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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 13, 2010 8:00am-9:00am PST

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in the news this saturday morning, november 13th, san francisco police are investigating a recent rash of attacks by robbers using pepper spray on their victims. and state health officials find three bay area hospitals for medical misconduct. >> good morning. a wind advisory in the bay area that is going to bring warmer weather all weekend. >> i'm teresa garcia. a new crime wave has hit the streets of san francisco and a weapon of choice is pepper spray. police say young men have been spraying the faces of their victims and stealing belongings. there have been five attacks since wednesday. amy hollyfield reports. >> reporter: she was leaving a
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friend's house when she sue a distraught woman on the sidewalk. >> she was crying and wiping her eyes. she had five or six police officers around her. >> the woman had been robbed, they sprayed pepper spray in her face and hit her in the head and stole her purse. ten minutes earlier they hit in unlikely neighborhood, lower pacific heights. >> it makes me feel like i need to carry my own pepper spray. i don't know what else to say. i felt safe on the streets so it's concerning. >> there has been five attacks since wednesday. a sixth one happened tuesday inside a store on market street. a man sprayed the face of an employee and got away with some watches. the only one involving a store and police don't know if it's related. >> great way to do it if you want to do it but it sucks
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because considered one of the safest cities. i don't know how you would take care of that. >> reporter: investigators don't flow if the same men are committing all the crimes. it's possible a couple of robbers pulled it off, bragged to their friends and friends went out and tried it themselves. >> i would be very startled. i hope it doesn't happen again. hopefully the police will catch them and put a stop to it. >> the robbers have attacked men and women of all ages. >> it's troubling because i walk my dog at night. >> investigators here at northern station were working two cases independently but they figured out officers have similar cases. now, they are comparing notes and looking at the broad picture. at this point no arrests have been made. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." a man accused of beating a
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priest who allegedly abused him as a child intends to use those charges against him as a platform. william lynch was arrested for beating a priest who has been accused by many people of sexual abuse. lisa amin gulezian reports from san jose. >> sur9 emergency. >> i need the police immediately >> sacred heart receptionist sounded panicked and out of breath on may 10th after she described what happened in the center's parlor. >> he came up and i have no idea he was beating up on the attacker. >> he is william lynch, 43-year-old is accused of brutally beating the father gerald linner. >> he denies attacking him but the two have a history. he and his brother who the former priest of sexual abuse. they received a $625,000
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settlement back in 1998. statute of limitations ran out and linner who denies everything was never charged with a crime. >> harmed so many children and families, it's not just the child, it's the family, as well. >> outside santa clara superior court, they made it clear which side the demonstrators were on. they paint a different picture blaming lynch for a premeditated attack on a 65-year-old man in a retirement home. >> we believe, all members of society, irrespective of it. >> this is a man who should be in the one in front of the judge right now, not the gentleman standing next to him. >> he plans to plead not guilty to the charges but he called the associated press, somebody needs to be a face for this abuse and i am prepared to put myself on the line. >> if he is found guilty he could spend four years in prison but the prosecutor says he could be eligible for probation.
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lynch will be back in court december 7th. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> this morning a patient from the napa state mental hospital is back in custody but the facility is not releasing any details. just last month a criminally insane patient killed a nurse at the hospital. that has ignited a call for better security. california department of public health has slapped three bay area hospitals with fines for medical misconduct. they include california pacific medical center in san francisco, petaluma valley hospital and ucsf medical center. nine other hospitals in california were also fined mostly for leaving objects in patients after surgery. they were fined for two incidents in which a surgical sponge was left inside the surgery. ucsf is contesting the penalty which was a small piece of drill
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bit that was left inside their patient. at pete aluminum, a sponge was left inside a patient there after surgery. five employees with the san francisco school district are the focus of a criminal probe. according to the san francisco chronicle they are investigating whether those employees received money from community groups they hired to do work at schools. some payments involved, grants for afterschool programs, one time payments range up to $40,000. they all worked for the support services department. >> there are dozens of friends of a san francisco city college nursing student who were rallying in front of senator barbara boxer's office urging to stop deportation. >> bring steve home! >> 20-year-old steve lee is set to be deported to peru on monday. he is currently in federal detention in arizona. he came to the u.s. with his parents at age 12 and didn't
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know about his immigration status. boxer's staff met with lee's mother and attorneys but she says she won't introduce a personal bill just for him. >> san francisco police are looking for the driver who dragged an officer for a short distance alongside an suv. police pulled over the vehicle yesterday afternoon in the hayes valley neighborhood as part of a narcotics investigation. police say during the stop, the driver made some type of movement toward the center console and the officer reached in and grabbed his arm. he dragged the officer with him. another officer opened fire on the suv. nobody was hurt. the vehicle was found abandoned a few blocks away. a hercules -- excuse me. the california attorney general's race is too close to call. the official count shows hair west a slight lead to cooly
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49.8%, it's a difference of about 8800 votes. they found 150,000 votes not reported by the stated. newspaper's count shows harris shows his lead by 3600 votes. in hercules a city councilmember may face charges of drunken driving and carrying a concealed weapon after he was pulled over yearly in week. police say 65-year-old joe eddie mcdonald was stopped after he made an illegal turn. he had one cocktail at lunch but didn't think he was intoxicated. he plans to contest any charges. police also found a loaded firearm in the glove compartment of his car. mcdonald lost his re-election bid last week. >> coming up, president obama meets with the leaders of china and japan hoping to boost free trade with the world's two biggest economies.
