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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 3, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in fremont where the man accused of sexually assaulting a two-year-old will be in court today. we're going to hear from the people who stopped him from getting away. coming up in a live report. >> johannes mehserle's attorney will try to convince the judge to release him on jail while the conviction is appealed.
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>> good morning to you. looking live downtown san francisco where we have kind of a damp morning with mist hanging in the air. rain around the bay area. i'll show you that and rain chances increase through the weekend. >> make sure you bring your chains if you're heading to the sierra today. all the details and a complete traffic report in just a few minutes. >> good morning. i'm theresa garcia. thank you for joining us this friday morning. >> i'm eric thomas. kristen is off. with begin with a horrifying story of a man sexually assaulting a two year olds girl this week inside a dollar store in union city. he's making his first court appearance later in morning. terry mcsweeney is live at the fremont hall of justice with more. >> 36-year-old eugene ramos has been down this road before back in 2003. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl. this time around it's a two-year-old girl. take a look where it happened. as you mentioned the dollar tree
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store. this is dakota road in union city it. it happened at 1:00 in the afternoon, broad daylight right in the middle of the store in an aisle. the grandmother of the girl tells police she became separated from her granddaughter for she says less than a minute and then found the girl with ramos on top of her, both of them with their pants down. the girl's pants and diaper were off. the grandmother screamed and ramos tried to get away but two men stopped him. >> i looked at the baby and the lady standing there asking me to help. so i just tackled the guy and sat on him. >> he gave up a stance so i gave up a stance also. swung at him. i popped him in the cheek. he swung back and missed. >> ramos has been booked on rape, kidnapping and lewd acts with a child. he's being held at santa rita
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jail. he's expected here at the hall of justice at 9:00 this morning for arraignment. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> johannes mehserle returns to court this afternoon in los angeles where his attorney will ask the judge to let his client go free on bail while his conviction in the fatal shooting of unarmed bart passenger oscar grant is appealed. mehserle was sentenced to two years in pris soon for involuntary man slatter last month. he said he made a mistake thinking he was shooting his taser instead of his gun. mehserle's attorney will ask the judge today to release his clients arguing he has a good chance of overturning the jury's verdict. >> a san francisco man convicteded of making threats against house speaker nancy pelosi is going to federal prison. a federal judge sentenced greg juicety to 21 years in prison and three years probation. he pleaded guilty to making 30
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harassing phone calls to pelosi's home and offices. one call he spoke directly to her and threatened to destroy her home if she voted in favor of healthcare reform. >> installation of smart meters will continue despite complaints about possible health risks. the state public utilities commission rejected petition until public hearings can be held. a local group of people are questioning the safety of the radio waves emitted. >> there's literally millions of these devices being deployed throughout the state. and there's many citizens, many residents that are emf sensitive. in other words, they actually get ill because of exposure to electromagnetic currents. >> the commission sided with a report which says smart meters emit less energy than cellphones
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and routeers and do not pose a health risk. >> a neighborhood recycling center vowed they will fight city hall to keep it open in san francisco's golden gate bridge park. this follows last night's unanimous vote to replace the recycling center with a community garden. it operated for decades along frederick street. supporters of the garden insist the center no longer serves a purpose because of san francisco's expanded curbside recycling program. >> they made a responsible decision that an outmoded facility, the recycling center, has to go in favor of something much more community fredly. >> i'm not sure they read all the materials. recycling centers are not replaced by curbside. >> the recycling center employees ten people and the revenue supports many community
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programs. >> a wrecker's ball will take aim at the closed trans bay terminal. it closed august 7th when several transit agencies moved their bus services to a temporary terminal a few blocks away. most of the building should be gone by late february and early march and that's approximate when work will begin on the foundation for the trans bay terminal. >> 6:06 now. demolition work may be a little dense because of the rain we had overnight. >> still rain? >> still raining and i have live doping 7 hd. it's over in sonoma county. this is all -- solano county. this is all heading to the northeast about 20, 25 mph. keep moving from our neighborhood and heading into the central valley. 2 hundredths and most of it stayed to the north. we have some drizzle this morning.
