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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 20, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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disguised as a wedding, but a jungle none the less. and here there are two types of tigers. one that goes straight to the prey. and the one who makes the prey... surrender to him.
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>> next at 4:00. stormy weather about to reach the bay area. leigh glaser is coming up to tell you more about that. defense department officials in the bay area to meet with families whose loved ones missing in combat. and stanford and cal in the 113th big game.
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>> alan: good afternoon. another round of cold and rainy weather is making its way into the bay area, and it could get colder. the rain is producing several inches of snow in the sierra. it's going to fall as low as -- is falling as low as 3,000 feet, and in the bay area we could get a dusting on the mountains in the area. looking forward over to mount tam, you can see the front coming in, completely blocking up our camera. usually you can see a really nice shot of the bay. and looking east from the -- or from the east bay, emeryville, it's coming in, getting a little cloudy, but not quite as wet. for a better look at the storm and where it's going, let's go to leigh glaser. >> leigh: we actually had a cold front move through this morning. we have an area of low pressure
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to the north and that's going to bring more rain. in the north bay, numerous lightning strikes as colder air is pushing in behind the system. petaluma, novato, moderate rain. lightning strikes just near where the cell is. you can see it just coming in towards the novato area, and you can see the trajectory moving towards the northwest to southeast,heading towards novato and san rafael. in the east bay you're seeing shower activity. brentwood, moderate rain, walnut creek just had this cell move through. and then down towards san jose, another batch of rain. earlier this morning, mount hamilton, three inches of snow, more tonight. we'll get to the forecast coming
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up. >> alan: we'd like you to share photos and video of the storm and the rest of the bay area. upload them to, or e-mail them to us. >> today's big game between stanford and cal turned out to be a big blowout. mike shumann here with all the highlights. >> nick: the big bust, the big blowout. cal won the last two big games and seven of the last eight. stanford apparently got tired of that and snatched the axe book. they have no idea they're about to give the axe up. first quarter, 3-0 stanford, luck takes off. great field vision. we know he is fast. but is also physical. running over katus. 58 yards down. taylor caps off the drive from
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three out. one of his three tds. 24-0, more from luck. the hookup with baldwin. stanford led at the half. all cardinals today. 48-14 your final. and of course, we'll have the highlights later in the newscast. a dominating performance by stanford. >> alan: for some people it's been decades sense their loved ones went missing in combat. even sew, their families do not stop seeking answers. representatives of the defense department pow-mia office were in the bay area today to meet with those families. >> reporter: decades have passed since these soldiers are in combat, the world war ii, the cold war, korea and vietnam. 83,000 servicemen are still
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missing. >> you never have the body to put it to rest to end the sag da. >> reporter: they're struggle has lasted 41 yeemples -- years, when earnest disappeared fighting in vietnam. >> we took him the bus, and that was the last time i saw him. and he said to my mom and dad, take care of her for me. >> reporter: on april 12th, 1969, his plane was shot down. >> i thought when the war was over, he would come home. >> reporter: the father of three never did. now his wife and son are turning to the department of defense for help. every two years the feds come to the bay area to meet with families of servicemen who are still considered missing in action. >> my brother and one other person are missing in action. had no idea what happened. >> reporter: for some it's become their life's mission to
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find out what happened. virgil is 90. his younger brother disappeared fighting in the korean war. >> it was hard for me. >> reporter: science is now on their side. family members gave dna samples to the government. often times they don't have the missing soldier's dna. that's why it's important to test a lot of people in the family to figure it out, including brothers, cousins, and even children. >> a missing servicemap, we can compare the dna sequence from the missing serviceman's family, and we can make a connection. >> reporter: it's the closure they need but fear they may never get in burg -- lisa amin gulezian. >> alan: a san francisco college student has avoided deportation and is expected in the bay area today after being released.
