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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  December 9, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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that breaking news is from the refinery in martinez which is flairing right now. >> we want to show you a live picture right now. it's very foggy outside so you can see above the fog, the plume moving to the right of your screen. this is one of our cameras. we're told this is not a dangerous situation. no evacuations have been ordered. >> we've learned there's a power outage. this is what they call a level 2 situation which means flares are going off to burn off whatever is in the stacks during the
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power outage. you may see flames at the top of those stacks to burn off whatever's being admitted. the flares at the refinery in martinez are not part of a hazardous situation however there was a similar situation on november 11th. another power outage where they emitted flares once more and again nobody was hurt in that situation. but we're going to keep an eye on what's happening today and bring you the latest. >> other news of the day. the house democratic caucus is saying no to president obama's tax deal with the republicans. that warning that if the deal isn't done, americans will see smaller paychecks and fewer jobs. jenelle wang joins us from the news room. >> cheryl, the president's tax cut deal suffered a major setback and members of his own party rejected the agreement. the plan he came to sell got a largely hostile perception. >> it's only going to get worse
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for the president if he allows himself to be pushed around by this. >> a closed hill capitol hill gathering of democrats voted to reject the deal as currently written. >> we will not bring it to the floor in its current form. >> we were told yesterday by the vice president this was a take it or leave it deal. we're saying leave it. >> many oppose the tax cut for the wealthy the president readily accepted in the bargain. >> this was just an unnecessary bonanza for the wealthiest. i'm not sure what will happen in its current form. >> harry reid doesn't like the current deal either. >> there are things that i think would make the bill much better. >> independent forecasts predict that the package could create as many as 2.2 million jobs next year. >> this agreement would boost economic growth in the coming years and has the potential to create millions of jobs. >> white house economic advisor larry some mers went further,
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issued an ominous warning saying failing to pass the plan raises chances the economy will take a second plunge into the recession. >> speaker nancy pelosi says democrats are committed providing tax cuts to the middle class but extending those cuts to the wealthiest of americans does not create jobs and just increases the deficit. she said both parties will work to approve the proposal before it goes for a vote. if a proposal is not passed by the end of the year taxes go up for all americans january 1st. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you very much. right now the assembly budget committee is conducting the first official review of governor schwarzenegger's proposal to close the state's latest budget deficit. the governor declared a fiscal emergency and called for a special session of the legislate church on monday to deal with a $6 billion deficit. testimony about the state's financial outlook will be provided today by the legislative analyst office and the department of finance. but it's not likely any action will be taken with just a month
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left before governor schwarzenegger leaves office. >> we have some developing news for you right now. highway 1 at devil's slide is closed in both directions because of two crashes. the first was reported just after 9:30 this morning on southbound highway 1. the second crash happened a short time later possibly because of the slowdown caused by the first crash. the extent of any injuries, right now the chp says they do not know how long it will be before that roadway will reopen. we'll follow and bring you updates on the air and also as soon as we get them. >> the coroner's office says a woman was killed along interstate 880 in san leandro this morning after a fatal accident forced the closure of several lanes. this is southbound 880 just north of the washington exit in san leandro. after 3 a.m. somebody called, reported a body in the road. officers say it now appears that
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somebody got out of their car and was hit and killed. that person has not been identified but at least two cars were damaged in the crash. >> good news for folks of that been waiting since the earthquake of 1989 for the bay bridge repairs to be finished. the work to build an eastern span is now on track to open months earlier than initially planned. terry mcsweeney joins us live with the latest. >> caltran's very pleased to present this news and that is that the eastern span of the bay bridge scheduled for opening in 2014 is actually going to be opening in 2013. across the water from where i am you get a pretty good idea of the old and the new. if you want a real good idea what it's going to look like when it's completed, look like this. this is what we're going to have 2013 instead of 2014, months ahead of schedule. i said ahead of schedule.
