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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> alan: good evening. the manhunt continues for a far meeld man accused of shooting two people to death. the search has expanded to the u.s. mexico border. ricardo deheon killed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. >> reporter: the coroner just released the name of the victim. she is 45-year-old maria teronez. he died at 2:00 this morning. the name of the other victim has not been released. they do believe that the killer is the ex-boyfriend of the woman and he is still though run tonight. fairfield police say ricardo
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martinez was waiting for his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, and ambushed them as the walked through her apartment complex parking lot. >> i heard her screaming, that's when i told my husband, he just killed whoever. and he did. he killed her. right outside my door, and her new boyfriend. >> residents had seen martinez before and knew the victim had a restraining order against him. somed a even heard him threaten her. >> he told her he would kill her if he wouldn't leave with her. >> reporter: it still came as a shock when it actually happened. >> seen him before. i've seen him before over here. but i didn't know he was going to do that. good grief. >> reporter: police believe martinez is on the run and could be driving a white dodge van with a blue stripe license played 8h03092. or he might be a n a white 1994
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ford s-250 pickup truck with oregon plates, 100bwe. >> we haven't found him yes. i assume he is still alive and we're actively looking for him. >> the s.w.a.t. team searched his fairfield home this afternoon and acted as if martinez was inside. they went inside with their weapons drawn, but the house was empty. >> we didn't really think he would be here but there was no way to confirm he wasn't without going in and checking. >> reporter: the victim datedhart for six years and broke up with him four months ago, accusing him of physically abusing her. >> a nice lady, very helpful to everybody. >> reporter: police say they have no reason to believe that martinez is still in the area. and right now they're working the phones, reaching out to agencies across the country, letting them know he is out
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there and they want to catch hi. nature touch with the federal authorities to keep an eye out for him on the border. they want people to considered him armed and dangerous. >> alan: san francisco police shut down a block of fisherman's wharf when they suspected a juggler was using hive -- live hand grenades in his act. after an hour, police re-opened the street and announced the juggler was using fake grenade. >> two men and a dog were rescued after the got trapped though side of a cliff at lands end park. they ventured into the closed area near the legion of honor. they climbed down a cliff but couldn't get back to higher ground. rescue workers had to use a ropeline to pull the men and their dog to safety. except for the scare, everyone
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is care. it's a favorite trail. a group of pastors, anding a activist and determined to pursue justice for derek jones, the unarmed man shot to death by the police last month. the jones family attended the moafnlgt oakland police say jones ran for him, then reached for a shiny object that turned out to be a small scale. >> he was a man who stood up and won against police brutality and harassment. so he was on a lift and that was not a random shooting by the police. that was political target. >> alan: his family says perk was harassed by police 21 years ago, his family filed a lawsuit that was settled and ended in at the termination of two police officers. >> president obama has just left japan for the united states, ending a ten-day asian tour. the president made a final push
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on selling u.s. goods to the rest of the world. we was meeting with asian leaders as an economic summit. >> reporter: call him the salesman in chief. all week president obama has been trying to convince asian leaders to open markets to is manufacturers and goods. he told business leaders asian markets are critical to american economic growth. >> in today's world, what happens in japan or china or indonesia also has a direct effect on the lives and fortunes of the american people. >> reporter: the president's focus on trade is tied to his most pressing issue at home. >> for america, it's a job extra. with every $1 billion in experts, 5,000 jobs are support ited a home. >> he issued a warning. the united states can no longer serve as the world's consumer. >> no nation should assume their path to prosperity is paved with exports exports to america.
