up to be a tough holiday season for many. theresa garcia is live at the second harvest food bank in san jose with more on this. theresa? >> good morning, eric. the holiday season is usually the time of year when more donations come in to help others enjoy a nice family meal this time of year. the problem is that second harvest food bank and many others around the bay area are struggling to serve the hungry. the salvation army is one of many nonprofits putting out donations. they need all the traditional fixings from turkeys to potatoes and pumpkin and apple pies. with only a couple weeks to go, salvation army has only 68 donated turkeys.
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that's less than half. the shortage is even worse at the antioch facility which serves all of eastern contra costa county. it's set to provide 150 thanksgiving food boxes to families but so far only has seven turkeys. >> it has -- each year it's climbed to 30 to 40,000 people more than window helped since 2007. >> since the recession began several years ago, bay area food banks have seen the need increase but at this point donations are not meeting the increased demand for help. so the second harvest food bank which supplies meals to dozens of nonprofits is reaching out to the public for more help this holiday to get those donations and turkeys are most in demand. so it's possible when you go out and buy one for your dinner table, buy a second turkey to donate. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks a lot. a man accused of beating a preach who allegedly molested him when he was a child will
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appear in a claire courtroom today. william lynch has been charged with felony assault. he went to a requirement home and severely beat a jesuit priest. lynch and his brother have received a $625,000 settlement for the alleged abuse. investigators say the attack on the priest last may was motivated by revenge. >> an antioch man is facing charges after stopping traffic on the bay bridge for two hours. 51-year-old craig carlos valteeno stopped on the bridge yesterday morning. he claimed he had a gun and explosives inside his vehicle and threatened to jump off the span. he finally surrendered. the gun turned out to be fake and there were no explosives in the vehicle. he told officers that he thought his wife was cheating on him and he was at wits end. it turns out he had been on the news before. in february abc 7 interviewed him about violence in san francisco's north beach
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neighborhood. at the time he worked as a floor manager at centerfolds on broadway. >> 6:06. time to turn things over to mike. boy, if you just can't stand it when it's superwarm in mid-november, what are you gonna do? >> what are you gonna do? i guess canada, someplace like that. if you like it like this, mike, take it away! >> absolutely. i think people are excited. always want to be careful not to insult those that maybe want some clouds and drizzle, some rain which we don't have in the forecast. a little concern as we get into next week because we don't see any rain until possibly next weekend or beyond. for you now if you like the sunshine, enjoy it. but it has its drawbacks. warm so nicely in the afternoon. boy, is it cool at night. livermore, fairfield, napa, novato, santa rosa and men low park all the mid to upper 30s. the rest of us low 40s until san francisco, fremont, los gatos holding on around 50.
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compared to 24 hours ago, los gatos is 8 degrees warmer, concord 1, novato the same. look at fairfield, 18 degrees cooler, half moon bay 14, livermore 10 degrees cooler. getting a deeper hole to climb out today. temperatures pretty close to yesterday with 70 oakland, 71 santa rosa. mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. low to mid-60s around the coast. monterey bay mid to upper 60s around the bay and even inland. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. look at those mild afternoons this weekend. even the coast will hit the low to mid-70s sunday and monday. all right, frances mentioned a new accident. here she is with details. >> it's slowing things down on westbound 580 through livermore. traffic crawling as you approach airway where a motorcycle accident blocks a few lanes. look at these speed sensors, 5, 8 mph as you make your way towards airway about north first. back to 73 mph but drive time
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rapidly increasing now westbound 580. over half an hour from 205 to 680. of course, all that delay is right before you approach the accident. westbound not bad out of antioch but there is a new crash in san jose north 101 approaching 880 partially in the left lane. that's causing slowing as you make your way past 680 all the way up towards 880 and elsewhere we'll show you a live shot. bay bridge toll plaza. it's pretty much friday light. a minor wait there so no trouble around other stops in the bay area at this point. eric, kristen. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:09. >> just ahead, there might soon be a new soccer said yum in san jose. >> yahoo has downsize reports of hundreds of layoffs. >> "7 on your side" has
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welcome back. it's 6:12.
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yahoo is calling media reports that it plans to lay off 20% of its work force misleading and inaccurate. but the company stopped short of saying whether any layoffless at all were planned. yahoo says the companies is always evaluating expenses. there have been reports that aol and some private equity firms have been eyeing it as pay takeover target. >> san jose hopes to open a 15,000 seat soccer stadium in 2012 according to the team owners. a los angeles developer will build the privately funded $60 million facility across from the airport. comments of the latest sign of ownership commitment to keeping a soccer team in san jose. they moved another version of the quakes in houston in .
