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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 30, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> $9 an hour. >> this man lost his job a year ago, relying on unemployment ever since. today was a waiting game fr him and others. they sat on hold with the federal unemployment office hoping to ask a question. >> should i spend the check? should i just expect suspect just -- just have no income? >> he never did find out whether he'll be among half a million jobless californian whose checks will be slashed. >> just be kind of more devastating than than my life is. >> devastate sag word used a lot in this employment assistance center f there are no more extensions granted the unemployed will max out on benefits after 26 weeks or six
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and a half months. >> and checks were mailed until 99 weeks, those out of work longest will see benefits cut first. >> this f.they were eligible to be seen, unemployment insurance benefits and about 17%. >> there will be a devastating impact on many people, particularly in our oakland community are reliant economically on their unemployment insurance. >> makes a difference between whether or not we can pay the rent. >> judith johnson is just collecting for a few weeks now. great regret -- greg is at the end and can't collect anymore. >> it was a devastating blow in regards to i have to move out of the place i was in. i am homeless right now. >> well, at this point it's the price tag that has democrats and republicans at a
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stand still. there is another extension costing nearly $12 billion but if congress decides to let this aid run out, the labor department says nearly $12 million people could lose their benefits by christmas. reporting in oakland abc 7 news. >> and tough numbers, thank you. if you're out of work you might want to check out our next job fair sponsored bit job journal, next tuesday from 11:00 to 3:00 at the wind ham hotel in san jose. a deputy is out of the hospital tonight. this is the man who broke free yesterday, maurice ainsworth. police say he attacked a female deputy, fired a shot with a gun and a bistander then terrorized others as he tried to get away. tonight we have new information on this story. >> well, dan, the assault on the deputy involved punching her in the face and severely biting her index finger. and then, she gave chase only to be daysed twice. it's why her colleagues are
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calling her very dedicated and heroic. the question is should she have been the only person guarding this violent criminal? >> maurice ainsworth escaped yesterday and the frightening sequence of events that followed has the sheriff rethinking medical transport policy. >> i can only tell you all that it is my commitment to the community to review these and make sure this does not happen again. >> the twice convicted felon is waiting trial on charges he assaulted and kidnapped a family last year. the loen deputy transporting him to his appointment to dominican hospital was a 12 year veteran deputy, who stands five feet, three inches tall. >> the idea this is a 275 pound big six-foot seven guy? with some small little sheriff woman? it just seems like what are they think something. >> the sheriff's department says it was following a
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longstanding policy of single transports and despite ainsworth's violent past, he has been to medical appointments before without problems. >> in this case, you know i don't want to use the word model prisoner but there is no reason to believe there was any increased risk from this inmate rather than any other inmate. >> ainsworth not only assaulted and tased her in the head but stole her gun, firing a shot at a woman yelling to stop the assault. later held a preschoolteacher at gun point, terrorizing a couple in a home. more than a dozen agencies and 100 officers were involved in a five-hour ordeal that ended with the arrest of ainsworth. >> the person to be blamed here is maurice ainsworth. not the sheriff's office or our deputy. its his duty to act civilly in our custody. it's his duty to act appropriately in society.
