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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 9, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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getting a mammogram with doing self exams. >> a new study reviewed records of more than a million and a half insured women over the age of 40 revealed half of them failed to get an annual mammogram. dr. jennifer gunter says cost of co pays are to blame. >> other things are some confusion, their husband and there is discussion about guidelines differing professional societies slightly different recommendation autos at the age of 48 frylin was diagnosed with stage two cancer, she's using her diagnosis to help educate other women and was shocked by the results of the latest study. >> and i'm mazed people won't make that a regular part of the health program. why that percentage? it's huge and blows my mind to
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hear. >> and she recommends women 40 and older get a mammogram every year. for karen it was during a self exam she discovered her cancer. a mammogram helped further diagnosis. >> i don't think there is enough one should do to be proactive about health. >> there was a lot of confusion about mammograms, american cancer society recommends them every year for women over 40 years old. >> there is breaking news in oakland. a fatal crash on northbound 880 is backing up traffic for miles. and you can see how horrible the scene is. chp says an suv flipped on to the roof. and they're working on the scene to figure out what happened. the crash is just south of washington street just past broadway.
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and police add vigs to you avoid that area if you can. it's quite a mess, sadly someone was killed. >> authorities in walnut creek dealing with a problem, a small upscale community exkbreernsing an alarming increase in robberies, since early november, someone robbed a taco bell, there have been four armed robberies in restaurants in walnut creek. latest just last night in a quiznos in citrus marketplace. >> if you add in retail stores there has been six in less than six weeks. there is four of them in this area and there is so far no one hurt but last night, it happened right at the busy dinner hour. >> there is a couple cops and dogs running down. >> micky noticed commotion
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outside quiznos in marketplace shopping center, police searching for a loen gunman pulling out a handgun and cleaned out the cash register. wednesday's hold up just the latest nay string of robberies at the businesses and fast food restaurants including panda express just across the parking lot from quiznos. >> there are very disturbing to use thursday a man with a gun and mask tried to pull open doors of panda express at closing time. guns were used when a nearby taco bell was object of a takeover last month. >> this lookses like there could be some similarities. and the weapons were displayed and cash requested. >> and police do not know if the late november robbery is related.
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there, three masked men used a bat and knife as weapons. two stores have been robbed in recent weeks including kelly moore paints and the burberry store. the president of the chamber of commerce. >> we all should be more vijent. it's that time of the year. and compounding that is, there are people more desperate. >> police arrested four sacramento men and not much in the way of the description. these robbers have kept themselves well covered and have worn hats, gloves and masks. >> thank you very much. law enforcement agencies raided two medicinal marijuana stores today. officers searched the stores and have been investigating
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the stores in the past eight month s and expect thaer silling -- selling marijuana illegally. several people have been detained for questioning. abc 7 called two messages and left messages. and next week, the city of san jose plans to change its policy of impounding cars among licensed drivers for 30 days, latino groups claims it unfairly targets undocumented residents fchl the stops dmot include drunk driving officers will try to find an nalt tiff to towing. >> and there is increasing concern tonight over a missing 90-year-old oakland man with dementia, last seen tuesday. he answers to the name bob or robert last seen wearing a brown jacket and a green yale baseball cap in redwood heights area f you see him contact police right away. >> the 18-month-old boy found
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in a san francisco hotel fountain yesterday is still hospitalized in serious condition. the boy was not breathe wheg was found in the lobby fountain inside of the hyatt hotel on embarcadero. he was visiting with family when he just wandered off. the hotel decided to drain the fountain until further notice. it's been in operation without incident since 1973. >> an electrical fire caused a power outage this morning in several processing units in martinez. it forced a client to burn off excess vapors if you live in that area and there is one worker did suffer a minor burn. >> democrats trying to slam the door on the president's tax deal with capitol hill republicans. in a members-only meeting voting to pro ree jekt the tax cut amendment. democrats say it was nearly unanimous saying the president should have fought harder and
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there is a. >> we're told yesterday this was a take it or leave it deal. >> it's only going to get worse for the president if he allows himself to be pushed around by this. >> if everybody took out what they didn't like we do wo have nothing. >> the president says he knows the tax plan is a compromise but says it's worth it because it extends unemployment insurance and tax breaks for students. >> and two senators inowe produced a new bill after senate republicans blocked similar legislation today. the law bans gay and lesbian troops from serving openly. this afternoon democrats fell three votes short of the 60 needed to move the bill forward. now, democratic leaders joe lieberman and republican leader susan collins say they're confident they have 60 votes needed for repeal. >> and a bill that would
