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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 5, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> alan: good evening, everyone. wind and rain are moving across the bay area at this time, and here's a live picture of interstate 80 in the east bay from our emeryville camera. it's again gloomy today. this is individualeen along the embark caro. what's in store for tonight? >> leigh: let's look at live doppler 7hd. clearly some very heavy moderate rain continues to move across the bay area. we'll take you in a little bit closer. you can definitely see a band
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near santa rosa, moving up towards the north from the south, to the north. pret where much in this trajectory. we have been getting reports of very heavy rainfall as well up federals american canyon. and towards the napa area, fairfield, brentwood, san ramon, and a new area of rain is moving in, milpitas. what is coming down in milpitas, this is sweeping north towards the fremont area. we have more bands of rain sitting off the coast and they're developing and speeding from south to north. this will be the story tonight. the showers will start to decrease tomorrow. the forecast is coming up. >> alan: in the north bay, a downed powerline in milbrae has more than 3600 homes in the dark. pg&e don't know exactly when
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power might be back. it's believed a transformer blew around 2:30 this afternoon. fire crews responded to the incident, which did not start a fire. an historical event is about to take place tomorrow. the u.s. ninth circuit court of appeals will hear arguments whether prop 8 will stan as law or remain unconstitutional. tomas roman is in san francisco where a few people showed up in support of same-sex marriage. >> reporter: the rain affected a rally that was here against proposition 8. only a few people showed up. they say hundreds will show up tomorrow when a federal judge panel decides the future of proposition 8. a small group ignored the rain to rally for same-sex marriage. these two have been together 23 years and are married. they want to stay that way. >> there shouldn't be haves and have nots. marriage should not be a
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limited-time offer. >> proponents have to show they have a right to appeal the ruling finding the law unconstitutional. dean johnson says their right to appeal will take up the first hour of the hearing. >> usually we don't allow somebody who has that sort of abstract interest, as opposed to a particularized personal interest, to pursue a federal lawsuit. so they're going to have a difficult lawsuit as to standing. >> judge vaughn walker allowed the group to present evidence at the trial but that may not translate to the federal appeals court. one of prop 8's defenders believes they have strong legal standing. >> the united states supreme court has recognized where state court allows proponents to intervene when the attorney general refuses to defend a law, that the federal courts will do likewise. >> reporter: attorney general jerry brown decided not to appeal prop 8 when the june found it unconstitutional,
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writing, the evidence shows -- same-sex marriage advocates are worried this court has a history of overruling hearings. they believe the case is headed to washington, dc. >> the decision whether or not to take any case they're asked to, and we can only speculate, but i do believe that if the courts strike down proposition 8, that the supreme court will take a serious look at this case. >> reporter: abc-7 news, legal analyst dean johnson says the makeup of the panel, a liberal, conservative, and moderate, will give both side an idea of what kind of arguments and questions they would phi face -- would face if it goes to the supreme court. >> alan: we'll be hearing the proposition 8 hearing live on our web site tomorrow morning, starting at 10:00 a.m.
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eric thomas will host a live web cast on our site. governor schwarzenegger is set to unveil his plan to close the $6 billion budget deficit. his spokesman says it contains some ugly cuts to state spending. the latest deficit emerged a month after the governor signed this year's budget. the called lawmakers into an emergency session in hopes of hammering out an agreement before the leaves office. jerry brown is inviting lawmakers to beat with financial officials and will be discussing a 19 bill deficit project for next year. >> in washington, senior lawmakers on both side of the aisle say they're optimistic about extending bush-era tax cuts.