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>> the sheriff's department acknowledges it's their cute duty to protect the community that. is why this policy will be reviewed. the sheriff says that he believes that ainsworth planned this ses cape, knowing he'd be out of shackles for the tests. tonight the deputy is home, recovering and ainsworth is guarded. in santa cruz abc 7 news. >> thank you. and a prison overcrowding case could force california to release tens of thousands of inmates early went before the supreme court today. adult prisons hold 144,000 inmates but a court ordered population cut by 40,000 within two years. the rest can get health care. state calls this reduction order dangerous. >> we should not let inmates out because public safety is our number one priority. we must protect the people. >> the drug policy alliance says california can savely
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release 40,000 nonviolent offenders. >> it doesn't make sense from a human point of view or a fiscal point of view to waste money locking him up. >> the supreme court is expected to rule before it ends this session in june. >> san francisco district attorney harris is celebrating after declaring victory today in the state attorney general's race. the party is underway at the delancy street foundation. earlier thanking earl warren for being an early inspiration in her life. he served as governor before becoming chief justice of the supreme court. that is where he previded over the landmark ruling in brown versus board of education. >> and. >> as a first grader that was part of the first class to integrate. a direct beneficiary of the work of the man who led the office i later joins. i think it provides a example of the question between civil
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rights and public safety. >> harris is the first woman and first minority to serve as california attorney general. she's an indian and african american decent and will take the oath of office on january 3. >> cops call this a simple way to reduce crime. critics worry this is an invasion of privacy. a city ready to yugs technology that can record and read thousands of license plates, checking them against crime data bases. >> these case chz look like spot lights are cameras. they're mounted on a vehicle police asked us not to identify as not to compromise the use, these can scan license plates. the car is moving along and a side mount can check parking lots. information is sent to this computer, comparing plates to a hot sheet of stolen cars or cars used in crimes. east palo alto resident thinks he likes it. >> it's scary. in that... they can fint fintd -- find out a lot of
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information quickly. >> i believe sunday night, we read approximately 10,000 plates in a 10-hour shift. >> we can identify fi the officer sometimes using this vehicle this, is the only one in san mateo county n january, east palo alto police will put their own on the streets. this is tank thanks to a grant from the department of justice. police say it's a big problem here. >> helping us reduce thefts and recover stolen vehicles and identify other vehicles associated with crimes as well. >> advocates are concerned about in technology worried about how long the police department will keep this data and what other possible uses there would be for it. nicole have fr san francisco's aclu says innocent people should be able to go about lives without being tracked and monitored this, is a needle in a hay stack that may waste money, invade privacy and invite unfair profiling. the captain says there will be
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a use policy addressing issues and the data will not be shared or used for other purposes. >> we want everybody to feel comfortable we're using this properly. >> and a lot more to bring you tonight. it's in need of repairs. just ahead efforts to fix one of the worst stretches of free anywhere in the bay area. >> new screening method that could help protect lung cancer earlier than before. plus... >> dancing with the star governor, schwartzeneggar. a festive time today at the state capitol. >> i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 showing you rain moving into northern california. and it gets here to the bay
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. news about public education. california teacher's association crediting a reform program with helping improve scores and says more money means better scores. >> reporter: the reform program is called california quality education investment act. now, let's make one thing clear this, is not new money. these are funds that were owed to schools by the state of california. the report was put out by the california teachers association, and it found there has been progress in helping at risk students. we found it isn't working as well as they say it is.
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nearly 500 california schools will end up sharing $3 billion in state funds over seven years, it stems from a lawsuit from california teachers association. it argued kids were being denied right to a high-quality education. >> these dollars were sent back to schools. to the lowest-achieving schools in california with idea this would help close the gaps and give access to better schooling. >> the money has been rolling in since 2007. now, a new report says that there has been progress. the newly elected superintendent of schools helped get the funds through the legislature. >> they have lower class sizes and more counselors in these schools. that allows teachers to know each student better to differentiate the learning strategies for every student. >> the under performing schools receiving the funds showed a higher growth on the
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california academic performance index. then schools that did not get the help. the cpa says having money to keep the small class sizes was instrumental. >> it's more individual attention. and i can give them so much more instruction. and san francisco unified did not match the trends. only half schools that got the extra funds showed api growth. in fact, those schools that did not get the extra resources did better. >> two years is a owe short amount of time to turn around a school wech think it takes at least three years to start to see that move. and in cases you know five years before you might see whether or not it's something that going to hold. >> carey is with education trust west. a policy and research group. >> i think the question is are we spending it in a smart way? and in a way that reaches
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every child in california? >> now in san francisco, 14 schools are receiving funds and that money represents $500 for each student in elementary school, 900 for 4th three 8th grade then $1,000 for each high school student. >> a busy stretch of high hae is getting upgrades but things will get worse before improving. work along 880 will mean three days of ramp closures next week. this retro fit and replacement are the bay area's only remaining upgrades besides bay bridge. at high street replacement of the structure requires a three-day closure of the southbound 42 avenue on and off ramps beginning december 9th. >> 42 avenue exists where future foundation will be. so we have some relocation
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where they will be. >> the current exit will be replaced with a new one, ready and waiting. rest of the work planned for the closure requires dry weather, and a minimum temperature of 50 degrees. >> there is a lot of paving and demolition. it's going to be hour by hour schedules and working around the clock. and by the time monday morning comes around everything will look different. >> at the 5th avenue bridge, purple rebar is going in. last step before concrete is pored coming up before christmas. but don't look for a finished bridge for another few years. >> 880 will be wider. we're going add emergency lanes in case people have to pull over for a blown tire. the roads will be a lot smoother. >> resurfacing of the truck lanes between 5th and high supposed to begin this year.