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affect hundreds of thousand of young illegal immigrants failed to pass the senate this afternoon. the dream act would provide a path to citizenship to young illegal immigrants in college or serving in the military. and democrats say they're going try again, next week. >> a transgender woman says she receive aid hate-filled letter from a dmv clerk has taken a step towards suing the agency. and saying that letter arrived four days after applying for a driver's license. and and this is for violating civil rights, claiming there is a history of harassing dmv customers and he shared her personal information with a fundamentalist church group. a spokesman said employees are prohibited from contacting customers about nonbusiness matters. >> and in southern california tonight a house packed to the gills with explosives is no
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longer a danger, filled with so much explosives that authorities decided safest thing to do is burn the place to the ground. and there is is residents this, is a first for people. residents returning home tonight relieved they can return home and their property didn't suffer damage. if you lk at this, this is a jar filled with ash someone gathered and you might be able to make out that the ous continues to smolder, authorities had to wait before setting the house on fire, ending up being after 10:30. flames engulfed this home, burning and sends a black plume of smoke 10,000 feet into the air, exploding ammunition and grenades make
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popping sounds. the home become known as a bomb-making factory is destroyed. >> it's a beautiful day to. see a reminder there is evil in small pockets. >> there is authorities say there are bomb making materials, a bomb arson team set the house on fire by remote control after 10:30 in the morning. >> this is according to plan. worst of the situation is over. >> this explosives stock billed and the 54-year-old pleaded not guilty to charges. discovery made three weeks ago. more than 70 families forced to evacuate and authorities burned the house. >> this is trigger than i thought it would be.
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>> a section of interstate 15 shut down, reopened. and later into the afternoon, residents were allowed to return home. >> this is intense, you know? down from where i lived. >> and back live, the home continues to smolder and there is authorities are not releasing motive for why so many emplosives were found in the home. >> and there is proof about the power of incentive. caltrans announced the work will be finish add head of schedule supposed to wraup up in 2014. >> this is now, the whole
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bridge opens at once by the end of 2013. >> and engineers able to do this because deliveries are arriving on time. the reason is because caltrans offered a package of incentives to workers building those decks. >> yes g news for people here. >> coming up, police partnered with children to make their holiday special. >> in great britain prince charles and his wife come under attack as students stage protests over college hikes. >> and there is a foggy evening drive tonight. i'll be back with more on that and we'll talk about a sunnier, milder weekend coming up. nñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8
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sky 7 hd showed pictures of a lumber spill. and says it's still investigating what caused this truck to tip over. you can see a mess made but they've received reports it was driving recklessly. >> the federal government is investigating a series of cyber attacks, department of justice announced they're working with the private sector on those denial of service attacks over the last week, several companies including am amazon, visa and mastercard have been targeted by self described hacktivists. the attacks against the companies follow a launch this week against the wiki leaks site. >> and students in southern california protests because of rising costs here, but students clashed with police in a violent confrontation in
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london today. this started after lawmakers voted to approve a huge increase in tus yigs. -- tuition. students say it's going to be devastating to family autos it's calling it disgraceful. i have 12 cousins they're going to be devastate bid this debt. their parents goring to be devastated. >> protestors attacked a car carrying prince charles and his wife. 13 prot yefrtz injured and seven people arrested. the government says the increased tuition is part of a $127 billion budget cut package affecting everything from the military to the royal household. >> let's change gears now to talk about something upbeat. police officers helped some willing -- low income kids get into the holiday spirit today. and it's a program called shop with a cop. the kids given gift
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certificates and a personal escort. >> with help from target this wrung boy boy chose a michael jackson cd as a gift for his mom. 26 children browsing aisles in this store today and each given a gift kafrd. >> they're very nice. and i want to thank them. >> just call us ultruistic cops. >> retired officer darrell cortez helped organized police department's annual shop with a cop event. pairing an officer with students. and it's a community effort to help children and their families also enjoy holidays. >> there is a small christmas, it's been tough. we can buy some gifts this year. >> this year, shop with a cop
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shows the school to help the school that has gone through a tough year. over the summer a fire destroyed much of the school and students have been going to classes in portable buildings. >> what happened there, you know thing that's happened with this economy is just wonderful. >> this is pretty exciting. i got to take things for christmas. then, i got got a lot of things. i thought this will be my first christmas present for me. >> to make this shop with a cop event happen target helped out with a donation of $2500. officers paid for any overage costs if kids went a little over $100. >> and there is christmas coming early today for sea lions released on the beach in the marine head hands.
