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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 4, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> alan: next at 4:00, shooting in hercules sends a nine-year-old girl to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the salmon summit in half moon bay. scientists and members of congress trying to figure out how to save california's dwindling salmon population, and what to look out for when you use plastic. we reveal the hidden credit card fees that exist. >> alan: good afternoon. we're learning more about the little girl who was shot after opening her front door in hercules. a nine-year-old fourth agreeder who lives with her aunt and several cousins. we're live from children's hospital with the latest on her condition. you spoke with her aunt? >> lisa: that's very true. a little while ago the little girl was upgraded to stable condition here at chance --
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children's hospital. she is expected to make a full recovery. >> she looked out the little window, and that's when she was shot. his. >> lisa: in a moment of moments this house was under attack. someone knocked on the door. as soon as the little girl look out the side window, the shooting started. the aunt, who was at home, explained what happened. >> went down and then kept on shooting. shot the door. shot the walls. when she got shot pretty bad. >> she was shot in the neck and back. it takes a cold-hearted individual to do that. >> lisa: the girl is a key witness, and police say there are several others. they spoke with them last night. the girl's aunt and nine children, ranging in age from 2 to 18, live here. investigators think this was planned and someone in the house
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was a target. the aunt, who runs a day care center out of the hose disagrees. >> i believe this one the house they wanted. somebody will come up and see there's a sign on the door that i was closed. they should have walk away. >> they're very much the kind of people that everybody around here wishes was gone. >> lisa: this neighbor is afraid of retaliation and doesn't want to be identified. he says there have been problems here ever since the family moved in two years ago. hercules police confirmed they've been to the house several times of the past nine months, and about three months ago, shots were fired at the same house. no one was hurt at the time, and no one was ever arrested. >> this is just not the neighborhood where we have problems like that. it's just really makes me nervous. >> lisa: police here reiterate this was an isolated incident and a planned attack so they're
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beefing up patrols in the area. >> alan: in san francisco, a 20-year-old man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after he was shot in the head by an assault rifle. the shooting happened around 9:20 this morning at fitzgerald avenue and ingle street in the bay view district. so far police are still searching for the suspect and a motive. the family of a man shot to death outside his home by nap fa police is now demanding an independent investigation. police say 60-year-old richmond pochila pull a notify on -- knife on officers before one officer tased him. the attorney for the victim's family says there was never any mention of a knife until several days after the shooting. his daughter says he was not violent. >> he was dedicated to helping people that were sick, and in the end, when he needed help,
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authorities came in, did not give him help, and he wound up dead. >> alan: investigators say the family called police to the home, saying he was depressed and had firearms in the house. police need your help in he hunt for a man they say robbed and tried to rape a woman near the south san francisco cal trains station. investigators say the man followed the 28-year-old woman while she was walking away from the station around 9:45 this thursday night. he forced her to the ground and tried to sexually assault her while punch are her in the face. the woman broke free and ran. the police released this sketch, described as a hispanic man in his late teens, early 20s, light skin, black hair, clean shave en, between 5'3" and 5'5", wearing a grate pullover hoodey
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and was last seen running on east grant boulevard toward airport, after stealing money from the woman's wallet. many of you felt raindrops today in most parts of the bay area. here's a live look at the east bay from our camera, showing some gray skies, and also earlier we had a chance to peek in on heavenly valley, where you can see plenty of snow on the ground up there let's check in with leigh glaser to find out if we'll need our umbrellas this week. >> leigh: you certainly will, especially tomorrow. you can see live doppler 7hd still bringing a few showers in across the bay area. much of the activity has been developing in the east bay. you see the tracy area, the central valley yeah, also down towards south of san jose, you can see -- here's the tracy area. down towards pa change -- pacheco, and gilroy, not moderate rain, now, more rain is
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due in here, a few more showers overnight. we had a plume of moisture developing well off the coast and that's going bring us rain could be heavy at times tomorrow. also, dusty -- gusty winds. >> alan: more weather related news in chicago airlines are grappling with the season's first heavy snowfall. more than 325 flights have been cancelled today. here's a look at what it's like in the windy city. the chicago department of aviation sayings the flights have been delayed 20 minutes or more. this could cause a domino effect across the country, so aviation officials are asking travelers to check in with their airlines to find out the status of their flights. the national weather service is forecasting three to five inches of snowfall for the area. >> a lot of people still unhappy with their credit card companies despite laws passed to protect
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consumers, up next, michael finney shows us the gotchas some banks are still using, and two credit cards you might want to check out. first, the battle over tax cuts in washington. senators hold a rare@x@x
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>> alan: pay pal is severing its ties with wikileaks, eliminating a major source of donations. the payment company says it will not allow its service to be used for activities that that promote fashion sill tate or instruct others to engauge illegal activity. it's another blow for wikileaks founder julian assange who is struggling to
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keep the site up and running. wikileaks has been forced to move from one service provider to another as hackers hundred that organization. >> there was a rare saturday session of the u.s. senate today as democrats forced a show down over stepping limiting or eliminating the push era tax cuts in two votes, both democratic measures failed but it may be part of a larger strategy. >> mr. brown of massachusetts. >> democrats brought two tax cut proposals to the senate floor, not expecting ethor win. they did force republicans to say no to continuing tax breaks for a vast majority of americans in order to protect tax breaks for the wealthy. first, a proposal to make tax breaks for those making less than $200,000 permanent, failed. and then giving a break to anyone making up to $1 million, also failed. >> the motion is not afreed to. >> no republicans voted for either measure and they were joined bay few democrats.
