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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 8, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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employee found him, paramedics did cpr. at that time, he had no pulse when arriving at st. francis hotel according to police, they were able to get a pulse. now we're being told he has been transfered to another hospital. but... according to police the situation is critical. now, let's talk about the water fountain. the mom was not a guest of the hotel. she was just taking the kids to see the christmas decorations here at the regency. there is a lot of traffic around the water fountain. there is a bar, there is a concierge desk. how is it that no one saw this happen? this is what police have to say. >> if you can visualize a pool there, is a endless fount wrin in the center lob yeechl a wall probably two feet tall with the fountain going behind it. if a small child were to lean in there and fall in they'd be
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behind the endless fountain. you won't see them behind the wall of water. that is why this is just took so long to find him. >> the hyatt regency says we're deeply concerned about the accident that occurred this afternoon. management told us that that water fountain has been shut off. it has been that the hotel 37 years, and since 1973. and never, never have they had anything like this happen before. this is the first accident according to the management of the hotel. now, police are still on scene, conducting an investigation. but, hotel guests, we're told are being allowed to go into that area. a tragic accident this afternoon. it occurred about 1 hirt. i'm live from the hyatt regency, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and cal train says one
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train struck and kill aid person on the tracks this afternoon. the northbound train hit the victim on the tracks near first avenue at about 3:15 today. pus -- passengers around that scene. a man died on a he pedestrian crossing november 26th. >> a holiday project in a school went terribly wrong today. it happened in santa rosa. a classroom volunteer working on a candle make prog jekt. abc 7 is live at the school for us tonight. >> there were frightening moments today, we're told by the principal that this volunteer is expected to recover from her injuries. and also, there were no students in the area when the fire started it happened in classroom 17 in l school just before 10:30 this morning.
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third grade students were away for an asem whether i. a 61-year-old teacher was melting wax on a hot plate in preparation for a candle making project. the wax apparently overheated and caught fire. >> she started fire somehow with the candle wax. it ignited and she realized she needed to remove it from classroom. she tried to take oit out of the front door. >> the p.e.teacher came by. some kids pointed out there was smoke. he put out the fire by putting an ice chest cover over to it keep the supply of oxygen from being there and when it burned through that, he saw there was still fire left. he took a sweat shirt, using it to douse the rest of the fire. >> the volunteer taken to the local hospital with burns on her right side. there was only minor damage to the chas room. all students were evacuated for a time. and no one else was injured.
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and they'll take a look at prohibiting candle making projects going forward. >> the fire department was recommending that a candle making project at an elementary school might not be an appropriate project. i might expect the district would say that that is true. i can say with confidence we won't do another one here. >> at last word according to the principal, the injuries to the volunteer are not life threatening. in santa rosa, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. you can expect the off and on again showers to continue throughout the night there. is a good steady dose of rain throughout the day. you can see from this scene in san francisco not the day to be caught without your umbrella. this guy was. sandhya patel is here with the rainfall totals and take a look at what is on radar. >> if you look at what is on radar you'll see moisture is here, enough to mess up your evening commute.
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let me show were you rain is falling now towards brisbane, east towards berkeley and towards antioch. taking you down to street level radar, you'll see cesar chavez boulevard. there is rain in monterey boulevard. moderate rainfall around brisbane. and there is a great highway getting wet. you'll notice moderate to heavy rain around redwood road. now, down towards peninsula and south bay interest tl is a steady rain. most is light. rainfall totals so far close to an inch in mill valley getting down towards south bay, san jose only picking up 5/100ths and a half in concord. not done with rain yet. there are showers in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll be back with a look at the forecast in a few minute autos jerry brown began the job of tackling state's budget short falls today nchl a summit for new lawmakers in sacramento he warned that the
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hole could grow to $28 billion next year. he didn't discuss solutions but showed the state is rung out of places to cut to. close the current deficit the state would have to shut down prisons and universities fire every state worker close mental hospitals and cancel the cal works program. >> we need to understand the problem. it's been growing for years. for many reasons over the past seven years of the schwartzeneggar administration. we've noft gone to the heart of the problem. >> there lawmakers hope they may be willing to volt for new taxes or fees. the governor called a session in an addition to start cutting the budget now. >> the heat is back on tonight. 20 more will be without for a ninth day tomorrow. the problems started when the district turned off the heat during thaifk break to kons