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but problems pushed that project to next year that will have major traffic impacts. and there will be the interchange, ready for complexion. >> google facing a formal ainvestigation by european union as to whether it abused it's dominant market position. today's announcement follows complaints that google put them in a disadvantage. this is a first major investigation anywhere in the world and can result in billions in fines. the mountain-view based high tech giant maintained it will work to address concerns. >> perhaps it was a tad bit warmer today.
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>> and there was a a cool afternoon. i told you it was. but it was a cold start this morning. temperatures subfreezing. tonight we're not expecting it to be quite as chilly. we're expecting mid-30s. >> and we're getting better here with clouds around. and hopefully you'll not be burning wood tonight. tomorrow has been declared a spare the air. you can see particulate matter has gathered. you can see that layer there near the ground. we don't have much in the way of wind. so just be aware of this, looking at live doppler 7, you'll see rain right now is confined to the northwestern portion of california. crescent city reporting light rain. here in the bay area, there are clouds around, no rain just yet. it will get here, though. numbers into 40s and 50s and these temperatures are running
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warmer than where they were 24 hours ago thanks to clouds around. not as cold tonight. partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. rain spreads thursday afternoon. and into friday afternoon. this is for the bay area. here is a satellite and radar. high pressure and one more dry day tomorrow. then, this storm here will slowly move south. as a matter of fact it's going to small out -- stall out for a day, tomorrow, computer animation shows what is going to happen. maybe sprinkles around ukiah tomorrow morning. in the afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy skies at 4:00 p.m. then, we start to see rain beginning to move in. around santa rosa by 5:00 p.m. thursday. so during that evening commute. rain line starts to shift south ward heading into 5:00 a.m. friday. and that is when we'll see wet pavement across the entire bay area. by afternoon, it's pushing out of the east bay and out of the south bay.
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so cold front should bring from a ten toj about three quarters of an inch of rain. tonight as mentioned not quite as cold thanks to extra clouds around. and 36 in fairfield in one coldest loks. 38 morgan hill. 37 livermore. upper 30s in north bay valleys. low to mid-40s across the coastal areas right around the bay. tomorrow afternoon, looking for temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s. 60 in campbell and san jose. numbers up a few degrees from today. 57 in the peninsula. and coastal areas pacifica not much change. 54 degrees, downtown san francisco, daily city going to be into mid-50s. north bay, a little more cloud cover here, perhaps light showers or sprinkles around ukiah. 58 in santa rosa and east bay. there is fremont, heading inland temperatures hover around mid to upper 50s. mobt ray bay, 62 in salinas.
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here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow is a spare the air. thursday afternoon through friday afternoon, you need umbrellas. there is a short break saturday morning. more rain for sunday is iffy. and this is weekend computer models still duking it out. >> we'll check back with you. >> we'll check back with you. >> just ahead a
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san francisco took a step forward in the bid to host america's cup. >> as abc 7 reports, city leaders working now to have a deal in place by the end of the year. >> now that software mogul larry ellison brought home the gold it's up to him to choose where to stage next america's cup in 2013. today the sports commission voted to allow port property to serve as the convenient tu. the choice is between san francisco and an italian port city. the overwhelming majority of the crowd wants the regatta here. >> the whole idea is that sailing is a rich white man's sport. >> this is going trance form the water front. >> there are two versions of what that would look like. one calls for using piers 30,
6:25 pm
32 and 50. 50 is home to a number of businesses like west star marine services. they'd be forced out. rick smith says it would be the second time for west star. >> we relocated in 197 with construction of the giants ballpark. and now former officers are right field bleachers. might be in the same situation, again. >> commissioners seemed to prefer other options. race organizers would spend $150 million fixing up structures in exchange getting free leases for 66 years. >> this is still a business deal. they have to be able to get their money out. if putting money in. >> proposed agreement now has a hearing at the board of supervisors. >> and the clock is ticking. race organizers said they'd like to make a location decision by the end of december.