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president obama is finishing up his asian tour right now at a trade center in japan. he had hoped to come back with victories to boost trade but he met with tougher than expected resistance. >> reporter: speak to asian business leaders he said the u.s. economy can benefit from the growing economy here. >> in today's interconnected world what happens in japan or indonesia has a direct effect on the lives of the american people. >> he continued to press the case for more imports to air
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island an wants to double the goods sold there in the next five years. >> for america this is a job strategy. with every one billion dollars we sell in exports, 5,000 jobs are supported at home. >> reporter: but top agenda items he will be going home largely empty-handed. no agreement on a trade deal with south korea. they continue convince them to open the markets. no breakthrough on the issue of chinese currency. they are deliberately under overhauling the yuan. he says healthy competition is good but it's necessary. >> there is no way to view trade or economic growth as zero. >> one thing to take away, trade
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deals with india that will total ten billion dollars in u.s. exports and support more than 50,000 american jobs. >> no surprise, the white house is pushing back the notion that the trip was a failure. they said today that disagreements were exaggerated. president obama is publicly welcoming this morning's release of a woman who symbolizings the struggle of democracy yyanmar. she was released at the end of the latest seven and a half years imprisonment. she wore a smile and a flower in her hair as they sang the national anthem. 65-year-old noble peace laureate has 15 of the last 21 years in detention. for many people living under
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yyanmar's military regime she personifies the quest for freedom. >> first a 10% bonus pay and now google the executives are getting a 30% raise. their annual salaries jumped to $650,000. they also got equity awards totaling 55 amendment this year. google's two cofounders will continue to earn a dollar a year. their fortunes are wrapped up in google stock. palo alto facebook is set to announce a service. it's expected on monday. they will offer users their own e-mail address at there is a warning for computer users who connect to wi-fi in public places. someone sitting nearby you could be stealing your identity, firesheep allows them to intercept data and allows a
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total stranger to capture your account. >> they can hijack your account or anybody using fire sheep can hijack your account. >> it's up to you to be aware. >> websites acquire a password that log in but many don't encrypt such a transmission. facebook did not return our call for comment. firesheep has been downloaded 800,000 times. >> and taking a look at the weather. >> some of our valleys in the north bay, in the 30s and now in the 40s and 50s except livermore already 60 degrees. we're on our way to a warmer and windier weekend. forecast is coming up. >> and also ahead, 19 year reign of a northern california comes to an end. gtoaoaoanaoaoaoñ
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good morning, thanks for waking up this morning with us as we embark into the weekend in the middle of november. beautiful picture on top of one our stations, you see the transamerica building and the sunshine above. it is going to be a beautiful day. clear skies. it will be a bit chilly and
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we'll talk to lisa argen for all the weather details coming up. there is anticipation this morning as commercial crab fishermen make the start of dungeness crab season. they have been reeling in their batches of dungeness crab last sunday and bigger catch and wholesale prices could fall below $2 a pound. they report ongoing negotiations for this season's catch is coming around 1.75 per inch pound. what a great weekend to go out and go fishing but the winds you were saying. >> especially in the higher elevations, we have light wind right now. out of north and east and off shore component. live look from outside, mount tamalpais, a little bit of haze over the next three days, the temperatures will warm. winds are going to pick up and already under a wind advisory in the bay area.
