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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a story in a live report. >> here's a live look. ferry building. notice the flag. it tells you everything you need to know. breezy overnight. kept temperatures up. still near 70s in san francisco. we're going to have record highs today. i'll tell you where. >> all right. here's a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza. now keep both hands on the wheel. in addition to the warm temperatures mike was talking about, very windy conditions across the span but so far no major hot spots. >> 5 a.m. on this back to work monday. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's beginning with developing news at tipperon, a crash between a police car and the vehicle they were chasing. terry mcsweeney live with more. >> yeah. the pursuit began about 2:00 this morning. tiburon police after a suspect what turned out to a stolen car out of san leandro. and joining me now is police
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chief from tiburon, mike crohn non. where did you spot this guy and what did he do to get your attention. >> officers were parked at the intersection of tiburon boulevard. they looked to the west and saw the car had just taken out the traffic signal at bay vista and tiburon boulevard. as they watched, the car came by them. they pulled in behind him, attempted to stop him. he fled. they chased him about a mile into downtown tiburon where he reversed course, came back out tiburon boulevard and crashed a short disturbance from his first accident. >> this person, what can you tell us about him? >> we believe he's a black male about 30 years old. he fled from the car into the neighborhood along rancho which
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is between black field road and bay vista. we're searching that area for him now. we have some reason to believe he's the same man who committed a series of car thefts or thefts of vehicles rather last monday morning. and at that time we chased him. again, he fled from a car that he abandoned and we continue to look for him. >> chief mike crohn non, the tiburon police, thank you for talking to us this morning. the search goes on for this man somewhere in tiburon. they think he's still here and they're considering a yard to yard search. live in tiburon, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 5:02. san francisco police are investigating the circumstances surrounding yesterday's stabbing of a cable car operator. that operator remains in critical condition at a local hospital. the attack took place near chinatown on the powell mason line while the system was shut down for repairs. there were no tourists on board
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and police describe a vicious attack. >> how many times attacked? >> multiple time to the body and arms. life threatening injuries. there was a lot of blood at the scene. somehow he got the blood on him or on his shoes. >> a witness led police where they followed a trail of blood to the suspect's apartment. police arrested 32-year-old george wong for the attempted murder. three of the suspect's relatives were also arrested. police say they were trying to interfere with officers. >> it's 5:03. newark police are looking for the man who held up a chuck e. cheese restaurant packed with customers, including children. jenelle wang live at the scene with the story. >> newark police have no suspects in custody. they don't even have a description because the three gunmen had their faces covered. this whole thing unfolded saturday night around 10:00 at this check e. cheese on mowery school in new washing. about closing time when they stormed into the restaurant when
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children and parents were playing games and eating pizza. the robbers rounded up everyone inside, about 40 people, and put them in the storeroom while they robbed the place. the parents called 9-1-1 informing police the suspect had guns. over a dozen police officers fr from. the victims were unsure if the suspects were still inside since they were trapped in that storeroom. police secured the place and realized the suspects had already fled the scene. the only other business close by is a chevy's restaurant and those employees and customers were looked down, told to stay inc. side the restaurant until the place was secure. nobody was hurt but if you have any information on this robbery you're asked to call newark police. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 5:04 now. several people facing charges in the gang rape of a richmond high school girl are due in court this morning. the brutal assault took place on