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steve lee came to the united states when he was 11 years old and claims he didn't know he was in the country illegally. senator dianne feinstein entered a bill to block the deportation, and today he was released by i.c.e. he has been in custody since september. >> i think it was utterly shock because the last we can or so we have been giving him good news and bad news. one minute he is getting deported, one mint, his not, another minute, we're not sure. >> alan: lee has to report to the immigration office in san francisco on a regular basis. 24 million people are expected to fly next week for thanksgiving. that means 2.5 million people are expected to crowd the airports during each day of the hemp today, president obama said he understands people's frustrations over the patdowns and body scans. the tsa posted a holiday travel message on its web site and on
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youtube, reminding travelers they're subject to patdowns at security checkpoints, many passengers say it inavoids their privacy. >> you receive a patdown from someone of the same gender. >> alan: the tsa has done an about-face with i with -- with airline pilots. >> president obama is heading back to washington after league portugal. he outlined the next phase in afghanistan. we're in lisbon with more. >> reporter: president obama said today over the next four years the u.s. military footprint in afghanistan will be significantly reduced. >> my goal is to make sure by 2014 we have transitioned afghan, in the lead, and it's a
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goal to make sure we're not still engaged in combat operations of the sort we're involved with now. >> reporter: the president said the transition in afghan would resemble the one in iraq, shifting from a combat mission to training and support. he notely avoided a deadline for with drawl. >> hard to anticipate what will be necessary to make the american people safe. >> reporter: he used the news conference to keep up the pressure on the senate to ratify the treaty with russia. >> there's going to be a lot of issues to debate between democrats and republicans over the next two years. this shouldn't be one of them. >> reporter: the president was asked about a hot topic, the airport screening measures. he said he understood americans' frustration. >> but at this point, tsa, in cop sul addition with -- consultation with our yours --
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counterterrorism efforts, the procedures are the only ones they consider to be effective against the kind of that we saw in the christmas day bombing. >> reporter: the president acknowledged he doesn't have to go through security checkpoints but concede it being satisfy can include huge inconveniences. >> alan: what's really happening to some of the state's medical marijuana crop. and animal control officers know how a swan found dead at the palace of fine arts was killed.
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>> alan: california authorities launched an elaborate operation to stop california's medical marijuana crop to stop crossing statelines. they found a trail to texas where two women were arrest evidence with a half million dollars worth of marijuana packed in suitcases and duffel bags. we have this exclusive report from dallas. >> reporter: a modest house in northwest fresno where is fresno county undercover detectives say two women loaded these bulky bags full of pot, and began their 27-hour journey. from sunup till sundown, through california, arizona, new mexico, and texas. the women stopped only for gas and brief bathroom breaks attachment had no. they had noyard investigators were behind them the entire
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trip. >> we watched them travel through a number of states from fresno to the dallas frt worth area, and their beings contained illegal marijuana. >> reporter: 24 hours earlier a tip from a confidential informant drew detectives together to figure out a surveillance plan, and enlested the hundred of the department of become safety in texas. once they found out a large quanity of drugs were involved, deputies were willing to good the distance to take ounce the operation. >> we follow up on those tips to the best of our abilities. sometimes it leads to an a arrest or several arrests. >> reporter: investigators say based on what they recovered, the women were well prepared when they hit the road. >> it's interesting that on one of the suspect's computers it had a google search for marijuana and interdiction efforts. >> reporter: the women took the safest route, avoiding many
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major cities. they traveled south down highway 99, then took the 58 east to bar stow. after a brave trek of interstate 15, the spent the majority of drive time on interstate 40, taking them right into the heart of texas. deputies say although they found medical marijuana prescriptions tied to the organization, that was only a ploy for what was nationwide trafficking operation. >> a lot of this is conducted under the guise of medical marijuana, and a significant amount is for profit. >> alan: in our next half hour, part two of this exclusive report, including what happened when the car full of marijuana got to its destination, and more information about the suspect who was a former laundry law ent official. reports show the swan that was found dead last weekend died from a broken neck. animal control officials suspect foul play, saying it was most likely killed by a human and was
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not attacked by an animal. the five-year-old swan was found last saturday floating in the la la lagoon. only one swan is left in the lagoon. it's not just about fish and chips at this british pub. they held a turkey drive today to help the city's families celebrate things. -- thanksgiving. not even the rain kept people away. >> the biggest year and the worst economy and more turkeys than we are had. >> reporter: the restaurant works with community groups for transportation. families get tuckeys and -- turkeys and all the fixings. it's looking pretty gloomy.
