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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i knew that people were looking for me. i knew that people feared. >> this hiker spent six days hurt, cold and alone in a state park, but she never lost hope. >> abc7's lisa amin gulezian is live and, lisa, you spoke to that hiker a few hours ago. >> that's true. deborah collins left the hospital around 8:00 tonight, and she is now resting at home. her feet and legs are very swollen, but she is expected to make a full recovery. with an optimistic outlook
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deborah collins spoke about the six days she spent trapped, injured and freezing in a ravine and fall creek state park. >> each night when it would start getting dark, it was really difficult. it was so silent, so isolated, so quiet. >> collins left her home november 28th to walk through the park. she took water and layers of clothes. she didn't take her cell phone, wallet, nor did she leave a note. long-time friend reported her missing two days later. and then on saturday a man and his seven-year-old son found deborah collins. >> i got a whim to go on an unmarked side trail. we walk oatd side trail for five or 10 minutes and there she was off to the side. >> collins' friend are critical of the job the santa cruz county sheriff's department did. they say authorities never organized a full scale search and refused to deviate from
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textbook protocol. >> they said there is no car in the parking lot and nothing to indicate this park or that park. so we don't want to send out the cavalry if we don't know where they are. >> they insisted sending dozens of volunteers to scour the area would be dangerous. deborah collins sees their point. >> they were trying to protect ems thises -- protect themselves and not get others involved that could possibly get themselves in the same situation. >> reporter: but after all is said and done, deborah collins says she will hike again, but not without letting people know where she is going first. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the california public utility commission told a crowd in san bruno it is time for an oversight. they were looking at what happened in september when a pipeline exploded killing
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eight people. survivors are satisfied. amy hollyfield is live in san bruno. they wanted a lot more out of this meeting. >> they heard these answers before. one engineer said it was just a pipe. it was three months ago. how long does it take to figure out what went wrong? >> he is determined to learn from the san bruno accident and to prevent anything from happening again. >> the assemblyman shook things up again with this. >> what i am hearing is the sidestepping of the accountability. >> he was especially frustrated with the answer officials from pg&e and the public utilities commission gave. about $5 million supposed to be spent in san bruno. >> they were supposed to use that $5 million revenue for maintenance on this specific pipe, and they didn't do it. so where did the money go?
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>> the money wept to other pipeline maintenance -- went to other pipeline maintenance. pg&e didn't pocket the money. >> it was put together by jerry hill. he wanted to bring sacramento to san bruno. five assembly members fired questions at representatives from pg&e and the puc who admitted it is time for change. >> we do need more inspectors. we do need to do a better job of trend analysis. >> hearing about possible change was comforting to some of the residents. >> we fwheed to put more -- we need to put more stringent guidelines and with legislature have something in place so we can control pg&e a little better. >> but many left feeling disappointed. >> what we have here today was almost a carbon copy of the last town hall meeting. >> an apology might be nice. >> he says he thinks progress
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was made here tonight. he says the more people demand accountability, the more likely they are to get it. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc news. >> thanks. p pg&e says it is not responsible for a gas explosion that blew up an oakland house and left a man with burns over 80% of his body. this is surveillance video of the blast slowed down so you can see the size of the actual fireball. neighbors rushed in to help when they saw the 61 imreerld resident there on fire. he is in critical condition -- critical, but stable condition tonight. the blast was apparently triggered when he flipped a light switch. the oakland school district has suspended a policy that's left 25 schools out in the cold. to save energy and money the district turned off the heating systems over the thanksgiving break. schools including kaiser elementary have not had any heat in seven days, and it is taking a toll on staff and especially the kids. >> they are more concerned about, hey, i'm cold right now
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than learning about fourth grade subjects. >> how hard is it to learn when you are freezing? >> it is very hard, and it is not comfortable at all. >> because of budget cuts, the district doesn't have enough technicians to restart the heaters or fix the problems that have kept them from restarting. here at kaiser elementary they hope to have the heat back on by thursday. the san francisco police department's crime lab has been clear to operate de despite problems. the scpran -- the crime examer says the drug testing lab is still closed following accusations that a technician stole cocaine. and the berkeley city council postponed a decision on whether to seek landmark status for the beloved iceland skating rink. it gave them time to buy the property and finalize plans to convert it to a sporting goods store. the rink closed in 2007.
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and supervisors appear ready to ban plastic bags in grocery stores and charge a .05 cent fee. they like the idea, but they don't want to impose the idea on small businesses. a revised measure should be back next week. a tragedy is being compounded by the circumstances. the democrat is reporting that an 18-year-old freshman was using her cell phone when she drove right through a crosswalk. she hit and killed two-year-old callie marie. her mother suffered major injuries. police have not determined whether the driver was text messaging or talking when she hit the two. they say the man they were looking for came back to the scene of the crime. this all started early this morning when someone ran over a woman and dragged her down the road to her death. as alan wang reports, investigators believe this was no accident.