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>> there have been bruising economic set backs on the trip. no agreement with south korea. mr. obama could not convince them to open-under their market to american cars and brief. no break through on chinese currency. the president said he'll make no apologies for trying to create american jobs, and said healthy competition can be good for global economic growth. no surprise, the white house is pushing back against the notion the trip was a failure to. the security adviser said that disagreements were exaggerated. traveling with the president in japan. >> alan: a group of neonazis marching in phoenix were met by an angry group. police in full riot gear pushed back the protestors to make way for the neonazis. they lobbed tear gas to break up
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the grounds. the neonazis were asking for more rights for white people and calling for an end to immigration. one of the world's most famous political prisonerses is free. the government of me myanmar released aung san suu kyi from police arrest. >> a few steps forward for democracy. aung san suu kyi was greanted -- greeted with cheers and flowers by supporters after being a prisoner in her own home for seven and a half years. i've not seen you all for a long time, she told them. the military dictatorship has ended her latest or deal. the latest price she paid as a crusader for democracy. the 65-year-old nobel peace prize nobodile lawyer yet has
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been under police arrest for 1 years. president obama said she is a hero of mine and it's time for them to release all political prisoners. her release gave heart to activists. >> she cannot only address to the people of burma who are waiting so long for her release, and also to the international community. >> reporter: myanmar has one of the world's worst human rights record after 48 years of brutal military rule. >> the government of burma does not represent the people of burma. the feelings among burmese people is that aung san suu kyi represents the people of burma. >> she refuses to give up on her dream. a free myanmar. on sunday, she will meet with her supporters. >> alan: former president george bush says he misses the good old days of being president. he was in florida to promote his
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autobiography to people at retirement community. he says he misses the perks of being president, like the convenience of air force one and never getting stuck in traffic. today mr. bush had plenty of crowd approval. people were lining up to get a signed copy of his book. the straining sighting on ocean beach. thousands of jelly fish scattered across the sand for no apparent reason. in the midwest, an early season snow storm causes big problems for people trying to get from one place to another. >> leigh: no snow here. definitely some mild temperatures. clear skies out there tonight. temperatures in some locations still in the mid-60s. we have some stiff winds in the higher el indications.1s1s1s
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fast and furious throughout the day in the twin cities as the white stuff continued to accumulate. thousands of residents reported power outages. officials issued winter storm warnings for three mid-western states. in iowa it was an annoyance. >> hold off until christmas. >> reporter: but a happy time. coming so soon after halloween. roads were not jammed. >> doesn't matter if it's four-wheel drive or two-we'll drive, going to act the same way. >> usually takes a week or so for people to remember how to drive in the snow. >> reporter: knee near white out conditions made travel treacherous, accidents littered the highways in duluth. a foot or more of snow is expected to be on the ground in some areas by sunday. one culp refused to let the snow
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stop the show. they got married at a -- had a snowball fight and took pictures by the lake. >> alan: there's a garage sale of bernie madoff's home. his stuff is being auctioned off to get money back to the clines he bilked. the highest draw was a ring that brought in $550,000. also up for grabs, a pea -- piano and his slippers. he is serving a life sentence for his ponzi scream. a very special motivational speaker was in san francisco tonight. nick was born without arms and legs but that hasn't stopped him. that's one reason local churches invited him to be here. he held nothing back and showed no shame how he had to be carried to the podium, and
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shared how he went from a life without limbs to a life without limits. it looks like he had a big impact. >> thousands of jelly fish have been washing ashore in san freafnls scientists have been getting reports of millions of these floating off the coast since april and they say it's not unusual. they're likely moon jelly fish, which are common. they say some of them drift close to land and fete caught in the surf, where they wash asher at high tide and die. commercial crab fishermen are about to set their tracks for the start of dungeness crab season. the first boats good out tomorrow, and they can begin collecting their catch just after midnight monday morning. sports fishermen have already been reeling in their portion of the catch. a bigger catch is expected, so whole sale prices could follow below last year's prices.