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also changes before that, way before that as in the next couple weeks the third of five towers is going to be brought in and put in place. it's going to be higher than the island when it's in there. now, other changes -- yes, there are more. by the middle of next year, eastbound trag will be zigging south a little. >> we are going to be shifting traffic to the southeast bound heading into oakland. and once we've done that, we are going to build on to the existing westbound incline. as you're going on to the bridge heading to san francisco, you go up. that structure's going to get wider to the south. we're going to move all that traffic on to that widened off portion and we're going to surgically cut off a portion of it and remove it so we can put a construction crew in between the existing bridge and new bridge and complete that connection on the other end of the bridge. >> wow! westbound traffic is going to be looking at some lane closures at
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times about a year from now. there may be one direction bay bridge closures at times. all of this to finish things earlier and how did they do it, you say? they offered incentives to the workers in china who are building the decks and the towers for the even spanning of the bridge. >> in san jose the police department is holding its annual event to help low income children during the holidays. it's called shop with a cop. theresa garcia joins us from a target store where kids' dreams are coming true. theresa. >> good morning, cheryl. these children were in high spirits picking things they always wanted to have like a barbie. others with things they really need like clothes but all were in a very giving spirit, not just choosing something for themselves but also their parents. this all came together with a generous donation from target. >> the essentials of michael
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jackson. >> with a little help from the san jose cop and a santa's helper at target, this boy chose a michael jackson cd as a giftor his more. kids were browsing the aisles, each give be a $100 card for this shopping adventure. >> they're very nice and i want to thank them. call us a bunch of al at tries tick cops. >> it's a community effort to help families enjoy the holidays. >> we're going to have a small christmas because it's been real tough but he's excited. we'll have gifts this year. >> helping a school that has already begun through at tough year. an arson fire destroyed much of the school and children have
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been going to classes while it's being rebuilt. >> with trace and all the things of that happened there and with the economy and everything, it's wonderful we could be here and help them. >> pretty exciting because i got to pick things for christmas. and then like all the money for my parents to buy a lot of things. i thought that this will be my first christmas present for me. >> and in this case here in san jose, target donated $2500 for the children and then the police officers covered any overage cost even if those kids went a little over $100, they were pitching in. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you very much. >> coming up next, a northern california soldier is killed while serving in afghanistan. >> protestors clash with riot police in london after lawmakers vote to triple college fees. >> and leaks for
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aren't you glad we switched to at&t? you already have one. oh. ♪ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> a u.s. army staff sergeant from monterey county has been killed serving in afghanistan. he was killed saturday in the proves in what the military called a non-combat incident. he was assigned to the 8-90th
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battalion. governor schwarzenegger ordered flagsor flown at half staff. >> blocking donations to julianna assange is growing. activists are going off paypal, visa and mastercard. political websites are on the list including sarah palin who has spoken out strongly against the wikileaks documents dump. they are hit with denial of service attacks which make them run so slow they crash. >> this is a way to kind of strike back and to say, hey, you can't push us around. >> and being targeted by effectively people who see themselves as activists and who want to make a point that they stand for the freedom of information. >> assange remains in a british prison fighting extradition to sweden to face charges for rape and sexual molestation. ironically amazon, one of the
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sites targeted by wikileaks reporters announced today it will sell diplomatic cables obtained by wikileaks. they will sell them at e-books. >> in london there's been another violent clash between protestors and riot police. the controversial plan will raise fees to $14,000. the protestors made their way to parliament square where they crushed against police lines. six police officers have been hurt. 19 protestors have been treated for injuries. seven people are under arrest. the fee increase was approved as part of the government's plan to reduce british's budget deficit. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with that foggy forecast. a lot out there. >> still a lot. causing flight arrival delays into sfo. this morning about 70 minutes. check out our flight tracker at still have showers showing up on live doppler 7 hd. where they are, where they're going and how much longer we have to deal with this.