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>> at the scene of the crime, police noticed this nissan pick up truck that fit the exact description of the suspect vehicle. >> the suspect approached them and started engaging in the conversation. >> police say suspect 51-year-old lucille avilla went out of his way to return to the crime scene. >> he didn't have to take that route from his home in brentwood to his work location. >> witnesses say a man was arguing with a woman in the parking lot of the del villa market. the woman got out of the truck and the driver ran over and killed her. >> the vehicle continues and the victim is under the vehicle and drug for a considerable distance from the parking lot to the street. >> down at the station, police say avilla fessed up, but he said it was an accident. the whole thing was caught on the video camera. >> you can see how he backed up and ran her over. >> police are not releasing
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the video, but he says it was brutal. >> they were parked right here, and he reversed back and just like slammed into her and ran her over. just started dragging her. she was caught under the car and dragged her to the street about like 80 feet or something like that. >> and he backed up? >> he backed up on it. >> police say avilla works as a maintenance man in antioch. the victim is described as a woman in her 40s. police say they have no strong leads on a suspect until avilla walked into their lands. -- into their hands. in antioch, abc news. still coming up, the tax plan that virtually no one on capitol hill likes. >> the agreement is essentially final. >> we will have to do more work on it. -- >> what it could mean for workers paid the least. into i and a santa gets a posh new gig. >> those stories and more. and then on "nightline."
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>> dan and carolyn, coming up on "nightline" elizabeth edwards as battle with cancer ends. we look back at her public trials. and we have john lennon's lost
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>> closed captioning brought to president obama came out swinging today after cuting a deal with republicans to extend tax cuts for all-americans including the wealthiest. tonight the white house released a new youtube video. >> i am not going to make the american people collateral damage to political fighting in washington. i am not going to play games with the lives of the american people. >> but the "new york times" says the deal will mean the only groups likely to face a tax increase are those making less than $20,000 a year. the question is whether enough democrats will join them. >> it is something that is done, but i am not a big fan of what has been negotiated. >> i am hopeful and optimistic that a large majority of members of the republican conference will find this proposal worth supporting.
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>> unless both the house and senate approve some version of the tax proposal before congress adjourns income taxes will rise for all worker. >> and money battles at the state level and jerry brown will take them on with a special forum in sacramento. he invited lawmakers in more than a thousand state and local officials to talk about the crisis. his finance director will make a presentation. the event begins at 10:00 a.m. the santa claus fired by macy's has a new gig at an old san francisco restaurant. he has been kris kringle for years after a couple complained about a joke he used with grown-ups for years. >> they came and sat on my knee and i said, have you been good this year? oh yes, santa. i said, well, that's too bad.
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>> today lefty owe dual saved him from the grinch by offering him a job which he accepted. >> he will work straight through to christmas from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. >> i was quite touched that nick would want to offer an old broken down santa a job. >> and a job with a raise. macy's says it cannot comment on person person -- personnel matters. >> a reason to be jolly. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> more rain on the way. meteorologist sand yaw patel is here -- sandhya patel is here. >> it is getting wet in crescent city. as you head down 101 toward red way and laytonville is where the light rain has been falling. as we look at live doppler 7hd there is moisture off the coast. it is about 52 miles away from the north bay. it is going to get here, but more toward the morning commute.
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here is the way it looked from the high definition camera. sunset at 4:51 and the clouds were gathering. it was a beautiful sunset there. a lot of cloud coverage today. but de night the cloud coverage, most areas were in the 60s to the low 70s in places like salinas. so it was definitely a mild spring-like day. here is a beautiful view. it is the sunset in mountain view set by one of our viewers powered by youtube. this is over the viewer's house. beautiful there. let me show you the current readings. we have 40s and 50s. the clouds will hold the temperatures up a little more. rainy for parts of the morning and afternoon commutes. a slight chance of showers on thursday and friday. and a stretch of mild days will follow in time for your weekend plans. here is the satellite and radar. here is the cold front that is going to be coming down toward the bay area. the rain arrives after midnight. as you look at the computer animation here, you will notice the green starting to
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appear on the screen around 5:00 a.m. into the north bay. as the commute goes on, the rain spreads, but not quite to the south bay and to the inland east bay. it stalls right around 11:00 a.m. across the heart of the bay area. and then we will notice showers spreading southward by the evening commute and to the south bay and the east bay. the sun falls apart, a few lingering showers at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. and that is about it. rainfall totals as you will look here, higher in the north bay. a quarter to three-quarters of an inch. east bay just under half an inch. the south bay, not getting much. .05 to .20. and the mountains a quarter to half an inch of rain. overnight you are looking at the rain beginning to develop. by 5:00 a.m., wet pavement around the north bay. mid40s to the low 50s around a san francisco and oakland. and tomorrow afternoon, it is going to be a cooler afternoon with the rain coming in. you will need the umbrellas.
