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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 7, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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cpuc, and residents. the pipeline sat in water today, the road it sits under is closed to traffic. work continues on the damaged home that's survived. -- survived n a forum the goal is to prevent another disaster like this one. >> there has been lax oversight. the california public utilities commission has not untheir job responsibly around this state. creating a problem. >> it's so far off markets. it's laughable. p.u.c. effort over 10 years is not to say we wnt knt improve it and there is when he says the federal government created safety regulations after horrific accidents. >> the federal rule making that were almost 10 years ago were risks. whether or not people are following this. >> we follow every federal
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regulation. and want to work. we look forward to working with on his bill and closely with state federal legislative leaders as they work to create a thorough pipeline safety bill. >> cooperwood said he's not here to offer accusations or offer an opinion. >> i think in the area of inspections there is going to be more discussion about the capabilities and incapabilities of various infection -- inspection methods. then, i think the public will understand regulators need to help. >> what we're concerned about is that they they absolutely don't put that pipe back in the neighborhood. secondly they tell people where those pipes are. >> maybe if pg&e could tell us the pipe was there before us. >> the meeting just got underway within the last hour, we'll have more for you in our 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. broadcasts. the ntsb's second report is
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due out between next week and the end of the year. abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and pg&e says it's not responsible for a gas explosion that blew up on oakland house and left a man in critical condition. and and you can see the size of the fireball and force. the second floor collapsed. the 61-year-old managed to survive but has burns on 80% of his bod yeechl a neighbor saw it on fire and used a blanket owe to put it out. >> and the fire while we're back there. i was concerned about it. it's like do it or don't do it. and there someone has golt to help. >> neighbors say say he had been renovating his home. and there were no leaks found. >> a man is under arrest in
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antioch after police say he confessed to a hit and run killing of a woman, hit and dragged just before 2:00 a.m. dying at the hospital. police say surveillance video shows the two arguing in a truck and officers say it shows her getting out of the truck and walking away. >> vehicle takes off and hits the victim. and appears tobt front of the vehicle. knocks her down with a great amount of force. the vehicle continues and... the victim is under the vehicle and drug for a considerable distance from the park lot on to the street oo. this suspect is identified that's man saying he works in brentwood. >> and business news a new forecast for california's economy paints a positive picture tonight but it's going to be a while before we see that happen.
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there is a report predicting pent up demand could trigger a rapid rebound in coastal areas in a few years and a ballot measure allowing the budget to be passed with a simple majority will improve the state's borrowing costs making california more atrktive to businesses, however before any that have occurs the report predicts the jobless rate remain as above 11% at least the next year and won't drop until the end of 2012. >> interest tl is disappointing numbers. annual drop outrates are out and they're climbing. the state superintendent points to cuts, others are blaming powerful teachers union. this report ill states the dropout rate. and numbers increase three to
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four points. state wide drop out rate went up to nearly 22% among latino students, numbers are worse, inching up about 27% and among african americans almost 37%. this outgoing superintendent partially blames budget cuts for the rise. >> we've seen the largest disinvest nmt public education in generations and that is not helping us address the drop outrates. >> senior eddie george thought about dropping out because of the pressure to do well. he says classes weren't too boring. >> we don't have equipments at schools and a lot of sports going on. there is more ed ookts mayor of one of california's largest cities say cuts aren't the enl factors and points a ficker at powerful teachers union. >> at an education forum an tony villaraigosa once working for the teachers union said some skoolts have become
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dropout factories for minorities and calls union leadership an unwaivering road block to reforms and could help turn the rate around. >> they're the most powerful defenders of a status quo not working or our kids. >> you've got to stop doing finger pointing and blame game. let's start talking about real solutions to solving, you know and working together to provide the best possible education for children. >> the droppouts noted thousands of kids opting to get a g.e.d.or moving out staift decreases total number of students making it possible for rates to increase. >> there is an oakland school district policy is backfiring on students and staff. students are bundled up because the school has been without heat seven days now, one of 25 schools with a
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current heat be problem. most from a 2-year-old district policy. >> they wanted to conserve energy by turning off heaters during vacation time. they should have done investigation to see how those heater koz wum back on. >> this is suggesting turning it down. but not off. >> students, teachers and parents say the lack of heat has made learning difficult. the district hopes to have the heat back on by thursday. and officials admit they don't have enough technicians to fix system that's have gone down. >> san francisco has a new way to generate renewable energy. called sunset reservoir solar project now the largest anywhere in the state. and there is a look at impact it's expected to have. >> five, four, three, two. one. flip the switch. >> crews turned the power on.
