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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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us the shocking letter she got. why students took to the streets, even taking out their
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this is someone who has all of the information that you would give to get a driver's license. >> she went to get a driver's license but not traumatized instead. amy holyfield is live at the dmv in glance and you spoke with the transgender woman who received disturbing mail after she left that offense. >> reporter: from the clerk who was working with her at the dmv, she says that instead of helping her with her gender change the clerk sent her letters around a dvd trying to convince her not to do it. >> what is hell? it is a place of torment, a
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place of torment where all of the senses and powers shall have their appropriate torment. >> reporter: this is from the hour long video death and the journey to hell. 23-year-old amber says she received this video in the mail along with letters urging her not to go through with a gender change. >> what i'm doing is evil and that i'm going to burn in hell and that i should die. >> reporter: she says one letter was from a clerk who helped her at the dmv. office ino the offense in october in san francisco to change her name and gender on her driver's license. a few days late irthe letters and dvd arrived at her home. >> i'm actually really scared. this is someone that has all of the information that you would give to get a driver's license. >> she says the letter is from the dmv many employee and introduces himself as the employee that helped her and says it is his understanding that the reason for most gender changes is homosexuality.
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he writes if this orientation is the reason for an operation that has yet to occur, i beg you, do not go through it. her attorney says there is proof that h harassed another transgender woman in 2009. >> the dmv apologized but then allowed him to continue working there. >> she and her tern are hoping the court will put a stop to the behavior and they are seeking compensation for what she has gone through. >> i want to make sure that the same kind of thing doesn't happen for any one else. make sure that the dmv effectively ensures that. >> she filed a case against the state today. the dmv says it can't comment on the case or status of demartini. we asked the manager if he was here today and she said he wasn't but that was all she could say. we tried to reach him for a comment but haven't been able to get ahold of him. live in san francisco, amy holyfield, abc 7 news.
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thanks. belmont police are alerting neighbors to a mountain lion attack that occurred sometime overnight. a deer carcass turned up on ral ton middle school. san mateo county has seen an increase in cougar sightings this year. >> the picture was taken by the belmont patch. >> fish and game was able to determine that based on evidence left at the scene including footprints. >> in fact, there were two, a female and its cub that killed a deer grazing on the fields behind ralston middle school. the carcass was discovered this morning. >> after we became aware of the incident and confirmed that it was a mountain lion we sent out both a reverse 911 type telephone message to the area as well as text message alerts to citizens. >> the school borders a canyon, deer are always present but because mountain lions are nocturnal, police are not concerned that it may attack a
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student. still, people who use the nearby water dog trail say they will be more alert when walking their dogs. >> i would be more aware definitely because i take them off leash and let them run around so i have my eye out a little bit more is for sure. >> the san mateo county service department says the number of reported sightings of mountain lions increased from 14 last year to 35 this year. four alone in belmont. >> in terms of there being sightings it doesn't surprise me too much. i regularly see deer just walking around my neighborhood so i kind of know there is wildlife around and i guess i'm okay with that. >> reporter: whereever deer are found mountain lions generally will follow. >> the city of san jose is about to change a policy criticized for targeting illegal immigrants. next week police will stop
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automatically impounding the cars of any unlicensed drivers stopped by officers. if they are not stopped for dui, officers will try to find an alternative to towing such as allowing a licensed driver to pick up the car. one person killed and another seriously injured in a crash that slowed rush hour traffic for hours on highway 880 in oakland. the two car crash happened around 4:00 p.m. near the merger with 980. it shut down three lanes of northbound 880 until almost 7:00 this evening. the person who was injured was rushed to the hospital with major injuries. backers of medical marijuana are pushing to get a dispensary in the south bay. they want medicinal marijuana clubs to legally operate there the way they do in san francisco and oakland. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian reports from mountain view. >> i want to open a medical cannabis dispensing collective in mountain view. >> reporter: but bryan's dream is currently banned. the long time mountain view
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resident wants the city to change its policy and allow medical marijuana dispensaries to move in. mountain view's current ban expires in april. >> if it were up to me i would make it permanent. >> the city is divided on the presence of pot clubs here. tonight, he wen a fact findingn to find out how residents feel about dispennaries. >> some of the things we would like to get input include what zones are appropriate for medical marijuana dispensaries, what are the actual operating requirements. >> the hours of operation that i think that we need to be careful. >> reporter: state law requires dispensaries to be 600 feet away from a school. mountaineer view is considering keeping clubs that same distance or more from schools, parks and churches. >> it would make more sense to have it not in the residential
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neighborhoods. almost like you are treating cannabis dispensaries like they are tuberculosis centers. there is not a danger inherently. >> reporter: opponents disagree. a task force raided seven pot clubs in san jose. this is across the street from a day care center and next door to a dentist's offense. >> there was a lot of people hanging out. i think a couple of them were smoking and you could smell it when you come outside at night. >> reporter: the san jose city council will decide whether to regulate the clubs on monday. meantime, mountain view will vote on the issue in february. in mountain view, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. a recent audit revealed that san jose's police department is top heavy with supervisors compared to other law enforcement agencies. this comes as police staffing levels have fallen by 14% over the last ten years but the overall police budget increased by 47% during the same time