8:20 am
we will see the winds continue to pick up but right now, not much going on. we're looking at warming already at 60 in livermore and 50 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. plenty of 40s and 50s. possible are gong gone. you were that chilly in menlo park and napa and parts of the north bay this morning. right now, everyone really is well above where they were yesterday. so already 11 degrees warmer in fremont. 18 degrees warmer in livermore and probably feel it and by the delta, 12 degrees warmer but on the coast the half moon bay, los gatos, clear skies draining in the lower elevations. highlights, breezy and warmer this weekend, compliments of an onshore flow. gusty winds, 1,000, 2,000 feet and cooler days will arrive on tuesday but still dry weather. wind advisory in effect now until 10:00 monday. north bay mountains, delta, east
8:21 am
bay hills, diablo range, north-northeast winds, 20-40 miles an hour. 50-60 miles an hour above 2,000 feet. if we didn't have the recent rains we would be talking high fire danger but even so the gusty winds could loosen tree limbs. we could have a power outage. temperatures in the 70s in the sacramento valley and coast going up seven to eight degrees for 68 in monterey. double barrel high pressure and building in to the pacific northwest and flow around that high is off shore. we're going to get that heating and down sloping winds and the nights not so cool and afternoons above normal. we're talking 70s pretty much for everybody. if not, close to it. 72 in santa clara. 73 in campbell and tonight warmer. if you like it dry and mild, you are in luck. peninsula warming to 70s.
8:22 am
san mateo and at our coast, upper 70s and half moon bay, about 66 downtown. 71 in downtown and santa rosa with 76 for your high. stinson beach, bodega bay, upper 60s. low 70s for oakland today with 72 in fremont and out over the hills. if you can find a wind shelter it will feel nice, 74 but higher elevations pretty gusty. accu-weather seven-day forecast, even warmer tomorrow, on the order of about 2 degrees right through monday and more seasonal into the middle of next week but still no rain come maybe friday. >> it looks like a great week ahead, even with the rain. and in sports, tonight the
8:23 am
warriors wrap up a five-game road trip in milwaukee hoping to finish 3-2 and yesterday the new owners took control of the team. here a larry beil with the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. for a long suffering warrior fans it's like the berlin wall coming down. the deal has been approved by the board of governors at new owners ending the chris kohen regime. they have been going at $400 million transaction. he has never been involved in more complex deal. new owners orchestrated the departure of don nelson that signed off on major moves like the acquisition of david lee and hold a news conference next week. lee is coming back to the bay area to have surgery on his arm. he had fragments of chandler's tooth embedded in his forearm
8:24 am
and infection has developed. david lee could be out for a couple of weeks. historic night, timberwolves and knicks. kevin went for 31 and 31. moses malone was the last person to do such a thing. t-wolves 112-103. >> last week, he said luck is like a cheetah. and he that ta will lead stanford against arizona state in the desert. they have a shot at bcs bowl game. here he is trying to protect the quarterback. >> like a cheetah out there. he is chasing down and he has to run 50 to 60 miles an hour and
8:25 am
he is going to end up starving, just like a quarterback, you don't want him to break a finger or get a swollen thumb. >> what is he talking about? a huge problem, he has to crank up the catholic offense. oregon in town averaging over 50 points per inch game. nobody thinks cal has a prayer but the bears are prepared to shock the world. >> we're the only team in the country that is playing that way and this is basically our bcs game. liberty awesome to be able to play them. >> epic clash in high school football, de lasalle hasn't lost to northern california team in 19 years. battle of the unbeatens, lucas
8:26 am
dun and spartans would take the lead 23-3. only to see the grizzlies come back in the fourth. fires on the run, mesa, what a catch. and back of the end zone. three minutes left they go for the on-site kick. they appear to recover but there was a penalty on the play. de lasalle takes over and another touchdown run up the middle and de lasalle survives and wins the game 31-17 to remain undefeated. >> college basketball season, cal women defending hosting rutgers. cal faithful fired up for the start of a new season. first half, she had a game high of 16. to the second half, eliza, through the lanes, sweet finish
8:27 am
with the left hand. cal on a 22-6 second half rolls. and stallworth with lefty hook. cal opens with a win, 66-57. we have arizona and usc football with a 5:00 p.m. kick off followed by another edition of after the game. have a great weekend, i'm larry beil. >> the oakland police department reveals new evidence in the shooting of an ununarmed man. and retailers are jumping on
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yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. good morning, we have developing news out of fairfield this morning, police are searching for a suspect believed to have shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and another man at her apartment complex early this