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the 53 votes each bill did receive would have been enough under the old senate rules to pass, but with republicans threatening a filibuster no such luck for democrats today. >> this saturday session is a total waste of the american people's time. >> president obama reacted quickly. >> i'm disappointed the senate did not pass legislation that had already passed the house of representatives. >> the president promised to redouble his efforts to come to a compromise with republicans. >> with so much at stake, the votes cannot be the end of the discussion. >> the president had good news for the economy, announcing the completion of a trade deal with south korea. mr. obama called it a win for american workers, farmers, and arrow -- aerospace and electriconnic workers. the clock is ticking on the bush era tax cuts, set to expire the
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first of january. >> alan: credit card reforms were supposed to protect us against abusive credit card companies, but it's not that simple. seven or your side's michael finney warns that despite the regulations, plastic can still have peril. >> amy greenside is carrying less debt. >> i pay my bill immediately because i can't stand playing the extra interest. >> a poll says the average credit card balance is down to $3,800, $1,100 lower than in 2009. this doesn't mean people are happier with credit card companies. in fact, it's one of the lowest rated services we ever analyzed rg right down there with computer tech support. >> reporter: federal reforms require mandatory manipulate payment on all bills and spells out the consequences of making only the minimum payment in this case, $4,000 debt will take 24
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years to pay off and cost more than $8,000. >> 23% of the people we surveyed said it has encouraged them to pay off their balances quicker. >> consumer reports said there's still credit card gotchas. >> interest rates are the highest in ten years and fees have climbed. >> reporter: frirt premiere bank master card is one of the worst offenders, charges as much as 59.9% interest on top of the $75 annual fee, and a processing fee as high as $95. the consumer reports has found two cards worth considering that don't charge any fees. their the pin-fed promise visa, which offers a 7.49apr for three years, and the first visa platinum, which offers a 7.25 variable apr. >> if you want to get a card that offers a lower rate, before you switch card, ask your
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current credit card company. if you're turned down by the first person who takes your call, ask for a supervisor and ask for a lower interest rate again. if you feel you have been mistreat by your credit card company, let me know about it. i'm michael finney. >> alan: michael mentioned two credit cards with low interest rates and do not charge any fee they're pen fete promise visa and simmons first series a platinum. we put up links to those cards on our web site, look under "see it on tv". now to leigh glaser. looks cold. >> leigh: temperatures the past couple days, upper 50s do low 60, so we have a mild weather system that will be sweeping in here overnight, and definitely tomorrow. you can see a few breaks with us off and on today. this is from the high def next east bay cam, looking west over the bay there. but live doppler 7hd still picking up a few light showers
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across the bay area, some in the north bay. most to the south of san jose, towards gilroy, more morgan hill, and these will rotate off and on this evening. the temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s. mountain view, 62. 57 in san francisco. 55 in napa. and the next several days, showers will continue off and on, increasing rain for sunday as well as the wind, and it looks like this wet weather pattern will be with us off and on through next week. you can see the satellite radar composite. this is the band or the section of moisture that will rotate in the tonight. a little break, and then more just off the coast. overnight temperatures will keep them mild, mid-to-upper 40s across much of the bay area as the clouds will be with us and the showers will continue to rotate in. this is the first system that will rotate in overnight
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tonight, to continue with the showers, a little break, and then look at this nice well-defined area of low pressure developed to the west. this is what is going to barrel in here tomorrow. the rain will increase, and the wind will increase as well, especially near the coast. i want to go ahead and take you through the evening, few showers will rotate and that's when one system will move through, and then on the back side, the low will move in here as we head into tomorrow afternoon, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and that's when the heavy rain will start to intensify. check that out. san francisco, livermore, concord, very heavy rain, and the winds will start to affect the bay area. we do have a wind advisory up beginning 2:00 tomorrow afternoon through 5:00 a.m. monday. mainly the kloseal -- coastal hills, gusts at 45 miles-per-hour, mainly the coastal locations.