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>> leigh: actually, this area of low pressure, and it will be in overnight tonight. we had a front move through the bay area earlier providing moderate rain. you can see from the san rafael cam, it's slick, and thunder and lightning towards novato, and we had some gray sky across much of the rest of the bay area. this is a live shot from the high definition east bay come. the live doppler 7 hd tells the story. you can see the lightning strikes right there, and the heavy rain heading towards san rafael. it's sliding from northwest to southeast, so it will move into this area, and also towards the napa area, heading down towards san rafael in the east bay, we have been picking up moderate
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rain around brentwood. that's shifted to the east and down to san jose, and that will trickle off towards the east. more is gathering to the north west. current reading, very coal. 55 in san francisco. 49 in fremont. here's a look at our highlights for at least the next several days. you can see for yourself, very unsettled. cold showers and isolated thunderstorms. snow levels lowering to 2500 feet. mt. hamilton is reporting three inches of know and a chance of showers monday and tuesday. out clear lake, expecting snow there, but really tonight, upper 30s in the north bay. the rest of news the mid-to-low 40s. this is the cold front that moved through. this is the system that's going rotate the cold showers across the bay area overnight tonight, and we are looking for a good
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possibility of isolated thunderstorms as that cold air wraps in this evening. we'll start the animation, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, showers pushing towards the south. overnight, the higher peaks, expecting a pretty good dousing of snow showers. evening hours and in through our sunday morning, you can see the snow showers pick upg temperatures the higher elevation, but the cold showers will continue to rotate across the bay area. by tomorrow afternoon, start to decrease a bit as that area of low pressure tracks on to the east of the bay area. how much rachel? close to -- how much rainfall? an inch and a half, higher elevations, possibility of more. now, i do want to tell you a winter storm warning is up for south lake county through tomorrow. two to five inches of snow,
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gusty winds as well, and in the high hundred tri, -- country, two to four feet expected above 7,000 feet. in the tahoe area, the ski resorts are loving it. one to two feet expected. i just checked, 50 and 80, chains are required. so highs tomorrow, scattered showers about the bay area, a cold day, upper 40s to 50s across the bay area. thing does improve by the seven-day forecast. you'll see for yourself as we head into the holiday week. another chance of showers monday and tuesday, warmer and dryer conditions heading into wednesday and that all-important thanksgiving looks good. >> alan: cal can't blame the weather. >> leigh: they got a nice break. >> alan: the axe changes hands. >> mike: good try on the weather. stanford dominates cal. doug baldwin made sure the
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cardinals took the axe back
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>> mike: sixth ranked stanford showed cal they're for reel, embarrassing the bears at home where they have only lost once. a fight breaks out between both teams, and then patterson punches a cal player and gets ejected. first quarter, cardinals 3-0. cal on the move. throwing off his back foot. sherman picks it off. a big momentum shift. luck no one open, the big guy
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takes off. he is also physical. watch this. runs over the safety, stares him down, down to the cal 21. taylor caps off the drive. three yards out, first of two. second quarter, more from stanford. luck stepping up. the 13-yard striefnlg cal needs to get something going, and mansion making another mistake. one of three bear turnovers in the first half. luck would run the ensuing two-mint -- two-minute drill to perfection. stanford led 31-0 at the half. taylor again. he rushed for 59 yards, three scores, 38-0 stanford. finally in the fourth, 49-0. finally something for cal to cheer about. jones, a wild 17-yard
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connection, 45-7. all academic. stanford gets gets the axe back. top 25 showdown. ohio state at iowa. the 19-yarder. now in the fourth, under two. buckeyes down 17-13. haren hours -- powers in and the buckeyes survive, 20-17. also today, northwestern and illinois, the first college football game in wrigley field since 1938. because of safety concerns, teams could only go west, and they're liking that arrangement. illinois out to a 14-0 lead. only way to score in the east end zone was a defensive touchdown. northwestern with that later in the first. peters picks off mcdeand goes 41 yards.
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14-7. northwestern cannot stop the run. illini, 519-yard rushing. illinois wins it 48-27. remember to check out after the game tonight following oregon state and usc. if that wasn't enough, we have even more college football later in this newscast. stick around, i'm just getting started. >> alan: coming up, an insider treading investigation involving a south bay company is underway. find out what they say about the alwayses. and getting tough with underaged smoking.