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watch for that and mild conditions with mid to upper 40s in most neighborhoods. half moon bay and oakland and san francisco low 50s. all these temperatures except los gatos above yesterday. 10 degrees warmer in mountain view, 8 san jose. as the afternoon hours unfold, our best chance of a scattered showers again in the north bay but one could happen anywhere at anytime just like yesterday. temperatures mid to upper 50s. fremont low 60s. less likely we'll see a scattered showers around the monterey bay. temperatures a little warmer even inland low to mid-60s. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, our chances of rain will increase as will the coverage and the amount saturday and it will peak on sunday. we'll be dry monday and tuesday. here's megan with a look at your commute. good morning. >> good morning. those weather conditions are the only thing that may slow you down but so far pretty quiet. let's start with contra costa with a live look at the ride
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walnut creek. no delays heading into the san ramon valley. commuting into san francisco okay the bay bridge, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup yet at the tolls making your way into san francisco. if you are heading out of town towards the sierra, make sure you have those chains. you need them on 80 in both directions. eric, theresa. >> thank you, megan. it's 6:08. >> more news. the percentage of u.s. households with life insurance reaches its lowest level in 50 years. the must reads up next. >> high-speed rail officials decide where the first miles of track will be laid even though it will create a train to nowhere. >> a new mission for san jose sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone.
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we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. raus. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards.
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it is 6:11.
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environmental activists in sonoma county say they are closer than ever getting a permanent congressional ban on offshore oil drilling. congress could vote on a bill sponsored by a petaluma congresswoman. it would double the size of sanctuaries off the coast and oil drilling is banned there. but analysts say passage is a long shot because the lame duck congress is inundated with work including "don't ask, don't tell." >> the first 65 mile leg will be built through fresno. the entire route is supposed to stretch from sacramento to san diego. the commission said they didn't have much choice in the decision. the federal government is demanding that the first $4 billion in funding be spent in the valley. contracts have to be signed by the end of the year or california risks using the
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money. >> we're building the first section, first section in a place that most of these -- where we get the biggest bang for our bucks. >> it's expected to create thousands of jobs where unemployment is high as 25%. but some republican leaders are threatening to kill funding which they say is a waste of tax dollars. >> san jose state under is set to play a role in the war on terror in afghanistan. the plan is help promote a free democracy in the country through journalism. these two state professors will make a half dozen trips over the next three years to take a modern journalism curriculum to iraq university in western afghanistan. it's part of a $1.2 million state department grant to san jose state to do media training in the war-torn country. the bay area afghan community applauds the efforts.
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>> a lot of false statements but people are fearful and training is very limited. >> we will go to the extent of life to be sure our team is safe and secure. >> one component of the grant is for the two universities to establish internet-based tv and radio sites so students from the two countries can share their stories. >> talking about sharing stories, you've got some rain to share with us? >> i think everybody will get some eventually through the weekend. chances will increase and so will the coverage. a look outside. good news even with the low ceiling in the almost foggy, more like hazy conditions outside because of all the moisture in the air. we do not have flight arrival delays into sfo, none being reported yet. we have rain showing up on live doppler 7 hd and it's moving away to the northeast at around 25 to 30 mph through the central valley and up into the sierra. in fact, when you head up there you can see how it turns into
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snow, especially above 6,000 feet. that's where we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning. snow levels are going to be high all weekend. as far as back here at home, was it mild this morning. mid to upper 40s in most areas. around the bay shoreline, low 50s. the exception fremont about 48. the monterey bay, mid-40s. inland gilroy, salinas, low 40. three things i want you to know before you head through the weekend. scattered showers today like yesterday. the bulk will fall in the north bay. more likely widespread showers tomorrow and the heaviest and most widespread rains will be on sunday. a dry spell monday afternoon through wednesday morning before more rain is in the forecast. temperatures today in the east bay, mid to upper 50s.