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campus outside the school's homecoming dance in october of 2009. police arrested five teens and two adults saying others just stood by and watched. all seven entered not guilty pleas. the teens have adult charges. today they will review evidence to determine whether the case can go to trial. >> oakland police are asking for the public's help trying to determine what happened to a man found lying on the street with a severe head injury. the man remains in critical condition in the hospital. officers discovered him shortly after 10:00 saturday night on perkins street and grand avenue near the north shore of lake merritt. the man was not carrying identification with him. investigators don't know if he fell or was attacked and beaten. he appears to be about 35 years old. >> it is 5:05 now. san francisco city workers who have enjoyed free parking for years by leaving notes or placards on their dash boards are about to lose that perk. according to the san francisco examiner, the metropolitan
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transportation agency is expected to approve a code amendment tomorrow banning the informal practice. if approved, city workers will have to purchase a $924 annual parking permit beginning january 1st. the elimination of free parking percs is expected to generate $3.5 million a year for the cash-strapped agency. >> the san mateo city council is expected to approve a $5 hike in parking fines today. most fees range from 35 to $40. it increase is intended to make up for the extra money the state is taking from each parking fine. san mateo raised fines just last year. also today the city council is expected to sign off on buying 13 new police cars to replace aging vehicles. the new patrol cars will cost $315,000 apiece. 5:06 now. let's call mike in and find out what's going on with the weather. >> pulling your short sleeves back out is what's going on. >> mostly yesterday outside and
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a twinge of a sun burn developing. sounds like i didn't take my own advice and wear sunscreen. oops! >> you should listen to you. >> i should. i didn't realize i'd be outside that long. 51 menlo park, 53 concord. 54 half moon bay and 60s and 70s. amazing temperatures this morning. a lot of areas warmer than what our normal high is for this time of year. the reason the winds are gusty, especially fairfield, gusty 26, sustained in napa. 16 novato 15. a little calmer as you get from san francisco airport down to san francisco but as you saw here in san francisco the winds are still running around 15 mph. we'll be in the 70s around san mateo, half moon bay, clear lake and cloverdale. that's mid to upper 70s. rest of us low to mid-80s. the record high temperatures the big story today. 73 monterey, 78 santa cruz, 79
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salinas. low to mid-80s for everybody else around the monterey bay. and this is it. we'll have two days of record highs, yesterday and today. and then cooler weather will start to work in tomorrow. still above average wednesday. temperatures back to average thursday and then they fall below average with a chance of rain. look at that friday, saturday and sunday. the weekend rains are back. frances has some good news. >> yeah, mike. delay-free out there so that's great news for those of you getting ready to head to work. live shot of the san mateo bridge, traffic flowing well. eastbound for headlights moving into hayward. very light right now. just keep both hands on the wheel heading across the bay bridge. that's the only wind advisory we have at this point. the south bay the 101 and 880 interchange. headlights northbound 101. you see 880 right across your screen looking good. drive times as well as you make your way on 101 from the north bay from santa rosa down to novato, only 28 minutes. southbound 101 and northbound
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out of gilroy, highway 85 just 20 minutes right now. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. 5:09. >> they may be good for the environment but not for your health. the extra thing you may be carrying in those reusable grocery bags. >> the announcement expected today that could turn palo alto-based into an instant e-mail giant. >> alarming news for women with stressful jobs. what a new study is saying about the health riskings you faces. >> imagine a robot that waits on you, plays games, does the dishes. how a bay area company is making that dream a reality. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, everyone. 5:12 on the abc 7 morning news on monday morning. a view from mount tamalpais. as you can see looking south there, winds are something to deal with up there. you can see how the camera's bouncing around. san francisco there all lit up. mike says it's gonna be warm for this time of year. how warm? i'll let him tell ya. >> more news. san francisco central subway project is facing a new money crisis. the san francisco municipal transportation agency needs to come up with at least $137 million by february. otherwise it will lose hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government. without that money, the $1.6 billion to build a new subway from downtown to chinatown will be in danger. money is tight for muni.