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>> alan: two south bay companies are among the targets of a massive insider trading investigation. the wall street journal reports amd, a primary global research, are among the companies being examined. investigators are looking into whether consulting company illegally passed along insider information to investors looking for an edge. >> what's more suspicious here is a sort of a network of advisers hired by hem funds -- e funds and mutual funds to provide a sense of what's going on deep inside companies. these advisors are networks and
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consultants who are current or former employees of major corporations that may have market moving activity. >> alan: primary global research responded by saying it's not the target of any investigation to the best of its knowledge. the company claims none of it employees have done anything wrong. state investigators say pg&e is at fault for a deadly gas explosion two years ago. the san francisco chronicle is reporting the state public utilities commission filed administrative charges against pg&e yesterday. a judge will now decide if the utility will be fined for the explosion that killed a 72-year-old man. state investigators say pg&e should have known about a faulty repair job that led to the blast. federal investigatorred reached a similar conclusion earlier this year. pg&e says they're cooperating with officials. now on to part two into the
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exclusive next into illegal drug trafficking. california's marijuana crop appears to be contributing to the illegal drug trade. >> reporter: a road trip for fresno county sheriffs investigators ended 1500-miles at a home in a suburb of dallas. action news was there when lorraine and kay were handcuffed and taken to a texas jail. >> i'm from abc 30. why were you transporting these drugs? >> reporter: the 53-year-old was the only passenger on the road trip. she acted as if she had no clue why she was being arrested. >> why you take me to? >> reporter: for the transporting of the drugs. >> what? >> reporter: investigators say there's no question both women
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drove this toyota sports utility vehicle filled with duffel bags. inside the duffel bags were vacuum sealed marijuana. they traveled through four states before reaching texas. >> i know they were in this vehicle and came from process know -- fresno job. >> reporter: investigators say they were can you recall about the route and were careful about what they were carrying. they never left the car unattended. >> reporter: texas authorities arrested the man who fresno county detectives believe was the mastermind. tell the duane. he is a former probation officer who recently lost his job. the county officials will not reveal the reason for the dismissal since it's a personnel issue. deputies say the woman who detroit the suv was duane's wife. late friday night, the texas department of public safety
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served a warrant at this house. it's the home the women drove directly to when they pulled into town. they found 150-pounds of top quality marijuana, $11,000 in cash, and a glock semi-awesome pistol. deputies say although the pot was grown legally, using medical marijuana prescrimgz frock -- prescriptions from doctors, trafficking is illegal. investigators wanted to find out writ was growing and a it was ending up. >> we don't just pull plants. we arrest people responsible for these crimes and to bring them to justice. >> alan: tonight at 11:00, part three of this exclusive report. while authorities were making that bust in texas, others were searching the home in press know that the women left from. tonight, you re rl -- you'll see what investigators found. since tobacco deaths are the
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number one killers, they want to make it tougher for underage smokers to buy cigarettes. what the city is considering. >> reporter: michael vera started showing three -- smoking three years ago when he was 16 years old. >> been wanting to quit for a couple months now. it's pretty tough. wish i never started smoking. >> reporter: even though it's illegal to sell cigarettes cigao anyone under the age of 18, there's little enforcement at the state level, which is why san jose is considering adopting its own rules. a youth decoy said kid have no problem buying cigarettes. >> they sold to me, and it's important that the youth are represented here. >> reporter: san jose says one effective way to reduce underwage smoking and health costs would be to have a strong city tobacco licensing
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ordinance. it would require establishments that sell tobacco to pay a fee in the $450 range and face fines for breaking the law. phillip morris circulated this flyer to the sellers. about two dozen people addressed the council, some in favor, many opposed. >> to the extent you adopt more burdensome, more reason rouse, mow costly regulations than the fda, you will hurt retailer. >> put whatever you laws you put in place. kids that want to smoke will get them. >> reporter: the city did seem to back off an idea that retailers have to hide all tobacco products from public view, but voted nine 9-2 in order to do something to curtail underwage smoking. >> we would be doing a disservice to our younger generation if we don't address
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this issue. >> reporter: a proposed ordinance will come back to the council next month aimed at keeping more people like michael from getting hooked on tobacco. >> alan: for dozens of children and their faster -- foster families, life changed. in this ceremony, the parents became their official parents. the rain outside did nothing to dampen the high spirits. it was a party atmosphere. >> a great day. been living with us since she was three. >> just kind of being finalized. they're already my parents. so it's just like being official. >> alan: to the family it was official. she was adopted today, and more than 601 families have been brought together, and 749 children adopted from the alameda county foster care
4:39 pm
system. there are more than 114,000 children in foster care throughout the united states. the royal wedding date hasn't even been announced yet, but it already has brits captivated. the short lost on who might be chosen to desi >> all new oprah's ultimate favorite things part two! oprah: josh groban and johnny mathis and -- open the box, joe! >> the final "oprah's favorite open the box, joe! >> the final "oprah's favorite thingsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgs
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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>> alan: a lot of people are wondering when prince william and kate middleton's wedding will be and where it will be held. we should know next week, but there's one important designer question that may not be answered for months. >> reporter: it's the question on britain0s mind, who will kate wear?