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fremont trailing behind in the mid to upper 50s. everybody else upper 50s the south bay. redwood city, palo alto 60. the rest of the peninsula the upper 50s. half moon bay, pacifica, daly city, 66 to 67. south san francisco, downtown around 58 degrees. mid to upper 50s through the north bay. low to mid-60s around the monterey bay and even inland with a little more sunshine this afternoon. tonight going to be mild once again with cloudy conditions and patchy drizzle like we're seeing this morning. mid to upper 40s until you get to the bay shoreline where we see a few low 50s. 7:00 this morning, the rain moving away but it could develop during the afternoon hours, especially the north bay. that will all push to the north for our friday evening. it will be damp with a little drizzle. that's about it. saturday morning see scattered showers, especially in the south bay. those increasing coverage during the afternoon hours.
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we see those taper a little with light showers during the overnight saturday into sunday morning and the secondary push. look how widespread. notice seeing yellows and oranges. that's pretty impressive rainfall totals. a quarter to a half inch around the bay. the mountains three-quarters to an inch and a half. 7-day forecast, every day mid to upper 50s. another chance of rain wednesday into thursday. have a great weekend. here's megan with your commute. >> good morning. enjoy that cup of coffee because you have a nice commute. san jose a live look. this is 280 at the 17 overcrossing. no problems now making your way northbound through the downtown san jose area. if you're commuting through the north bay, a live look in san rafael. these headlights southbound 101 making their way out of novato towards 580. the drive time from 37 to 580 just a light ten minutes.
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the san mateo bridge, traffic moving nicely in both directions. headlights moving eastbound into hayward. for our east shore freeway commuters, interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights are moving westbound. the drive time from the carquinez bring to the maze, about 20 minutes. westbound 4 looking pretty good. only 18 minutes to get from antioch to concord. through the altamont pass, 21 minutes from 205 to 680. that's westbound 580. you can get your own drive times delivered right to your e-mail by going to our website at click on the traffic link. eric, degrees. >> thanks for all the updates. >> 6:18. time for must reads. another byproduct of the slow economy is hitting the life insurance industry pretty hard. u.s.a. reports that 44% of american households have no life insurance now. that's the lowest percentage in
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50 years. rather, you know what i'm saying. that's a low number. ironically prices are at a ten-year low. many families say they just haven't bought life insurance because it's not high on their list of priorities while money is tight. >> a story in "the washington post" will frighten anyone who's baited a hook or shopped at a fish market. the world is running out of places to catch wild fish. the study say commercial fisheries have expanded so far and so fast that many areas are fished out. >> the mercury news reports on a land deal that guarantees point logos one of the most scenic spots in the golden state. yesterday the final 317 acres of land near the reserve to the state. now it's going to become public park land. allen bought that property back in 1898 to keep a developer from
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putting homes on the site. yesterday his family made sure developers get that land. look under the must reads tab. you can see the correction to my math challenge. only 44% of american households have life insurance and that's the lowest number in 50 years. >> that is low. coming up next, turning it down. congress lowers the volume on television commercials. >> just in time for the holidays. for you shoppers, testing more than 100 gps units.
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>> good morning. it's 6:23 now. with most new cars you can get gps built in but you'll pay a premium. portable units cost far less.
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the "consumer reports" have tested to find the best. here's michael finney with the results. >> "consumer reports" tester frank spin nellie has driven thousands of miles this year. he and his team tested more than 100 units. they come with lots of features. take traffic information. it can show delays along your route. >> many models provide traffic information for free although there are small ads that may pop up on screen. >> then there's voice recognition on the most expensive units. >> you can operate menus and enter an address by speaking a command. >> state house number? >> 1, 2, 3. >> voice recognition doesn't work well enough to justify the cost. >> the low cost feature is rather than simply hearing turn
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left, you're getting the street name as well. >> another good feature, reality view. a 3-d view of lane assists which shows you the best lane to be in for an upcoming turn. in the end "consumer reports" recommends the tomtom 1. it costs $170 with its optional receiver that allows you to receive traffic information. almost all of the new smart phones have gps application. "consumer reports" says the navigation on some can work just as well as a tradition gps unit but the smaller screens can be tough to see and the smaller buttons harder to use. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> when you watch tv, there's often a noticeable difference when the commercials come on. they're louder. >> yesterday congress passed a bill to ensure the commercials
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are the same volume as the program you're watching. it was retire by a palo alto congresswoman. it's expected to be signed into law by president obama. >> it's 6:26 now. still ahead at 6:30. back in court. this afternoon former bart police officer johannes mehserle will try to get release on bail while he appeals his manslaughter conviction. >> a loaded gun left in an unlocked drawer leads to the death of a two-year-old boy. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in fremont where a convicted sex offender is going to be back in court today accused of sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl. a crime that has police at a loss for words. parents wonder where is it that your children are safe. >> since we last talked, sfo's reporting 35-minute flight arrival delays. and atlanta is reporting flight departure delays. we'll check our flight
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. >> bell's ringing, folks, marking the opening of the trading day on the new york stock exchange. labor department released the latest unemployment figures and they show the jobless rate rose to 9.8% last month up from 9.6% in october. economists had expected the rate to remain the same. that could have an effect on wall street this morning. we'll check back in at the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes and see how the dow is reacting to those jobless figures. locally fire crews are still on the scene of an early morning fire that destroyed at least four boats and damaged the docks at a marina in oakley. it broke out 2:00 at the gemini marina. two jumped into the water to avoid the flames.