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>> a powerful u.s. senator wants an investigation into whether the reusable grocery bags designed to solve one environmental problem may create another. lead was found in bags in five stores including wal-mart and target. whether the lead can pose environmental or health problems. but retailers are already making moves. one chain will stop selling certain types of bags. another is asking manufacturers to use less or no lead in the manufacturing. >> stress on the job can take a serious toll on a woman's heart. women that walk at demanding jobs are more likely to have clogged arteries compared to women in less stressful jobs. women that worry about losing their jobs have higher blood pressure, cholesterol and body weight. the study offered tips for stress that women like getting
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exercise, getting a life and do things with your friends. and build me time into every day. the findings presented at the american heart association in chicago. >> expected to announce today it will begin offering its user an e-mail service. already offers a simple internal messages service but doesn't law users to exchange e-mails with standard e-mail addresses. it has 500 million active users. that would dwarf the others. >> easier to fire off a quick e-mail, text or instant messages. they can send short supplies from the in-box without having
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to click on a message. at a glance it let's users link e-mail accounts from microsoft, yahoo and google. >> we may not be too far away from the days of robots doing our daily chores. there's a company in menlo park pushing innovation in the field of robotics. a robot that can do just about everything. >> opening a door is a complex task. is there a knob or a handle. which way does the door swing. you need to get out of the way. child's play for pr-2, a new robot from willow garage. a small company really not in the business of making robots. >> toyota makes cars because they have to. apple makes phones because that's now their business. we make robots because we can't buy them. >> not one that this can. all about the software. willow is the fost behind ros, robot operating system. it's no use if you don't have a robot that can do everything.
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so the employees here made 24 of these to get things started and recently gave some to the world's top research institutions whereupon we got a robot to shoot pool. from u.c. berkeley one to sort and put on socks. from stanford to clear the table and do the dishes. and a dozen other firsts. >> we're looking for robots that work in human environments where people work and robot that is can work around environments that people are in. as opposed to robots that are in factories. we're trying to seriously grow a personal robotics industry that will eventually change the way that all of us live, work and play. >> for that robots need to see and hear the way we do "in stereo. putting what they see into your eyes puts your head into the robot's head and puts the robot someplace between autonomous and completely remote control. its assisted operations.
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at its current $400,000, this is not a consumer product yet. steve cousins predicts we will soon see more amazing performances, even life saving that will lead to a universal personal robot in ten years opening all sorts of new doors. with the next step in robots, richard hart, abc 7 news." >> i'm sorry. >> wouldn't it be nice if we had a robot to give us massages if we needed them. >> you haven't seen i-robot, have you? >> no. >> if sufficient seen that movie, you'd be reluctant. >> it's not always a devious one. don't hate the robot. hate the program. >> hate the program. (laughter) >> that's deep. that was very deep! >> let's talk about the temperatures this morning.
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big story. i wish i had one that could clean my house better than my kids. but that's a different story. part of their chores. (laughter) >> this morning looking down from ballmer peak. emeryville in the foreground, san francisco in the background. the big story today, record high temperatures once again. these breezes are keeping temperatures up. let's look at them. we're all over the scale from 53 in santa rosa and concord to just down the road in antioch and livermore. 10 degrees warmer. 63. santa rosa 53. napa and san rafael, not that far away but you're in the 70s. 70 oakland and san francisco but redwood city 58. that's because these are the microclimates we deal with this time of year because of the dry air, the valleys and sometimes the wind. that's what's creating them today. low 50s santa cruz, watsonville, 58 monterey and gilroy and salinas upper 40s. here's the big story. i put an asterisk next to the area that would be a record high
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today. 79 redwood city, 83 concord. san francisco's 81. santa rosa's 84. oakland's 83. san jose for you to get a record today, you'd have to be at or above 83 degrees. so you're close. look at these temperatures. all 15 to 19 degrees warmer than average. and that's with the sunrise at 6:50 and the sunset at 4:58. lot of sunshine today. upper 70s to low 80s in the south bay. the warm spot campbell, 82. on the peninsula upper 70s to near 80 like millbrae as you head to the south bay. 79 palo alto. breezy at the coast, once again low to mid-70s around pacifica, half moon bay but daly city and the sunset mid to upper 70s. same thing with south san francisco. 81 downtown san francisco today. mid to upper 70s bodega bay, stinson beach, sausalito, clear lake, cloverdale and low to mid-80s for everybody else. east bay shore northeasterly winds off those east bay hills.