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so here's a highs for the sunday. mild. 60s in the south bay, 60 for redwood city. san francisco tomorrow, increasing rain, 58 degrees. in the north bay, we'll look for temperatures as well, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. watch out for the winds, bodega bay to simpson beach, maybe as much as 45 miles-per-hour. 60 tomorrow for oakland. inland locations, the rain will hit you. didn't -- danville, 58. my accuweather seven-day forecast, rain on sunday leads to morning showers monday morning, we get a break on tuesday. a short one bus more rain due on wednesday, showers on thursday. and temperatures very moderate for this time of year. >> alan: i'm okay with that. on to shu. after today we find out who is going to be in all the bowl games. >> mike: that's right. conference championships and rivalry games determining our national title game matchup.
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auburn needs to beat south carolina, and oregon needs
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mike when oregon and oregon state get together it's called the civil war. enough said. this is the 114th meeting between these two rivals. first quarter, beavers off to a great start. oregon state on top 7-0. but in the second, it's 9-7 oregon. james, the nation's leading rusher, gets in on the corner. '16-7 ducks at the half. then oregon state cuts it to ten. that score and the ducks are
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headed to the national championship game for the first time in school history after a 37-20 victory. >> auburn and south carolina in the sec title game. auburn needs a win to meet oregon in the national championship game. cam newton hasn't thousand an incompletion on any opening drive this sewn, continues today. 12 yards, 7-0 tigers, end of the half, 21-14 auburn. newt throws up a hail marry rhythm it's tripped. and the prayer is answered. adams had more than 200 yards receiving today, 28-14 tigers at the half. in the second half, more from newton. hello house movement -- heisman. auburn leads in the fourth quarter. big 1 -- big 12 on hand, and following that, check out after the game for highlights and scores from across the nation. >> sharks in their toughest road
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test with five games in eight days. started with a win in ottawa, back to reality in montreal. this miss wide, the former shark gets the rebound. 1 or canadians. then the equalizer, top shelf. game tied at one. in the certification -- in the second, in the slot, finds the back of the net. canadiens win it, 3-1 your final. >> college hoops busy around the nation. bears in iowa taking on iowa state, part of the pac-10 big 12 challenge. 67-63 bears. under 1:00 to go. cyclones down three. christopherson, one of his seven 3s, then gutierrez down low, converts and,-one, cal gets a
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big road win, improving to 5-2. and cal women also on the road, losing a tough one to tex a&m in college station. we'll be back with more college football and tee it up later in this newscast, and i know you're into the big 12, even though texas is not in the game. >> alan: i'm very sorry about that. the winner of this game? >> mike: automatic fiesta bowl bid, which might mean stanford. >> alan: just ahead, the salmon summit in half moon bay. scientists and lawmakers trying to save california's salmon population. >> alan: acknowledge plus, -- plus the inspiring story of some local musicians giving away the tune for the cost of a schchchch
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>> alan: lawmakers joined forces with scientists in half moon bay today to try to find a way to save california's dwindling salmon population. the meeting follows the cancellation of the last two commercial fishing seasons off the california coast and most of the oregon coast. a little more than 39,000 chinook salmon returned to spawn in the act to river -- sacramento river basin, compared to 272,000 in 2002. that has devastated the fishing industry. >> salmon are very, very resilient species. they will come back as soon as we have some cooler, clean water in our rivers and in our delta.