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>> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: the vote preventing democrats from ending bush era tax cuts for the wealthess americans had both sides working on a compromise. >> today's vote cannot be the end of the discussion. >> what the negotiators continue working on, the length of possibly stepping all push bush era tax cuts and help for americans who have been out of work for a longtime. >> the recipe would include at least an extension of unemployment benefits for those who are unemployed, and an extension of all of the take rates. >> reporter: what's not on the table say republicans, the tax cuts for the country's top earners. >> this arming is over. we're not raising taxes on anyone. >> democrats explain that doesn't sound like compromise. >> you just had the minority leader sitting here, for whatever period of time, and all he talk about was the need to come to them. all he talked about was, they can do something that makes us
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comfortable. that's not how you compromise. >> reporter: chances or some kind of deal will get done. >> pretty high unless republicans decide they really want to plame the democrats for having the tax cuts run out, and then pass it next year we a new republican congress. >> taxes are set to go up for all income levels at the end of the year if a compromise is not reached. >> alan: a woman who has rescued after spending six days lost in the santa cruz mountains is being released from the hospital today. 58-year-old debra collins was found along an unmarked trail in sultan. she was carried out of the mountains yesterday, hungry and suffering from hype othem ya. he injured her ankle and tumbled into a ravine while running alone on a path. she was unable to get out and didn't have any food.
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she told rescuers she survived by drinking water from a creek. the sheriff's department said a full-scale search wasn't feed able so her neighbor went looking for her. >> coming up, iran announces it has reached a major new milestone in its controversial nuclear program. and what a founder of wikileaks says he may apply for political asylum. the new bill that would make it a crime to share
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right now, buy a samsung intensity ii for $29.99
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and get one free. or, buy a blackberry curve 3g for $49.99 and get one free. >> alan: iran is claiming to have reached a new milestone in its nuclear. this comes a day before international talks about about
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to again. iran's chief says it has the able to enrich it's own local uranium. western officials are downplaying the announcement, saying iran doesn't have enough raw uranium to maintain the program. the iranian government is meeting in geneva tomorrow with six leaders of nations to talk about the nuclear issue. supporters of wikileaks founder julian assange says he may apply for asylum in switzerland. wiki leak moved to another server. it was booted by u.s. companies, including paypal. this comes after the site released thousands of classified u.s. diplomatic cables. now wikileaks' founder julian assange is wanted in sweden on sexual swat allegations. he told a spanish newspaper he has been receiving hundreds of
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death threats. mitch mcconnell spoke about the issue this morning. >> i think the man is a high-tech terrorist. he has done an emotorhome -- enormous damage to our country, and he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and if that becomes a problem, we need to change the law. >> alan: supporters of wikileaks say they're creating what are called mirrors of the web site. meaning copies will remain on the internet. a bill introduced would make illegal for anyone to distribute or record images taken by full-body scanners at the airport. senator chuck schumer introduced the bill and calls for punishment of anyone who misuse full body scan images. they could face fines up to $100,000. the transportation security administration says it already has safeguards in place so the
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images cannot be stored, transmitted or printed and the images are deleted after their used. >> just ahead, the hundreds of rats goss up to adoption in san jose. they were confiscated from a man featured on the reality tv show. around and wind -- rain and wind
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>> alan: 1,000 rats were put up for adoption today at andy's pet shop in san jose. the rats were rescued from a ordinarying -- hording situation
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in los angeles. it started when a man let the rats breed out of control. neighbors complained because the rats spilled into their yard. the show turned the north star rescue to find homes for the rats so they wouldn't have to be destroyed. andy's pet shop had a space for them. >> they're social, they love to interact with people. they see people like another rat, so they want to play with you. >> alan: an hour ago, 13 families have adopted two or three rats today, which means there are plenty of rots out there for you to adopt. other rescue groups are going to take some of the rats later this week. so, 1,000 rats from southern california get transported to our neck of the woods. >> leigh: at least they're not out in the weather. a lot of heavy rain moving through the bay area. we talk about this last night and our forecast model were right on. looking out over san francisco,
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the rain is on the lens, and let's look at the live doppler 7hd. you can get a pretty good sense of all of this moisture feeding from south to north, a subtropical set with it, so it will continue to rotate in through the course of our evening. we'll take you into the north bay. they have been hit really hard. santa rosa, just up to a pretty heavy rainfall. up temperatures the win sore area, vallejo, concord, moderate rain, san ramon, moderate rain. check out towards milpitas, san san jose. these showers are moving from south to north. so all the way up towards the north, definitely continue to experience pockets of moderate rain. some of the rain starting to thin out near the coast. carm -- carmel, a little rain. and these will be sweeping in.