5:20 am
everyone hits the low to mid-80s. pleasanton upper 70s. upper 80s santa cruz, salinas, low to mid-70s -- i should say upper 70s there. low to mid-70s monterey and caramel. watsonville, inland low to mid-80s. all over the scale. breezes won't be nearly as fast. a little closer. back into the 40s santa rosa, napa. mainly 50s for the rest of us and about 62 in san francisco. high pressure holds on again tomorrow and cold front starts dropping down out of pacific northwest on wednesday and a stronger one friday, saturday and sunday that will bring us rain and bring us temperatures below average. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. can't find any trouble out there for you this morning as you make your way towards work. the bay bridge toll plaza showing no delays. just look for windy conditions in san francisco. another shot heading towards the oakland maze. all the freeways here, interstate 80 in your lower
5:21 am
right-hand corner. westbound 580 coming across your screen. northbound 880 out of oakland. no accidents reported at all in the east bay. checking out the ride across the golden gate bridge. it's also quiet right now. it's a good start pretty much everywhere around the bay area. mass transit systems reporting no delays right now. ace, muni, bart and ferries looking great. get the latest traffic anytime it changes. is the place to go and it's under the bay area traffic link. >> thanks, frances. 5:21. >> a nobel prize winner freed after years of house arrest speaks to thousands of her supporters. the message of conciliation she delivered. >> the millions of muslims drawn to a desert town in saudi arabia. >> and surfing without peeping eyes. the feature that you could soon enjoy that can make your time online a lot more anonymous. a flight to hawaii
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yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions. >> a controversy over privacy rights of internet users who don't want habits tracked. the federal trade commission is planning to release independent and possibly conflicting reports about online privacy. "the new york times" reports top commerce officials indicate the industry should regulate itself. fec officials indicate a do not track option on a website. it's similar to the do not call list that has kept most telemarketers from calling people at home.
5:25 am
>> nearly 3 million muslims are gathered for the hodge pilgrimage in saudi arabia. they made their way up a rocky desert hill on the second day. the pilgrims have started their dawn assent of mount arafat after leaving mecca 12 miles away. it's one of the cornerstones of the pilgrimage required for muslims at least once in their lifetime. saudi arabia authoritisies are taken measures to approve crowd management including launching a new light rail system to transport pilgrimless between the shrines. >> vows to press ahead for democracy. that vow a day after she was released from house arrest. (inaudible) >> authorities released her days after widely criticized election in the country. she spent most of the last 20 years under house arrest after challenging the military that controls the country. she's urging the pro-democracy
5:26 am
movement to find common ground with the military leaders. (inaudible) >> it's imprisoned thousands of political opponents. >> it's 5:26. next at 5:30, the court appearance expected today for the man who single-handedly shut down part of the bay bridge. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in tiburon where police are going yard to yard looking for a man who led them on a high-speed chase which resulted in a crash and they're saying this guy did the exact same thing one week ago. story's coming up in a live report. >> in the high-level intervention that will keep a san francisco city college student in deportation from the u.s. here for now. >> and following back across most of the country from the mid
5:27 am
50s seattle and portland. mid to upper 40s denver and salt lake. st. louis 59. new orleans, phoenix and to our neighborhoods a lot of 70s and 80s. owe far pretty quiet across the lower 48. philadelphia flight arrival delays and memphis, new york and charlotte this afternoon. check out that flight tracker at
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in tiburon. a high-speed chase. two separate crashes and right now police are going yard to yard looking for the man who did it all. story in a live report. >> and i'm jenelle wang live in newark. what was supposed to be a fun night at chuck e. cheese turned into a nightmare when three gunmen stormed in to rob the place.