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>> check out this picture. you like the color? quite a few of them as we look from mount tamalpais down along sausalito and into san francisco. and all the way over -- gotta be fremont. it's at least hayward as we can see the san mateo bridge. look at the visibility this morning. let's talk temperatures. and it's still rather cold in santa rosa at 37. fairfield 35. livermore 38. 40s for the rest of us until you get to los gatos. fremont and san francisco holding on to 51. the monterey bay and selenes, low to mid-50s. sunny and mild days throughout the weekend. clear and kind of chilly during the overnight hours. this dry pattern holds all the way through next week. let's see what it does to our temperatures today. mid to upper 60s, mainly the east bay valleys.
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fairfield, livermore, 69 the warm spot. over on the east bay shore warmer. oakland, hayward and 70. mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. down in the south bay upper 50s. cupertino, santa clara, los gatos in the middle, 68. on the peninsula we have mid to upper 60s. menlo park around 66. san mateo and beaches a little warmer today. low to mid-60s nothing like sunday and monday when we'll be the low to mid-70s. south san francisco mid-60s. through the north bay valleys, upper 60s to 71 santa rosa, calistoga 70. mid-60s throughout the monterey bay and inland gilroy and hollister. look at the chilly temperatures tonight. morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, napa, santa rosa the usual cool spots back into the 30s. low to mid-40s the rest of us. fremont 47, san francisco 49 and san mateo 47 some of the warmer
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spots. high pressure over novato brings us the offshore flow. that's what's warming us, what's keeping all the wet weather away is the high remember over the ocean. it has moved farther to the north and it will push that jet stream even further into canada and keep all the systems well away from us. check out these temperatures over the weekend. starting sunday. monday we'll have low to mid-70s from the coast to our inland valleys. it will be a little cooler tuesday at the coast and for the rest of us wednesday and thursday. checking out the models we may not get any rain until possibly tuesday before thanksgiving. hope you have a great weekend. here's frances with an update. >> mike, the backup growing on westbound 580 because of this motorcycle accident. traffic jammed from vasco road to airway where a couple lanes still blocked. calling along that stretch. jumps to 76 mph. what it's doing to your drive time is doubling it actually on
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205 to 680. almost 40 minutes and just before this crash happened a little under 20 minutes. no delays southbound through the sunol grade. if you want to consider highway 84, that may be an alternate. san jose slow approaching mckee because of an accident that they just cleared from the left lane. supposed tock in the center divide but you see heavy traffic approaching 880. a live shot at the 101 and 880 interchange. so that's northbound traffic there moving well past the accident. you may want to consider 280 as an alternate. also 101 in millbrae. no problems at all there along the peninsula and also in the north bay. sorry about that. we didn't have that shot. you can get the latest traffic by going to our website anytime, is the place to go. it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot.
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cheese and of course eggs. as for carbohydrates, your healthiest choices are whole green breads and serials and fresh fruit. >> 6:20 now. scientists say the wrappers the fast food comes in could be hazardous. a new study university of toronto shows grease-proof papers break down into carcinogens. scientists say those carcinogens are prone to build up and remain in the body. this class of chemical is known as pfoa's. the chemicals are migrating into the food and we are eating them. >> hopefully somebody's working on a beat wrapper. new competition for the i-pad. tech bites are next. >> c save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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to policing internet privacy. the "wall street journal" reports the obama administration will call for some new law and the creation of a watchdog to protect personal information online. the strategy is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks. one of the first computers to rival the i-pad goes on sale this week. the samsung galaxy has a smaller screen but many features the i-pod does not have including two built in cameras. it is a legitimate which willinger. >> you'll either love the factor and ability to put it in your pocket or you won't. you'll miss that extra screen real estate. but they've come up with an attractive device. for people who want to see some competition and vigor, samsung has added that. >> those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson. >> 6:24. nissan is recalling half a million cars in the u.s. to fix
6:25 am
steering and electrical systems. it affects 240,000 frontier pingup trucks, 261,000 s.u.v.'s and 14,000 sentras. the trucks have a problem in the lower steering joint that could limit the movement of the steering wheel. the sentra has a battery cable connector problem that could calls the vehicle to stall. >> watchdogs are investigating trips to europe by members of the california high speed rail authority. it was paid for by contracts for rail and equipment. they were donated to the rail authority which sent a lot to board members. the officials said they didn't think they were required to disclose the travel on annual reports of gifts, income and personal investments. >> it's 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, the opening bell live from wall street. >> and why san francisco mayor gavin newsom may delay his swearing in. >> friends of a san francisco
6:26 am
college student facing imminent deportation. >> how far should nightclubs go to protect their patrons. there's a plan in san francisco that some say would be a hi-tech hijacking of civil rights. i'll tell you what the fuss is all about. >> check out the middle part of our country. what a wall of water. snow on the back edge of it. no delays but this wall is marching towards milwaukee, chicago, st. louis and dallas this afternoon. >> the delays now half an hour westbound 580 through livermore all the way to airway where a motorcycle accident was just cleared.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ good morning, everyone. just about five seconds away from the opening bell ringing