6:31 am
the coast guard rescued them. firefighters faced several hurdles in trying to keep the fire from spreading. >> we had some challenges. we had to establish a water supply. no hydrants in this area. we did surround and ground. hose lines and utilize the the fire boat and were able to diffuse the fire. >> fire crews expect to remain on the scene to clean things up. investigators don't know what sparked this blaze. the coast guard will put booms in the water to contain fuel or oil spills. >> security is likely to be very tight this morning when a man makes his first court appearance on charges of raping a two-year-old girl inside a union city discount store. it happened this week. terry mcsweeney is live at the fremont hall of justice with more on this case. >> 36-year-old eugene ramos is expected to be arraigned this morning at 9:00. he is a convicted sex offender.
6:32 am
he's been down this road before but this time the crime even worse. take a look where it happened wednesday. this is the dollar store on dakota road in union city. it happened about 1:00 in the afternoon. a two-year-old girl juwandered from his grandmother. when the woman found the girl a man was on top of her and he had her pants and diaper removed. >> the individual had obviously no concern about who's gonna witness the event. this has us baffled. >> i have two kids six years old and two. and it's scary for everyone. >> two men stopped ramos from getting away. he has a previous conviction for sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl in hayward. that was back in 2003. mr. ramos is scheduled to be arraigned 9:00 this morning here in court. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news.
6:33 am
>> terry, thank you for that update. an antioch couple faces felony child endangerment charges this morning in the shooting death of their two-year-old son. jason carr was playing with his four-year-old brother when they found a gun in a drawer. jason was accidentally shot in the head while playing with that weapon. the boy's grandmother was babysitting. the mother bought the gun but it was the father eddie carr who loaded it. carr faces additional charges for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. yesterday was jason's birthday. >> a judge will decide today if johannes mehserle goes free on bail or if he remains in gile while he appeals. mehserle was sentenced to two years in prison for involuntary manslaughter last month. the former bart officer made a mistake. he thought he was shooting his
6:34 am
taser at grant's back. instead he was shooting his firearm. mehserle's attorney will ask the judge to release his client arguing he will have a chance to overturn the jury's verdict. >> in oakland 12 of the 152 people arrested following mehserle's sentencing face arraignment in an oakland courtroom. there were large demonstrations in downtown oakland after mehserle was sentenced november 5th. after several hours of peaceful protests, some people began smashing car windows and damaging other property. >> pg&e has agreed to pay california $2.5 million to settle lawsuits that blame the utility for a pair of wild fires. most of the money will cut the cost of fighting the stevens fire in santa clara county in august 2007.