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period. the auditor found san jose employs one sergeant for every four and a half police officers. mayor chuck reid believes it is too early to commit to any changes, however. >> i'm not ready to conclude what the right ratio it. the sergeants, lieutenants and captains are important to the leadership of the department. i think we have to be cautious about that. it is one of those things we have to look at seriously. >> the police union has vowed to fight future budget cuts but acting chief chris moore tells us the next budget might include layoffs along with the demotion of some supervisors. >> dane sublefield received a 90 day jail sentence for stealing his ex-girlfriend's mail. he admitted earlier are this year to submitting the change of address form so his ex-girlfriend's mail would be delivered to his home. he was already on probation after pleading guilty last year
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for lying to investigators about using steroids during his nfl career. he recently coached at san jose valley christian high school. a todd letter is still in serious condition one day after falling into a hotel fountain in san francisco. the 18 month old boy wandered away while his family visited the hyatt regency to look at the holiday decorations. the boy was found in the town continue and police revived him with cpr. this appears to be just a terrible accident. a classroom volunteer burned yesterday at a santa rosa elementary school was released from the hospital today. 61-year-old phyllis was melting wax when she was hired. the violent tuition protests in britain that targeted prince charles and
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camilla. also ahead, why police say setting fire to this house was the safest way to remove dane fresh a california neighborhood. a happy ending to the rescue of three sea lions. >> all of that coming up a bit later on nightline. come coming up on nightline, they are talk show is a national institution but now coming to an end. oprah sits down with barbara walters for a soul searching interview about her career, thos
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. students protesting steep tuition hikes at british universities attacked a car carrying prince charles and his wife camilla today. neither was hurt. it happened during a day of violent demonstrations against plans to triple tuition from $5,000 to $15,000 a year. the proposal passed. until 1997, tuition at british universities was free. so this is all a big change at least 2 people wer 22 people ad including two for arson. 12 police officers and 43
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protesters were injured. police near san diego say they had no choice but to burn down a house that was packed with the largest cache of explosives ever discovered in a home in the us. officials stoked to reach temperatures of 1800 degrees and neutralized many of the volatile chemicals stored inside the home. the sheriff took several precautions including evacuating many neighboring homes. >> we can all breathe a sigh of relief. getting back to life as it was before this event. >> authorities found the stockpile of weapons and explosives last month. the house contained some of the same materials used by suicide bombers in iraq and afghanistan. the man who rented the house faces bomb making and bank robbery charges. nothing like being home for the holidays and that is where flee california sea lions are tonight. dobie, second street and
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taylor's day were released at a beach in the marine headlands. they spent the last three months being treated for are ailments and injuries as saucilito's marine mammal center. it is magical to see. some make a beeline straight to the ocean and others look around and kind of wonder like hey, i have been at this wonderful pool being fed every day do i really want to go back. at the end of the day i think they make the decision like the ocean is their home. >> the center has treated nearly a thousand marine mammals this year. that is the second most since it opened in 1975. it is, by the way, holding an open house on saturday. boy, they have been busy this year but do great fog. foggy out there today but not foggy this evening. >> beach weather if you are sea lion but not for anybody else, sandhya patel. >> that's right. as we head toward the weekend, plenty of beach weather. changes coming. right now as you look at live doppler 7 hd we still have a few very light returns showing
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up. santa rosa has been reporting light showers, a few sprinkles in the north bay heading out towards vallejo and napa area a. in case you are wondering, rainfall. what do we get? average winter rain for san francisco between december and february is just over 11.5-inches. this is the average for san francisco. so far, we have received about half of that. so we are off to a good start at 110% of normal in san francisco. high definition south beach cameras showing you the clouds that were around today as the sun went down at 4:51 we had a few showers earlier in the day and most of them tapered. there were isolated showers like what we are seeing tonight being reported. and fog is definitely going to be a factor in your morning commute. numbers right now in the 50s and the 60s. visibility down to a mile and a half moon bay where it is foggy right now. santa rosa reporting visibility of about two miles. we are expecting area of fog
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first thing in the morning. go with overnight, sprinkles possible for tomorrow and a mild weekend is expected around the bay. here is the satellite and radar here. the showers that went through earlier in the day. two more disturbances and a stream of moisture. tomorrow here is what is going to happen. we are going to keep the possibility of sprinkles in the forecast. this first disturbance goes through. the rain line cleese to our area and then another disturbance goes through. we will call it chance of sprinkles for your friday. carry the umbrellas to be on the safe side. higher pressure builds in late on friday and by the weekend it sets up shop for a nice looking weekend. most areas will see temperatures on the mild side with one exception. you will see the exception here. watch what happens in the central valley, saturday night and into sunday morning. start to see the fog forming and then that fog starts to spill in north bay valleys, east bay valleys will deal with the fog and it will be hazy at times over the weekend. that is where temperatures will remain on the cool side there.