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that is second street and taylor's day had been treated for ailments in the marine mammal center. and day lor had a bacterial infection. two rescued in monterey. the center treated nearly a thousand marine mam qlal qlals -- mammals this year. it's holding an open house on saturday. and boy, didn't those guys look happy? >> and it's foggy out there for them, today. >> sandhya patel. >> here. >> fog going impact the commute. so towards weekend there is some areas of fog. here is a live picture, you can see how murky it is there. there is fog reducing
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visibility. there is a one other live picture. view from our high definition emeryville camera. there is a beautiful one looking across the bay towards west. there is a first live doppler 7 hd. there is light showers around sea ranch. most is just drinkels. you can see this in the form of clouds and fog from our camera. and this turned out to be a nice afternoon with showers today. and there is most coming in earlier in the day. numbers into 50s and 60s, areas of dense fog. there is a mild weekend around the bay. not everywhere. and why in just a moment.
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there is a stream of moisture so heading toordz tomorrow there is a chance of sprinkles. you'll see it here showing up as those ride to our north. as we head towards weekend, high pressure is going to build in. and there is a nice weekend. in the north bay and inland east bay valleys we're going see fog from the central valley coming and spilling in over those locations so that will hold the temperatures down as we head towards weekend. those will be spots you may see hazy sun heading into afternoon and not much warming there. so there is if you're away you're going to enjoy plenty of sunshine. tonight there is fog and may be dense in spots.
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there is temperatures upper 40s to low 50s so in the morning you'll have to allow more time to head out the door. there is 65 in san jose. mostly cloudy skies on the peninsula, 60s and mild conditions. 62 palo alto. upper 50s near the coast. downtown sunset district upper 50s and carrying umbrellas could be a sprinkle or two. low 60s in santa rosa and napa. and 60 in oakland. heading inland temperatures into low 60s. there is 60 for new monterey. accu-weather forecast after a foggy morning, some valleys, slight chance of sprinkles friday. then valley fog holds temperatures into 50s range
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and you can see there around the bay and coast numbers into 60s. there is 70 degrees on sunday. >> enjoy the warmth. >> thank you. >> and coming up, the dangers of just one little puff of smoke. how little it takes for tobacco to poison the body. >> then, bay area hunger pangs. demand at food banks is way up.ññq
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in the surgeon generals report might give you an incentive to kick the habit. >> the report says tobacco
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shock begins poisoning the body immediately. 7,000 chemicals spread throughout the body causing damage to nearly every morgan. >> report warns even social smoke org inhaling someone else's secondhand smoke could be must have to block arteries and trigger a heart attack.
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coming up at 6:00 the prospect of an internet sales tax in california. find out how much you probably owe sacramento for things ordered online. from 7 on your side, the hidden tax you pay when buying a discounted cell phone and service that comes with it. and plus, a little-known story of the king of england. the box may overflow tonight. its coming up at 6:00. we'll see you then. >> has that ever happened? i don't know. >> and world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and from all of us here


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