8:30 am
morning. last night police first responded to a domestic dispute at the complex involving the ex-woman's boyfriend. they believe he returned early this morning and shot both people. he is as 50-year-old man from fairfield. >> they have identified the officers that shot and killed a man monday night. they show what they believed he was holding as he tried to run away from police. lilian kim reports. there is police murder. >> friends, family and community activists protested for the second straight day in front of the oakland barbershop where the spot where 37-year-old derek jones was killed by police. they identified the member as
8:31 am
swat member who has been with the department for three years. and another officer for four years. >> we want them arrested and we want them tried and convicted and sentenced to the maximum of the law. >> the d.a.'s office and police department homicide and internal affairs unit are investigating the shooting that took place after a brief foot chase. police say jones refused to surrender, kept reaching into his waistband and had a shiny object which was a electronic scale, silver colored. a former police officer who now trains law enforcement on the use of weapons. he says officers may have mistaken the scale for a gun. >> the officers have to react to it. they can't say, is it a firearm and waits that extra secretary because you don't have a second to zbliat but friends and family aren't buying it. they hope pressure will put the officer in jail. >> they should be embarrassed if
8:32 am
it was a scale because -- meaningless to take someone's life over a scale. >> we don't care. a scale. how insignificant. that does not warrant the taking of my brother's life. >> there lab community meeting at 4:00 p.m. organizers say the purpose of the gathering is to seek justice for jones as well as for oscar grant who was shot by johannes mehserle. he was sentenced for two years in prison last week. turning to the economy, black friday is still two weeks away but retailers are already starting to offer some of their big holiday discounts. why wait? there is growing optimism that customers may be willing to spend more this holiday season. how stores will do almost everything to buy, buy, buy. >> it's all retail wants for the
8:33 am
holiday. dragged down by the recession 2008 and 2009 were hardly festive for business but things are looking up. according to the credit card companies, retail sales are up 3%. they have added three times as many seasonal workers as last season and one of bellwether's macy's is unexpected profits. >> there is a lot of products out there to stimulate buying. >> the christmas lights have been strung up, they tell us they are tired of not spending money. what better time to start shopping than the holidays. >> that is why big business like never before is getting a head start. best buy kicked off early black friday sale yesterday. holiday sales at target begin sunday before thanksgiving and amazon launches online sale a
8:34 am
full week before cyber monday. >> wal-mart is offering free shipping, but not just the stores doing big, popcorn store is hiring a dozen employees for the holidays. >> we're well above the average of any other year and so much of it is fourth quarter. >> after the last couple of years, this is the only present that retailers really need. if you want to head out shopping, outdoor is going to be a bit sunny? >> absolutely. today, much warmer than yesterday. sun continues all weekend long but there is a tradeoff. winds picking up. wind advisory across the bay area and we'll tell but it next. >> also ahead, the endangered species that are dying inside a state park and the frustration of a local
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8:37 am
>> a judge has indeed a request an injunction that would have forced the fish and game department to sue the state department. the endangered species that are dying in the pescadero marsh. as wayne freedman reports the battle is just beginning. >> sometimes an image can be deceiving. that may be the case at pescadero marsh along the sandy coast. it's peaceful and quiet. >> i think it's a ecological disaster. >> reporter: he blames state department and fish game and state parks. they filed suit against those agencies charge theg have violated the endangered species act they are mandated to protect a judge ordered immediate compliance. >> they seeing the state because they have mismanaged the resource. it looked beautiful but it's
8:38 am
void of wildlife. >> in the process they expanded it but it changed the quality of the water. what should regulate the salt water has rushed it over killing endangered fresh water including the garter snake and red legged frog. >> they need to be able to breathe. >> reporter: it's not as if this group wanted to bring action against the state. they are paying for the lawsuit themselves. but after is a years of complaints they felt they weren't getting any solutions. >> the complaints were long term. >> what do they say? >> we're going study it more. >> reporter: study that would include the dead steelhead. they say there have been a kill like this every year since 1996. >> when you hear the state say they need nor studies? >> they are stonewalling. they don't want to do anything.