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there on wall street. investors are worried about a slowdown in china surging high interest rates. there is the opening bell marking the start of the trading day. the chinese government says the pace of inflation hit more than a two-year high last month. china's economy help offset sluggish growth in other companies like the u.s. it follows the g-20 conference where leaders could not decide on a plan to strengthen global economy. we'll see how the big board is starting off today. >> do you expect to have your picture taken or your personal information recorded when you go to the dmv or get a new job but how about when you go to a nightclub. a plan in san francisco to prevent violence is drawing heated debate. >> the proposal could require nightclubs to take your picture, get your personal information, and then share it would other nightclubs. according to an article in the san francisco examiner, supporters say something needs to be done about the violence
6:31 am
and there has been a lot of that recently. there have been shootings at six different nightclubs in the past nine months. all told 12 shot, five killed. among them a german tourist walking down the street near union square. the city is turning to the entertainment commission. it is in turn looking to hi-tech. there is equipment that allows nightclubs to take a photograph of everyone in a nightclub and collect personal information like name, date of birth, time of visit and allows notations about that person whether he or she was rowdy or even just rude and share that with other clubs using the same technology. san francisco police want the information kept for 15 days in some cases. some attorneys say it would be a clear violation of a person's right to privacy. others say using the information to track troublemakers could save lives. the entertainment commission wants to know what's available out there so we can have an idea
6:32 am
what we may or may not use. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. 6:31. the man charged in the murder of san francisco fashion designer kate herran is expected to be arraigned in court today. 43-year-old gary holland broke into her apartment on october 29th posing as a utility worker. his arraignment was delayed because a public defender wasn't ready to take the case. holland was arrested last friday after falling asleep in a park across from the sale rock inn near ocean beach. holland was on parole for an attempted murder conviction that happened in fresno back in 1999. >> the fruitdale bart station is open after being shut down during a protest of police shootings last night. it began in front of an oakland barber shop owned by derek jones, the unarmed man shot and killed by oakland police earlier this week. police have been called to the domestic violence case and shot
6:33 am
jones after he reached into his waistband several times. no gun was found, only a shiny object which hasn't been revealed. >> i think out of respect for the family we're not going to release what the shiny object is. hopefully in a couple days. >> the station is where oscar grant was shot and killed by a former bart police officer nearly two years ago. services for jones will be held saturday at the church of christ in oakland. >> friends and fellow students are holding a rally in san francisco today as a last-ditch effort to stop the deportation of a city college nursing student. 20-year-old shane lee known as steve was born in peru. the family came to the u.s. on visa that have long ago expired. he's to be deported to peru where he has no friends or family. his friends here want senator
6:34 am
barbara boxer to intervene. >> if we're got young people like this who really want to do well that in all accounts, isn't that what we're trying to do here. to educate people to get them to contribute to society. and i think those are the types of people we shoulden trying to keep, not trying to kick out. >> lee was arrested in september and is being held at an immigration center in arizona. >> san francisco mayor says they can take part in appointing his successor. some want to vote on an acting mayor possibly next week. newsom says it doesn't matter what they decide because he's not stepping down until january. he may delay has scheduled swearing in as lieutenant governor until the new board of supervisors is sworn in on january 8th. >> 6:34 now. governor elect jerry brown says he supports governor schwarzenegger's plan to call a
6:35 am
special session of the legislature to deal with a multibillion dollar hole in the current state budget. that will start immediately after newly elected members of the assembly and state senate are sworn in office december 6th. the state is facing a $6 billion shortfall in the budget the governor signed this last month. the legislative analyst office projects california will face an additional $19 billion deficit over the next 20 months. >> about 6,000 bay side homeowners in san mateo will get a break from fema. the homes were included in the federal agency's high flood risk map in 2008. homeowners who live between highway 101 and the bay will start paying insurance premiums of up to $2700 a year beginning in january. the san jose mercury news reports those property owners decided last summer to levy new annual fees of 76 dollars to pay for levee and flood law
6:36 am
improvement. they will pay $1,000 each in insurance premiums. >> don't think you need that flood insurance here for at least the next few days. >> take a look at mike's seven-day. it's gorgeous. >> lack of rain. possibly until tuesday before thanksgiving. talking a week and a half from now. s byproduct of that, warmer than average afternoon. check out these temperatures. good morning on this friday. concord 68. redwood city the same. san francisco 2, san jose 4. oakland 5 degrees warmer than average and santa rosa 6 degrees warmer when you hit 71 this afternoon. 8:00 this morning we have the chilly conditions around under a clear and mainly still sky. 51 in san francisco, the warm spot. most of us in the 40s, holding on to the 30s morgan hill, livermore, fairfield and santa rosa. check out these noontime temperatures. great time to be outside, picnic weather. find somewhere outside to eat and soak up the sunshine. 60 half moon bay.