6:35 am
the settlement includes $400,000 to cover costs fighting the hopper creek fire in december 2006 in napa county. it failed to clear tree branches from its electrical lines. >> demands were brought to last night's housing and redevelopment commission meetings. why the bankrupt city focuses resources on seizing people's possessions during sweeps. >> it does take a long time to recoup their blankets, their pillows, their tents. >> we don't have time to be social workers. we don't. yet at the same time we cannot inhumanely just kick these people around and treat them like trash. >> the commission wants to look for federal money to get the homeless off the streets for good instead of continuing to
6:36 am
shuffle them around town. >> california's new chief justice will take her oath of office later this morning. voters confirmed her to a 12-year term during last month's gubernatorial election. the 51-year-old is the second woman to serve as chief justice. she comes to the highest court after severing on the appeals court in sacramento. it will take place in the capitol rotunda in sacramento. >> it's friday, a little wet in some places. mike says we have more to come. >> that's what he says. >> so you can go home now. >> okay. see you later. i'd like to. it's friday. good morning, everybody. made it to friday. actually staring at increasing rainfall throughout the weekend with the climax on sunday. right now most of our radar returns are well to the east of the bay area moving through the central valley. the last three hours we did have
6:37 am
healthy rain moving through the north bay. it is damp this morning. a little mist out there, maybe a pocket or two of drizzle and those flight arrival delays into sfo. during the afternoon, our best chance of scattered showers in the north bay. but any of us can see one just like yesterday. mostly cloudy 8:00. still mild thanks to this southerly flow. upper 40s to low 50s. by noon mid to upper 50s and then fall back to the mid to upper 50s. this would be the area where we see more sunshine. even santa cruz around 62. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, showers tomorrow and more so sunday. sunday you need to have a plan b in case you want to be outside. temperatures throughout the forecast will be in the mid to upper 50s, possibly 60 every once in a while in the bay. wet weather again wednesday and to a lesser extent on thursday. good morning, megan. >> good morning, everyone. no accidents right now and no
6:38 am
major slow spots. our normally sluggish spots. starting with a live look in walnut creek. this is 680. taillights moving south. a nice ride into the san ramon valley. 24 westbound the drive time from 680 to the caldecott tunnel is ten minutes. metering lights turned on. a slight backup. that's a ten-minute wait time to make your way and head into san francisco. one of our slower spots this morning is westbound highway 4 making your way out of antioch towards concord. we have some speeds below 20 mph and 40 mph. lone tree way to 242 about 22 minutes. out of town towards the sierra, make sure you have those chains. you're going to need them on 80 between donor lake and apple gate but don't need them on 50. also need chains on 88. eric, theresa. >> megan, thank you very much.
6:39 am
it's 6:38 now. trading's underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange coming up straight ahead. >> and we have a live look at the border. actually we don't but talking to you next about conventional wisdom. might tell you atheists may not want to be part of the holiday celebration. >> refusal to quit. find out what kept this san francisco teen going as she crawls across the finish line at a track meet. nxnxnxgtoaoaoaoñ
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♪ welcome back on this friday. 6:42 and your california forecast shows the best chance of rain once again north of 80
6:43 am
today. scattered rain and snow showers. snow levels run 6 to 7,000 feet with a wet, heavy snow above that. temperatures upper 30s. we'll drop it to the upper 40s with the same kind of conditions yosemite. rain in l.a. through most of the weekend. temperatures mid-60s. here's eric with more news. >> mike, thank you. it's 6:43. the whistle blowing website wikileaks has been cut off from internet service by the company providing its familiar domain name after hacker attacks on its system. every dns which enables access to half a million websites says the cyber attacks against wikileaks threatens the stability of its internet structure so wikileaks can no longer be found at the website. the site has switched over to a swiss domain name, >> in santa cruz there are hurt feelings over religion.
6:44 am
in the past both a menorah and a community holiday tree have gone up in the city's downtown area. this year a group of atheists wanted a chance to display their message. instead there are no signs of the season at all. lisa amin gulezian explains. >> this is about outreach. >> santa cruz area atheists want to be a part of the city's tradition. so for the first time they're taking part in the santa cruz holiday parade holding this sign. it says reasons greetings. atheists believe in reason over religion. after the parade, they plan to post their banner downtown. >> in the past the menorah has been right here in front of the post office and the community tree has been lit up behind me. the atheist want to put their banner above the sculpture garden. nothing has been set up. the city says it's because of financial reasons. >> the atheists wonder if the other displays are ab septemb
6:45 am
september -- absent because of them. the city won't allow any group to leave a sign or a monument on a city street without personal attendance. >> in other words, a full-time guard is required plus a $1 million insurance policy. >> we have to meet those conditions that were relaxed for the menorah last year. >> last year the city talked about the permit requirements for the first time but the menorah first went up in 2006. the city issued the permit without the upgrade. >> the menorah for all these years was there without a guard. >> right. and that was done mistakenly. >> the rabbi and the city say it's too soon to talk about what the holiday landscape will look like next year. in santa cruz, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:45 now.