8:39 am
>> a spokesman told us, quote, we're not sure a suit will iron out the differences between experts. there seems to be no consensus to a cause or what solution will work. this is frustrating for all of us, to him and his group, it sounds like more of the same and a double standard. if a private citizen did this on his own land, the state would be all over him. >> they would be charging and prosecuting us to the fullest and fining us and most likely incarcerating us. >> but the state doesn't charge the state so far. so you say hold them to the own standard. >> if they can't get the state to do it, try the courts. it was such clear skys, maybe the san mateo coast is good place to go for outdoor walking? >> temperatures are coming up. mount diablo, 3800 feet, winds are up to 56 miles an hour.
8:40 am
even above thousand feet and 2,000 feet, we'll see the winds pick up and from vollmer peak, it looks nice and kuay and high pressure is to the north of us. that is going to allow for a dry warmer weekend, especially around here. it will be enjoyable but hiking or biking, it's going to get windy out there. we had 30s early on in the valleys around menlo park. also in novato, we dropped into the 30s but now with the gusty winds in the east bay, livermore has warmed to off degrees. 55 in antioch and fairfield. 56 in mountain view and san jose. fremont, 11 degrees warmer. delta, 12 degrees warmer but chilly areas where the cold air drains into the valley, you are cooler in novato and half moon bay. highlights, we're talking about a breezy and with your weekend.
8:41 am
that will keep the temperatures up overnight but it will quite gusty above thousand feet and cooler days starting tuesday, the rain you ask, it's really not in the offering until the end of next week. wind advisory has gone into effect and winds will continue to pick up all weekend long. north bay mountains, carquinez straits and diablo range will see those gusty winds. if you are hiking out there, some of the tree limbs could be falling. we have moisture out there so we don't have to worry about the fire danger too much. 70 in fresno. 71 in fremont. those winds translate go into the 80s down in southern california. saw a warm day there but cool in the mountains with 47 in tahoe but sunny everywhere except for extreme northwest california with a little bit of precip. we've got a dry pattern locked in for the next several days.
8:42 am
really this area of high pressure building into the north of us. we look for the cool nights, mild afternoons, you saw not only warmer than yesterday but above normal. that trend continues for the entire weekend even into monday. look for highs in the low 70s, san jose. 72, cupertino. 70s for menlo park and san mateo. at our coast, 68 half moon bay, 71 downtown, about 6 degrees where we should be for this time of the year. 68 bodega bay. 73 vallejo, more 70 here's here. newark, 70 and 73 pleasanton and sunny and mild with 72 in salinas. we'll continue to warm just a bit through monday. a little cooler and chance of rain on friday. keep in mind some gusty winds out there.
8:43 am
>> if you are heading out on the water, get a little windy. >> a little choppy out there. >> and a world where there is constant worry about keeping personal medical information private a bay area team of filmmakers are going in the other direction. they got unprecedented access to highland hospital and they uploaded the video. when we saw it, we had to find out more about their film called the wait room. >> daily life at high land hospital, captured by a video crew with plans to make each patient's story matter. >> i was injured on the job. i gave 110% of my body to the company. >> i just got out of prison. >> some arrive in critical
8:44 am
condition. >> others are here because there is no place else to turn. >> i was having a hard time finding employment. we lost our home. >> i am basically retired, i have very little income. >> i don't have any more health benefits. i have to come up here to get my epilepsy medication. >> documentary film maker spent the past five months in the waiting room. this is a public hospital that never turns anyone away. >> it's visually an incredibly diverse sight. you start to look and talk to people you realize it's a remarkable of our health care policy. >> the idea here is as people waited for medical care they have a chance to share what is on their minds. >> the crew has shot 150 hours of video that will eventually be a documentary but a lot of it is
8:45 am
online right now organization a website called, what are you waiting for? from a young woman who refuses to identify the men who attacked her. >> to another young woman looking for her future? >> i believe the medicine would affect people's life and at a young age -- >> they are hoping to put a video booth in the biagt room so people can record their stories when no film crew is there. >> i am 17 years old, to think about what you're going through the rest of your life. >> it's voluntary. >> we have to work hard when we have a film crew coming into an environment where people demand privacy. but at the same time we want to mow about what is going on in
8:46 am