6:37 am
the cool spot low to mid-60s. 4:00 we've reached our high for the day but we'll hold on to low to mid-60s around the bay and out to the coast and mid to upper 60s in our inland valley. let's see how long this lasts and we'll actually build upon this warmth over the weekend by sunday and into monday check out those temperatures. low to mid-70s everywhere, each the beaches. the beaches start cooling on tuesday, the rest of us wednesday and thursday. here's frances with an update. >> mike, here's a look at westbound 580 where things have been slow because of an earlier motorcycle crash. now, even though it looks still jammed, traffic is actually improving approaching airway. but the drive time has improved. it was over 50 minutes earlier and now it's down to 43 minutes. still causing about 25 minute delays at this point. westbound also a little sluggish out of antioch but just the normal slow and go there. north 101 in san jose recovering
6:38 am
from an earlier accident. slightly under the speed limit approaching mckee. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on so starting to see a backup just beyond the end of the parking lot. the san mateo bridge has been quiet all morning. no trouble across the span. and it's still friday light traffic on the peninsula and also in the north bay. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. our time 6:38. >> trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board. the dow down 49 points. >> am could go up, the major trade dispute president obama and the other g-20 leaders are walking away from. >> and i'm jenelle wang with more on the efforts to repeal jessica's law, the law aimed at protecting children from sex offenders might be on its way. gtosososoaoaoavñ
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welcome back! 6:42 on a friday. look at all that sunshine across california. big sur, upper 60s through the central valley. if you're heading to holiday, making snow every morning. not going to get help from mother nature. sunshine and upper 40s tahoe. mid to upper 60s yosemite. even low 70s at the base of the park. as we head down toward southern california, low to mid-80s l.a. and sunshine and lowto mid-70s san diego. >> and it's november. 6:42 now. a surprising conclusion this morning from a law enforcement panel looking into jessica's law. that's the state statute that spells out where sex offenders can and cannot live. abc 7's jenelle wang joins us live with more and, jenelle, the
6:43 am
panel says part of this law should be thrown out. >> yes, eric, the part that says convicted sex owe fendsers can't live within 2,000 feet of a school or park. that makes it harder to find a place to live. more difficult to monitor. a task force made up of parole officers, law enforcement is recommending to repeal that portion of jessica's law. in san francisco the city is so dense there's virtually nowhere a sex offender could live legally. in fact, one report says every sex offender released in san francisco is homeless. since voters passed jessica's law in sun 2006, one-third are transient. the panel says homeless sex offenders put the public at risk. they're unstable and more difficult to supervise. dean johnson believes most politicians will stay away from this proposal but believe the
6:44 am
law may need to be modified. >> what we have to do is we have to pass the laws that best protect the public. and right now jessica's law as currently drafted is not protecting the public, it's undermining the public protection. >> the task force is not recommending to repeal other portions of the law, for example, the mandatory traffic of sex offender movement with ankle bracelets. the coauthor says he would consider reducing the 2,000 foot limit in dense cities like san francisco but in most communities he sails the law works. kristen? >> jenelle, thank you. more homeowners and people affected by the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno are coming forward with lawsuits against pg&e. the 30th and 31st are expected to be filed today. there are 111 plaintiffs and counting. the september 9th disaster killed eight people and dells troyed 35 homes. our media partner reports the
6:45 am
utility has asked the judicial council to put all the cases in front of one judge. pg&e says coordinating the cases would make it more efficient and speed up the process. the judicial council is expected to respond within 60 days. >> 6:45 now. president obama is now in japan to attend a regional economic summit. he arrived on air force i about two hours ago. the fourth and final stop on the president's ten-day asian tour. president obama will take part in meetings of the asia pacific economic cooperation forum over the weekend. he spent the past two days in south korea at a separate economic gathering of the world's top 20 economic powers and he stressed there are still issues that need to be addressed like trade imbalances. >> no nation should assume their path to prosperity is paved simply with exports to the united states. >> the president is due back in washington on sunday. >> well, your bank accounts