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yefsh energy and save money. classes resumed, and the heat did not come back on. 70 schools. and most of the technicians trained to work on the heating systems, they have been laid off bringing the repair to a crawl. the district hopes to have the heat back on at all schools by friday. >> berkeley police are looking for the masked robber who held up a mcdonalds this morning and left a trail of cash. police say the man struck an employee in the head and officers were seen picking up cash around the restaurant. police do not think that this one is connected to others. police in vallejo looking for thieves that stole copper wires saying someone striped wires on saturday that complex opened last month. there is a staff bought 2,000
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worth of fires so kids can use the soccer field monday night. >> hackers launched a series of world wide cyber attacks today in defense of the whisel blower web site wiki leaks. and bonl companies say transactions were not affected. and this is following release of classified state department documents. hackers have targeted sara palin, paypal, joe lieberman, swedish prosecutors and a swiss bank. facebook and twitter have both suspend add kts that appear to be organizing attacks. san francisco electronics frontier foundation is concern btd about a backlash. >> we think freedom of speech is a core american value this, is something to protect. the backlash is going to result in the introduction of
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law that's will likely end up having a tremendously bad affect on speech. >> and the berkeley city council is considering a resolution to clearing army private bradley manning a hero calling for his release in custody. he is expecting of providing wiki leak was the document autos a san jose flight diverted to new mexico after a passenger tried to force his way off the plane. continental airlines flight bound for houston, texas. the pilot land so the man could be taken off the aircraft. passengers say he tried to open an exit door in flight. he's been identified as a mexican national. fbi and immigration met the plane in z.took him into custody. after arrest the plane continued on to houston. and fbi officials are investigating the incident but say that it does not appear to be tie to terrorism. >> and more to bring you. >> coming up a study finds
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money would leave with you a dirty problem. >> heavy lifting needed to remove a car that nearly took a indip in a pool. >> toy challenge proposition two of local men who got a boost from a well-known friend.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there is video giving new mean together word carpool. these images just out of a backyard in sarah to goa. the car, a rental plunged about 600 feet down a hillside coming to rest next to the pool and an orange tree. there is another angle from sky 7. no one was inside of the car at the time. crews spent yesterday trying to remove it. but they couldn't so called in the crane to do the job. this agency is picking up the cost. >> that is a pick turks isn't
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it?. >> if you're dreaming about retirement, you may have to keep dreaming for a while. >> many more americans will have to keep working well into old age. and michael finney has more on why. >> i wish i wasn't delivering this news. most middle class americans say they won't have enough money to retire when the time comes, wells fargo surveyed workers found most expected to keep working well into their golden years. 72% of the middle class americans expected to keep working beyond retirement age. and this included workers aged 25-69 and found average 50-year-old had saved just $29,000 for retirement. as for younger workers, they're doubtful they'll ever receive social security. >> you've heard concerns about possible dangers of the chemical bpa. well, now there is word the chemical may be tucked inside of your wallet. an environmental group tested 42 bills and found 21 of them
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carried small amounts of bpa. there have been efforts to ban bpa in baby bottles and it is used to make cash register receipts. there is concern those receipts touching dollar bills is why they're finding it there. the environmental groups say for chemicals healthy families says chemicals from the receipts, as i said, may be leeching on to paper money. fda expressed concern but hasn't banned it. some link the chemical to cancer and diabetes. >> if you're planning to buy a christmas tree, you'll probably want one that will last into the new year. at least a week, maybe a day. a tree too dry can lead to fire danger. so when choosing a tree make sure it's still fresh. here a fire fight jer showing us how. >> going to take it and just bounce it on the ground see if needles fall off at the time that. didn't. this indicates a fresh tree.
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>> run your fingers down branches to make sure needles woent don't come off. saw off a quarter inch of the base so it will absorb water. >> tips are great. >> santa and rudolph is one thing. and there is another dynamic duo. and abc 7 has the story. >> this is a better way of getting here on of the brand new mountain bike autos what is more fun than big kids shopping for little kids? that is the idea behind big deep. the nature of the salvation army toy shelves are well stocked and with what kids want for christmas. >> i think we raised close to 45,000s skpdz huge discounts at stores we've prenegotiated
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discounts. >> dig deep organized in 2001 when the friends heard salvation army toy shelves were empty. they went shopping. 10,000ses today buy toys first year, 30,000 last year, this year, hoping donations will total 100,000. it was fabio. >> these two are friends of mine. and when they told me about what they're going to do i was like, i will be in a second. >> it comes to shopping dig deep knows the target ages. 7-17 a range salvation army says they don't get enough donations for. >> we give elves a certain amount of money and an age group z gender saying go spend $3,000 on kids between six and nine, boys. you, on girls. we split it up. >> and of course all shopping is thanks to elves. each raised 500ses today get a