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>> a new pentagon report shedding light on gays in the military controversy. up next what it says about don't skrks don't tell policy and impact on troop morale. >> also here tonight with democrats and republicans are saying about bipartisanship following today's big meeting in the nation's capital. >> i was surprised like what happened? >> she was set for a trip of a lifetime. then they she got to
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you can see
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tonight the pentagon released it's survey on gays serving in the military. >> the study shows most service men and will have no problem serving with openly-gay soldiers. abc 7's mark matthews is here with details and continuing debate over this on capitol hill. >> we're hearing from members of congress pushing for repeel of the 17-year-old don't ask,
6:30 pm
don't tell policy. they foint a survey out today as prove it should be zapped. >> pentagon announced today allowing gays and less bee anyones -- less bee fin yins to serve would not pose a right after this tok military readiness. >> they'll disrupt even the short term would not be the wrenching traumatic change many have feared and predicted. >> robert gates based his conclusion on results of a survey. and 44,000 military spouses just over half said repeeling would have a mixed or no affect and 15% to 20% thought a ps tiff affect. 30% thought a negative, however, those numbers went up among members of the marine corps and in army combat units. 58% of marine combat units
6:31 pm
thought rou -- awill youing gays to serve would cause them concern. >> there is going to be some that are going to hold out because of the personal values and beliefs. >> in san francisco today the district commander of american legion post 448 told me he had to resign when he came out after 12 years in the army. and one commander kicked out for the reason. >> the time has come for a change. i this change is coming soon. >> senate will hold hearings this week and senate majority leader is promising a vote by the end of the year. on capitol hill, senator john mccain told g morning america senate republicans have no appetite for repeeling don't ask, don't tell. >> the election was about tax cuts and economy. and jobs. that is what it was about. it wasn't about dream act. it wasn't about don't ask, don't tell. >> today california senator feinstein called on senate republicans to repeel don't ask, don't tell.
6:32 pm
repeel has been added to a defense appropriation s bill. and we'll see. >> all right. thanks mark. >> the tone of dialogue have changed write a bit. that change was evident in the first sit down meeting between the president and those leaders today. today's meeting lasted two hours, both sides emerged pleased with the spirit of cooperation. >> atmosphere in the meeting was civil. and there is no doubt that those differences goring to remain no matter how many meetings we have. >> this incoming house speaker says it would help them find common ground. >> there is a reason why there is democrats and republicans. we believe in different things about the appropriate role of federal government.