6:46 am
no plans for jerry brown's move to the governor's mansion but he and his wife took a tour of it. brown told san jose mercury news took a tour to see if it was livable. wanted to see where he lived when his father was governor in the early 1960s. jerry brown lived in an apartment when he first took the office of governor back in 1974 and the soon to be first couple are house hunting in sacramento. >> a solo political pitch in the works for who's going to be san francisco's interim mayor after gavin newsom kicks over his position. the chronicle reports supervisor chris daily has written an open letter humbly asking tom manaio to consider the interim mayor position. daily believes he is the right leader with the experience to challenge what daily calls "the status quo at city hall."
6:47 am
the assemblyman says he has no interest in the position. >> bad news for people out there looking for a job. jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange in the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning, jane. >> hello, eric, theresa. this job number out this morning surprising and disapointing. 39,000 jobs created in the u.s. last month. we were expecting 150,000.150,0 that was the average estimate. some people maybe 200,000 jobs created last month. falling way short of that. the unemployment rate inched up to 9.8%. that's the highest we've seen since april. we found government, manufacturing losing jobs during the month of november. here's how the markets are cree acting to this. the dow down about 9 or 10 points. s & p and nasdaq modestly lower. the silicon valley index trading
6:48 am
a little higher. gaining is a safe play. this jobs report coming in very, very weak. so that's gonna pump more money into the economy. gold features trading 1400 dollars an ounce for the first time ever. >> j. p. morgan chase facing a lawsuit claiming the bank aided and embedded the imprisoned madoff fraud. the madoff funds from investors, speaking of fees more than 5.5 billion in damages from chase. anything recovered from chase will return to victims and the bank yesterday said its report of madoff's fraud is utterly baseless. men actually the ones swarming the malls and stores this holiday season. the retail federation says men
6:49 am
are actually spending more money than women and buying big ticket items. alligator belts and coats selling $600 man bags. plan to spends 3% more than last year. women are spending a little less. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> i object, your honor! >> they like those big ticket items, jane, these the thing. >> every guy i know is on his computer shopping online. i don't know. need a re-do on that one. have a great weekend. >> okay. thank you, you too. >> i don't know about you guys. i can see you shopping. >> in the mall? >> big ticket items online. >> online. but in the mall? we're guys. we shop. you want a pair of pants, you go to the pants store, grab a pair of pants.
6:50 am
>> exactly. >> shop for christmas. it is work. >> is it a day to go shopping? indoor mall maybe? >> yeah. good point. retailers love this kind of weather. we're looking down from mount tamalpais this morning at some of the lower clouds. you can see the higher clouds also over the bay area. another cloudy day. we have drizzle out there the this morning but the scattered showers have moved on. live doppler 7 hd, there you go. they're into the central valley. seeing a few radar returns around contra costa county and over towards say hayward for the most part. but just drizzle. kind of damp this morning. rainfall totals, 100 in dublin, 800 mill valley and petaluma. rodeo, 1900 to 1500. and napa, what was left behind, a mild air mass. around the bay shore and to the coast upper 40s to low 50s. monterey bay mid-40s but inland
6:51 am
gilroy and salinas low 40s. scattered light showers today. more showers tomorrow and the heaviest and most widespread rain will be on sunday. briefly dry monday afternoon through wednesday morning before more rain rolls into the forecast. east bay valleys we'll have mid to upper 50s under a mostly cloudy sky. fremont could reach 60. so could santa clara. redwood city, palo alto, upper 50s for the peninsula. mid to upper 50s around the coast. mid to upper 50s toward the north bay. no precipitation shield here in green. this is the area most likely to see scattered showers even though all of us could get a random one from time to time. low to mid-60s monterey bay.