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at the right flows at the right times of year. >> alan: peninsula congresswoman jackie spear sponsored the summit. the democrat believes a full recovery of the central valley chinook salmon could spawn 94,000 jobs and generate $5 billion in new revenue. >> golden gate field track workers are trying to gain support in a dispute with management over health and retirement benefits. the union local 304 handed out leaflights in albany. they. >> the bottom line is our members haven't gotten a raise in five years. as we speak, they're being pushed to medicare, met can medi-cal, they have a decent medical plan. >> alan: they represent
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groundskeepers and other maintenance workers. the track spokesperson has not responded to our request for comment today. on monday, a federal appeals court will hear arguments on same-sex marriage in california. a diverse here here to there the panel well review a lower court ruling that same-sex couples have the same rights at opposite sex couples. we will be airing this session on our web site,, and eric thomas will be hosting the live web cast. >> the city of oakland has pet lovers to thank for a nice boot -- boost to its economy because they moved to a warehouse space near the
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coliseum. >> there are plenty of reasons to celebrate at this pet food express headquarters grand opening. the company is celebrating its move into huge new digs. the police department is welcoming the k9 bulletproof vests, and the mayor says it's evidence the city's better qualities are not always overlooked. >> you need to take a fresh look at the city. it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. we're centrally located in the booming part of the east bay, projected to have more jobs and housing over the next two decade. we have better weather than san francisco and the represents are cheaper. >> the over 100,000 square foot space is a distribution center and home office. michael levy started the now san francisco 30 years ago and outgrew its last san leandro location years ago. >> we want to have a grade a or
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class a warehouse. there are very few of those in the bay area. we searched for two years and found this one in oakland. >> reporter: pet food express employs more than 500 people companywide, 110 here in oakland. the company is getting a deal on rent, about 30% less than the last tenant, the u.s. postal service. and there are tax incentives since it's in the coliseum redevelopment zone. he expects to hire more support staff here in oakland. >> we always try to promote from within, but we're also looking for great new people. 'that love pets. >> reporter: the building is in larry reed's district. >> they have their corporate headquarterses and distribution center located in the city of oakland, and my district, was great day. >> reporter: the company expects to open nine or ten new stores in the bay area within the year. >> alan: cherry trees were
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planted by member0ss of the japanese american group. it was the an verse -- anniversary of the first japanese immigrant to land in san francisco. each tree grew in a nursery before being planted. sponsors tell us they expect the trees to bloom this coming march, or april. here's a holiday idea for you. donate a book and get free christmas music. the books will go to underserved students at four high schools in richmond. we have the story of how three old college buddies came up with this unique way to help close the achievement gap there. ♪ >> they call themselves, -- that's french for grapefruit.
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today the seek to raise levels of classrooms. it was all tyler hesters'd. >> i tell them about my school. i tell them about the fact i'm working in a school with absolutely incredible young people who come from a community that is not always providing the educational opportunities that it ought to, and so they said, how can we get behind this expert support you and your work? >> this is how the richmond book drive works. they're offering their online christmas albums for free, to anyone who buys one of the books on the list through >> bookshelves are empty. >> the book goes directly to this richmond address. then you get an order number to use to download the song. they're counting on the generosity of its fans. >> since last christmas, gosh,
4:36 pm
our fan base has gone from 15,000 subscriber to 200,000. >> you may have seen them in this hundred -- hyundai commercial. hesser and his two friends net come, and now more than ever are committed to fifth to others. >> our whole generation across the board i feel like is starting to really realize that we have a tremendous responsibility at this point, and we have to start doing things like this. >> reporter: four schools, including his own, leadership, are already receiving the goods. >> we've got books coming to this school, books come to richmond high school and kennedy high school. >> the vast majority of those students are not reading at grade level so the idea is to get books that will engage them and help them succeed. today some of the kids got a peek inside their christmas presents. thanks to a lot of people. >> thank you! >> you're welcome. >> reporter: in richmond, abc-7