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and enough solar panels on the roof to power 1500 homes. >> it triples our solar output, gets us to seven megawatts of production again. still scratching the surface, but this represents largest project in the state of california. >> with golden gate bridge, the mayor announced a two-year project complete. there are 24,000 solar panels on the top of the roof brkts size of 12 football fields. there is energy will be used to power muni. it's a public, private partnership between the city's public utilities commission and recurrent energy. >> recurrent energy owns and operates this plant. so we're deploying private capitol and then sell to the
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city. >> a savings of $26 million over 25 years but the mayor isn't stopping here. and wants the city to become 100% renewable within 10 years and turning to wind and wave energy to make it possible. >> there is a number of studies off ocean beach that show we can get anywhere from 3200 megawatts of power through wave energy. so that is another resource we have here. >> in san francisco, leigh glaser abc 7 news. >> santa claus has a new gig tonight. john too maniy who has been kris kringle 20 years in union square macy's was dumped after a couple complained about a joke he said he used for years. >> they came and sat on my knee. i said have you been good this year? oh, yes. sanlta. i said well that is too bad. >> today the owner of lefty
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odoule's offered santa a new job, which he accepted ban hour ago. >> first day could be friday the 10th he's going to work until christmas from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. wise quite touched that nick wanted to offer an old, broken down santa a job. >> macy's says it cannot comment on personnel matter autos the weather is on hour radar screen tonight. and. >> there is rain showing up now, it's just hours away from the bay area. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also coming up, a south bay success story. the city has been making things happen around town despite the recession. >> and google goes forward with a formula mainging your computer easier to use. >> there is more than one place to buy an extended warranty.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. in san francisco what started off as a 50 yard dash is now a stroll. lawmakers decided to wait yet another week to try to select an interim mayor. tonight, what is the holdup? >> there is a celebration going on behind me it has absolutely nothing to do with interim mayor. one there seems nobody one that a majority of the board can get behind. and there is also continuing debate about whether this lame duck board should be the ones making that decision. perhaps by next week, they'll
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have it figured out. and start a process that should be quite fascinating. every san francisco supervisor agrees picking an interrim mayor is serious business. the process has been compared to a game show because supervisors will buzz in on the board's electronics system to be recognized and make nominations. in round one there will be one nomination from each of the 11 lawmakers, and the nominations will be voted on in the order received. if the first nominee doesn't get six votes, supervisors move on to next name. if that nominee doesn't get six votes moving to the next. if they go through the list of all 11 without success, the process starts over again. a vuper visor can nominate any registered voter. they can't nominate themselves but can accept a nomination from another super visor.
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>> i don't know what's happening today. >> what are your choices? i. >> i can't right now. thank you. >> residents are talking today about who and what they'd like to see. >> i'd encourage you to have a inclusive process. >> i hope you're chosen its the third time the interim mayor has come up. and. >> there is a ton of names out there. and there is nobody surface together top just yet. >> there seems to be no one right now who can capture the necessary volt but there are candidates out there, like ed harrington. >> i just waiting to see what the board sites. >> and so keep in mind whoever is officially selected will
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have to be ratified. perhaps fe. week, the board will be trying again. >> and cities have hunkered down cutting back on services laying off employees. but the city has taken a different approach, dipping into reserves and spending money. there is a program called sunnyvale works. >> sunnyvale kproux jekt are the city's version of saving for a mainy day. the mayor says being fis skally conservative paying off. >> back in the dot com boom we chose to not blow the money there. >> sunnyvale is spending about $40 million accelerating years of capitol improvement projects. the program is called sunnyvale works. in 18 months they've leveraged the recession and government