5:30 am
a story in a live report. >> and a live look ferry building once again and also the flags unfurled because it's breezy. that's keeping temperatures warmer than our average high this time of year. records on the way. i'll tell you where. >> so far all you need to look out for are the windy conditions at the bay bridge. no other accidents right now. >> 5:30 this monday. hope you had a great weekend. let's keep that feeling going. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. the marin county of tiburon, police are combing that normally quiet community looking for a driver who led police on a chase that ended in a crash involving the suspect vehicle and a police car. terry mcsweeney is live in tiburon with the latest. terry? >> police going yard to yard in the area near tiburon bui build -- boulevard and looking for the man who led them on that chase, a man they think did the exact same thing one week ago.
5:31 am
take a look at pictures. you can see how this thing all wrapped up. the pictures off the stolen vehicle on the side of the road after first crashing into a streetlight. in tiburon on highway 131, police giving chase. in tiburon turns around and heads back out of town and going over a streetlight on the way out. that's the second light it's knocked down before crashing. he jumps out of the car and ran. >> the officers from another -- a number of other southern marin jurisdictions are assisting us. we're doing a yard by yard search. we'll continue to do that until we either locate the suspect or determine that he's left the area. >> and police are saying based on the description of this guy which is kind of a vague one. black male in his thirties, a light-skinned black male. that this very well may be the same person who did the exact same thing a week ago except last time one week ago it was
5:32 am
for more danger to the public. chased up the court of madeira, came southbound on 101 in the northbound lanes. there was no head-on, no crash. he came here to tiburon again on 131, tiburon boulevard where he got out of the stolen car, stole another one. it was a couple hours later police found out about that second stolen car. hope he doesn't get away this time. looking for him door to door in a cove shopping center. abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. a san francisco cable car operator remains in the hospital after being stabbed numerous times yesterday afternoon near chinatown. the attack occurred on board a powell mason line cable car near jackson street while the line was shut down for repairs. police followed a trail of blood to a nearby apartment where they arrested george wong on
5:33 am
suspicion of attempted murder. three of his relatives were also arrested. they tried to interfere with officers. >> newark police are asking for your help in finding the gunman who robbed a packed chuck e. cheese restaurant over the weekend traumatizing the kids. jenelle wang live at the scene with more for us. jenelle. >> eric, it's what you would least expect at a chuck e. cheese's on saturday night. three gunmen storming in to rob the place while children and parents are playing games and winning prizes. this unfolded just before 10:00 saturday night at this chuck e. cheese in newark. came and rounded up everyone, 40 people, parents, children and employees and put them in a storeroom. employees and parents called 9-1-1 to report the robbery in progress informing police that the suspects were armed. over a dozen police officers from newark and nearby fremont police surround the place. the victims were unsure if the
5:34 am
suspects were still in the restaurant since they were trapped in the storeroom. police entered the restaurant and secured the place but took notice that the suspects had already took off. the only other nearby restaurants or business is chevy's which is across the street and those patrons and employees were put on lookdown, told to stay inside until the place was secure. nobody was hurt. police don't have any suspects in custody and no description since the gunmen had their faces covered. if you have any information on this robbery, you're asked to call newark police. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:34. the man who stopped traffic on the bay bridge and claimed to have a pipe bomb in his vehicle is set is to make his first court appearance today. craig carlos valentineo is making a falls bomb threat, kidnapping and child endangerment. the antioch man stopped his s.u.v. on the upper deck last thursday morning, dialed 9-1-1 and threatened to blow up the
5:35 am
span. police say he also waved a pellet gun around and threatened to kill himself. his 16-year-old daughter who was in the s.u.v. managed to escape during the standoff. carlos surrendered after about an hour. he told police he was frustrated and angry over marital problems. >> san francisco police are investigating a bizarre death in goaden gate park. yesterday afternoon a person reported finding a servered arm near the polo field. that brought out police and later on the medical examiners office received a body from a male of golden gate park but no details have been revealed. federal authorities have delayed today's scheduled deportation of a san francisco city college student. 20-year-old steve lee is being held in an arizona detention facility. over the weekend senator dianne feinstein asked immigration officials to halt lee's deportation to peru while she considers introducing a bill that would allow him to stay in the u.s. temporarily. lee and his parents came on a
5:36 am
visa when he was 12. the family moved from china to peru and then to the u.s. to avoid persecution in their homeland. they pled for asylum in the u.s. several years ago but they were denied. >> commercial fishermen say there may be no local crab for thanksgiving because of concerns. they will bring test crab into fisherman's wharf to make sure they're mature enough. they weigh up to 2 pounds but when cooked the meat disappears. depending what they get out of the test catch, they may decide to wait until december 1st to start the harvest to give time for the crabs to fully mature. gotta say i'm bummed. no dungeness crabs for thanksgiving. >> you've been talking about that. but you know who's more freaked out besides you. >> who? >> turkeys. means more turkeys consumed. they're all freaking out over this news.