6:33 pm
but having said that, the more time we spend together, we can find common ground because american people expect us to come here and work on their dehalf. >> president obama says he appreciates tennor of the conversations and it will be s.looking forward to having meetings including at camp david. >> u.s. state department is making changes after the wiki leaks web site published more than a quarter million private memos, disconnecting access to files from a u.s. government classified network. the move reduces a number of employees inside cho who is see important messages. this morning the wiki leaks site came under a cyber attack down for hours and the u.s. and europe before recovering. >> the senate passed legislation that will give fda new powers to make our food safer this, action comes in the wake of recent deadly salmonella outbreaks. the bill allows fda to increase inspections of food
6:34 pm
processing facilities and to force companies to recall tainted food. right now fda can only negotiate to order voluntary recalls. the bill also establishes stricter standards for safety of imported food. >> there is more trouble for largest hazardous materials dump in the western u.s.. the u.s. epa finds a chemical waste management facility more than $300,000. feds say the dump improperly disposed of the chemicals thchl is the same landfill residents say is to blame for a high rate of birth defects among children in the area. officials report they had were not able to identity a common cause of the problem autos you know started out as a welcome call to verify charges. you've had that happen before. turned into something else for one woman. >> exciting vacation. it became a huge mess. >> and there is since this
6:35 pm
phone call you've receive brd. you make a large purchase. the company calls to verify charges. that is what happened, i should say it's what happened after that call that almost cost a san francisco woman $6,000. laila was all set for a trip of her life. she booked a flight for two for a vacation in london, then a connecting flight on to spain. charging to it her american express card and the company called to verify the charges. >> so i said yes. it's mean. one of them is virgin atlantic to london. another with iberia. >> she was set, until... she showed up a day after the flight. >> virgin atlantic says i don't have a ticket. and i was surprised. >> she called american express and the rep told her nothing could be gun out a manager who wasn't there. >> at this point i had to make a decision. if i didn't go i would have
6:36 pm
lost the rest of the itinerary. the everything paid for loor tickets she bought for $1600 now costing $7,000. >> i charged it. i didn't have the money. i was so sure american express would know i had called and this was their mistake. >> she called american express during the trip and after the trip and the company would not budge. >> it was hard. i had manic tacks and waking up thinking... what if i have to pay for that? i don't have that kind of money. >> she called 7 on your side. we contacted american express. it reduced charges for her flight back down to what she'd originally a paid. >> thanks to michael finney i got credit back on the card. at least my credit score is intact. and thank you very much for taking the time. >> and they're citing ply
6:37 pm
vassy concerns for the customer. if you have a consumer problem e mail me by going to our web site. >> that takes care of it. >> thank you. >> good work. >> coming up a new development in a battle against lung cancer. >> how ax
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bay area researchers investigating a screening method that could help detect lung cancer earlier. this builds on recent research. >> okay. >> jennifer martin was a smokier almost three decades now hoping to learn if bad habits increased heiress being for cancer. >> my father just passed away. >> as part of a trial doctors in mountain view used a scan to examine her lungs before getting that ct patients were also given another test. examining dna. >> the doctor is setting a
6:41 pm
genetic markers in hopes of developing a test to help identify patients. >> i think idea is that we cannot screen all 50 million americans we need to identify patients who are at risk for dying from lung cancer. >> and this comes on heels of a study funded by national cancer institute. scans used for screening helped reduce deaths by 20% in the time period study. that prompted calls to make a low dose screening routine for high-risk patients. critics point out the scans produce high rates of false positives. up to 70% detecting problem that's aren't really there. this often leads to the testing. >> we have so decide whether to do further treatment. >> the doctor believes being able to identify high risk
6:42 pm
patients could make ct screening for lung cancer more practical. >> if we can fine tune that population by introducing this test, we'll allow to it identify patients who probably have concernings findings that need to be investigated. >> the dna is gathered by a swab of the cheek. those results then come wined with other risk factors to determine a final score. jennifer hoping information will help her protect herself against lung cancer. >> i am -- so next week for the results of the scan. so looking forward to that. >> this is open over -- look for a link to the trial on our web site. >> ahead of world aids day tomorrow a new government report today shows more americans are getting tested. the cdc says 45% of americans reported getting an hiv test
6:43 pm
at least once. the government expanded guidelines to include more people, continuing to raise awareness about early detection. estimated 1.1 million americans have hiv. about 20% do not realize it. >> and it's that time of the year. the letters to santa are piling up. >> just ahead here tonight how to step up to a [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. governor schwartzeneggar danced a traditional dance to celebrate hanukkah. the eight day festival of lights begins tomorrow. the governor and rabbies lit the state capitol menorah this