4:42 pm
which lucky designer will be tapped to design the mother of all wedding gowns. >> it should be classic. elegant. not over the top. >> reporter: so far, leading the pack is the designer formally named lisa, designed the famous blue address kateer who win her engagement was announced, but she is brazilian. reported the on the list or amanda. elizabeth knows too well the intense pressure the designer will face. she and her then husband david designed princess dine na's gown in 1981. >> we have people who are renting long-range cameras and telescopes and going through our rubbage bin.
4:43 pm
>> they actually stored diana's dress in a huge safe,watched by two guards, and had a second wedding gown ready to go. >> no way we were going to let the identity of the dress come out. we had another dress that could have finished in 24 hours. >> diana's dress designed was -- with the 25-foot long train. would indicate go for an evening longer train? judging for her pep penchant for sleek fashions, don't bet on it. >> need to keep it simple and elegant. >> alan: coming up next, a magic al day at the box
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>> alan: the newest harry potter movie is off to a magical start, raking in more than $61 million on its opening day. the fifth biggest opening day on the box office charts. here's don sanchez on the aisle. the stronger he gets. >> i must be the one to kill harry potter. >> the evillord baltimore with a bad mose job has to get harry so he can dominate the world. a facing danger at every turn. >> harry and friends need to destroy fragments of his southerly. special effects are primitive, danger lurks everywhere.
4:47 pm
there's another undercurrent, a little psychodrama. they're perplexed about their feelings for each other, unsettled. this one likely sets up the finale in part two, due in theaters in 3-d in july. >> help me! >> they're coming. they're coming. >> we rev grown up with thesing thesactors and so have the films. there's a certain richness in this picture. a lot is left unsaid. you better have read the books or seen the films. one warning. there's a romantic scene between harry that is almost r are rated. i give it a full bucket. don sanchez, abc-7 news. see you on the aisle. >> alan: let's check in on that storm that's slowly swallowing up the bay area, leigh glaser
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checking that out. >> leigh: you can see the live doppler 7 hd getting active, and numerous lightning strikes. in the north bay, we had this very heavy thunderstorm cell move through nap passion -- napa, and look at these lightning strikes. all of this moving from north to south. also, just near the coast, these -- a string of cells right here, contain something lightning as well, sweeps in towards daly city. walnut creek, concord, light to moderate rain. san jose, dry right now, and you can see all the activity headed in their direction, so it's not quite over with yet. the culprit tonight is this area of low pressure, lot of cold air. the coldest air of the season will wrap in behind this thing, and lowering the snow levels down to 2500 feet already today.
4:49 pm
mt. hamilton reported three inches of snow. we take you through the course of the evening, and just pockets of moderate rain will rotate across the bay area, to 10:00, 11:00, 12. check out early morning hours. quite a bit of snow expected on mt. hamilton, and southern lake county, and these showers as the low starts to lift will dry out just a little bit. we may still see a few lingering showers in through tuesday as well. winter storm warning for southern lake county, 2,000 feet, two to five inches of snowfall is expected there, and if you're curious about the sierras, they've been picking up quite a bit. heavenly, 18. squaw valley, 18. alpine meadows, 10, and a winter storm warning in effect there until tomorrow afternoon, two to four feet additional snow expected above the 7,000 feet. one to two feet additional snow above the 5,000-foot level.