very complex system like the health care system. >> it's so surprising how eager people are in a moment of pain to share. >> they know there would be good and bad comments about patient care. >> it really helps particularly those that are in day to day trenches of health care. it helps us connect us back to go back to the point of what we do. that was dan ashley reporting. we got most of the video from ureport powered by youtube. you can show us what you have. upload your video to us or e-mail photos. to see more of the video, we have a link, what are you waiting for site at
8:47 am 7 on your side is next. >>
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good morning, waking up it's 8:49 and beautiful look around the bay. this is camera from emeryville, water looks so still and you see a little bit of haze. today, a lot of sunshine. good morning, pretty cool. where we're headed, i'll leave that up to lisa argen to give you more details. >> there are credit cards that give you cash back rewards for certain purchases. some customers found the favorite grocery store did not
8:50 am
and they called 7 on your side for help. here is michael finney with the story. >> linda says most of her grocery shopping does it here, at good earth nationality foods in marin county. it's far more than shopping a national chain. >> the food is wholesome and you smell flesh food. >> linda finds everything she needs here, fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish and milk and eggs. she was surprised when her credit card company said these were not groceries. >> i don't think it's fair to be discriminating against one type of food. >> linda uses american express blue cash card that gives customers up to 5 percent cash back for all the groceries buy but not if you buy them here. >> they didn't say it was limited.
8:51 am
>> according to this statement, safeway and igh are indeed grocery stores but not good earth. co-owner called american express to find out if organic, local products don't qualify as groceries. >> a grocery store. why can't our customer appreciate the same rewards. i have a respectful call the next week we were simply not eligible. the program is set up for bigger retailers than us. >> american express told him good earth is not a grocery store, that it is a specialty store. good earth shoppers we spoke with were surprised to hear they weren't buying groceries. >> peanut butter, eggs and cheese. >> i don't think eggs is specialty food and i don't think chicken. they are driving to go to places
8:52 am
like albertson's and safeway. >> she wouldn't give up her favorite grocery store but we got involved and things changed rapidly after that. we questioned american express about the grocery policy and the company did a complete about-face. american express, we updated our records so that our blue cash card members will now be bonus for every day purchases at good earth. customers will get cash back for shopping good earth. american express did not explain why the rewards were previously qualifies. >> it's very cool. >> american express it will reimburse customer forces rewards they should have earned so far this year. if you notice you are not getting cash back, call the number on the back of your card and if that doesn't work, let me know about it. go to and click on
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7 on your side. coming up next, a largest urban event in the country. ♪ >> this is movement born in oakland and it's gone globobobob [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half.
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the largest urban dance event in the country and among the people that will perform is a teen group from oakland. don sanchez shows what happened to them since our last story in september. ♪ >> world of dance competition. taking room on the floor. it started in oakland. >> it's all free form style dancing. >> acrobatic and hip-hop.
8:56 am
they see this creativity as positive influence, changing negative perception about young people in east oakland. >> we started it. show them there was something other than violence in oakland. ♪ >> this was the first video, a tribute to the brother who was killed in a traffic accident. it's become a phenomenon, 1.6 million hits on youtube. >> 1.6 million is like, late, lets me make sure it's the right video. >> it was a revelation. >> once you see them dance it was important. >> it's considered experimental in france and you recognize some of the moves.
8:57 am
>> dance, truly an international language. it's inspired a new generation. and his dancing partner is five years old. the video is a turning point. a chance for a bright future. they are looking for a sponsor and the opportunity to show the world turfing. ♪ ♪ >> very cool. the little ones getting into it. very cool. >> you can see chirping at the world of dance in vallejo and we do have link. if you are headed outside, one last look at the weather. >> right now the winds aren't too bad but we do have a wind advisory even through monday morning where the winds in the higher elevations will affect
8:58 am
the north bay mountains, carquinez strait and diablo range, we could see gusts up to 60 miles an hour. but at the surface, warming up to the 70s all around the bay. it will stay dry and mild right now week. >> go out and enjoy it. thanks for joining us for this week. have a good weekend. bye-bye.
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