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low 50s to the upper 50s and around the monterey bay. certainly the santa cruz area will see rain in the early afternoon. by later in the afternoon the rest of the monterey bay will get wet weather. upper 50s to the low 60s. if you are heading to the high country, snow is expected on wednesday mixed in with rain and scattered showers on thursday. and at least a chance of snow and rain on friday up in the tahoe area. keep in mind the snow levels are running pretty high. 7500 feet. slight chance of showers on thursday and friday. mild afternoons. near 70 as we head toward the weekend around the bay. it is unbelieve -- unbelievable. >> what a shift in temperatures there. >> what a big shift. as we continue, google says this computer will change the way the web works for you. >> just ahead, why you will have to wait to see if that's true. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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palo alto-based stem cells inc. and researchers in uc irvine has been approved for the first clinical trial to treat spinal cord injuries. it will treat injuries that are to 12 months old. they will begin to enroll patients next year. and google unveiled the krome operating systems lap tops. but because of glitches, the first laptops will not be in stores until the middle of next year, about six months behind schedule. it is a so-called cloud computer meaning your apps, documents and settings will be stored on the internet rather than a hard drive. google says it will be easy to use and will have the fastest browser available. >> it is a thousand times
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faster, networks cpu's screens, literally more horsepower. >> the initial laptops will be made by acer and samsung and will have 12-inch display screens and standard keyboards. you don't have to wait for krom, larry is ready to go. >> a thousand times faster? my head would explode at a thousand times faster. the warriors take on the oddest team in the nba right now, and they take them to the wire. can they get over the top? they try to stop the mavs' nininininininininininininini= =a
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it is turning into another frustrating season for warrior fans. until they make trades or sign a free agent, the warriors can try as hard as they might. they will not beat good teams like dallas. with dirk "i must break you" nowitzki. jason terry and throttling
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down with the right hand. the spin move and dirk with a game high 25. the warriors hang around. the steel and an uncontested jam. and second had -- seconds later, don't touch my junk. 11 rebounds for wright. i don't know, dan. it is your catch phrase. the steel and four points total. curry buries the three. the only bucket of the night with three. the dagger with 30 seconds left. the mavs win their 10th game 105-100. the warriors with a game effort to come up short tomorrow night. freddy sanchez has been hurt almost from the first day he joined the giants. he had more surgery today on his left shoulder. the giants' second base man had his bicep tendon removed. he will need eight weeks of rehab, but he is expected to be ready for spring training at some point. he will miss some time, but
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the hope is sanchez will be okay by opening day. he made some acrobatic plays and terrific defensive stops in the post season. sanchez has had previous shoulder and knee surgeries. the giants are hoping he can get and stay healthy. and andrew luck is headed for new york with a golden arm, a new haircut and the pac-10's offensive player of the year award. he is the orange bowl-bound cardinal. he is expected to win the heisman on saturday, but he may well be the number one pick in the nfl draft if he decides to go pro this spring. for now he is just happy to be invited to new york city, and to be able to purchase a new suit. >> my mom gave me a green light to get a new suit. she said i'm not going to grow anymore, so i may as well get one now. i guess it is still a trip to new york, but i'm just excited about the whole thing. what happens happens. who ever wins will deserve the win.
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i am just excited to be a part of the discussion. >> from the big hits to the little kids for the morgan hill raiders, a trip to disney world was part of it and a chance to play in the pop warner nationals. the semifinals from the midget division, morgan hill against the northeast margers out of maryland. -- northeast chargers out of maryland. a failed punt leads to a touchdown. morgan hill's top player with a 20-yard run here, but morgan hill cops up short in the semifinals 20-6. tuesday is their normal day off, but they were working representing the silver and black at thurgood marshall elementary as part of the nfl's play 60 super school sweep stakes. the players presented a check for $10,000. the program encourages kids to get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. >> more important now than ever because they don't get as
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much in school. >> yeah, they are all on theirce computer. they are a thousand times faster. >> thanks, larry. >> that is what is making news. i'm dan ashley. >> and thank you for joining uts. >> appreciate your time and thank you for joining us.
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