5:37 am
>> i'm related to that discussion, too, but we'll save that for another time. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. check this out. bouncing around. windy. >> mike's been telling us about that. he's also telling us records may fall. >> absolutely. yeah. going to be a day of record high temperatures. even more so than yesterday. here's one of the reasons why. starting up so high this morning. still 70s fairfield, napa, novato and san francisco. that's already higher than our average high. so is oakland and fremont at 69 and 68. we have some 60s antioch and livermore. also mountain view, san jose and los gatos. in the 50s closer to where we should be menlo park, half moon bay, concord and santa rosa. 20 degrees warmer than yesterday, 15 san francisco, 18 oakland. the only one not running warmer, santa rosa about 7 degrees cooler. that does translate into temperatures near records. san francisco, oakland,
5:38 am
richmond, san rafael, napa, santa rosa, concord, livermore. all those areas should set record highs today in the low to mid-80s. still warm on the peninsula. upper 70s. redwood city could set a record high at 79. san jose, your record high is 83 so you're close. half moon bay about 74. clear lake and cloverdale in the 70s, also. hollister 81. that would be a record high. accu-weather seven 7-day forecast, slightly not as warm tomorrow. back to average thursday. look how much cooler and wetter friday, saturday and sunday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. a new accident just reported in novato south 101 at roland but already off to the shoulder. these not going to slow anyone down. 101 in san jose right at the 880 interchange. 880 looking good across your screen. and it continues to move well up the peninsula with another live shot in millbrae. headlights are northbound once again. quiet all the way into san
5:39 am
francisco. we'll quickly check out 680 in walnut creek. no troubles, no delays. southbound traffic on the right heading towards highway 24. >> frances, thanks. 5:39. >> says he was just trying to honor the nation's veterans. still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, the flag controversy that has a school district saying we're sorry to a 13-year-old boy. >> the spike and reported gas leak. san francisco firefighters are responding to since the san [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> it's 15:42 this monday. thanks for joining us. since the deadly san bruno gas line explosion, there's been a big jump around the bay area of people reporting gas leaks. a 30-inch transmission line in san bruno exploded september 9th killing eight people and destroying 35 homes. the san francisco examiner says the san francisco fire department typically investigates 12 or 13 gas leaks reported each month. since the san bruno tragedy, the number of calls has doubled. pg&e has also seen an uptick in service calls but won't release any numbers. both agencies encourage residents to reporting suspected leaks. >> in the central valley a big rally planned in support of a 13-year-old student when he returns to school near turlock this morning.