4:50 pm
so a lot of folks are heading up there, and it's perfect skiing conditions for the upcoming holiday weekend. daytime highs tomorrow, folks, will be quite cold as the northerly winds will be with us. looking for mid-to-low 50s. san francisco, 54. lingering showers rotating in. 54 for hole lester. looks like the rotating cells with say with us right on in through monday. by tuesday, we get another system that will drop down to bring us some scattered showers. after that, wednesday and thursday, thanksgiving day, we start to dry things out, and also warm temperatures up. by thursday, highs near 60 degrees. faze -- friday and saturday looking well. >> alan: earlier today, people did get some sun. spots of it.
4:51 pm
thank you, leigh. on to shu. the 113th annual big game today. >> mike: pretty gloomy at cal. stanford quarterback andrew luck decides to turn pro, he made sure he would win the big game at once, and boy, did he ever, leading smoothed ♪ [ male announcer ] open up a cadillac during our season's best sales event and receive the gift of asphalt. experience the exhilarating cadillac cts with a direct injection v6. it's the one gift you can open up all year long. see your cadillac dealer for this attractive offer. backed by the peace of mind that only comes from cadillac premium care maintenance. the season's best sales event. from cadillac.
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like the exclusive continuum. and the fascinate. or the samsung galaxy tab that runs flash. mike stanford showed cal they are for real in the 113th big game, embarrassing the bears at home. before the cop test, a little extracurricular activity. a fight breaks out between the both teams, and then foolishly
4:54 pm
purposes the cal player and gets ejected. mansion showing off his inexperience. the pickoff, a big momentum shift. stanford, ensuing drive. third and five, andrew luck, no one open, big guy takes off. watch the safety come into their picture. knocks him on the ground, keeps on going, 58 yards. longest run of the air. taylor caps off the drive. first of his two first-half tds. second quarter, more from stanford. 24-0 cardinals. cal needs to get something going, and mansion, another mistake. thomas with the pick. one of three bear turnovers in the first half. luck would run the ensuing two-minute drill to perfection. what a catch. the senior, making sure. stanford led 31-0 at the half. cardinals pick up where the left off in the third.
4:55 pm
taylor rushed for 59 yards, three scores. in the fourth, 45-0. something for cal to cheer about. look at the throw. scramble to the left, fines jones, a wild connection makes it 45-# -- 45-7. stanford gets the axe back. >> cooperate make the mistakes. the o-line stepped up. >> everything they gave us, they showed us from the shifts to everything, we were ready for them in practice. we've seen it, and execution, it's not not a coach's thing. at players we have to execute. >> alan: iowa state at -- ohio state as iowa. hawkeyes on the board. on the fourth, under two to play, buckeyes down 17-13. didn't hair -- dan harris from
4:56 pm
one yard out. the buckeyes survive the scare. and then wisconsin visiting michigan. the badgers put up 83 last week, not as many today but enough. white with the touchdown. 24-0 wisconsin at the half. the wolverines cut the lead to ten. it's white begin. this time # 23 yards. they keep their rose bowl hopes alive with a victory. great game in the sec. lsu hosting ole miss. tigers down 30-29. jefferson on the option, the flip, ford breaking tackles, barreling into pay dirt. it's 35-30lsu. ole miss would respond. jeremiah miss mist masoli hits
4:57 pm
summers. the tigers would rally. ridley breaking the tackle. lsu wins it 43-36. remember to check out after the game later tonight following oregon state and usc right here on abc-7. more highlights and reaction from the big game, and of course, that was embarrassing for cal. holing oregon, he top team in the nation to a 15-13 loss, and then lose like this, going to be a long week. >> alan: what are lucks chances for the heisman? >> he will be invited to new york. we'll say that. >> alan: the sport reporters don't get a chance to watch the west coast teams. >> mike: win that and get the heisman trophy?
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