6:46 am
won't be stuffed once you fork out money for this year's turkey. >> no kidding. the lastest on thousands of job cuts and yahoo possibly coming down the pipeline. jane king live in new york at the stock exchange with our "moneyscope" report. hi, jane. >> hello. while turkey prices have jumped to an all time high, two weeks away from thanksgiving, a researcher saying the price of frozen turkey yesterday up to $1.09 a pound and stockpiles sliding at the cost of feeding the birds. makes raising turkeys less profitable. about 70% of turkey feed. the internet search engine really planning a new massive round of job cuts? says yahoo is planning to slash 20%. yahoo says the report is
6:47 am
misleading and inaccurate. evaluating cuts in its consumer products group. blake irving asked unit heads to prepare operational plans of cuts of up to 20%. trading slightly lower. a new online privacy watchdog is in the works by the obama administration. the watchdog with internet privacy issues and the plan expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks. a lower open here on wall street. it's looking ugly this morning about 3 a.m. eastern time. saw a selloff overseas and investors worry about a slowdown in china's growth and possibly ireland has to be bailed out by other european countries. not too bad considering what could have been. the silicon valley index is trading slightly lower. intel shares higher by 2%. the company boosting its quarterly dividends by 15%. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news.
6:48 am
>> yes, you are. happy friday, jane. have a great weekend. >> happy friday! >> the markets may be down but our temperatures are going in the opposite direction. i think a lot of folks will be happy with what you've got. >> only happens every once in a while. when it happens in november, kind of a treat. you need to enjoy it while you can. it won't last long. thanksgiving only two weeks away. >> we gotta admit it's been kind of chilly the past couple mornings. let's hang out all night. it's cold and that cold dryness of the air that allows us to be so cold in the morning. a breeze around san francisco as we look at pier 9. it's that breeze that's kept the temperature in at least san francisco around 51 degrees and similar kind of breeze in the hills around fremont, 51. the hills los gatos, 51 there. once you get in the valleys, the
6:49 am
cold, heavy air sinks in. santa rosa, fairfield and livermore the mid to upper 30s. around the monterey bay, you can see it there, too. low to mid-40s the monterey bay. salinas 40 but gilroy frost and 32. we hope you like the sunshine and mild days. that's what we have through the weekend and beyond. the dry pattern will hold well into next week. it will be clear and chilly during the overnight hours. you'll need to run the heater once or twice just to keep everybody happy. all right. 24 hour temperature change, not speaking from experience, santa rosa about 1 degree cooler. oakland the same and san francisco about 1 degree warmer. ten hours, 15 minutes and 44 seconds of sunshine today. livermore 69. fairfield same type of temperature. everybody else 67 or 68. oakland, hayward some of the warmer spots. 70 for you. mid to upper 60s for the rest of your neighbors on the east bay shore. south bay 67, 68 or 69 degrees
6:50 am
today. the peninsula slightly cooler. mid to upper 60s for you. palo alto 68. along the coast slightly warmer today, low to mid-60s. downtown south san francisco mid-60s. same with sausalito and most of the north bay beaches. as you head inland upper 60s. check out santa rosa and calistoga. 62, the monterey bay and inland mid to upper 60s today. tonight 30s. morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, napa and also santa rosa. low to mid-40s for the rest of us, fremont, san mateo and san francisco could be the upper 40s. the high pressure over novato is what is bringing us the sinking air, the dry pattern and allowing us to warm so nice. the high pressure on the ocean that's scaring all the storms to the north. it will do it all the way through next week. check out this weekend. if you like the beaches and you like warm beaches in november, hard to argue with that, we'll have low to mid-70s sunday and
6:51 am
monday. the cooling hits the beaches on tuesday, the rest of us wednesday and thursday. looking for rain? probably not until the tuesday before thanksgiving. it is a long way away. now, if you are out celebrating the wonderful weather and you have some whether video or weather photos you'd like to share, we would love to see them. just upload them or e-mail it. enjoy the weekend. here's frances. >> mike, unfortunately a slow start to the weekend, especially that 580 stretch out of tracy through the altamont pass all because of an earlier accident. you see that entire stretch is very slow. check out the drive time. the crash has been cleared for a while but it's a 51-minute drive time which is about a half hour delay. i thought it would improve a little faster but kind of holding steady there as more drivers getting in their cars. westbound sluggish.