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news. >> alan: nice work. just ahead, an environmental success story. the death and rebirth of
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>> alan: there's a lot of gloomy environmental news but tonight we have a success story in our own backyard. the dramatic recovery of the monterrey bay is the subject of a new book. we report on the taking and life of -- death and life of monterey bay. >> the stunning beauty of monterey bay hides a history of exploitation, one wild species after another was hunted for profit and many to near
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extinction, in the early 1800s it was otters, then whales, then an lone knee,1915 ushered in a relentless pursuit of sar -- sardines. >> the bay was a smealy, polluted, empty mess. >> in the decade between 1935 and 1945, the canneries were the heart of the economy, hauling in about a million pounds of sardines a day. the processed waste was thrown back into the bay, and the stench permeated for miles. this doctor says the depth of the destruction makes the revival an amazing story. >> they recreated an economy in monterey that is based not only on tourism but based upon the health of the marine ecosystem. >> he's the director of stanford university's hopkins pa marine station and has just co-authored
4:41 pm
a book called the death and life of monterey bay. >> one of the early pioneers was a marine biologist who became mayor of pacific grove. she made five miles of shoreline offlimits to commercial fishing. >> that single act for shadowed what are are now called marine reserves. another turning point was the creation of the monterey bay aquarium. steve webster is one of four friends who came up with the idea in 1976. it's ironic and appropriate the nonprofit is housed in an old cannery with the mission of inspiring ocean con doctor conservation. >> no one had grown kelp in captivity. >> it's giving rise to a new
4:42 pm
generation of action. she is a local restaurant owner and is trying to raise awareness about sustainable fishing practices. her menu doesn't include items like sword fish, tuna and shark. >> 75% of the fish killed in the united states is sold in a restaurant. so that makes the chef, the purchaser, the owner of the restaurant -- it really does make them the gatekeeper to the ocean's health. >> today, monterey bay has found an economic and environmental balance, one that allows nature and people to co-exist and thrive. >> nobody would be allowed to take over this bay and ruin it for a single economic purpose any longer because it's our bay. it's not their bay. report record he says individuals can make a difference in transforming something even as big as an ocean ecosystem. and in the case of monterey bay, determination and patience have paid off.
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in monterey, abc-7 news. >> alan: and coming up next, where you can hear the music of jerry garcia tonight. ♪ >> alan: his influence on blue grass when we come back. oprah: all new -- the family who had a 25-year relationship with michael jackson. oprah: how did you all keep this a secret? then best-selling phenomenon -- a secret? then best-selling phenomenon -- jonathan!
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>> alan: a german city of dresden celebrated the start of the christmas season by parading a giant holiday cake through the streets. it's usually eaten during christmas. this year the city's christmas stolen weighed four tons and measured 13 feet in length, had to be carried on a horse-drawn cart and took more than 80 pastry workers and chefs to put towing. the first piece was cut using a four foot long silver plated knife. some legends of blue grass music will take the stage at the fillmoore.
4:46 pm
the musics are connected by the music of jerry garcia. here's don sanchez. >> reporter: that is a member of the blue grass hall of fame. he was on the grand ol' opry for 41 years, still playing at age 8 and has recently released a c.d. of jerriy garcia music. peter, who played blue grass with garcia 40 years ago. gars -- garcia brought them all together again. >> go out and do the grateful dead songs and the reaction is amazing. never had it when i played blue grass and country music. 55 years. >> with his brother, jim, now his grandson with him, a fifth generation. >> he calls garcia's music
4:47 pm
sincere, he also does doors. >> it was the combination of blues and the beat that got himishing it's hard to play jo -- play and you still think you're learning. at it not like you can't hold other note and let the electricity do it for you. >> they perform saturday night for the grateful dead0s foundation which supports community groups in arts, science, and education. it's called the wheel, celebrating jerry garcia's musical life, from his early influence from blue grass, to these performers doing his music. it truly has come full circle. through music, they afford an opportunity for others to follow their own creative path. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc-7 news. >> alan: and the wheels performs tonight at the filmore. get ready to break out
4:48 pm