5:43 am
he'll be allowed to fly the american flag on his bike again after a school yard supervisor told him a week ago that he couldn't. school leaders are now apologizing. reporter will frampton has more from the town of dannear. >> cody alisha says this is the bike he took to campus on monday. >> i just rode to school how i usually did. >> and this is the flag, the one a teacher at the middle school made him take off his bike. cody's still not sure why. >> they said since students were complaining and it was veterans week. so i was kind of confused. i mean, flying your country's flag to support veterans and on veterans week they told me i couldn't fly it. >> back at home disbelief and anger from cody's family. >> if they want to attack something, they don't need to attack a 13-year-old child. >> after outrage from the community, across the country and world, the school district has spent this weekend on the
5:44 am
defensive. first an official apology from the superintendent. >> here's the whole bottom line. i'm the superintendent in their unified school district. this shouldn't have happened. it was on my watch. i'm going to take full responsibility for that. >> then an emergency school board meeting perez made another public apology. then he went behind closed doors with his school board to discuss legal ramifications they might have to face. for cody it's already back to normal. he'll return to school monday allowed to fly the flag on his bike. but he knows the spotlight will be focussed on him. >> didn't think it would get this big. >> that was will frampton reporting. the yard supervisors who told cody he couldn't fly the u.s. flag was concerned about the boy's safety in the wake of a cinco de mayo incident that raised tensions over other students displaying a mexican flag. >> is cashing in on its friends with the bloomberg business report straight ahead.
5:45 am
>> the lame duck congress returns to capitol hill today. the lame duck legislation lawmakers will consider. >> the deadline looming from one of the bay area's most popular museums. >> check this out. thousands of jellyfish. >> there they are. >> there they are! >> washed up on san francisco's
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>> time for your california forecast at 5:48. eureka 62, palm spring 82. >> thank you very much. our time now 5:48. let's take a look at the stories we're following this morning. >> san francisco cable car operator remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries after being stabbed numerous times yesterday afternoon near chinatown. a witness led police to a nearby street where they followed a blood trail to an apartment where a 32-year-old man was arrested. three other people were also arrested for interfering with officers. >> newark police are looking for three gunmen who held up a busy chuck e. cheese restaurant saturday night. they forced 40 employees, customers and children into a storeroom while they robbed the place. there were no suspect descriptions because the man had their faces covered. commercial fishermen say there may be no local crab for thanksgiving because of concerns about the catch. this morning fishermen will bring test pots of crab into
5:49 am
fisherman's wharf to make sure they're mature enough and carrying enough meat. >> a lame duck congress returns to work this morning following the midterm election. that hobbled democrats and invigorated republicans as they resume work on capitol hill. more than 100 freshmen are also arriving to learn the job filled soon. one of the main items that they must act on are the expiring bush era tax cuts. congress will be in session for weeks during the thanksgiving break and return november 29th and return until they adjourn. >> governor schwarzenegger preparing to open the third annual governors summit today at u.c. davis. it will bring together leaders from across the nation and around the world to collaborate on efforts aimed at helping reduce emissions and build economies. they made a major push when he
5:50 am
signed a landmark law in 2006. he requires the major polluters to cut emissions by a third by the year 2020. >> not talking about global warming but just locally here in our little part of the world, we have a lot of warming going on. >> going to threaten, some set just two or three years ago back in '08 and '07. unusual to have this weather this time of year. >> mike was out in the sun over the weekend. mike who tells us all to put on our sunscreen didn't put on his sunscreen. you wanna slam him on the wrist there. >> are you finished. my parents are in atlanta but i guess you two will do for now! >> what's your parents' e-mail address. (laughter) >> n-o- --
5:51 am
>> i got ya. >> a little breezy out there. keeping temperatures up and, yes, i was outside a little longer than i thought yesterday. starting to feel a little sun burn. something to think about going to our beaches to enjoy the warm weather. breezy ground level fairfield, napa and novato. we're from 15 to 26 mph there. most of the winds are still in the hills and in the north bay and east bay valleys. that's why you see places like redwood city down to 58. not nearly as windy there but san francisco and oakland, san rafael, napa and fairfield still in the 70s. around the monterey bay we have low 50s santa cruz and watsonville. 58 monterey. three things i think you need to know about this forecast. it's going to be sunny today. we're going to have more record high temperatures. clear, a little breezy again tonight. keep the temperatures on the mild side. we should be pretty chilly, in the 30s and 40s. more likely the 50s and 60s.