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only in the upper 50s. overnight tonight look for temperatures ranging from the mid 40s to the low 50s. and the fog is certainly around in some areas. tomorrow afternoon, south bay 63. 16 san mateo -- 61 san mateo. uupper 50s along the coastline. dailey city on the cool side, upper 50s. towards the north bay comfortable readings. 61 santa rosa. 60 napa. east bay, 60 oakland, castro valley, union city. inland, temperatures all in the 60s from fairfield to liver more and around the monterey bay. 60 degrees in monterey. the accuweather seven-day forecast. slight chance of showers or sprinkles for friday. valley fog over the weekend holding the inland temperatures down. look at the coast and the bay. that is beach weather for you. 60s around the coastal and bayside communities. next week, tuesday through thursday we have the possibility of some rain coming
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back. >> all right, thanks. coming up, research at stanford shows that these goggles could hold the key to the difference between spending and saving. >> we will show you how they work, when we come back.
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breathing problems are now a more common cause of death in the united states than strokes. the number one and two causes are still heart disease and cancer according to the national center for health statistics but chronic lower respiratory diseases including asthma is now the third. a baby born in 2008 can expect to live 77.8 years. a month less than babies born
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in 2007. >> as we talk about aging a northwestern university business professor is using technology being developed at stanford to convince twenty somethings to start saving for retirement. he put people in a virtual reality world and showed them an avatar of what they will look like in their 60s and beyond. >> you can start to have empathy for who that person will be and start to really feel what it might feel like for your future self-to not have enough money in the future. almost like a reality creation. for a lot of people that reality doesn't exist for them. >> subjects who look at their future self-allocated twice as much money toward a hypothetical retirement fund. >> fascinating stuff. we ran it on our very own larry beil. >> and what might larry look like years from now. [ laughter ] >> oh, that is -- >> very much like this gentleman.
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there you are in the future. >> and sense you don't get any respect here anyway. >> better start saving now. >> i think that is more accurate than -- >> we got you. >> that is where you get me. that's very good. the sharks, oh, i want to say on a down note tonight. not to mention a rather bloody one. am i going to look like that, lightning fast. lightning strong. rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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the sharks won three out of five games on the road trip and that is good but the pattern of falling behind consistently has to be a concern. tonight in buffalo. ryan, brother, that did not feel good. jason demere turns it over at the blue line. sharks come back. power play. a one goal game. todd mcclain londen fryar says you can see signs of character and determination but we are not there yet. douglas murray makes it a 4-3 game but the sabers put it away
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with the empty net goal. the sharks fall in buffalo, 6-3. coming off the worst three game stretch of his career, peyton manning looks like a mere mortal. four picks last week. trying to return to glory tonight against tennessee. a couple of touchdown passes for manning 14-0 colts. carolyn does the best a-ha out here and she has prove ten time and time again. payton no picks. the rookie blair smith takes a touchdown away from reggie and he has to say kid, what are you doing, i was throwing it to him. the colts win anyway, 30-28. still yelling at him. if they win they will win the afc south. >> winner of the national quarterback award, cam newton from auburn university. >> a little surprise tonight as cam newton -- newton insists he
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knew nothing about allegations that his father was trying to get schools to pay to sign his son. >> i'm a person that has did nothing wrong and whoever wants to ask me that question i will tell them that i stand firm and told the truth. >> curry probably won't play tomorrow night against lebron and the heat's he sprained his ankle last night. the fourth time and he might have to shut is down awhile to allow that to fully heal. nba tonight, celtics and sixers, kevin garnett on the alley-oop with 1.4 seconds left. and then plays center. once i start i can't stop. steals a pass. boston escapes philly 102-101. the christmas card photo that was 52 years in the making. giant fans posing with a world series trophy. season ticket holders opportunity to get shots with the trophy thi week.
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for are giants fans this is the ultimate. >> a nice photo. you, tim lincecum and the trophy. >> they went all the way. they are beautiful, man. they are coming back next year. take it again, baby, let's do it again one more time. >> excited to be able to have this opportunity. waiting in line and looking forward to seeing it and the second you walk up and see it it was just like i don't need christmas. that was it. >> the first guy sounded like hulklklklklklklklklklklklklklkk
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