umbrellas. >> leigh: tomorrow -- we have had scattered showers off and on today. no doubt there nice shot of the setting sun. high def -- live doppler 7hd getting my hds mixed up -- the live doppler 7hd is showing you some of the showers continuing to pinwheel in across the bay area. santa cruz right now, light rain. so, we will continue to see this moisture, continue to feed in over the bay area overnight. stronger system moving in tomorrow. more rain could be heavy at times. here's a look at current readings, 57, san francisco, 59. fairfield right now, you're at 56 degrees, and we will continue with the showers overnight, rain and wind tomorrow, and this off and on wet weather pattern will stay with us next week. this will move in tonight, a little bit of a break while we
4:49 pm
sleep, and you can see the clouds starting to move inland. that's going to bring us moderate rain tomorrow. overnight temperatures tonight, the clouds, and also because of the southerly wind, temperatures will be almost mild compared to last week when we were in the 20s and 30s. so livermore, you get down to 45 degrees. this is the little system that's moving in overnight tonight, a little break, and then this system, two areas of low pressure, and a pretty good cold front, is going to just push in our direction. it's picking up the subtropical moisture as well so we're looking for some pockets of moderate rain across the bay area. overnight tonight as the first system moves through, few lingering showers, a little bit of a break tomorrow morning, then, wow, look at this. one 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, just ahead of the frontal system. that's when the rain really starts to pick up. and we're talking by
4:50 pm
5:00 tomorrow afternoon, santa rosa, napa, san jose, santa cruz, very heavy rainfall expected to move through. and the winds will pick up, and we have a wind advisory in effect, mainly for the coastal hills across the bay area. 2:00 sunday afternoon, lingering until 5:00 a.m. monday morning, and the southerly wins to pick up 25-30-miles-an-hour, and the possible of gusts up to 45 miles-per-hour, and by the way in the sierra right now, truckee is 42 degrees and they're getting light rain so with the southerly winds, the snow level in the sierra coming up to about 7,000 feet. you're going to find the traveling there a mixture of rain and lying snow. windy conditions developing tomorrow. rain could be heavy at times. 57. 58 for san francisco. north bay, pockets of moderate rain, and the wind is going pick
4:51 pm
up in the coastal range late in the day. 60 for oakland. all these temperatures upper 50s to near 60 degrees. 59 for concord, and even watsonville tomorrow at 61 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the rain could be heavy at times tomorrow, and supposed to taper off monday morning, we get a break monday afternoon, and tuesday looks pretty good. more rain wednesday boo -- into thursday, and friday, we are going to flip a coin. >> alan: the bcs championship picture shaping up. mike pike we're going flip a coin and fine out. oregon is on their way to the national title game for the first time in school history. while cam newton and his auburn tigers would love to join oregon, south carolina in
4:52 pm
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>> mike: when oregon and oregon state get together it's called the civil war. enough said. this is the 114th meeting between them. first quarter, beavers off to a great start. oregon state on top 7-0. but in the second, it's 9-7 oregon, james, the nation's leading rusher, in the corner, 8 of his 134 yards. in the fourth, after oregon state cut the lead to ten, barner is pretty good, too. ducks headed to the national championship game for the first time in school history with the 37-20 victory. >> auburn and south carolina in the sec title game. auburn victory puts them in the title game against oregon. cam newton for this 12-yard
4:55 pm
throw. newton throws up a hail mary, it's tipped. right into the hands of auburn's adams, adams had more than 200 yards receiving, 21-14 tigers. second half, more front -- from newton. game record six touchdowns, four passing, two rushing, auburn facing oregon in the national title game with the victory. big 12 game on deck following this newscast. >> sharks on their toughest road test so far with five games in eight days, won in ottawa, came walk to energy in montreal. ante -- first period, montreal on the attack. neimi gets beat. then in the first, equalizer,
4:56 pm
top shelf, game tied at one. then in the second, montreal's thomas on the flat, fines the back of the net, the canadiens win. >> college hoops', cal bears in iowa, taking on iowa state part of the pac-10-big 1 challenge. bears up 4. under 1:00 to go. cyclones down three. scott kris -- kris forson. and then cal gets the big road win, improving to 5-2. meanwhile, the cal women and texas a&m, first half, white in transition, lays it up for 2 of her 17. aggies led at the break. second half, the steal and the
4:57 pm
fast-break bucket. 14-0 cal run. the aggies responsible with -- respond with a 12-1 run. the cal women are 1-2. tiger woods, last chance for a win in 2010. tiger birdies to drop to 16-under. then on 18. watch this approach. all over the flag. within a foot. he would tap in for birdie and his 17-under, has a four strobe lead over graham mcdowell. oklahoma and nebraska on deck. see you after the game, and former raider, jarred cooper will join us, you have a vested interest in the big 12 coming from texas. sorry. >> alan: that's it for abc-7 news at 4:00, thanks for watching. get ready for the big 12
4:58 pm
championship game.
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