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grant money to put people to work skb get things done. numbers adding up to be a success. of the 36 projects targeted 26 are done. the city planned to spend $60 million, managing to stretching funding to $82 million. contractors hungry for works submitted bids 29% below estimates. saving $23 million. >> this is kids coming in low. >> anderson pacific won bids on two projects. >> that is 10 people work for a year. >> sunnyvale says it was able to seize about $30 million in government money. >> a lot of times that is awarded to people which is part of the problem now. and and we're asking for more. >> sunnyvale works has become
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more than just a slogan. it's the upside in a down economy n sunnyvale, abc 7 news. >> and san mateo high school draped up today, the students counted donations coming from from stores, businesses and individuals. totals this year? 24,000 pounds of food. 57,000s ndz cash. there is meft going to second harvest food bank. >> another nice day. but things are changing. >> there is going to be nice and wet tomorrow. there is some nice mild weather. there is a live view right now looking on to the bay and on to downtown area of san francisco. there is a pleasant mild evening. thickening clouds and six to
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12 hours we'll see rainfall. right now there is some moisture showing up around across the city. no reports of rainfall hitting the ground there. here in the bay area, temperature readings under increasing hi cloudy skies. 49 degrees in los gatos, and mid-50s into other parts of the bay area. we'll have rainy morning and evening commutes. slight chance of showers thursday and friday. there is a frontal system pushing towards northern coast now that is bringing rainfall and that arrives. by 5:00 in the morning official start of our rush hour, we should see rainfall into northern most part of the viewing area. the front will push eastward
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around 11:00 or so. and there is more parts of the bay area, and then, by afternoon there is a is rainfall, still. there will be wet weather and front pushes in and showers tapering off by late tomorrow night. and there is half inch to an inch and a half. and there is south bay, 5/100ths to two-tenths of an inch. there is lows into mid to upper 40s. and tomorrow, under rainy conditions highs into upper 50s to about 60 in campbell. umer 50s on the pin anyone la. mid-50s on coast and there is
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north bay highs cool in the north bay. and near east bay, upper 50s and rain from inland valleys mid to upper 50s. monterey bay, highs up to about 60 degrees near the bay. and there is the accu-weather forecast. just a slight chance of showers on thursday and friday. and some sunny breaks and speaking of sunny breaks how about the weekend. there is sunny skies and it's going to be lovely. >> yes. it will. >> thank you. >> coming up next art of massage. >> how it's now becoming science. >> anybody gotten a massage they feel fantastic. it puts it in medical terms. @ x
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almost anyone going for a mass yanl expects to feel better, relaxed. now, research suggests l is a reason for that. massage may change the body's chemistry. this might be the most relaxing classroom in the bay area. but for the two dozen who are learning to be professional massagers here, the dialogue is anything but laid back. >> and what there is
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instructors going over technique smz believe some could help beyond soreness. >> anyone gotten a massage knows they get off the table they feel fantastic. this puts it into medical terms he runs the institute, pointing to a study out of side yars sinai medical center examining blood samples taken before and after a 45 minute massage. latter samples showed benefits from an increase in number of white blood cells to a decrease in stress hormone cortisol stopping short of linking those changes to improvement in health and supporters believe they're increasing. dr. blacklich often prescribes it for patients. >> we think of a benefit increased and reduced
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sympathetic nervous system. and there is a hence of well being. >> this study founded by national institutes of health. and there is geents believing stress reduction helping her stay healthy its enjoyable to do this. i have to say that the added benefit is i can't complain. >> and there is researchers study twrog different types of massage. only the more rigorous deeper tissue version produced increase in white blood cells. >> coming up at 6:30, elizabeth edwards and her battle with cancer. how she's being remembered by her family tonight. >> and there is a is a chrome
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needs a little more polish. and san francisco's boy's choir with a spaits to
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good evening, after a six year battle with cancer elizabeth edwards died today at 61 years old. she passed away in north carolina surround bid her children, brothers and sisters, family friends, and her estranged husband former senator and presidential candidate john edwards. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 final days of her husband's campaign for vice president. they separated in january.