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chance to shop for kids today. and boy, did they. >> and once you start giving it starts, your life starts to lift up. the quality of life changes draw maticly. >> leigh glaser abc 7 news. >> isn't that great? toys collected today will be given to salvation army tonight. there is more information on our web site. under see it on tv. >> and oprah winfrey broke down in tears during an interview with barbara walters saying she's not a lesbian. that is part of a special airing tomorrow night. oprah's emotions overwhelmed her talking about her close friendship with gail king. >> sh... the mother i never had. she is, the sister everybody would want. she is the friend that
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everybody deserves. i don't know a better person. i don't know a better person. >> and you can watch a barbara walters special open pratt next chapter in it's entirety here on abc 7 tomorrow night at 9:00. >> and we'll turn to weather now. just got word a section of the great highway between lincoln is closed because of the wind and rain out there. >> yes z sandhya, high tide not a factor out interest. >> no. it's this afternoon and around six feet. we're talking about rain creating the closure there. we've showed you rain earlier. and we'll show it to you again in just a moment. you can see golden gate bridge wet. i'll show you a different pick frur bay bridge. it's a sloppy evening commute. rain has been focused across san francisco east bay. and down towards south bay. that is what is creating slow
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downs. as you look at live doppler 7 you'll see moisture focused ash this area. san francisco getting rain down towards peninsula. there is south bay into san jose. san ramone, east bay livermore, concord getting wet. you'll notice here, heading across the bay bridge some moderate rain is falling heading towards powell street. so we're getting pockets of moderate rainfall. around santa cruz area, light returns around highway 101 traveling down towards morgan hill. in the sierra nevada snow levels running high around 9,000 feet now to freezing levels. this snow is confined to very highest elevations mixed in with rain. 50 and 80 looking just fine for a travelers. numbers right now into 50s with all of the cloud cover and the rain outside. periods of light rain tonight. showers for tomorrow. and you're looking at mild and
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sunny conditions for weekend. so everything will be out of here by the time we hit weekend. here is the cold front. it's now becoming stationary on the back end of it. steady stream of moisture continuing to be focused towards bay area. with this in mind, we're going to see some more rain. tonight, 7:00, you'll see some scattered showers, very light returns. overnight hours quiet and cloud cover. by 6:00 a.m. moisture begins to approach the coast once again. becoming more wide spread at 8:00 a.m. from about san rafael south towards san jose and east towards livermore. then, just a few showers lingering into afternoon and evening hours by it's going to be cloud cover for your thursday evening. and rainfall totals not impressive. and over 24 hours and you're looking to over 15/100ths with showers coming through. light rainfall expected towards tomorrow. and tomorrow, temperatures you'll see running mild,
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mid-40s through low 50s, by morning, tomorrow afternoon, temperatures around the bay area from mid-50s low 60s, it's a mild system. temperatures remain on the mild side. around the bay, low to -- low 60s for everyone. carry umbrellas tomorrow, you'll need them. showers for thursday. mostly cloudy skies friday, then we're looking at sunny skies, milder afternoons, for weekend and really heading into monday, you can see temperatures into 60s, near 70 degrees on sunday around the bay. next chance of rain coming back into the picture tuesday, likelihood by wednesday of next week. >> okay. thank you. >> just ahead unusual pictures to share with you. a birth as a woman delivers her newborn in an mri chamber, what doctors hope to learn from it pg&e told them the check was in the mail but it never arrived.
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what happened to it and why utility didn't want to pay up
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the queen of soul is sfring from incurable pancreatic cancer. franklin underwent surgery last thursday. today, faens held a prayer vigil for recovery in downtown detroit. the 68-year-old has cancelled upcoming shows and appearances. >> doctors in germany have taken first ever mri images of a human birth. a woman agreed to give birth in a specially made mri scanner in a berlin hospital. these images will allow doctor to study birth in greater
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detail understanding perhaps why more women are having c section nouz. almost a third of the births are now by c section. doctors spent two years developing the scanner to fit a pregnant woman. >> and coming up, there was an unusual rocket launch today. >> by the man who is in the driver's heat at tesla motors. n├▒aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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coming up at 6:00 a redwood city woman lost her home in a fire last month still has nowhere to go. the effort find her a new home. >> a battle of banners. a fight developing over rainbow flags flying over the castro district. >> and flu season arrived after 6:30 why everyone over six months of age sk told to get vaccinated.
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>> and a rare award for bay area woman who put her own life at right after this tok save a man trapped under a boat in the bay. former coast guard seaman was honored today for her heroism n july, 2008 a catta marchan cap sized in rough and windy conditions, he jump fd and pulled the man to safety. he's the only pesh to receive coast guard medal for 2008. terrific. congratulations to her. >> and it's a first for commercial space travel today. >> it s a private company launch aid space craft then guided it back to earth. >> the boat slashed down the pacific this afternoon, developed by space exploration company founded by tesla's musk. >> and it's the initial step towards sanding over the supply runs to private business trips for astronauts may follow soon. >>


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