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afternoon. >> letters to santa has been a tradition more than 100 years, kids flood the postal service with wish lists, and it's a daunting job and santa can use some help. he gets it thanks to bay area elves. >> a little merm made baby doll. >> not even december, already san francisco post office received over 200 letters for santa claus. today the postal service kicked off letters to santa program. a call for volunteers to help santa answer kids letters and hopefully provide a gift this, year some requests hit home. >> so many people lost jobs. that is what we see people asking for. please, santa give my daddy a job. we don't have a lot of food on the table. bring us food. >> 300 leters blew through
6:48 pm
this facility. letters so cute. big letters and even drawings of the favorite things but it's not just kids writing. ronald lewis dropped off a hand frfl mothers and grandmothers in need. >> this program helped a lot of families. a lot of families and that type of thing. so even a television, noi? >> hi. my name is gregory. my size is pants 7-8. shoes 3 and a half to four, thank you, santa. >> no personal information on the child is released except first name, age and what they want making the child holiday special is what this program is about. >> if there is a way i can help out, whether it's a gift or a little message from santa i'd love to be able to do that. >> in san francisco, leigh glaser abc 7 news. >> and that is so sweet. heart breaking some of them. >> and santa letters can be
6:49 pm
picked up and this is every tuesday through december 14th. >> and contact the san francisco postal service on evans street. oakland is participating in this program. >> that is a fun way to help out. and there is a sandhya patel back. >> cold nights and cool days. so it doesn't get as warm as we head towards winter. milder compared to last couple mornings, noon time, temperatures into 50s, by 4:00 p.m. numbers ranging from low to upper 50s across the bay area. there are a few sprinkles positive. by thursday evening, santa rosa starts to pick up rain. rain will spread south ward towards friday morning during
6:50 pm
5:00 a.m. commute. heading towards friday afternoon there, is a cold front moving out of here from a tenth to three quarters of an inch of rain. tomorrow is going to be a spare the air and just a reminder not to burn wood, it's illegal. get umbrellas out that. is when rainy period comes in. sunday a chance of rain. and there is a another possibility heading into tuesday. >> and former league mvp will be playing short stop for giants next year. >> he's down but is he out? mike shumannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, holiday shopping season here and stores are hiring tonight we'll take a look at what thousands are doing to get that work. >> then at 11:00 here on awc 7 pediatricians recommending a new antiobesity diet for babies coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is some comings and goings into the giants camp. >> baseball, you've got to take care of business. it's official. juan uribe is a los angeles dodger. and with a three-year $21
6:54 pm
million deal. it will be boo-ribe when it comes to town. we're going miss juan but not that much. and there is the 36-year-old runs for a one year deal, filling the void at short stop. miguel hit 269 and 71 rbi last season and tejada was mvp wc wch -- with the a's. >> and frank gore on season ending injured reserve today. this is a big blow to the niners as frank was accountable for 40% of the team offense. he we hear it last night in arizona. left the field came back and took himself out of the game. the team had to hide his helmet so he wouldn't return. and the coach knows the team
6:55 pm
is going miss him. >> frank has been a huge part of the offense meaning that we tried to establish the balance between running and passing sometimes. and just have to adjust. fwoikts someone else to have to run for them. we'll see how that works. >> ask one man's set back is another man's opportunity in the nfl. niners are lucky they have brian west brooke running for 136 yards. the most on monday night football this season. there is an injury that may open up the offense with more production from a passing game. they're watching the majority of the games and is ready to step up. >> it's tough to watch the games. i know that i've seen it in this team. and it's hard for offensive coordinator and to do that.
6:56 pm
so i had the opportunity to make the most of it. >> football is an emotional game. some guys keep them in check. some let their emotion get out of whack. and and there is a beat down loss and jon gruden called him out after the game. >> dur down 18 points and had five first downs. and i want to bother you. >> i'm not laugh bigt. you think it's funny? i take it serious. i put my heart and soul into this every week. >> i'm saying the camera showed... >> i'm telling you what i do every week. i study and i don't go out there and laugh. it's not funny. i don't want to get embarrassed on monday night football in front of everybody. >> i just wanted to ask you. >> we're talking.
6:57 pm
we're talking. i'm done. sorry. >> kind of like in the caught in a lie with parents and having to makeup a reason why you're doing this. and we'll have highlights tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. and he was busted and knew it. and. >> i'm not talking about it. >> who knows what they're talking about it. when you're down that many points and laughing on side lines, it doesn't look good. >> frown. >> yes. frown. >> and that is right. >> from mike shumann and
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