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>> a dire new government warning aimed at so-called social smokers. >> suckered by smurfs. could have anyoneññ
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♪ we have breaking news from just outside san diego where fire so figur officials have a controversial fire. police meant to destroy a house full of explosives that sits in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. it was rented by an out of work software consultant who gathered an astonishing amount of bombing materials. bomb squad experts came up with a plan burning the house down after determining it was too dangerous getting the chemicals out even with a robot. it's expected to be hot enough to destroy the chemicals. >> closed down part of a freeway. there's a new warning out for
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social smokers. just one puff and that cigarette could be the one that causes our heart attack. smoking and health says tobacco smoke begins poisoning immediately. there's more than 7,000 chemicals that rapidly spread through the body and cause damage to nearly every warning. even social or occasional smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke could be enough to block the arteries and trigger a heart attack. >> a warning is going out what some call a smurf scam. smurfs village is offered from i-phone and other apple gadgets. the game has items players can buy to improve their score. most of them that young kids and don't know they're be charged for every item that buy. last month smurf's village
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became the fastest growing installation in the store even though it's free. >> in san francisco the great highway is closed in both directions from slope to lincoln due to water buildup from all the rain. no word yet when it will reopen. >> what we do have word on right now is the weather and the fog. the rain that passed through earlier. mike joins us now. there he is! >> in the dark. now i've seen the light. i will tell you what's going to happen. show you what's going on. i was tweaking doppler radar and trying to get the show together because more rain is showing up. look how it's sitting below the bay. usually we can't see the bridge. sitting below the bridge. now it's very low. we have clouds hanging around san jose and move forget field. let's take a look what's going on as far as live doppler 7 hd
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is concerned. we are looking at some stuff up in the north bay, there you go, radar returns. and those radar returns are showing that the rain is going to be moving from west to east as we head throughout the afternoon hours. as this moist flow continues to roll through. south bay you see that shower moving away from morgan hill but more about to moves on to the peninsula. temperaturewise, we're going -- well, there's the showers right there. can't see very much. the showers here moving from west to eat and scattered showers as we head through the afternoon hours. temperatures, 60s mountainview. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. very mild at this lunch hour. temperatures also the mid to upper 50s. mostly cloudy today with scattered rain. patchy fog will be thick again tonight tomorrow a warming
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treatment. cupertino and santa clara about 61 degrees. up on the peninsula, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. along the coast we'll have temperatures the upper 50s, even downtown san francisco 59. up through the north bay where the rain hit first this morning, kind of locked in the cooler weather. santa rosa may make it up to 60. east bay shore, temperatures mid to upper 50s to near 60 in oakland, hayward and fremont. as you head inland, temperatures upper 50s to near 60 also and near the monterey bay we have low 60s and mid 60s from morgan hill and salinas. our lows tonight running in the low neighborhoods for most neighborhood. the thickest fog in the north bay with temperatures a little cooler in the mid to upper 40s. the cool front that tried to stall in. that's the low and why west a steady rain.
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we have to keep those scattered in the forecast. they'll be very light throughout the afternoon hours. tomorrow that money market flow will continue. we'll keep clouds in the forecast. keep it mainly right. sunshine returns saturday, sunday and monday and our next chance would be tuesday, especially into wednesday. >> mike, thanks very much. >> you you can see
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, the connecticut doctor who lost his family in a brutal home invasion. at 5:00, an alarming new study of women with health insurance still not getting a mammogram.
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>> also most popular singer to the christmas special where everyone is a star. >> don has it all >> santa baby. ♪ >> this weekend in the center for performing arts. next weekend hot san francisco singer owen harry sings out for hunger at the hard rock café at pier 39. a christmas carol with music, dance and special effects in walnut creek. freedom fighters, undocumented workers and melting ice caps are part of the revolutionary nutcracker sweetie. theater works presents truman capote's a christmas memory. for the 200 artist and crafts
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people show fine works at the crafts fair in the concourse exhibition center. ♪ >> everyone is a star in the dance along nutcracker. from the san francisco legendary gay and freedom band. the cast of shrek perform monday for help is on the way at aids benefit at pier 39. >> scott. >> my name is shrek actually. >> and shrek forever after, out on blu-ray and dvd. you'll find more on our website at i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> what a great job he has. from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks forñcñcñ
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