6:52 am
cloudy, mid to upper 40s to low 50s around the bay shore and san francisco. 7:00 in the morning, pretty much cloudy. a little drizzle. the front's gonna set up shop in the north bay. that's the focal point of the better chances of rain. that's where you find the better lift. during the evening hours, damp, drizzle from time to time. saturday morning you see showers starting to develop, especially in the south bay and more showers developing coming in from that southerly money market flow during the afternoon and evening hours. those taper into sunday morning and the stronger storm system. look how yellows and oranges in this system moves in for sunday. that's where we get the heaviest rain. rainfall amounts quarter to a half inch around the bay. the north bay mountains, the santa cruz mountains up to an inch and a quarter by sunday evening. mondays and tuesday dry. wednesday another chance of rain. temperatures throughout the accu-weather 7-day forecast the mid to upper 50s.
6:53 am
have a great weekend. pictures from the rain this weekend, please send them to us. we'd like to share them with you. upload them or e-mail them. here's megan with a check of your morning commute. >> no need to rush. it's friday light. a live look at the east shore freeway. this is interstate 80 through the berkeley area. headlights moving westbound. right now the drive time from the card carquinez bridge to the maze. take a look. just a slight delay there making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. a check of another bridge this morning, the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nicely here in both directions. headlights eastbound into hayward. commuting through the north bay this morning let's get a live look at san rafael. headlights southbound coming out of novato heading towards the golden gate bridge. the drive time from 37 to 580
6:54 am
about ten minutes. let's get a check of the few other drive times. brake lights as you make your way out of antioch. that's a 22 minute drive time 242. looking good through the altamont pass and northbound 87 as you make your way towards 280. for the latest go to and click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. theresa. >> megan, thanks for all the updates. >> listen. people across the country continue to praise the high school runner from here in san francisco after she made a memorable finish at the state cross country championship meet. the 16-year-old attends university high school. as the runners describe it, reynolds hilt the wall just before reaching the finish line last saturday in fresno and started walking. she collapsed just before crawling across the finish like. reynolds has been inspired all season long by her coach jim tracy who is battling lou
6:55 am
gehrigs diseases. they shared their story with abc's "good morning america." >> once i hit the finish line and i fell, really the only thing besides confusion that i could think about was just finishing and finishing for jim and for my team ultimately. >> you can see the rest of that interview on "good morning america." it starts at 7:00 right here on abc 7. the university red devils won the state title thanks in part to reynolds finishing that race. >> 6:55 now. the man accused of sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl inside an east bay discount store is expected to make his first court appearance this morning. >> our terry mcsweeney is live at the courthouse in fremont with more. >> this is going to be his first court appearance on these charges but 36-year-old eugene ram moles has been in many court many times before. he's a convicted sex offender to
6:56 am
attempting to assault a seven-year-old girl back in 2003. this time around it's a two-year-old girl. take a look where it happened. the dollar store on dakota road in union city. it happened at 1:00 in the afternoon. obviously broad daylight right in the aisle of the store. the grandmother of the two-year-old girl tells police she was separated from her granddaughter for less than a minute and then she found ramos on top of the girl, his pants were down. her pants and diaper were off. the grandmother screamed. ramos got up and tried to run but two men stopped him a short time later. ramos has been booked on rape, kidnapping and lewd acts with a child being held on $350,000 bail. he is expected here for his arraignment at 9:00 this morning. we'll have it midday at 11:00. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks. >> final check on weather and traffic. >> still a little drizzle
6:57 am
outside. flight arrival delays into sfo. a snow level to 6,000 feet through 10:00 this morning up at the sierra where we have a winter weather advisory. mild this morning. mid to upper 40s most neighborhoods. low 50s around the bay shore and the coast. scattered showers today, more rain tomorrow and even more on sunday. megan. >> thanks, mike. good morning. you know it's friday whens bay bridge toll plaza looks like this. no problem heading into san francisco on the bridge. early start heading out of town towards the sierra, make sure you have chains with you. required on 880 in both directions between donor lake and applegate. >> megan, thank you very much and thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> all right. we'll be back with a local update at 7:24 and, of course, join us at 11:00 for the midday news. >> a pretty shot we're going to leave you with of the ferry
6:58 am
building there. orange
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