5:52 am
cooler and wetter weather for friday, saturday and sunday. you notice it is getting pretty dry out. not only warmer than average but these dry breezes tend to pull the moisture out of the ground also. areas that will set record highs today. everyone on this board except san jose and you're only 2 degrees show. most of us low to mid-80s and 15 to 19 degrees warmer than average. let's start in the east bay valleys where concord and livermore could set records. low to mid-80s most neighborhoods. east bay shore of richmond, hayward and oakland. upper 70s to low 80s in the south bay. redwood city 79. that would be a record. most of your neighbors near 80. pacifica, half moon bay, sunset daly city, 81 downtown san francisco a record high. 82 san rafael, 84 napa and santa rosa. those are record highs and hollister's 81. that will be a record high. 7-day forecast, still pretty
5:53 am
warm tomorrow but then the bottom falls out of the forecast starting wednesday and especially this weekend when rain rolls back into the forecast and temperatures could be 25 to 30 degrees cooler. frances? >> all right, mike. so far there aren't any big delays right now for your morning commute. but san francisco 7:00 later today or this morning actually another hour or so there's going to be a bay area truck drivers rally which leaves trans bay terminals, that's mission and first, and they're going to caravan to city hall. this could mean a lot of extra traffic through that area on mission and market. we don't know exactly how many people are expected to attend but plan on that heading through the downtown san francisco area. outside what you'll find is traffic still flowing well but there is a wind advisory for the bay bridge. look out for that. and just a few sluggish spots right now. westbound 580 through the altamont pass but the drive time's still pretty good at 23 minutes from 205 to 680.
5:54 am
you can get personalized drive times by going to our website on you can sign up for them under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:54. >> may give users something to write home about. >> this morning's "moneyscope" report. >> could e-mail come to an in-box near you? that's the speculation what they may announce later today. now worth more than e-bay. it makes it the third biggest internet business behind google and amazon based on what they told trades privately. a winner when it comes to the soaring prices for corn, wheat and meat that makes it more expensive to put food on the table. that's the american farmer. income as well as their land headed toward record highs. move over u.s. china will overtake the u.s. to become the world's biggest economy by 2020.
5:55 am
speaking of china, stocks fell on the concern the economy will have ripple effects. that sent the s & p to its first weekly loss since early october. investors watching retail sales and also the latest on ireland's debt problems. worried about the effects of job stress, good reason. job strain nearly doubles the chance women will have a heart attack appeared to the risk with low stress face. also losing your job raises a woman's risk of having a heart attack. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> it's 5:55 now. asian art museum is in financial trouble and could face bankruptcy if it can't work out a deal with its lender by friday. that's according to the san francisco chronicle. the paper says unnamed sources who say the museum's problems
5:56 am
started in 2005 when director it is restructured $120 million worth of loans as a hedge against rising interest rates at the time. now those interest rates have hit rock bottom and the museum's lending bank plans to stop the line of credit. >> marine biologists trying to determine why thousands of jellyfish washed up on ocean beach. they appeared sometime between friday night and saturday morning. they span an area 3 miles long and 20 feet wide. they appear to be moon jellies which don't have much of a sting. they floated back out with saturday night's high tide. no obvious explanation as to why the jellyfish washed ashore. i should say not much of a sting. saw the kids walking around the beach there. >> uh-huh. a nine-year-old saratoga elementary school student is one of the youngest swimmers to make it from alcatraz to san francisco.
5:57 am
he made the treacherous swim along with his coach yesterday finishing in 41 minutes and would have done it in less time had he not veered slightly offcourse. it's treacherous because the water is cold, 57 degrees cold and the currents are strong and unpredictable but, daniel, good job! congratulations! >> yep. hope he gets to sleep in a little today. just ahead on abc 7 at 6:00, the ski to a better sex life may be a better outlook. >> no casino so how about a pot farm. the new proposal raising eyebrows in the east bay. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in tiburon where it looks look a stolen car suspect has eluded police again. the same man who earlier today smashed through a stoplight, then a streetlight, also caused a cop car to crash. same thing he did pretty much one week agagagagagagagagagagagt
5:58 am
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