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showers overnight, could be heavy at times, gusty south winds. we're expecting afternoon clearing tomorrow, and then another chance of rain could be possible as we head into wednesday and this. this is the storm system, area of low pressure here. look at this row tate towards the bay area. this will move through here before we see clearing, and it will do so overnight tonight. in fact, here is our timing. by 8:00, another band of very heavy rainfall will make its way across the bay area. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow commute time, wet roads, allow extra drive time. then this thing will start to move out. we'll see dry air behind and it by tomorrow afternoon, we should return to some partial clearing. now, the winds are starting to pick up. we have a wind advisory, primarily for the coast and the coastal hills, until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, with gusts close to 45 miles-per-hour expected.
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otherwise, southerly winds from 20 to 30 miles-per-hour. winter weather advisory until 7:00 in the morningment the sierras, 44 degrees so very high know -- snow levels. snow level will start to drop by early tomorrow morning. here's a look at our lows tonight. wave after wafer -- wave of -- san francisco, 58, 59 for concord. sunshine for you start to dry out in livermore, 61 for watsonville, now my accuweather seven-day forecast, forecast models are shifting. we thought it would be rainy for all of us.
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now it could possibly just be the north bay. we'll look at that in the next 24 house and update that forecast. showers on thursday, and then looks like a dry weekend next weekend. >> alan: we will evenly see the sun. she shu's 49ers will eventually get it together. >> mike: they had their chances early in green bay, and it showed. the raiders, a rarararararararaa
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>> mike: san diego has won eight straight at home against oakland, the raiders sweeping the season series for first time since 2001. first quarter, fourth and one for the raiders on the san diego 9. jason campbell fools everyone, walks in later in the first, 14-0 just like that. second quarter, michael bush, powers in. 95 of the team's 251 rushing yards. 21-3 oakland at the half. the chargers make things interesting. in the fourth, rivers to gates. san diego cuts the lead to april. raiders now trying to hang on, facing a big third and one. watch the play fake from campbell. san diego thinks they have bush stopped, but instead it's lewis going long to murphy. that sets up mcfadden.
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raiderred stay two back of the chiefs after the win, improving to 6-6. well, the 49ers spent the day in green bay, and they have to score when they're in the red zone as they're not good enough to beat teams with field goals. packers wearing 1929 throw-back unis. sect -- rodgers heaves it to jennings, 6-7 packers. in the certification 14-6 green bay. troy smith to davis, gone. 66 yards. davis, career high 126 yards. 14-13 packers at the half. third quarter, driver woke up with food poisoning, and this is a seminar how not to tackle. someone bring him down! later in the third, more from rodgers, the quarterback that got away from the niners, a
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perfect strike to jennings, jennings, again, 298 yards, three scores, 34-16 the final. tiger woods has never lost a tournament when leading by at least three shots going into the final round until today, at his own event. tiger blew a four stroke lead. he and graeme mcdowell on 18. woods looked like he would win for the first time since 2002. -- 2010. but mcdowell, 20 feet to force sudden death. check it out. drains it. going to playoff. back on 18 for the first playoff hole. mcdowell, another 20-foot bird for the win. he sinks it. tying we're miss the 15-footer and graeme mcdowell wins the chevron world challenge. >> stanford and notre dame, women's soccer championship.
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henderson crosses and finds the back of the net. 1-0. stanford's 22-game win strike over. falling short for the second straight year. coming up at 6:00. bcs bowl assignments headed out. >> alan: we'll find out. just ahead, the holiday parade that escaped today's rain. we'll tell you about the colorful sell prayingggggggggggg
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00. san francisco considers a new law that would force city contractors to hire more locals. and foreclosed homes going at bargain basement prices. wait until you hear much people paid at an auction today. join us at 6:00. finally, a colorful and lively holiday parade in san jose drew thousands of spectators. ♪ >> alan: the san jose holiday parade is a local favorite, complete with marching bands and giant floats. a number of civic organizations have been investing a great deal of time customizing their floats, and there was an appearance of cat in the hat and thing 1 and thing 2. the theme of the operate this year, scooby doo, is toys, treasures, and tradition. that looks like pretty


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