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mrs. ed yards announced yesterday further treatment would do no more good and that she had only weeks or days to live. today her family issued a statement saying quote she remains the heart of the family and that we will never know anyone more inspiring or full of life. the family has asked donations be made to a foundation name forward edwards son, wade who died several years ago. >> in washington, some democrats in congress are vowing to fight the compromised tax deal worked out between president obama and republicans. mr. obama defended the deal, including a two-year extension of the bush era tax cuts renewing unemployment benefits for two million people. the president says it will keep the economy moving and defending his decision on a pledge to save down tax cuts for people making over 250,000s oodz my job is to look out for middle class families struggling to get by. americans out of work through
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no fault of their own. a long political fight might have been good politics but a bad deal for the economy and american people. >> senate republican leaders are pleased with the deal. and many democrats and independents are not, they're against an extex of cuts for the wealthy. >> we have received 600 phone calls today alone. people saying the president strategy is wrong that. our job is to convince a handful of republican that's it's wrong to give tax breaks to billionaires. >> and senator sander says the deal makes it to the senate floor in current form he will filibuster. >> and the man behind wiki leaks scandal being held without bail tonight. he turned himself in, accused of sex crimes in sweden. his attorney is asking for and
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the arrest is not slowing wiki leaks down, releasing a batch of documents just today. >> many thousands of journalists in a community around the world. i will continue. we're only cable 301 today. we'll see the rest of those coming out so there is full information available. >> the british newspaper the independent is reporting if he is exindicted to sweden, he may be turned over to the u.s.. >> and google unveiled a much-anticipated notebook today featuring chrome operating system. and there is a major wrinkle. it won't go on sale until mid 2011. >> this will be available after a few lucky people get to taste it and could it you. i'll tell you how, shortly. it is the first notebook to carry the google logo, will be
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available globally and will work with verizon. the price not yet determined. >> first let me show the device. >> this is as close as anyone got to the notebook. well, almost. won't be available next sismt months. the notebook will skip things users hate most like installing software. annoying block key, low start up times and more. it's a computer device for those using the web. >> what they want to do is make it delightful as using a car. you just drive it notebooks have become popular. here is why. >> interest this is small and port yanl. if you're traveling eight to 0 hours. >> google says kit do better
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coming with chrome os installed. the fastest browse yir out there. >> what does this mean for users? it's a favorite application site, google maps or you tube. it works faster. >> today's presentation in san francisco, software developers experienced the latest version of chrome os. help wfl large documents. >> a health care reform bill. there is a click, 1990 pages of pdf. ready? click. it's there. >> so-to-support many applications out there, google launched a chrome web store. a catalog of apps. >> it's very rich. visual. interactive z we work to feature new april politic autos google's ceo told the audience users will be able to get online quickly. >> more horse power up into
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networking level. >> and there is everyone of the developers. and google wants more people to participate. you must apply online. we have a link and have you to live in u.s.. be at least 18, and you had you tell them why you should be invited, why you're worthy. this application will be open december 21. >> dan? >> i won't count on. >> stock prices rise on word of a capitol hill tax cut agreement. but they fell after news that an insider trading investigation sk stepped up. dow ended three points in the red. nasdaq added three and a half and the s and p 500 up just a fraction. microsoft said it will add a new dmot track feature to internet explower so
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advertisers can't see where wr you go online. but have you to turn it on and you have to list sites you want to watch. and the ipad two is on the way. bloomberg news reports half a million units have an updated version will ship from a factory in china by the enld of february. >> and coming up next, the options you have when a sales person offers you an extended warranty. >> what to do? how to get one for free. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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if you're buying electronics for gifts should you buy an extended warranty? >> this is a question you're asked almost every time. >> and this may not be the only question. this is one we've heard millions of times. millions of extended warranties sold every year, millions pay off but should you buy one for yourself? and where? christopher is fell telling me a heart breaking story. >> i went through dropping my iphone and breaking it we don't have a picture of the broken phone but it looks like this. and so this and an extended
6:41 pm
warranty. >> i had a new known less than a week which had a problem. they quickly resolve that had and sent another phone to me. >> christopher bought his warranty in the same store, but from san francisco square tray. >> people don't realize it. >> steve is the president and ceo of square trade. he says intis growing because economy is coming back electronics are hot and the name and good service. >> there are either 60 items and a five day service guarantee. dropped in a toilet, we can't fix it so we give you cash or pay for this item. you can get a new one. >> there are many extended warranties. they're sold by retailers and online companies like square trade.
6:42 pm
consumer action isn't that thrilled with any of them. >> and if. >> this makes sense to comparison shop. but you're not making good financial decisions because most electronic that's fail do so before the standard warranty expires. and joe says there is a way to get an extend td red warranty free. >> one of the nice features for credit cards is that it wilt add on time. you're getting an extended warranty free oo. now if gou that way, make sure you know what is covered. same if you decide to bay buy an extended warranty. this is just like insurance. last night we reported about charges against elite auto for failing to transfer registrations on cars sold. we want to make clear the
6:43 pm
dealership in bits pittsburgh has no connection to a dealership in daily stwi a similar name, elite motors. they're two different groups. >> thank you. >> and coming up next all-boys choir of grace cathedral. and you're going see and hear why they've developed fans around the world. stay with us.