6:52 am
no delays 242. the bay bridge toll plaza, even though metering lights are on, friday light. only backed up halfway you through the parking lot and happy birthday to the bridge. it opened 74 years ago. no major delays getting there on 880 or 101 along the peninsula. and north bay commuters, nice and quiet ride on 101 as you make your way out of marin county into san francisco. you can get the latest traffic anytime by going to our website and you can have personallized drive times sent to your e-mail. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 6:52 now. san francisco police are looking into a way to crack down on shoplifting, a crime that often goes unpunished. the market street safeway and the west field san francisco center are two hot spots. if store security catch thieves, police often don't pick them up because they know they won't be prosecuted. now police are looking to a
6:53 am
policy change. >> a new agreement has been reached on the war on obesity, an agreement that means changes at your supermarket. a new look for the packages. they have agreed to put nutrition labeling on the front of their packaging. the idea is tackle obesity through better nutrition. the food marketing institute say it will launch a $50 million education campaign to go with the new look. we should start seeing the new labels in the next six months. a happy ending to a story we've been reporting. an 80-year-old alameda woman has been reunited with her yorkshire terrier stolen during a mugging. she was mugged on the street. the thieves took her money and dog deuce. they took stolen credit cards and arrested a 19-year-old who dumped deuce in stockton.
6:54 am
a couple found him and sold him to a woman who called detectives when she saw reports. microtrips confirmed deuce's identity. >> and a trip around the area. but glad he's back. recapping our top stories. san francisco could soon have a hi-tech system to keep track of trouble making patrons. >> we have the technology. the only question is it legal to use it? the consensus is something needs to be done about the violence of san francisco nightclubs. the past nine months 12 people shot, five killed. the entertainment commission is looking to hi-tech. there is equipment that allows nightclubs to take a photograph of everyone entering a nightclub, collect personal information like name, date of birth. it allows clubs to pass that information to other clubs. police want the information kept 15 days in some cases.
6:55 am
the attorneys are saying, no. the violation of right to privacy. others say using information could save lives. let's check in with theresa garcia. >> well, good morning. you know, the holiday season is usually the time when more donations come in to help other families have a nice meal this time of year. but the problem is that second harvest food bank here and many others around the bay area are rally struggling to serve the hungry. you've got salvation army. that's one of many non-profits. they're putting you out calls for food and money to buy more food. all the traditional fixings from turkeys, potatoes and pumpkin and apple pies. san jose salvation army has only 68 donated turkeys. that's less than half of the demand. the shortage is even worse at the antioch facility which serves all of even contra costa county. it's set to provide thanksgiving food boxes to family but only has seven turkeys.
6:56 am
since the recession began several years ago, bay area food banks have seen the need increase but at this point those donations are not needed for demand for help. more holiday donations, turkeys hot demand. perhaps if possible when you go to buy a turkey for your dinner table, by a second one to donate. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> final check on weather and traffic. mike? >> we'll start with the current conditions. good morning. chilly in the valleys with 30s but up to 50 los gatos, fremont and san francisco. this afternoon we won't see the microclimates like we do in the morning. most of us mid to upper 60s. 71 santa rosa and oakland. those microclimates do return tonight with temperatures mid to upper 30s morgan hill, fairfield, napa, santa rosa. all the rest of us low to mid-40s. fremont, san mateo and san francisco upper 40s. check more of the same through the weekend with temperatures actually warmer in the
6:57 am
afternoon. the heat will peak sunday and monday with temperatures a good 5 to 8 degrees above average. we'll start to see those average temperatures come back wednesday and thursday but no rain until possibly a week and a half from now. frances. >> friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza which was open 74 years ago. you did have to pay tolls both ways until 1969. of course, it was much cheaper then. the hot spot we've been following is westbound 580 through livermore. even though the earlier accident is gone. still causing about half hour delays right now for your drive times from 205 out of tracy to 680. north 101 a little sluggish because of an earlier crash but mainly friday light traffic elsewhere and mass transit systems reporting no delays. >> mike has to use three words in the same sentence i thought i'd never hear. heat, peak, november. how about that! thanks for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> an update at 7:24.
6:58 am
6:59 am