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i had some last night and it was good. >> leigh: night weather out there tomorrow. we have clear skies. temperatures in some locationness the upper 60s. thanks to the offshore winds. this is a live shot from the mt. tamalpais camera. the gusts at the 1800-foot level, up to 30 miles-per-hour. we have gusts reported in oakland hills above the thousand foot level at 26 miles-per-hour, and diablo bright now, at the 3,000-foot level, reporting wind gusts at 56. so definitely breezy. the higher elevations, silver star, getting wind speed of calm in many locations. here's some current readings. 63 in antioch. fairfield, 67. napa, 62. novato, 66. we have 59 in san francisco. 54 in oakland. 53 in mountain view, and 55 in
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clear sky in san jose. we'll continue with clear conditions tonight. it will be breezy of the hills for sunday, and then temperatures trend downword heading into the latter part of next week. here's a look at some temperatures for later this evening. still going to keep it quite mild, and we look for mid-to-upper 40s in the east bay locations. near 50s near the ocean as well as the bay, and oakland getting down to 52. this is pretty much the setup. double-barrel high pressure, and this is bringing us offshore north to northeast winds tomorrow. that will bring us some mild days ahead. temperatures tomorrow in some locations near 80 degrees. it is posing problems at the higher elevations, and we have a wind advisefully effect tonight through monday morning, the northeasterly winds will guest -- gust up to 40, maybe
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50 miles-per-hour above the 2,000-foot level, and above the thousand foot level, 20 miles-per-hour gusts. so keep that in mind. sunday, enjoy it. lots of sunshine. back up into the 70s. 76 for san jose. the coast, half moon bay, 72. palo alto, 74. redwood city, 74. san francisco, mild, 7 2. north bay, near 80 for some locations. 80 for santa rosa. oakland tomorrow, 7 4. union city, 74. and interior east bay valleys, temperatures close to 80. 78 for brentwood. concord, 75. santa cruz, 74. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll keep this string of mild weather in effect through tuesday. by wednesday and thursday, that ridge of high pressure breaks down, the clouds move in, and the next chance of showers could
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be next friday. >> alan: thank you very much, leigh. coming up, the cal bears almost take down the number one team in the nation, but oregon held off the bears to remain undefeated. shu is going to tell you more about it. búbúbúgtosuxoaus
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>> alan: earlier today we were joking around how cal didn't stand much of a chance against oregon. >> mike: you were joking around. top ranked oregon came to berkeley looking to remain undefeated. the bears let this one slip airport. getting the student body fired up. got to love that. second quarter, bears 7-0. harris fields a punt at his open 36. had some serious speed.
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gets outside, cuts back inside. 64-yard, two-point conversion, 8-7. early in the third. same score. vereen fumbles, thomas finds mail, and the delivers. 29 yards, ducks on top. the bears rally. later, falls on the full until the end zone. that's a touchdown. cal's defensive heroics fails. in the fourth, the 24-yard field goal gives cal the lead, but called for illegal motion. has to kicked again. only 29 yards. my goodness. pushes it right and that was the difference. cal's upset falls short. >> you have a chance to win the football game and didn't get done. when you pour your heart and sole intoing in and give the effort you alive and lay it on the field and come away, there's no consolation to it.
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>> mike: stanford and arizona in the desert. stanford 7-0. asu ties it up. steven threet. a quarterback keeper. second quarter, threet looking for his second td. tattooed by michael thomas. andrew luck, only been sacked three times this year. but he drops and fulls. devils recover. 7-7 at the half. third quarter, asu takes the lead by three. late in the game, stanford catch0s couple breaks. called for a little horse collar there. that's a penalty. that sets up another score. stanford takes the lead, and 17-13 is your final. stanford improving to 9-1. >> golden state's five game road trip ended in milwaukee, and
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>> mike: the warriors trying to end their trip on a winning note. jennings from can you y. salmons alone in the corner. bucks up 15 to the third, here comes ellis. two of his 24. in the fourth, a little stop and pop. warriors within sex, -- within six. 79-72 the final. sharks hosting the flames. san jose up 2-1.
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pafl cityski fines the net for the first time in nine games. in the third, clough to cloture. goes top shelf. sharks win it. san jose earthquakes and the avalanche. culp the rapids win 1-nil, and the quakes are eliminated. arlington texas, cowboy stadium, pacquiao makes history, beating margarito. the first boxer to win titles in eight different classes, beating margarito to a pulp. pacquiao is 3-2-with 38 knockouts, 49ers hosting the rams. got a sneaky feeling they're auditioning troy smith for next
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year. a lot of things going on in the organization. >> alan: a lot of dysfunction. and pacquiao the first elected official -- >> mike: sure. cowboys stadium. something worth watching in cowboy stadium. >> alan: that's its for us. for all of us here, thanks for stair up light. hpnxnxnxnxgtoaoñ
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