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a job fair offered 500 available positions. abc 7 co-sponsored this event and there is a good turnout, featuring 11 companies. >> sales, marketing. production technicians, legal, and everything. we've got it. we've got it all. they're applying for it all. >> there is a good company. so i'm sure i'm going to tall back. and land it. >> the range of positions so broad that the companies had 80 job titles posted. >> a san francisco nonhill
6:47 pm
landmark is home to what is considered a hidden treasure, grace cathedral choir of men and boys is almost a senry old performing a christmas concert beginning this weekend. tonight, their incredible sound. >> music has been woven into the services. the choir will celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2013. singing is serious business. this is about breathing and diction. and getting the pitch perfect. and we can spent a lot of time doing one thing. >> and did i mention breathe
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something. >> when you learn how to sing using your body have you more control. >> important because grace cathedral is a big space to fill. >> in the cathedral it's like you have to sing loudly. otherwise, nobody can hear you. >> and those voices with wonderful sounds and music one of the few choirs remaining part of a 600 year old tradition. >> there is i think people recognize this is one of the last ones and i feel people don't want to let that go. they ought not to. >> just seven of the choirs left in the country. they rehearse for third to age graders being part of this choir is a confidence builder. >> this teaches you really to perform in front of a crowd. >> and there is a concert that begins this weekend. >> that is beautiful. >> great. >> let's go back up and date
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the weather. >> there is an awesome time lapse view. and looking at clouds, what a great looking sky. and there is darker clouds. and there is rain coming our way. there is mainly off the north coast now. some of its showing up as moisture in the air and will be hitting ground here overnight and early in the morning 8:00 rain will have arrived already. by mid day all parts of the bay area getting rainfall. there is the accu-weather forecast after a wet day just a slight chance of showers on friday, thursday, friday, then, saturday, sunday, there is high temperatures inland on the coast mid to upper 60s. there is glorious is the right
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word. >> and larry beil is here now. >> and there is a lot of wonderment. andrew luck picked up other hard wear today, named pack 0 offensive player of the year. there were questions about how stanford would move the ball and they didn't know luck could deliver a shot like that. there is mike shumann. >> stanford won 11 games this season. and corner back was the engine drove this cardinal offensive machine. there is most think cam
6:51 pm
newton's name is on the troughy. >> there is a trip to new york i'm just excited about the whole thing. and what happens, happens. i'm just excited to be part of the discussion. >> stanford now has back to back heisman candidates. >> i think it's speaking volumes for where this program is headed and where it is now. what a great job the coach has done. >> they're very happy. told me to get a hair cut so, i did he only has two suits. >> mom mom said i'm not going to grow anymore. so i fight mite as well get one now. >> there is a nerve wracking event. >> i am sure there will be
6:52 pm
flight time. >> he's going to go to new york this weekend enjoying the experience. if he wins great. if he doesn't he's going to be happy for the player that does. >> that is speaking of success stories to the links we go. joseph branlist, there is within about six feet he shoots a four under 68 qualifies by two strokes becoming the first african american to earn his tour card through hugh school. native and fellow stanford grad zach miller also qualified. miller finished at 14 under par. see these guys on the tour. winds have become difficult to come by for golden state warriors.
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and hanging tough in the first half, 13-13, and progress highlights brought to you by comcast there. is a score there. right now mavs leading there. there is a bay area teammate into pop warner national championships in orlando, florida. there is a tough day for raiders, highlights busting outside for a gain of 20 yards, morgan hill championship dreams are dashed. and there is tuesday is normally a day off in the nfl. and there is oakland presenting a school with $10,000 part of the play super -- play 60 super school sweeps stakes. they get a bunch of gym equipment to work out. >> this is great.
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hope you can join me at 9:00 coming up then, a real talker in the education world. it's not budget slashing or cyber bullying but about
6:57 pm
china. >> then at 11:00 here on abc 7 talking to a woman rescued after six lonely days in a jant cruz park what. they she did to survive. >> and finally workers at ikea got a holiday surprise. how about free bicycles? >> ikea rolls out the bikes for each of the 12,000 employees around the country including those here at the emeryville store and one in east palo alto. >> ikea said it wanted to thank the people for hard work and making every day life better for customers. you know they appreciated that. that is a lot of bike autos no kidding. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> stay connected at abc 7 >> good night. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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